❤️ Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

❤️ Official Scootalooo Thread ❤️

Meltdown edition

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old is better

(kate ....oh. you're not kate. you're just a Cat, oh.)
wow ur pretty close to west coast?

What the fuck?

I just moved to mountain time!


Am kate tho!

Graduate school

Kay tee oh

cat ears
cat tail
cat name


Did you graduate yet? or are you going there to graduate high school?

slept for a few hours with the light on



I am working on my Ph.D.


phd in what?

Planetary science!

gimme pat


which planet?


they're just rocks


He really loves rocks


and so are other planets

planet is made better


im such a spoiled brat

asteroids are made first

which ones are the best?

return Macro({ { Stroke('H', 0, 19) }, { Stroke('e', 20, 40) }, { Stroke('l', 40, 60) }, { Stroke('l', 60, 80) }, { Stroke('o', 80, 100) }, { Stroke(',', 100, 110) }, { Stroke(' ', 110, 120) }, { Stroke('W', 120, 139) }, { Stroke('o', 140, 160) }, { Stroke('r', 160, 180) }, { Stroke('l', 200, 220) }, { Stroke('d', 220, 240) }, { Stroke('!', 240, 260) } });
*heavy breathing*

C-types, because they are the analog to the samples I study

whats special about that one?

Program size: 11,050 bytes (used 39% of a 28,672 byte maximum) (1.40 secs)Minimum Memory Usage: 700 bytes (27% of a 2560 byte maximum)


My buddy came and stayed the night :3

Did you fugg?

no but we rolled a few rounds earlier in a non sexual way >//

no but we rolled a few rounds earlier in a non sexual way >//

Make it more sexual

Idk about that
n-no I am certainly not gay

Is he? If not, it'll be the straightest thing

You're a bad influence........

What can I say; I'm a bad person

""""stayed over""""

Protect this smile

Yeah we smoked all night and watched a bunch of judo and bjj fights and tornado vids and braille skatebarding and ate ice cream and eminems @



oh I'm sure there was icecream

inside u???


well this didnt work
HeHHHHHHHlHeHeHeHelHelHeloHellHell,Hello Hello,WHello, oHell, WorHello, WoHello, WorlHelo, WorldHello, Worl!Hello, World

have someone inside you all night while you sleep isn't as nice as it sounds.

hahaha i forgot

work :D

Hello, World!

Don't you dare do that again


ur big spoon just sucked

strawverry ice cream :3

n-no im my room silly


have you tried it?

I meant to link both ikt posts but fucked up

is there something you'd like me to do instead~?

Is pretty good ice cream too

u suck


hahahah :D

what kinds do you like?
i've been trying to expand my horizons


Really depends, though not really sure there's ice-cream I don't like.
Though nothing beats a regular soft-ice

What did you DO

hupony is basically my mom

Your mother got great taste in ice-cream


This is the biggest horror

lol dad

squiddy and hupony sexed to make bard


This sounds like nightmare fuel


Why the fug wont this work


std::array keycode_layer0 { {
{{ NUM, DIV, MUL, MIN }},
{{ NM7, NM8, NM9, ___ }},
{{ NM4, NM5, NM6, PLS }},
{{ NM1, NM2, NM3, ___ }},
{{ NM0, NM0, NMD, NMR }}
} };


Vectors then????

Like they're the same as malloc shit then but without the manual meem manage

The kids don't mind

The kids ended up pretty fucked

goign nini may i get some ninis/

w-will you tuck me in .//.

:thinking: Program size: 14,634 bytes (used 51% of a 28,672 byte maximum) (1.59 secs)
Minimum Memory Usage: 545 bytes (21% of a 2560 byte maximum)

no one here fucks kids

Sleep well Bard
-turns into Squiddy and tucks you in-


Holy shit it works
what the fuck is this magic

no, i sucked



My IQ is literally 1337 now

*_uck's you in*

*in tux*


how does this work

like ok

ok i calmed down



Holy heck, is it really only tuesday?


is vector initialization by value or by reference?


200 fucking bytes
holy shit

I refuse to believe this

Whymst would it be later

this feels like cheating yo


wtf spoiler

Programming do you know cpp and arduino?

It's mandatory viewing for existing on the internet

why cheating tho

so ez

I know. Is good too

that's it

stop cheating

but it makes everything [b]better[/b]

Squiddy, you're too fat to post Yukko.

no u

You're too fat to post the professor.

no u

wan a bet?

bark bark

i had a lot of cake today.

Cake just goes to one's rear, so I don't have it very often.

nothing wrong with having back.

just you

so you have a small butt?


Loco a hunchback



rip rick and morty. they had a good run.

bep, why so cake?


there was cake where i was. it was offered to me. don't you shame me.

I feel like I'll just start muting all my team mates in LoL. That community is so fucking toxic it's not even funny.

