All who enters here wants it

All who enters here wants it.

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oh my bad
thanks for making one, then

Fuckin' got it
I will if he got away. If not, I have the route ready for both cars and on foot. I'll go fuckin' alone if I have to.
Kinda feel relived to a level now but I still have to fucking wait half a goddamn day

Wants what? A 1990's loli blowjob?

making one is obnoxious anyway. You have to grab the new thread url and create the link then link it



Did you finish re zero


I don't fucking remember it only that the second half sucked bloody ass.

Well there's a lot of forgettable things in Re:Zero.

that's really scary, i hope you can get your money back. that's enough money to make me commit murder

must be even harder doing it on a phone lol
is retard zero any good?

Did you binge it?

I binged Steins Gate and I regret it, it was such a good anime

I loved it
you know it's really easy to tell it's you blood chan

why do people keep calling me that?

Because that's who you are.
Unless you can prove otherwise.

You bitches kill all the fun and create none, this is why this place sucks donkey cock

The stuff he has worths even more. My pride worth more than the two combined and multiplied with thousand. Murder sounds about right.

I drunk binge 90% of the gook cartoon bullshit I watch. Fuck watching that sober

me rn

wait which one is blood chan?

i don't even like blood, dude

that's a shame, do you think you'll still be buddies with him after its all over?

How is there fun in letting the autist do the same thing he always does?


it's not fun having someone pretend they're someone they're not.

finna bus

you're so bad at this.


Its not you twats doing it thats how.
I mean, fuck, at least
tries out new personas. You niggers don't try anything new. At all. Ever.
Same old boring rotten moldy inane pointless chit-chat. Hell, anything beats that. Grass growin'. Paint dryin'

No, we are both over aggressive prideful faggots, it will most likely go down with a fight maybe a lifelong disdain.

I'm just happy to see this place change in any way because even being dead is better than this shit.

i know but i don't have access to the internet much anymore so i have to download all my anime


a boy can dream

He does the same shit in every "persona" of just "pretending to be retarded" and literally saying the same shit over and over.

But the character is different. That alone brings more change in here than all of you together did the past two years.
Ain't that bloody glorious.

That dude got punched so hard his package became a vag.

It's not. It's just him choosing a different anime person to post while saying the exact same shit.

In what way is that a different sort of autism?

Look at this meme I made !

and how unfortunate.
it'll be hard to trust anyone with your money from now on too

and how unfortunate.
it'll be hard to trust anyone with your money from now on too


Nice meme.


God her tits are so nice.



what's the difference between the normal way and the lesbian way ?

its funny because i really am new and i saw your guises' board on the front page a few days ago

Mhmm, they're uh... certainly somethin'.

Become her lover and find out.

I think I'll have to pass one that.

Hes not gay soo

Thats how
Holy fuck at least "she" is choosing
Ya fucks never even present yourselves the opportunity to choose

I don't trust anyone but it was a rather fruiting business relationship. A fuckin' shame for sure.
Also you piss the others off so I like ya.

Shut yer cocksocket parrot

Nonsummerjack is a dude

He'll come around.

where is proofs?

You just quoted it.

i like u too Hungary-user
im glad they blocked the Muslims from getting into your country, they would have killed you and drain your money

it looks like it's wearing a plastic mold on its face.

It looks like a dude.

Why isn't the face more feminine

It's from West Palm Beach, FL.

Try visiting her!

They are protected from us. They used to have two camps here, both burned down. One by gypsies cuz they share no welfare, other by hun radicals.
We are not the decadent dickless west

brb, 2,322 miles in 30 hours

I can only dream.

Take some blood samples for 100%ness

whew that's awesome. the gysies are good for something.
I remember watching the local news and I saw Muslims trying to shake a fence down.

God those must be some amazing dreams.

I'll just drop her off at your house on the way back, you can get back to me with the results.

