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ah i see
is it on the Steam?


Iie, it's blizzard.


what's blizzard

So is this a "new person" or what?

im new ugu


Must be a faggot thread

Shut up, Bloodchan.




scoots bullied muh thread~


this isn't one of those dox links i've heard so much about is it?

you're cute

okay that made me laugh
i'm new here what's your name?


I don't have or need a name since I'm not a pretentious tripwhoring weeaboo avatarfag faggot
All ya need to know is that when you see this flag, you avoid it and hide.

Jack. Stop posting pictures of our Nazi themed furry murder roll play.



Can I have you?

but i've always wanted to visit budapest!
and why are you so... angry?

does this have like a big online community?


Not so much anymore.

as an e-pet ofc

so i'll just be all alone hunting monsters?


'tisn't an MMO, dear.

aww... but cats are evil

what's an mmo

ah shit


You are really trying hard to be pretend-new
My capital does not tolerate evolutionary dead ends such as yourself
Keep away

Yay! I try ^^

what will you do today?

make cash money in skyrim

That one shut the fuck up quickly, wise.
Why don't the rest of ya niggers follow its example, would make ya lot seem much smarter

Because why should we care about seeming smart to someone of your disposition?

no one here is smart enough for that. We can't even visualize 3D objects

But I'm on 9 levels of visualization right now ???

watch streamers~

:D have fun luka!

That said, I can't even visualize Jack putting his autism away, so what do I know.

You need more iq.

are you having fun?

yes honey bun?

aren't you new yourself? sure is summer in here

oh pls i'm only quiet because Rin stopped talking to me

i'm bored

I wish jack-senpai would tell ME to shut the fuck up

why bored, hun?

help coed

Converse with each other and continue your struggle to put some sort of life in this miserable rottin' cesspit ya call your board

everyone is too busy

Fidget spinners cure autism

i don't know what to talk about

but you're always busy too, with your anime and vidya

Luka cures my loneliness 😊🌈❤️

waa i had one... it broke...

Then shut the fuck up

Now you need a beyblade

I like to inject fidget spinners.

Mad man

but i want to talk to people!

oh those are cool
which one is the strongest?

I have no idea

They are just fidget spinner battles though

super fun!

anime is good~

Pat pat

I'm completely naked at the moment

Hugging me tight was lewd and you didn't even know

You're always gay as hell when you're in bed. Everyone here knows you're jerking it, faggot


An A tier poster

She has super speed and the control over genders and emojis


Anything lewd

How the fuck would you know ?

get me one damn it

Uhmmm any good anime this season that isn't moe-moe?


why genders???

Who r u again?

hi im new

You took gender studies at college

Hi new

That was a dad joke

Oh no

fuggin wenches and pickpocketing money to fuel my wench life


The Anceint Magus bride
the reflection
restaurant to another world
my first girlfreind is a gal

If you get scared and can't make friends

I am here new

I'm a master of this place

i did? huh? weird

sneak around with a bow and arrow!

And your hair is blue when sad and red when angry

Yes! Dagger and cloak

I'm spying on your through the camera I installed in your room


I will never forgive you for not spreading

Begone thot


I'm new actually, I saw your board on the front page yesterday


Jesus Christ
Is there anythign like bloody and stuff?



I hope that's actually true.

Where are you from on the internet?


Pink when I love :0

Luka r u in love !?!?!?!

In love ***

with luka

Is she the top or you ?

I'm from 4chan I guess?
Holla Forums master race. Where do you hail from?

Please Theseius?

B years ago

Other websites too

Why ya nigs here?

sigh just try something like edgy taanya evil then....

I don't feel like proxying on b

Other than that?

No real reason.

Some people are cute I guess

Look at this faggot

she's my idol.


Bow before the queen

lol sneaky sneaky

snip snip

Not my balls please



Do'st I stay in bed or leave it?

*pets bunny*

i saw it, gimme something else please c:

how about you? are you cute? I'll be right back, I have sweep

Also not my hair

I cannot say if I am or not

Ask someone else if I am



*snips your _ *

just rewatching random cowboy bebop eps on crunchyroll


i need that good s u c c


sup wit chuu


Levels of being played I can't even fathom

I played myself

talking to bae

good joke

:3 cute

*plays video game*
lol jk

Steins Gate was so fucking lit


its very lewd


oh right... your actually husband.


what are you up to anyways?

I have yet to get out of bed

I walk this empty street
On the boulevard of broken memes

That bin ritch


i've been up since 9pm yesterday
and i don't think i'll be getting any sleep now, now that it's sunny out and 33c outside.


Get it right.

Inject a weed

actually i'm using code red right now.



switch life is best life

it's alright.

the aair is so toxicly dust filled looking, that you can't see any blue sky out.
only brown air sky.


i just got up and decided to seal my windows
since it will start heating up around 12
and then reach peak at 4



new hoodie xD





it very rare and spensive

I feel special now

I cut my finger earlier bad enough that i dont have to go to work today

just because it has that one design on it?

your finger is cut?

