New day new thread

New day new thread

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old is better


To live in waking agony.



Fucking hell no

More more more



All that mayo



does she succ

she also fucc

Megumin a SLUT


Woah cum explosions




The fake hair always looks so gross on these women.



I'll take 2


3D is pretty good

shinji's mom is pretty hot

I'm extremely picky with 3d tho


I like to think I am too


Does nothing for me

Guess I'll post porn too.

that puffy cameltoe tho

you may be a psychopath then


lul I post on 4chan for the first time in like a year and get banned right away.

Everything about her tho

I might just be



you have to be psychopathic if this doesn't give you the biggest hard on ever

There's so much better pr0ns


Like anything that isn't ponyshit

Devil Aoba need

Nobody likes your porn tho

or maybe you're gay?

that is the point.


Oh nice my ID has Satanic trips

I have a few pony related pictures that I like

I enjoy women sexually, so I don't think so!

I wish Nimf wouldn't post pictures of me cosplaying. I gave those to him in confidence.

Of course the pony shit's even worse because it's horribly drawn.

I don't get it.


post em

It bothers some people and I find it funny.

At least that's anthro.

Give me more. I promise I won't post them.

A 12 year old with a crayon could do better.


You know, Test. If you don't find something worth commenting on you don't have to comment on it.
Me posting fur porn is a net loss of zero for you.

i know you secretly enjoy this

This place has gotten pretty fucking gay

You've got me all figured out.

It seems silly to spam porn with intention of bothering people, Squash. Childish, even.

I found Ikt's car.




I'd finally forgotten that


And look at that. I gained joy from your misery due to posting some porn.
Not even porn. Just the cover.

As proof of one's life, there exists death. This proof exists as a flame, painfully burning one's life away. Yet though a life crumbles to dust, time moves ever onward. He who had been your proof, your life itself...The answer has been lost, never to be found again.

you're a kinky little fucker, user~


i think i fapped to dis

Of course I'd drive a proper CL1 Honda Accord Type-R!


You too, Blood-chan.

The car?



literally who?

Blood chan sit on my face

State your name or be Blood-chan.

My real name?

How you holding up nimfs

I remember when I had a name

Yeah, totally what I meant.


Moved out of my old place where I had a god awful roommate, and I'm in a much larger and nicer place now, so doing quite well. Happier these days.
Hope you've been doing well too.

Anonymous is fine for now.

Oh I love that anime.

I require sauce.

For... a friend.

Not while I make the rules.


I see you're the admin of this board.

Wait, did Test just change the Anonymous name to Blood-chan?

Oh sweet! I'm hoping to buy my own apartment soonish too, how much space you got? You still work I guess?

I'm enjoying my summer holidays before starting studies again. Just a year left!

There isn't anymore to it.

No Alchemist did



What about that one?

That's Test.




Mod abuse
Admin abuse

I'm gonna go fap to Chara, I'll be back when Test's done having his breakdown.

New board when

Well I'm in a 3-story, 3-bedroom semi-house now with two roommates I've been getting along with well.
Also in a much nicer area, and much closer to things.
And yeah, still working full time.
How many years you have left of school?

No wait

We had ways of dealing with mods.

Lets goto grims board



I wonder how many coin flips it took him to get the answer he wanted.

Oh no

More ponies





kill them all

Okay you can go now

It's treason, then.

What will we do?

I will destroy you

-cums and farts-

Kill all ponies.

Hey Admin can you direct me to the pony board? I'm lost at the moment.


Lol are you my ex?


here you go user

oh my gosh hi Sabrina. *hug*

You already know where you are, Blood-chan.

The only way to beat a pony is by saying its name


It's too late now.

I have no idea what or who you're talking about.

please destroy me daddy



Post butt


It's always nice seein' ya, dear. I'm glad you found a comfy place to live with nice peeps.

Nerf this?


I hope you're doing well yourself.
Anyways, I should go.
Always nice to see you Sabs

I'm dying d.Va


Now spread it for daddy

Take care! ♥

Sq'oot, why don't you take a deep breath and have a sip of water?

Just two pages.
Artist is Animeflux

Ah sweet, most important thing is to get along with roommates.

Just one more year and I'll be done, thank god. I'm sick of books.

Because its everyday bro.
And I'm anxious.
And allergic to breathing.

Still waiting for some backstory.


fucking shit c and mem constraints

Whew great fap

Why hotglue ponies when I can hotglue Lillie?

that's not glue but it's certainly hot

why hotglue lillie when you can hotglue tokai


Yes it is.

Lewd afternoon!