Probably only grown more and more toxic. That community has never been anything but that


it's all kids and manchildren.

Pretty much. Even the slightest mistake is going to get you harassed all game.

there's no shame in the bep cake game. besides, i can't judge you. i had a donut this morning. it choco frosting on it.

are all communities likethis

pls no doublepost

i had two donuts. i know i'm a disappointment.

I'll go have a second one so we're even!

if i eat a bunch more will you match me

#thiccbrina is something i want.

Hello how are you all!

I got a strawberry filled, but it was too sweet and I couldn't finish it. Pls frgv.


Hiya! How's your day been?

did you actually go and get a donut.

wow. cool. put that in your drawer and finish it later.




Good so far. No complaints. I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!

Bep, it'll do that weird thing donuts do when they sit. You know how they get all dry on top, then you pick 'em up and they're all soggy and slimy underneath?

I'm suddenly remembering why I rarely eat donuts.


I left all the other Discords again.

i don't know that thing. i only eat donuts when i watch twin peaks.

i mean, i only buy donuts when i watch twin peaks. i haven't watched twin peaks today yet. but they were there in the fridge. so i ate them.

Thank you! Starting it off with paint mixing videos and what not and it's pretty great.

Sorry to hear that? Thanks for still being in ours uwu.


I fix :D

It's the only one where I like everyone.


After the past two episodes, I'm convinced that season 03 is a big troll job meant to make us question why we're watching TV instead of having conversations or creating our own things. Or maybe it's about how TV used to bring people together, but now it isolates them. Or maybe both. Or maybe neither.

My head hurts.

Are you an artist too? (I'm not, but loco is.)

:3c thank yo.

Nah I just like aesthetic shit.

it's damn good

you overthink it.

A damn fine show.

How are you?

Bretty good, still waking up! How about yourself?

Same. I think if I had more patience and focus I could be creative, but as it is, I just enjoy stuff that resonates with me like anyone else.

Uh oh. Did I get Lynched?

I haven't seen them. Just Lynch is a really organic filmmaker. I don't think he has any high intellectual ideas when he goes into plotting a project. Just does what feels right.

I mean, analysis is fine, but it needs to come from an understanding that these works are like organic and visual and any theme or point is either discovered in the making or like made unconsciously.


Ok. Playing lol.

Do your best!


Accidentally opened a webm with a lot of moaning in it while a family member was in my room

Lucky me I had headphones plugged in

That's no fun.

i did this once without headphones. you kind of have to just roll with it. i mean if you act like you're not doing anything wrong no one is sure that you are doing something wrong. so you just let it play for the three minutes or whatever and then it's over.

It was some hefty moaning too.

I did this once when my brother walked in on me scrolling through Holla Forums. Pants were still on, but it was kinda just like 'h-haha look, they're naked'.

Don't click if you don't like shock videos

I know. I fell into a trap the past couple of weeks. It's interesting to read or hear interviews in which people ask Lynch what such and such means or if such and such is indictment of cinematic culture or a metaphor for blah blah, and he always seems to reply, "No. I just had an idea and put it on film."


well that's a bit too far in the other direction now but. i don't think it's thoughtless. but the way he tells it it's like the project is the end in itself and not a means of making a point.




Mhm. I think it's just a way of saying what you said: Don't over-analyze it.




i have a few really old DC comics
but they're all worn out :c
What do?


Oh, how old?

I remember reading MAD when I was a kid
Probably contributed to my stupid humor today



I want to say... 30...maybe 40


here have some 3D butt

Don't click if you don't like animal abuse

You should read 'em. Then stack them neatly, maybe with a sheet of paper between each issue, in a dry, cool place. :3

I wish I had programmable oled keycaps

There currently in my sister's old bedroom... on top of stacks and stacks and stacks of old books
ugh I don't even want to go in there


my mam yelled at me because i asked her if she could drive me home after dinner. we weren't eating out or anything special, just cooking at that house with the pool. she was mad because i was effectively asking her to limit herself to just one or two drinks at dinner so she could drive. she got so upset at me. i don't know if she realises what it means that she gets so upset about being told she can't get drunk at 2 in the afternoon.

people act like being perceptive and insightful is a gift but it doesn't feel like one right now.

Hi Loco how are you?


you will have to meow for me


May I go in there?!

It cuts to the soul when our parents act like children. I know that feeling all too well. I'm sorry, Bep.

Thanks. I have plenty though



yeah. i mean it's not just an isolated incident. i think there's probably a problem there that's not being addressed.

but i do feel like a bit of a dip as well because i know any problems i have with my mam and her stuff are pittance compared to what some people have had to deal with.

anything else you want to talk about? because like. i'm being a huge bummer and this probably isn't the right medium to be talking about this in.

yo bitch where my keycaps at

what protocol is it anyway?


