dramatic post!


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ow oof my bones


That's not what I meant at all



I'm way too tired to have any real conversation.
I want to be in a call and listen to people talk so I can fall asleep. Our call died though.

Run into traffic.



I mean in general
You're a fun person

It's a meme you dip.

I am bitter and always tired.

let's try to get along.

This but unironically


I can't believe test hates luka now

I'll never get along.

you do work yourself half to death

and I have to work outside in this heat/humidity

soon to be 40 hours a week of it



I can't believe luka is going to murder test.

But I like you

Coco Loco!


Whats wrong with her ass ?

Looks weird ass fuck

Yeah, same




I was having chest pains pretty bad the other day while working.
I should get it looked at but I really don't care anymore.

I wonder who hasn't told him to kill himself at this point.

Hi Loco how are you

Excuse me that is my meme can you not?


My best friends dad died last month of heart complications

Please don't put it off squash there are people who care about you even if you don't care about yourself

Imean, would we really miss squash?

Wow I feel like I've seen that face somewhere.

Why can't we be friends

I was making a funny about Grim randomly throwing that at Luka like an hour ago with no provocation but I guess I'm just too ahead of my time.

I can not not

I'll get to it eventually.

I probably would, to be honest

Just like I miss mugs

mugs should post more

You've never had to deeal with losing a doggo before have you

Then pay your damn meme tax.

Knowing you you probably charge in boypussy.

No. Doggos are a dime a dozen.


ni ni

Sleep well


Sweet dreams squas

I mean, it's not like I'd turn down payment in boypussies. Just like drop them on my doorstep in a bag or something.

time to pay the piper ,squas

test *

We're getting into some Jeffrey Dahmer territory here.


I didn't see it so it just seemed out of the blue here.

Despite the source, is the sentiment any less true?


s a m e

brb taking a shower

it's flat, and she's wearing short shorts with leg holes that are too big for her legs

Fine then pay in cash jesus christ.

luka, take off the mask and put the knife away

nobody has to get hurt



No fuck you don't tread on me


It just looks poorly drawn.

do you still listen to my music ?

You'll get a lot of points with me if you do

Now test's gone Ancap on me too.

Gonna have to throw him in the gulag with Spec.

This man is meant to be our admin-in-chief?

I talk to Luka like every day. I'm not so fucking triggered by their inoffensive existence that I have to go on the internet and ask for their suicide, nor would I feel more manly for doing so.

There was one time I remember at summer camp. It was a methodist camp, for kids with religious parents. All boys. I had a friend; let's call him Billy. We became very close. We would spend every evening down by the river on the pebbles catching crawfish.

One night, Billy came into my sleeping bag. It was a mutual thing and we knew we had to keep it secret. But after a few days I couldn't take it anymore and I dragged him away to an alcove we had found before by the river. We stayed in there and lived off candybars for two days, kissing and touching eachother's bodies. We were maybe twelve?

Anyway. The camp people eventually found us. Billy seemed a little relieved, actually. His parents came early to pick him up and I watched the back of his red head through the jeep window. He wouldn't even look at me. I don't do friends since this.


Well Grim, he did what you asked.

this one time at sumer camp


Squid come back, I want to hear your voice

One time at bard camp

that was a sad story ;~:


Luka's a fucking leech and sucking up board space at this point

it's not even being triggered it's just sheer intolerance for how much of a garbage human being they are

I demand that shit



I think you need to get fucking real bub


running into that style of door handle sucks ASS, and I know because I have those all around my house and I hit them 24/7.




i have a scar under my eye from when i was a kid and fell into a doorhandle. they should be banned.


I can't be sure this is serious.

Have you considered that the problem isn't with the door handles
it's with walking into doors


Time for work.



:' ( loco was in love....


I just can't get this mad about it, man.





oh bby



*steps on slimy fin*

that's actually very sad



i do


it is no fun

well I did some calculations and


I'm clumsy as fuck and don't have ANY whatsoever depth perception of door handles.

Squid is gay


but a railroad tie thick piece of wood that was a support beam.


same my dude

thanks for the support

I hope you came slut


cooki. I miss you every day since that time at summer camp.

spooky black holes

I wish I could not give a shit as good you and others do
I probably will after a while

Making you melt.


I accidentally clicked post before I TYPED ANYTHING


I feel like you're mostly just mad about Bard right now, not Luka.

Stop posting these hellspawn.

I can't believe test is a blankposter

Purr for me

Hungry monsters

I will fucking ban you for 89 years I swear to God.

how the fuck do I post a video if I only have the youtube link

Those were wild times ;) I had you like /this/ all night.

