Hello we have autism so we only have one thread but it's not cyclic so good luck

Hello we have autism so we only have one thread but it's not cyclic so good luck.

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is kiss-shot here?



fuck cyclics


What grim said

fuck Grim


Fuck all 3 of you.

Mega lewd

Okay, when?

yes. i want to fuck three people at once.



That girl is a cunt

I was only joking, but now I'm legitimately horny.


can sum1 explain op

I wAs OnLy jOkIng bUt now IM leGitimaTLeY HoNrY

test is going mad with power


[gay sex insinuation]

[Kanra ego fluffing/ego kicking]

["i'm gay"]

[wikipedia pseudo intellectual]



What a loser.


don't bully me

This loser probably gets off when people bully him.

What a disgusting pervert.

He should have made the pinned thread cyclic for maximum memetic value.

Please don't bully me im with my family and I don't want them to see my erection


Mommies boy

Would that not make it even better?

I'm not an exhibitionist but the idea that someone might catch me doing dirty things is incredibly erotic.

I'm not an exhibitionist but I shaved my legs and I've been wearing shorts a lot. I like it.

You shouldn't lie.
We all know you're a whore who gets off to being watched.


please stop it

Oh, right, sorry.
Whores get payed.

Actually, real talk, being watched is a huge turn-off for me. The thrill, and excitement, is all in the risk.

I'm not a slut. I only share myself with mommy.

Out of wedlock?

For shame, what a tramp.

i really liked it when you called me a slut.

So what public place are you doing this in ?

i have the hiccup

Nowhere, I just expect my romantic partner to be fully open to the idea that I might ambush them, or want to be ambushed, when in a VoIP call.

The fun is in having to be quiet, lest everyone know what's happening.


i have autism

Yes. We know.

So a call with more than just the two of you ?

I've been in a call with you before and now i'm concerned.

I feel violated.

I think there's something wrong with me . _.

I was active in that call, was I not?

Extremely active. Way more than I thought.

Woah stop

W-wow, what a bully.

Bullying Is my favorite pastime.

getting bullied is my favorite pastime.

This thread is full of bullies

Where would this thread even be without bullies?

srsly tho give loli

A place with less bullies

It would have fell apart years ago

Thank god Bloodchan is here hold it together with her next level bullying.

Lol Tsuchi can't walk and when his parents die he will have nothing left

bloodchan DID bully test TO DEATH earlier

tsuchi cant wlak?

ikt believes all the things




poor tsuchi

nah test is my nigga


yeah he can't walk and he feels inferior to everyone so he tries to troll people here to make himself feel better.

But it only makes himself more miserable


Blood chan




whymst do you want him to die?

Hey Grim do you actually Ikaros? You're prolly the only other user who actually likes her

Everyone else likes Nymph


idk her personality but she looks pretty cute.


Lol -hug- goodnight~

Cute lol

Maybe someday he can learn to accept shortcomings lol

What personality
anyway bye


Aw, later~
Ni ni angel

I go to the gym daily and run three miles every few days for cardio.

I literally just got done doing four hours of yardwork outside.


lol short

Tsuchi you don't have to continuously tell them off

i live in the gym and have eight legs

His bait is just the same autistic three lines every time.

Why do you keep taking it

lol tsuchi is a cripple

People can talk shit but that won't change fact, you know?

Because people are dumb enough to believe it.

They need space transforming IQs to understand true reality.

why you quoting me

Tuschi IRL

Gym bros of any type of obnoxious people.
Like the dudes who just stand in front of the mirror at the gym, starting at themselves and touching themselves.

It's really disturbing how common that is.

am I? I didn't realize

Why not just let them wallow in their stupidity
Just seems like a waste of energy past the first 2 or 3 times imo

I just take selfies that make it look like i'm working out at the gym.

I don't actually do it.

Virginia burns

White power

It takes like 15 seconds to type that up.

I just do it to stay in decent shape and physically decent. I'm not a person that goes for vanity or to look like I'm 'roided up.

Anyways, I'm out.

Should have used a truck.

*hwyte power

Ni ni

nini scoob

White Power!



Police girl is kinda hot, tbh.

She is white, of course she is hot.

I'm not even white.

Guess that means you deserve to be expunged! And purged! Pussy.


