Why pay a doctor good money when you can get free psychoanalysis from an autismo on the internet?

Why pay a doctor good money when you can get free psychoanalysis from an autismo on the internet?

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just wondering if you read books

My IQ is only 120.

Pretty average.


No, I'm illiterate and incapable of communicating via written language.

That's pretty low-dimensional.

Technically a single standard deviation above average so yer smert folk two.

Its actually 200.

I read lots of books and got good grades.

Grades are for losers, drop out and do drugs.

you called me Simple Jack last we spoke.

sarcastic denial denotes insecurity. and a low IQ.

Is this you actually coming to terms with your existence as being just "that guy who knows everybody's IQ and really wants to tell you"?


I wish I knew this before graduating high school.

I made such a mistake.

Why am I in cool egg ?

Wasting my life

if that's your reading of my words, I won't be to blame.


Wouldn't having your head so far up your ass to delude yourself into whatever Narnia you want to be insecure about mediocrity?

Waste of time really.

To have existential debates with other Intro to Psych students without even reading the reference materials like everyone else.

My reading of your words is that of an undeservedly smug asshole.

this, tsuchi.

that's vapid and wrong.

give me a belief you think I'd disagree with.

this may be as good as it gets. if there's ever a time to be smug about it, it might be today. 'sides, everyone is a little smug about me.

I was high most of highschool and had a 3.9 gpa.

I missed my chance at being on mtv

My IQ is 200.

I dont make mistakes.

I'm just playing 50 turns ahead of you.


smart doesn't mean planning 50 moves ahead.

it just means being able to.

I knew you would say that 3 posts before you did.

But can you visualize a 48579485734 dimension chess board billions of moves ahead like I can?

That's cause you do shit like keep hammering on this IQ topic because you want somebody else to be convinced you're smart.

you call me delusional, so give me the reasons

I'm years ahead of you.

I like thinking about its philosophical ramifications.

it's an inescapable fact, and that's all I'm reiterating, like that guy that was fired from Google from being outspoken about biological realities. sorta like that guy.

"Come on guys, if i'm really delusional you should be able to prove it to me"

Are you sure you even know what being delusional means ?

No one is gonna be able to prove anything to you.

No one's gonna waste their time.

Kindly fuck off you low IQ moron.


this was the fourth time you used sarcastic exaggeration.

You've achieved nothing in life, contributed nothing to it, furthered no debate in a meaningful way, yet still desperately flail about in hopes that one single person will believe you are in any way above average because you have no laurel to show for it.

Yes, this is all just an exercise in philosophy. The topic of intelligence, ESPECIALLY your intelligence and that of the people you don't like, is so important to you for philosophical reasons, and not because you have something you desperately need to prove.

you say it cuz I said it
everyone says it cuz I said it

the ratio is hilairiously off.

You can count, at least.

Really showing off that IQ.

Oh no. Don't call the sarcasm police on me.

You're ignoring pretty much everything I said in the post.

Nice deflection.

I have done none of those things! billions of humans have lived and died having done none of those things.

asides from being literally above average in many sets, markedly in neuroticism, as is anyone with any comparative advantage over another... I thought you'd agree with these things. haven't you used these facts before?

onus probandi. he's the one asserting the claim, I'm curious to see how he backs it up.

he's done a poor job at it so far. perhaps I shall never learn. maybe this is what he wishes.

Man, it's tipping hour

Yeah, and they didn't have imploding nihilistic feelings like you do where you're so bothered by the fact you're nothing that you do some charade where you hope to God no one notices.
Claiming you are is easy to do on the internet.

I am a brain surgeon with a 300 IQ and a super model wife.
And a ten inch penis.

I said it on the internet. It must have validity.


sorry. missed this post.

it's not about the intelligence of those I don't like. it's about the intelligence of someone that has some modicum of ego about himself, and what lies behind his calling me stupid.

tl;dr: he started it.

Careful, he'll have a textwall about insulting his hat of choice.

I have never made outrageous claims.


but I'm not saying you're stupid.

I'm just saying despite efforts, I fail to see how you're not.

The "No one's gonna waste their time." part is kicking in for me right now.

Feel free to act like you gained something from this.

that's okay. just next time you see me, remember that your opinions were formed and sustained solely through thoughtless emotion.

