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old is better

Old Hu was better


Please tell me you're as triggered as I am

What about Lucas Grahm?
That is a name I know too


You saw what I said!

Pretty much
But it is cato

But how was old better?

Good morning




Hihi Bardo!!

I donno, I am just typing things

Hola, Bard

oh, hi~

Still completely unacceptable.



Hi what are you guys up to tonnight?


Music and whiskey

Good morning

I see.. Silly

Good morning

Schmokin and netflix.

What's up witchu?

Sup' Bard?

If it makes you feel better, I am smoking a cig because of the scandalous accusation.
Must be that Goggles VD seeping into their brain.

water you up to?

Maddie too?
Tonight's a good night

Awwe yiss^^

Got some laundry that needs doing. Should go do that.
Go to bed

Didn't you say you quit or something ?

I think i'm gonna go pass out

see you later



i'ts only 11 pm ._.


what are we listening to?

hello Hupony!

I hope you're having a nice night :3

i gave in and had a nice nap
guess ill go ahead and my smoke on too but Ill probably just end up playing guitar or listenan to muzak all night
what are you watching ?

I just had a nap that I was hoping would last longer than it did

I have to stall all tonight til tomorrow when my buddy is ready to hang out

i woould have been able to stay awake I think but I started shifting into that mode where you're like half awake and delirious and everytime i rolled around irl it effected my sleep self

???? no u


It is friday
fuck sleep, more whiskey


Just ended up at 21 pilots somehow

Finishing up Lord of War with Niccy Cage lol

ooh I wish I could nap more x_x

meowww hihi^^

How's maddie doin'?
Any plans for the night?


wish we could turn back time

I've never heard of this movie by name but when I was in school a kid described the synopsis to me in pretty good detail

The detail made it sound like a pretty soid movie tbh what do you think of it?

also go nap now its 1: 30 a.m :3

I'm radical hbu?

Prolly passing out soon. Was first cut tonight so I've been chillin since I got out ;3

*is squishied*

Yeah, it's pretty good. It's a rewatch from back in the day but it's solid.

Nah, it'll be bedtime soon. Kitchen life is so brutal man.

embrace the grimmu

Go back to bed.

Caravan Palace now

Genres are bouncing all over the place

Same, I think I'm finally setteled into my new place.

I have no idea what that means but it sounds good!

L-lewd!! >///

Smoking? Yeah. But then work became unbearable again.

Ooh, you moved??

well...I guess I still am in bed...

what's your excuse........?

But who will I talk to now? Where is @Luka?

m-maybe I could be your Luka t-tonight~?


why dont you talk to blood chan since you like him so much

I slept from 10:00 till 16:00, so now the rest of my weekend is a ruined sleep schedule.

Yeah, Albuquerque now

Time to science!

I am going to ask BC to marry me one day.


I'm working some stuff out to move to Mass prolly.

The Lannisters send their regards

That is an abysmall outlook

Well I guess thhat's as good a reason as any

You stuck working this s weekend of you got a free pass out?

Moving is a bitch
especially when you have no money
and your phone explodes a few days into the move
get that shit dealt with before you go

And a Lannister always pays their debts~

Yas Queen.

I have the weekend all to myself.
So as long as I fix it by Monday errythin' s peachy.


not at all boy

Yeah that's the sort of stuff I mean by me and the gf sorting out.

was it a samsung?

now it is

wew !


Well I ended up with a guy from the imperial college London on my couch the first weekend I was here, so that made things much better.

I just realized that was not 'was it ammusing'
No, it was HTC



good evening then :3

Or morning, but yes, it's been alright.
You too bard

Sleep at 10pm, always!

ooooh a guy??


*sits in lap*


Reply late, always!

He was gonna get a hotel room, I offered my room and we went out drinking for the night!
and.. stuff~


yes! moar~

in a shower

this weather is terrible


How is Luka?~

I had to do laundry!

It is. All cold, dark and wet

You'll have to use your imagination!
The internet is a dangerous place for these things

physically exhausted
not Tired >:(


Awwwe. It would be better to use my imagination if I knew what you looked like *shrugs*

fuck me
that is a feel way too real

its a spongebob meme, chill.


Pfft. As if I know Spongebob memes.

Nah, I never watched that show.

i want it!!!!1!!1


Sounds like you did work!

It would be.
You should come by and find out!

