I cummied

i cummied


N-no I'm the worst
The meanest


That wasn't for you, that was for Ban-kun

wgi ny

McFucking kill yourself

Don't you enjoy my anime memes? I'm trying hard here, nigger

Someone is mad with jealousy.

Going home, goodnight!
Goodnight Scoots

Have an indoor picnic... can I get some of that ass to snack on>?

Love you♥
stay safe love

nowai theres no sun!

i don't want to thing

Thirsty Dane.

He's clearly stealing my girlfriend Ban.

Jealousy doesnt suit you

Also I'd take a McFlurry if you would

You are missing the copious amounts of sarcasm.

Wow, not even ironically.

My feelers told me that the McFucking kill yourself was genuine

Got a little crush on Ban~?




Too lazy to look
What is it?


I just mimicked Ban's response

I'm not starting that exchange over.

youre about to head to the SHADOW REALM

The hair is 2/10.
He tried.

Bracelet is also too big, and not enough stars are on it.

There should be 10 stars, and each star is about the size of a penny..

the whole point is that it is bad cosplay

god bless

Also he's black.

I don't even know how or why I remember these things.

I didn't notice the puzzle before I started responding, gomen.

Tbh, Idc if a black guy cosplays a white character, that's the least of what I'm looking for in a decent cosplay.

A good cosplay, however, you better be on top of every detail, especially something as obvious as skin.




Should of just worn a wig.


Holy fucking shit the shoddy attempt works

This was the best cosplay that year, tbh.

This Aya is nailin' it.

Steaming pile of crap BUT IT WORKS

show me

I'm realizing now my hand was generally not shaky in these.

This Ran nailed the general demeanor.

It was interesting seeing the difference between the people who were actually playing the costume, and those who were just wearing it.

isn't otacon in washington?

thats pretty far from canada


Baltimore, actually.

Good morning


This Little Sister actually got me to wait until she got her friend laying down to take the picture.

"It'll be so much better if we do this first."

ooh ok
yeah that makes sense my friend from MD wanted me to take her

body pillow game on point

good evning

soinfon tho

got any of you at the con?
were you cosplaying

Why are you here so much recently

oh hi

what's new with you?

Morning, sunshine.

Buying porn in public is disgusting.

I just realized I got this Yachiru twice.

Both times she was on point, but I genuinely think that might just be how she is.



no surprise from someone so boring

If you're surrounded by perverts at a con is it still disgusting

I learned it from watching you.

eating some tasty black chickpeas

took some with a little salt and pepper
simple and delicious

how was your sleep bardo


She was just standing there, and the Rock Cannon was kind of obvious.

Yeah, it is.

me, feeding you

lol oh well


that sounds good
How did you cook them ust in like a pan?

I think I may be a lil hungry myseslf

Waiting to go hang out with either my best friend or my other good friend
I think when one of them hits me up I'll have them order a breakfast pizza today...

itll take hours if you use an open pan.

gotta use a pressure cooker.

lentils are cheap and so filling and nutritious, ppl should cook with them more

breakfast pizza
what goes on that
sausage and egg?

I took this Al's picture because there was an Ed right beside him and I wanted to jump on the opportunity to call him the Full-Metal Alchemist.

I called just about every Ed I saw "Short-stop."


Kurama is the best red haired anime boy.

I think they replace the marinara with a cheese sauce and a laayer of egg under the outside cheese then theres either sausage or bacon or whatever

Its my most favoritest

we have a nice gas station chain here that also makes pizza that is better than our local pizza joint and the 2 pizza chains we have here

I mean you're in new yawk so you probably can go get some good ass pizza huh

I actually didn't notice that Soifon until just now.

No, I wasn't cosplaying. I wanted to, but I couldn't pull something together in time.

And I'm one of the cosplayers who doesn't have fun with it if I'm not actually, like, playing the character.

oh no nigga what is u doin

and yes

I can walk like 2 blocks and there will be a pizzeria its fucking godly

that sucks

I wanna cosplay but I'd rather get the body for it first

That was amazing!!!!!

An admirable goal.

Or, could cosplay as someone with your body type.

yeah it's the only c onvenient store chain I've ever heard that's like that

Caseys General store they are called

they also have good tenderloind andburgs and stuff

tbh if we got rid of all the food oints and fast food and resturaunts in town as long as we had our caseys its all good imo

i could never exist in such a large city

Do you drive?
how do you even get around?

