A salt shaker rifle grill

a salt shaker rifle grill

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amazon.com/Original-Bialetti-Stovetop-Espresso-Patented/dp/B0001SJH2I/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1502376405&sr=1-1&keywords=Bialetti Moka pot 1 cup


to the wallllll



this isn't a thread meme luka
you can't

i miss he





pro pain

in soldier gun

Sponsored by Hank Hill





it's cooked



Dill Weed







hostage situation



no you

no u

u most

no­ u

You bastard





what am i doing?


are feeling it mr krabs


conscious sahara




stepping on food

Shit tastes.



sinni council


this culture has now been Apropriate you mad freinds random people

Test, are you still here?



only cancer now

"Rubbed Potatoes"


Get on Steam for a second.

came to the right place

Should just ring the bell anyway

Bust his caps.

Cato rings all the bells


Only some!

it looks like colby at AX


All of them

Aram lets you play fun way

One or two!

That just looks sad.


DoW looks old....

Which ones?


robots are kewl and high tech?

I haven't decided yet!


Poor squidy...
a mare gone too soon.




Ring all of them to be sure you get the right one

@"her" you only have two drinks and sleeping pills

anime thread




Not allowed

Who is even crying in threads at four in the morning?

Why not, what's stopping you?


I'm not doing anything

Are doing all the things!

its spooky


nah, do nothing

But they're just Intro to Psychology/Philosophy hour.

he'll know you're lying


all the nothings!

do that

reach for that mouse you


I don't speak anime.

Why is he just having a conversation with himself?

No you

The other half is on steam/related chat program

I did nothing!

But why wouldn't he just post the replies there instead of posting them in thread?
What purpose does that even serve?


You did all the good things!

Because it changes things up a bit
variety is the spice of life

Yeah, cause nothing is good

You have to have done something to do everything

Nothing does not count as everything, it is just null

I don't speak Chinese food.

That's just fucking weird.
It'd be like responding on Twitter to every text someone sends you.


and null is best

Yeah, and?

It is more interesting than responding the exact same way every single day for however many months/years ya'll talk

Too late for null


cause already good

How silly

Yes you are

Next you're going to start going after underage boys.

I still text the same people I have for years because it's the same sort of communication regardless of medium. There's no reason to use multiple mediums in the same damn conversation.



Don't bash what you haven't tried

Yes, completely



Double negative!

Not good


I feel like this is just going to result in further irrelevant image responses.

Very good

I already told you, to change things up a bit

It is a silly thing that you do every once and a while because you are bored, you don't need another reason.


Don't worry my dudes.
We're all just in the back of the bucket.




America should go to bed

a-am about to

You shoulda said something.



Good boy


No u

New folder

woof woof



I havent sen you post that one before

Is this a guy or a girl?


it ancient


still, my point stands!

I don't know what show it is.

no u

Don't disrupt my blankposting memes

back of the bucket





Memes are scientifically linked to autism.

I read it on the internet.


Did you understand when Ban told you to get in the back of the bucket?

the shark cant get you

I have no fucking clue.


Test says it was pyschic command

Ban says it was a mind meld, but like a scientific, non-magic one


bans not wearing pants right now

Neither of these options even make sense.



Wait. He never even told me anything about that.
He just blankposted unrelated images.


And you couldn't tell from that that you needed to get in the back of the bucket?

Your IQ is apparently too low my dude, you need to practice visualizing.

This is down too many levels of irony.

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i'm wolph girl


If you must be!







5 more minutes!

good pupper


and in 5, it'll still be just 5 more




That was your five minutes~




nano second

10 more!
Then for real!


yeah, right~


That's basically my existence my dude

Yeah, right!

life is suffering


eat on an empty stomach

uh huh


2 minutes!


nah, that was 3 minutes ago


*lays down and hides for a bit*

Fiiine, goodnight.

*picks up and carries to bed*
Sleep time, goodnight!

Good boy. Sleep well



*presses the Close button*


Talking about your girl like that behind her back, is even more rude






Is hupony a brony?



is feku a filthy neet otaku hikikomori?

is it some denmarkian word or whatever you people call your language

nope i like to keep my living space clean ^.^

so you're literally sagiri

also danish is just drunk dutch

i should shave my face but i cba

but i dont take pics of myself naked

so if you get drunk you become a denmarkian?


That damn feel

u should
Or when brain aneurysm yes


As much a brony as you

wut it meaned :3?

i dont wanna give more things for me to cringe with

do you fuck ponies?

