♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Coffee and Jazz Edition

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whos that ?

Spec made me this folder

I haven't seen the show

I smelled fresh thread so I came running.


what about?

ill pm you

me neither

I tried. Only resulted in "shut down", followed by tears. So I'll grind my teeth and just say nothing unless asked.
And yep, it's a pain, and why I don't really like visiting too much


Size distributions and other physical characteristics of chondrules using large datasets


Is it porn ?


Also, thread

what made you want to do a paper on that?

What does it smell like?

whose tears
dont tell me yours

only smellz

lol no. I'm a man, not a woman.
Was mothers. Would prefer to keep my mouth shut than make her cry


I am no ban!!!


desperation and loneliness.

Because he's in a graduate program for geology and actually accomplishing something in a scientific field instead of just pretending to do so on the internet.

outta left field

you're left handed.

men cry hu

I know I bawled like a baby when I lost my pets

yo but the crying is a catharsis


I'm going to bed friends.


also tell me goodnight

I need (you)s to sleep


you're a man?


who is



Yuri Puri




eww what's that thing?

the "really nigga" face.

Why the fuck would you be sad he's a man, an incredibly gay one at that?

ill miss you


what vidya do you play, Tsuchi?

Because the stupid sack of shit liked him as a poster and thus imagined him as a girl in his eyes.

Plus I don't think hu ever talked about their gender here

Good smellz!

Those are the opposite of good smells!

Don't think I've cried in quite a while. Shed a few tears when we had to euthanize our 16-year-old cat, but I felt more regret than anything. Poor bastard couldn't even jump up into the couch from the floor and always threw up. Really should have been euthanized earlier than he was. Poor animal

It can be, but doing it is difficult



it bad


I never said they smelled good.

It is okay, time for cawwwfeeee

just gotta let it go man.


emt a shit

I'm a girl now

That's actually quite difficult

Should bring air fresheners, then!

Grim is a bully.


Projected 5D checkers with myself.

It's just weird as hell to be sad that a dude you talk to on an imageboard isn't a girl.

hugs help with that stuff

when was the last time you hugged someone
like legit squeezed

I didn't see you respond.

No amount could help this dreadful place.

It's Luka.

how's your night



Uh.... A legit hug with squeezing in it?
I don't know. Can't remember

cato you ignored me :(

does everything have to be a fight with you?

BUt you're here, so it is better

I got invited into a discord server and am struggling to keep up!

Remind me!

Nothing about this is a fight.
I am giving flippant responses.

comfy n_n

what made your night shit man

happy friday my dude

aiite first thing if we meet is gonna be a brohug of the century

I thought I could go to bed at 10, but I woke up 2.5 hours later. Now I'm here.

about your paper. geology? sounds interesting.

why that topic?

why that method?

went to bed too early or what??

Cato don't do it.
He doesn't deserve it.

how does that work?

Found it!

I like space and I wanna make a difference for humanity. Understanding what asteroids are made of is an important step toward our future as a space-faring civilization.

B-but I suck at hugging. My sister tries hugging me all the time, but I can never accomplish more than putting my arms around her

simply convert your feelings for the person into a controlled physical form

does understanding asteroids really do that?

WHo, what?

He just said the same thing to me that you said to kisshot, no?

By giving non-serious answers to irrelevant questions.


I might just need more practice

Considering I woke up around 2pm yeah I did.
I just really wnated to sleep.

you do seem a very non-serious irrelevant kind of person.

*noms on food*

lol epic meal time is outdated

b-but...... you said you weren't? u_u

Yeah, asteroids are gonna be super useful once we get off planet.

For one thing, they have a bunch of water and at this point, water = rocket fuel

What am I missing here?

sorry. couldn't hold it back.

Same to you, I might go make some waffles now. Wew

Sex and Gender are two different things

cawfee and waffles!


cop a woman

would be easy with your looks

aww shittt you had to fight it till the sleep schedule reset

where doe epicmealtime come into this

luka turn the retard switch OFF


It wuld be fine if I didn't have work tomorrow but I do.



no u

You seem like the kind of person who can't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

don't we have a hell of a time getting anything off planet? that's why we send robots?

from what I've heard, we're stuck on terra ferma, at least our generation.

I thought you worked late nights

spoken like a very non-serious irrelevant kind of person.

I am betting 50 years at the latest

All we need is to put the orbital infrastructure in place, then we can escape the gravity well

or at least build on the moon

what sort of orbital infrastructure could possibly help us escape the gravity well?

those hyperspace launchers from Cowboy Bebop come to mind.

