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Just because theyve got a history. I don't care. Ive waited long enough.


It's like going after the special ed kid.

Yeah, whos joking ?

It is rude to bully.

Be a good liberal Tsuchi, your people believe miley cyrus is the only legit american country music

There's no way he can be serious, right?

By law, the retarded can't consent.

Blood_chan has nice tits.

What don't you understand ?

You'd know, ach ach ach

Johnny Cash was a liberal who advocating prison reform, civil rights for all minority groups, opposed the Vietnam War, and wanted his wife to be entirely independent as a person from him.

But he's totally a 15 year old surgeon serial killer girl. That would be illegal to see pics that are totally of him.


And modern day democraps thank him by naming miley as the best country musician
Its not too late to change sides for the better my dude
You are better than them
I'm out to drink some more

Shes just shy/


Just because you had to settle, no need to be so mean.

What a gay thread

b-cup is terrible, i wish they were bigger

When you think about it, tits are just fat blobs. So are nice round tummies.
So it's basically one big manly boob.

Daily reminder woody Guthrie was a communist

A like them, isn't that all that matters?




Country's music entire origins are in American Folk inspired by "negro spirituals", blues and hymn music, eschewing mainstream views and beliefs of their time. It's why it was always referred to as "outlaw" music before becoming the fake accent abomination of rednecks it is today.

It's the definition of liberal music, no different in themes than protest era folk singers like Dylan and Seeger.

I like them*

That's like when a girl says she likes small penis, she's lying

its okay if you're only pretending

stop that...



You think so little of me you think I am pretending? woah.


You can go first

Maybe she's a virgin and wants a small one? I can't help her then.


same time

same hole

Does this imply you have a big šŸ…±enis

But that meth-addicted user said you were only joking :(

How big are you?


Im not baby, you are my girl. Dont let him fill you with lies.

That is the strangest logic here.
And that's saying something.

And was a hipster that hated the Trumps before any even knew who they were.

That was the intention, yes

Which one today?

8 inches, of course



the brown one

Okay. See you in bed.



How's Megumin?

You got me oddly nostalgic after the brief conversation the other night. For Tractor Supply and Menards of all places and those ugly brown Carhartt jackets that are great in the winter.



I use to love going to see the chicks. Still do, but now it's work.



hows wolf

I just remember the smell of when the chicks were in the store since they were under a heat lamp and given a corn based feed, it just smelled like kind of burnt corn.

And getting a bunch of old people candy before checkout.

The roof!

Wolf managed to be hungover this morning, somehow
now trying to decide what to do.

We use a protein based corn feed mixed with unfertilized eggs.

nice one

Of course, I am holo the wisewolf!

Do lazy!

I am doing the laziest!

Is there at least a bunch of old people candy like brittle and whatever those giant solidified blobs of peanuts and sugar are called?


Work time.

But I belong to Sonata...

May I see? For science, ofc

Evil. And stop changing your avatar

Hey Mushroom

And yet you still want me to cum in your ass.

Now that's one I haven't heard in a while

How's BC?


I can post whatever I want.


Someone told me to call you that, I don't know what it means.

I'm kay, how's u?

Post Koume, Koume a cute

Video games all day!

Its okay babe ^^

When you're sitting with family and they don't know you're stealth masturbating your ass

i want to do thing but i am so unmotivated

You'll see it real close later.

I bet it was tuschi or scoot, gotta be

day is going well
lazy n shit

What thing do you wanna do?


program my awesome keypad i made

Certainly live up to your name.

don't you fucking judge me


Much too late for that.

Unfortunate, I know.

none of you know my fucking life and circumstance

if i need to masturbate my ass to feel alive who are you people to say that's wrong

Silver linings

stfu scum

ooh, that's going to be cool when it's done!

You're the only one bringing up right or wrong here.


I wish I had a way to tell which mode I'm on and stuff :p

i don't like this attention, I'm scared

Teach me

How close?

It was Tsuchi. What does it mean?

i'm a mess.

I never even talk to the retard, just make fun of whatever he's autisming over now.

that's what she said

why are you so defensive?


You dont need to be scared, not when its you and me.

What're you gonna use the keypad for?

I'm pretty sure it woulda been scoot, idk why I threw tuschi in there
too long ago to really matter, I guess

You're a Luka!

Ok, so scoot

sorry about that

but Sonata might get upset and dump me if I slut around

Desk accessories.


I never really understood why you would need extra keys, I barely even use the m-keys on my keyboard

but good on you for making it yourself!

It was Tsuchi
And now I'm thinking of Split Mushroom from Megaman X4

Close enough for you to taste it.

