♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Midday Cider Edition

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there ya have it

did the rabbi fry it and eat it

what will you do with this information

I never even knew anything was wrong or that it happened until I was in like jr high


am i human
or am i garbage

human garbage



When were you when Megumin x Kazuma was official?


no spoilerino

fug, I was so excited to tell you things
rest in pieces

is it ova
or anime
or novels

We all know Kazuma is the dominatrix's master instead and he spends every night tied up.

Volume 12 of the LN, the one that the OVA came with.

God I wish that were me.

slave slut



Is the LN in Englandlanguage?

Up to Vol. 11 Chapter 4 is, unless there's another source I just don't have atm then it'll be a lil' bit before Vol. 12 is translated. But the segments that are and synopses are pretty spicy.



this is actually a solid dance gif

Remember drugs are bad

s p o i l e r i n o

It's funny because there's an official cross over of both series.



Link to all LNs tho and recommend from where I should start read

Main LN

Megumin sidestory.

Read from the beginning because there's shit in the early bits what ain't in the animes.

Oh, and novelplanet.com/Novel/Zoku-Kono-Subarashii-Sekai-ni-Bakuen-wo


Goodnight guys

Goodnight Bard, sleep well


wait are there qt pics or do i need to image them myselfves

Yes, but to see them I'll need you to sign this form.

Eris pads.

Damn right.
Here: imgur.com/a/Ftz4i

Heck I need to know myself some Nihongo

i'm terrified


All this WEEB


Kinda woke


Nice butt

My numpad is finished!

I was nap

now I WOKE

tfw no 4evar nap

Forever nap would be bad

I feel refresh

That poor desk.

god i wish that were me

I need a 3D printer.

print a phallus

Print a desk.

Print an AE85

hey fekkers

Who wouldn't like to be that desk?

I love that episode of RCR.


That was an 86 tho




Well don't tell me it stops there.

The lewd never stops. It looks like she came though. I forgot if there were more.

post lewds (0) (1) (2) and (5)

They're randomly named







damn you can really see the problem with anime same face syndrome when they are right next to each other with the same expression

2 times the fug :>

Anime really has become kind of garbage.


Lol what are you? Gay?

It's mostly a problem with female characters. The artists find one "moe" face and just slap it on every head.

(Scoot of the Loo)
Yes, hun?

Look at this cutie! Hi cutie!

ur gey

-doesn't know what i'm looking at-

I questioned my morals the other day when i fapped to traps

Good morning!

Fap to gore, the orgasms are amazing

Goodmorning, I'm Blood-chan

I am talking about you, of course.
Howre you love#?

Traps are the least gay thing.

I tried to but you wouldn't share

oh... i'm not cute, you are.
i'm a bit shaken up after my jog this morning,
It's rainy here in NYC now and slipped and fell


Good morning! I'm Sinni, how are you doing today?

You ought slip and fall onto this dick
NYC sounds fun, and dangerous.
You shouldbe carefulthough unless you want me to rub you better

I don't know how to share such big files

well then



Doing pretty good, I have to go now... I'm sorry

I'm in too much pain to lewd right now, I'm going to take a hot bath now to heal some of these bruises...
I once ran into a pillar and almost knocked myself out. I hate the rain.

At least I spoiled it this time!

You don't have to be gay to appreciate art

Its amazing and bye!

cya in a few

Bye, have fun!

Pretty sure Bebop is the only one who gives a shit about BC.

You take care love, you have a hot, steamy bath♥




I thought you went to bed?

Will this fit in my Honda?

I thought I did to
which is whymst I'm in bed

then sleep faget

Nothing will fit in your honda, yes.

Poor baby

Hello again, how are you all.


Bitch was I complaining?


Yes, good morning again, hello, how are you

Actually 100% woke this time.


who the fuck wokes

I think I just did.


I'm good! how about you?


All this gore... hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

how do u make a data structure that does things

Do I just assume that last one was aimmed at me ?

Guys, what do I do ?

please help

Grils scare me


You are a girl so what do you have to worry about

"don't worry about"

don't go back on your word

The unknown

I bet ban takes cocks better than the colonel

im dumb help rpogram nerds

gee maybe it could be at the other post identical to the one she gave the same reply to

...fuk u

you are the most rpogram nerd here

im also good

no im not

of anybody here you are

I literally couldn't sleep more if I tried.

my bad



Do I have a different flag sitting on the border?