Two dicks

ouch ;;

did you need stitches?

No that is not only why... would you like for me to explain why so you can try and understand?

its just a ordinary hoodie?
you can get any old person to print a similar graphic on a hoodie?

looking at it now stitches are probably a good idea

I kept it wrapped from when it happened abotu 4 or so hourse bacck and it tookquite a while to stop bleeding

it's done bleeding now which is all that matters to me it's just that I dont wanna rist getting the flap ripped off in dirty water or salty breading at work

let it grow back yeah~

Get something like this since this is all you'll end up with at an ER. Just be careful when applying them to not force the wound close too tightly or roughly that breaks it back open.

Is every hoodie an ordinary hoodie because they are all made of cotton? That's a very shallow analysis... its special because it's a collaborative design between two high end street wear brands

I don't expect you to be in touch with the fashion world though ;;

bard your finger needs special attention!!!

its a hoodie


it's not a hoodie?

How the fk do you get "It's not a hoodie" from my response

Post some of your rags


Didn't wanna show off a bunch of dirty t shirts and baggy jeans eh?

errr I mean pretty sun dresses and cute skirts, sorry ;;

hey 10x remember that time you were fat and had a tiny penis

why is there no cock emoji


I'm 155, 6ft

You can't fix your face ;;

The cock emoji would just be Ikt.

That's a chickun

post your face you fucking coward i will bet my soul I am 10x more attractive than you are with my goddamn birthmark and all

not my fault it got changed after posting it

It's almost sociopathic to make everyone in your life look at your freakish face ;;

Do you ever wonder if no one could ever love you bc you are so ugly?

IKT has an S tier cock

*loco furiously messaging ppl trying to get my face pics*

09 August 2017
21:45 - Locomotor: grim
21:45 - Grim Echoes: loco
21:45 - Locomotor: stop your runescape
21:45 - Grim Echoes: forwhy
21:46 - Locomotor: do you think i'm pretty.
21:46 - Grim Echoes: pretty is a distinctly feminie adjective, loco
21:46 - Locomotor: do you think i'm ~ handsome boy ~
21:46 - Grim Echoes: yes, quite charming

stop making me decide who looks better
I love you both

Can you not ?

you prick

21:48 - Locomotor: but if you did have to decide, confidentially.
21:48 - Locomotor: it would be me right
21:48 - Grim Echoes: yes loco you are rate pretty
21:48 - Grim Echoes: i've often flurried my curry to you

He instigated all this negative behaviour!!!

or do you mean stop my cute new name~?

at least my face isn't fucked ;;

I unironically like 10 million fireflies

do you want me to delete you


looks dont matter in thread

dont be emotionally ugly tho


You can't just appropriate my culture like that.

Just man up and rank 'em, faggot.

you do it


Best in show.

Loco was mean to me first, he is always looking to pick on me!

For the record this loco asking grim this, apparently

but skulls are my favourite culture, can we share them? ;;

I don't know what either of 'em looks like.

This, but unironically.

its ok to bully luka
but dont bully each other

oh well



open in new background tab youtu.be/SPDy8CAwACw?t=7m6s

ban cutest poster world wide ;;

Get me a folder for this girl.

yeah you like that dont you

Aaaaahhh... that requires effort.

You were being a shitter to Luka. I'm not a great friend of hers, but I don't like seeing people bully her for being poor.

It's more ironic because you make fun of her for not being a girl, or whatever, even though everyone here has seen those awful photographs of you dressed up in a fishnet leotard that accentuates how flabby you are.

There are few people I genuinely dislike from here. You're one of them. You're like Nezi only with less redeeming features and somehow more vapid. Insulting people and then going ";; ironic memes" isn't a personality, it's a defense mechanism against people pointing out you're a pile of trash.

;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ; ;; ; ;;



loco chill


Loco having the balls to tell someone else that they arent liked.

luka > 10x

its ok to bully luka for being poor because its their choice to be

It isn't okay to Bully Luka.

Everytime you bully luka you get +1 good karma

I'm in incredible shape, you're hideous and nothing but laser surgery or suicide can fix that ;;

Everytime you bully Luka, Grim gets more rapey.

World is a little much

Just enough to cuck Loco to death


I don't bully Luka.

Shes my discord wife.

See. Ban doesn't bully Luka. Ban is a pretty cool dude. Be more liker Ban.

can both of you not

He started it


;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;;; ;;;; ;;;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;; ;;; ;; ;; ;

this is out of my hands

See. Scoot doesn't bully Luka. Scoot is a pretty cool dude. Be more liker Scoot.

It'll be a little bit.

Suicide or lasers?

