♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Dayman Edition



And tell them not to vote for things you disagree with.

Our community is a litany of drunk assholes and crippling stupidity.

do you see how MAD you're going right now you fucking autismobaby

if you supply the ingredients!

don't be scared to ask for help

youre a truck driver?
that sounds comfy

Watch the latest game of thrones episode, else the same as always.
Doing alright?

dont come back to the discords bitch nigga

Ban gets pretty slutty when drunk tho



Fuck you you dirty fucking nigger nobody even fucking likes you

I unload the trucks.
I start that in like 3 days. Might try for night shift at Walmart and sleep in my car between shifts. I think I can do 4 jobs if I'm careful.

*hides behind you*
scary people!

I've done it before, doesn't really help. They know what they were voted in for.

I just stocked my fridge!
I even have steak!

Please help

Grim is hands down the most pity able person here coming from me that's fucking sad


Fuck you you piece of shit
I fucking despise you

Bard. Can I talk to you in private?

you have serious mental issues

seek help

i will help you

that sounds

not good

Cant just everyone get along?

Why in God's name did you @ Grim in a server he's not even allowed in and then leave it?

look in the fucking mirror you fucking pathetic fucking pedophile

you're a fucking joke

What did Grim do now?

I don't mind it.
Work so far is pretty fun. I actually really like my current jobs.

Soto, I'll get along with you

Do you do landscapes?

bard pm me
lets talk this out

what's next?

No homo


i suppose if you're surrounded by the right people it can be fun

what kind of people do you work with

No homo, just drinks

Eating said good food!

If I had one I wanted could you redo it in your style?
I don't have one in mind, but I like the idea.

Fuck you
I'm not going to ever fucking talk to you again you petty fucking nigger

At least soto was partially joking

Tractor place is pretty relaxed so I can feel mellow.
Pizza place has ZERO filter and I love it.


*slices a fish*
*cooks rice*
*puts raw fish slice on rice ball*
*serves a soy sauce with it in front of you*

it's easy for people here to say shit casually that breaks my fucking heart but I can try as fucking hard as I can and I can't do anything back because they don't give a fuck


did i ever tell you about my film lab job? literally just me sitting in a room in front of a computer from noon to 4 on sunday. no one comes in. no one supervises me.

looking forward to going back to that one

Bard, what did Grim do to make you mad?

I need to be able to get a feel of the area, take in the colors and the terrain, see the light, see the sky. So theoretically if you could provide enough photographs to get that, then yeah.


But what kind of fish?

His smile and optimism: gone.

Did you even read my question


is sashimi tuna?

fuck you too then

Sashimi is any kind of fish

can even squid sashimi, I believe

I don't think you did.
Is it for school?

Alright. I might snap some pics. It's in a game though if that is important.

Give it back to him.

Ok real talk?

If you're having serious fucking issues where you have mental breakdowns every week, you should not be here.

You should be somewhere where you get 100% love and support.

Like what in the actual fuck, Bard.

Just leave until you feel better.

*slices up Rock fish for u *

I think those are poisonous!
Lukas trying to kill me!

A video game? That sounds gross. We'll see.

I'm not trying to be mean.

You left a discord that Grim isn't in.

did you see my steam messages bard

totally stable



yeah it's part of the English department, people can check out film equipment.

for some reason our system is a manually updated spreadsheet instead of, i dunno, something that won't get fucked up by 5 different people who never see each other editing it on completely different days. it's a mess.


no idea where you're getting this "Every week" from
its been fucking months

And I feel like I have the fucking right to act however the fuck I want after what the fuck I just went through

No scary people

nope just like puffer fish
slice out da poison~

If you'd ever like to just vent, or there is something I can do to help, let me know Bard. Even if you just need some food money or some shit.

You seem to really enjoy the job.

they are!

Drinks when?

What did you go through, Bard?

o-ok, I trust you!

Hydaelyn guide us.

Go to bed east coasters

I am in your timezone now, there is no excuse


Man I just got home from work like a fucking hour ago and as soon as I got out of the god damn shower
My mom and the guy she's dating were fucking arguing and being loud and drunk and ended up getting confrontational so I had to deal with that and ended up having to talk to the cops and as soon as I come here to wind the fuck down soto and grim started jumping my fucking balls

i was about to go to bed but your buddies bullied bard again and he blocked me on discord when i tried to ask if he was okay :(

Wait, where are you on the coast?

Do your worst!


Literally 2 weeks ago you pulled this same shit.
No you fucking don't. You're a person just like every fucking one else.

Listen. I'm going to give you some legit advice.
Unless you've known someone from here personally for more than a few months, everyone else is not your friend. When the common interests and the videogames and memes get burnt away you're left with nothing. Nobody gives a fuck, and anyone else gets a kick out of you writhing like this.

