I can't believe Test was Bebop all along

I can't believe Test was Bebop all along.

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Thats a pretty good voice changer.

Wish mine was that good.

did you play super metroid as a youth tsuchi?

I did and returning to it is fun for nostalgia but it is also very challenging and fun for me

what games have you been playing recently?


Help me spam guys.

I never owned a SNES but always played one next door at a friend's.
I had the newer consoles and he had a bit more of the then retro stuff.

I did have a Genesis and a lot of games for it, though.

i wanna cry

Nothing actually worth playing or mentioning.

Were that good enough?

Did you have n64? That was a fun one

I never played much genesis but I understand it was similar or at least comparable to snes


splatoon 2? xD

How secret are the secret weapons?

I don't have a switch and I probably won't be getting one.

Yeah. You're older than me so I was in the tail end of the Genesis/SNES days when I really started playing stuff. Every major console but the WiiU and Switch that's been released in my lifetime I've owned.

I just like to sleep

I might have "teen" in my age but 18 is adult age

I'm the biggest secret on all of Holla Forums~

I thought it was wii u as well? I was considering getting that or switch for breath of the wild but now I'm not sure I want to anymore

you remember my age! ;;

what games are you playing the past little bit?

then you need to grow on up little lady!!!!

Jk society deems it acceptable for young ppl to fuck around well into their mid twenties

I sleep that long too
but because I don't like sleep

I say skip it.

You're a weapon?!

You're 26 or 27.

I've mostly just been playing Souls games with someone since I'm decent at them and enjoy them while she enjoys the lore and is mechanically alright but doesn't understand how to play effectively. So it's just sort of fun/exhausting.

10x is older than me?

How old is muu?

yeeeaahh I never like buying a system for just one game

it's a secret ^^

you have the memory of an elephant!

dark souls has to be the pinnacle of most challenging video games ever, I barely could get anywhere in dark souls 2 but I suck anyway sooo

I just turned 26 recently rin rin

I have three jobs and I can make myself look older with makeup

granted, I'm still 5'3"

????? makes no sense


Frick if I know, never thought to ask Muu how old she is.

I just turned 25 a little over a month ago.

I guess dragon maids are weapons.
Weapons that wreck hearts

I should stop mixing up posters
It is a bad habit


She doesn't suck at the games; she just doesn't realize how to play the builds effectively or combo attacks and conversions. Just does the same strategy with every weapon just which weapon does more damage is what they use. So they just brute force bosses which makes things far harder far certain ones.

3 jobs? woooww, holding 2 is hard enough, I hope all 3 are part time?


so young, so sweet ;;

100% heart breakers, they are ;;

which DS are you guys playing ds3?

Did you finish the show?



Ha. I left a ranked game because my game kept freezing.
Fuck that shit.

Better than going idle in spawn because it was ranked and you didn't want to play ranked so fuck your team mates.

Sounds bad. Don't do that. I wouldn't do that.

one of them is, the other is every day of the week for 6-8 hours, and then the nex tone is a farmers market that is like 6 hours a day


I just hardly give a shit anymore.

I got a handle of whisky you can help make disappear.

How might I do that?

I actually ended up going to bed, I fell asleep with my tv on my iPad was dead when I woke up

how goes the Pokemon? Still shredding noobs?

eventually you will be able to work 1 job that will pay you as much as all 3

Generally you open your mouth and let it slide down your throat.....

How does one make whisky dick disappear?

Y'mean the shitty fangame?
Or in general?

so do tonight!!!

hows super

Sorry. I'm already gay.

Generally you open your mouth and let it slide down your throat.....

It wouldn't do me any good hitting on you if you weren't, squish.


ehhmmm you play the card game right? Or collect them? How's that going ^^

I will actually, I'm going to search it up now and figure out where I left off... I'm glad we chatted last night bc I don't know if I would've thought to return to this show

ughh I'm stuck on this one trick, I've just been practicing that and some other strategies tonight but I already played for almost 2 hours alrdy

As you post the main girl!

Or I can take my whisky elsewhere.

Unfortunately, without stable income I can't justify blowing money on cards like I'd want to, so my deck is still unfinished.

And I don't go to tourney's cause of that.

N-no. You can stay. I'd drink too if I didn't work tomorrow.

(tosh shika)

I work tomorrow.

Like, the story, and character dialogue of the fan game.
It's so bad.

And, like, not in the sense of so bad it's good.

Sup bitches?

Muh dick.

Maybe I can work something of yours.

Slow your roll, user~

I know it's silllyy, I don't even understand it myself

oooohhh i can understand that, are you still playing the Pokemon game for the 3ds? that game was really fun, I don't remember which version I have tho

vice queine maddie!!


I just purchased my birfday present to myself^^

How's it been~?

