I'm a fifteen year old surgeon psychopath underage girl irl btw way

I'm a fifteen year old surgeon psychopath underage girl irl btw way.

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who kills dogs

And was in the army.

send noods

no iq under 120 allowed

I kill dogs.


Good night.
I love you blood chan

Hey new person

When do you think Blood-chan will be back? I'm going to poop on her face next time I see her

Darn i thought they were leaving

yes. possible. but not that possible, given that I believe that IQ is caused by brain formation and maturation and growth, which is determined largely by DNA, and that many twin studies, family studies show IQ correlation based literally on how much of your genetics you have in common with another. twins correlate stronger than fraternal twins correlate stronger than just siblings.

obviously. food constitutes environment. and you need food in order to grow your brain and body.

but the question is how much environment plays a role in determining IQ.

why do twins reared apart have a stronger correlated IQ than their adoptive siblings more than half of the time?

I'll never leave.

Unless something makes me super sad.

Then I will leave

( ° ʖ °)

Don't trust Malicious Manaka again

>given that I believe that IQ is caused by brain formation and maturation and growth


more strongly correlated*


who is this? kanra?

Don't ruin Rick & Morty by posting genderswapped/trap versions of Morty.

stop trying to bait people into fulfilling your fetishes

I think I know who this is

But you probably won't post much because this isn't your drunk time



Please don't ruin Gabriel DropOut by posting hentai that I couldn't find of the main characters peeing on each other

The environmental factor of dicksucking improves IQ.

There's a special place in hell for people like you.

wat. WAT. yes. got a problem with that?


but yea, by the time the brain has reached maturity, which is approx. 21, you find that kids, regardless of the details of their upbringing, tend to end up with personalities fairly consistent with what their genetics suggest they will. an enlarged amygdala, amount and density of connections between emotional centers, high or low testosterone, all determined by organ growth, which is literally what DNA is for, and we know these things are what create personalities. twins reared apart, measured at teenagehood and later, consistently show that DNA trumps the details of upbringing. regardless of that Wikipedia page.

don't post pictures of degenerate things i'm not even going to type in hypothetical jest because [EXPUNGED]

(long lines of text)

there are an infinite number of realities,
and in an infinite number of them,
Morty is a trap.

Saying you believe something to be true doesn't mean it is. You literally are just spouting what you believe to be true and trying to repeat the same sentences to justify it without ever linking anything empirical, just vague notions of "studies say" or "research shows" to back anything you say.

why did you stop going on both of your steam accounts

kanra. you are being unreasonable.

A benefit of having a loli is that you end up watching good moe anime that you normally wouldn't watch

there are literally hundreds of studies and a wealth of information on everything from the siblin thing to learning music to studies on the relationship between race and iq

if you refuse to see this then what can i do

that you* wouldn't normally watch

i like that shit tho

they have a saying here
hoe dichter bij de ... hoe strakker om je ...!

that shit is actually so wrong why did we joke about this in high school

Do u actually choose to watch things like that on your own

We've been watching the one about the girl with the hamster hoodie now

Yeah but your personality is kind of a femboy

/pets loco

where did everybody go


i wanted to watch nichijou on my own but i saved it to watch with the girlriend soon, we might do that tonight now that you reminded me


oh come on. you know I quantified and qualified all my answers that lead me to my belief, and you still have the audacity to frame it like that.




it's considered fact that IQ is highly hereditary.


no one is saying it isn't highly hereditary. but

is wrong.

admit it's wrong.

Literally from their website, linking further studies.

i'm a discordian now.

i am open to reason.

until 8 years old. playing an instrument increases the rate of growth of the corpus collosum until 8 years old, then you can learn all the music in the world, and it won't make much of a difference to how well your left and right hemispheres communicate.
what about them?


what i do

He's a jilted lover.



well duh. everything technically contributes to everything else. but the question is how much, and in what ways. and the studies show that those environemntal factors, if they're not unduly weird or taxing, are next to negligable.

give me your discord and ill add you, or don't, i mean you didn't tell me on steam and it makes sense you would have thought to do that if you wanted to

Oh shit... His elbow feels good, man. Imma jizz in my vagina. This is so lewd. Fuck. We are practically married.

no, they don't.


You pulled a Rorschach. The call needed a hero and you looked down and whispered no.

oh god of course chara would be the perfect edgester for blood-chan, as if test doing it wasn't bad enough

I've heard about that a lot over the years, but for some reason I can never remember what it's about

I'm not even sure I didn't watch it a long time ago and forget about it

What did Grim mean by this post

does it make intellectual masturbation more fulfilling if your IQ is wholly genetic?

I am Test

It's a meme you dip.

lol yeah

my name fell off

interpret it as you may

yea. I removed everyone from Discord. idk these days.

