♥ Love thread

♥ Love thread


anyone been checking out some of the stuff Vox has been up to?


hello friends

Rule of 2s
Hello friends

this isn't an active thread is it...?


i'm watching hell girl
and theres a character on here who was found dead named
Kobayashi tooru

dragon maid ripped off hell girl confirmed.


How are you tonight vapeshot?

where kissy roams dars isnt far behind

oh dars~

I do not like having my name mashed together with the word vape
I'm okay, have to clean my kitchen soon.

He's always watching me.

darsy warsy~

That sounds boring ;/

hello bordo

how are you, !KissShotXA?

Yeah, it's not terribly interesting.
After that I'll relax and then go to bed.


that makes me feel very

for some food


America should go to bed





That's cute

im not tired yet

Bed anyway

you can't make me

what's wrong?

how are you?


what have you been up to?

staring blankly at the youtube home page.

helloo I am watching hell girl what are you up to tonight?

like wtf man
if somebody took my dog then tried to blackcmail me i'd pretend i was going with theblackmail and wheen i saw them irl i would freak the fuck out and leave with my fucking dogs

that's your first problem.