So does she like have a litter every time, or were they just really busy.


The former
apparently, she only has one kid as seen here

That's hot.
Ah, what a shame.

well, that's one kid so far!

sup cato

how are you mister spectre?

I want the Kazumin ship to sail.

why is hat off in one angle and back on in others

I slept until 2 and don't think I am going to go in and do work today

Still deciding if I will anyway

Spec, post tum.

Now she's just waitin' to outlive the current man to move onto the next.

How's Nez?

Loose legs sink ships.

It is a time thing, she passed out like this many many times in a row


that's gonna be really sad


But you know it's gonna happen!

I apologize, that was cruel.



SRAM usage: 994 bytes @
SRAM usage: 862 bytes @


yeahhh, they get into that at some point
but I am a long way from that point





Sit on my face





how're you doing?


but you're not my master

Whew trying to remember my trip is hard

Gonna be a good week?

So far.

This dick is hard

This is good!
Any plans?

what kind of job can you just show up when you want?

also tired
reading a book

The one you aren't currently paid for and your adviser isn't gonna be in town for another week

I don't know how to help you v////v;

Suuuuuuure you dont

Just ate a burg

it was a good burg

Also dragons and shit in got


Right? Fulken melted those silly bastards

Be safe babydoll

Turned em into dust.

"your people can't fight"

"Flee you dumb cunt"

Most important lines of the show

Fucking right, i kek'd and then disappointed that he got saved at the expense of the horses... arya tho, arya stronk


DO you think Arya is gonna kill little finger ?

I feel like that would be too easy for the story though.

You didn't even fucking bother to change IPs?

I have a feeling he is wanting her to do her bidding, mutual enemies.
She has a kickass dagger from him via bran after all.
Whi knows.
Littlefinger is getting his nose bent too much atm and not reacting.
There's ALWAYS blowback from that dude

Please let the plumber get here soon.
I want to shower so badly.

I think the next thing he tries to do is gonna fail.

I don't see him making it passed this season.

hi again
my mom is on my gaming computer... so replies will be slow

Youbthinknhe has cashed all his get out of jail cards too soon?

Dont worry bae
How are you today? ^^

lick yourself like the dog you are

Bran probably knows everything hes done.

Hes around people that know what kind of person he is and someone who can see everything.

I just don't see him lasting very long.

Pretty good actually, it's been an amazing day
How's your day?

Youve a good point
Bran is just patiently awaiting the correct time to orchestrate the whoop ass

All the better for seeing you hun.
Why such a great day?

To dumb to change IPs when same fagging?
Jesus you've lost it.

We shall see.




Hopefully something crazy happens
I mean
Its par of the course

*bumps lewdly*

oh hi mark

Anta baka? You are a pick me up ;3
Rainy day? Hm? Food? Tell me more, sugarplum

i don't know baka...
I had turkey with all the fixings and stuff
and apple pie
I had to bake everything since my parents are lazy butts



lol wat?
oh The Room?

You a good cook? You could always teach me how to make a pie or how to put a bin in your oven.


he's fluffy and short and like a bear
perfect for Squash

Luka is babooka

Thicc goat bois

Nice 420 get
And if I wanted to change my IP I would have done it but I don't really care

lol silly, how is luka?

I'm a virgin though...
Um I would love to teach you to cook
I can make pretty much anything
but my specialty is baking.

Are you ready for more Annie?

Well someone needs to christen you ;3


i have a boyfriend now lol


More comin'



Ssssh, we both know the truth

Like Alex jones


What's there to eat? ^^

Is this going to be awful anime OC donut steel?

Toppo is also thicc

look at him showing off that ass.


but its true! Sonata really is my bf now
we talk on the fone and text, he'll live stream games for me sometimes and he buys me gifts on steam

I can't wait for the rest of the manga to get animated.

Oh man are people going to be upset.

I can see the fire rising.

People are actually gonna bust a huge nut.

its this


Something I've been noticing is that slavs like to stack a ton of SHIT!!!!!!11 vegetables on perfectly good burgers

Put bacon on it instead

It's the American way

This seems even more awful than NAZIS ARE MAKING TITANS.

its just a few slices of bell peppers, onions and tomatoes, user :/
it gives it a great taste ^^

Have you read the manga ?

I can't remember

I've skipped pieces here and there but read the majority of it until the time skip.

Then gave up at how awful it became.

I read a little into the time skip and then just dropped it completely.