I'm a little chubby, that's no fun.
Not to mention getting /fit/ has a slew of other benefits

in NYC I prefer to take the train/bus but if I'm not going to the island I will drive around
tbh the public transit is starting to show signs of fucking failure and collapse, its been beyond max capacity for a while


God speed.

That's terrifying

It's comforting to me to know that if I need to go to the e mergency room at 3 a.m I would be able to walk out my front door and treck 2 blocks down the street without having to worry about getting a train ticket or getting caught in a traffi jaam...or getting mugged...

but then again these are probably just stereotypes that they portray on the media and movies about new york, eh?

Thanks m8

mugged? if you're in the wrong neighborhood, like anywhere else. They're getting sparse now, with real estate prices continuing to rise.

you call the ambulance, wtf do you need a train ticket for?

the subway uses a metrocard and noone in their right mind would take that to the hospital.

traffic at 3am? unlikely but it happens in busy roads and highways

Most bullshit thing for me is the cardio. Lifting shit's easy.

for a sedentary person or a smoker I agree cardio is a huge bitch

as a smoker I DISAGGREE

Mug my cummies

Nah, just don't like running.


how much cardio do you do bard
does your heartrate reach the optimal level

lol oh

das RAPE



o shit.....you are right

It took me a long time to know the context of that image.

Hardest part's just keeping at it.

Was a good comic.

I don't really have any way to keep track of heartrate
I remember from elementary school you're supposed to count your pulse across like 10 seeconds or something but fuck that

I go running about a mile on the Kewash Trail, down to the bridge between 2 and 3 times weekly

Sometimes my best friend will join and well have a smoke under the bridge

Oh no not the comic. Who the characters were and fuck adachi.

Oh, yeah, he's a cunt.

nice man
movement is better than none

gotta force yourself till it becomes a habit

Yep. Sometimes difficult to find time though.

But I glimpsed through the comic, it's pretty funny.

i also like to roll with my friends on saturdays!!! but that's not really cardio

What kind of stuff do you do for excserise?

That's one thing I have another assumption about new york in my mind is that where tf are you gonna go excersise?

You probably have to hit a gym, right?

I enjoyed it enough.


gonna be real I havent been to the gym regularly since highschool

there are gyms everywhere tho theres like 2 right around the corner over here

I have no excuse besides changing my diet lmao

Yo can I get aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boneless pizza

What's your metabolism like?
You're only like 24 right?

can i get an asian bone

i was wondering where you were lat night

do you have an iq high enough for that

im 23
it's regular and stable I guess?
Some days im so busy I forget to eat and only have like 2 meals in a day, have lost a little weight from that but otherwise its stable

there was something going on today so i didn't want to ruin it by drinking last night

thanks for noticing brad




Grim, stop posting my picture.
That's not nice.

here is my impression of boogie

i'm so sorry that that that sjw sperged at me

sorry if im being rude but are you like trans or crossdressing or what

Is grim trans?

she identifies as female but doesn't want to jam it down peoples' throats

girls with dicks are the best kind of girls

Good impression

Yeah boogie is based af

I wish I was a girl with a dick so I could identify as female and then jam it down people's throats



honestly mexican traps are disgusting

i don't know what it is. the accent doesn't mix well with female penii


He sexually identifies as a washing machine, bigot.


Si señor, please ignore the peñor.


Good heavens, I'm going to heck, aren't I?

or was it focus

Post mexican traps

Too rgiht, fugg

also i haven't really been into traps that much anymore

glad that was a phase forced onto me by online culture

Stop memeing
You homo




cowslut outta fucking nowhere

oh i guess he was already here

but still


I'm only into traps because the internet made me into them

Muu post ass

it's actually true man

i remember malice telling me that i would be into to traps eventually

and i was like no fuck you i will never be like you

it's a phase though

traps are actually really gross when you actually let yourself think about what is going on there



I miss malice

Anime traps are 100 %

irl traps are gross


You found that way too fast.


Here's a meme pertaining to the pizza caseys gas station i was talking about earlier

how are anime traps better?

i would prefer like two anime ones yuri'ing


I want to die for enjoying these so much.

Man. On tequiela. Gimme that trap ass.

The biggest perk of anime traps is the lack of didsgusting body hair and usually pubic hair

there's the smell

the fact that you could literally draw a girl then draw a dick on her instead of having to be born a guy and dress up like a girl

this is next level reddit


like we should develop a way to make online waifus smell

it is the next step


shit is funny though

i mean that might be cool
as long as they smell good and not gross like real irl traps/transes

kamuu wanna meet up?