You cringe when you see you?

yup that sounds about right

pony means pony. Doesn't make me one

it means you fuckd them tho right?


*pat* there there


whose dat blonde grill

if you conclusive all these facts taht makes you a brony


new season better pick up with the vns

isnt it kill since last season was like 10 eps

No, it just makes you a horsefucker

ummmmmm no?
i jerk to to flat chested 2d childs


brb suicide


how u come back form suicide

what you fap to ? big bimbo melon bitches?.


what? ive never heard of someone fapping to noodles before?!>>1817985


you what?

you what?


You're a noodle

.///. didnt know you thought of me that ways

Sounds like someone needs to go to bed

but for once i dont actually feel tired when i dont want to sleep
this is my moment!

Sounds like a pretty good morning

its like 1 am tho

Jeez, do you live in Hawaii?

yah sabe me its hot

Be produtctive!

Would take the heat, I'm cold

how u cold at top of the world in summer



watashi no speako nihongo desu

put your pantsu away heathen

Many aren't I'm just one of the few who find anything below 20C cold. Need to be 25+ and sunny, that would be nice

wtf dont steal pantsu

become proer like boku

i wish i had 20C all the time. maybe u just got no meat on ur bones skinny

i only speak american

I mean... yeah, I don't. Fucked metabolism runs in the family. Until my late 30's, I'll be nothing but skin and bone

beburger proburger burgerlike burgme

Im skin and bone 2 but heat is kill me. I think ill just be bone when 30

hu is not a soft squishy cute girlboi>?

lewdy patootie

would still exchange cold for heat

no, absolutely not

would exchange life for lolis

what would your parents think?


Hello, World!
restart thing

Segmentation fault

Try'na new macros

work good!

if you pretend to shake a salt shaker into ur mouth u can actually taste it

if you pretend to suck cock youll taste salt


wow it really works too even if u dont pretend

brush your teeth

did you autofellation to test it

Its not like you niggers deserve it but here is a decent life trip anyway
do not supply your co-workers and superiors with drugs

They'll just come back asking for more

Learn to spell you paprika-nigger

More like they will keep inviting you in since they wanna be on good terms with the dealer and that leaves me with all kinds of mindfuck by the end of the shift I don't bloody know my world anymore

let alone my words


Drugs are for degenerates anyway, don't do them



Why would you want to suffer this shitty society sober

um... how to i make ground coffee...?

chew the beans and drink boiling water

Cause I'm a madman


How does a madman deal with the miserable shitters called "humans" without grinding his teeth to dust in rage?

Hungary-user, when is Megaman X coming to Steam? I'm bored.

i think jack is a foreigner

How the fuck should I know I don't play with video games
I only play with people

By staying home as often as possible and pay the dentist frequent visits to keep them in good condition

everyone that doesnt have a union jack or american flag is a foreigner

what do you mean "with people"? in what way?

grind coffee


I must go out a shitton of times tho
I keep hearing their idiotic dumb primitive bullshit
I have to look at their ugly mug
Gotta deal with their pitiful fuckin' ego
Walkin' talkin' shit fountains.

**I can get along with literally anyone. I know hundreds of secrets they didn't even told their mother.
I play with their pride, their emotions, their trust, whatever. **

Same, fucking hell man.
Dumb uni and groupwork. I've already sit through two "episodes" of Last Week Tonight because these people find it entertaining, and I just can't take it anymore

please help, i want coffee!

sex is wrong

-backs away- I don't know if I want to be your friend anymore


And they are everywhere. No matter where you look or go these insects are just crawling everyfuckinwhere. They always get in the way too. Its really just INFURIATING AS FUCK I'd proly go on a killing spree if I had to be sober for longer than a week. Or at least punch a motherfucker.

What the fuck can I do, I can't even spoiler right
You are so totally completely safe
Besides, all of the cunts here say I'm harmless

mornib to you too missy

One of these days, swatting these disease-carrying flies won't be considered illegal

How're yew tudao.?

They are so goddamn retarded they will kill themselves anyway. With one of their petty wars, globally, or something else. Whatever happens I only live to see all of them burn
Lets just hope we'll live to see the day

im NOT a yew

Good morning best friend

s-so we can be fwiends?


coffee is the black devil

How are you today.

How're yew?

What's up?

I fucked up my own meme
kill me

I'm playing dodonpachi while waiting for shit to download because my inner 16 year old is demanding I rewatch Gurren Lagann apparently.

I'm weird, I didn't like TTGL.