*head pat*

i made it lewd

when i make it lewd it's like a switch mon

It's like a switch




nuh uh

I'd love to trade!

the weather worked me

she's the lady that gets strangled by that one guy?


ya missed out welms!

nice meme

Yeah, well.. You're missing out.

what are you up to?


be careful with that one
it's an antique

good girl

potentially... yay luka

LOL!! lewka~ :3

or you could manage to convince me, you never know

what kind of weather?

What's new in Scootsworld?

That is a good thing to do

It's not a huge deal :/

Did laundry, came back and updated driver again to the unstable version. It all works now.
Now just waiting for the laundry to get clean in the washing machine.
What about you? Enjoying your night, not considering the heat?

It is, yeah

poor lady ;~;
*hugs scoots*
the show sounds like it's getting to the epic parts! (from some youtube theory vids i saw)

moar cute new tomoke pic pls~!

cloudless blazing hot humid daysssss!!!

nothing much, just watching the leaked ep of GoT, you?

its the daddy of all tv atm ^^

i did my laundry too!
and showered
and sat here all day and night

What an amazing way to spend your Friday

Laying in bed doing math tbh

What season is that show on nowadays?


/smashes it on the floor

i haven't watched any television series in years!

yeah, i'm sad

idk just being a biyotch lol

I wanna fly through some more batteries but roommate went to bed. Grr.

You've destroyed us all

Depends on who you ask. I don't think so

But it's more fun if it's a game!

Say something in Dutch

That is pretty weird for canada, is it not?

you and your drones
my neighbor's kid is coming over to show me his tomorrow afternoon


i ask you

7 mlady

*pat* its okay, i understand, tv is a drag when you have to wait weeks


dat carbon fiber

Oh snap.

but it's the worst time of year
last month was sunny
so the uv radiation built up over the month
and is hitting hard now, for the next week and a half

then... HOPEFULLY it cools down leading into the fall months.
as all the heat radiation built up dissipates.

I don't speak Dutch.

And I don't think so~

You're a danish but you don't speak deutsch?

Do you have goggles?

I'm not sure that is how it works

but you say Demnark!

at least anime is awesum and kewl
drawn rly gud

and pew pew magic and stuff


who needs goggles?

I -AM- goggles

That big one whips yo. We have to get better goggles. The little one is wicked fun but I'm stuck always resoldering the camera after brutal crashes lol

I'm buying another one on Tuesday that's like middle sized compared to those two ugh I'm so excited^^

Das ist Korrekt. Ich Sprecke nicht Deutsch

Nah, we say Danmark

Too cute a pic

that's how it werk

Yep, anime is pretty much amazing




I-I don't think so

Say Denmark words!

But it is more about the angle of the sun than anything else.

Fairly sure that's not German~

Oh, you mean Danish?

uhhhh wth yes I am

Hey Goggles. How's your shimp and dingos n stuff?

y-yeah...I only speak english ; (

Those shits go hella fast huh

imma sleep tho gn

end your life


Crikey I sure love crocs and hate spiders

leave Bard alone

what'chu up to now?

green house trapped it in here
object retains heat, like earth

Goly-gee. It sure is hot up here in my USA. I bet you would never survive in our slightly above average temperatures.

That one!

Nooo, impossible!

too drunk to debate science
but it isn't physical heat retention that is the problem, otherwise it wouldn't cool down at night.

Cato Crunch


You bitch!

I have no idea what this means

I think I know your deepest wants and needs.


it retain



The only time that comes into play is when humidity is near 100%
Like fucking Houston
it didn't get cool at night because of the fucking humidity
that is why Deserts have such significant temperature swings between daytime and nighttime, no humidity to hold the heat.

wait. Okay, maybe another too

Har hun ikke blå øjne og lyst hår, så er det på tide at finde en anden kælling at sutte i

mfw cupcake posts

so why speak german if you liv in Danmark?
forgive my ignorant blatant americanism

It's not like bard makes an effort to hide it tbh

I like that language!
But hazel eyes are better

it humid outside

Because the EU and Germany is one of the most important trading partners for Denmark supposedly.


Hide what?

But cupcake is dead.

how do you feel about the EU?

But hooow humid?
West coast doesn't get that humid!

But blue is just blue
hazel tends to have lots of different colors!