More-so than it has any right to be, yes.

how do irl traps smell?

like supplements and cigarettes i imagine


I thought semen and papa johns

Like any man would smell I suspect

i personally am glad that the smash mouth thing caught on

I want your attention and affection

That is insensitive

and false promises

it's kinda strange cause like my balls are naturally hairless

it's all around the dong

I'm probably too far south.

False promises? do go on...

I can travel for dat ass


How woud you feel if you were making out with some cute girl and you start going down and then BLAM

you get hit with that wet ball smell and then see a literal fucking jungle of razor stubble because some dude wanted to be a cute girl

i donno man

i have not met a trap who wasn't a WHORE


i feel like i would have to already know what i was getting into to be ok with it tbh

i'm such a micro planner these days

I like em whorish though :3


lmao im a genus


like throwing a subway sandwich for a tit pic is ok

That kind of defeats the terminology of trap
That's more like a tranny or just a "Crossdresser" if you already know what's coming up

Women have just as much razor stubble as men.


Goddamn it.

lol exactly

that's the trap i like

the obv ones

Slapping them with a footlong... who'd you slap hardest... by slapo I mean hit if you know whatta mean?

it's easier to deal with when you don't have to constantly reposition some gross saggy balls and a FLOPPY DICK i'd like to think


really feelin big dick atm

grimmu also


tp that's' really gay

u srs?

kate mckinnon got nominated for an emmy
that unfunny ape also got nominated for an emmy


Nigger she is ace, you fucktard

dude again

i'm no longer into traps

it was a phase forced onto me by internet culture

You got married to Luka.

but you just said you like obvious traps....

leslie jones is terribly untalented and breaks pretty much every seen

she deserved getting her "nudes" if you can even call them that leaked



if I say ur cute ur cute



Post "nudes"

We got married.

wtf......I was married to luka.....


why would i save those

you and luka?

Because you asre a criminal homo

Not anymore.


I hope my Boyfriend doesn't dump me.

i'm like barely bi-curious

bi implies acting on it

i fap to the nastiest shit sometimes tho

he doesn't like high divers?


sonata blue are you here



that's gay yo

Imagine... Being gay...

i really don't get the animaphilia thing tbh

like i don't even see my cats as sexual creatures

they're fixed ffs

Isnt it bestiality?

Imagine being a little girl on August 5, 1956 and a frog creature that was barfed from a lady floating in space crawling into your mouth after you've been lulled to sleep by a creepy radio broadcast.

I'd cum from my eye pussies.


i woke up and remembered that i said some rude shit to you

tried to go back and read what i said

and couldn't really get what i was on about

something about projection

i am sorry

i understand if you don't forgive me


I'm no whore though.

Sure you arent... y'all a good girl...

Don't worry about it. Water under the bridge, buddy. :3

Man, that's...that's pretty gross, Scoob.


oh nice that was bugging me out. when i'm like that don't take it personally lol

I know... I am a gross boy... Kill me...


Ferrrr sure! So, how's your weekend been?

Who are you, the Night Queen?
Wait...was that from The Magic Flute?
I can't remember. I've got Mozart dyslexia all of a sudden.

it was alright. met up with some bros in the park

Google says it was from Mozart's 'The Abduction from the Seraglio'. I'm such a swine.

Did you go down the slide?


Champion of the sun! Master of karate and friendship for everyone!

no but there just happened to be the chicago philharmonic orchestra playing at this park,

and the bathroom was behind the percussion?

poor arrangement tbh

Im the trash man.. I spread garbage around the ring and eat the garbage

Maybe they wanted the drum sounds to drown out the poo sounds?

I'm checkin' out! Throw me in da traaaaaaash!

you guys drinkin?

i could get more

but i could also just watch a movie

That image... its beautiful... Oh my god the LSD is kicking in...

Hello! How are you all?


IMan, pharah in overwatch tho




Do it

I'm just capping new images. Sup with you?



legs broke

Kinda sleepy, ate some food. What's up with you?

why not both?

that's a cute picture. her stylist really knows how to shape her eyes.

i can't really keep up with things that involved

while drinking


I didnt need them anyway...

Y-your stylist knows how to shape your.... erm... hi
taytay is wayway cute ^^

Capping images....?

Say goodbye to your arms, nugget man.

Cool! I'm kinda sleepy, ate some food. What's up with you?

that's a cute picture. her stylist really knows how to shape her eyes.

watch something dumb while drinking, like samurai cop. :D

your doodab know how to boobap your hoohaw.

