Cute anime girl OP 2

Cute anime girl OP 2

Flat chest is best breast edition

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flat is whack


what the fuck were at 190 images


repost bcuz fuck op early

go get some more clothes

what? i always put everything on github and tagged the original author



just makin sure you dont take it off from depression or whatever

people do that sometimes


wasn't early.

Why did he do that?

What condition? I want to laugh

I guess you don't wanna talk to me anymore...

300text/250images is usually the time to make a new thread

its a representation of how I feel about you.

nah i only ever considered nuking my gta5-mods thing because stupid fucking users can't even read a description and straight out ignore a pinned + featured comment with instructions even a brain dead downs syndrome suffering retard could understand

Eh, never bothered to remember the name. He has some condition with his legs or whatever.


If only Rei wasn't in the way

fuk that it's way too warm

i like keyboards and computers and programming

You're ow.


I jsut had a couple of vegans telling me I shouldn't be eating meat because it's murder, then I asked them their opinion on abortion and they said it was ok and the womans choice...

How do you feel about me?

I'm sure you remember just fine, you're just protecting him

Programmed anything fun lately?

you live in a cold country tho

that you're an e-cumhole

what up

did you strangle them and eat their meat?


I've no reason to do so.

How do you guys always manage to hide he new thread crosslink from me when I lurk?

Also, why is EDM so good?

yeah, an underappreciated keypad

Anything over 16c is plenty warm!

you've never heard eurobeat

God I wish... one of them is a QT native american girl.

shouldnt it be colder there?

because youve forgotten what sunlight looks like


in any case no socks

If you like EDM talk to me...
I work with a lot of producers and have great taste in it.

that's pretty much it

not hard to miss rin
beats are nice

im like
alternating between rs and league cuz I have to grind mining and I hate that fuckin shit


I want to have sushi with my family but its so hard to get them to go out

so like choi

shimpan then?

Why sushi?

I want to go to Japan.

Just let it hang freely

Goodnight thread
Goodnight Kanra


But I don't really care.

Here is a pic

I have, Eurobeat's also good.
But then, IIRC, you can trace Eurobeat back to EDM.

I see the sun every day ???

Gief trax.

If there's two image posts, I usually scroll past it if I'm any significant length back.

W-wow, how brazen.

message me on discord


I'd like to go one day and visit the key spots like akihabara and stuff but its not on my 5 year plan

sushi because I have a craving for seafood and I havent had sushi in a kentucky minute

no what




Isn't EDM just a broad term for any electronic music?




whats edm even?

It's probably happening next year. :ok_hand:

I hate seafood but sushi itself is neat I guess.


oh shit nice
go with a girl
itll be 10x better

so you dont like shrimp or lobster either?

I used to hate fish but I grew to enjoy it

must be a growing up thing


dont be a fag, all the cool lolis are doing it


It's it's own genre, but.
You know.

Everyone likes EDM so yes.




Fuck playing ADC.
I can't click for shit anymore.

do you have work today

As a heal slut in RO, I basically just hold shift and F1 -> lmb -> repeat ad. infinitum

Shift because auto-target.

No, but one of my parents is being a right cunt ab out stuff so I will be busy dealing with that.

brb finding one

Shrimp is ok when well done and fish is k, but all shell shit can go and get eaten by somebody else.
Fish is neat.

you're a cool loli

whats an edm

I'm just trying to have fun.

was hoping to catch a game of league or somethin with ya

there are a lot of girls
the key is to be confident in yourself



Tbh, the fun for me is the really super nice feelings when I see the post-game and see just how much I was holding things together.

'cos I'm the heal slut.

What's gayer, incest with your identical twin, or sex with a perfect clone?

theyre equally gay

What's gayer, giving it to a bear of a man, or taking from a trap?

lmao myself

tsk, so generic

Traps are basically girls tho


most people will say taking it in the ass is gayer because the idea of submission is an inherently gay thing to the mass

but objectively they are the same

you can do it ikt

It didn't take as long as I thought.
She is building a shed/office and claimed she would do it alone but has multiple times asked me to come help now.

lmao go help her

Just posting a few im sure people have heard.

