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You're weird.


Still posting that lewd shit I see.

this is standalone craziness. Those are not my thoughts.

but it's bc. everything is a twisted joke or a potential lie.

I'm legit wondering if I've entered some Twilight Zone where everyone thinks they know what I think.

read the tone of these posts. These people are guessing at my thoughts. they aren't sure how ironic they're being.

it's how you're acting

god this is depressing. i'm out.

isn't it great?

you're saying the actions of others, are because of me?

you fucking what


How are you like this

Maybe you're getting gaslighted dude. People trying to make you think you're crazy for some sick twisted joke.

It's totally not just people on the internet making fun of you and the things you say.

if you're sticking around, and you can explain, could you briefly?

because all you've done is sarcastically pretend to read my mind.

and I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to take that seriously.


am I seeing sarcasm everywhere?

is everyone actually being sarcastic?

I think the sarcastic dickishness masks everyone's stupidity, and nobody wants to admit it.

What is with your actual fucking allergy to sarcasm?

Jesus dude, yes, people on the internet are sarcastic, I'm sorry that you can't handle it.

Let me explain, I'm not actually sorry. That was sarcasm.

I'm not allergic to sarcasm, but imagine every other reply you got was some jackass pretending to know what you thought, but being sarcastic or some level of ironic about it.

imagine that.

Is this all your roundabout way of asking somebody to hold your hand and walk you through what people are saying or are you really just going to stick to your guns of "This is more proof that everyone sure is stupid except for me"?

Does being drunk increase likelihood of going through with suicidal thoughts?

Wow I bet they would do that to me if I talked down to people all the time.

is that an actual quote?

"I think the sarcastic dickishness masks everyone's stupidity, and nobody wants to admit it."

-You. Like five posts ago.

It's becoming both less funny and less sad as time goes on, this whole "Kanra doesn't get why all the other kids are mean to him" thing.

Like it's becoming commonplace.

that's just the impression I give off
because I explain my answers

I think it's a little true.

I don't think they know why they're being mean to me.

cute shark avatar

the act of stopping to question if anything lies behind their sarcastic dickishness would break them.

I'm done.

Go fuck yourself.

We do. And we've explained it. Everyone has. You talk yourself up and act like you know everything and suck your own dick for literally hours on end. Even when you're right you coat it in so many big words that you think sound smart that it loses its impact because literally everything you do comes with a little self pat on the back and we can see it. You're smug, and not the kind of smug that comes with four words and a grinning anime girl, the kind of smug that gets injected into 100 posts several paragraphs long over the course of hours. You don't stop. You can't stop. You keep self-congratulating, and bitching, and being fucking snide, and nobody can fucking stand you, they never could.

Or we're all stupid. You know, whatever.

We know what's behind it. Contempt. For you.

Because you're a self-righteous asshole.

Excellent thread. Truly carries the ingredients of a masterpiece. Gonna give it an 8/10.


9/10 for me

You've missed all the build up though. The suspense. The tension.

You mean the same shit that has been going on for the past few weeks?

It was funnier than usual cause he was having a fit about being called autistic.

so what I'm getting, is you don't like how I act, and you get some vague impression of a "know-it-all" from the fraction of the posts you read.

when you see my post, the words get all glossy, and begin to blur together. you "feel" my words. you get a "sense" of what I'm saying

and know for certain it is all utter trite and masturbation.

you are confident of this and thus, read all my posts with that bias.

Yeah sure.

oh what, am I not supposed to give your explanation a fair reading?

Do whatever dude.

Well, that is not very nice.


you have been nothing but sarcastic and tried to bully me all night,

then you pretend to be earnest, but say none if it matters, and I quote

"Because you're a self-righteous asshole."

but I literally think that at least tonight, you've been more of a self-righteous asshole than mee.

I also said I'm done.

Go to sleep

in fact, objectively, in sheer numbers alone, more of you have made nonsensical, condescending posts directly at me, than I have at any of you.


Can't you do anything but argue?

Is Kanra STILL having his mental break?

Blue birds are for dumb people

that knife looks like it is coming out of somewhere else

It would be so easy, dude. Don't make an enemy. Try and make a friend. For the love of God think about what that entails.

That's just your mind in the gutter.

if you're asking that question seriously,

that's fucked.

I'm going to keep this as low stress as possible because I said I'm done.

I do NOT think you literally only argue. That's hyperbole. You argue a lot. With a lot of people. Every time you're here. Especially lately.

test shits knives confirmed

What Squid just said

God I wish, maybe I'd get septic shock and fucking die.