Don't think that'll happen

shh, shh~


Kanra can you put a name on so I can filter you cross-thread

rip in pepperonis

We have the space station, we can get people out without toooo much hassle

the biggest problem is all the stuff you have to bring. If you could just build most of what you need in space or produce it on the moon, it is much easier to go where you want

Hu, come cook me a snack

I work from two pm to midnight tomorrow
but if I don't get back to bed until 9 am
it's going to be a bit tiring.


If you feel tired right now go right to bed

if not grind it out my man

can you lick a high voltage line

what can make this less than 50 years?

Cute, actually

Nah, is alright

Sure, brb, 2000 miles


If we are on the moon seriously, I am calling that space-faring

I am mainly worried about when we look at asteroids economically

I would walk 500 miles

I don't.
Exhausted, but not tired.


this sound like scifi.

that's kinda the point

I wanna help make it happen, so I am doing science

guess I'm just on the outside looking in.

Gonna need a visum too, and ordering tickets. Won't be there anytime soon

Red hair a cutie

That is most people, to be honest

And I would walk 500 more

oh well...

time to pass out

good night and good luck

But what about the sea! Can't walk

Sweet dreams Grim

god speed.

new pictures when?

Just to be the man who walked 1000 miles to fall down at your door

When artists makes good ones

That would make headers for sure!

find them plz!


Most are too lewd

A merry tbNlMtqrYS0 to you too, Cato~

only non-lewd pls

It's why I don't have many pics. Too many lewd ones that won't be saved

It is a song!

You're a song

when will you post new ones?

This was a new one~


Found it yesterday anyway


okay :)


sleepy nezi

Get some sleep

my body is dumb

Not if you're tired now

Coffee and eurobeat

body = tired
brain = awake

brain controls body


no sleep

>you'll never wake up to the sound of anti-lag system violently firing in your room

Do nothing and become bored, then you might sleep

Turn off pc mayb


wats a normal tyme for people to wake op

i woke up at 6pm


yes but you're feku

D: 10.45am

let body rest
by physically laying down then?

you control brain? your brain gets bored of being awake, and turns off?

no government control brain

sore wa doiu imi desuka?

watashi no understand des


will you be my japanese wife

my family tells me that too but I'll stay awake for hours reading and it doesn't help either.

I could just lay in bed and do nothing and not sleep

but then I'll be tired AND bored

doesn't even work either

brains are dumb
you can't make your brain stop hating asparagus, or loving rock music, or wanting to do X or Y

why are you a fake Hu

its spelt waifu
and no i dont like bronys

you're a slave to your brian? ;~;


oh no

Nah, that's too late!

Nah, would be tired and tired~

Breakfast was a success!

But it's lunchtime now

0: -3.333333
1: 3.333333
2: 1.9
3: 1.2
4: 0.
5: 0.899999


Yeah, up at 7!

hence.... WAS




Takes one to know one.


don't give it attention by replying


my stupid, stupid brain

become a fake human being

that ain't how it works

i cant be your waifu anyways im a boy

how to fix it?

ur not my moms nezi don't tell me what to do




i wanna have a snek




help with sneks


Deeeeaaaad thread.

this world sucks not enough snake porn

Plenty of dolphin porn though.

snek a best


post trouser snek




tfw smooth but your legs are two tones lighter than the rest of your body



cakey? nani?!

i think i'll just sunbathe nude


Faye Valentine not knowing who she is, hungry, after escaping cryo hospital, eats steak

but tanlines are 3good

k e k



tanlines are cute on girls



boys can be girls




Where's my Blondie?

just waking up?

I don't know. Where is she?
Dead, probably.

Yeah. I don't work until 2 today.

fix it

hopefully you'll feel ready by then.
it's 95% humid today
i havent slept since we last talked

I dun wanna.

i'll be waiting

Blood chan ♥

Go to bed.


I'm going to go play LoL and work on that arcade event.


i might

So interesting. And then what?


What time is it there?

8:15 AM

the sun is really bright in this morning haze

I'm lucky that the trees block the sun a bit in the morning.
But yeah, should go to bed here soon.

thankfully i have my sleep mask uwu

Is it a cute one?

it's soft on the inside
and velvety on the outside~



hows it going lover?

pretty good, Nier Automata finally finished downloading, so I might play that today...
I had a good run this morning too. How are you? Did you just wake up?


I am just polaying skyrim, because skyrim belongs to the nords.
NiEr is good stuff!


owwwy ;-; you're too strong
omg i want to play Skyrim but my computer isn't strong enough, what do?


uhm brb

Uhm brb

uhm hi

But it is strong enough to handle NiEr?








Why is this place so dead?


Well, blood-chan is e-sucking my dick... but not sure where anyone else is...


Actually, Blood chan is sucking my dick.

Blood-chan x Scoot?