It's not this bad every day, surely?

It's a battle you cannot win
Whatever response you have, the response will just be 'no u' coated with fancy language.

Admin abuse.

Are you finally gonna ban him ?

hey that thread was cool too ya know

Did you make it ?

if you did it wasn't cool

Maybe we all are insane.


Gil cut Nezi's thread to make a comeback at me.

not cool.

No, Nezi and Bard were camping in another thread and I deleted it. Probably other people too, I just didn't read the whole thing cause I was so mad that nobody even noticed there were two active threads for no reason.

you've been on quite the deleting spree lately

Its not my job to check these things.

determined to leave your mark as an admin, I suppose.


I like to keep it simple. If someone is being an idiot, I call them one and call it a day.

it wasn't me

it wasn't my thread

there were 2 threads going on at once

it's all good I'm just joking

no need to have 2 threads

Oh I guess it was cool then.

A. He has no mod powers whatsoever, no would I ever trust him with them

B. He didn't even know that thread was there, nor did anyone but you, who could have linked this one to our lost compatriots, but instead left them stranded

This place is a footnote to where I keep my real friends.

Einstein's shitty cliche quote should go here.

Who all was even in it?

I just ended a 5 year relationship.

Accurate, yet still hurts.


and it wasnt his

that must make it very smol indeed, given the feet

damn you're good

Is Squiddy that good in bed?


what 'little' power you had, you flexed

when you expect nothing but the worst

There's a handful of those

You're really baiting tonight, huh?

unleash your small but mighty wrath upon him

stop deleting threads, Test.

The man should have stuck to science and not plagued us with a bunch of quotes that everyone misquotes or has turned into a cliche.

Autism isn't against the rules.

I wouldn't know.

Then you can never be let down.

does everyone secretly know Gil isn't smart, but they're not telling me?

I'm sorry for deleting a singular superfluous thread that you could have linked here grandmaster king God Kanra.


who are you to say?

It's probably just a thing that follows fame, rather than intelligence.

Tell me another one I deleted




Those threads are there

I don't get what you're trying to say here




they're not there.

What are you even doing?

They're all there. Fucking click them

I cannot access the dimension that allows me sight of those threads.

this is correct.



open them in a different browser.


I exited the mod ui to see if you were genuinely just having a mental breakdown but yeah for some reason you can't open those threads without the mod stuff.

They're still there dude, I'm not deleting threads. I don't know why regular posters can't see them


Like if they were actually gone the link just wouldn't even work

But I can see them.

always knew you were on the other side of the bell curve.

Now i'm happy I stayed up later than I thought I was going too.

*this side

I am joyed to see you as well.
I am also staying up too late, pretending I don't have work tomorrow.

In this odd little fantasy world why was I randomly deleting old threads off the catalog?

Did you just get home or what ?

have some attention too kissy


Every thread you linked was at the image cap. Dead. A week or two old.

hey kanra weren't you saying the other day you were going to learn to draw because drawing is easy and you're gold in overwatch so you must be smart and can learn to draw

how did that go

No, I have been around.
Kind of a slow listless night.
I should make some tea, that will help.


"... I was so mad." - Admin Test

Kanra will lead the coup. This is my end.

I honestly felt that way all day today.

I was very sore so I didn't feel like moving a lot.

Also tea is a good idea.

Isnt that average

ended up looking for manga styles. started with the most famous anime styles. looked up artists that were manga artists originally. ended up come across Serial Experiments Lain. ended up watching Serial Experiments Lain. that was three days ago. two more days have passed. but in that time, I have been learning other stuff. gay stuff. something that might be smart to keep to myself. I still fully intend to find and bite and a style I'd enjoy biting.

actually, that's what I should do tonight. find a style I'd like to steal.

let me just summarize what happened in these last couple threads...


please don't oh god

Nobody wants you to summarize.


Gil sarcasmed and false exaggerated about seven times. little to no variation.

Test admitted to deleting threads out of madness.

once again, nobody proved me wrong.

Congrats dude. Another day with your ego safely insulated.

my computer just reboooted and this thread lineup is WAY DIFFERENT than the one i was in before i rebooted my omputer and i wanna know what the fuck kind of twilight zone shit is happening


"Nezi and Bard were camping in another thread and I deleted it... I just didn't read... I was so mad..." - Test

I feel that way most of the time. I'm hoping that tomorrow will not be too bad a day, and that I will not get chewed out for not getting my cleaning done last night.

