Anime has been infiltrated by normies when will you accept this?

When will you guys accept that anime is no longer this exclusive thing for outcasts/autists and realize that it has been infiltrated by niggers and normies? Anime is mainstream now, any one who likes anime still should be considered a pleb normy shit period.

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Yep, it's shit

*naruto runs around you*

nothin personnel

Will it be as shit as the second part of the TV miniseries?





*its a hologram*


When will you realize that thai shadow pictures are the next big thing



very old

Ur old.


That's not boobs


Ur a boob.

Exactly. Wtf are you doing being that old?

ur boobs


my boobs?

Using my laptop on my desktop screen mouse and keyboard feels pretty ok actually except its 10000x slower

you are boob


no, I'm fucked


show bob an vegena ur buutifull lady ehehe

Hu go to bed


Spec go to bed

lecture in 2 hours though!
You go to bed

Yeah, same dumb supervisor as last semester, and all of our three project proposals all got canned too. We got fucked hard it seems

soon. i did the plane things

need pic

Is this what you want?

her bikini is too small

Is it though?

yes :3


In what way?

in that it's too small

Welp that sucks.

Projects are gud this time. Why can't you plug in the laptop?

Good. No crashing either this time~

so many pics of big breasted grills

Very much so.

Least you got a good project~
Cause all the ports are wired to the dGPU, which I've disabled in the BIOS. Don't want Fermi powered on


Well you gotta cut costs on material.

I annoy Greg with them over Discord.

Stuff happens when you've been drinking!

no you dont

I annoy greg with hearts

like more drinking

What about when you do?

Hmm. I should do that too.
But it seems kinda gay.

You had tons of big breasted women before you started doing that~

and crashing

I couldn't help it


Hmm... I don't think you have proof of this.

Once you let it start there's no cure.

Massive bob

when I do what?

literally any sort of affection works. or just say something about his waifu

I don't crash when drunk. I crash when I try too hard.

It sucks plenty of juice and makes this laptop boiling hot. I also don't want to intoxicate it with some dumb proprietary driver to make it worthwhile. Running it off Nouveau won't work when "Optimus" is enabled, and if doing it with just the dedicated chip, it won't boot 9/10 times, and then the integrated chip is disabled, which is even dumber.
And with Nouveau, the iGPU outperforms the dGPU anyway.

No. Who are you again?

Or if there are bugs

i hate bugs

Just run Windows like a normal person lmao

and smol bob

When you need to cut costs.

Talking about his waifu is mean, that's why I do it all the time.
And remind him about Chtholly, and Isla, and Chaika. Fun stuff.

I love posting lewd pics of her and getting him flustered or riled up.
I don't know who those are.

Open bob and vagene

Yeah, bugs needs to be squashed, especially spiders

I think I'll pass

spiderbros are friends tho

Works for me :^)

Fuck, I don't know...

You always try to pass the cost, corporate or not.
Not doing so is retarded business practice. Why pay for something you don't have to when someone else is willing?

You should go look them up, the things they're attached too aren't bad either. Then you can really meme on him with me.

That's outright illegal.

n-no ;-;

Comfier on a laptop with the functionality I just listed. Don't need to move the cursor around just to interact with elements.
This is definitely the comfiest experience.

Me neither

Every single WM I tried is fucking hell on 1366x768

No one does.

Even xfce? It was comfy enough on my netbook's 1280x700 or whatever abomination of a resolution that shit is. Just lower the height to 16px, which is less than what any Windows (I know of), is able to.
Or autohide even. Still the comfiest I've tried

Nope, you don't exist

It's bearable, but window management still sucks.

hey weaboos what anime should i watch for action and battle fighty stuff?

God if only.

I've no quarrel with xfwm, it just werks for me

None, anime is trash

let me end you~

I'm already passed the point of no return

45 percent of trans people kill themselves

Are you going to commit sudoku, then?

You ain't got the guts.

Gonna OD on boipussy

Natural Selection doing its job, shame it's only 45%

wanna bet?

What should I tell your family?

yeah thats me

Natural huh

"i'm sorry for murdering your son"

but i wanna stik my dik in the anime pussy

to die, yep

anime doesn't exist

I will say no such thing!