Just sitting around, hoping to be awake enough to want to go get a coffee.

Actually I tend to spend my most wasted days at home and if somebody finds me in that state that could be a legendary fail and I'm not risking that again so no
Sod off cur

It's only okay.
There's a reason I said my inner 16 year old.

But how does one get awake without caffeine in the first place?
That's even possible?


very circular

i need it to stay awaaaake

im awkward today
how's u?

are you a NEET?

I made the ground coffee, it taste like water

It's not really the caffeine for me, if I'm honest.

More the ritual of drinking something.

hello to my friend afternoon drinking. i've missed him so.

I added milk and sugar and it still taste like water

Kinda awake

Might not stay this way

maybe i'll add less water next time

Add more grinds next time.



No, I sadly work at two places and too popular to be left alone for a long time but when I finally have time for myself, I get wasted.

have some coffee

this coffee cost $10 tho!
and my mom said it taste really good, but i'm so used to drinking espresso so it doesn't taste strong to me

why are you being all nice? does it hurt being nice?
Does it hurt to not swear at me?
Let loose~

Trudeau is such a cuck

Fair enough.

Though I would be very surprised if the drug with the primary effect of making you more awake didn't also have something to do with it tbh.

considering how little you slept that makes sense
you ain't gon get woke

Don't want any


i was watching the news and this kid put caffeine powder in his drink. But he thought it was like Tang™ so he added 3 table spoons in it and died ._.,

Then I don't know.
I don't do espresso.

Coffee works 50% of the time, 100% of the time in all matters except as a laxative.

Then it works 100% of the time.

go back to sleep

it's a diuretic not a laxative

Espresso is great if you like it really fucking strong you just add 120ml of milk to one espresso shot and a shit load of sugar

Something was going to take out that kid sooner or later

Trudeau is a fuckin' clown
I guess I'm starting to grow mellow
Started chugging shitton of beers so I can negate this fuckin' amphetamine and actually sleep at night.
Thats my cue to leave
So long

he must of had the hardest boner when he died

Hungary-sama you should smoke some weed. Is weed legal in your part of the world?

Coffee, though, can have a laxative-like effect.

But why would you have espresso if you're basically just drinking sugared milk in the end?


I know I will

Espresso is very strong and thick, it can make you gag if you drink it black. It's nothing like ground coffee
Get a Moka pot and try it out.

amazon.com/Original-Bialetti-Stovetop-Espresso-Patented/dp/B0001SJH2I/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1502376405&sr=1-1&keywords=Bialetti Moka pot 1 cup

This is the one I use, it's great

I don't do espresso.

I really want some caffeine powder but they don't wanna sell it online... help me

Can't say I've experienced this

why not? :c


Because that's not my style?

The most contact I have with espresso is, at most, one shot in a coffee around midnight if I'm out cruising.

Are you an avid coffee drinker~?
who the fuck drinks at midnight lol

Not really - I'm a tea drinker.

People who have been on the road for 8 hours already.

Ohhh like Sonata~
What's the most healthy tea I can drink?





I don't even know who you are!

But you managed to say my name?

nice name


Your name is Cunt?

I'm not sharing!



Then what are you on about?!


i just want attention....


stream a masturbate


i have no camera, i'm poor


White Tea, Green Tea, or herbal infusions, I think.

this is why i don't want a cat anymore
its going to make me into a furry

ah i see so what is your favorite? and is it okay to add milk?

no it's not, lol

My favourite tends to be Masala Chai, but a good peppermint gives my day a healthy dose of pep.

Varies by person - I say no.
A small amount of sugar is fine, though.


ah gross
i had green tea and it took me a few days to get used to the flavor x.x
Does it make you feel energized for the whole day, or do you need a nap?

Why? Cats aren't even sexually attractive.
If you fear having one will make you a furry, then you already are

Wait a furry is someone who finds animals sexually attractive?

What did you think?

Add whatever you want to your beverages
People who think there's only one way to enjoy them are idiots

You should just have said so
Why are you so needy for attention?

Depends on the tea, and the mentality I go into it with, but generally the former.

I thought they just dressed in customs and partied

im bored v.v
and lonely
my parents passed away and i have no one in my life

you should go after them

And getting a cat would make you want to dress up as one?

RIP. Got nothing going for you?


no no i mean i might want to do it... i don't know anymore

nope not atm


no u
which cat should I get? I want a british shorthair

The cat that chooses you

Well, find something! Start dancing lessons or something crazy.

how would i know if it chooses me?

dancing requires movement x.x
do you dance?