But there's no dick

the best way to test if someone is a boy or a girl is to taste their sperm. female sperm has a specific aftertaste because of the estrogen.

They try but then we treat them the way they deserve it
Both their balls and their phones smashed to pieces. This is eastern EU. Neither time nor patience for politically correct fuckin' around
Loved it how they sued us dozens of times and the answer was pretty much "whatcha gonna do about it faggot"

God I wish I had dreams.

Don't worry, I'll bring one.

Don't lie to me.

wow gay


I'm not


damn i want to see this link but my phone is so fucking shit
oh my gosh who paid for their phones? weren't they on welfare?

damn i want to see this link but my phone is so fucking shit
oh my gosh who paid for their phones? weren't they on welfare?

They mostly come with smartphones, tablets, maps and directions. Oh and thousands of euroes in cash. Must have been the human traffickers over there they are known to be smart and rich
Oh wait
But then again, the liberal left and the mainstream media says they are all actual refugees so it must be true
To anyone with an entire IQ of 2.

wait wait wait does the media in your country try to brainwash people too??

Nah, neo-liberal scum died out here. People with actual struggles, jobs, bills to pay and such neither care nor believe that bullshit. Eastern EU, a safe heaven for all who wish and can contribute.

gg eastern europe

Gypsies and goatfucker scum do not count, they don't originate from here.
Slavs don't usually do that

we really need to curb the undocumented immigrants coming from eastern europe into the west.

Curb their heads
Save the globe

man i wanna live in Hungary now but i'm scared of u...
ur not normal

somebody refactor this code pl0x


No, I AM normal. Moral, honors, a desire to contribute and grow in all fronts,
The rest of the modern world? Deviancy, degeneracy, false freedom.
Traps, gender netrual toilets, faggot parades, destruction of culture and traditions.
No my dude, the world has gone to shit,

traps are wonderful

r u one?


We petted capybaras at the zoo yesterday

They make cute little noises

Do you not want to just exterminate humanity anymore?

u've changed bro

Where bae?

I do because they are incapable of setting aside their worthless ego and greed for a very simple common cause.
Would be nice to see my race rule but it has no potential, it fuckin' devolved back to the level of apes.
But yeah I wanna work for the sake of mankind but mankind now equals with shit.


Ban bae w e w


It's okay, nothing ever had any real objective value to begin with

only on weekends

Did jack go full Commie?

is there a way to purge all the garbage from this world?

He went full homo.
He's like Hungary's Milo.

That's okay I already have someone for Thursdays anyway.



Never even saw one before by the way and
Yeah I start to think you are right
But this gives birth to existential dread
Hell naw, I can't even drink more than I already do

I prefer the term "left wing populist"

Kinda wishing for Trump and Kim to start my well desired nuclear holocaust but nothing will happen as usual
But yeah, moronic world leaders could do it. Or another war.


which century was Hungary's best century?

Kim-sama will never attack America, he may be impulsive but he's not stupid, I hope.
If I get drafted I'm going to kill so many people here.

it was that one when they were annexed to austria

Cabybaras are kind of like really big hamsters

They're the world's largest rodent

It doesn't have to be a source of existential dread; it can be liberating

It means you're completely free to assign your own subjective value and meaning to things

The metaphysical emptiness is a canvas


Oh u Tovarish

Maste- I mean... insider?

Never has there been a more appropriate image that you've posted.

Blood chan reeeeeeee

I approve

Oh you can hear the little capybara noises in that video

So kawaii

Hungary best century was the one where they sucked hitler's dick

Hungary was never any good.

hm. didn't seem like they exactly earned that. just sorta happened.

so Hungary's best time, was brought about by other nations? with conservative moralizers like yourself, I always want to know what century or period of time you ACTUALLY wish to emulate.

which century's laws, orders, morals, culture, fashion. because it's hard to admit, but the late 20th Century, peace time for most of the world, is easy to argue as being the best time to live in for most of any nation's population.