I made out with some chick and grabbed her ass while having such a hard on then she grabbed my dick and I just looked at her like "Alright, you wanna play like that?" then I pushed her on the bed and fingered her

she was so cute too

omg today was a good day ^W^

Neon Genesis Evangelion

no you

You won't get away with murder

Heyhey it's a brand new day,
How's everyone doing?

I can't bother reading this shitto

Nope. You

i sawed that alreadyy

fingered her butt, then you realized "she" was a boy. And then you woke up from your nightmare

am I natural?

I would assume so

You wish

If humans are natural, then yeah



Wrong! .

loli cum UYI



Why is kun such a popular surname in japan?

i'm not

So long you aren't some kind of trap

With enough lye and hydroxide something I can.

i'm not

you can't do anything

All is well then

nigga that would be a great dream

naw but she was a decent mexican girl
such a qt

I know how ignore you.

Did you call ICE after you left?

but dont you want to fuck a cute girl taht has a feminine penis?

I know what you're actually doing.

It doesn't count as ignoring.


Wow only fags wouldn;t.

how about action anime with lolis

you should watch anime its good for you

I do. With my Five-seven

Never, ever!

Yes I do.





try one :3

hey thats a good one maybe i should

It's never going to happen

Give your dick some rest if you go watch it.


I'll just talk with Emily.

aww i thought you were cool

i dont fap during my animes anymore


Who ?

Is that someone I should know about ?

Gays aren't cool, lol

wtf normie

I'd hug Koume.

ive grown :3

you could be the first cool gay faggot

its okay i fap alot to make up for it



Holy shit does anybody have a 1080p laptop screen i can steal

Phew, you scared me for a moment there.


ty grids at least somoeone cares ;.;

got any plans for today?

Hey I kinda care but just am too lazy toreply

having a big dick in your pants

means nothing if you don't also have a big dick in your heart......

There there, finished the pending work for this week and next week :ok_hand:

Just intend to shoot everything.

Just work, posting in gaps between parts.

careful working around all those big equipments and metal pieces........

I smack plastic housings together, the most I get is a scratch every once in while from the racks they come on.

They 👥 ask 🗣 you how you are 👉🏻🤔🤔🤔 and you just have to say you’re fine 😛😀👌👍💯💯 when you’re not really fine 😫😖❌🤒 but you just can’t get into it 😵🤔🤐 because they 👥 would never understand 😪💦🤔🤔💯

hELL YEAH that's alot better

I've never been in a factory so I kind of have a bad "the jungle" esque view of all of them

what mech kb do i convince the bf to get?



well shit, its the real deal

GH60 with Zealios 62g

Shit backlight

Would you like to talk about something?

The jungle, haven't read it, but it doesn't really touch modern regulations, maybe it applies in Philippino sweatshops.

Better hope they are MX-compatible.

Oooh, outemou. nvm, these are gud

backlight doesnt matter so much

they look it

Emily is ikt.

hmmmmm it's a little slow

I would but I can't really think of much to talk about.....

I messed up my sleep schedule and slep t from midnight to like 4 a.m and I'm just waking up

listeniing to a new song spectre reccomended me > / / <

How much longer are you stuck at work?

Shit backlight

bad back light

bad back light

I always mess up my sleep on the weekends, no work so no 11pm bed time, and before I know it it's 3am.

Spectre recommended song, is it any good.
Fool used to recommend stuff for me.

Idk, it might be a really early day, I think the belt is broken again, or it wasn't fixxed right yesterday

Maybe not the best song out there but it tickles me just the way I like

Nice build up
he has good taste in music i think . / / .

what kind of music do YOU like?

Literally any music.
Ken Ashford dominates my playlist recently.


Anne Pro with Gateron Clears

my fuckin niggah
damn I totally forgot ashcorp kun....



I like his up beat stuff, but his sad slower stuff has a place in my heart too.

That Mario kart star power up, watch out, bard'll knock you off the track.

South Korea's prime minister, Lee Nak-yon, suggested that Kim Jong Un, the North's leader, could order a launch on Saturday, the 64th anniversary of the totalitarian regime's founding.

i'm ready to die


Wear and Crazy chicks are my personal favorite

I'm not ready for nuclear annihilation

What are some favorite tracks you enjoy?

