Oh shit waddup

Oh shit waddup

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Hello again!



good evening

So how are you doing, beyond inebriated?


Hi! How are you doing?



whats up

Go to bed too

How's Sinni?

who does that actor play?

No :C

Pretty good! How about yourself?

very relaxed

what about you


I think he was in John WIck


im in love

If you leave, then the others can leave then I can leave.

who's the lucky boy

I'm in a little bit of huggy mood tbh

hug hug

Same, I just napped for waaay too long

He was!
So that's where I remember him from.

You can never leave.

pls don't leave :(


I kinda hate when that happens but napping is like the most pleasant thing.

Also is it posting slow for anyone else?

But the wild ride never ends..

its a sekret



^~^ faces

is it a secret crush?


dont..I'll be loneley


you goin to sleep?

were you spitroasting luka with squiddy earlier in chat


I'm gonna have to go to bed at a somewhat normal time tonight to fix my sleep schedule. It will be hard.

Is not posting slow for me.


dont let it stay hidden too long or youll miss your opportunity

There are others that care about you here, Bard. I won't make any difference.

Good morning

nah they know

Whymst do you'st ask'ed ?

You will discover them in time.

What a fucking slut.
There ya go Bard, I told you.

Nah, just waking up after sleep

Good evening


And a good evening to you

private chat and whatnot

secret to me

t-thank you for your guidance....



Rip, also good luck!! music usually helps me get to sleep faster.

I'm not going to lie

i thought that they had left forever actually

ye you wouldnt care though im just using you to brag i guess

I would of let you in if you asked.

I will just read before I go to bed

that always puts me to sleep

good morning
hope you slept well

gonna be up late tn?

I have slight interest george

I did

Maybe he's in love...with me.....

Sounds relaxing! What do you like to read?

Probably. What about you?

part of me wants to be really rude but the high part is like be nice to bard

so hopefully he is

oh shit im sorry

Bard why are you a dirty fucking gaul?

I didn't notice


Silly Cato


Slept alright, still trying to find my eyes.
Been enjoying your day?

Thanks it just

It feels nice you know?

oh god

very much so

look what I got

to be loved. It is one of the best things in the world.

all is forgiven

I still don't see where you asked me.

Trix are for kids?

I love you!

I found this for you


Well I've aleady played Roman god king and I just thought I would try my hand at French revolutionist

Because I deleted it

well I mean...where do any of us go when we're not here

rather expensive.

it is hand knitted tho.

Thats why I didn't see it.

You can also customize anyway you want with color and ears/horns

wow! I did it too :3
It's too damn pretty.

What's a Trix?

Don't make me Alesia your ass.

I did tag you, so you should have been notified or something.

I didn't spend more than 50k tbh

it tru

@ me more next time

my fashion sense is shameful but iunno if it's that bad

Into the aether I guess...

I dont like spamming


But it'll cost you 90 marks of grace, which gives you 900 amylase crystals, which is 890k.

At least he was man enough to give himself up when he knew it was all over...........

but the images you draw have the almsot same hood..

How do I prove my love to you


oh shit

yeah no its worth

i havent drawn any of these


I can't help you then


the girl with the horns

also not mine

og fuck I was under the impression you drew all your images and you were a drawthread fag


Anything to wear all white in order to symbolise unity!

im voicing with some brits but ill hit you up when im ready to chat you up

I like the white because it's solid and stark

It was over the moment it began, my dude.
You don't challenge the romans and win.


It also takes more effort getting

Not really, I block youtube

Even though I'm wearing the name of hteo pposition,
I think that's pretty badass

Rome was on some 100 % shit
both Caesars were based as fuck

You block youtube?


I block everything by default, so I've just not gone ahead and unblocked it.
Not that I'm going to

Except nobody will actually comment on it. It's still prettiest of them all

when life gives you technically legal in new york but illegal in other states lemons

you make creepy old dude lemonade

How do you get by without youtube?

why would you do that?


people appreciate it
I know I do

I get by without a TV too

Because I don't want to connect to 10 different sites and run javascript from just as many sources whenever I visit a website when it's not needed.
Just like why some use adblock.

Damn straight.

no tv as in no cable or physically no television seet?

oh, then why not just use adblock?



You apassed

Same. It's nice

Physically no television. I've no real use for it.

Cause it doesn't block javascript or cross-site references.
I blocks cookies by default, use request policy to control cross-site references and noscript to control what javascript is allowed to run and what is not.
And ublock origin to block ads

Until they dicked themselves.

You are a mad scientist

I-I uhh am sleep now kbye.