I lied

Seras Victoria is bae


chaplain is that you



I'm almost offended.

Think there's an EDM remix of Bloody Tears?

what isnt there an edm remix of

It's too quiet

too quiet.


Make it less quiet!



You know what test, that's good enough
I was afraid you were going to go full meme

I restrained myself.

Those stickies had bothered me for a while too, good job!

toobrusha nana biea

There's something to be said for conciseness.


It's ya boy.


who even?

˃the admiral of assault
˃the earl of exploitation
˃the uberman of undressing
˃the duke of dicking
˃the baron of banging
˃the overlord of oral
˃the tzar of trains
˃the mage of malevolence
˃the general of gonorrhea
˃the dictator of doujins
˃the rasputin of rape
˃the vicar of violation
˃the caesar of coitus
˃the missionary of molestation
˃the all-fa˃ther of anal
˃the furher of fellatio
˃the bishop of bondage
˃the god of gangbang
˃the sultan of snuff
˃the prince of penis
˃the monarch of maxillofacial surgery
˃the regent of reaming
˃the sigmar of skullfucking
˃the pope of penetration
one of these



What's going on, threaders?

It's dead. Thank God.

ooh okies.


...are you okay?

Hes gonna die if you don't send him a belly pic, STAT!



This is to go even FURTHER BEYOND

Ah... Here lies Squash.

I gave it my best shot.



While scrolling through my images I found when I got stung in the eye by a wasp.
God that was not pretty at all.

Legit irl photo of trans Squash.


I fucking wish...

So disgusting! Should have pants on.

Public nudity is so ew, not pure at all~

One day, one day!

Oh. I was hoping it was Chii or Kanra.

No, though Erio thought I fused with Kanra the other night. I forgot who Kanra was.

Plus doesn't Chii use Lost as her name~?

Panties count as pants.

I never wear panties.

I'm going to trust your judgement on this! You best not lead me astray!

That counts tooo.

Going to talk to other people.

I don't own any.

Follow me into greatness.



Have fun~

Sounds legit, off to greatness! x3

How are you doing, Ban~?

Sounds like a pretty big problem.

Lemme see that bandaid girl

Pretty good.

I've been pretty happy these last few days.

U ?

mfw suddenly pouring rain

Buy me a pair.

I've been good as well.

Glad to hear that you've been quite happy, hopefully that sticks around!

What about these ?



Throw in the dog and it's a deal.

Rip you my dude.

Everything seems to be going just how I thought it would.

Should stick around

You got yourself a deal.


Come live here.
When it rains it's so cool and shit.
Fog rolls up out of the valley and the whole mountain is covered.

Lose the panties though.

Oh man oh man... that really does sound amazing, but you're just tryin' to get me closer.

Take them off with your teeth, you dirty dog.

I'm not injured I don't have any.

I could be~

Would you lie to me ?

Flirting with Spec. You no longer matter.


what's up

ill take a shower later

Wait, I mattered at one point ?




What are we gonna do in the rain?

But that's just like rain inside!

Not a lot, just briefly entertaining myself before probably ow with one or two people.


Fuck probably.

controllable rain
with soap and water

gainz on osrs

you forgot to link me the folder last night I was so sad


Why would I have a bandaid if I'm not hurt?

Well that's pretty straightforward.
I do wonder what that's like though.

And controllable temperature! Can make it as cold as you want it. Unless you live here. There's no such thing as cold tap water here.

I'm not even sure myself.

Fashion statement ?

G'evening Cato.

Pitchers of water in the fridge are good.

It's not done, the overwatch folder is huuuuuge.

Plus it is hard to make sure I only pick out Pharah as from a first glance at thumbnails, it is oddly easy to mistake Sym for her.

Well, as long as Sym is depicted without that robot arm/glove thing.

Good evening Cato.

I can tell you how it is with a dog. That's it.

...am I supposed to stand in the tub and pour pitchers of cold water over me?

How's spec?

I enjoy your images

You don't want a shower that cold, do you?


what the shit why

oh damn
doing gods work

...what kinda dog?

Tired, but now that it's raining at least slightly cooler.
How's Cato?

Relaxing, this season's anime is pretty lackluster

Are you Arizona?
I've been pretty amazed how much it has been raining in NM recently.