Thinking back on it I'm not sure i I ever discovered any slower songs that I can remember.....

plus he's probably been putting stuff out continuously huh? :3

Then get out of my bed



GOOD MORNING AUTISm chan I hope you slept well

pew pew kaboom

On the rocks, and gravity are my faves.

Twist, Kim jong un orders the strike on hurricane Irma, both annihilating the hurricane and demonstrating best Koreas military superiority.

I think I am.

woof woof




Kim Jong Un personally stopped Hurricane Irma and saved millions of Floridians.

Not if it requires watching anime~


I was born ready.

Good morning Satan




ikt has finished 3 things so now no worries yaaaay


Because 666

satanic trips you newfag

IKT? More like IGayT

Good morning


That's it........

I've had

ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of your bullying..........................................


who knows ros anc travis ci help


You love being bullied by the big guys~



Gimme Dell P4317Q




I do.... ?

Oumae wa mou shinderu

drop the weapon.......................

I got autism~


I didn't realise it was contagious. Sorry

bro you have problems

what the hell am I going to do about this.........

I don't want my parents to find out.....

If I was in a room with all of Google's board-members from their various branches of the company now known as Alphabet, I wouldn't hesitate to take them all out if I had the means in doing so. Fuck that piece of shit

Oh I know

Then don't tell them~

It's funny because he used to save youtube playlists full of music someone suggested him. And then one day he just swore off it completely and autismed about "muh Google".

SHow me your phone

i used to into youtube playlists but then I got paranoid about youtube or the internet going down and just illegaly downloaded alll the songs I come across that I like

I downloaded all the tracks

i9300 running Replicant 6.0. Everything google and proprietary has been stripped from it. It's pure AOSP

Saw this pic while scrolling fb and started to wonder

are micro penises real?

What is the rate of occurance for having a micropenis??

Could it be possible that someone from our very threads does in fact have a micropenis?

Good morning everyone.


RIP Google


even if you don't tell them

hai nezi

don't be mad

oh boy, if only..

Will they? Not so sure

how are you this fine Friday morning?

I live a fully Google™ integrated life with my home temperature being regulated by Nest™ that's able to detect when I'm about to head home thanks to the Android™ Software running on my Google™ Pixel™ smartphone that keeps accurate track of my location. Not to forget Google™ Maps™, which I use to navigate home every day and avoid traffic by utilizing Google™ Traffic™, which is integrated into Google™ Maps™. When I get home, it's already comfortable because of my Nest™ Thermostat being aware of me. I turn on my Google™ Chromebook™ and access my files via Google™ Drive™. I do not need to check any new mails because Google™ Inbox™ both automatically notifies me and manages my e-mail. Thanks to the Google™ Home™ with Google™ Assistant™, I can issue various requests and commands, like ordering food for that evening. Lastly, before going to bed, just saying "Okay™ Google™, wake me up at 6 AM"™ to my Google™ Home™ is enough to have an alarm set for the next day of fully integrated life with Google™.

of course you wouldn't know what it's like having parents

I've done my research

I know all about the sick and twisted pony thread rituals
the "Experiments"

Hey, you're not supposed to know 'bout that.
I gotta kill ya if you do.

i went to eat bwaka feast and my left side of my mouth is sensitive but also the right top side so now I only have the right bottom side that's not sensitive to eat with and drinking fluids SUCKS

how are you?

Ooh that's nice. Except the proprietary bootloader, proprietary hardware, non-free software running the modem and GPS modules.

you can crush my body

tie me up and spit on me

whip me and drench candle wax all over me

but you will NEVER

dominate my SPIRIT

I forgot to mention YouTube, Google+, Chromecast, Google TV and more shit.

rip Bard's mouth
i'm okay, wish I got another couple hours of sleep though

when dentist?

Well... yeah. It's no secret that you like all that weird shit.