Power bottoms are fricken hot though ???





had to post it if I posted that one.


I did, I put all the walls up for her.
She's done for now apparently.



good shit

you gonna be free then?

Yeah, should be.


install tinder
get bitches

good shit imma shower real quick then


ikt needs a loving relationship, not a one night lay

no u

Nevermind. MF wins games.
ADC not so bad.


i dont think he'd pass up either

he would become a boytoy

I didn't shower this morning jeez

ikt needs a prostate orgasm



Showers are nice.

Probably, but I think that's the case for a lot of people here

NOT looking for a ddy

looking for a daughter


Looking for ikt.


ikt seems like the type that only likes cartoon women.

ikt seems like the type that would want to marry me for my car.

refreshed and restored




is it a pristine r32 GT-R


kissy where u @ boi


waiting for you.


Fair enough.


im on

I forgot your username

here add me Grìm

I have a pristine r32 GT-R

its lit


To exist is to live in waking agony.





You are letting your team down by posting while in game.

I let them down no matter what.

I am more important anyway.





I got Rakkan.
I can't even name his rune pages after him because it strikes out rak.

You can't name a rune page rak?







what's up

Working my way to finding dinner.



Why is it so dead today?

Because our community is dying?

It wasn't dead 3 days ago!

It's been dying rapidly for like a year.

kiss shot why dont you forgo dinner tonight, its not like you need more calories

It is working




post foot with my name on it again

Not really.
It isn't like we generate new members that much, and we actively drive off current ones or they just leave.

i don't know

Why are you being mean?

This is true

But it is


I want to be here when it finally dies.

But what is ?

I'll keep it alive forever.


It will take a while

A slow death.




gero gero


because you are a BULLY!!!!!

Plus most all the cool kids hang in call in Ooble and Guero's Discord.

I guess I ain't a cool kid, then


I don't think they want it to be a massive server.
We've done well to keep it tight nit and relaxed.

Cool kids?

Its good.

fuck you

And you.

its deadish cuz hu isnt posting

Its dead because Grims here.

I just got here.

Hu only just started posting over here!



hi luka

I have to reeee


I guess ask them to join if you want.
Can't promise anything. they usually only invite people they know a bit.

Stop messaging him.

Hes busy.

I was made to join 6 fucking Discord servers this month and I don't like it.
I use to only have 1 main chat, a place to dump my porn from my phone to PC, and one with my brothers.
Fucking hell.

oh hi yo

just say no

you think you got it rough

I am too anxious to say no.

Rees not allowed

That would be cool.
Guero should at least know my name

I am too anxious to say yes.

I can't imagine that would be enough.

oh shit

I didn't see this

whats good my dude ?

What if I held your hand?

We shall see
I will have my fingers crossed

hi ban

show metroid waifu statue


I wish thee luck.

im chilan.




How's Luka?

Which Canada are you ?

Drinking and in a call with Squid.

You can join if you want

Here 10x

Thanks for the invy


Canada Dragon!


it's a secret

she glows!!

Drink cold water!

It's weird how not loud it is though.

I sad no rees allowed!!

she is my baby


fishing level ?

Whats your secret ?

the water warmed up too fast

Put ice in it!

Anyhow I'm out.
Give head pats.

70 my dude

I'll be good from now on ;;

did someone draw you that?

you crushed my spirit when you said that lewd anime image I posted a couple of days ago was gross

I don't trust you!
How do I know you'll actually be good?


It didn't have a dick.

I wish


I"m married to him.

sleep tite

I am petting your head kissy

no ice ;~;

ask grimmu he knows I'm a good boy ;;

oh you

what are you up to tonight?

watch metroid with me

Make ice!
or fill a pitcher with water and put in fridge

Don't trust, doesn't count!