On and off, all I really have is to build teams and stuff, and while that's my favourite thing to do, there's just no pay off right now/anymore.

Oh I am sure we could work something out.

Only after I put out your fire.

like being a stripper?

Maybe I can do more than that even.

My what now?

I'm confuse.

What do you have in mind?

I am going to get you all hot and bothered, then I am going to satisfy you.

lol it doesn't quite work that way, but nice try :/

I could get a skirt...

It always works that way with me, Elms.

You still don't have one?

Why would you willingly choose that career path?

I have nobody to wear it for.


ooohhh tell me what you got!

and I've been well my friend! I hope you have been too

I guess you can battle against your friends and stuff but if the game doesn't really incentivize to keep playing that's sorta a bummer

no ;;

like a business lady or something

That is a shame.

The hormones are still interfering with that?

I could wear one for you.

Ooh, right!! I bought another drone. midsize brushless so I can run 3 cell batteries for outsize and it's ducted so I can reign it in for inside flying with 2 cell. Such excite, much wow!!

Been great. At the gf's right now. Letting her nap for a bit before I wake her ass up for work lol

No, it's not that. I'm just kinda bored with it. We're in some sort of standstill rn. idk mindgames or something.

who is this tho

But you don't have one. Guess that just means you have to wear nothing for me...

I am just the ghost of christams past. Nothing more, my love.

oh hi mandy

more money than a nurse



I could just get married to a sugar daddy and spend his money

You guessed that way too quickly.

I suppose I'll have to do just that.
M-maybe you'll do the same.

only you, m9~

Yeah, but it has a career expectancy of like five years. Then you're too old, gross, and used to make any money.

It's nothing worth seeing, me that is.

Well, shit. Time to guzzle the rest of this handle and pass out.

Be a cook ;3

I'll have to be the judge.

awwe dun b liek dat, bb~~

oh that's wild! Those would be so fun to have, I like anything remote controlled, that sounds like a 10/10 birthday gift

I think that may be easier said than done honestly, most guys are not into doing that

also I'm dragon maiding then bed

ni ni everyone

It's my big 27th so I wanted to get something cool.

nini Versace

I thought during AX you were supposed to share a hotel room with Soto and fuck?




Found some old pants that I didn't know I still had.





You wanna see ?

'who does something as autistic as make lists about who bullies them least'

I should make a list.

Lists are pretty fun tbh.

my list of bullies

I'll do it if I have like, a massive list of people who are in threads.
I'm too lazy to remember people to add.

Poor Grim.

Gilligan and TP are the only people on that list I would bother putting on mine.

If Tom and Jerry were and anime I'd watch it

Just use other lists.

Feel free.

Guess I'll just add as people crop up.

Sorry friend.

Already took them off.

Reply faster next time

thats okay

post without the pants
do it

My list has most of the people from this thread on it.

What year was this?


It's a start I guess.


bully me

i cant remember

I think 10

wow i see how it is okay squash not S rank i see how it is


That's 7 years ago


We're old Bard

It's funny cause they're the same person

I'll pass on that.

Fuck. Ya got me.




So what is your guys favorite sushi roll?

Dragons and also salmon/cheese.

I secretly have a crush on Wish, but I have to be mean to them because I'm embarrassed to let them know.


What does a Dragon roll have again?

Salmon/Cheese is a Philadelphia Roll fam
Those are always nice too

You should speak from the heart to her.




Just be honest and if it doesn't work out you can at least know you tried.

Do I look like a fucking weeb? Ask google.


I am honestly indifferent to their existence.

Time to get dunked on

Its pretty much an inside out roll or at least thats what it says

Don't you like crunchyrolls?
Those are usually the go to favorites for sushi noobs like you

I know, I was just playing along.

HI SOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey elma hows it going bby?

Fuck you Soto!

Soto-san. You're soooo funny.

You're so cute sometimes

Excellent, man, blowing my paycheck on drone shit under the guise of my b-day present to myself. How's it been with you?



Send me your nudes pls


Why is she eating a small person ?

I don't have any at the moment.


Getting a special snowflake role in other peoples discords are what I live for.

How can anyone want more than this ?

Its the end all be all.

Send nudes.

Do you stop all conversation in the discord as soon as you get the role too, just sitting there on the top of the list?


You are a fucking special snowflake tho

wtf were you doing walking on what looked like the side of a highway


I like the people in this discord so far.

I'm sorry i don't sound like a girl.

Walking to a high hill to watch the sunset with my little sister.

I'm a very good older brother.

I got her some apple juice on the way too.


holy shit

Wow, who actually LIKES people

Soto, one of these days!

how so sweet of you

I have no idea who she is but it's hot regardless.

Sometimes I do

most of the time i don't

I thought this was Cato at first.