I'm sure there are a lot of papers cited there.

show me one that claims that environment plays a substantial role in the development of intelligence.

if that Wikipedia article is reliable, its data will probably say it's next to negligable, given not unduly weird or taxing environments, and proper nutrition, in the face of the genetic component.

how can one form ideas from a brain without interacting with another brain first? what is an idea and how is it formed and passed from one person to another.

oh lol i guess erio confused me with blood-chan

A number of studies have indicated that as birth order increases IQ decreases with first borns having especially superior intelligence. Many explanations for this have been proposed but the most widely accepted idea is that first borns receive more attention and resources from parents and are expected to focus on task achievement, whereas later borns are more focused on sociability.


A study by Ceci illustrates the numerous ways in which education can affect intelligence. It was found that; IQ decreases during summer breaks from schooling, children with delayed school entry have lower IQ's, those who drop out of education earlier have lower IQ's and children of the same age but of one years less schooling have lower IQ scores.

i wanted to say this as well.

well seems i can find you here easy enough, if you're unsure then adding you is redundent

does not mean the most accurate idea.

how did they get the qualifier of "most widely"? by basing it off what "everyone thinks"?

Blood-chan used the name and then other people started using it

Look at the ID on Test's post and then the ID of the post I replied to early in this thread

Just stop these fucking mental gymnastics

oh those little five digit numbers i didnt notice, need to put some fucking like streamers on that, maybe color, a few signs

Kanra wants to believe that Sherlock is real and super special super geniuses exist. Pointing out environmental factors in the development of intelligence devalues this because it makes him less special. so he will go through hoops of fucking fire to prove to himself it's not the case.

looking at the Wikipedia page now.

breast feeding.
smoking during pregnancy.
drinking during pregnancy.
weed during pregnancy.

these make up most of the papers. for good reason.

is that mental gymnastics?


close but no cigar, it's not quite just with Sherlock, he want's that specialness to translate onto him, maybe he buys the whole asian genetics thing since he's asian


environemntal factors matter. food and nutrition counts as environment. so does socialization and learning.


in children. where IQ is more in flux. bet if you gave music lessons to adults, in a group of 200 randomly selected, you'd find almost none of them went up IQ points because they learned music.

I am tempted to go through all those citations.

environmental factors and DNA both matter in a way that is impossible to break down into things you can neatly wrap a percentage number around

even though this entire Wikipedia article is likely written with a bias to prove its point,

since the Mozart Effect has been widely debunked, and it's asserting it as factual here.


Bias in the media.

i'm going to go talk to people i like and be productive. enjoy your masturbation.

knew all that bullshit about music was a lie

it's okay if you call me stupid. delusional. misguided. head up ass.

but if you ever begin to truly believe these things, let me know.

I'd like a chance to prove you wrong, or be proven wrong.

Why can't Kanra just say "eat my ASS!!!!!!!!!" whenever someone brings up the topic of IQ with him

I am totally going to go through all those citations.

because you're worth it.

lel i can imagin dragon dildos in2 BD's ass this is exactly word for word what kanra said indicates high IQ

definitely not going to do that on a board in public in front of a bunch of casuals

both matter and you can't say to what degree each matters, but both are necessary for an intelligent person with optimized ability, focusing on which factor is more important is approaching the problem wrong, both have to be well-set from birth.

i think we are just shy of the age where it will matter, soon, or already, people are being selectively and genetically made, and those people will be educated from birth with whatever money can be thrown at them, i'm sure there will be results but i doubt we will be shown them.

Friends that is enough mocking Kanra's stupidity for one day.

omg i can't imagin bd lick a goat's asshole this means i have low iq cause this is exactly what kanra said and i'm not doing a strawman ;(

Don't worry. Applying another layer of irony is just the formula for the evolution of memes

they say ignorance is bliss, but there's no bliss in not knowing why people think I'm stupid...

I think I've fairly addressed all points and arguments made against me or against the things I believe on behalf of the things I believe.

it makes more sense to call it trivial. and to say I'm wasting my time.

that, I'd find harder to defend.

Haha, gottem

You type textwalls and then people misrepresent what you said in the form of memes for days after

Isn't there something better you could invest your energy in?

i dont get why this have to involve me licking goat butt

It just came to mind

yup. workin on it rn.

dont say came after talking about licking butts

actually, I am brilliant. unrelated to IQ. but at the same time, highly correlated.

and so humble too

3 shifts back to back to back and I feel pretty damn good for it.

thats a good feeling huh, making money and not feeling like shit for it

Just have to stay alive 'till payday so I can collect on it.