I am good, the past few days have gone well.

As you should!

How fitting. :^) :^)

Ahahaha, yeah bad joke~

Some kind of bull pit mix I guess.

I do actually, and I generally enjoy them when I can get away with it.

Because all the cisterns and lines are shallow or outright above ground in 120 degree heat.

Mhmm, near Phoenix. You moved here right at the start of Monsoon season my dude, so yeah, lots of rain for another couple weeks or so.
Then fuck all till like next year.

Where in NM did you end up by the way?

bath time is best time

winter is coming


have you peeped elite classroom
I need to check it out

you dont live in the city do you

hot noms after bath is best

Someones telling me all the secret drama.


between who

"secret drama"

Lies and betrayal.

so daily life in animoos

I just can't, but I didn't grow up in a place that gets this hot

Albuquerque! Everyone has been saying the monsoon season, still not what someone from the outside expects in a desert!
I almost fucked up and left my sunroof cracked yesterday.

How's it going canadaanon?

Not yet.
So far I have enjoyed resturaunt to another world, knight's & magic, and aho-girl
second season of new game is nice too
but beyond that ehhh

Someone lied to everyone in the thread about it though.

I wanna tell but I was told I can't.

So, who is Winter?



Good, you~?

frozen pantsu


Same, it's been a good evening and I got lots of sleep last night

So what's that like?

It wouldn't matter if I do or don't, it's all the same in every part of the Valley, there is no cold tap water from April to December.

Well you live in one now, so get used to it.

It's the only time the desert gets rain! You'll understand the more desert-y aspects when it's over.
I wonder if Las Cruces is any hotter.

like, biting or what?


does it involve anyone I give a shit about?

steins gate was so good man
cant wait for the prequel to drop

Eating good food, you horny little shit.

even if you dug a well or made an underground tank? damn..

Yeah its one persona you care about.

Sounds chilly!

That's always good!

you guys are here all day every day doing nothing

how ya been

story of my life


At least dry heat!

I'm really hoping it tapers off, I want to avoid the inevitable nosebleeds. I had a conference in Denver a year or two ago and it got bad by the end

I never watched that one
I have a lot of 'to watch' shows

Very good!
I was social and everything!

If that were an option, maybe.

Test was right. I need to stop watching just the fights in anime on Youtube and watch one or something.
Shame most are shit.

Already watched all the Jojo, Naruto, Evangelion, a few Bleach fights, and all the Fate shit.

Oh well.


p much.

He is safe for now.

eisen the fast that you're still here amazes me
I thought you moved on with college things

It'll be dry soon.

Nosebleeds? From...?

But there's still one more movie to go!

go shower you niggerfaggot

I couldn't get into it honestly.

this fucking image

You literally watched just the fight scenes from Eva

it's summer. i'll be busy with college things again in two weeks.

enjoying your evening?

From the lack of humidity
I come from the carolinas. We aren't overly humid, but it is still always there.

I may have to use chapstick too

Watch my fight scenes daddy.

I watched 4 episodes and was bored.

Something like that.
Sup with you?

small talk with you will immediately get boring
good luck in college, I hope you do well

Very over rated.
Director's a shit too. He even hates best girl in his own series.


Ah, alright. If that's what did it. It does get VERY dry. I thought maybe it was the altitude or something that affected you maybe.

Decent, how about you~?

Social under the table!


Nah, it's the humidity.
I lived in the apps for 4 years before this, but that is only a little higher than albuquerque

One of my advisor's other students is also from NC, and he says it takes a couple months to get adjusted

I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations~

lmao alright
you too stranger

bought some new clothes today
is it weird for white people to wear Run DMC shirts?

Well... in an abstract way... yes.

above average, doings things, going places, and making BIG plans SOON tm


Well it's shit tons better than humidity, you'll come to find.

it's a rap group

It can't be worse than Houston

fuck houston

Yeah. I don't know anything aobut rap.

I mean it's pretty easy to outdo Texas, that's a low bar.

you make me feel so young sometimes

If it's any consolation I have started getting a few grey hairs in my beard.

you and i both know those aren't from age though

Tell that to the texans!

At least there is a Rudy's here, though. one of the few good things to come out of that cesspit

I do every chance I get.

