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nope, still flaccid

I'm the worst

Nah, fridge not freezer

(Cat. oh?)
i wonder what's fun.

i don't know what i want.

Exactly what I wanted.




You got some issues man.


But it is a CM chondrite that is an unusual color with a bunch of dark inclusions!
I like dark inclusions.

Lukas are fun

Something filling and delicious

Thank you

I prefer white as the sun~


i already ate today


I do not.

Now that's lewd!


I like this guy, he's a geologist!

What did you have?

Don't have that one :3

Absolutely not!

You totes do. But it's better than being a shy shut in at the very least.

Why are you up at this time
don't you have work




You're in denial!

apparently this is a momjii

so is this one ?

hmmm.... looks like its 2000?
about avg i'd say.

he made a fancy cube gold!

just some cheap sandwhichs
beef and chicken stuffs

the silly hat is a sure givaway.

Tomorrow afternoon.
I'll go to bed soon, I'm just finishing up my last cup of tea.

that hat is FAB

dont mix well

No, absolutely not

The one where she's wearing clothes is way better

Sounds good though, really

aiite this is as deep as im gonna dive in my hyper quality toho folder for momiji


why are the nipnongs so fuckin good at art????????????

If I rub one will I get some of their talent

That is what someone in denial would say!

Why not? I often drink tea before bed.


I bet it fucks with your sleep and you don't even realize it.

cute nudes only acceptable nudes

No denial though

accept deez nuts



meh it's nothing special.
i'll prolly just keep it simple tommorow.

something something batman bane meme
they were born in it, molded by it.
westerners merely adopted cartoons.
by the time the war was over the japanese created the anime to the point it was a part of their daily lives, familiar to the point where the art style was common to them and they grew up to create it even better.

anime was made for them to cope with the aftermath of that war.

and now, it's just a core part of their history now.
it's no wonder they can make it so easily.

I hardly sleep no matter what I drink before it anyway.
Tea is for bed, hot chocolate is for staying up. Those are my night time drinks.

I'm allergic

Simple is easy too


your body is strange to say the least



yea just hashbrowns in spices an eggs, with some pepperoni sliced into it!

Hey, i was surprised too!

That a war with Hitler, would lead to Anime, of all things!

ok, I gotta head to bed

Catos out



It's a conditioned response from highschool.
I would listen to this song on loop and stay up all night doing homework or pretend to and play video games at least. Usually the later.

It knows what it did.

I'm the worst :3

That does sound pretty good!

Sleep well!

Vale, cato

maybe sunday i'll make egg drop rice!


listen to the song while drinking hot chocolate**


headache inducing



meme magic

maga made trump

meme magic 2017-2018


what a pudgy boy

I pick up strange habits sometimes.



t-take those off right now mister....



picture of my onahole goggles

do you know who cumlord is?




Cumlord is the new gabe

im so glad the pones fucked off


I mean I wanna agree but tbh the only one who sucks is smiles

The pones?


the fucking

basically all the pones

put your dick away

I like Spick and Chewy

I never really knew any of them too well I don't think.



whats your favorite horse to fuck


do you know anyone that well? at least from around boards

I blame sleep deprivation

Moonbutt best butt

pls see

I'm looking, but don't know what I'm looking at

I've had brief moments of getting to know people well, but it rarely lasts.
I intentionally make it difficult to get acquainted with people beyond a surface level.

Idk I forgot where I was going with that

you've been posting pretty strong for the better part of the night tbh

Are you feeling tired yet?
I don't really know your schedule too well but if I remember correctly that's kind of earlly for you right?

if I'd fuck a pone I'd fuck *NONE

maximum edge

11:50am. I woke up about 5 hours ago and started posting. No feeling tired, if anything, I'm feeling more awake now

Good, cock too small for horse anyway

seriously though.

im p sure people find ways
lets not tho

you know what theey say

early to rise
early to bed

grim is livin on the edge

Humans way better

Yeah, bed at 10pm :3

I do not know.

Now I have livin' on a prayer stuck in my head.

Do you really not know?
Or are you afraid of getting hurt by people by letting them get too close?

