When you've been here so long you can identify whose ass it is being posted


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I am not proud of this

Hi bard


Hello bard


derry berry is a staple though
everyone should know that butt

squiddy is bullying me

watch the mods do literally nothing

grim bullies me non-stop

God. Fuck capping new folders.
How did I use to do this shit>?

what is this thing you say...


i dropped my aaryn folder on Holla Forums and it's kinda nice seeing at least someone using it

its true

every waking moment I dedicate to making tp suffer

I've been using the same 10 images for 2 weeks.
I'm just now capping more.

you should like cap irl

it's cool

why tho



I'm not attractive enough to use my face, and I don't want to use other people's faces.

poor sayla
and her dead voice actor

There is no proof of this

come on squash you don't gotta be cute to selfwhore

dude can i vent to you for a sec

one of my old loves is like married to a balled dude with a mustache

is she like taunting me?


I truly and honestly don't like myself.
Other's affection is really all that gives me a positive self image.

She might just like the guy.


Bard geuro wants to suck your dick

Also bye bard



well she did marry him

worst vent ever

Then I doubt she is worried about taunting you with her current love interest.


my parents took away this album because of the i want to fuck you like an animal line

you'd actually be surprised

she dropped some bait shit about drinking buddies the movie

which if you watch it is about me and her

but she's just now watching it and blogging about it

i did not reply

I have no advice to give.

holy fuck i need to break from marathoning how i met your mother

you don't have much life experience

I lack interest.


You're IP is showing\.

oh drats haha





It's okay
not too bad
not too good




evnyan hupony


hupony grimu bullied me

please ponish

American should go to bed

We're all bullies here



come on it's not even midnight


Rolled 36 (1d100)


I made cheese ravioli and it was tasty




at least she's perfect and elegant~

thankfully luka is here

the pure non-bully

sup gurl


at least i rolled the perfect description one!

I got married to Luka.


struggle snuggles


eff you dude


is it true about ban?

watch the n-bombs bro

I'm fine with open relationships




the only thing opened here is your ass


Who did that ?

Should though, and bring TP with you



hu knows



why are you grouping me with based grimu?

he's hella creepy

I kinda doubt that.

Not made for petting

I mean, if that's what You would do

Good evening

Come on, we all know you and Squiddy are getting it on!

seems like that's all you are made for tbh


oh shit
he said it himself

struggle snuggs are the best luka


What gave you that idea ?




i don't even know

how you been

My ass is still closed at the moment.


did you slam it shut like a rickety door



luka you do realize that grim doesn't mean his snuggles right?

My butthole is tight.

Stop implying it isn't.

luka don't listen to tp he's a fatty piece of shit

fucking haggard lying left and right

Wow mean

No pets allowed

You both stated so while drunk


Oh, did that happen ?

that was your whole thing


slowly backs away....

dont be a skunt





grim i can't believe you think you can defeat me in a luka battle

she knows you just want to destroy her

everyone saw your angry subway bathroom webem


look away love

yeah and everyone sees the pure shit you spew about luka behind her back too



It never was!

I'll be a skunk then

Enjoying your evening?

Grim is trying to tell me I have a loose asshole.

I'd believe it.

I don't forget anything.


loco is mean and horrible

not really

what did loco say

and succeeding

smelly ole hu

But if i'm always the top a dick never even goes near my ass.

But you just did

How come not?

A great way to ensure you'll be forever alone

oh shit sorry

assumes puts an ass u and me

I'd believe it.
Seems like a thing you'd do.

or something

If I don't remember it, it didn't happen.

bad posts the past two threads ago

Are you threatening me, master jedi?


Even you don't have my side ?

let it rip

The Senate Will Decide Your Fate.

when he was copying you?

so you're a power bottom then

luka what about grims bad posts about you

all the many times he tried to destroy you


and you were bully too

Name one person whos dominated me.



What's the next line?


js i would watch that one


all those people you baited when you were drunk

or are you telling me they sent you pictures of their dick thinking you would be fucking them??

"In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you're under arrest, Chancellor."
"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"
"The Senate will decide your fate."
"I am the Senate."
"Not yet."
"It's treason, then.''"


i do


Forgetting won't change reality

Never. Just nice to be yourself

We're all bullies~

Wow thanks man

You've probably got enough strength in your sphincter to close it up though.