It seems pretty boring to me honestly.

I like you better as a boy tho

Those poor, poor people.

You have to be some sort of fag to not like a woman in a black garterbelt and stockings set.

Are you some kind of faggot ?

I'm insane, I am smart,
All it takes, is a spark, to ignite my bad intentions,
And do what I do best to your heart,
Don't be fooled I was raised by the wolves,
Now the moon hangs in full, so you know I won't play by the rules

I just might be.

he bf
in the mirror


I recognize these lyrics

What should I drink tonight? Whiskey or beer?


DL wishes he could suck ethanol's dick.

What kind of whiskey and what kind of beer?

Its literally me.


I mean yeah.

It is edgy.

Who knows?


sad girls

I break to many hearts.

Gonna crush yours next.

No I need a dick that actually gets hard.

I.W. Harper or Jack Daniels

Beer wise, keystone.. that's all I have

You should.

Ay Soto you're still alive


Your name is demon lord my dude.
Like you unironically, willingly post with those two words attached as your name.

Kill yourself.

yeah i have a lot of spice and wolf wallpapers

uh huh

Isn't that show shit ?

Looks like shit

Maybe I will, lemme borrow that edge of yours, might just cut through my thick skin with how sharp it is


getting meat bal monday subway
before they close down

for the night

it was ok

there was one arc that was pretty fucking anger inducing but the wolf girl is adorable so


Nah it's easier to just laugh at you my dude

Brown daddy's home~

Weren't you complaining about having no food or no money for food literally yesterday?

I'd be a huge faggot just for you tho

Like you don't even know bro lol

Yeah, I know man
Im just as surprised lmao



Don't be heartbroken.
He's a huge faggot regardless.

I'd suck ban's dick

no homo

Have fun.

Cute anime girls aren't really enough for me to watch something.

i dunno

just don't like them

they really annoy me a lot of the time

I think I kinda have an idea.

You would let me stick my penis in your butt, huh ?

*blank reply*

I'd a Soto
one way or another

That reply doesn't look blank to me

the whole medieval economy thing was neat too.

Sounds like someones jealous lmao


brb calling the cops

They'll never catch me!

Its pretty empty.

anime money

I don't see you saying no.

Grim likes to sucks large milkshakes out with his straw

tru tru

shuddup. you were better with your dick tumor anyway tbhfam

wanted to lick that shit.

Laugh all you want, does not change how sad your life is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ya doing good? What good drugs you on now?


Oh hello

You replied to like three other people though

I was saying to drink the jack


Give him the reacharound he's always wanted.

None thankfully

I'm just pretty drunk and I had a dab earlier today lol


Wassup diggy?

He could me instead ;3

This image is creepy
shouldn't lewd cosplay jailbait

He's a bottom, though.

Yeah i just realize that soon as I post

Did you finally quit?
Nice, I'm finna have me a couple of shots before grilling

Long week, time to wash it off with some whiskey and steak. How've you been?


ugh. fiiiine

-yawns and rolls over on the easy chair, snug warm under his blue blanket-




-is impressed with the moon today-

Just get a pump and make him the happiest girl at the ball.


griiiiim daddy

buy me a birthday present~

But I wanna be the happiest girl at the ball, dummy.

-wonders if it's hammer time- 0.o??

You must be Sherlock Holmes

Make it some yuri puri thing.


I don't know what that is .


nice cap

I'm not your daddy

Is there a problem? I just got home and I'm hungry AF

Yeah, but like. please?

Elma I can be your daddy

I spent all my money on food and runescape

-brings you steamed fish with saffron and paprika, red and green dicd peppers and a lime slice, served with a thin drizzle of olive oil-

I am very smart.

Believe it

It's raw.. RAW

Lesbians (male) like Luka.

It's just a bit odd.
Also, it's miserable outside since it rained earlier.

Ooh. Whiskey is 2much4me x_x

Good. Real good. New job is starting to shift from the new-hire jitters to having fun so it's pretty rad.

Oh yeah?

Can you buy me a birthday present?

Awwe. Nerd~ :p

ill treat you when we meet up

Ooh. Weird lol

brb 530 or something

-believes rilly hard and accidentally falls off the chair-

;_; -would never serve you raw fish unless it was sashimi grade. Is steamed, moist and flakey-


Im down


NY Pizza in that park you showed me or bust.




It's fine over here, sorta breezy

Needs me something strong after a long week uwu
Ooo fun fun, wish my jobs were like that.. I'm not looking forward to this weekend -_-

Ohh? it's your birthday? Happy birthday! (I'd buy you something but I got bills coming up uwu)

You focking dunkey, it's RAW

ohhh man.
its gonna be lit.

v.v -takes the fish away and pouts over it-

Soto said hes gonna let me fuck his ass.