I want to cum inside, Rainbow Dash!

huh, I never really learned

what kind of music are you into kissshot?

can u pwm usb vcc

Do you really?

are we talking like
anthromorph loli rainbow dash or like
the actual horse



build me an adapter that can do this fam

IKT bro you're on some lewd shit brah

I want to cum inside Megumin!

thatll be two thousand pounds sterling

i want dimmable backlight pls

Uuh, touhou music I guess.
alternative rock stuff sometimes too. Gorillas chilli peppers, cake, stuffs like that.

That sounds like an anime trope.

as long as it doesnt consent

wow no

wtf yo its just an arduino platform with a potmeter probably heck i dont even need usb itsjust connected for convenience

do you understand what pwm does

and what vcc is

stop scam


I can easily build an adapter

but the results are gonna be


at the very least


im just too lazy to make something

basically just do shit like potmeter -> adc -> map -> pwm -> 5v
but i don't have a spare micro controller


just use another one of thsee

hehe thank you :3

what are you up to today?

I guess learning how to do it by hand is good exp

but tbhq dedicated microcontrollers are best for this shit

goodluck getting rid of the god awful flicker pwm creates

arduino uno ex

ok kiss goes sleep

night man

slow boring day
cable i ordered hasn't been refunded/swapped yet for a correct length on so I can't finish my project
tired and bored of modding gta also fuck those unthankful users
prolly gonna be neeting and watch some anime
there's still one and a half season of mcm i havent watched yet so that's probably a good activity too

PWM doesn't create flicker though, unless it's wrongly implemented. also it's a basic thing, but i don't have spare controllers left over, just a big arduino uno. i prolly should get another bunch of fake nanos.

yes hello good sleepings

nighty nighty kissle

that sounds like a great way to spend the day

Ypu don't have any electronics stores near you to go grab the wire you need? : (

ikt im going to throw a fucking electronics reference at you

idk if fake nanos are a good idea
caps popping like popcorn



i dont want to destroy this cable tho


or just live with full brightness when i turn on my amp

There's this store here but the shopkeeper tried to convince me no such micro-usb male to micro-usb female extension cable existed.

I ordered it online and it came in the next day, but the store fucked up the order and sent a 2m cable instead of a 30cm cable so I had to send it back. The long cable doesn't fit in my numpad.


I've done plenty projects with dimming LEDs and there's no detectable flicker. Unless you're running at sub-standard clock speeds or somehow fuck up the clock divider there's no flicker.

Fake nanos work fine, the components are the same and they're just cheaper because they come directly from china and don't need to be detoured to italy to get a genuine arduino stamp. the only downside to most fake unos is that they use a smd version of the 328p to save space but heck, getting an uno for just the controller is a waste too.

nom brb

Cringy Electric store employees who don't know electronics ;/

dont tell anyone but I havent worked with arduinos at all

are you sure the components are the same
seems hella sketch


how many leds have you worked with at once

it has happened


nom btw



imma try to sleep4real now


Sleep well


nighty niht


this is where it ends boys
not with a bang
but with a whimper

where noriyaro's beer can D:
where marty's mira D:


but why whimper?

I swear u-usually there are more people around....y-youknow?

Usually they whimper after the bang.

Not really during weekdays I don't think. Not from what I've seen anyway

Too big for all the girls?


Get yourself a better girl

wtb gf?

Do you?


wednesday is going to be 34(94) outside


don't be a bully luka

You poor soul.

the sun deserves to be bullied for this


Come melt w/ me Luka!

I'd die for that heat ;_;

Can't sell you hot girlfriend



i'd die for that cold ;~;



A merry xck7-68mIwU to you too!

Would trade




if only it were posible



tfw muu doesnt post anymore because they have a life


Yeah, it would be quite nice

Nighty night friends


Till next time Bard.

Night night Bard, sleep well


dunno tbh



She's cute

Your waifu a shit.



how pretty is Hu? is she kind and gentle looking? ^_^

Maybe. Once I realised I had shitty taste in men, I dumped you.


how're feeling today?

Am feeling okay. Glad I don't have to go anywhere in this cold and rain.
Average day becoming better?

this super cute vid here:
made me smile heartwarming~

the sun is rising here!

Pretty. But mean and rude as fuck.

prooof it

they are so nice and friendly!