Insider is jarring everytime you say it.

Sir will do fine. Kanra as well.


The world needs more rope tbh.



what should I call you now?

tsuchi, kanra, jack

why are there so many edgemasters here

We ruled a rather considerable portion of Europe at one point
in b4

I want one as a pet now, gonna read about this bastard. Also you know I'm a soldier type, if I don't have something to believe in I'd ky

It was actually a joint effort, a common goal, something this society didn't see for a while.
And what peace and being a lazy consumer fuck did to this race? Peace was never meant for us. We need to struggle to adapt, to grow, not to act like cattle. You know Darwin was right, and if he was, this society is wrong.

You forgot Blood-chan

Hey good lookin,
Hows your day?

Oh and Erio


And Test.

First of all how dare you


You're not an edgemaster.
You're an edgegrandmaster.

hi qt
my day has been wonderful, and just spending time at home with my family playing Megaman X
how's u?


This truly is a TESTing time

Truly the edgiest of us all.
More edges than a 34897394739284798749384 dimension object.

Im good
Tired from workin
Who is bestmegaman?

Leader of the edgegalore, I can't stand his radiating darkness and must depart
And don't forget kids, Never look down to test the ground. Keep yer eyes on the far horizon.


I didn't even realize people kept them as pets until I searched them on Youtube to show you what they are just now. I kind of want one too, but I wonder how smart they are

I don't want a pet that can't understand the concept of a designated pooping area


Thanks for fixing it

I can't even begin to transform that.

I'm not sure if the short joke was messed up or lost in translation.

so what. they can have joint efforts now. probably improve the lives of its people by orders of magitudes greater than that of their early 20th Century ancestors. this is not a point.

easy to say for someone enjoying the fruits of peace. trade. commerce. communication. you'd much rather have to literally fight for your survival, because you can't cope with a loss of nationalistic importance? how much FIGHT do you want in your life, Jack?

how much STRUGGLE for you and your family, and their children, do you think is adequate to sate your existential dread?

so your period of Hungary's best... is a couple of decades, not even a century ago, that people lived, and came out of, in less than a generation, but one where they rounded up the Communists?

please, tell me how Darwin factors into this.

Oh you should get some rest then, love.
Uh I like X4, but X6 had the hardest stages... but easiest bosses.
Eh... Anyway Sonata bought me Neir Automata and its downloading now, I can't wait to play it!

You're leaving? Good bye Jack -hug-

Good morning.

It's not even morning where either of us are

my only wish is that i was born a *gt-r r32*

hmm... you're right, i just feel so well rested it feels like morning to me

fuck that spoiler did not wok

like, nobody is stopping you from selling (or giving away) all your belongings, heading out into the wilderness, and struggling to live.

stop consuming, like a "lazy consumer". the less you consume, the more you struggle to live, which is what you want for Hungary.

if you can't will into existence your own struggle to live, stop complaining about the lack of struggle.

People don't change. They are fuckin' weak. They don't need to adapt, we are reaching a stage when they don't even have to fuckin' walk anymore, not even on sidewalks.
I can't read that all since yeah I'm leaving

Its a quote remade for yall. Look forward, get hit by cars.


And you, the next time, try a radical difference in personality change. Like when I was pretending to be nice, nobody had a clue, still don't have. That was fun

I became on of those idiots who still post a reply after they said they would leave so I'll just go and break my own wrist for that bullshut

Us poor, low IQ simpletons will never be able to.

Its hard to change something I don't have...

Staring at 2b ass will make you blind, love. Thats why i use braille now
I'll rest when im dead. As this job wants to do.
Buts is megaman better than bomberman?

Jack, please go out into the wilderness, and struggle.

fuck sidewalks. Go out, into the woods, where there are no sidewalks, and struggle.

make sure it's winter, and don't bring any modern tools.

otherwise you're just another hypocrite.