Keep at it dude. Sow the seeds of discord you eight-dimensional chessmaster.

can we talk about how you're an adult copying manga drawings.

i was in the active thread idk who made another one brah

I slept forever and didn't mean to
Somebody just kill me already

Hey kanra since you're such a modern philosopher

How do you feel about the ability to theoretically send someone to hell now in return for yourself being sent to hell upon your death, assuming hell is real

That wasn't the active one.

I put a link in there before I deleted it but if your computer restarted I guess that's where the confusion comes in.

What did you have to clean ?

Was it actually important ?

My rule would not bring chaos unto the Bards of this community, but Order and Stability.

It wasn't me who acted so casually with my powers.

can we talk about how you're an adult copying stackoverflow code.

The store.
We're supposed to clean it fully every night, but I was busy doing other tasks that I also didn't get done.
I also sold the wig off one of the mannequins because some people wanted it really badly.

oh wow you got me

depends if you're already condemned to hell.

if you're going there anyways, the question becomes "are there worse kinds of hell for worse things"

if it's all the same, you might as well send others to hell with you given it's permanent, but if it sends you to a ring lower than the one you're at, maybe don't.

motherfucker idd been in that series of threads for like 6 hoours it WAS the active thread iuntil someone made a PREMATURE NEW ONE

Do you actually see chaos you mong?

nigga did you actually just type this
please just tell us that you don't think words like these are clever, because christ man

ru posting harry potter doodles

Thats kinda strange that they wanted the wig.

Hopefully they understand that you were busy.

Are they normally nice about that kind of stuff oooor ?




i don't need to get you. there's only one way my words will mean anything in this situation. but cartoons can be and are constantly the basis for drawing ffor many.

idk who made the thread before this one or this thread

who was the op of the other thread?

i just realised you only said you looked up manga styles.

did you even draw anything?


Bard could also mean one of poetic soul. there can be more than one.


Near as I can tell all roads lead to this thread.

It depends. My numbers weren't as good as I would have liked, but I think they were decent for a Monday night so that will help. They wanted the mannequin one over the box one because they said it looks better so I obliged.
I also broke one of the display case things. I seem break a lot of things in that store.

i'm slightly scared to start.

i did condense all my code for my stuff tho.



Well hopefully you don't get yelled at.

Make sure you get enough sleep before work Kissy.

I'm gonna go to sleep now

nice seeing you


yup. just basic stuff. all local. no security. just simple API work. gonna do calculus with SVG soon.

he says he does it for us.

he also says we're footnotes.

so okay

you decided to learn to draw because you're so great that it will be easy for you

and in the TEN DAYS since you've said that all you've done is google anime styles for you to trace, because tracing anime styles is totally how you learn to draw.

and you think this is acceptable.



ur gonna make a lib?

New board.

I'll put a pin in that idea.

O pitiful soul bound in darkness,
Looking down upon people and causing them pain,
A soul drowned in sinful karma...
Want to try dying this once?

Sure why not

way to prove how much better than me you are

This revenge will ferry you to hell

Thank God


what language


but why a library for what?

All I want is for someone to strangle me until I almost pass out, is that too much to ask from life?


That happened to me just yesterday

It is a perfectly normal desire.


god i iwsh that was me


simple solutions to common SVG components. some guy did it for data reactive animations at the school I used to go to. now he works at Facebook.

anybody wanna kiss?

But that's CSS and JS, not Cpp.

it goes against all self preservation.
why do people get kicks out of being treated like garbage
or having their fate completely in anothers hands



kanras full of shit


Don't go giving me away.

im gonna do driver programming in lua!

after a long day of tough decisions and being an assertive, controlling person, it's comforting to be tied up and have all my freedoms taken away and have my ears licked.



after a long day of tough decisions and being an assertive, controlling person. I find comfort in continuing to have everything within my control

is this not normal

python tho

you forgot neck nibbling

i act more confident than i feel. so i make up the difference with clothespins and writing dirty words on my body.

you probably feel more confident than you act, so you make up the difference by spanking and stroking your collared cutie's hair.