They're talented, I give em that

How does one suck two dicks simultaneously without making them touch?

Its magic forty, magic


because cybering

It's dead because it's a shitty community that should have died ages ago.

Well, I hoped you guys to be more interesting than /waifu/ threads, but this place is boring aswell.
If you see Togame or Beatrice tell them to suck my dick.


Yet here we are

Hu is just another generic poster.
They don't even do anything really.

you can't kill that which has no soul

Toasting in a Scoots tread.

Where is my bloodchan?



S/he is getting boinked.


By this dicc

Only if I get more Asuna from you.

C'mon, be a bro~

I know I am but so are you. Chin chen ching chong.

Haef sammich

I don't know I haven't tried it, what do?

You may boink the Blood chan all you want for this kindness!

oh shit Chen is here


You have been sold. Enjoy your boinker.

Sold to who?




Scoots. Owns. You. Now.

it is friday my dude

but... i did not initiate the imprinting sequence yet


Come and give hugs

I thought you hated league

Gotta get down.

I forced it. Fun fact, it's initiated forcefully by booping your nose.

Who could ever hate neru league clips?

ignore me that says meriipu not merupii or whatever her name is


Is Neru

I overthought it
I'm so used to watching her die in league

Lol u suck

-walks up to you in chibi form and lifts my arms-

i can't reach you u_u

u shouldn't do that
im not looking for a master atm

Too late, boops delivered via png.

-picks you up-

no i refuse to be dominated anymore...



Nigga I don't care what you want. You just a hoe, now you do as you're told and make some doe.

What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! KANRA IS EVA????!?1/1/?1/?



neru only plays lulu and its boring as shit

are you not muu

Good post


Grim, who was Kanra again?

You RP as Blood-chan's "master" but you also say "boops" and you posted that blonde anime loli

Now that I think about it more, maybe you're just Eva and not also Kanra


Why would you think I fussed with someone else?

What the fuck? You and I have something special, I would never fuse with someone else behind your back! Ffs Erio.


how absolutely autistic do you have to be to interact with blood chan on a regular basis

i mean the levels of lack of self awareness we're talking here

can you having to live with that all your life


but you're not my master


**how absolutely autistic do you have to be to live as loco
i mean the levels of lack of self awareness we're talking here
can you having to live with that curse all your life**


i think you would like me if you got to know me...

No, I'm your pimp. The ones paying are your temporary Masters.

Get it right and I won't have to smack you.

well done

How fucking autistic do you have to be to Live as Rin?

I mean, the levels of lack of self awareness we're talking about here.

Can you having to live with that all your life?

ah~ cute


I'd rather talk to blood chan than loco tbh

Rolled 1 (1d2)Rolling

1 = reply to Blood-chan
2 = don't reply to Blood-chan
did dice wrong = go back to reading

rifk where my tp?

I heard you fused with Spoilers

But do you know the password

but i have a bf user

rin is cute so its okay!




That depends, what might I get for knowing the password~?

He never needed to know before.

Unless he likes watching, then sure why not. Cuck'll cuckle their cucks, I guess?

MRW every time I come to one of these threads.


good morning

we should kill people together

oh he's not a cuck
he'll kill you




One does not simply kill Godzilla. They usually just get stepped on.

Or if they are lucky they get a spectacular death through the fire and flames, of radioactive-ness. So like two songs in one.


Pets please?

i wasn't actually sunbathing nude. that was a joke.

Wuzzup, dude!

Just cool kickin' it live in the bull pen, young homie. You know how we do.

Not a lot! About to head out right soon~

How have you been though, qt 3.14? :3


i want moar!

Well, there's really not any other material for CCS.

Whatever, scofflaw. I'll have you hanged.

jk hiii

Ya got stuff to do. Understandable. Gotta keep busy. I've been pretty busy myself. Work work work. But I'm taking a tea break. :3

-pets your hair-

What's new though

I haven't talked to you in like a year

i'm already hung


i'm not apologising for that joke

When do we start?

Oh, that's always a good thing to do! Cannot break yourself down.

Always gotta have some breaks in there.

rest in peace u_u

It's Friday; when is TP o'clock?

Do you actually smoke weed

How many LIES were there

What do you call a black doctor?

sugar daddy


Although it means literally zero whether I do or not, yes.

Got some good (you)s last night

A nigger

Jesus be damned. That is great.

A forger.

I only have the absolute best


This is true~




What's shakin'?

Gonna head off.

Have a good one~ *Hugs*

I just got back from taking my little sister to work and bringing her back home.

I should probably eat something soonish

I will prob make some tuna soon to eat.
I have work in an hour and a half unfortunately.


Would you rather have a late start or go in early ?