That's pretty crazy!
I mean It would be understandable if you used stuff like youtube but...

I don't watch television but I definately have a set. I like to use it to play music on it tbh

what do you fill your time up with instead then?

rrunescape lol?


fuck off ya dady cunt

I like control. Only need to allow things once for websites I use often. No reason to let any site just throw shit at you

have sweet dreams uis nini

Why not?
The things thrown at you can be interesting sometimes

I don't really watch stuff, so just like with a TV, I don't use youtube either. Besides, it's Google. If I can help it, I don't even enable ajax if it can be helped, seeing it's provided by them usually.
Yeah, just Runescape. Else sometimes other games, or studies.

Nah. Slows down browser, takes up memory and space, and can throw cookies at you which you don't really want

You will never really notice it unless your rig is real slow

Or if you keep about a hundred tabs up on a dual-core machine

Might delete this later.....Idk I just thought I looked cute ❤

why would you ever do that

Hey there Hupony. I haven't seen you for a while.

Why would people ever use youtube?

you just don't turn me on : i

wow what a FAGGOT

Stop trying to dick yourself

That's just because I've been posting on horsefucker chan exclusively until this slut begged me to come post here

A wild Smiles has appeared!


Oh shit, Spec is here now also?
Horsefucker chan is superior admittedly.

I am just not aroused by you

You came here of your own volition, you goddamn whore.


I'm not sure anyone will believe that


Until some people took over who doesn't even know how to tick a box without asking someone else. But there are more people here, and nicer ones too

That's a lie though and you know it, you goddamn worthless sack of shit

*pokemon battle music starts*

Do you even believe what you're saying, or is these one of those situations where everyone knows that the statement made is false.

Can confirm, Spec has been basically begging people to come here for forever.

Hu's don't need no entertainment!

*selects masterball*
I think this situation justifies it.

Runescape is plenty, youtube provides nothing

ya'll are all still relatively new over here!

But Runescape!

It's true though! I only mentioned it in passing, and said he should post at Lewds as a joke.

Get bent.

This post should be discarded immediately on account of it being Squiddy.


I heard Mikie took over the site, has it really been that bad?

Squiddy I'm starting to feel nostalgic from seeing all these names. I just wish Machi was here to tell me about concepts I don't understand.

I'm about to run away from the battle. I use the same coding as the beasts from silver and gold.

Spec I've known you long enough to know you don't fully understand the concept of humor. Make your lies more believable in the future.

Fuck, you're Abra

Woah shit it's almost like my post was facetious and not 100% fucking accurate or something.

Does, yes!

Only one bent here is you, faggot. I'm straight as a rail.
it was once. Then once became twice, and twice became thrice, etc..

He just took over recently after someone else who took over after someone else, after someone else.
Yeah, technical admin can't tick a box, thinks it's a good idea to patch a live server without testing anything locally first, and thinks running "do-release-upgrade", is a good idea.
It's been pretty bad, but who cares man


I mean he still posts over on horsefucker chan.
Those threads are kinda extra shit these days. All the interesting conversation died in favour of Babs' blankposting.

I never woulda guessed!

Absolutely impossible

Good one

I know, I have the best sense of humor

You dun goofed. Start raiding every chan in existence so that the RGN might favor you.

I feel you. There is a certain amount of leeway you have to give him though, the guy is brand new to all of this. I'm pretty sure just a few months back he was a self described alcoholic that was bumming off someone else. Nice to know he's past that now at least.

All the same, it's nice seeing you again.
How has life been treating ya?

The insular community never tried to find new blood. I've said to every admin since MLPchan was first created that these standalone websites are bad for the long game, but whatever. People have just been moving on.

Fuck, I don't have time to do that anymore.
What am I supposed to do?

I wouldn't know..


50/50 that and it being shitposted to death by specific people but whatever.

How've you been?

For Grim


Literally all ponies

I see none tbh

gas the horsefuckers

This is your fault

Is it?


Yeah, just grabbing her by her boobies like that

You forgot to type something

No its not.

I didn't.

The wild ride must end eventually.

I checked in with him recently and he said he was doing better. Anyway, enough about all that, what have you been up to these days?

Been focusing more on my work and life, also playing a fuckton of Bloodborne. I hope they come out with a second one.
Also I might move again soon, so that's been keeping me preoccupied as well. The current landlord is a dick and the neighborhood is letting more questionable people move in. I wanna get out before I have to deal with anymore issues. Literally someone died in the home adjacent to me, and that's not what I signed up for.

this tbh

that was cold

It is just a regularly scheduled inspection!

Nani !?!?!?