Take a few months off.
By a few I mean 3 or more.
Toughen up.

If you can't, then literally blend some bleach and some fruit punch and chug it down.

You were never my friend

There are plentyof otthers here who are

If you have friends here
I would be surprised

You're extremely unpleasant and fake


Here is the timeline
bard has family problems
soto starts bullying bard with his own copypastas
I link bard
he flips on me
now we're here

At the blue dot

I'd rather play Connect 4

*does my best! ^_^*


The thing that pisses me off most about grim is how he sticks his nose into every bit of drama he can and after that he tries to claim the moral high ground while being a self righteous prick
pretending that he's actually just trying to help the people involved while the whole time just being a smug arrogant asshole about things

I felt bad for you for like 2 seconds and then I realized how much of a worm you are

if you have a gun in the house please take it and fucking get rid of yourself


Now I know what Nezi is always bitching about

consider your own advice you pathetic pedophile curry nigger

it's hard not to love having a room to yourself for a few hours and making money

it's just frustrating when 3 cameras go missing and no one knows what happened because the spreadsheet says they should all be on the shelf.

i am in bed you fucker

These truth bombs.

sand human and the alcohol burrito

hi colbs

what are you doin in florida? vacation?

My light.

I want to truth bomb inside goggles so badly


You'll be doing everyone a favor, you little sissy pathetic excuse for a man.

What the fuck, mexican.

I would love to work in a dark room developing photos.
I don't know what it is about the dark, but I love it.

Do you know where they went?


Good, now sleep

I am not friend with foodstuffs

Yep, vacation

I've discovered I despise Florida as a place but not having to work is 10/10

I'll connect you 4 times

Good job, Luka ♥

What in the fuck?

And what did they say that got you so upset?

I'm in the city for vacation rn you should have came through

when u break your onahole but it's supposed to last 2 years

It wasn't really anything that was said It was more when he put my mom in a headlock that pissed me off most

All in all I just dont like police

How rude

heard you was talkin mad shit big man

On LinkedIn?

What city? Also I'm not a driver on the rental car because my family is cheap so no transport lol

Goblins can't handle your girth, Guero.


drunk moogles?!


i would like that too.

i have no idea. they were gone by the time i came in to work. our boss is pretty upset about it. i'll probably find out what happened to them at the end of the month.

No, I mean Grim and Soto?

*pat pat*


shit son

its all cool hope you're eating nice

but colbs, there's so much Media™ i haven't consumed yet today

how long ago
i dont really think about you all that often

why are the japanese like this though

As if you can do anything you fat fuck
yeah I bet gueros shaking in his fucking shoes right now

lord knows i would be

idk how long ago but I was thinking out loud how neutral you and I seem to be and was told that you shittalk me a lot behind my back

what's the gay one?

I really do need to deal with those steaks

but then I'd have to clean

Luka, help

It was a straight shot here from Cali, how could I have come thru?

And yes, quite so.

Set up a slow IV drip while you're sleeping

Soto was just being a prick saying meme shit liek
bard x mgd otp lol! and posting copypastsa which I mean hey
way to be an asshole but whatever

But then grim jumped the fuck on being a passive aggressive prick posting LOL HE so MAD!! shit and then when I snapped on him he just started telling me to kill myself
And i mean normally id probably be pissed but right now im still adrenalind out man Im ready to fucking go
but I cant cause its the internet like wtf am i gonna do

Here' the newsflash dumbass
everyone shittalks you behind your back


God dammit

sounds like a pretty apparent attempt to start shit
im pretty sure the last thing i said about you was agreeing with someone else in the discord that having a friendship with you is toxic and unhealthy

You tell me, fag

if a scientist told me i could give up my ability to dream in exchange for being able to watch The Simpsons with my eyes closed

i would do that

He's right, you know.

do them cleanly!



I'm telling you that right now, just sign on the dotted line. Don't bother trying to read the contact, it's all very above board I assure you

for me anyway

Good thing I'm a connoisseur of toxic and unhealthy

figures the first time I see you just about all year and I'm too hyped to realize

what are you doing here tonight anyways?

I disagree with that statement but lets not get involved in any kind of shit with each other

hope you're having a good night

have you ever had sea turtle?
I wonder how that tastes

I am so, so sorry.