Off screen deaths are the worst fucking thing and that manga has a ton of them.

due hast


ginyu force

One tomato slice is at least normal but u literally have three slices of tomato on top of each other

If a slav ever puts a burger with that many vegetables on it in front of me again I am going to fucking SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good morning


lol oh hi Beast!
I put that many because my family won't eat the rest of the tomato once its cut...
I didn't want it to go to waste

Good morning Bard! Hi!


They literally are.

Thicc leaders are nice

waifu wars

yo where can i chat with other embedded autism

i need to save myself another some 212 bytes

Maybe this one

i know you're saving yourself
but you drive me crazy and I just cant help myself

i still have mine and i love it


is he still only super saiyen blue?


Vegeta can do it too.

go kaoken x2000 times red+blue mode!

Who even all died off screen during the time skip?

No spinach, broccoli, carrots, or avocado on the side?


Isn't suffering from it worse than wasting it

I got the first one I tried from a notepad file; I think it was supposed to be my old one but it must've gotten fucked up somehow

u should watch Gabriel DropOut

The angel with the white hair is kind of like him

and what exactly do you want/

r u randomly mad at me again today

you're an enabler

Yeah it causes inflammation in most people and it can be very painful but its okay...
I don't really eat it anymore.
Only when my mom buys it

Omg you make one that says !666 only~

That anime is too moe-moe for me and yeah I thought the same thing~

I didn't realize until I was about to submit the post that I linked Blood-chan three times but then I submitted it anyway

Throw them at her

Tripcodes like that aren't possible unless they're on Name Sync or something

I wouldn't have watched that anime on my own but it was actually pretty good

Ni ni

Get bent


Eat my ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11




reiner kinda did

annie is most likely dead too

our paths will not cross again

Goodnight all, have a wonderful day ♥

hail lord Satan

-hug- im so drained...
I can't think...

Goodnight Scoots


Jesus fucking christ

Okay gurl I'll talk to u when ur done being a butthurt babby over me talking to someone you don't like, or never again

LOL is he so mad because you keep randomly saying MGD?


nah, no money for that fancy expensive stuff.

You dug the grave
it's yours to fit

I knew about Ymir because of the letters and shit but her Titan form hasn't been seen and she's probably dead from age anyways, same for Annie, Reiner, Eren and Armin. I know the latter two won't be dead somehow but I'm assuming the whole "titan shifters can't live longer than Ymir Fritz" thing to be untrue since they have to be eaten for the shifting powers to be inherited by someone. So they can't just die.

LMAO don't flatter yourself

I reject your frame and substitute my own:

I am the source of all worth, and you refusing to talk to me would only mean you're a worthless poop

It's okay though; ever heard of the parable of the prodigal son?

I'll shower you with acquaintanceship and piss when you realize the error of your ways and return

It will be a great day for u

they explained what happens if one of them just dies without some eating them

someone randomly just gets the power in the world and I think its someone related to you

Well, that's fucking stupid.

Something with standards so low as yourself as to socialize with that are not something I would ever taint my prescence with

The manga is stupid.

I don't feel like whoever was writing it knew what to do after the first two arcs.

I can't really articulate why it feels like this but it just seems like it's the subset of manga where the author is far too influenced by external influence where the entire series evolves because not of what the author/artist thought at the onset but just what fans and other manga did.

Kind of like JoJo in a way but it worked for the better for it.

Am I doing too much from this platform

Well I don't know what you're talking about; I've given her more (You)s than anyone else here since I came back, so that automatically makes her the most high status person here

Real talk: you're wasting your time by trying to talk to me as if anyone here is objectively a "higher standards" person to talk to than anyone else here. That kind of thinking is stupid and primitive and you wouldn't bother trying to use it on me if you really knew me. I talk to who I feel like talking to. I don't care about other peoples' opinions and frame games. I decide what each individual person is worth to me, and I will allow you to lower your worth by not talking to me.

tl;dr: Get FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

D-do I scare y-you~? ^^


So if you just pretend you don't see the IDs does it trigger people more or what ?

the company you keep reflects more upon you than any mirror ever will

This proves how much of a piece of shit you are
I'm not trying to persuade you one way or the other
I'm saying that you are a terrible person and the people you associate with are terrible people
and I hope both of you die painfully

Then why continue vomiting your dumb fuck opinions as if they matter?

Use your energy on something else, like improving your shit life

Everyone knows I'm MGD already, dummy

Kill yourself

It would make much more sense for you to do that

Show me your boobs again but as MGD this time.

Keep vying for validation having scat themed internet sex with everyone you can pick up


I've only been doing IRL lewd things lately

Oh, you're still a virgin, aren't you?