Show post options and limits

Put the link in the "embed" space

figured it out

They are adorable.



You're a good girl.

the best


whatever's done is done.
Let's see what happens in the future I guess


I've been listening to Raised by the Wolves a lot, it's a great song. I've been loving the combination of hardcore and pop punk lately :3

CNCC is great for that combo too

I know

shut up I'm still figuring this out, like you know, I'm distracted by this ASMR PORN IN MY EARS that I forgot how to work this site.

Dear God, why?

This filth is very arousing.

I don't get asmr


He blocked me on discord.

Try this

you know it's not even ASMR, it's just porn.

thank you for sharing your porn, cooki. this is good.

in a minute, I'm reading right now ^^


I don't understand this ASMR thing, It's just people making noises in a microphone.

Just think of me as your emo teacher

two hearts

this is so FUCKING hot.
Just listen to those moans, makes me wish I was a man and gay so I could do that.

just like, listen to these voices, low and like--I CAN'T HELP IT.

it's just so sweet and interesting

duDE DON't knock it till you try it.


if you've been nothing but nice to him you should be unblocked pretty soon. Just a hunch

I've tried it
its just weird

some people get off to it
other people just like being almost tickled in a way by it

then theres fucking weird genres like slurping and walking and I don't know what the fuck else


You know what else is fun to listen to? People wailing in grief.

I listen to grieving people. Audio from large funerals where there are a lot of people crying and stuff.

yeah it's pretty fun. Not to talk about myself too much but personally I always get very loud when I have things inside me. can't help it. i think it's something all guys do.

you're eighteen now right I can talk about this stuff with you now?

Just seems like people lacking human contact.

love ya bro



ASMR just creeps me out. Not necessarily the people doing it as much as the fans of it. I do not get why people would want to listen to someone just talk for hours as though it's soothing. Just seems like they need a friend more to talk to.

I like to listen to the philip defranco show or boogie 2899 videos during the night because they make me feel like I have someone to talk with and it makes me less loneley

don't you have that figurine?

and I mean yeah it can get weird like this porn stuff but it's kinda funny and makes me blush. I've yet to meet someone who makes me blush and these videos do it so


or people getting murdered, you know, when their warm liquid sprays everywhere.

Yes you can, but be v careful. I love everything gay guys, they are the fucking cutest being to ever exist and I just want to watch them all pound each other into the night and be happy cute couples.


I love this one, something about wet mouth sounds that put me to sleep

So why don't they just go out and have contact with actual humans?

I listen to people talk for hours. I particularly like the video of Vigo Mortensen reading Albert Camus' The Human Crisis on the 70th anniversary of Camus' visit to New York.

People being murdered I think should be left to the professionals.


but it's not in a burger though!

you're a freak.

then again i was in a sort-of thing with a girl for a while and she would talk a lot about wanting to watch me pound and make love to another guy. so maybe it's a woman thing and you're all freaks.

see more along the lines of
Listening to audiobooks or informative lectures/monologues isn't that odd of a thing to do if it's curiosity of what's being discussed and the voice saying it is secondary.

But if it's just someone's voice that sounds as though they're talking to just you that you like about it, it just seems a bit sad.

they address their audiencce as "You" and it makes me feel like they are talking to me


This is really bizarre and creepy.

It's not an insult or some condescending pity here. I just do not get it and can only understand people listening to such things because it's a substitute for human contact.

No I mean
that'ss why I watch them
it feels like I'm socialising when I would otherwise not be able to

Porn that simulates having a real relationship was predicted by John Campbell.

Maybe that was worded poorly.
I'm stating my view of you is "not an insult or some condescending pity" because of how you see whatever but the specific reason why you watch/listen it is the only reason that makes any sense to me.

It's the shitty movie >her all over again but with sexbots instead of a phone.

I've never seen Her, but Joaquin Phoenix isn't a terrible actor. Have you seen The Master? He was pretty good in that.

Tsuchi said >her, I'm pretty sure that's a shot in the drinking game.

i'm not the best at english
I'm not the worst

I can't understand what you're trying to say with that sentance

I mean like i know I'm not the only person
It's just like the stories they tell and shit feels like going to a friends house and sitting and listening to a conversation

The reason you watch it is the only reason I can fathom anyone watching it. I don't pity you over you enjoying/wanting it.

I watched the majority of Her then gave up for it being just too off its rocker.

He's a good actor as of late, yeah. Inherent Vice was good, too.

Take 8.



true, but there's an asmr for that

4 whut

i like cows in my burgers

I WANNA BE THAT WOman, I love youuu

i know

yeah but it has to be grilled, have some tasty bbq sauce, some sizzling long, thin PIG, premium cheese, pickles and onions, etc.