I too want to die
shit knives on me daddy

No, suffer with the rest.

you know after that post I deserve it


I get the feeling people aren't sure just how hyperbolic they're being about me.

I get the feeling some people don't think they're being hyperbolic when they are.

I think people have whipped themselves into a delusional hysteria about who I am.

with each retelling, who they think I am becomes more crazed and detatched from reality.

kanra thinks he knows everything.

kanra thinks he's better than everyone.

kanra thinks he's smarter than everyone.

maybe someone knowingly said it sarcastically at first, but how many have come to 'know' these to be my thoughts?

it's not intentional... it's just people... being stupid.

the sheer act of explaining only makes things worse for me

perhaps after so long, these things are beginning to amuse me again.

They are completely sure. If you feel someone is misrepresenting you, good job, that's how both humor and insults work. Shock value and exaggeration.

It's not a frenzy. It's just that people make a joke or a meme and you play right into it. You're predictable. It's funny.

Stop fighting it. You're making it worse. You've been at it for nearly a week now. Just calm the hell down and stop arguing about things, ESPECIALLY peoples' representation of you.

If you see someone make a joke about IQ ignore it. If you see someone

I stopped typing because of this. I want you to see the moment where the record scratched. You're hopeless.

record scr- oh, I see

what I meant

*it's just people... pretending to be me... being stupid

but it's okay, because they're pretending to be me

There's no bottom to this abyss is there

quite the opposite.

they're showing how shallow they can be.

Oh my God.

that's me calling someone shallow.

someone who hasn't read the literally shallow representations people have of me, will read it and think that's me calling other shallow, and thus this prick must think he's better than us, fuck him.


now THIS is autism

Watch out.

That's his trigger word.

Let's scream it loud

like you just did.

you didn't stop to consider "oh yea, he's literally talking about the shallow facsimiles made of him in the previous thread"

you just read "shallow"

and thought

"this fuckin' guy"

so you made a shallow reading of my post

and used the Lord's name in vain

because you had forgotten just how many people have acted like retards while pretending to be me.

Just stop



i think all of us are discovering the safety mechanisms kanra has in his brain that safeguard his ego from being shattered.

what a thrilling journey.

just like the safeguard of having to pretend to be me in order to freely act like retards yourselves.

foot fetishes are autism?

some of you are already aware that,

that in the frenzy that came from me mentioning IQ

all that time ago you have stopped reading, because IQ was mentioned now your emotional centers have been triggered, what kind of asshole would assume what you think, some kind of know-it-all I bet.

Who even pretends to be someone else? Wasn't it just a meme Blood chan used to do?

Nah it was referring to the thread
Foot fetish is pretty normie

that in the process of making fun of me, several of you confidently and arrogantly asserted that I was wrong

forgetting in your rush to be arrogant to the arrogant, to actually be correct in the end.

the restraint test must be exercising in not banning you right now

im ikt

He wants me to do it

who ikt

me ikt

I know, I was just waiting for an opportunity to call foot fetishes degenerate
which they are
feet are gross

no me ik

does it even matter if Kanra is right?

for most of you, almost all of you now, the answer will be no.

I'm pretty sure this is just an elaborate way of poking at Darwin

You finally figured it out
Holy shit

as far as you're concerned, which is proudly not at all,

this Kanra guy is whatever you imagine him to be

and it's all his fault for reasons you're confident of.

help I wanted to do a thing before sleeping yesterday, but I forgot what now.

Was it this? Otherwise I have no idea.

He is asleep so no.

He knows full well my distaste for feets anyway.

Yeah, it was related to this, but I have no idea what I exactly wanted to do. I do remember thinking I should write it down before I fell asleep, but I was 2 lazy.

Well hell dude I'm a post reader not a mind reader.

*pat* Appreciate you remembering the context!



i'm scared.


What do you like then?

I can't help these gifts with an IQ like mine.

i got potg!
wanna see? :innocent:

Multi-track drifting.

Lucio ball pro shot!!

This is not good

I saw that dvd at work today, it gave me laughs.

I looked at it closer and I don't think you can see tits in that so I removed the ban.

I still deleted it in case.

Is it a joke

You probably bought it, perv

Can you rip it

u deleted ur own instead ;~;


I noticed it before you said that, but yeah.


yay happy brown loli

It's not like underaged girls, just small ones.
Poor choice in tagline.

do you mean my post?

no way, physical evidence is the mistake.

Thank God.

And maybe. That's why the ban appeals system exists but uh guess we don't need that today

You are loved.

We do not sell child porn at work.


Fuck dude I ain't reading every post I saw most hardcore little girls and scrambled.