Awww shit, nope.

Wow teach me how to program your text into green you nerd


ikt teach me to know more than you and then I'll help you

It's starting to feel like same, despite wanting to sleep

That's what they call a Help Desk!

I think you should really sleep now though.

We can drink and play video games later

I can't though
Might have to play videogames and then not drink today

I'm fine with whatever I guess.

Lemme smash




ha ha very yes

i bacc!

i did have fun!

what's that suppose to mean...?

i wish you were here to enjoy the bath with me

Guys roll

Rolled 100 (1d100)
but does it have a dick?


Rolled 23 (1d100)God fucking damn it

Rolled 39 (1d100)


We could have cuddled, and I massaged your back~

hi ^^

please no i'm very ticklish

Rolled 66 (1d100)

Too cute, i'd be gentle


Rolled 19 (1d100)
Illegal Syrian immigrants do not face this problem.

Rolled 6 (1d10)
who that girl you posted with again? i'm a tard...

n-not gentle because it'll be more tickish >)

Almost makes it worth to be a savage goatfucker

Nygglatho/Naigrat, SukaSuka/WoldEnd

Superior race

Firm and ehavy, I can do that love~

Dogfuckers > Goatfuckers

Rolled 6 (1d10)
yeah europeans can't handle the heat

she is so pretty, you should post with her more

i. c-cc-c-could use a massage for real >_

Show me where to rub

Rolled 8 (1d10)
do you really dislike me?

What the fuck ikt no

I sadly have to agree

I have to retreat so I can drink with the groom later
Fuck this heat is not for civilized white people

You are just inconsequential.

I'm the best dog fucker, right?


NSFU was released in 2003
fuck i feel old

You are on par with serpentor so yeah
Being interested in something other than shitty stale boring inane chatposting already elevates you above most of the casual trash. Yer a decent lad

Master race is only white
Maybe asians

Anyway I'm out until the next break
Free gin tonic feels good man


I'm not white.

Wait, Slavs were considered inferior people too.

im in love

Superior White Culture

You're not white, you're a kike, so shut up.

White AND kike? I am a fucking winner bitch.

I'm white

Big Jew runs the world tho

I'm a nigger

Spec. Can I see your tummy?

Flag checks out.

I hope you know going user doesn't do anything with Ids on.

I blame the alcohol



Rolled 72 (1d99)
is this how it works

damn that thumbnail looks smugger when thumbnailed

enjoy your milf and complementary assortment of lolis

Actually just sent my.mixtape.moe/pcqqde.webm to someone. Went user to hide namefield.
Forgot to put trip back in

Rolled 41 (1d100)

Rolled 10 (1d99)
Suppose it's alright.
The thing about the kids hating me sucks, what the hell

lmao linux sux




Fuck off, she's already mine.
It's gonna be a short relationship though.


This wouldn't have happened on GNU/Hurd.

Spec, show me your belly.

Rolled 48 (1d100)
No, keep her

ikt how do i android programming?


Doesn't happen on Chromium either

thats because chrome is actually google botnet in a teamviewer window


Last thing I need 's a suicidal bitch in a house fulla guns.

gotta work in java tho

Removing the border on the dice-option class makes the issue go away too.

I half expected my phone to light up.

just like .NET languages basically, everything is a lib except it has a shit API

easier to just use mac tbh

wouldn't know tbh fam

but like, how do i get complex data types through activities?

I heavily considered it.
You know... ironically, of course.

spec post nudes

me either tbh fam

do i look like i know nerd stuff?

who's spec

Don't actually text me that.

I'm gonna stick to laptops with clits

apparently i cant just send a fucking object from one activity to another without encoding it into some other type such as string and decoding it again after.

Who's Ikt


Hi nerds.

Hi Test.

Good thing I'm not a military fag :^)

afternoon wellams

you can hackintosh

i think basic data types but its been too long ago since i last fiddled with android


No thanks, xfce is too damn comfy on a laptop



Rolled 1 (1d10)
but i don't want to be lewd...

this is why i'm glad to be a quarter Mongolian
I can tan easy in the sun and I won't become ugly at age 30

That's funny I feel the same way about you
But that's not a reason for you to say mean things about me



Nothing. Your bf Squish is mean

yeah he is

exactly, its a piss take

hey qt

what's up?

not much, just dank soulsing for a bit


Was flying my micro drone upstairs for a bit, now I'm charging batteries while watching the matrix before work. This is my life now lol


yeah, same


Rolled 5 (1d10)
I'm going to kick her in the face


That's it?

idk it sucks cause I know a lot of military peeps who basically got fired via twitter and it's kind of a bummer.