I didn't like Inherent Vice. It got too into the whole Postmodern ironic scribbledy gook bullshit.

I'd rather the real thing.

i feel lie i just read an add for a good bacon cheese burger

i don't think i'd sit still long enough for someone to lick my ear

I was just trying to make it clear I don't look down on you in any way over liking ASMR but it's just bizarre to me.

Watch normal people things.

I like the style far more than the substance of it. It was well acted with a poor everything else.


well you're an adult now so please be careful with saying things like how you want to tie me up and watch me get fucked. becuase you know i'm very like fragile and lonely and if a cute girl starts talking about weird disgusting fetishism at me i just melt and someone ends up getting hurt.

America should go to bed


i like to listen to asmr of screaming 4AGE engines at full throttle



I'm talking about murder. I'd rather actual murders than pretend murders.

Substance is equal in my book.



America should drink more

stupid danes and their drinking culture

Stupid danes.


please no

You're not my mom, don't tell me what to do

Clever danes

I guess I'm just too old hat. If a thing is complicated for the sake of being complicated and it uses that in and of itself as its justification, then I don't like it. Kafka is extremely complicated, yet his work provides substances beyond that.

ruining everything

Bed is comfy~

please yes

Maybe I am and just hiding behind a proxy!

What if I refuse ?

is loods already drunk at 10am

Then Squiddy will drug you and rape you

melt in my mouth ^u^
don't even worry about it

i see

ah! my favorite person besides loco!

Hes not man enough.

do you want to see my art blog

When I was 18... 18 years old, I saw for the first time in my life... I saw an image of clarity. I saw a comic strip... a three panel comic strip that, though simple as it seemed, changed me... changed my being, changed who I am... Made me who I am...

Enlightened me...

The strip, Garfield, the comic strip was new... no more than maybe a month and a half since inception, since... since coming into existence... and there it was before me in print, I saw it... a comic strip... What was it called?


The story here is of a man, a plain man. He is Jon, but he is more than that... I will get to this later, but first let us say that he's Jon, a plain man.

And then there is a cat... Garfield.

This is the nature of the world, here. When I see the world, the politics, the future, the... the satellites in space, and... the people who put them there...

You can look at everything as a man and a cat... two beings, in harmony and at war...

So, this strip I saw; this man, Jon, and the cat, Garfield, you see...

Yes... hmm...

It is about everything. This... little comic is, oh, lo and behold... not so little anymore.

So yes, when I was 18, I saw this comic... and it hit me all at once, its power. I clipped it, and every day, I looked at it, and I said "Okay... let me look at this here. What is this doing to me? Why is this so powerful?"

Jon Arbuckle, he sits here, legs crossed... comfortable in his home, and he reads his newspaper... The news of the world, perhaps... and then he extends his fingers lightly, delicately... he taps his fingers on an end table, and he feels for something...

What is it? It is something he needs, but it is not there.

And then he looks up, slightly cockeyed, and he thinks... His newspaper's in his lap now, and he thinks this...

Now where could my pipe be?



your body is art


wait why isnt that tumblr filled with ironic self loathing memes


you fucking met me in real life you know what my name is

oh thanks. sometimes i do like to draw things on it.

i mean I say draw most times I just get out the sharpie and write SLUT on myself over and over but hey. that's art.


ye but tumblr

I think I'm starting to feel a little sick to my stomach

Anything you make would be art, I remember when you drew for me, it was so sweet and i loved it.

it was that lady body with the head that was a geometric shape.

I had a drink, yes

Loco is pretty cool so that's understandable
Art is the topic eh?

Perhaps lay down.

bodies are the topic I think. or art on bodies.

I'd let Loco paint on me any time, and turn me into one of his works of art.


that was so long ago. i'm a lot better now. sometimes people even tell me i'm good at drawing. it's incredible.

right, of course not.. The submissive little boy

Way aheadof you buddy!

I'm in voice with him right now.

Its great.

Enjoy your cybering session

I bullied him to death.

how mean

It great

You ARE good at drawing, fool.
I don't practice much anymore because I've been dancing and singing and doing music. I need to draw again, it's fun.

ok what is this girl from

One piece

that's like me and singing and doing music. i learned a little keyboard a while ago and i've forgotten it since i've been practicing drawing so much. i've been singing from time to time lately though.

i didn't know you danced. that's cool. teach me someday.

too tired, good night ;-;

it only takes two to tango, I'll pull you under the covers some day.
but until then, I'm gonna just dream about you and your voice. I do love it when you sing!


you are a minx. goodnight.