Chicken, but more endangered

*funny stock image of a man signing a sheet of paper with a blur on it to imply that the action is being performed at incredible speed*

ian im sorry for not keeping in better touch with u bud i suck at messaging people first

i made bread from scratch today and it came out good

I'm saucin', I'm saucin', I'm saucin'

You tell yourself!


maybe there aren't sides to take,

and you guys could try to understand each other better

I would reconsider stepping in.

it's over
you're 5 minutes late
if you weren't the most socially inept fuck in the threads you'd know that and I wouldn't have to waste these 10 seconds typing this out to you

nuh uh

*comical image of cartoon me with dollar signs for eyes*

I am the same way, don't sweat it

If I bother holding a conversation I probably still don't dislike you

I don't speak fag

just plug me into the mainframe

i want to ride the lightning

unblock me on discord when you feel better or if u wanna talk bart :(

how have u been and also why are u in the land of humidity for vaca
you choose it or family?

ty guero i unblocked you i'm sorry

I am albuquerque now, so drinks next time I get a chance to cali



I wanna try making yogurt from scratch


there is no stepping to take.

just rational comments from the sideline.

sorry your day sucked. there's no way Grim is as bad as you make him sound.

the truth is probably far more boring, and something you're capable of empathizing with.

Such wonderful creatures.

Were they like, old style or new?

no worries bud

relatively new and quite expensive. three of em too.

vanished into thin air.

and what the fuck are you wanting me to empathise with?

I think we are at the end of this bit without descending into blatant role-playing

Working, living etc. Nothing too exciting

Yeah, family chose it and I fooled myself into believing that maybe there would be something neat worth seeing here

But hey, no having to deal with shitheads for a week and free good food so I'll take it

There's a reason sea turtles are called the chicken of the sea

They even lay eggs like chickens

yeah essentially

Sorry for late reply. Pipe in the bathroom blew up and flooded everything.

Any cameras to see what happened?

you know what, i wonder why the hell that hasn't been looked into already.

i dont know if there is one

do they do moar funky things?

;~; rip pipe....

Can you fix it?

i hope there isn't because my boss will see how much of that time i spent walking in circles listening to van morrison

It was fun while it lasted

pretty proud of what we've accomplished tonight

probably the underlying emotions that make him tick.

maybe he's not as intentionally awful as you think.

Because no Lukas

Would be smart to find out. Could help catch them.


Not my jurisdiction.
I think my roomies can.


I don't remember anything I said was it really that bad?

bathroom problems. that sucks. good luck.


i'm sure he's figured it out over the summer

i'm just not looking forward to the inevitable follow-up email at the beginning of the semester



Deactivate your social media and go off the grid.

woo! i could go for a family vacation tbh my family is falling apart and im broke lol

all of my friends live in florida so id be down for exactly that

ive been doing ok lately almost done with my GED now and also i got put on like 3 more psych meds? and they're all helping a lot
adderall is a miracle drug

not really. it's not your responsibility to help him recognize and get better from his mistakes.

but clearly he felt attacked, and attacked right back. if you're both honest people, you can probably safely and boringly admit that you each have faults you need to get better at, and focus on the things you have in common.

id rather eat a bullet than delete my twitter

Whymst does everybody treat the tropics as somewhere that's good for vacation.
Like why does everyone think "Oh I want to be hot and uncomfortable as shit literally all the time, that's a good way to relax and take a break"

On the internet?

Because you're gay

sugar is great


I personally feel
while that is fair
that it should also be fair of me

maybe I felt attacked

While maybe both of us or neither of us was justified in what was said I feel like it's already in the past and is't something that needs remedied

Worst avatar you've had


I'm starting a diet of bullets soon.

Maybe they're tricked into it.
Old person concentration camp



Have you heard of Diet Bullet?
I hear it's got less calories

Use literally anything else

trevor avatar as the hime gremlin from splatoon 2
whatever her name is, the white one

I licked an apple for lunch.
I'm such a fat whore.


I could go for a non-family vacation where I stay inside for a few days tbh

Also if there's one thing I've learned from Soto, it's that drugs are good

This so fucking hard. "Let's go to the beach, isn't the beach great?"

Like nigga the beach is not fun for 5 days straight



suck my dick faggot

He'll probably do it too
And that's almost as bad

Squid. Congrats on the HRT.

some of us still think positively about humans by default.

you could apologize. maybe he can appreciate sincere apologies. maybe you made him feel worse, and you could make him feel better, instead of vindicated and hated.

congratulations squid I knew you could do it

Careful around those bullets, theyre known to cause cancer

the correct drugs are good
the ones soto takes make his brain waxy and all of the important thought slide off the top

YOu mean this one paw ?

Vindictive natures are more natural than compassionate ones.

You wish

im not sure how to respond to that

where's uno?

That is probably the correct path
And a way forward

it's just that
I feel that way too
And we've had incidents like this in the past
so its jut that
I dont know if thats the path I want to take forward

Someone needs to post different gweenpool images purely for my own benefit

Feed me bullets.