He actually did it the absolute madman


I guess you really are a mind reader


That's ok, I understand.




going bedtime




Kuro is too pure for this world.

I want you to read it with a Bond villain voice.

isn't it a bit racist that the black loli is named kuro

i mean that literally means black right

What is a bond villain voice?

lol yeah~

Fancy, British, and smug.

can i have that kuro folder?

I don't even know any Bond villains. Cause like I've never watched a Bond movie. But don't try to make me change my terminology.

eventually~ ^_^

Austin powers Villains*



plus you love megumin moar

I'm not sure my voice is any of those, even with my exceeding smugiditude.

holy shit it finally posted

I meant in your brain, dude.

Fuck's wrong with your internet and/or browser?

Yeah but Kuro.

it failed once maybe twice
because nice

Scaramanga best villain, because who else can go MacGyver and build a gun from a golden pen, lighter and other everyday carry thingamajigs?

It isnt racist. Because loco is a spic greaser

Are you drunk


No. Ive not touched any alcohol for the past week.


That name reminds me of a comment I saw yesterday.
"Third in Reich, first in style."

greasy anus loco

that's what they call me

Oh, heck, it's Sudden Death.

Why've you been avoiding us?

You poor man.


Back from my jog!

This life is trully suffering.

Hold my beer

Need the Kuro.

Work, gym and games with friends.
Also a music festival last weekend which didn't really go as it was supposed to and ended up spending about 300 dollaridoos.




Shower, brb.


I finished black ops 2. I can't believe I used to like these kind of games.

No wait

I can







Maybe you guys should move to >>>/trash/?

There's more traffic there.

And we don't have to worry about people we dislike from our community having control over us


Just throwing it out there, but you should all give it some thought

I mean, I know you guys value "group think" more than anything, but its time you started thinking for yourselves too.



Everything after MW2 wasn't considered to be part of the series for me.


what's got you smiling today?

It's just been a silly night/morning.

hmm.... alright.

i wonder when everyone's going to become active again...?

Off to work

love you bloodchan ♥

My computer updated last night and removed all my cookies and addons for FF.


Have a good one Scoots.


Lol good for you

Some time in the evening, presumably.

Any time before then the thread is only something to flip to occasionally.

Get fucked NERD

At least I found my trip.
Just had to open my convo with Luka and search for it.

Sup with you?

I'm substituting coffee for sleep.

Gay. I was wondering if you'd want to play OW, but I might just play LoL instead.

I'll do it if you're up for it, don't expect much from me tho

I'll just do LoL. I'm more into the arcade event than I am the summer one.


woof woof

i guess i better lay down and get maybe an hours rest...


What's with the 9999

Sound it out, silly.

Also, fresh coffee after a hot shower.
Today's gonna be a good day.

You jinxed it.

that's going to make you sweat like hell

Sound what out?


Heck, you're right.

Now today's just going to be horrible.

Nah, I'll be fine.

I don't follow.

You could have prevented this.

You're giving me a headache.

Save me from the horrible day, Test.
Save me with your domestic abuse.

I already have an headache and I don't understand what you meant by "icey" or "sound it out"

I cannot save, only destroy.

To understand what I meant by Icey.

You should sound it out.

It sounds like "I see".




"Don't you go quiet on me"

You made me do this, Test.




Gotta go.

Thank God.

don't go...everyone else is so boring..


God I wish that were me


so bored now...

Shame it's not longer.

*Brings you tea and asks about your troubles*



Don't speak to me, you monster.

New board.

-takes and sips-
i don't like to talk about my problems but my sister is coming for a visit and she is not a very nice person...
Ugh my brothers don't talk to her to now I'm the only one left

Wow that must be so bad


"I didn't even read BS's post and yet I'm responding to it" - Test

Hey Blood-Chan wanna ERP in thread with Test?

Blowing up my spot.

Same dude.

God I hope so, she's super cute >.

Not the only thing I'll blow.

she's really bad...
When she come back from Iraq I was so happy to see her, I ran to hug her and knocked me out with her combat boot for being annoying.
My brothers don't talk to her because she is an opportunist and only uses people

Blow this guy

I have standards though.

No I have a bf

If only your parents used a condom.

I'm so damn nervous I can't type...

God yes I want that disgusting cum-matted muzzle

omg thats so anime...
did ur onee-chan call u baka to :O???!?!?!


no, she once said "watashi no imouto" I don't know what that means. fuck moon



i guess test didn't want to talk to me after all


He's just being shy
He really likes you, he's basically constantly lusting after you

Keep up at trying to talk him and you'll get through, I promise!



How was slep

it was nice.