I'd prefer to make like the Brits and leave the ship

Blue is pretty




my eyes are ocean blue. the only other blue really is sky blue imo

hows you? am drunk here

I don't undastandu......
d-do you know my deepest wishes and wants too? o//o

Imy deepest want is to hug you, and my deepest wish is to make you happy.

west is a coast
coast is water
water is humid



kinda tired
have you considered not being drunk?

I'm just saying you don't really hide it

I don't hide....my deepest wishes and wants?

But if they aren't hidden...are they really my
deepest wishes and wants?

I've been trying but it doesnt seem to be working. I just keep getting more drunk

also I like when squid uses tomoko
also I like squid

Squid is pretty alright when boiled

Green is prettier


The fun thing about hazel eyes is they tend to range from brown in the center to green or blue on the outside, with the transition being interesting. Whenever you hear someone say 'my eye color changes with what I am wearing' or something along those lines probably has hazel eyes

But it is cold water currents, so the humidity in comparison to the gulf or the east coast is minimal.

Ill use tomoko too


it evoporate
and only leaves heat

this is not a /trash/ queen thread

when I lived down in texas
we had a chinese resturaunt that had little tinny octopuses!

They were the moost delicious thing I've ever eaten

I filled a whole plate with them and ate them until one o the tiny uckers got stuck in my throat and I alost choked

Bard is a trash queen


I suggest not imbibing alcohol. That might help.

it was just a random image from my folder
bard that's gay

I tried to eat thsoe but I couldnt get past the fact I was eating the brain and shit too. I feel really bad eating smart animals, especially octopus that are smarter then 80% of americans.

I thought you filtered me

imbibing? whut

post your eyes slut
I wanna see deep into you~

What the FUCK

How can that posibly be misconstrued as being...


Liking people, to any degree, is gay.
Straights must live in an existence of constant hatred.

squid cooked rare and seared in panko bread crumb.


why is this a word... I have a mastery in english and I didn't know this.

Would you eat a beef?

Cows get a worse rap than they deserve imo
having livedd on a farm with my grandparents for about 2 years I got to get used to the herd and I mean there are some dumb ass cattle out there but

overall they are kind of like big dogs

imbibe just makes no sense

o-oh...I guess that's true...

i just got really embarassed....

yes, beef is fine.
I'm talking mroe intelligent life forms like dolphin sharks and octopus.

Octopus is like the smartest creature on earth.

How is Ui?!

oh, I stand corrected!
But that is what retains the heat, not really anything else that affects the weather

Tried, can't get a picture to come out!


maybe someday it will cool down

no doubt they are smart

Smartest on earth I may disagree

what of the Simian?

the elephant?

how am I supposed to get off now.....
this is your fault

drunk and eating costco rotisserie chicken

hbu? anything cool in life goin on?

breakfast tiemu

wish me luck

octopus show more intelligence

well, i suppose if they are or aren't isnt TOO pertinent to the arguement here but Thats' fair enough

I suppose thinking on it, ocopus are the only hyper intelligent creature that I could say I would or have eaten.

comperably intellectual animals are rarely eaten it would seem

So what is it about eating something intelligent that bothers you?


All my fault, how am I ever going to make it up to you?

I think I may be about settled into my new apartment now

drunk and random music!

the fact that it can think for itself and make logical decisions based on problem solving and shit. I don't mind eating something that doesnt give a shit when Im about to kill it. An octopus can figure out how to escape from a cage with a 2 inch hole. really makes you wonder just how intelligent the creature is and what we don't actually know.

Well...I'm sure we can work something out.....

random music you say? enjoy this

huh I guess my assumption was based more on it's intelligence equaling it's ability to feel pain

i guess, as a human, I would be pretty bummed out being rounded up onto some kind of farm and then slaughtered

I am at your mercy


I care more about the sentience of the creature.
I want all creatures to have a good quality of life, but some are meant to be eaten, some arent.

I mean it's obtuse and that's why I used it but not obscure


I need to here more about my innermost wants and needs








The word doesnt make sense when I try to break it down to make an inference.

I dont bother with apostrophes, capital letters and shit on the internet...

You don't seem to bother with most of the language either.

This is what just came up after a new gorillaz song

Hey, Rakugo!

Why do you need to hear about them, clearly you know them?

Why would I give two shits on an 8ch image board?

I loved that anime about rakugo, what was the name?

no I wanna hear it....

I found it..


Why would you claim to be a master of the English language on an 8ch image board when that's clearly not the case?