Its true though

Sure :3c

i guess it's better eating shit out of a smelly ass in real life than on the computer

Guess I know now

Weird, weren't there for me.

It's in the "quality threads" section below that



Look at this thread.

You knew it wasn't quality.

Why does this exist?


Bi bi

I haven't tried it, but hey, since you can't find a girl who will let you fuck her, maybe you can at least find a girl willing to poop in your mouth

Try it and let me know how it is

Do crossboard links no longer work?

You put an extra dash.

Thanks for the scat eating/incest/inflation/hand holding cyber, Erio.

And the aneki thread is?

help make this quality

Oh, right, that was 4chan that required three > for crossboard links.

let me post a picture of konata doing finger guns




You had the right number of > but an extra /

I just copypasted from the URL. Whoops.

I looked at it, it's a fucking blog, it's hilarious.

An extra / you SHITTER

It's like if Kanra had a thread all to himself.

Who the fuck's even posting?

You're not HELPING

Yeah kinda


that's my mood right now.

The only downside :(

A nobody/spammer

I'll be your sister.
I just recently started HRT.

Rolled 3 (1d4)1 - Senran booby bouncing simulator 20XX
2 - Fashion Dogma
3 - PkMn Pt/Shitty PkMn Fan Game
4 - War3
5- Cyber Test
6 - Cyber Subtle
7 - Ban Pigs

Rolled 3 (1d4)Even - Pt
Odd - Shitty fan game

Frickin' finally, tbh.

Guy behind Evangelion made it as a short.

that's what you think

that's me me me


Pic unrelated?

Are you Squashina now?

so you're gonna be a lady?

OOOOOH This is cool

I knew what the video was, I'm just in a questioning mood.

it's like, related and not related.
I knew what it wa sbut couldn't remember what from, then I also feel like dancing like that.



Yeah. I have little tits.

It's the TRUTH


It's masturbation after a mound of PCP.

here's one
with a cropped out background

It's almost like it was made by some emo-scene-goth autist. :thinking:

Trap names are supposed to sound like a porn star to emphasize how much dick you want to validate you as a girl.


I don't like her hair.

Get Nefel's folder and become him.


Yeah well, I don't like your hair.

I kinda made one already though.

dont listen to tsuchi
you're a beautiful girl

how is Bard?

That's cute >u<

holy shit

Literally all the dicks are required for you to be a girl, Barkletta.

Make your dad proud.

i'm watching super cool fight vids >//< how are you

but you were the one who styled it...


I can't stand looking at the mess I've made.

super metroid is so hard i might commit seppuku out of frustration

Rolled 17 (1d18)Rolling for starter.


I beat metroid fusion when I was like 8

I wish they made a Zero Mission version of Super Metroid.

this looks like how I cuddle people and try to trap them in my arms/legs

you're just, weird.

do it

How am I weird?

remove konata

I wanna join the ufc and become a proffesional cuddler but I'm too small

metroid fusion is easier ;;

and I'm trying to beat the game as fast as possible that's why it so hard for me

but SM is already so perfect, you would still enjoy an updated version or reimagining?

oh piggy don't be such a grump


git gud

just are

I could be one, I'm buff enough

I'm always grumpy, I need three years of sleep to feel not grumpy

Just one more easy to play. SM is great but VC titles are annoying to play for some reason. They just feel off, like you're playing a shitty ROM with poor controls.

Put those things back where they came from or so help me

As in not the game's difficulty but the weirdness of VC and ROMs.

Arduino Pro Micro alternatives with fucktons of RAM

I have no idea what you're talking about; I just said yes to say yes.

Just get a Raspberry Pi tbh.

I'm trying but I don't know if I'm good enough

3 years of sleep in a row seems dangerous

virtual console is garbage for ports of games with super technical controls

I play snes on a CRT tv for the most responsive control

Try doing it while not on drugs.

it sounds like heaven. I'd sleep for more than 12 hours if I could.

Who sleeps for like 12 hours?
How would one even do that?

ehmm I only smoke a little when I'm trying to play but you're right I should try playing 100% sober to get better

teenagers need more sleep than adults but you're going overboard ;;

I dunno but you'd have to start out by being very sleepy I suspect

Yeah, that's why I just want a Zero Mission-esque port where it's maybe a few graphical and technical (which was just copying SM) updates but the core game is still the same. So all I'm asking for is it to be on something modern and feel right.

It won't be as fun though.

But if you wanna git gud you should


sooooo pretty!~

Rolled 11 (1d18)
The writing is soooo baaaad.

ATmega32U4 except 8kb ram

ATmega32U4 except 8kb ram and all ports are ext interrupt