You're both wrong.

luka i think if grim reaches a point where he actually is sorry about the things he did

we can council about forgiveness

until then he really has to prove himself

If I force someone to cum and send a dick pic then that doesn't mean i'm getting dominated.

they literally did what I told them to do.

Make sense ?

I mean
you didn't tell me context until now

did you force them to cum with your asshole?

I'm trapped in this love game.

Remember that for next time.

That sounds pretty fucking tight.

luka I went to thread
what in the actual fuck

Learn your gay internet sex.


i dont

don't respond luka

you're asking a bit too much here ban

am pro

You brought it upon yourself

Should. Bully the bully

Like a vice.

What the fuck is this avatar?

see here lies the beauty of luka


luka won't reduce herself to grim-tier bants

I did a good

Its Sugar.

Shes a villain from One Piece




Should be able to

You did a Squid, and a Squid did you


Should go to bed


honestly i think luka could if she wanted to


I'm into beaks and inks.

Also I like the way the suckers hook into my flesh.

eventually luka will have the thick skin she needs to survive the world

just be patient

Yeah, and right now too. America should go to bed

Could, but just refuse

o-oh my..

Doesn't surprise me a bit

Why on earth would you do that

how bad are you?

You know he won't even avatar as a squid though ?


Whats the big dealio ?

i think the worst thing i've done lately is lived

i like drink organic soymilk

it's sickening somewhat

Depends on what you mean by bad

He's an Aussie, of course he's weird

i mean tastewise it's bomb, just i guess i became one of those


Bug just got Hu!

Probably mostly mine

been arrested?

things you did that would be shitty if someone learned


Remember, its our autism now.

So cute

What bug just got me?

Don't think I ever did something like that. I'm quite a boring person

ban you ever been detained at the pool?

am wolf, not bug

Hands off my autism

cato is literally a Weta

can't say I have.

oh come on

like a time you went CRAY at the pny chan

You'll break it if you try and take it back.

Don't even try.

did you ever have to detain anyone tho

god i fucking hate cato

But you said bug

I didn't though, I only stated my opinion on the matter. Not something that would be shitty if people learned about it, or something that could get me arrested

Retarded people

I'll do it nigga
I'll take us both down

i just want the funny stories

that is not funny

But there aren't really any funny stories

tell me new things u did today

This give my life meaning right ?

I had a purpose.

Even if it was just ruining your autism.

I made my mark.

And it wasn't fun.

i guess it's all about timing

i imagine not

what more could any one man dream for

new things?
Before I went to bed I just browsed the internet and farmed in Runescape. Now just woke up. Nothing new here~
Done much yourself other than avoiding bullies?

I guess there might have been more if I cared about the place in a whole, but I don't



that's the way to be

the whole is not that great


good food



i didn't

why only run escape?

Stop fapping

Only really went there, because that's where people went.
Which is also why I'm now here~
And if something bad happened to the whole of 8ch, I'd probably not really care either. Would you?

It's fun :3

it's a play on runescape

how smart

no except luka

i would be glad that kyle would be done lying about having like 5 jobs lol

but i would be sad him being dead

How lame

its old

Do I go get in bed now or later ?

run escape is old

it's like only colbert

and also kyle is scheming

luka you aren't jew gold scamming are you?


I legit thought that was how it was pronounced a long time ago

Kyle? And why would he be dead if the site was dying?

And still receive updates, it's nice. Just don't play the new version, go oldschool, it's much better.
Besides, old games are good, else we wouldn't see all these HD remakes of old titles.

i just realized that kyle and luka are in cahoots to make gold in runescape

p disgusted tbh

TP just because you have a shit work ethic doesnt mean everyone else does.

That nigga legit works like 3 jobs.

nope it old and not hd looking with pretty graphics and cute characters

Going to bed

oh snap sistah i work a 7 to 330 everyday and am ALWAYS fucking on time

don't wave your finger at me

I'm not at all surprised

Make all the gold they can, it wouldn't affect me :3

Scamming, day trading and pk'ing?