Suppose we'll see then.
Studies and runescape, is about everything.
Looking for a new apartment, found anything yet?

Get back in bed, is warm~

Yeah, yeah, I'm sure

Well shit, I guess I can't live in the past.
at least I enjoy the work, though!

It is!
Proven fact!

Life is treating me to pizza right now.

Yeah, of course


Runescape is still a thing? I thought that died out a while ago.
Everything that works well for me so far is in an area I'd rather not be. I don't know, we'll see how it all goes in about a month.
What are you studying for?

On the topic of work, how are the rock farms?

What sort of pizza?
My man is sound asleep and I'm just killing some time since I'm not tired, but I'll probably force myself to bed in a few minutes also.
I'm also thinking about eating a ton of ice cream.

mlpchan 2.0 rn


you shoo them away with your oldfag powers

What a rip. Sounds like life.

You have a man... again?
Ice cream is bad.

Osrs is more popular than ever, and they're going mobile now too, so yeah, anything but dead.
Sounds like you're already living somewhere you don't want to be too.. But yeah, moving from somewhere you don't want to, to another place you don't want to, really doesn't solve anything.
Comp-sci, currently bachelour

the cancer has metastasized

I'm sorry

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes, again


Actually pretty wonderful.
Am graduate school now, moved to Albuquerque two weeks ago. I spent last week in Santa Fe at the big meteorite conference that happened to be there this year and got to keep my NASA connections going.

This may be a little more than you want to know, but I will be working with hydrogen isotopes in meteorites and will probably be doing so at what amounts to the finest scale in the world.


Fuck, now I wanna go watch Apocalypse Now again.

I would leave if it would prevent that from happening tbh

Stop my dude





this is a thing now.



no that won't do at all

Make that a thing and I'll disembowel you.

UNM is one of the best planetary science schools in the world

Silly Bard

im home now!

shes adorable

I can't wait to get disemboweled

Drawn and quartered

Am still waking up. Should make a run for the store for some groceries, but too lazy.
Had a good day?

An adorable slut.

But you have to be in Albuquerque.

i've had a average day, you should buy those things you're missing :)

that's rude

But it's true.

theres' a reason they call him

Philly D ; )

Average days can be alright too.
Least you're home now, that's good.
Should.. Soon~

You'd think not living next to a murder scene would be a simple accomplishment, but I suppose that's just wishful thinking on my part. At least I have Youtube and Netflix to distract me.

The same one for a while now. It's nothing new. Ice cream is good for the soul!
Sausage only on the pizza? Sounds boring. Whenever I buy pizza I try to make it unique. Bean dip base with specialty assorted cheeses, baked with beef and extra cheese over that. layer that with cold veggies and Doritos. That's my sort of pizza.

I'll try and compromise for the place I hate the least, and I'm only renting because I might move to a new state again soon.
Nice, have you started taking actual computer classes?

Hydrogen Isotopes in meteorites? Why are you working with that?

she's beautiful.
i wannt moar of her.

i wonder what i should play


I don't remember the last one you left off on, but that was all thread BS, this is a more tangible irl male?
It was cheapest with the special they had, simple one topping whatever and wings, so it's what ah got.
You had me right up to there. Doritos are disgusting.


can i have her please?

It is better than Houston!

Stable isotopes are very interesting because they have the potential to tell a lot about the history of a rock, whether it be from the earth or space. I still have to do a lot of reading about hydrogen specifically, but I know it has been used to understand the source regions for water and can be used as an identifier for solar wind exposure. Basically, the ratio of Duterium to Hydrogen is what you're really looking at.

I am really primarily going to be an expert on the method and basically be a lab tech running other people's samples to start with, but one of my favorite scientists at NASA thinks he found what amounts to lithified asteroid dust in some meteorites, which I may and investigate whether that is what they really are.

How have you been doing? Besides lots of work and trying to get out of where you are living?

If that's the case, you might as well stay where you are now, if you're gonna move state soon..

Uhm... This isn't the US. There've been nothing but computer-related classes.

Something enjoyable~

fuck you

what is 'enjoyable'

Depends on who you ask.
You like games such as Overwatch?


You're right but that means nothing.

guess which noes me

tee hee jthgfcv sdx

No, she's mine!

only with friends

because that's the only way to play games in know anymore

i've forgotten how to 'play alone'

A-at least you weren't living in the murder scene?

when can i have her?

will you make a cute new folder of a new character?

Aww... That sucks

The desert is pretty!