Play mobas with me.

yup that's the struggle right there mate

Just one more week at least.

bi-weekly pay fucking sucks mate hated that shit

S-same fam.

sucks for you man today was national lazy day too

based shoebill

"Don't cast your pearls before swine, lest the swine trample them and use shitty strawman memes on you"
-some jew

(I haven't read enough of your textwalling over the past weeks to know if I agree with the things you say about IQ, let alone enough to know if they're "pearls," but I have read enough to know they were received in disingenuous/stupid ways, so I think the above applies in some way)

Anyway, good luck with whatever you're working on; maybe you'll actually finish this project

If you don't like licking girls' butts then ur gay

I have none installed - not my style.

I'm saving for a Switch or something.


sonata got one of those and he has liked it a lot

We're all playing OW together. Join.


im good


Will killed Kanra, but then it turned out he was the only thing holding the thread together.

I can't believe it.

Will? like Willis? yea i can see why interacting with that would make you despondent




we killed kanra*






most animus dwellers aren't fit hahahahah

i won!





i need healing


I ain't no healslut

The ultimate bait for newfags

Fuck, thought I was on a thread on >>>Holla Forums








Blank link posting is turning this place into mlpchan.



It's a meme you dip

Now all we need is hours of people responding exclusively in sexually suggestive ponies at each other.



girugamesh katsu tho



God is dead.
God remains dead.
And we have killed him.

The faster it spins the faster it vibrates

For when you just can't be without your autism.
Now you can have it in your porn too.


tofbruash nanejuabyiea



Is this some New Zealand war chant

uhu=move up e=one time
lam=move back na=two times
ar=move left ko=three times
te=move right
pala=turn left faam=turn right

Relax, just play it off as some edgy shit and not like you were using the text box in your second monitor as a notepad and then accidentally threw it into a blankpost

I was working on that luka, I'd prefer if you didn't.


...but was I right



Do the shuffle thing

LoL ranked is fun I guess.


What a relaxing game, I imagine.

One death was because my game froze.

Should have passed it off as bm

Janna is who I play when I just want to go fast.

Nah. I flashed and ulted the whole enemy team into my duo on accident.

hmmm... i wonder.
would the locket be better or the ap
on one hand the ap boot ur stats and sheild stuff

but on the other hand

a locket instead of pure ap
give whole team sheilds + ardent bonuses and more...

don't mind me, thinking to myself

GJ on your game though ^_^ great stats!!

What did he have to say about these plays


He was laughing like hell saying it was funny as shit.


Then why the fuck did you type it?

*cheers you on*
win lots! get good things! yay

doesnt new locket scale off health tho? her ult kinda does the same thing anyways right?

janna has low ap scaling with most things except her shield
so ap mostly only benefits the single shield.

but the locket scales with hp alright
and since
Janna is already building the hp heavy Red sightstone for the item cdr
they can synergize

Janna is best league

some alright skins too

I am still salty that frost queen doesn't throw the bird anymore

i'm salty that her skins in-game are slightly starting to look dated.

also that fnatic doesn't do more kewl things

also forecast is not as good as it once was

and that SGjanna isn't more cute

and that janna's model and voice line are old


other than that, janna still strong





hi hi

I found my 3ds after eons cuz lenko needed me to hold his pokes for him

its so awesome

did you just wake up hu

0/3/20 as Janna.
Good night tonight.

is dat an eva

I just played badiogames with an old friend

was fun

Yeah, about an hour ago or something like that.
Been enjoying your day?

sleeping already?

good eye fam

I thought that was gonna say flame

yeah had some panic but its all solved now

inb4 ban hates on the sisters of war
fuck you they look good

No. As in it's been a good night of games. Working 3 shifts in a row was hell, but I'm having a good night.

I feel like I'm getting sick though.

You wouldn't be wrong.

They are just really unfun and annoying to play.


it looked similar to all those battle music themes on youtube

More head pats.

Good it's all solved. Why panic?

*pet pet pat pat*

*Wags tail*

lol nice
I flirt with this one old flame lots

its fun

that graphic is based on the rebuilds im p sure
gonna watch those when eva final is out

cuz I thought I lost my ds :x


Put it away in a drawer cause you haven't been using it for a while?


I'm gonna watch a movie with them Saturday










I miss Luka already.

I did.
But it was missing!

Found it buried under some pillows and blankets in a corner of my room.

Enjoy man

I am very happy at the moment.

I wish my legs didn't get so many sores on them.

Why is that happening ?

as am I

getting a friend into AoT and he loves it

The bugs in the yard cause them when I go out. Every now and then one just kind of gets torn open. It's why I randomly bleed on things.

Don't read the manga.

Let it last as long as you can.

That sounds awful.

So are they like chiggers ?

And fire ants. We have ant hills everywhere.
A while back I hit a mound with a mower and sprayed myself with them.
Was a fun and painful day.