What's that, fastfood?


i thought id ask

pigs like a good biting and scratchin'

i'm mostly grossed out by hair so maybe that's a good thing

ESPECIALLY when it's referred to as fur.

It is a bbq place

Some of the best bbq I have had outside of the carolinas

ur boring


One of the most comforting things I have ever had happen was when someone sits near me and just plays with the hair on my head while I'm nodding off.

ur boring machiavelli

Ur boring Bebop.


head hair is okay

i don't know if i could play with someone's hair for more than 60 seconds though. unless you drop like a rock when you go to bed.

Yes, I know you have bad tastes, you've already established that.

I mean, I have a history of just passing out mid sentence some days. Just ask Test.


had to search for this notepad file for this trip
and no
he didn't do it
I did

oh bebop is posting :^)?

hi bebop

And fuck if I'm talking to a doctor.

i don't think that affords me much hair-tousling time.

Did what?

I can stay awake for 60 seconds.

unspeakable and horrible things

Tell me more.


luckily hair tousling is something you can do one handed while reading twitter, i imagine.

I told soto you wanted to be a trap and transition

Test. You should remove that DOX.

Splendid. Next time I visit the north you can do it.

schedule-permitting. i got a lot going on when i get back to campus.

I think you're him!

It's alright.
With 3 jobs I'm not exactly able to travel or anything. I don't even get days off anymore.

Yeah I'd believe it if I were him.

I think cato is still as stupid as always, what a faggot.

are you sucking more dick than ian now?

try to carve out some time to breathe every now and then.

but also get dat money

Of course, I have to live up to my reputation somehow

quit one of the jobs
3 is too many

I'll be getting some good pay come Friday and Tuesday.
I get a bonus check even. Going to catch up on some debt.

Yeah the reputation of STEM graduate students as stupid.

Has he sucked even one?

I literally only dropped in to say hi to spoilers
scary how this sort of place sucks you right back in

good thing I hate most of you
tell grim to stop shower posting/lurking


Doesn't Cato work for NASA too?

Poor Squarsh. :(
I had 5 jobs once. I don't know how I did it. I couldn't do it now. I wish you luck.

i can't WAIT to have money coming in again.
it's not much but there's lots of music to buy. and books and books about music

T-then i"d get more time to spend with you.

my name is john and i fucking hate every single one of you

Exactly, STEM graduate students are just awkward weirdos who only no how to do science and socialize with other people who do science

I interned at NASA, but still work with a couple of the scientists there.

Goodbye edgiest boy.

Cato isn't dumb but he has pretty bad social skills I think.

I'm kind of enjoy it honestly.
It sucks sometimes, but that pay out will be great and the pizza place is a blast.
They already moved from giving me 3 days to 5 a week.

If I hit it big I'll sugar daddy for ya.


I'm not quite as bad in person, according to the people I was out drinking with last night.

i will suck your bank account dry

but I need to learn to dance

real bad

Those checks are nice. I do miss that part!

Can anyone even dance anymore ?

I feel like its dying

I've had $0.43 in it for about a week now.
Suck as much as you want.

Could do porn.
I hear it pays well.

more like "accepting I can't dance and not caring"
then the bitches get got

43 cents actually goes a long way on marketplace.tf

one day I'm gonna set aside $10 and trick my shit out

even me?

I mean,. I could just give you 10 bucks sometime

I'm too cool to try.


absolutely not


You need to dance badly to get the scientist bitches

that's not even me being shy about accepting gifts

you need that money

I'm not into that kind of girl.

I actually find most of them pretty annoying.

I'm into that one girl with blue hair

one of the other grad students here has green hair

It's 10 bucks.
I use to spend that on junk food every day.
I've had boiled eggs, rice, and vegies for the last week.
I'm going low cost now.

I bet that looks awful.

I saw a cute girl at the mall who had pink hair and nose ring.

made my heart skip a beat.

Naw, it's actually pretty nice

that doesn't make it right

Don't laugh!

There is no way to stop me from putting $10 in your Steam wallet.

some guy ran a car into a crowd of counter-protesters.

he killed someone. injured 19 others.

one protest was against the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, attended by many alt-right people.

the counter-protest was people protesting the protesters. the car rammed into the counter-protesters.