Drinking in a call with people

im playing rs

I just drank an entire bottle of water trying to settle my stomach and I still feel like I want to vomit.

No inv

you can trust me~ I'm the trustiest person around

don't die ;;


do you ever watch games on twitch?

That probably made things worse

...You do post dragonwaifu
I miiiiight have to believe you

Gonna die

By the way, Fate/Extella on steam.

It seems basically to be Fate/Warriors, though it isn't Koei.

Not explicitly, it helped a bit, just generally getting my mind off it.
The whole situation definitely set back when I was going to sleep.

cuddle with me, it will make you feel better

Sick or hungover?

best dragon

I still haven't seen the last couple epis

too savage

you should
actually kinda wraps things up an a nice way

well at least, a content way


it's too late ;~;

it warmed up

It is never too late to invest in the future!

I'm like jake paul savage

I'll be fine, thank you though.

Weak stomach, and I had to clean a mess one of the dogs made.

This is why, no matter how much I enjoy dogs and cats, I will never get a dog or cat

Soto is a shy little bitch.

Fucking Soto

mmmm maybe I will tonight...i really liked maid dragon, I don't remember why I stopped watching

are you mocking team 10 bro?!




Good evening


Probably got distracted and never got around to it

that's what I did with last season and everything so far this season

You know my collor stays popping

how many of you have read this?

none of you?

never change.

ok squiddy

Cato is fucking soto?



I purchased some of the comics

Yes, exactly that!




fuck you luka

points for anyone who can point out the most damning implications from this paragraph

remember that the nations were all Muslim majority.

i need to do that too when i got monies.

nice though. which ones?

I know, I love Soto
He treats me good

It is nice, though
a pitcher of water in the fridge always makes me happy

The place I went didn't have 18, so I got 17 and the original deadpool ones

I've made up my mind, I'm gonna catch up tonight

no more Disney flow for JP ;;

you're incorrigible


England is my city

remember that Saudi Arabia
who funded, trained, and paid for the 9/11 terrorists?
they weren't on the list of Muslim nations refused entry.
despite the first paragraph being about 9/11
Saudi Arabia wasn't on the list
despite it being the justification

good on you, keeping the industry alive.


its fucking nothing

I've been going through all of the current Trump Executive Orders.

some are weird.

some are amusing.

most of them are him telling other people to do things, and give him a report in a few months, summarizing entire fields and areas of government, so that he personally can do something about it.

I'm just trying to get your attention...

like a god church

bless up

i'm looking for slaves that let's my do anything for me and lets me fuck them ever day and do what i say (p.s. wean you add me plz call me master all the time) can't wait to met you and to fuck

God is my city/

I've lost a loyal pet, so I'm looking to replace her. I'm stern, yet loving. I'm mainly looking for a loyal pet/bitch I can use, control, and love. If you're looking for a loving, dominant master shoot me an add and we'll see if you.. qualify.~



You go, girl!

and I just illegally read the next issue
good shit!


Looking for Slaves. Real slaves. 100% control and ownership. ERP and IRL heavily involved. Your steam will become Master's and your profile will be altered as such. Add Master Saphira at [REDACTED] and request to add me! ~ I hope to see you on the other side of masters cock!

looking for multiple things
looking for friends, need ones to talk to and stuff..also seeking a caretaker, can be lewdy, looking for slaves as always, lewd limitless and loyal, no alts, and its the real deal irl and public. masters can add me too, maybe il be your pet or slave, i wanna be loved cared for but dommed and fucked , fully dom and loving, but also rough and strict, real and ready to take control, il be your fluffy toy, but you have to be right for me see if you have what it takes to make me yours

Searching for a femboy or futa slave. I want you to crave for my cum, slowly enjoy it flooding your ass as I drain my balls into you. If you wish you can send me pics and do irl tasks.
Searching for a femboy or futa slave. I want you to crave for my cum, slowly enjoy it flooding your ass as I drain my balls into you. If you wish you can send me pics and do irl tasks.