You missed Kanra having another breakdown and me discovering my abitlity to read minds.

It was a trying time for everyone involved.

non of that is true, i thought maybe he'd listen, but he was only pretending



God I wish that were real.


What's up?

i wish i could have been there.


Good morning!


He will, just keep trying




do you drink coffee?

what happen

I think you have misunderstood me, and assumed I was trying to interact with you. In fact I was merely meming at you to try and annoy test.

not much, what's happening across the seas m'dude.

fine never mind

I am posting on a shitty anime imageboard, filling my throat with hot, sticky vibrations and vomiting them at people over the internet, and playing autismgames.

Gay people*

You're welcome my dude.

we used to be friends

I can't believe Squid fucking abandons his friends.

Sup diggies?

Squid has friends?

Hi Welma

Hello yes where are the proofs?

Unironically NEVER

n o t h i n g

hihi Test. How have you been? I feel like it's been forever since we chatted^^

Why not?

Less than two weeks till classes start again. My happiness is drawing to a close.

Nigger we talked every day for four years


can we talk? i'll be non trolly, i promise

Awwe :(

How far into schooling are you nowadays? What degree are you pursuing?

I would like to talk to Elma but she scares me a lil'

Don't be scared. Please talk to me.


Hit me with your best shot.

1 year left. Bachelor's of business admin.

I'm here
we're all here


you scare me... there's like someting off about you...

i was wondering what brand of coffee you're drinking and how you prepared it

Good shit, Test!

woop woop

I was gonna get into that culinary program but I just became an actual cook the hard way instead lmao

Do something else instead? Do something between posts?

Get a job? idk

Off? How?

Like compared to who or what?

Folger's Colombian.

In a coffee maker.

My intuition says there is a certain darkness about you. You're capable of doing things most people will be afraid of..

You're hispanic now?
Anyway is it good? Does it keep you awake?
I just wanna try more brands

Thanks, yo.

I mean, no reason you can't go back later.

Maybe much later, but who knows.

Like what sort of stuff?

I feel like you're reading the wrong person or something. It's just not making sense.

I mean, yeah that's true. But I don't even really know what I wanna end up doing again. Like, cooking's cool and stuff and the money's good. It's just like I'm using this to finish up my bullshit stuff and making up for lost time etc then I'm probably going to be just as lost as I used to be.

I was hispanic the whole time.

Of course it keeps me awake, that's what coffee does.

The best tip I can give is if some coffee tastes like battery acid just mix hot water in. Unless you like cream and sugar. In which case the brand/strength is 100% irrelevant to be entirely honest.

I'm certain it's you

Stuff you're capable of are things like knifing people without hesitation, and stealing their life savings without a care in the world

Hispandex ._.

Hmm interesting...
So the taste actually comes from extra shit...
I'm sorry I'm not very good at talking to you, I'm getting a bad vibe from Elma being here

I'm studying business because I have nothing I want to do tbh. Not all who wander are lost.

She's gonna get you.

Games now bye.

Despite the fact I'm around knives in hot, stressful situations for 10 hours a day I would most definitely not knife anyone, let alone without hesitation. Furthermore, I'm too concerned about my own savings to steal someone elses. What kind of soul-crushing monster do you take me for? That's rude.

I wanna make some money off of this whole new drone piloting venture me and the girl have been on. That's literally making your hobby your job and I'm down for that rn. A girl can dream~

please don't leave me . . .

I don't understand... I know I'm not wrong about this.
I've felt this way about you for years.
Maybe you're just hiding it.

Watching BS grasp at shit is entertaining.

Or maybe your intuition is plain wrong lmao

If being this accusatory is how you wanted to talk with me then I'm not game for this.

When did they even come back?

*I stroke your soft and sleek fur*

okay i'll leave... bye...



What's up Squashems?

Y-your tail is also soft today...

*flicks tail* N-nyaa >//<

this is mega ghey

N-no~! Not my tail ~chaaa~!


that comic would be more cute if he didnt look like a toddler tbh


I meant more in a general sense than a specific one.



That show is amazing. When the fuck is it coming back?

Beats me. I just want it to be over instead of 30 filler episodes.

ooh. Well that like 3 episode teaser thing was just mean of them.

I don't like how they pronounce lapis lazuli
And pearl isn't a crystal or a gem

Also, garnet should be corundum

It's like how niggers aren't people.
Perfect juxtaposition.




me too

Welma, post something cute.

cyka blyat

Like what~?


Cheeki Breeki

Like just about anything you post~

omg yeah right x///x


Cheeki Breeki cyka blyat

Yeah, right