Aww, smiling is good.
Wish the Sun would show its face more here ;-;
Gonna sleep soon?

wow, lies!

is dat pony person a girl or is luka just being a lesbian agen

Which part, the pretty, or mean part? The latter speaks for itself.

It's just a girl with an above average cock.



prolly only a light lie down gentle short nap with my sleep mask on
cause i gotta be up to pick something up in 4 and a half hours

your cute smiles make me smile!


Sounds like a good idea. Need some rest too, is important.

wow! :)

u gots a big diks?

Start climbin'.


Speccy tends to lie

woof woof

spec lied...

It's not a lie, it's alternative facts.

its okay small ones are good too


Preferably non-existent ones

what kinda gender bits u gots

Gender is a social construct

I wanna see!

*lays down for realz*

stop denying reality youre a boi

Ask xer then.

Sweet dreams Luka, rest well


believe in the me that believes youre a boy

tiny boy

easy to manhandle

Get your hand off your dick

So Hu's a tranny as well?

everybody is a tranny




In their case this is true.



Ikt wants a big girl cock

Rolled 2 (1d4)1 - Atelier Sophie
2 - God Eater
3 - PkMn
4 - Tales of Besteria
5 - Viewer's Choice
6 - Cyber Subtle
7 - Cyber Test
8 - Cyber Everyone

I duwanna



Roll your oppose check.


Damn, I guess a d0 just won't roll

Until you like it.

The only good /a/ meme


Of course you'd know about /a/ memes, weeab.

Some are just part of 4chan lore as a whole, to be fair.

what even

I'll be part of your lore.

I mean-

Delet that!


Don't worry I'm here


Hello dear, how are you ?

-runs up to you- hi


-pats your head-
hello dere~

Note to self: Do NOT watch the gook madness blood-chan is posting from.



All swollen

that sounds lewd never mind

Gonna check which cesspit rots slower. This or the other

ow? it was a love pat!

They seem more emotionally stable than us.

Why don't you like Sora no Otoshimono? Don't you want to waifu Nymph? What's wrong with you?

i was chibi and you patted me hard

It's not

Post boobs

a tad hungry, gonna cook myself a nice pork sammich




so you don't like it? :c


You don't like my tits?

It looks like harem shit

s-sorry I'll be gentle

Am gay

Satania is best waifu!

okay pet me

Years of being a good girl and I don't have a lot of issues



wat animue is dat

no idea I don't watch this shit

-pets gently-

Why do you choose to be gay though? I don't understand

-runs up to you and climbs- hi!

Isn't Karin~n your fuu?

-blushes in a lewd way-

took like ~15 seconds to find

Hours before I got home 🏡 I was just so happy I didn't want it to go out again and again it would be the gayest app ever uI my brother was like he I was very happy 😊 and I was like he had to do it again but he had was the first time I he ever had to do it before I was a boy or something like that and then he had a good girl and then he had to get out of bed and then again he I'm just so gonna tell me goodnight 💤 and I hope 🤞 will get to me for you and I will love ❤️ and he is the best one I ever had ever been with you and you I hope you are a god and god you can be a good girl you can be a happy birthday

Stick a dick into your holes and find out

oh its that one
dont they call that the final destination of anime

Why do you keep doing this

im saving myself for marriage. so how did you know you were gay?
I'm interested

I'm a shit poster thats ascended past the normal limitations of shit poster.

Or you could just call this a super shit poster 2

I slipped and a finger went in my butt

Came instantly

What a useless transformation.

You changed your typing a bit, so what?

I merely saved karin to try and blend into shitholes like this but I realized that inane chit-chat doesn't fascinate me for longer than 10 seconds.