Kanra. Did you just type out your whole thing here in Notepad and are just copy pasting for quick posting?

hi whoever you are

are you taking this shit from cl


"Jeff Sessions, I, the President, ask you, the District Attorney, to do some homework on the crimes committed by Niggers, and give me a summary about it, so I can do something about it."

"I, the President, want a big list of all crimes by immigrants, updated each week, so I can make the American people scared and malleable."

"I, the President, think Churches should be able to contribute money to politics"

"I, the President, ask everyone to make the Affordable Care Act as hard and painful as possible, wherever possible, so that we can demonize it and repeal it easier"

you really can't escape this shit anywhere can you

i wouldn't waste my time browsing cl LOL

Heyy :3 .<
I cant afford my rent anymore :c and i need money so i was thinking maybe i could get people to pay me and il do anything for them :3 or sell my album of naked pictures and videos to them for like 50 quid? :3

you'd think that, wouldn't you. dum dum.

i need to do that too.

nah, just copy+pasted an official declaration from President "Fuck-Trans" Trump.

the world isn't ready for this fire

who is your favourite dragon?

apparently not

are you bored?

Trump hasn't done anything to trans people though.

Not really.
Also I'm back.

Well I didn't read



I just wanna burn the world

Good shit, but this last one was kinda confusing

That one!

do I have to be to do this?

that's a provable lie.

he also Tweeted on the day his son was supposed to attend a public hearing

"Trans people are too fucked up to serve in the military"

I would love to be your next cum dump. I am open to everything that you have desires for. Everything you want I will fulfill. This little boyfag can only dream of his next filling.
Everything is open to me, abuse and being rough are my personal favorites. There are no limits for this dumb sissyboy. I am only wanting to serve my master or mistress as they desire. Please let me please your body to the fullest extent. Drag me across the floor or make me beg like a dog for you. Dress me up even in girly clothing, show me that I'm not even worth the title of being a boy. If I misbehave, make me listen. Slap me, spit on me, or punish me with your creative desires. I am at your will and only to serve.
I only want to be useful and fulfill myself of being your toy.


what is new

protec me frum the bullies~

I got 3 jobs now.
Not much past that.


your resume must be a mile long by now

Don't be mean.


was that mean?
i didn't mean for it to be

but you help ppl by life guarding! that's helping the world!

yesssss tohru

I should of let them down.

I'll gang up with Hu, then you'll be safe

little electric one is cute, but nowhere near as good as tohru!

maybe I just feel bad for having uninformed opinions and feel the need to inform them


You're fine with it, right?

Post more images


Maybes aren't allowed!




"If you're a Muslim, stay and die in your country of origin, if you're a Christian or Jew, we will make sure you and your family is safe and sound."

"Obama founded ISIS"

- President Trump

Good Lukas!

Don't really have a choice, do I?

Good evening

you don't mean that!!!!!!!

she is best dragon and cutest maid


"I could shoot somebody and it wouldn't change how people feel about me"

- President Trump

This is true!

there's no 's'
it not plural

meow~ ♥
where have you been?

But it's more fun to say things as plural!

silly cato


I mean everything I say.



Asleep. Just woke up.
Been enjoying your day?

"Alaska didn't vote to destroy Obamacare, maybe I should fuck with Alaskans, as revenge."

- President Trump

And anyone who disagrees is wrong!

No, not world of warcraft

I don't think that is a real quote

nobody is paying attention kanra

I am Bready.

BardxMGD OTP 2k17

shoulda waited another minute to post that

wow then

"I fired the FBI Director because I think the Trump/Russia thing is made up"

"I may fire everyone, until I get a staff that is loyal to me"

- President Trump

it isn't, but President Trump threateningly called out an Alaskan senator, in the hopes that others may turn on her, destroying her.