Just capping some images.
What's up with you?



ur memaw did yo hoohar merah

Thank you! What picture are you referring to tho.

Tired, just ate some food. What's up with you?


Just capping some images.
What's up with you?





I saw my bosses tummy when he reached up for some boxes and it's honestly wonderful.

hehe I don't know if that is good by osha standards.

eyeball seesaw? my legs are made of doowop music, johnny!

i was just bein' goofy with scoot. hi, though! hope you're having a fantastic saturday night.

nope. this did.

I also saw his ass a bit.
He has kind of saggy pants so when he leans over it shows like 2 inches of booty.

there was only one other person there and i started dancing

that was the first cassette i ever owned!

she did not care lol

honestly though oldschool turtle power

Thank fucking god

They all float down here sabby, and when you are down here... you'll HAMMOCK too

cute! i was in a coffee shop last week and they played buffalo stance. i started doin' a little stand-in-place dance and the barista started doing it too. it was a nice moment.

those little randoms, for sure, make life

like how my friend hit us up randomly

not knowing that it just happened to be another friend's going away party


Everyone thinks he made a mistake by rapping that Raphael was the leader of the group, but since Rude Raph is the best turtle, I say he got it right.

I read that the first screenplay for the new IT called for the creature to change shapes like in the novel, but the studio just wanted to focus on the clown. Makes me a little sad, but I'll still see it.

Uh oh. Where's your friend going? My bff moved to New York 5 years ago and is finally moving back. I'm so excited!

was the dad from malcolm in the middle, ted's boss from how i met your mother, before he did the meth show?

i used to be a donatellofag for practically my whole life

it took awhile to admit raf is the best

to LA

gone forever

No idea. Didn't really watch any of them.

not gonna lie, i think it looks good
fingers crossed
has looks and substance from what ive seen

Teep, do you like Talking Heads?

If anything, it at least looks like it was beautifully shot. Some of the stills I've seen have been gorgeous.

one day
one day we'll have great picture shooting AND writing
one day

Turn that sea lion upside-ion! ♥

Scoot, I wanna adapt Philip K. Dick's 'Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said'. It seems like it would be a challenge.


for sure. pscho killer was one of the first songs my highschool bands covered


never heard of it, wanna elaborate on that? whats neat about it?

George had me watch the first like, 8 episodes when we lived together, but I just never watched on my own after I moved.

They were doing so much great work musically and artistically. Gotta love 'em.

Like a lot of PKD's work, it questions our ideas of identity and self in an increasingly impersonal world. It's not a long novel. You could read it in an hour. But it leaves you with a lot to think about.


When I am more sober please remind me to look it up
sounds neat, But if you think it merits a movie it must be good.

yeah i haven't watched a single ep of that one

i am versed in the others

true stories is a trip tbh

This call is fucking massive.

I watched Mitm now and then, but not much.

so massive

lol what ever happened to frankie munez

There's a pretty good adaptation of A Scanner Darkly that came out about 12 years ago that's worth checking out. That's one of my favorite books. It's so incredibly sad and deals with the same ideas of identity and what it means.

50 sets of twins appear in that movie.

I heard he had a stroke a few years ago. Poor guy. He was racing cars before that.

The list is so long.

too much adrenaline i guess

yeah i love that voodoo dude in that

hi catto

list poster dong size

A scanner darkly! I have heard of that! Was that the one with that dude in it... Josh... or something.
I may be rambling, but I do remember its coming out.


I have to he said hi to me last night

Man it had keanu in, I fucked up

lol what happened

I'm 6' and 2''.
That's 2 measurements.

well I said
"Good morning"
And then he said
"Hi Bard:"

and idk this just feels really familair

my dong is bouncing back lately

pretty proud of it tbh

brad have you met kyle

No i was going to show him my town and buy him ice creams but it rained >///


what fucking blue balls

Hi bard

Squiddy!!! You said Hi to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi bard

Hello squiddy.........

hi steveAn


Hi bard

Night, you faggots.

s-stop it...t-too much hellos....

Bye bard

See you squiddy! Take care!!!

Magum. I use a monster condom for my magnum dong.

Teeb, do you ever wish you were as cute as Anna?

Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, and Robert Downey Jr are in it. It was filmed live, then animated over. It's pretty cool. I think you'd like it.

Hi bard

w-what's happening....m-my mind is going blank

neenee love

hi derium

i wish i were her a lot

i recently realized that kate beckinsale wasn't actually perfect

so like i'm teetering here