I'm looking at some of the reactions to the protest, both before the incident, and after.


especially Trump's.

i'll delete my steam account

ill call the police

ill kill you


Pink and Blue are the only good add-normal hair colors.

aaAHH GOSh you're mean

Acts of violence from all sides


i'm sorry

i lash out sometimes

my favorite song is about pigs

pennies won't exist by the time you find my address bucko

Guess you don't want cookies then.

i love cookies

but i would rather you eat instead

I get paid on Friday. After that I won't really have to worry about it anymore.


sleep well

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides."

- Trump

he has identified Obama as the founder of ISIS
he has flattered and complimented dictators
he identifies Muslim and violence by immigrants specifically
he posts statistics about Black on White murder rates (bullshit statistics from unreputable sources)

but about this, he didn't take a hard stance. he talked about

"hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides."

many, many sides. I mean- why was he so weak on this? He's stronger and more passionate about saying Merry Christmas. He's angrier about being made fun of on cable news... bleh.

(O∆O) I thought you were gonna try to eat me in a not fun way

( ´•ω•` ) or worse, you weren't gonna be my friend.

Kanra go take yourself to Holla Forums


This is an EXECUTIVE ORDER from Donald Trump

saying he wants a big list, publicly available, of the crimes committed SPECIFICALLY by immigrants

a public list, weekly updated, so everyone in America can see crimes committed by immigrants, specifically.

i don't eat pigs

i love honey glazed ham though

Does Kanra think anyone actually cares?

don't you?

I think so.

Angry political rants by mad leftists do not interest me much.

Also from Canada

do you actually think about what interests you?

what you've been interested about in the past, and how trivial it is compared to things you're not interested about?

ahah what's in that honey though

The normal side of Canada, or the french side?

I'm gonna guess that its not the normal side.


that's disgusting

not disgusting, just sexual

*smug loli*

*anime laugh*


I get the impression you two, specifically, would rather talk about nothing.

I get the impression that you two, specifically, could not be more basic.



what you eat, what you fapped to, what gives you an erection

these are more your speed, right?

I only eat meat, I don't fap that's for sexual deviants, and as a girl I do not get erections.

I only eat meat, I don't fap that's for sexual deviants, and as a girl I do not get erections.

I only eat meat, I don't fap that's for sexual deviants, and as a girl I do not get erections.




thought you'd like that webm

I don't like anything meme related.

You're like a living meme most of the time though

in an off mood tonight?


everything is going fine.

Why ?

cause ban being antimeme out of nowehere is weird

You would be so upset if you knew what I was actually up too right now.

I feel like I'd only really get mad if you were talking shit behind my back

Don't do that



I won't if you don't.

I don't talk shit about my friends

But the people I do talk shit, I prefer to do it in their face


more fun that way m8




blankposting gets old way too fast in dead threads

But blank posting smug lolis wins conversations.

I didn't know this was a competition.


how did I hurt his asshole this time ?

Goggles is pretending to be you.

Really now? Are those his words?

That doesn't seem like me at all

Let's have a chat in voice goggles maybe we can sort this out amicably

Don't worry grim I love you lots.

Kissy, the closest we've gotten is in the same lane in a game of league legends. Don't abuse that word

O-oh okay.
I thought we really had a connection going in that lane but I guess I misread it.

I don't think he wants to voice with you.

We did, but you haven't really pursued it after the games we had

seed's still there

just gotta water it my boy

Goggles is a pussy bitch.

He'll make fun of my ssssnake lissssssp.

lets voice pussy bitch

Hes busy talking to me right now anyways.

You'll have to try again later.


Lol no. I don't even like you.

:smug loli:

That doesn't mean anything.



Clockwork voice with me instead.

Operation smug exterminator.

when do you plan on sleeping tonight?

A gas-mask isn't smug.


5 am

I'm always at least 5 steps ahead of you're baka ass.

My nindo is actually making you think you're 5 steps ahead but you're actually falling behind at an accelerating rate.

same man

worst part of staying up is the munchies


My nindo is still making you think your nindo is better than mine when its not.

My nindo is actually that you don't have a nindo.

I may climb out my window to go to 7/11 at some point.

I stopped time before you did that.