Jack is a nietzschean fellow traveller

Have some j-pop eurobeat intead

I've never played bomberman...
uhm i don't know
oh and i don't like girls in that way

What're you? Gay?

kanra is a pretty good argument against progressivism.

Did u sleep all day

I kind of want to do something like this for like a few weeks some day

break both your legs beyond repair, then crawl into the wildnerness.

if that is too cushy, amputate one of your hands. increase the struggle.

seriously, you can CREATE YOUR OWN STRUGGLE. and you're not doing it. but you want Hungary to struggle.

in fact, you're probably middle-class. so by asking Hungary to gradually struggle more, you're not going to be hit by that straight away, it'll be the poorest and weakest of the population. you should donate all your stuff to a member of your racial faction, then head off into the woods, break both your legs, and struggle to live.

pretty sure the Communists aren't go drag you back kicking and screaming into modernity.

don't make me

I'm not gay
I am beyond sexuality

Nnnnope I woke up at like 4AM, it's 6PM now. How's u?

when you post textwalls i have the instinct to press my coat lapels together like i walked into an alley full of leering homeless men

Id like to see you say that with my dick jammed down your throat.
I should retry nier
I never did give it a proper chance

sorry. people romanticizing poorly thought out stupidity hits a special nerve with me.

Boy. Sure wish I had an iq like kanras

whoa i have a bf, baka

What should I call you now!?

It's a little late to be hampered by prenatal alcohol.

So you say. Sounds like archaic bs to me. Don't fight it.


kanra. canary.

Just take a few blows to the head instead and hope for the same results.

Want me to call him here? He'll beat u up

I want to call me you "love"

Do it.

yes, love.

gays do have higher IQs.

I don't wanna bother him, he's busy with work again...


why is it always iq talk with you

it must be hard for you.


Because what else does he have to validate himself other than made up, unverifiable metrics?

to appear more... approachable.

a few blows to my head will fix that.

Fine, just reading and drinking hot tea


It doesn't seem like he's the one who brings it up

Retrace the conversation

The damn dirty Brits are to blame in this particular instance

Good excuse. You should give me some sugar though.

Penile length and girth.

gays do have higher IQs.


My IQ is 7.6 inches.

post with a cute girl avatar then!

thinking about what i want to do to you when we meet

i'm going to make you into such nice art... it makes me so wet x.x

Ohhh, so thats why i'm so smart.

Sorry losers and haters but my IQ is the bigliest.


You do. Its rude not to share~

It's because you're just that gay.

actually i can't recall the last time i consumed sugar, i'm like 5% body fat now lol

The strategy works


immunodeficiency quotient

But that ass phat ;)

4D cock visualization



its weird having that said to me, but i don't think you have it in you

it is x.x

Well this was meant to go here>>1818413

But you know fuck me right

Teach us how to be so smart, oh gay one.

you guys are jerks.

I need some coffee.

Gimme a lil wiggle?


Take a seat.

Snort cum and it will impower your brain.

Surely you visualized that in advance.

Your low IQ prevents you visualizing coffee to wake you up right now.

i mean i'd say it's because openly gay people are more common in higher earning brackets and richer people have higher iq's because of better environments

but then i haven't googled it

Jerk this dick

Why are you named that ?

That sounds gross.

Why aren't you?

i don't wanna stand up x.x

Don't worry, I'm not actually going to even meet you

y u not??!?

Being smart isn't easy.

Because I don't understand this meme.


Just the name of some shitty new Blood-chan persona.

that's fine because i'm going to meet you soon


or like how if you're openly gay you're obviously an introspective and emotionally intelligent person and that correlates to higher iq because of those things

it's not like sucking dicks makes you smart

not matter how many you suck . _.

