doomfisto OP!!!

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Thank you sweet face

Don't you have more than me?

I deleted them... got like 50GBs back

I want one that fits my personality

Love you Bloodchan!


I dunno.

I wish I were a secretary so I could have a fling with my boss.


Maybe a loli?

If you describe the kind of avatar you're looking for, I may know or be able to find a similar character.

Black long hair, loli, red eyes, light skin, female

tfw you spend half an hour trying to figure out what the fuck is going on in your code

Immediately off the top of my head, you could steal SanAiyaka's original avatar.

I know more, though, give me a moment.

Who the fuck is SanAiyaka?


Too bad these twins only have, like, two images.


Asuna from Hoshi o Ou Kodomo kind of fits, though her eyes are brown not red.


Conundrum does the literal opposite of everything you wanted except loli.

Good thing, there's only 7 images of her anyway.

they're so cute too!

Too pure

Ib has brown hair, but that aside, she fits.

rory mercury

She's too innocent..

Is that anime any good?


Hmm interesting...

Lol no

it fits tho

Sita doesn't fit.

They're from the same game as Sita, but that game's long since shut down.

I guess so.

She's a killer

I think I like the first one you recommended

dont you like edgy shit

Ai's pretty good.

Though when it comes to black-haired lolis, Jacqli's basically top, tbh.

Too bad Jacqli only has, like, two good images.

nope that's not me

whoa! she's cute!
uhm is it okay if I posts Ai?

What the fuck! ._.,
Also I'll be right back, I have to walk my dogs

One of my favourite images ever is a Jacqli image, actually.

Very good, wanna come over and watch?

I, personally, have no qualms with it.

JFTT doesn't post anymore, and I'm not aware if he even lurks to object.
And it isn't as if we haven't had repeat avatars before to start with.


You aren't allowed to post Natsume Rin, though.

Because I basically have a fetish for posting characters named Rin.




Don't ever post that gain.


Why would Japan put Daisy Dukes on a 2-year-old???

as long as he's not around... I guess its okay...
I don't want him to beat me up...

She's too K-on!! Moeshit

I was going to post right now! I'm kidding lol

White people need to stop.


Thats better.

you need to stop



fat tiddy


alright I'll stop dropping truth bombs

What 2yr/o did they give DDs to?



this bitch


nnnnn creamy titta

spoiler that

She's no more developed than she should be at her age.

If anything it just looks weird because of the lose strands of hair across her chest.

There's been so many people who's used that avatar.

I'm not one of them

which one do you want to suck first?

her hair shouldn't even be that long at her age!

Well, it is.


LEFT one please

Bottom tiddy please

That's just called a dick.

I'm downloading the folder now~

Good morning Bard can we have a serious talk, please?

But there's no milk in that one... don't you want to suck mommy's milk?


thats gay

I just want the low hanging tiddy

Th-then the right one >.

Image Scrapers make me not use folders, honestly.

i can't be lewd, I have a boyfriend!

Use Rin, she's a cute!

Its not lewd to lemme suck your tiddies

It's afternoon.

Which Rin?

i'm an angel i have to be good

The one from Naruto, I'm kidding, the one from Fate

well I just woke up

so to me
it's morning

I've finally figured it out

The way to continue being able to tolerate Blood-chan is to only talk to her in threads and not have her added on any chat programs

nothing personnel, kid

Yes, be my angel... and lemme them tiddies

What the FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh space before name made the field max out

I might not want to if you can't even type her name.

i'm just more myself in private...
I don't want others to see it

but i belong to sonataaa

it is because that bitch is looking for you?

Morning is like 6a-12p (or if you actually use forenoon, it's like 8a to 12p). Afternoon is until 6p. Evening is until 10p. Night is 10p to 6a.

You needn't tell them. They told me it is okay.

Someone's looking for me?

So uh, anyone seen Rin lately ?


Btw, look at what I have.

great success

my morning goes from 4 p.m until midnight
my afternoon is midnight to 5 a.m and my night is 5 a.m to bedtime at around 10 am at the lastest

They post all the time in gueros discord if you're trying to find them

I think he's been cybering Test.

This is Erin's folder, actually.