Right before dos



we can share them.
a lovely meal

yes good job
i want to paint her forehead with my white ink :^)


I'm too cool, I stay in school and don't do drugs



counseling > HRT

I love her.

I know it .



Kiss shot > something else

Sink oh de mayonase

I lose nearly all will to post once I lie down to type.



All the white condiments

For having to endure this muggy nightmare. See my current location

i put it on my foood.

Yeah, on your food


every day...



that's dumb. natures always emerge based on context.

if one person feels vindicated, they may choose to be vindictive back.

in the case of Grim, he has been reasonable and caring in the past. Bard attacks seemingly from nowhere, and obviously doesn't feel like he needs to be decent if he's not being treated decent. pretty sure both of them are capable of boring, tedious, understanding.

You have my unceasing sympathy. I almost want to start a fundraising campaign to save you from this place

what do i do now?


It's a moot issue now.

do something cute


now kiss me back

prolly shower and cook?

it's the harder path. but you'll learn more. and you don't really lose anything by trying.

run into traffic



yeah, exactly

Beaches aren't great for one day straight.
beaches are just bad

you're right. being open to others has become moot since November 7th 2016.

Most people are assholes here because it is entertaining.

File down those edges bud

They can be fun, but they get old real quick

When you direct a comment at somebody with the intention of getting a rise out of them
is that person out of line for gettting risen?

I've never enjoyed swimming so I guess that kills it

that avatar sucks

Squid would rather drown in Ban's asshole.


It's not an autistic goblin so I'll take it

that sounds like an awful motivation to be an asshole.

maybe. understand why they did it, and why they did it publicly. do everything else before you decide to retaliate. that way, if they're truly shit, you can attack with conviction that only comes from careful understanding.

Squiddy irl

Yeah, that and lying out on a towel or whatever are basically the only things to do so


Being an asshole isn't really a good thing to begin with.

There's no way to retaliate against soto because he doesnt give a shit about anything and doesn't care about this place or anybody in it

and that makes me really aggrivated


To defeat that which does not care, one must learn not to care as well

I don't get why people enjoy either, honestly.

It's better to only really care about a few close friends, and just try to be nice to the rest.


Beats me, seems overrated

not only that, it should be looked down upon.

I get that. but the reality there is probably rather boring and tedious, too.

insecure in his masculinity, fearing for the future, managing impressions...

if you're gonna hit him, know where to hit.

You see squash, some people aren't literal autists incapable of treating people who have ever slighted them as human beings. That's where your idea fails.

Are you venting high pressure fluids or gasses?


brb walking doggo.

depends on the people.

You have entirely missed my point.
For that slight you are dead to me.


I really fucking wish I could just not care

But then it sucks finding new ones when the invetible happens

I'm sober at this point, honestly.

Good, end my life

So gasses!

Wow gay, better drink more alcohol then

No. I can't make a widow out of Ban.

Well mostly sober anyway.
Sober enough to know whether I need water. Which I don't. Especially since I'm not going to bed any time soon.

The point is fuck you test

You don't really have to not care, just learn healthier ways to deal with the feelings it provokes



Because you're mostly sober anyway.

Summon Guero so I can get him to add me to the server!

Not at all my job.

You are Mugs #2 now!

I'm not sure being not drunk means I need to be drunk

But I have no other way of contacting him

He's asleep

like what?

It does today


Wake him up!


Maybe if the only option wasn't a call full of screeching retards yelling about shit I don't care about in the absolute slightest

Beyond not my job.

shut the fuck up and go back to your husband on discord

But I want to hear your voice

You just did for like 2 whole min.

Play some aggressive music rather than blowing up at someone, as a quick example

Really, it's up to you to find what works for you that's not lashing out or reciprocating hostility. I'm off to bed, hope the rest of your night goes better

Not nearly enough!

Oh no apparently I'm the third person for grim to get triggered at today.

He's on a roll.

Sure let me just drive to his house

Rippest dippest.

Should have just screeched louder and asserted dominance.


ty colbert
I feel much better now

I actually have a major aversion to being in calls with people I don't really interact with.
It took months to feel comfortable talking in Oobs discord even.

yay it's a scoots


you're too drunk to even realize what is happening
or are you too DUMB

nini test
have sweet dreams

You can do it!

We interact some
Just not a lot recently


whatchu up to?

It's been about 2 years last we really talked.

Oh I'm retarded I thought you were leaving. Didn't know Colbs was going to bed, thought you were.

Just grabbing breakfast, you?

just grabbing dinner~


We should start again!

new thread

new thread

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new thread

Apparently that's the case, but I just didn't feel like it.

I have a vague knowledge of what happened in the past four hours and I'm pretty damn lucid about the current situation.

Please don't use me as a stepping stone to get into the Discord.

I'm tired but awake, send help.