Night Amerikanski

Even better. Sleep tight

so sleepy

ikt confirmed for american

americans sleep tfo


coming through


oy fuck it works

Boogie Sneak Dissin


bard gtsleep

Im ready to die

this crappy macro idea fkn works!

ochinchin dice key


ye ok


Bard x Ikt otp


where'd you all come from?

t h i c c live


don't know where i cam from but i can show you what i came to if you want





Oh, that was fairly innocent

whatchu up to?

close but no cigar


inconsistent as fug too :(




even worse :(



yay :)


I made a macro that types hello :)

that's kawaii

what else can you make it say?

Anything. Just programmed CTRL-ALT-DEL into it and it works.

imma genius

corsair razer logitech gimme that dope money

Like I can now tell it when each simulated key is pressed and released so I can do key combos too.

Like Win+X, A, cd C:\Windows\, rmdir system32.

Now I "only" need to program a thing that records keystrokes and generates C++ code I can paste into the thing...

is program good yet?


we blank post now



Hello, World!


Good, that works too now.

5Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!hello, World!Hello, World!hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!Hello, World!


nice brown trap maid!

can descartes solve my lack of understanding on european philosophy?



whydo you want balls on your face

cause he's a fag

balls are nice tbh

nah, you're just horny

not even, balls are smooth and plump tho, and just nice in general


such a fag

Nothing weong with balls on your face

certain kinds of balls are cute. like mine.

but most are gross.

Post balls

loco post balls and swimsuit

Yep, gotta prove it now. Post balls

both of you have seen my balls already

post balls in swimsuit

once is not enough
also we havent seen you in that swimsuit

embedded artist engineer help pl0x

i don't have the swimsuit yet.

i mean, i have tights. but mommy doesn't want me sharing those pictures. so.

What kind of balls are cute?

Suuuuure. Fag.

I wen and laid down for bed a while ago but im still kind of shook about what happened last night
I started to go to sleep and then my mind got to wandering and then i remembered the fight and the cops and the anxiety started creeping up on me and now i think I'm having a hard time going to sleep so im gonna post this here and hopefully it heps

What happened tho

drunk people being fucking stupid in short

Shirts are worst clothing


shorts are p cute tbh

i mean like its not like the thread is happening or anything

so like I stayed late last night at work til close and I came home and the parents were drinking in the garage with guests I think idfk but I Went in and took a shower and got dressed and everything and then went to my room and I could hear them come inside and start trompin all around and they started yelling at eachother but I was listening to music so I couldnt make out about what well i heard the dogs barking and shit so I stomped out of my room loud as fucking hell and when i got to the kitchen where it was at the fucking back door was wide open and the big dog had ran out and the little dog was going crazy and the guy my moms dating was grabbing and pushing her and shit trying to find his keys so I went and intervened and we ended up on onthe ground in a neutral position until the cops came and then he got sent to jail for the night and my siblings found the dog but that was fucking retarded

not the first time we've fought prbably wont be the last
I'm just waiting to move in with my best friend so I dont have to put up with this shit anymore

tfw your meme senpai notices you

Shoild have armbar'd the cunt

At least it's over now though, try to relax some

That's quite a night

the biggest reason I think I'm upset is that I didn't do as much as I was hoping to

when it happenedimmediately in my mind I established I was going to get back control and rear naked but

when it actually came down to it I got the take down and we ended up both on our backs with neck grips in a neutral position and it was pretty difficult to just hold that there

It wasnt a big deal until I tried to go to bed and then i got really worried about it
I'm pretty sure it will be okay abut I dont want to get kicked out you know?

Man I wish I could fap

Can't put myself in the situation, but I imagine it sucks yeah



I don't think they would kick you out for trying to stop a fight between the two when they're both drunk, but I understand you'd feel that way.
You know when it's possible for you to move in together with your friend?

That's one bad thing about visiting parents for sure

I don't really pay attention to the balls on the rare occasion that I actually enjoy trap stuff

Kinda sucks right now.

It'll be fine bard
No worries
Only sleeps

hmmm well im waiting for his younger brother to move out
They had plans for hi mto move out earlier but their father passed away o that put a little bit of a damper on that understandably

How long till you'll be going back home?

Auch, yeah that really sucks..
But as Scoot said, it'll be fine




scoob, you may like this


So goddamn easy to manipulate

They're the best thing aside from owo bwuldge



what the fuck?






furfag weeb degenerate gtfo


The waifufags are back! Get Revy to ban them!




why are so many priest songs so annoyingly lackluster?

Good morning!

Pull the fucking trigger already.





Boys will be boys, baby
Biys will be boys