! ! !

gotta make it bearable somehow

maybe i just need something fun?

but what games do i like? :\


I enjoy this webm

I only know of Overwatch, and I don't know much about that at all, except it's Blizzard's answer to Quake

! ! !
Sure, I'll try adding a bit more to it this time though before I send it your way.


Yeah no more thread BS. That's part of the reason I hardly ever take part in these things anymore. Just decided to check here on a whimsy and couldn't pass up an opportunity like this to catch up.
Well I literally just spit-balled that from the top of my head, so I would've tested it out on a slice or two. Mixed and matched the toppings till I got it right. My first job was a pizza place up in NYC, and so I can't handle having anything boring now because of it. I gag at the thought of plain or pepperoni pies.

Almost all of that went over my head; you have bested me Cato.
Pretty active in my local church and I became a "Youth Pastor" for children 8 and younger, but I mostly just take care of the toddlers and newborns because of how cute they're. I also cook for the weekly church family lunches, and volunteer with the local rehabilitation center tied in with my church. Other than that I've just been working on my career and mental health.

Oh that's pretty nice. In the States you have to take a bunch of stuff not related to your major at all.
What sort of stuff are you capable of doing? Are you a hackerman now?

Always gotta look on the brightside.
It was funny watching the local kids raid the home of everything that wasn't bolted down afterwards, I saw them get some decent stuff.

what is this from?

why dont you do more?

she looks best! aho girl~

Yeah, so I've heard.
Nah, no hackerman but passing everything with reasonable good grades.

Doesn't really seem like my thing.



you cant do more?

Good good. It's cool to see you again, I will say that, you're a neat person, so...
Next time will be a more extravagant pizza, with plenty of pineapple to piss off certain someones.

She is the bestest Aho indeed.

c-can't do more?


webm very related
me on the right


i want more out of you~

who else can you cap?


Haha get fug :DD

Usually I don't do the capping because I stream it instead. But... who else ya want fam?

Basically, I can tell what the original source of water on planets/asteroids was and I can tell whether you have surficial asteroid dust or not.

That's actually really awesome! I've heard cooking for that many people can be a bear, though. I envy you; I'm struggling pretty hard to find something "fun" and rewarding outside of work.

holy shit luka....

I'll bite you

youll get pineapple and cheese in your mouth if you bite him

night bro

Good point, bad idea.

Night night Grim, sleep well

Bite him anyway

Do it bitch.

nah, don't want pineapple

But spec deserves to be bit

i think you can do soo much more.

give me some cute options~

lol, hi ^_^

I wish you still talked to me like that

He's a bad person

Why so lewd..?

I can't think of any other cute meme girls right now.
Or a want to give myself extra work to cap.




not lewd!

but how about somethign you are watching currently?

You bite him

You make it sound so

Watch Beautiful Bones and make spec cap the main girl in that

You first!


Yeah, because you never open those.

no u!


Could scroll up and see what happens when I do

Both at the same time!


you do~

no, i'll handle that one myself.
i already have 700+ caps of 1&2

show me cuties from that one :3

I didn't do anything

I know what happens when you do, and when you choose to, what a joke!

Selesia is cute, I guess.


when luka breaks out the ~

I break out the

Post bones!

hiii squish shot

nah, just you

You lie

I am unsure on how I like that variation on my name.


why not?

I want:
Alicetaria February
Aki Kikuchihara


Maybe I'll just bite you


when the time is right.


The time is always right for cutebones


Yeah, the beautiful bones

they are pretty though...

Good thing you know

Cause I'm not of much use~
Am gonna go get those groceries. Will be back soon

no, never!


I've got a beautiful bone for you

bring me back something cute to look at~

They're okay I guess.

Don't make me!

Yaaay! ♥


i want elegant Lancer lady!


I'll lance ur lady.


u can keep seltzer water redhead
i personally choose blondie~

woof woof


First to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect

your sensibilities are shaken by the slightest defect

you live your life like a canary in a coal mine
you get so dizzy even walkin in a straight line






cute~ ♥

she fits you perfectly



what a talented boy!

Do you have a dogger MaFF?

I-is that a compliment?

nah. eh?


There she is!

actually I am not a fan of horses

my grandparents used to have a few horses in a pin on their farm and they were mean and very large

yeah, i mean look at the adorb pic you just posted
her expression fits you!

she is for mainly serious posting.

b-but it's just a grocery store. Carrots and buns aren't cute

# make -j16

i havent had much experience with horses myself. I don't mind them too much from what i've seen though.