You're already dead, you just haven't caught up yet.

bro if you end up going ill go to mine too

we'll go to 7/11 together in spirit LOL

That doesn't sound like a real nindo to me.



That does not seem like him.

Its realer than yours.

maybe he'll get them if I get them.
Who knows.

Mine is as real as your personality.

I love 7/11
they sustain me

and iced tea

I do, it appears.

Are you trying to say I don't have a personality ?

thats extremely rude

I'm trying to only go in munchie emergencies where im low on groceries.

Years of practice. I am required to know everything my husband likes.

Don't you mean boytoy

Checkmate now king me.

and they call me gratuitous.

What is the difference?

You're more of a queen.

An ocean.

Darwin is my toy though not the other way around.

We just did groceries today, but we have people sleeping in the living room so I cannot binge.

Actually my online persona is a boy so tyvm but you lose again.


what's your favorite food to eat, kissy?

A boy (female)

Bitch you a bitch.

No but my nindo is actually that I'm crocodile dundee.

I do not have to pay alimony this way, at least.

I know, I've heard you say his lines before.

whens our date again ?


why would you get one of everything

Does alimony even apply in gay marriage?

I feel like that's a huge gray area depending on the state

Nigiri! Nice. I have a groupon for a nice sushi spot in manhattan

I fucking hope it does not apply.

Not that it matters. His moms would never approve of such an unholy, dissolute union.

Oh nice. I love sushi, it's a shame it's so pricey.

There were like 6 of us
It was an omakase.

new developments

fish is expensive

the six of you couldn't figure out three favourites? everyone has favourites.

It's an omakase, we don't choose what we get.

But so very delicious.
My moms are going deep see fishing with some visiting relatives this week hopefully they bring back something good. Unfortunately there won't be any salmon which is what I really want to cook.

fuck off kanra

Do NOT fuck off.

so you always get an assortment of every kind of sushi, no matter what?

would YOU order one of every type?

thank you, Darwin.

depends on who I was with

fuck off^2

salmon with cripsy skin tho.
so good.

I wanna go coral reef spearfishing one day.

He is not even doing anything.

people with varying levels of sushi experience


Darwin, thank you.

he is being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative

fucking aids

It more or less means chef's choice
They give you an assortment of whatever sushi they feel like making a meal of.
It's delicious.
There was more than just that on that particular night, but that plate is the only one I had a picture of.

Yes it is. I like fishing sometimes, but could not find the will to go with them this week.
Mostly because of relatives
I do not like new people.

why can't you just say you wouldn't order every kind of sushi

everyone knows to get crispy salmon, salmon, tuna, never spicy, and California rolls.

nobody has ever gone 'sure wish there was more mackeral'

What if it's all just some desperate cry for help and we're too callous to realize that the poor man is begging for us to help him?

I never really get that impression from him. More like he enjoys conversing, and he is very methodical in trying to learn when something strikes him as curious.

so because there was more food, it was more okay to experiment? everyone is bound to get what they want. shotgun approach.

I like the mackeral
california rolls are trash
spicy tuna is great

Then again, he never showed feet. Really on the fence here now.

I am heavily biased by reaching my limit in patience with him, I just don't like having him around.


It's not experimenting, it's a very common way to order sushi. I like all of them and they all offer different flavors. I'll usually get a few pieces of my favorites too just so I always have them.

Neither have I.

why you lyin'

that's not how investments work.

they all have different flavours, note the 'u', but nobody likes all the flavours. almost everyone hates, especially if you're white, a couple of kinds. how many of you were white?

I'm not.
I don't eat crab so california rolls are bleh.
Mackeral can be very good.

You get used to it.

Yes, but he is ASIAN.

Shush, you.

it's never real crab. it's imitation.

Wikipedia says it's starch and finely pulverized white fish (surimi)

Once again I profusely apologize for not being your type, I should just kill myself.

I know, I still won't eat it though.

you just picked the dish least likely to offend

Nein, white is right.

white's aite

Four and a half.
One didn't like salmon
I ate her salmon for her it was not an issue

ya, but do you get it?

Anyone else do placements for lucioball?


Hey Bart, how's it going~?