it's just a way of expressing our feelings in a positive, loving environment.


my eyes have been opened today

off2bed tho


real talk
how is 333 bytes of pre-occupied sram bad???
the lib + empty sketch is like 224 bytes and the sketch is based my shit on is 364 though i feel like i can also dynamically alloc another few things but that feels like cheating, i dynamically allocate my main/active layer because the vector copy constructor is so damn easy and idk if an array of array can do this. heck, i couldn't even return a 2d built array.

nini grom

read that second sentence as "Is 333bytes of always-used SRAM bad?"


oh bye



two different things. but not unrelated. any of you should be able to guess what I might be using. I'd make the JS library. but this project requires C++. pretty sure.


ok m80

enjoy no globals :^)

reminder kanra dropped out of CS.

but he's totally employable.

dropped out of school, did fine in CS. finished all my labs ahead of most of the class. I know I did fine.

well given the choice between that and memory woes the language, id sooner use anything else

where's the degree.

can anybody recommend a book

Try watership down

*the memory benefits. predictable data.


Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769) by Sir William Blackstone

Commentaries on Blackstone.

where's the job offers.


moments after I start looking for them.


there's usually an interview first

Shota pussy

o-ow... easy.. they're delicate

bard pls no

Can anybody recommend a book that is not from 1970's and about England

Mediations by Marcus Aurelius


Buddha's Neuronet for Levitation: Opening the Lotus of a Thousand Petals

Foundation isn't about England. It's about the Milky Way. and a planet on its outer rim.

I wanted that show to be better

banned topics
Milky Way


meh. pretty sure you could find convincing opposites to many of his words.

The Fountainhead.

On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony


Silence of the Lambs.


that's a great read

holy fucking shit this anime is gettting too real too fast

What anime

Bard, what kind of story would you like to spend time enjoying?

gotta read all of it. at least Hannibal. it's not a book you read for its awesome literary prowess, but I found it smart, and entertaining, and cool.

hell girl is what he's watching i think


Hell Girl futakamori

thank you for the book recommendations btw


what's the correct response to finding out your family friends are in a cult

Join in order to fit in

I read Silence of the lambs when I was up at my dad's last christmas cause there wasnt much else to do
It was right after I went on a big kick of the movies so that helped alot

the book gave me a much deeper appreciation for the character of Clarice Starling who I never really liked in the movies

hannibal was badass and a fucking monster yet definately lovable

I look for books that are immersive, my dad has alot of tephen king books I've enjoyed and I remember spending my childhood going hrough most of the conan books and other sci series
my favorite being Robert Aspirin and the .M.Y.T.H world

i dont really need much intellectual value behind a book if the character and world are well written
When I was a kid I'd get grounded b for sneaking food all the time and have to spend fucking months in my room without anything but a radio and some books and then Id steal food and read ad much out while sitting on my bed and it was a good way to get away

what about yourself, what kind of book would you use to waste time?

total badass. Clarice has so much depth. did watch the movies after. they do have some very summarized versions of the depth from the book, and without Hopkins, it's hard to think how Hannibal might come across. all his rational psychopathy. his taste. the series did sorta do their best to recapture some of the best metaphors and quotes. just, ah. he's so goddam sexy.

you watch Dark Tower?

I read scifi for fun. but I try to pick stuff that has more good reasons to read. so I went through the 'best scifi'.


admitedly when reading the book hopkins was the face that came to mind

I can't imagine how else to have pictured him

And n-no
haven't read it either
I've seen advertisements on facebook for it though
As far as stephen king goes in the pictures in my opinion well.......it's just.... usually not that solid
Although theres a speial place in my heaart for pet semetary and the mist
have you seen it? any thoughts?

Also what you mean the best sci fi?
When I think of "sci fi standards" my mind jumps quickly to Robert Heinein with the cat who walks through walls or stranger in a strange land

The Cult of Jerry.


As fucking usual.

I always thought they came to spain because they just like farming. and it never occured to me that it was weird they stockpiled canned goods and water in the back of their cave house.

but, like. apparently they're scared of the lizard people.

in fact, I like intellectual themes. stuff that addresses the cognitive process. it doesn't have to be accurate, though it's better if it is. but characters that have to deal with their own rationality, and logic, and have learn those limits. and frankly, I'm very forgiving of dramatic portrayals.

haven't seen it. don't wanna. but will.