You now realize a company knows literally everything about you and can control your life if they so choose. Time to opt out~

I do have parents though, odd enough

You replace the bootloader with something else which I forgot the name of, which I guess has been discontinued seeing the guide now mentions something else, but it was GPL.
The proprietary hardware won't work because the firmware has been stripped.
The modem's implementation has been reversed-engineered and replaced, and the developer found out through this, that Samsung's modems actually phones home regularly.
And yeah, seeing the proprietary firmware isn't present, I don't have access to the front-camera, to NFC, to the GPU, GPS and other stuff. All that stuff simply doesn't work.
So the GUI is lacky, because it's using the software renderer

had to stay up to go in at 11 a.m yesterday and it was super lame

got left side mouth work done and I could feel himusing the big drill on my teeth

Now they's still sore ;~: but only when i eat or drink
it's not so bad just resting

Why not sleep more?

w-who told you ......

it's not true

i don't sleep well

Fucking same

thats why i lmoa weade

you should give it some thought

maybe see a doc and get prescribed sleep meds

I, for one, welcome our corporate overlords.

You're the most /g/ person.


I'm using an Android OS literally endorsed by the FSF

I want cookies.

Disable all cookies by default!

uh, wrong word. Meant reject

Do you delete the contrib and non-free entries


I'd rather just suffer


maybe reconsider?

why even live

give me series!

No :3
Else my videocard wouldn't work in my desktop, or my WiFi card in my laptop, but neither are manufactured by Google, so I'm all good

Speccy is begging me every day to go watch some too, as well as get Discord, and I keep telling him no.
No, is the same answer I'll give you too


..._.....____, ,
`---/_ KAWAII GUN ----__] = = = = =(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"


I can't even take a screenshot because it requires support for some EGL features that the software renderer doesn't support.
I could enable debugging mode and flip a switch to enable the LLVM-pipe, but that thing is even slower

You just opt out of Google?

So you don't think anything bad of Intel Management Engine and/or AMD TrustZone?

when I went to the dentist yesterday I had the chance to listen to a modern radio station and it occured to me that alot of what's popular right now is pretty much just EDM


Oh I most certainly doesn't like it, but it still isn't Google.
So yeah, I usually just try to avoid Google like the plague

you really do care ......

You're missing out.

Are you one of those people who insist the whole project group switching over to NextCloud instead of Dropbox/Drive/OneDrive and do version management with your own GitLab server because you don't trust either GitHub or the school GitLab

how about just anime and not discord

I really am not, lol.
Nope, we use Slack for communication and Github for the project. File sharing is mostly done through Slack too.
Don't know why you would use stuff like Dropbox. Cause of the report? Is so, we use Sharelatex.
And don't be a faggot and use pictures, just create your own tikz figures

Nope, never

Why not? Faggot



Dropbox because locally synced files in case the apocalypse happens and you're not synced with Google Docs.

Current project is Google Drive/Docs + GitHub :ok_hand:

Discord is bae


Far, far too cringy

It's all on another server already; Sharelatex.

Bae means shit after all. Agreed, it is

but not all

Absolutely all

thats close minded


Discord is so great.

Yes, is it

Yeah, you should try it.


I'm glad Skype died

Android without gapps - unbearable
Linux full-time - unbearable
LaTeX - fuck no
Slack is neat yeah but not free.

Linux full-time is the best.
F-droid is just fine though, and Yalp allows you to download apks off the playstore anonymously if you really need it.
Even then, I really don't give two shits about a phone. I only got one after my previous one died because "lol, you can't just not have a phone in 2017!!"

what a gay thread

t. man with rainbow flag


the lingering feel at the back of your throat

Those WM things like mouse shortcuts are nice but essential shit like a proper UI to adjust mouse speed is not present (the slider doesn't do shit in xfwm/gnome/unity) and acceleration just doesn't work, also there's the file picker thing I can't get over and needing to install a fuckton of bloat to get kde working.

F-Droid + Yalp sounds okay, though annoying.

You're too /g/ :^)

damn, I thought I cleared my throat completely after swallowing that load. Fuck


ur 2 /g/ :^)

Morning and shit.

i like letting it sit and slide down when it decoagulates

are you talking cum

Fuck acceleration though, though I guess it's true, you can't really configure that through a GUI. Haven't had a problem with it though since my laptop uses a clit and my desktop mouse got buttons to adjust it, so really never paid it attention..
Fuck the file-chooser though, that thing will never get supported :3

Possibly. I wouldn't really know, haven't used yalp much. Downloaded Brave only to find out it didn't work, because just like Firefox, it requires EGL.