Yes, exactly that!

is it so you can have it on your lap while you are fapping to turn the pages

If I were to guess, it's in reference of Cato's anatomy.

If they cant handle you at your worst, why should they deserve you at your best?
you'll always be #1 to me bloodsy~

You say the same five things about being underage or generic edgy shit that you've said for like six years now for reasons far too autistic to comprehend.

What possesses a grown ass man to act the way you do is completely unknown.

It probably wasn't him either. He has the same comment about everyone that shows up and will ask the same question he's asked them countless times in the past.

The dude is fucking retarded.





d-don't let Scoots hear you say that..

I know all about anatomy and now I know what you're talking about.

Heh Sonata has seen my worse
I have anxiety >_<

get off the meth


-runs up to you and looks at you like this-

how is your tummy


Then how bout chu come here and gimme a hug and solve that anxiety?

i rehydrated myself.

how is your tummy.

Using it as dedicated arrow cluster and numpad since I have a 60% board.

dont tell them

Why have you done the same autistic spiel about pretending to be a 15 year old girl for like six years now, man? Literally the same five comments.

Now beg for videogames.


-covers your mouth with my hands-


doesnt that feel better?

I made eggs after a long time, so it is full. I snapped a couple of people idk if you were one

I should probs have put it on my story

You. Are. Mistaking. Me. For. Name.

I don't know how many times I have to tell you


no i didn't get anything.

brb cutting myself


Keep safeā™„


-stares out the classroom window-

"I just wanna go outside and go nuts....I hate school...."



You never change.

How am I mistaking you for anything when you've literally said the same shit with the same name?

Why do you even do whatever autistic garbage you do?


-stares out of the classroom window-

"I want to die"


-stares out the classroom window-

"I just want senpai to notice me...."

-forgets homework at home and goes into a panic-

Wink wink.


Apparently he is the shit now, somehow

oh, that makes more sense!


You forgot the tea cart.

Arduino IDE depresses me.

no friends online to play games...



It's more like a "laughing at him" by encouraging him to autism further thing.





t h i c c


do not lewd the ai

Fatshame people; do not normalize it.

I don't even go near that stuff, really

oh, that makes more sense

I got a sample that could probably be classified as a pseudotachylite from my trip to australia recently

[Fieldtrip PTSD flashbacks]


I'll lewd you in a minute

I am probably gonna be leading field trips real soon
is gonna be weird

megumin a cute


Fuck fieldtrips
Fuck them

Now who are you really


Are a good way to learn!



that's my line.

Shame is boring

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck elma?


Now type in asterisks/hyphens some more nonsense and insinuate you're an underage girl.





Don't you
Forget about me

I will teach you it.

I would. I hear her girlfriend is hung too. I want her to fuck me.

lets see

fuck off with your guessing games you shitter

Do you have a modicum of self-respect preventing you from doing it?




It doesn't justify senseless assmad anger. That shit used to my role to play now its an entirely different concept.


But whyyyyy

Well it's not like you gave me your name
Here are some possible things you are:

Lol school
I don't even remember high school cuz I was always high on schizo meds

I need you to calm down, I'm not that person anymore. I don't know why you choose to bash me so much when I've done nothing to you

oh man I was so happy she died


are you a retard

It's Tsuchi

Close enough.

Then what justifies your senseless assmad anger about nonexistent, perceived boogeymen?

She was my favorite.

Hello Orion

Hello Luka


Do you have some sort of filter or extension?

My name is right there. Grim.

just going to filter this britanon

I'm Blood-chan and trust me no one pretends to be me~

You can teach me while we're in bed.


I am asking a simple question.

What possesses you to do whatever spiel you do of pretending to be retarded for now six years at this point?

Do I have to introduce myself?
I am the other side of the coin.



I belong to Sonata and my mouth is only loyal to his... you know

I don't know what you mean, I'm just a roleplayerfag

Can I pretend to be you, Nymph?

far too lewd
Stop lewd

Sorry, I mistook your name, ....Grim.

Doing the same thing as whatever you believe an "opposition" is doing while saying how terrible they are for doing it is the definition of hypocrisy.

what the fuck did you mistake it for?




It is. I don't have means or ways to hurt those I hate with passion this big
So I decided to become one of them
And pretend that I lost common sense. So, screw you
Screw Berkley
Screw Obanigger
Screw everything you stood, stand and will act for

This is my shitty attempt of amusing myself.

Hearts and stuff


But I'm not even a liberal.
I dislike both sides in most situations.

Jack and Tsuchi's combined IQ is 100

Then what do you stand for?


Wait I'm not Nymph, I'm Blood-chan

/ jack is 99

Is that why they cant transform

You can play a wizard on 10 int.