Ender's Game
I, Robot
Foundation (all of em)
Brave New World

all thought provoking. all philosophical.

Robert Heinein is who I'd pick up if I wanted a new hobby. only read what I'm prepared to read.


so what are you going to read

I hae to go to bed

just pick a promisingly, well received, possibly critically acclaimed, book

Lord of the Rings

if you haven't already

i want to read your butthole

"One Ring to Rule Them All"

gnite everybody.

i prefer
lord of the flies

I prefer Lord of the Dance

I prefer Bard


A Squiddy is good too


not ew

put the condom away
begon thot


i sliced tf out of my finger

you did what?

i tried opening a can with a knife at a bad angle and the cans roug hedges sliced my left index and middle figer but the index is the bad oone ;.;

don't be gay


pfff, should be more careful next time. Or get a proper can opener~
You did stop the bleeding, no?

No more gay then

its wrapped but i think still open kind of

like it was dripping blood everwhere then i wrappedan compressed after running cold water now i wait : (

wanna go to sleep

Hope it'll close asap

-hug= nini hu chan

Sweet dreams Bard, bring some extra paper with you just in case

wake up

hey bard

is bard brad irl

My IQ is like 80

my IQ is 108...
but for some reason i passed all my tests the first time with little effort

my iq is 1488

Why did I read through this thread?

Also, hullo, Ikarous.

you should build something that helps cure cancer

-puts my hand over your mouth- shh!
i'm Enma.

my iq is seven inches

Her name is Ai.

Enma is the god of hell.

maybe i should watch the anime

Ai raiku veri machi

Lol is that her name?

Her name is Ai Enma.

And what's your name?





What would you like me to call you?

u ok?


When does Ornn come out?


Rin is fine.
Please don't post porn of her.

gomen nasai

I suppose that's long enough to save up.

I'm sorry I didn't see it
I just click whatever

at least getting free stuff from player commendations helps too
free keys every once in a while
aram still the ez quick fix to grind out twice as many games quick and simple~

I'll probably buy champion shard tokens for the last few champs.

It's fine, I'm not really torn up over it.

want me to post more then?

I would not have asked you to stop to begin with if I had.

1700 ip x times = many fragments and essence / or to reroll 3 for champs you don't own yet?
and the rest being blue essence?

Do you like her?

I only need like 20 more champs.

1700 x 20 x 3 = 102000ip
divided by avg ip rate = 1020 games (avg.)


Well I should also get a few from chests. Not like I'm in a rush. Most of the ones I have left aren't really interesting to me.

Are you telling me to post more lewd?

so at MOST you would need 21 days of games? i think

yeah, but like you say, you may just get the things you want in over a week~ ♥

Maybe Riot will refund me on runes with IP.


i don't see the rune rework coming in the next week or so???


I'll have enough for Ornn in like a week or two.

i wish i had more to talk about... everyone i meet on the internet only talks about video games... i'm not a gamer...

yeah, if you grind out the games for him, it will be easy to pay 8300 for him week one.
even i got about 8000ip right now.

I'm, trying to find people who'll play a custom map with me.

blegh what is a custom map

User-made maps on Warcraft III.
Or Starcraft, but I wanna play WarIII rn.

-sigh- the only game i ever played was pokemon

I found moogs and squish


One of the maps I want to play is a pokemon one. :thinking:


you're such a nerd, Youmu

Is that a guy


This community is beyond saving.

lol, animus or lol



Both, but LoL specifically.

gamer nerds


like you

from what i've played, aram is like 33% less toxic

Good morning!

loco blamed for clinton loss by neighbors, has no friends

I don't like getting stuck with a crappy champ though.



Hi! How ya doing?










Fine I suppose.


one is worse than the other?

You would have to own Warcraft III and Warcraft III The Frozen Throne

rerolls are kinda okay
and also i guess you get to learn champs you don't usualy play.


Some just don't work for ARAM.

lol, i guess Aram just can't be perfect.

that sounds expensive... what console is it on?

I suppose.

Good eyes chap

please make a new thread, love


It's, like, 2 decades old.

It'd be 20$USD to get both.

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

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new thread

new thread