Luka is literally a cosmic ball of cute. To bully that is a sin against nature.

turning your cheek to the filth that lies under that paper bag is something

i'm waiting.

spec does have pretty quality avatars

Take the you to the loo.


It was friendly teasing tho!!

It's cool tho, we're having a super hot cyber session on steam right now

Why are you all such prolific liars?

why is your dick so big

Your Nazi mother never complained.

she looked like she was enjoying it.

So what the hell happened? I thought Soto was supposed to meet up with everyone at AX and bang cooki and wish who were going there too and some random cosplay tranny

I see where you get your asshole from.

i am wish

cookie just barely turned 18
why the fuck would she go to ax, she just memes over here

wish was meme-ing too she doesnt give enough shits about USA people to spend 2-3k on an AX trip

soto probably already did the tranny fucking


so sending her a vocaroo of me moaning sexually while playing with my butt

that's a BAD idea, right?

I'm very selective, and I like to think I have an eye for quality.
Even though I don't take caps myself 90% of the time.


but what about anyone else showing up with him and getting the Guatemalan snake from him?

Send vocaroo's to Grim

afaik it was just the cali crew.

Ax2018 might be different, if I go ill try to get test to go and stuff

Sounds like a good idea

good idea.

You think he can be convinced or you gonna have to butter up the deal for him in some way?


grim wouldn't have hot cyber sex with me ;;

I guess I'll just ky myself ;;

he has shown interest but time will tell

if he doesn't want to go I wont "butter him up" for it

Soto and Kon are reason enough to go for me personally

very cool guys

You should cyber each other



I don't even know how any of you insects even find any moral or other high ground to bully another resident scum
Like a nigger calling a faggot subhuman


Am I subhuman if i'm just in college ?

Where is my Blood-chan?

the fuck am I watching dota 2 for


what's cybering? do you mean sexting?


*puts penis in your jelly hole*

thats cybering

What if I work and paid for it all myself ?



use this

whoa are you calling me fat??
i'm not fat!

What do I call this then ?

What do I call it then ?






I put you at the top of my list.

see look

i also get anal cancer from looking at ur posts

that sounds hot

what would you like to call me?

Smiles maybe?

*sticks my penis in your smiles*

Think of a name for yourself.

what im not really the cybering type

Yeah well, I've already taken your virginity.

whaa.. no!
why are you doing this?

I bet the "new guy" will fuck off in less than a week. Nobody >new
stays in this shithole.

Don't put me in any of the unfunny horseshit ya twats "create"

the person you are talking to is obsessed with sexual intercourse ;;

be careful!

Its okay, you're not really cybering type anyways.

No big deal

I'm putting you in all of them

Oh well done!!! sick



Oh... I forgot to include my favorite webm in there.
What a waste.

I saved it.


interesting all the 72 virgins in Muslim heaven are actually 9-year-old little girls.

I'm Muslim now.

i hope not because im saving myself

it is a big deal to me! i'm pure!

u talkin' about me punk?

You can start calling yourself defiled then.


Tbh, anyone who wouldn't fuck Satania's ass is probably gay.

After you violently beat and deflower all 72 virgins you get to sit on Allah's lap and drink beer for the first time.

you're making me feel uncomfortable

Rolled 1 (1d5)1) Celcius
2) Presea
3) Luna/Rem/Aska/Gilione
4) Sheena
5) Suzu

Totally the best of those.


I wish Satania would defile me.

Satania is too pure to be posted by the LIKES of you

Satania's the one you do the defiling to tho.

I'm extremely pure.

Well, yes. But you make her think she's the one doing the defiling to make her happy.


Proof it. Say something nice.

Since when is her happiness a concern?

Oh yes.


Happy waifu happy laifu

Two waifu bad laifu


I heard we were talking about cock.

Will cock 4 robots.


Hey it's me.





You're a cock?

Hey guess what

i'm gonna go take a shower


My wiener is gonna be out

enjoy your shower..


Squiddy, the boy that begs for torture.

Not all of us have INFINITE c-bills spec. They're free stuff

Anyway, I suppose we could play some, if that's what you were asking.

Are Squiddy and Spec playing cock related events?

No. Yes.

are you cock

Satania is too submissive to mount.

Deep down

We are all cock

you're the cock

She's being pulled into that position by the leash???

I would be your sugar daddy if only Piggy would let me.

Eh... not at the moment, watching cartoons.

i quickly glanced at it because it was too lewd and i didn't see the leash

Don't just
poorly trace my pictures
what the FUCK

Woah gay
Ah, I thought that's what you were asking. I'd say good because I wanted to bug that other fag for videogames but then he DIED

Rest in peace then.

Why pretend to be someone new, btw?



no you

i don't know...
i think boredom


Says the squid!

We'll fall like melting sn ow.

good morning Holla Forums