I like going in early minus the waking up part.

I feel about the same.
I prefer the opening shift, though I do hate waking up early.
Actually, I take that back. Most of my mongoloid coworkers can't finish their closing duties so when I open I have to do them as well as my own tasks.
Fuck opening.

I guess thats understandable.

I just don't like getting home so late.

I read hentai for the plot.


I don't love it, but I have no structure or meaning to my life so it doesn't matter in the end when I get home.

Whats something that would even wanna make you get home early ?

Sakura Kinomoto is a 10/10 avatart btw.

I have no idea.
Getting more time with people I guess, since if I get home after midnight most are heading to bed shortly after.

Normally the only thing that makes me wanna come home early is when I have a crush on someone and wanna bug them.

That make sense. I do not have any of those though.

That sounds kinda lonely.



You'll find someone you like eventually.

lonely :(

I have to go shower and get ready now.




bye bye

I knew you were actually an old lady.

Ayy, fuck you.
I used have Patsy fuckin' Cline CASSETTE TAPES nigga.




suspension of disbelief


good poster

Glenn Miller 45s.

I bet you had multiple copies of Rhinestone Cowboy.

Wrong Glen sweetheart.

That's Glen Campbell who just died. But you seem like you had it.



I can't think of a single Campbell song I like actually... outside of like Highwayman but that doesn't count because Cash did it better.

i just want a lot of money

bep, i wish i had anything exciting to report, but it's been a pretty boring day. i hope you're faring better.

i'm going to try to squeeze some me time in soon. might do some camping!

Hm...not much is new personally. Professionally, I got a promotion and more busy these days. I'm not rich, but it's nice not to be living in constant fear of spending a dollar or two.

How have you been?

scoob, that's a determined face.

i forgot what i was doing

being awful
you're welcome

not really. i woke up very late. my swimming trunks arrived so i can go swimming with the imouto. but i didn't see her today because my mam is still mad at me. she's being very childish. between this and the drink thing I'm wondering if she's not off her hormone meds and back to mood swinging. i'm going to ask her about it tomorrow.

also I doodled some.

Do me

Because. Determine.

And do what with it?

are you talking about me?

i have a bf ._.
he does me


ssssssh... just cum

you're being so lewd v.v


launder it?

This ERP between Scoots and Ikarous is kinda hot.


but i have a loving bf already


I hope they do it in thread.

Well, guess I am going murdering alone...


i bet you also watch porn you pervert

Oh yes. The evenings murdering.. I suppose you'll want to hide...

Ugh. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I got into an argument with mine last night too. :(
I hope you get to spend some time with lil' sis. That's precious time, Bep.

What'd ya doodle?

Determino! *flicks wand*

What's the frequency, Kennth?

you're just tryna get me to cheat on my bf

-suddenly becomes productive-

y-your're a wizzard, 'Brina

hey. how'd you know my google name?

aw, i'm sorry. it sucks to have to baby them, doesn't it?

also, i've got like another three weeks with her. don't fret.

also, i drew cars.that looked like letters of the alphabet.

And why would I do that? you already seem tempted to do that already. Wanna murder this dick?

You have no proof of that.

You quoted the proof.

you know I cannot answer that

I did not.

Ikt + Archives just for revenge of the cute avatars


Undeniably pervert.

Too late, already shipped

That is answer enough for me love~






Cuuuute. Hey, Yan doodled me a picture of a phone hanging up a person. Remind me to show you some time! It's really cute!

I have approximate knowledge of many things.

Hey! I've been productive all day! :P


What did I do that proves this again ?

I only like 1 person at a time though and I like someone else

Your ship is sinking

Oh yeah. Are you Christopher Steele's cousin?

;) ay baby

Oh? Wanna share? I smell a profound LIE!

Who is it?!

Ban x Squiddy


Archives x Luka!

i'm guessing you mean like. putting them on a receiver. not murdering them.

I am gonna assume Luka until you prove me wrong!

oh my god

don't let Luka find out !


Thats completely fine with me.

Because I'm right!

Oh hey, Doots.

yeah I know

Goddamnit, that isn't the same as saying I'm right!

are jimmy fallon and james corden like masochism thing

is it how the USA punishes itself


Archives is a slut.


Isn't it the exact same ?

Wouldn't the safest assumption be that it's a real life person?

Could be "yeah, I know you think you are right"

The obvious joke.

Listen, no one watches them here, and the fact that you know their names makes you a faggot

pick me up

-picks up-

Don't worry, its a tight kept secret that no one knows about.

Well no
nobody has a real life here



How is that lewd ?

Because it's you!

Good girl

I still don't get it.

i am a good girl c:

*exists, kinda*