Show me your boobs

Rolled 9 (1d10)White people crack at 30...

hows work going?

dont you ok me you loli loving gay

idk android

help me fix my numpad tho

It doesn't have to be lewd, silly. Come gimme hugs

but you're not my master yet...


It's intense at times. It's nice to be in a real kitchen though. Makes everything seem more legit. And all my coworkers are cool, it's a good group of people FOH and back so far. Got my first raise yesterday already, so we're back on track.

How's everything with you?

Oh no, oh jeez, you wouldn't believe the jealousy I'm feeling.


its okay... -pets-
many people are jealous of not being my owner

I feel you're brain damaged enough you won't remember in a week anyhow.

Yeah, most people even.

Wait. How did they get fired via Twitter?

-kisses kindly-

theres my Bloodsy

trannies reeeeeeee!

trump probably searched for shemale porn and got mad their dicks were bigger than his

whats up with it?

im good, finally got to ditch that factory job for a store position. might have some possible interviews on programming stuff but a house doesnt stay payed for on possibilities unfortunately. got exams all next week and coursework to be in on wednesday i think.


hopefully I can forget all about you too

do you want to become my owner? I will embarrass you by calling you "master" every time I see you

-blushes- y-you know i'm dating someone, right?


And here you are, getting sugar from me...

i wanna have multiple layers on the keyboard that i can select with [NumLock] + [/, *, -, +].
I've gotten NumLock to trigger on release so it can be used as Fn if I add more stuff to it.

Oh fuck right I forgot.

Edge child x Retard closet mouse

Forget to breath.



Yeah that's true. Just keep at it and you'll get comfy eventually

no bully



That slut wants to be bullied


Oh right. I was thinking of other enlisted personnel getting fired via twitter somehow.

i think i should go... I love my bf

how am i edgy?

that's impossible


I mean, why else would you join the Navy if you weren't gay or wanting to be a girl? It's thousands of dudes crammed together like sardines.

Wouldn't be surprised :/

You'll be back. See you soon ♥

hopefully, at least i have guaranteed hours on this job



leave satanichia alone!





i have no idea what youre talking about


That's always a bonus. I work 4 days a week.

Yeah same

Getting fired from the shitter.
Living the dream.

oh you too

i built a custom numpad and i just mechanically finished it today!

literally me right now

Yeah, dude

You work on a shitter?

I work in an oven.


sup with you

I'm right here!

I was hoping you didn't see that. And Sonata is a very nice guy, you should give him a chance, he very easy to talk to and you can talk to him about anything

finding it a good balance?

aah, i still dont quite get what youre asking for help with tho

But will you? I mean its okay. I am a free thinking guy. Isnt your fault you love this dick.

Fired from the shitter.
As in he's tweeting while dropping a deuce.

Nothing, call died pretty quick after I returned to my computer but I'm not too broken up about it.

Oh shit I just remembered the wedding's today, I should write that down.

He's incredibly easy to talk at. He's impossible to have a conversation with.

yeah what time

Yeah, I mean I work hard and get my 40 hours so I get an extra day off to play hard.

Ooooh! Yeah he got the biggest reality show of them all.


4 hours.

Wake me up.

It'll come back

okie dokie

They always do

that does sound like a pretty nice balance there tbh

got any plans for your shekels?

i don't know if I should just have a keyboard matrix with keycodes, or some more complex data type (struct/class) so I can also program macros under keys

the arduino ide feels so crap :( i can't think without autocomplete and good automatic indentation

i have no fucking clue tbh fam

I'm buying another drone on tuesday

but i'm going to work. gotta use my free meal ;3 toodles

tata wellams

NOBODY HAS A CLUE D: why cant i evr get help

because you want to do things, and thats not allowed

i'm a whore v.v

i g-guess it's better to talk to him in private when he doesn't into rp...



just serialize lmao

The best~
Love you girl~

i iwhs i had a computer

Are you doing this ironically at this point?


No, I want to m-preg blood chan, beloved.

serialize your object and pass that as arg

There's a point where the joke should've stopped.

You are light years past that.

cant say ive heard of that being done before

b creative

Whos joking ?


Just because theyve got a history. I don't care. Ive waited long enough.