I mean I get the point you're trying to make. If we wanted to just order our favorites we would, but having the chef put on display the sushi he wanted to make was what we were interested in.

you serious

i feel sad tonight


Welcome to the club.

have you tried caffeine and sugar?

when you see a sign that says "Chef Favourites"

you just take them at their word?

Did something happen or just bad feels? Either way I will hope for you to feel happier soon, Bard~

That would be nice I was thinking about takin a trip out for some sweets toniht

but mix it with caffeine, less calories, better buzz.

earlier grave but still.

Chef's choice not chef's favorite
omakase means you leave it to them to plan your meal that night.
It's not just about the food either, it's partly about the experience.

they'd respect you more if you'd had requests.

or annoyed you wanted the good stuff, when they had less popular stuff they had to use before it turned.

why are specials usually written on whiteboards, or chalkboards?

So they can erase them and change the advertised special easily.

Presumably to change them every day.

*ruffles plumage*~


*touches your tail*

I really think you're missing the concept here.

*suggestive coos*~

the experience of having your food taken to your table


heellooo may i have your attention

Oh no, the 7/11 closes soon I need to go get food bye.

Help my internet is still kill

Should I get tea or coffee?

neither. it's 2am.

Raspberry tea

Welp, this leaving the choice to someone else is quite the overrated experience.

Yes, my child.

did Nezi just reccomend a specific tea?

yay ty darwins I've been socially isolated without internets

also, my answer is the right one.


With this company, that does not seem like a bad fate.


Go buy your snacks.

Shoot to kiss!

yeah I was hoping to see ban tonight or other fun posters......

has it been like thi all night?

7/11's CLOSE in your area?

damn I feel bad for you

I have 24/7 ones over here

do not shoot me

Well, Griffin is here.

He was here like an hour ago. Probably went to bed.

oh boy, don't remind him.

Not even with kisses?

Does he also abhor you?

hey bard look

Bard, music!

for the same vague reasons everyone else does.

Why can you not make friends with these people?

If I had to choose between Kanra and Bard I'd choose Kanra

Neither seem to have a path in life but Kanra is still salvageable

why won't you?


You guys meltdown around the same rate but Kanra's are wayy less catastrophic

I want to have sex with Mari.

I do. I am best friends with Ray.

Sex with 2d animu grills through VR is in SoonTM status

aw dick, don't use me to get at him

genius OC though.

I don't think anyone here is particularly bad


some just got better at hiding how particularly bad they are.

can I have some?

oh well He'll be back tomorrow I'm sure....Can''t always get who you want

I rolled with my buddy today for an hour and got tapped to a triangle from bottom guard and also got put in the Twister which is a shame because I've been giving my buddy shit since he learned how to do it
It hurt like hell when he got me in it but it' great if you find yourself in a position to get it

we hung out all day too and then munched out and watched the Eddie bravo ivnitationals prelim matches and he actually hung out with me most of the night because no internet and we watched tornado videoss and to catch a predator vids and interogations stuff
It was a fun night what are you guys up to tonight?

It's true, we're all just people

Bard does have the better handmade pastas, I gotta give him that.

I dont identify as human species. TRIGGERED

Ooh, that reminds me I got a pasta roller that I need to go try out. Rolling it by hand was too exhausting.

has your catgirl gf finally gotten to you

wait waitWAIT

It's the internet, shit like that doesn't matter

Too bad, you're human

I have the urge to hit you with one now




That all sounds entertaining. You made it seem as if your day had been somber, leaving you sullen.

I was working on some stuff, got bored, and somehow ended up here. I will probably go to bed to avoid a friend who wants me to watch Ru Paul's dross with her.


when you meltdown at a single unrelated reply and @ someone in a server they aren't in and then leave every server and block anyone trying to talk to you for the next hour

you should realize it's time to stop


a little I guess.

b-but I always share with yooouuu

Ooh, very nice.
Wear it around your ankle and send pictures of it to Darwin.

KissShot, cook me pasta

When you care too much about someone's life outside the community you're in and not how they act within said community, there is a bit of a problem



this is the healthy way to work through problems.

What are we referring to, again?

Ooh, very nice.
Wear it around your ankle and send pictures of it to Darwin.

I actually empathized with your position, Grim.

excused you being a tactless ass because Bard was first.

this was gratuitous.