Good :3

Bring Squiddy with you


im js

nah he does actual irl work

Impossible to stop what you ain't doing!

me neither

just kinda dirty

.grim you're a fucking dirtbag


Tp you're 20 times jankier tbh

Oh hi

Nah. Too high level if he did

What's keeping you busy then?


no you are

was vidya!


Didn't they stop developing that?

Oh? No more?

why are you sad little man

hey bro i know we've had our differences

but like look at what grim is doing here

it's just flat out mean

Hi Nezi!

Just finished
deciding what to do

inb4 nezi only replies to cato

Go to bed of course

speaking of cato

cato has a boyfriend

i am happy for cato

moving on from rocks to dudes is a real step

Cato has a boyfriend?

that was like a well timed clean joke

grandma fell again
haven't been sleeping
my disease is really bad right now

started stress eating again

hello cato

how are you?

pretty sure

Might anime!

I'm doing pretty well
good, relaxing weekend

Never listen to anything TP says

seriously nezi you're going to tell grim about your grandma?

that really sucks btw

one day you will die

you should probably start getting used to that eventuality

you literally said you had a boyfriend


don't make me thread dig you cuck


hanging in there i guess

what have you been up to lately?
listening to any good music?

lol cuck one and cuck two

Go ahead

Says the one posting anime now!

I just moved to Albuquerque to start grad school

I have been listening to some really eclectic music recently, apparently

Yes, hello???

moving on from rocks to getting his rocks off

looks like cato will be cummingtonite

your the one that's out of date

cato is my bf

Supposedly it's not even "real" anime



what are you sick with man

is she stable


whers my boy dusty
I wanna play some chess


Maybe that was another game then

Ui is not lying

It is a video game

ay boss

how are you QT?

I missed you

any links?

thanks luka

genetic, incurable disease
don't wanna talk about it really
there's worse things to have but sometimes I feel like it's ruining my life

she's in pain but didn't break anything this time
might have to do more x-rays though as she fractured her spine last time

So I've heard


yes we get it

thanks for play-by-play

ouch man

hang in there nezi

sup nigga

pew pew!

what game?

oh great nezi has a fake terminal disease


i have a problem too...

i can't quit liking luka's steez

Absolutely nothing at the moment.
What's you doing?

I can't remember the name of it. Underwater minecraft or something


i wanna know moar about it~

tel me tell me tell mee!!!

God I wish i were nezi and cato...
I wish it was me

Doing real well, sweetie

What about you?

I'll have to dig it up!

still waiting on evas cancer to kill him

drunk as all hell and causing a ruckus

That's all I think I know. I can't even remember the name of it

dang missclicks

yeah, trying not to get depressed again
staying happy helps a lot when life gets rough

what have you been up to?

how are you, luka?


I love new music so I would appreciate it

see nezi,

we all know you are lying for attention because that is what you do

but luka has a pure heart and will always give you the benefit of the doubt

shame on you

But cute!

God I wish it were me..

Nezi I love you almsot as much as cato.

That's the best way to be
I should head that way too


lol ui

She is

also Hi TP you raging alcohol. I lvoe you too...

i love you

it wasn't supposed to come to this

give me a hug faggot

now KIss

did you expand your folder yet?


I don't understand


the actual chain noise is a bit overkill but wow first 30 seconds I am very impressed with this

this is really good so far, great sound


i fucking love all of you, HOYL SHIT.


I thought "this sounds like something from red dead redemption" and lo and behold...rdr2 has some of this artist lol

Thank you my dear sweet elder sister
I think I will hit the store do you have any reccomendations of what is a good midniht snack?

when are you going to corale some fresh t-girls

tfw no actual fags are here to ruin the chat.

Man it sure is nice in here right now



I have two actual GF's right now. I cant be assed to do that atm...

Who counts as actual fags?