But but

Don't tell me I didn't warn you
**I also have no idea what that means*

how strange... a carrot bun samwhich



Almost as cute as Lukas

It compiles as super user and does so using 16 cores

Nah. Carrots for lasagna, buns for breakfast. And also other stuff

I use the programs, not make them

wiring and physical systems make more sense

Need to compile the programs before you can use them.
Most are just compiled for you


retro 80s musics are soo awesome.

why would you put carrots in a lasanga?

no ones is as cute as lukas!

Too bad the actual 80's was garbage tho.

It's cheap, and it makes the lasagna taste a little bit better while making the dish a bit healthier and more filling

cute pic~

carrots don't add flavour though...
carrots barely have a flavour to them?
i'd rather toss in butter garlic broccoli.

I-I'll compile you!


I listen to that stream whenever I'm bored

This is pretty true

i tend to avoid streams

They do actually. They're juicy.
Eh, not too much a fan of garlic.

You'll need the password for that


i wouldn't know but I always thought they might have been kind of nice....

It is a music stream so it isn't so bad


I mean, she is, but no, wrong password

garlic + butter = flavour savoury goodness though
yes actual garlic cloves are nasty
but if you squish the garlic juice flavour out of the clove you end up with a strong tasty flavour that will dilute into any dish you want to empower.

carrots are too crunchy

personally it not high quality enough for me, so i just go to the actual videos:


I don't really worry whenever I am not using my headset.

This music is usually background for me, anyway

Butter is good. Never actually cooked anything with garlic.
b-but I don't like the taste.
Nah, carrots are fine. You just grind it, and it won't be crunchy, especially not when thrown into the meat mix and let it drain some of the juices leaked by it. It'll be soft, and yummi

User is not part of the sudoers file. This incident will be reported

lol energy tonics be like

fuck your sleep

Wanna come help me blow some glass, senpai?

I would like to talk to a representative!

yeah sure drop trade me half of that shit

Grim is the master of blowing

Blow some """glass""" with me, senpai~


will you give me back the experience?
Been taking me two weeks getting this shit, and it'll take me like 9 hours blowing it all.
Already blew half of it, still need 6447 orbs. Can't do more than 1400 an hour.

Request denied

Oh I'm sure he is

I will talk to a representative, whether you like it or not!

I'll share it with you in spirit

I have this song on loop now its so lit

when u see aphrodite statue

u think

i dont have body of goddess

but then you triggered

and protest heteronormative patriarchal standard of beauty

and comparison your flab with figure of goddess

and you am now old and bankrupt just like greece

and you say




need to submit request as root

what song?

W-what are you doing up this early?

no reply

its 1:30 for him

I'll submit my request directly into your server!

Daddy doesn't like to stay up late


That's lewd as hell

you didn't even listen

bitch u mad mf ugly b looking like the little ginger kid from little einstein kill urself btch ill shoot u mf ass meet me irl fuck outta here wicho dorito ass shaped head btch albino gorilla lookin ass mf ill flame u dumb spotty white pizza shaped head lookin elongated ass nose marshmallow man crusty ass mf self right here btch



you should try ^_^
try lighter amounts to not overpower your delicate frame


You didn't tell me

B-but garlic can also make you smell ;_;

You keep asking me this. I go to bed at around 4, and it is only 1:34.

it's the onions that make you cry.

if I found out one of my kids did something like this

I don't think they would see an internet connection for months

I posted that webm.

May be!

It is not a bad niche!
Like daft punk

that's weird
that's thame time I go to sleep

How many kids do you have?

yours are too long!

Onions haven't made me cry yet, yet they always used to. Don't know if it's because I store them in the fridge

O-oh.. I keep sound disabled on videos

Most definitely was!

8 a week
sometimes 16 when it gets busy

no js
no youtube
sound disabled on videos

its like you live with earplugs and a blindfold on

My timing is designed to maximize the comfort I receive from thinking about sleeping with you.

that's a lot of kids to father, you really get around huh

I could never bring another life into this world....

That's because complations for listening while doing other things

Butthole surfers, then

Prove it!

they are not biologically mine but I do give them the tlc and discipline within reason as if they were

I keep music on in runescape.
Nah, it's just that varying volume triggers my autism

You got a boner.
There, proved!


you can set the default volume of videos on 8ch in the settings

yeah man
an iron fist full of gold is the best policy

My name is Donnie Smith, and I have lots of love to give.

I have a boner because I am looking at meteorites on ebay

unfortunately have not watched

Can I have some too?

But the volume for each video still varies nonetheless. There's no universal set default.

mad scientist

Just look!


You can have some sodium hypochlorite mainlined right into your arm.


lol you froze it.

what other things?

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

Video games or the like

I have no idea what to do for fun now, so not too much at the moment