Your side never gets any of the rain the entire metroplex does.
It's fucking weird.

Just remember to tuck it well when you meet up. I don't want you to die.

omg elma pls
at least get on skype and give me the whole package

Hey sonata!

^.^ -waves and brings you tea with orange zest and spices-

is that a lot? I just wanted to see if anyone would do it lmao

I'm gonna buy it rn

It's joke! Gimme fishie! I hunger!

I'm very disappointed I did not recieve any rain, just some sprinkles which lead me to believe I was.


\^_^/ -brings you the fish and plates it carefully-



Alrighty time to grill, bye bye~

Best tea room

I still to this day do not know if Sonata's shtick is ironic or not.

-brings you honey and champagne soaked pears with cinnamon and a very small touch of cloves, still warm, and a scoop of vanilla bean icecream with a thin honey drizzle-

-offers you a cup of tea-



the moon was blood red and full


A blood moon.


Polkadots fold with the cloth!

Fucking bored

America should go to bed

I agree, Archives


Very much possible

Not even almost


I suggest doing things.

That feel when you're not bored.

Like what things?

help me reverse my sleeping schedule

30 more minutes.

go to bed

I don't actually feel like doing anything though.



i like the little black dress
and the purse and scarf
and her perfect hair uwu


Brag about it.

Why is your moon red ?

Yep, is late

Easy, you stop doing anything at 9pm, then go to bed at 10pm because bored, and sleep


I never actually took those pants off

its very uncomfy


Have you even done anything all day

I don't think anyone knows this feel

No clue my dude.
I hadn't thought this far ahead.

but i want to stay awake at night and avoid the summer sun

I went shopping and then took my little sister to see the sunset.

Yes, little black dress is very nice.

Not even late!

That is the problem right there!

Stop trying to get into your sister's pants

Air advisory
it's too hot here
and the air has a brownish dust heavy fog to it
so it make the air redish
making the clear fullmoon in the cloudless sky orange

i want more~

why don't you even ave anything new? :\

But sun is nice

Yeah, is

whymst should I have

rip zipper dick

But I want to die

I'm not doing that.


oh you too ?

no dying allowed

with all the forest fires i'm not surprised

Have anything new?

Make me, then!

So you could tell me!


I wanna sleep but I don't wanna sleep

Wife, what should I do ?

He's complaining you don't have new anime girl images for him to jerk off to.

i dont save any spice and wolf, no.
you should

are you wanting a snack or thirsty?
maybe do something physical
and pass out after doing lotsa stuff?

But its the middle of the night and i'm already sleepy.

Likely story

Poor reason

From here, that's impossible

screen and internet people keeping you awake
no willpower to escape~

I'm a weak man who acts on his emotions.

What about shiina?

or do you want me to save more spice and wolf?
I actually did that last night

best reason

Damn, make a teleporter!

They ruin people

No, not the tear-your-atoms-apart teleporter, but bending spacetime teleporter

what will you act on next?

moar pics in general

Should I know that ?

im oke im wearing bball shorts



You're the mad scientist here, you make one

My holo folder is over 500 images, 70 of them being my good gifs

do you want to know?

show me gifs?

You come help me!

can you tell me ?

at least half of what I post are gifs!

I know nothing

Yes, but I need moral support!

i can't, your dreams can!

do you have any that arent just from the anime?

I don't dream.

then can i have permission to stay awake so i can not die?

They are better if they are from the anime

you will.
you just can't remember them.


I'm incapable of providing moral support

o-okay then. Stay up

If I can't remember them then it might as well of not happened.

My life is true suffering.

lol ur so easy

Do you disagree?



"The answer I’m about to give might surprise you. The reason you don’t dream is because you actually have… severe brain damage. Just kidding!"

" important to keep in mind that EVERYONE dreams at night, it’s just that some of us don’t remember our dreams that well in the morning"



can't possibly provide support, yep

original artwork in different styles makes me more happy!

I know all of this.


youre asking to be raped in that pose

Impossible, best support!

I thought you would like this one

b-but... you just said u don dream ;~;
but you're telling me u kno what u are saying isn't true?

Finally finished Darksouls 2. Time to go hollow out.


only if you eat 480 of them!

You tend to post similar art styles, very cute

but it happened
...... you did all those amazing things!

you should eat

aany other styles?

I can't believe ban is lying to poor luka

No one will ever know if I did or not.

I sleep.

You have probably seen this one, no?

Not at all


you did great



yeah that's the one done by that artist


I have a couple others that are cute.

worst of the lot

One of the best

did u just tell me to kms?




they keep me happy

The one form this post specifically

yeah, i like ones with emotion

emotion is good!

what will you do next?

I have no idea~

it's 1:30 am for me






2:30 here