Movement is good
And it gets you out of the house and socialize

I do, it's great

The one that wants to talk to you the most and doesn't run from you when you come close to it, or even comes to you

i wonder i f i can use my phone as mic help

uuuhhhhh that's really lewd........

doesn't that mean it has rabies?

your face has rabbiets



It's not that bad. This is lewd.


its does! no cat would run up to me for cuddles and snugs

you can tell she 's a slut.
you won't get banned for posting that?

Don't be sure

what if it bites me? do i kick it?

I'm sure she is, most anime chicks are.

I once got banned. Then unbanned pretty quickly again. We used to have an admin who disliked it but he was voted out.


if i were admin i would ban u too
who was that other admin?

ima kick it

New thread when

You make it

The community would get mad

I don't know how

they would get mad if you tell me who the other admin was?

Guess we're fucked

No, if you banned me


Yeah you wish

tell me who then baka-baka

who is she anyways?

Pizza about to arrive, TI just started and I'm sitting comfortably. The only thing to make it better would indeed be a warm girl to accompany me.

He was called Badfox. Or was it under another admin? I forgot

ah okay we need to get badfox back into power

He was an idiot. If you stick around, you'll probably end up seeing the caps. There's also a banner with him.

ew 3D is even worse!

You get that's like 95% chance to be Blood-chan right?

The other 5% is Bard just cause he's been watching that show.

that poor flower


the girl you're posing

Hi I'm new are you a oldfag?



I hadn't considered that no, but now that you're mentioning it..

i'm pretty old yeah what's up?

oh! is she Touhou?

uh are those the kinda girls you're interested in?

That's what people say, yeah

I know where I know when
Be creative, I wanna break both of his arms but thats not enough


My name is anonymous but you can call me anonymous what's your name????? :)))))))))

Stream it

that pickture is lewd

You smoke weed man?

that pickture makes me not want to trust u

I'm interested in a lot of girls

Do the sociopath meme

cool eyes
i'll be back later, see ya
oh shit nice GET

uh, I don't know what you mean
i'll be back tho


girls with penises?

I kinda wanna be quick about it. Quick and painful with something lasting preferably

I wouldn't care much about going to jail but that would be a rather stupid way to go about it.

Yeah, the motherfucker also owes that.
Bitch has my money and my weekend fun I'm actually fucking pissed off

On occasion

No wait

Dead animus.

dead and buried

Fucking useless little primitive faggots, stay dead its the one and only good fucking things you can actually do properly




fuck that's a nice ass

Help me kill 'em all, one by one.

Post lewd then

smoke some weed!

stop it



stop screaming

For fuckin' shame you are get the fuck out

everything will be alright, just relax


Do you have a normal avatar?

Care to fucking tell me how everything will be all right with 20k missing, 90% of the stuff I deal which half I already own myself to my superiors due tomorrow?
With like 200 hundred miles between me and that sorry faggot?
Like, how in the ever-living ungodly motherfucking fiery hell will this shit be all right? Care to come up with a solution?
You fuckin' can't, none of you pissants can, hell I FUCKING CAN'T

Just eat the loss, its your fault for getting screwed

I'm just kidding you should break this legs

You fuckin' cuc-

I'll take my shit back and then some
I hate to lose face in front of those who hold me high. I fucking hate breaking my promise or deals
This bitch hurt my reputation. Took me more than a fucking decade to get this high and this GODDAMN FUCKING MORON JUST GOES
I'll go grab sat. images of the adresses and the sort.
I wanted to play OW and get drunk all weekend and now I'm forced to fucking hunt
Screw this shit I'm out

People like that are very greedy, you need to hurry and get the police involved before he spends all of your money and you'll never see it again. You should call the cops now

Don't cars come with these things you can unbolt wheels with

I have a folder or two of Wish's avatars.

Which Wish


The plot thickens...

Wouldn't surprise me, there's something slightly masculine about the face

for moog


It's true. But now I gotta know!


Do you know of street views other than google this piece of shit is not letting me into dead ends

sorry for kicking u from the discord spec i didnt know who u were and its not a public discord lol
message squid or test if u want an invite back

fuk u


no, that would be gay, fag


You won't have a waifu you wanna post with? Also tell me a little about yourself, mystery man~

god bless the army, police and firefighters of the world

I'm sorry no, but please get the authorities involved!

this thread is slowing down my phone

what do?

we make new threads at 300 replies / 200 images for this very reason.


Explains the mug.