Ya bloody degenerate cunt

I slipped my finger in my butt once and it was painful

Hey cute face

Karin is beautiful!
I'm glad you posted her though

Nigga what do you think you're doing right now

idk never seen it

based on the gif sure looks like it I guess

Ehehe, just wait

You don't have to worry that if you are have a lot more than to you have to get your it back to and you do it something you don't can forget tell you what it means and then you're just not good at it again but it again just you don't might gotta be the only first thing you can tell you if it was your dream and then your god the only person I had to tell you to do be yourself and then again r you don't have a odate and then she will have a little more time than she will ever have a lot little more than a that t you don't you have to do something it again and then again it you just want to be our

And this is to go even further beyond

You don't know how you to be happy when I tell you I love ❤️ and I love it ❤️ I don't know if I want it again but you can will don't have a little time again and again if you're gonna have the one ☝️ and you have to be the your next time I hope 🤞 you are can you tell if you she he had a good kitty 😊 a good 😊 to your heart ❤️ a man that is your son you have no one else you can tell me you will get me what my god will ever tell do you know I will ever be happy to be the one to you feel good for your you all will always be my dream

being tsundere

This is hating. Once you are aggressive about it can become amusing for a bit longer. ANGER makes everything better

I don't really give half a fuck about images I post.

There's my girl~

Gotta have slimy hands

You know, in every way except your blood pressure, psychological health, and general happiness.

I have a dangerously low blood pressure (Yes it exists), forgot my doctors name or where the hell is he even and happiness is a delusion for the weak. I'd rather be aware
You can't go wrong with hate


Jack sounds like an angry 13 year old

I actually want to get into dragonball again but there's like 5097105896713487056134874512387473218568 gigs of canon material and I don't have that much storage yet.

I can be the ultimate guide.

I know everything

What's a good OG Dragonball torrent?

I used nyaa for everything but didn't that get taken down ???

There's a new one.

Subs or dubs?
I feel like I should do dub just for the nostalgia factor.

Wow, of course they don't have dub. Dumb question.

Dub is probably better. I honestly enjoy the sub.

If you ever start super you should skip the first two arcs and just watch the movies

Wait found it. :thinking:

Are the first two arcs that bad?

They are just the same thing as the two movies with no effort put into them.

You can completely skip them


Post forearm


no camera


Wow you write a lot.

Soooo you don't care about Kari~n?
Mind if I steal her?

Mhm! I'm a good girl ^_^

What kinda slime should I use?

*smacks that ass* Yes! you are!

you need to fix that tbh, thatll fuck you up in the long run

not quite, some diced pepper and pork in a spicy sauce i picked up at £5 for 3kg of it at market

Of course I don't. I can give you the folder if you want

For those who are concerned, this is when fun begins
To those whose primitive minds are satisfied with shitty blogposting and pathetic hugboxing, shut the fuck up and die in a ditch

eww, streaming

I am promised a no-ban-card from alice right now from the streams
A good chance to slice the audience off

nvm I'd need to behave for that and I can't

Many such cases

Guess there are still the threads
Shame I can't attend the weekend.
Lets kick this fun off the next week, gonna be fuckin' lulz finally

I'm a Jackfag, we fight against the Alicefags. Who wants to join?


awh i thought you would be more defensive. I'm thinking about buying that anime on DVD since the torrent I downloaded was garbage

I you like that? like being a little roughed up hm?

I really don't care about it
And you always avoid the fight yourself
Join in and we are already 4

i don't know, i've never had it rough, would you show me

Haven't seen the wife for almost two years
So take a wild guess
I kickstarted a group which ended up with dozens ALONE

What should threads consist of then? I'm genuinely curious.

Wasn't they "dating" Arisu Tsu at some point?

Good question, guess we should discuss something and post the same shit together. Will make it look organized and bigger than it actually is. Ideas?

I'd be delighted to, love.
We can start slow and get harder and harder...
You and jack killing Alice again?

may i join your group too? do you have a super secret hideout like Alice does?

i miss her so much

i would never harm anyone!
And why are you so flirty with me!?

Oh no, I was asking if you were involved. I guess if Jackie says you can help him that'd be fun. Such an energetic little thing you are.
Because, I want to put my dick in you.

is that ur hand

Good morning! How are you all?

Hey sinno
I am tired
How are you?
Good to see you haven't been taken to the chiller.



Hey Scoot! I'm good, also tired. What do you mean taken to the chiller? :c




Because... Chicago... Murder an shiet.
I am happy I have the weekend free though.
Going to drinka nd eat junk.


Have fun! make smart decisions


I will try my best.
But no promises.
We shall see sunday when the dust has settled.
What is going on this weekend for sinno?
Anything planned?