But bard, you and I both know that wouldn't be appropriate here.


rakugo something something

Animazement actually had a guy come to do rakugo this year, was fun

this was recomended after that, somehow
I guess my music tastes are weird

That last one you posted was either the op or the ending for the second seson, I think


I don't understand....
No I am quite pure...yes in fact I am probably

the most pure one here...


You realize by saying this you basically just admitted that you're not, right?


A walking standup bass is the best thing that ever happened to music and anyone who disagrees is wrong

Now you're not making any sense at all....?

Slapping an electric bass> Walking bassline on an upright IMO


That is good too, I have to agree
but fuck
I just can't

Possibly one of my favorite songs of all time

bretty solid line

I wish they would turn the trebs down a little bit
The sound of an uprights strings slapping the fretboard always makes me

this song too

I kidna disagree, the upright is pure orgasm, but it does have it's place.
It is nice with everything is balanced, held up by a nice bass

I have been listening to a decent amount of primus, their bass is good


Luka, sleep with me

That's okie everybody likes different stuff :3

My old friend used to have an upright bass it was so Fun to play!

difficult but fun
French Bows are kind of hard to hold

If you aren't plucking to a jazz beat, you are doing it wrong

I've always wanted to get into playing Jazz but at that time when he was still around and when I had a bas of my own I hardly even understood the idea of major scales let alone the vast fine tuned knowledge I'd need to get jazz chops...

I had a super funky style based on my most favoritest bassist in the world victor wooten

I've probably asked this before but do you play any instruments?

its not time for me to sleep yet

Trumpet, I used to play the jazz trumpet
Our bass player was a big black guy and damn, could he walk
Nostalgia is a bitch

but I am at that point of starting to sober up where I just feel real good, so it is a good time to get around to wrapping up

damn girl

what them lips do?


it has been a couple years, but I really wanna get back into it.
It just sucks to practice anywhere, because it is so damn loud
I don't think I sucked, but I coulda used some more work as a highschooler

you should!

Back in the schoool days I played Trombone mysself
Brass buddies~

I didn't play trumpet personally because I couldn't get my lips that tight

I really like the strumpet thogh
it sounds so loveley

But I don't wanna be alone

I like it relatively dirty and tinny
wah wah mutes are the shit

Mutes are based as fuck

Talking about this makes me miss my other brass buddies from band

we were in a smaller school so it was just be , my buddy antony on baritone, and my buddy caesar on the sax

Do you remember your old band buddies? :3

I played trumbone too...

damn we are so alike it's scary.

Goodnight, am bed.

I actually just met one of my band buddies for the first time in 5 years just a week ago

he lives less than an hour from where I just moved

is the shit

sleep well


Nighty night uis

Do you like moving?

I'v'e always had a super bad opinnion of it

I had a bad dream and woke up

come back to bed, sweaty

I dont really give many shits, I mainly care about my career, thus the rest of my life kinda sucks

but I am doing real well when it comes to space science

I have no idea when I stopped talking to ui and started talking to Bard, I should probably pass out soon

Sleep with me

that's actually very sad

have sweet dreams catos

we've been talking the whole timu

Ain't that bad, the work is rewarding and I can say that I am making a difference for the future of humanity

idk if I will sleep yet, maybe I should

Bards are good


Alone, but fuck it

i'm gonna fuck it

Sure, I'd be down with that



half the fun is in the chase


I just ain't in the mood to run at the moment

brb lubing the barbed shaft


Sleep time yet?


i'll think about it~



what kind of subservient sexual implications are these....?

It was good screenshot material because no one will ever say that again.


i remember being in that thrread vaguely

I don't even know what poster that was.

It was kaybe talking to Mugen




put that thing back where it came from
or so help me

Put what back where?

ur dik up his butt


No I was just.. rehearsing a Uh.. - a scene for the upcoming animus board play called uh, /

Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me. It's a musical

Too gay and lewd

its not gay to stick your dick into holes if it feels good


Yeah, is

please ignore the asian pacific island trap
he was raised somewhere.......culterallly different

I'll try my best


you still havent confirmed your genderbits with me

I'm an eunuch

nothing, nothing
just remember
these aren't for me

Me atm literally

ouch was it painful

whats not for you?

I don't know, did it hurt when they took your foreskin?

my foreskin remains

the jews stole my foreskin when i was ababy

That's new

And has since been used to make females skin look prettier

really? that's not just a myth?

weekends off rule