With like 5 or 6 pics or so. But on laptop now which has even fewer

scoots and people similar

You should just give into the anime

how do your two feel about each others

and are they actual born girls?

my boy boog safe from his gastric bypass

you are dating a man

so like you are a fag

firstly, yes they are actual girls. Second, I am still in a poly relationship but I get hwat I need sexually from one and I get fuck tons of cute cuddles from the other. I can post pics if u want

I actually have no idea where you are geting this from

poly relationships are the devil

Do it!

my only thing is I think 8im slowly becoming a furry. they are both cat girls and im working on gettign an actual awoo girl i nthe mix.

hmm not as big of a fan of this, it's good background music but I'm more interested in catchy music, this doesn't really pop as much

sounds like jazz


you being a liar

Sorry I had to post this before I do anything else. forgive this drunk idiot for his taste in music.

well yeah, kinda is jazz

that's why there is a walking bass
which is the best

I mean, you would probably know if I had a boyfriend.
If you are talking about the British guy, I just had him over so he didn't have to get a hotel room.

cato your 'stories' change daily

so do yours nezi

you both mold yourself to whatever will get you replies

w--what about me tp san

Ill post a few of girl #1 that i mostly cuddle with first

It's not terminal.

Ui post loli's who have cummies dripping out of their butt




you're practically perfect in every way brad


Like I said, prove me wrong

Fuck you soto

that's aa penis

Quit posting traps

That's my shtick

oh hi

no traps lmao

rawr XD

well at least i'm play a kewl new vidya game about underwater and building stuff and surviving!


and meh

but at least people are posting~ ^_^

this has been one of my favorite pictures of all time since I saw it

god it's so cute

thank you buddy

cato: you can't prove me wrong
me: cato you have been banned from every board you tried to post on for being a creeper



yes hello.

yes that's good
a dead animus is a really boring place

good to see some activity


Newest game I've played recently was American Truck Simulator!
It's about driving a truck in America

Oh, you're just fucking with me
I'm too easy, TP

all the dubs

GOD... this thread

thank you for replying to me nezi

i would like to squash our beef

completely clean slate

if you're up for it

no you're a piece of shit and i hope you get federal time

pls leave my BF alone

You're great too, TP


sure. be polite and you won't get filtered. simple.


i think i can handle that

no guarantees with being polite to cato though

he is trash

Maybe peoples' 'stories' would make more sense if you had the basic coherency to understand what people said in the first place, you literal fucking retard.

here.. i'll give u my awoo girl if u really want. we are hooking up next week. She hasn't been tamed yet so I'm a bit scared

I'll just kidnap a Hu, then

steve pls b nais we are burying the hatchet

Will never happen

cf: you thinking I'm stevean

you are dating a tail model

what is your life


that is fine. I don't expect all of my friends to get along

kinda looks like monroe

and youre alive too! good to see. :)

you should try something new!

it doesn't really matter

non beta aussies are either steve or brian

I dont think so at all, but I understand.

She is pretty un tamed and shit. She is a nudist.

New things cost money and I'm a jew

i've been making a real effort to be nice to people

and the more i do that the more people's true fangs come out

like i would be careful about grim

he's up to something

oh pls... Grim is under my control

shhh not everyone knows about the e-trap house

for now I guess.

you know which monroe I referenced, yes?

i guess

no, im drunkies.

would someoen pls wash my back and give me a massage?

well regardless i am sorry for my part in our beef

maybe you will forgive me genuinely one of these days

wow... TP is legit apologizing?

Im screencapping this

I wanta cutie guitar gf

was leaguing man

fucken mess but we won

im on vacation spending it w my familia


what im doing rn


Never really got into LoL. I'm surprised it still lives

its thriving


mobas are gross

you might not want to to start getting into LoL with grim

next thing you know he's buying you skins for e-blowjobs


wow, eww

I really hate that name for such games.
Quake is a moba

I've played it before, not gonna happen again.
Besides, far too lazy to fiddle with Wine to get it to work

pic related
me in tthis situation


What the fuck is that?


good morrnign i was wondering where you were tonight.....

if you're popular you get free shit

no more FARTS now


Gosh, I was probably returning videotapes.

Pretending to be female worked for me with the randoms.

it's tru

nice bro

i bet grim legitimately believes he is popular in LOL land

you and your dirty videos heh........

I mean

the screenshot

ah the medal

you pretty much win the award for biggest douchebag 2017

Someone tell Wish Koi to Osu is fucking garbage

*creeps super hard on darwin*

Inside Lydia's Ass is a masterpiece by all accounts.

ur rich!


i love you soto and darwin

just wanted to clarify that i love you both and there is no beef

naaah, not even


why not?

luka did you see me reconnect with nezi?

this being nice thing is out of control

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