Prove it to me
Get down on the floor

hi darling

Those who can't even relate to the subject should have SOME self deceny and shut the fuck up
Stay idiots to yourselves
Can't you continue with your "uguuu i did x and y and hugbox shite dawww *pounces*"

Let me know when you need to be filled.


4, actually.

Non-identity defined bullshit where people's only politcal affiliation is that they aren't the other guys and have nothing to themselves individually. Your views shift and change and the only thing that is core to it is that you're whatever boogeymen you claim to be against and do mental gymnastics to rationalize the minor of differences into giant perversions of any fact.


What? You're not my master.
And why would anyone want to pretend to be me?

H-hi >////>

S-sonata can fill me up just fine...

Would you like to know the truth about me? It's pretty boring

Stop being lewd!

Lewds are illegal

don't make him stop...

Deport lewds

That applies for anyone rational but I really hate liberals. Specially the latest breed.
But yeah you really remind me of somebody
Give me a steam or shit, I wanna talk with you about this sober for a change

how was your walk :)

No Lewds refugees

Pretty good I found a full MtG deck outside still inside the box, the cards look brand new

I'll pass.

post pic

Just going to ignore me? Fine stop reading my posts then you stalker

No way I'll post a pic from my laptop, but not of the new deck I found

If I was a country

I wouldn't let anyone inside

we would be the purest race

The strongest

I'll be your master if I want to be

Why, you pervert?

that works chick~

and then you'd inbreed into oblivion.



It's my job

If you were a country, you'd let everyone in, you whore.

Okay then
In that case you should shut the fuck up whenever I post a legit political argument, You clearly have no balls to stand behind your opinion. Must be hard for a spineless maggot.

Only brit anons allowed insode

as long as they have lots of money

You're a pervert too
There's nothing to want in here


It's spineless to not want to listen to neither the alt-right nor antifa rant about who they hate?
Ranting isn't debating or presenting an argument; it's just complaining.

You'd do it for Subway sandwiches.

Is it the meatball one ?

You're cute


did I really post that on the board

Just what has the most mayonnaise.

McFucking kill yourself.

You're not nice enough to my master!

There are 100 cards in each deck.
My Laptop and gaming computer are next to each other

I have whiskey

I did..

do you like my new piercings?

what ?

No I want red sauce

why is your laptop on a cutting board

Woah, you are such a nerd


Laptop is too damn slow


You could be mean but you're nowhere near that mean so it's cute

It's shit but it'll do, fine

I thought you preferred not-nice?

wow bc I didn't you could go back in time to walk your dogs.

You are a fuckin' coward tho
I offered FOR FUCKING ONCE to listen to an opinion beside mine. You know me. I never bloody cared about that shit.
But okay then. We could have discussed this civilized for once but no, okay.
Have fun, I'm out
Oh and don't fuckin' criticize me after this, I will refuse to refute.

that one video with the meatball sub.

LMAO Jack got girly mad and now he GG's.

I know that look, I know what you want.

The luka one ?

Some of it tastes like jolly ranchers

it is horrible

Grim creepin' again

the bullying luka one.

Yeah, confirming the validity of an image is totally creeping.

That's a good question, some genius at HP decided to put the air vents under the laptop so when I lay it down flat on my table it overheats.
I added a fan but the fan makes the laptop overheat too.


and I'm not a nerd
I just like the art

My previous master was very nice to me.

Yeah it's a pretty old pick
I posted it before

S-shut up..

Yes, I remember that.

I gave it a like

Im only teasing, you are cute when you are flusteredā™„

Well I'm the nicest if you actually obey I suppose maybe but I'll suck all the (you)s out of you like a vampire.

wow thank you

self terminate
you fucking mango


Fine fine

i'm just easily embarrassed...
and i'm not cute, stop

It took me 3 years of talking to Kanra to choose him as a master >.>

at least you tried to dox me?

haha grim called u mango


Cant stop wont stop.
WHat you doing this weekend hun?



Never get your red wings.

I don't like pointless endeavors that make neither myself or who I'm talking to reconsider views. It's not some "forging beliefs" bullshit.

I doxed you when you posted that pic looking out your window towards the stadium.

You're not allowed to choose, though
That's too nice.

Do NOT begone

now that wasn't so hard.

I want to go on a picnic with my dad but I think it's going to rain

I love mangos I take that as a compliment!

Fucking bitch I will kill you
I will make you beg me for death

M-muu-chan? ;~;
-squeezes you extra tight-



Its every day bro with that red winged flow.

Sometimes its pretty heavy though.



mangos are neat yes

Have an indoor picnic... can I get some of that ass to snack on>?


We must launch the nukes now.

What are you, gay?


There's a new thread.