Oh, I've never been it before.

no she didn't! i'm his angel now

Her name starts with an A and end with a 2

I like being a hipster and saying "forenoon" to people because no one knows that's even a real term so it just confuses the hell out of them.

I have an odd sense of amusement.

I'm saying Jesus was looking for you to convert you from your heathen ways.

Most underrate post in all of the internet as of right now

How tall are you ?

Sounds pretty hard if you're tall

i swear to GOD i just saw you and squiddy posting there like 2 nights ago

ssssssssh, its okay, i love you too~

Test being short kind of makes it easier to force him into a skirt.


Anybody who's not an illiterate FUCK!!!
should be able to rationalise what forenoon is

I don't see why they would need to expend much effort to find me.

Which ways are the heathen ways today?

Exactly. ;))))))

How many tests tall are you ?

I'm one test '11 inches

y-yeah Idk maybe it was yours...

hes single

Get him

I've been in both

Guros discord always has big calls though and I dislike those

3 - 4 people is what I like at the most

Nobody's test is that long
not even long test johnson and he had a long fuckin test

If you think "being yourself" is an excuse to just say anything and with any amount of repetition you feel like then I just might have to internet diagnose you with AUTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's okay though this arrangement works for me

ilu gurl

oh yeah that makes sense there
some of the tcs i've been in when i rarely join them were like that and its like

hard to talk tbh

They usually can assume its meaning but it's just sort of funny when they have that half confused inflection where they don't know if you're just bullshitting them.

Homosexuality and anime idol worship.

One Test, eleven inches.

That's the crigniest thing I've heard in the hour since I woke up

like fuck dude that is some elementary Roots right there

i understand why you have to deal with that though
living in texas and all

Once he puts on a skirt, and starts popping tranny pills.


Its pretty dumb imo

Stop copying me

Wow, another person whos only into trap ?

I'll date Test first then.

I love him for his soul.

I'm into women and other feminine peoples.

Sorry for group linking you all like this, I can't post anymore cuz my wifi sucks... bye

I'm older than you so wouldn't you be copying me if my height has been this longer?

Well, I can't think of anyone who fits that bill.

Are you actually older than me though ?

I will miss you, til your return ♥

Test is an old man and you're a pure young boy

I'm a man.


No one who uses the internet.

I'm two years older.


I am 15


I use bootleg internet so I can find cuties faster.

24 ?

stop driving without a license

They're all Egyptians, though.


if i'm lucky

3 years then

My rebellious streak is my charm point.


Cats eat fish

don't mess with me


I hope you get banned.

that's my fetish though

the fucking smug on this vapes face

me too

Test is afk though sooo good luck

You're my fetish




post butt

I get the joke.

heh heh

that is a good joke isntt it

Lifeguard McCree is great.


it's high tide

Damn, you're thicc as fuck.


Whats your secret ?

iced cream

Three tubs of Ben & Jerry's a day.

I wanna cum inside KissShot.

Everyone needs to watch it happen too.


A water type i'm guessing.

The lewd type.



I'm innocent and pure.

I'm also pure so its okay.

Tell me one non-pure thing I've done.

Literally nothing.

Yes good we are both pure.

Yuri is puri.


*purely pats head*


Doki doki no waku waku

i want her~ ♥ :O

omega lewd



me too


Y-you guys....

Why you cryin'?

But aren't you turbogay?

Bard is pretty mega lewd though.

discord is hiding channels from me ;~;

Hey, don't bring that into this.

Maybe they're just gone.

Or are you just a turbofag that wants to be an anime girl?

That sounds like a bad time tbh.

Pray away the gay.

I'm an anime boy.

Pray to M. Pence.

nope, it weird discord glitch.
i was able to post in it when someone @ 's me
but once i choose somethign other than it, it completely vanishes!


You chose this hell.


I wanna roll with Marcelo Garcia
he's such a cool dude and great fighter
i'd get m y ass stomped but hed have so much to teach

I forgot just how shitty this show was.




Eat a DICK



Is this shit broken or deader than dead

its dead

I am the thread.

Have fun modding over me.


Don't look

This picture probably really turns some people on.

Don't save it without asking me.

You can save this one though without asking.

Shark teeth

I was the real puppet master

I can say anything right now and no one will know.