Possibly. This insanity keeps me alive though!


yeah i remembered to do it yestareday and i might try some today

forcibly clearing your throat makes it seem like youre sick but letting it sit there is ncie

That's just gay as hell man

its not gay cuz its my own cum

I mean properly turning it off. Even at 0.0 it doesn't behave as linear as in Windows. It's like all they are about are their internal things of improvements no proper user would give a shit about.

I use my phone for pretty much everything so eh. Need that Google.

*pat* strange


It's not exactly not gay either

Really? I guess I don't notice it then. I noticed the acceleration when I first experienced it, then turned it off immediately, but I've used this now for years and I haven't experienced any kind of acceleration since.
You sure it can't be properly turned off, cause I'm fairly sure it is for me.

I'm so sorry

no you!


Eh probably just speed issues idk

brb now while I play Grand Theft Auto V on the Steam platform :ok_hand:


Steam is fucking shit, and yet I still use it.
God fucking dammit man. Enjoy your game~


multiple levels of what

Cease this yelling.
It's too early.

Steam's shit yes. Valve's shit.

Google's also shit. Just can't live without. It's just too easy and I can't afford becoming more proactive.




you do it too dont u

k brb lemme double check to see if its not gay

Actually no.

rip ur missing out

Easy enough to live without Google.
Could live without Valve too, but muh gaymes

Lol, remember to use mouthwash afterwards


I got cookies.


i like the sims 3 & 4


put them in the garbage

*pets nice doggy*

nice meme

I m a dog and also terrified of thunderstorms

I've only played 2 & 4, they're fine.

I wanted cookies since it's been a long time

Mt. Akina tho

If only I could drive on this using a steering wheel

i played the spin-off one on ps2



Anyhow my ARAM is starting so I'm out for a bit.

yay aram

It's like i can always smell it until it finishes going down

Why would you even do this?


And here I thought he was supposed to be straight

Is interesting sensation and easy cleanup


and incredibly gay



Need sauce for potatoes though, and like five times as many

Except for Ikt~

nope unless im getting compensation

That's what the ketchup is for
Also, there's plenty of potatoes there

Never played a Sims game on console sounds odd


Goddamn you North Americans and your silly small amount of food!


hi im malts

and Americans apparently judging from last time that came up.
Last time I made potatoes like that just for me and my brother, I cooked a whole kilo of it. No leftovers.
And more than half of a pork tenderloin was eaten too.
12 small boats are far, far, far too few!!

You grimy motherfucker

Most people also eat a lot more than I do. I don't eat very much

I suppose a little is still better than nothing, and potatoes are healthy

There is nothing healthy about potato wedges

i only say that for exceptions tho



Nice chili dogs

I'm back until people are in call.

hi again



I once got drunk then cooked and ate a 3lbs bag of chicken on tinychat.
I'm a true Murican.

anyone want to date me

i'm very lonely

I want to name a dog bucket, that every time I call for her I can yell "Come bucket!" And she'll come running all excited.

You're like 140 pounds too small for me.

i can get fat

Getting fat would only be a temporary fix
You need to get yourself taller surgically

I mean, I would just put cement in my shoes.
Less commitment.

i'm 5'10


that's tall enough.

A friend of mine text me once to tell me my mom was in the hospital with a perforated uterus
To which I immediately replied, "damn, I didn't kn



Get taller and everything will get fixed Loco

A friend of mine text me once to tell me my mom was in the hospital with a perforated uterus
To which I immediately replied, "damn, I didn't know my step dad was that big!"


I need a MAN though.

What would be the ideal MAN for you?

Guy on bottom.

So a Bear?

Specific kind.

Have you tried scouting Gyms or Clubs?

I already have someone I like, well, multiple people.
I don't want someone from around here really.


stinky thread

you suk!

new thread

I didn't think you wanted anyone here, but I did think you were being honest about wanting a man.

How many is multiple? lol