Fake new guy/Blood-chan's new alt.

okay cool I'll make a bath out of you


i get so wet just thinking about it *~*

Come and sit on this lap then... its a win/win

i get wet when i take a bath too

do it.

my tism makes it difficult visualize the intents of others.

to me, honestly, it coalesces in my mind's eye as some mixed bag of ironic memery, occasionally obfuscating the irony part, which in itself is a branching meme of the original meme, which is unknown to everyone until I open the box.

But how can we know for sure ?

u 2

But how can we know for sure ?

What? Look at the IDs that anit me

that's nice of you to get it ready for me



He is not a smart man.

O hell yeeeee

you need to be there for me to make it

the red bath water will come from your body

High IQ.

i like to cover my body in menstrual blood too

Then be loyal to me~


Can you tell his IQ from his posts ?

Whats mine ?


That ass is criminal

4.4 inches.

Want to stop now?




It's all about the sexy aroma it leaves on you.

It's so hard to visualize that it's a bag and a box at the same time.

socioeconomic factors, unfortunately, don't play too much of a role. given that a family has proper nutrition, and nothing unduly taxing on their organism, IQ will remain consistent within a few points throughout life.

it's more like, whatever goes into accidentally making someone smarter, tends to follow with 'oppenness to experience', which tends to be tied to sexuality.

openess to experience is actually one of the strongest indicators of liberalism and intelligence, it's hereditary, and we're pretty sure we know which part of our DNA controls for it.

omg i want that sleeve

Truly the highest IQ.

this shit is hella cute


I'm just trying a new approach against certain annoying behaviors

Thats pretty big.

Are you sure its that low ?

Do not save.

is turned on now

Don't worry, 3D glasses are cheap these days.

Please? You know it's only fair

saved as fuck

Dat's geh.

-plants my butt on your lap-


this is completely false as any google search or introductory textbook on psychology will tell you.

We can keep going if you want

I'm either calling your bluff, or you're serious and I'll outplay you anyway

Your move

actually, studies have concluded the direct benefits dick sucking has on the brain. improved dexterity, empathy, and problem solving. like how birds can manage food out of complex contraptions, humans have these structures in common.



Theres a good girl❤️


I'm going to rip out all of your teeth and make a necklace

I always wanted to get into that but I don't even know how to start... eh

i'm just enjoying it...
its not everyday people say it to me..

hehe c:

it's right there on wikipedia

like what even is a blood-chan, anyways

You did read the two visual novels too right?
If not then get them right now


Now doesn't that feel nice?
-rubs shoulders-

it's a guy pretending to be multiple 15 year old girls in a variety of professions


ohmygod... yes...

asides from kids. kids' brains grow at different rates in weird ways.

A bad roleplayer.



I think maybe I'll just start pooping right on your face

Autism incarnate.

If you wiggle much more you'll awaken the dragon...

You don't actually believe any of the shit you type, right?
Like it's all a bad "just pretending to be retarded" persona, right?

who can count help


Time to head home, goodnight all

It's okay, I understand you're scared

Sssssh let it happen love~

@grim help

oh good i got in at the end of blood-chan hour


I can count to twenty with my fingers and toes.

i have a value X that's changing, between 0.65 and 1.0

I need to map that to 0.0 and 1.0

How do I do this?

wat fuk

fuk wat

so you want to map 35 numbers to 2?

that... flies in the face of what I understand.

and what I understand is the grim, unfair reality that twins reared apart have more in common with each other in terms of IQ, neuroticism, and general personality, than their adoptive siblings and parents. just as your parents' IQ correlate with your own, regardless of the details of how they raised you.

the study linked only looks at 37 pairs of brothers.

like, maybe?

Step 1: Turn off computer and turn it back on.

Or maybe, y'know, you're just wrong.


0.65 - 0.82 = 0
0.83 - 1.0 = 1

Sorry my fingers aren't very flexible I can't do decimals.



just gimme the function pls

Flexible fingering


kanra. this is in every college psych textbook in existence. this is very basic stuff. environment influences iq. it's been common knowledge for decades.