Ikts thicc keycaps 😖🍆💦💦💦💧💧🌊🌊🌊🌊☔️

delet this



Airplane mode bitch

fuck that should have been my reply
i'm gonna kill myself out of shame

Oh so this is what's gonna make you kill yourself. Not literally everything else



Post keycaps and give head pats

yes my dude



Oh okay then



also look i made efficient prog :D

Honestly that was super lewd ikt

I can't believe you touched me like that

I can still feel his hand on my head. >_

What elsemst would it be?

I dunno


Was just a meme

What am I looking at :DDDDDD


I can feel his fingers moving around my hair!

It's such a mess

I finally finished and made my keyboard software memory efficient


Please punish me for this mistake master

What does that mean?

i have a deadline at 2pm tomorrow but all i want to do is sleep

Drink something that makes you stay up

i also have a 1-2 hour exam at 9am tomorrow

*remove porn*

i leet

Uh, what do you mean?


(the second part only)

Get like 3-4 hours of sleep


I needed that!!!

Please no !

shits gay
send help and ikt nudes

What does it mean that your keyboard software is memory efficient? Is it inefficient by default?

nigga i perform like ass on anything less than 6 hours

Well then get 6

Ha, I replaced them all with explosion grill

help and ikt nudes

Uh I hand-made a numpad! And I then added layers. And then I added macros, but adding those used a lot of RAM since everything was loaded from start. Now I made it so only whatever is needed loads from start, so I can put much more layers and macros in it without having to worry a lot about memory usage.

Hello, World!
That was a demo macro.

What do I do with them?

i will when ive got some work done at least

do you know anything at all about android and java?

Good luck fag boy


I made a crappy app two years ago and I still cringe to this day.

C++ all the way yo


basically i need global variables or some sane way of sending complex data between activities, but i dont recall shit

thanks famalam


Use globals then?



ok ban

daddy buy this for me pws


i dont even know if java has globals

Okay wat

idk i forgot ur name

bruh is stackoverflow blocked?! jujst ask google

Ofc you can but.... its a small room

Post one then


Did you respond to me, or did I miss it?

god i fucking hate java

u r

Always forgetten



Punished luka

Once you go ikt you never go back



Good job! Numlock gud

Nah, feeling some 2d pussy

You didn't see anything

im listening to priest and i figured the word turbo would be enough to get a reply or two from you

what has become of me
bookmarking keebs

numlock best

Now I made it memory less hoggy, time to clean up and add more shit :D

I prefer naturally aspirated single-overhead cam low-revving small engines.



nani the fuck


damn trips of truth, alright i'm the cutest

I really think you're a pervert

Is there


It's not that bad

What more!


add a turbo button to your keyboard or something for memes

Hmmm, need to check if my things are as small as they can be and change the macro timing to be start stroke -> stroke duration, istead of start stroke-end stroke, should save some headache adjusting longer macros

I have a Win+X, A, cd c:/windows/ enter, rmdir system32 enter.


not rly

You should come and live in NYC
You'll find random computer parts everywhere here.

When I was really little I used to see a lot of discarded IBM computer parts, keyboards, mice, screens.
I wish I was smart enough to take them.

Eew what's that dripping from her?
Also give me an avatar to post with~

but i want good stuff

akihabara lyf


Tag says pussy juice. Guess she's supposedly depicted as being horny+

out of bed

my hips hurt

Pussy juice.

Go back to bed.

Be more careful when you dance



There's nothing good in Japan
They pick up their trash too fast
You won't get anything good.

Okay that's lewd...
I bet you'll lick it all up

Double no

to both of you




give me an avatar!

Soto said hes gonna suck my dick and let me fuck him in the ass.

Cool, take pics.

You're right, your waifu is nowhere to be found.

It gets everywhere.

it's okay to find soto attractive right


Never said I was gonna do it.


You do it then.

What do you think I am, some kinda faggot?


why wouldnt it be

Yes I do.


grim r u embedded engenier

Yeah, well... you'd be right.
But not for Soto!

gayness is a sin.


What a travesty.


I just do testing for now

How you figure?

THinking about becoming not gay.

-runs up to you and looks at you like this-


Everyone needs someone.


maybe they don't

What do you do?

Do you know how to code :D


yeah but I dont do it in my job


I'm Tim.

what's your job?

can you look at some code

Hi, Tim.
I'm dad.


Hi Soto




I don't even know anime. Something slutty?

Lick it up then

I work in a lab

youd be better off asking stack overflow

I'm not a slut! I'm a whore
I want to post as my Husbando Kougami Shinya desu

I consider sluts and whores to be the same


Little bitch.


delete this





I hope it hurts.

i just want to hear priest crisp and clear

I'm going to report you to Test

Truly a pain I'll never recover from.

New thread when?

Do it

I don't know how..

Whores get payed.


Hey sis gib me an avatar