I'm glad you accept it~

But Trump is basically just a joke now
What you should be worried about are the people he appointed and what they are getting done

I don't have one.

didn't, but no choice

defeat soto


its been alright~

what was the point of that?


To bring back the good ol days lmao

Yes you do!

any plans for the evening?

how is an angry, vengeful man, that looks to strike fear into the hearts of his citizens, just a joke? he's the Head of the Free World, and he's saying he wants to torture people, bomb families, and that Climate Change is a hoax.

he also says the media is the worst, awful, evil, disgusting, deceptive, cruelest thing ever, and the biggest threat to America.

and people agree.

Fuck you you just made my bad night worse

people agree with everything, his approval is low and he isn't getting any of the things he said done.

You should look into the rex



good, they take fucking forever to write because of all the buzzwords you have to shoehorn in

Dear Americans,

Please be less apathetic about your current President.

Your vote (or lack of one) made him your leader.

At the very least, when he finally has an excuse to start a war, you won't suddenly love him.

Nothing quite like fear and a perception of strife to make idiots give power to dictators.

Promise you won't just suddenly be pro-Trump because he kills people.

dear americans

my name jeff



drrrrrrrrr DOnald trump derrrrRRRUrr

1/3 of Americans being pro-Trump is not low enough.

Most of my jobs are just wanting an able body person.



xdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdsxdx ddx dxsxdxdxdxdxd xx dxdc

its a funny mmememrememememememememememememememe m



Dear Canadians,

Stop giving us all of your shittiest posters.

what's your new one




He's just making paragraphs for himself

nobody's even talking to him

that was for the kanra post but i guess it fits

fuck you Soto
You are a shitposter of the highest degree and you don't know half of what happened

You just go ahead and draw your little pictures, go hang out with your little friends and quit bringing up hard times in my life

You ever get addicted to spice? You ever been beat? You ever get robbed at gunpoint for a case of fucking blueberries?
fuck off­

fuck you Soto
You are a shitposter of the highest degree and you don't know half of what happened

You just go ahead and draw your little pictures, go hang out with your little friends and quit bringing up hard times in my life

You ever get addicted to spice? You ever been beat? You ever get robbed at gunpoint for a case of fucking blueberries?
fuck off­



Nothing beats leaves, not even aussies

I dont think you read my last post

There ain't much the majority of us can do until the next election. We wills see what happens when the midterms come around

This doesn't make sense

There! keep posting different images!

i HATE being pranked

Thats not a new thread you dumbass

Kill Yourself :^)

Fuck you

You're an unpleasant person in general
The few times i actualy decided to set my hate aside and give you a chance you ruined it by being twice the asshole you were before

I don't want to be your friend
I don't like seeing you
I don't like seeing your posts
I don't like seeing your name
I've tried to give you chances, thought "hey maybe this guy isn't as bad as I thought"
you fuck each and every one of them up

So no
I do not forgive you
I will not give you a chance
I despise you

is why


bard is going maximum MAD

it's okay
we all do things we're not proud of

lol Im sorry Bard, I'll stop

I just was going through my old copypastas and other saved documents lol

Leafe me the fuck alone you piece of hit

It's bad enough I just had the fucking cops at my door and had to deal wwith a fucking bunch of drunk assholes as soon as i got out of teh fucking shower

is it fo much to fucking ask to go online and shitpost my fucking frustration away?

Leave me alone
It's ot fucking fair that you can just fucking hurt me over and over and piss me off but I cant fuckign do anything abck to you because you dont give a fuck

well guess what I fucking care and you're making me feel even more like shit Leave me alone the fuck alone you stupid fucking piece of shit spic

what will you do today?

cook some food~
and try to cool down

You can call your current representitives.

Are Soto and Bard switched?

Sam I am?

Im fucking leaving

fuck all of you

Freight trucks, Pizza place, and Tractor store.

Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Food would be good
Come here and cook for me!


new thread

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cat baby cats pvp