All the pictures I just post are of me and nothing I just said was ironic.


But no one actually knows if i'm being ironic when I say that.

An ironic fog that can't be penetrated.

Oh hi grim

whats is up
mister ironic fog

Literally nothing

gonna play For Honor at some point this week I think

sounds fun

im gonna head into the shower, probs gonna be up for a couple more hours

This is /aneki/ levels of dead.

I'll do the same thing.

Bet you'll be back before me.



I said don't look.

Yeah but you also told me to have fun admining over just you so I'm taking the better advice.

Do I buy DS3 or take a break?

See if I ever give you advice again then.

I literally only played Dark Souls 1, I don't know dude

You were supposed to be DS senpai.

I never agreed to this

You'll get drunk again eventually

I'll just choose to be a different type of drunk then.

I'll just start being an angry drunk.

That used to be me but now I'm just a sleepy drunk.

You never want to do anything.

I noticed.

You never really last that long.

I bet I can be REALLY mean.

I'm a lazy boy

It's like flipping a light switch.

Do it.

I got a lot of hate to go around that I've been saving up.

I secretly hate almost everyone.

Yeah same but not really. You'd be the worst best friend.

Test is the worst. Period.

Drop the bombs

Can confirm.

Can confirm.

The fate series is a clusterfuck

I'd still call you my friend, though.

I don't feel like it yet.

Nothing is really upsetting me.

Some things just a small amount.

Pretty sure people only watch it for cute/thicc anime girls.

hello I have returneth

I forgot to leave.


Someone tells me to just watch Fate: Zero and call it a day.

Keep them all in mind


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you

the champion of the hour.

Thanks fam.
How's your night going

I can never forget anything.

Don't you mean the champion of every hour ?

Stay/night was not too bad
but apparently the rest are alternate stories and prequils?
real funky

I just finished stay/night
was worth, mostly

Just this one

I personally haven't enjoyed one yet.

It's Kiritsugu being amazing and Gilgamesh being a dickhead.
So it's great.

It's not gay if we're battlebuddies.

F/SN from like 2006?
If it's that, then it's trash. The UBW from a 2014/15 was good.

It's aight but I keep staying up all night every night for some reason.

I don't even sleep in that late, just sleep 5-10 for the past three nights

Poor elephant boy.

I've heard it's mediocre to be honest.

Actually I've been posting Nef

So i'm a catsomething

I'm not sure if this is a catboy or catgirl

I don't think I'm ever gonna know for you

remove you from that and replace it sure


they both work

I only wanna know for Test so he can call me a Catboy or Catgirl

Yeah, Georgie from Ooble's discord says it's the one he thinks is great for fate noobs that are kind of snobby like me.

Shit you right.

Ain't that bitch a killer insect monster

Yeah but they are clearly a cat.

I'm always right. Never quote me on that

Men with tiddies.

Did you just assume its species

It's not too long but I'm gonna guess you'll walk away with Iskander being your favorite.

But am I wrong ?



I'll make a concerted effort to hate them.


I'm just the only one whos right.

It's almost impossible to hate Iskander (Alexander the Great).

Holy shit the png moved

I thought I was crazy for a second

You are crazy.

If only I could use that as an excuse.

At the very least, you could pretend to be on the internet.

I've been Blood_chan this whole time.

I think tsuchi might not actually be smart.

it's worrisome to think there's potentially nothing behind the curtain.

he's insecure about seeming like he owns a fedora.

hopefully you're off from school during this

go to sleep little one

oh shi

This is what you're reduced to? Bait?

It starts later this month.

I would readjust my sleep sched 1-2 weeks beforehand

The underscore obvs proves you were him the entire time.


it's how I legit feel.

sleep is for the sleepy.

like he'll ever have an answer.

he'd have to introspect.

figure out who he is. which is what I wish to find out.

Is that Kanra or BLoodchan ?

I can't tell

does he even read?

I bet he's never even read Descartes like all the smart people.

I concur.

bet he's only read Stephen King.

I read crayon drawings of complex topics distilled down into picture books.

Give her the D


Hahaha, silly plebeian

I'm so glad us smart folk can be smart and read all these smart books to make us smarter so we can talk to all our smart friends that like us about them