I'm happy I moved out of Texas and don't have to deal with those type of bugs anymore.

ive read it remember

but yeah ill let him know lol

I feel ill. I might sleep.

chigger bites look and sound awful holy shit



Actually pretty funny

I also learned that my ankle can make a violent crack noise when I twist it.
Hurts like fuck too.


Maybe you should sleep then.


Fucking dirty chiggers

I want to be around people, but not in calls.

I'll be here then.


I'm ready for a fight.

I'm going to bed actually.
This isn't really doing anything for me.

my jaw does that
but doesn't hurt, usually

Goodnight then.

Good thing you found it.
Shouldn't leave electronics on the floor to be honest~

Chigger sounds like half nigger, half chink.




I'm going to jail.

it was in a bag and in a case

mom haphazardly moves the shit in my room esp since I dont live there anymore

I bought some ant bait because my mom left some wonderful pan pizza out and it went to the fucking ants god fucking damnit FUCK ANTS


I'm too tired to do anything
including sleep


Ant hall of costs when ?

Oh, I see now!
Thought it was at your own place

Go to bed


god that joke is shit

I got the munchies, make me some food

nah im @ parents for vaca

but saturday


My jokes are never shit ! you're shit !

kitchen clean


cute pic

moar of her pls

Food worth bothering to cook properly isn't for munchies-tier consumption.

This but unironically.


Welcome back.

Yeah, bed

Should head back home tbh fam.
tfw gonna visit parents for the weekend ;-;

goodmorning moo

baka ass motherfucker

wat do then

why cryface?
bad relationship with them?

yeah im heading back in about 2weeks.

There's no thing to do
everything is fuck

I try my best

Wouldn't say it's bad. Just not a comfortable place to be.

2 weeks far too long!



imma go make a tuna sandwich lol

I never went to sleep
Considering going shopping


It was never ironic

It's not supposed to be cute and I didn't save the other images probably

I've been doing good lately though.


Muus need sleep

*blank posts*

That is the opposite of a blank post, you bastard

No ones can stop me anyways.

That's never stopped me before.

What a waste

This but ironically.

You just need a distraction

What do I need that for ?

I hate this meme.


I think it's pretty enjoyable as far as memes go.

So you'll stop

until the distraction is over

None of them are enjoyable.

What Is the distraction hiding ?

too early to drink

Then why do you meme

I donno what it is hiding



Don't really

Sounds like a lie


You could find out

back with a tuna melt 8)

oh shit son
watchu buyin stranga

nah im chill
I can be mad lazy
why arent you comfy around them

How'st ?

This is a lie

damn that's cool

No idea
I have tuna and bread so I was honestly thinking of buying some cheese to make a tuna melt

you fuckin know it squiddo

pepperjack, too

if its not that far go for it

put a european spin on it by making it open faced

wear pants.



this sandwich has given me great energy

No idea, up to you

You realize ants travel up the pants legs and make it harder to get them off of you, right?

Tell me or I shoot

aw, cato

ban really is that emotionally shallow

some people just, are

Shit places to sit, and sleep. Own food is better and some of their comments lately make me grind my teeth

Do it, bitch
I can take it!

I think I am being pretty shallow at the moment, also


wipe them off asap.

wear double socks.

check your feet at work.

I don't drive. so I have to sometimes deal with nature. and fuck nature. wear pants.

Hey, that hurt!

Should of played by the rules.


good, RP.

But I made it!

What should I do instead?

Yeah but you landed in the


this video is for you

my parents had this amazing full leather set but mom decided to trash it all BUT THE LOVESEAT WHICH I SOMEHOW CONVINCED THEM TO KEEP
its over 20 years old and still fucking comfy as hell and pristine I love it

I feel u about the comments
sometimes they are never satisfied

well fuck
how do I get out?

dunno. working on something. might let you know. later.

Scream for help


i'm not a bad person, Grim.

don't do coffee.

This isn't very helpful!
But I should be doing some work, but it is too late

I don't wanna!


green tea is way better


should probably stay here then.

do you do coffee?

that's mildly untrue.


I really don't get why someone would throw stuff out that still works and are still very comfortable after having it for so many years, especially with furniture. Don't always need new stuff "just because".

I just grind my teeth and say what I believe they'd like to hear if I do say anything. That's what they do all the time themselves, so might as well

I'll do it in the morning
It's only stuff for my NASA advisor, no biggie

only in dire emergencies

shit bro I couldnt live like that
I will #realtalk people when they need it, parents are no exception

Stuck forever

I am at your mercy!

maybe something interesting will happen.


she really reminds me of

like if I need to pull allnighters or if I'm hungover and I need to go to work

I'm gonna be on a published paper already, which is good



















What the

treacherous backstabbing cioban scum get the fuck out