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They are even more dead than you faggots
Maybe this shit is going extinct
Thank god

What thread?

Hey, Jack. Do you remember what that spamming program was called?

I only remember the name of laughing man because that was epic
I know what you are thinking about, the one which tried to get around the captcha?

Ah, that place. You should try tlhg on /trash/ instead.

Uh... Delay close?

i want to die

Oh yeah thats the one! Looked promising but utlimately failed. That furfag terrance claimed he can make it work but he is a lazy degenerate.

Holla Forums is my turf, I never visited other boards the past decade. Only a few times for crossboard invasion

It was hilarious. Image-cap in mere minutes.
You really have to be extremely committed if you feel like solving a thousand captchas

Fair point.

Accelerator and rainbowwuma used it to pretty devastating effect

Yeah that. I might get a pass or something and spam Alice threads. That or just do it manually with fur porn or bestiality.

Sounds like potential fun

I hope you don't think a pass will let you not have to fill out those captchas for it.

I sometimes do, did manual spam on multiple browsers and proxies back in the day, sometimes for half a day straight
Aaah, good times.

Oooh? crafty little horsefuckers. Should have kept an eye on them longer

That sounds glorious. Any time ya do it hit me up and I'll join if I'm around. I wanna get pass myself too but I need to wait for the fucking season to start so I can afford it

As long as it works either way.

Alright. I'll probably stick to porn dumps for now.
Could be fun to do it again.

Only worth it if it bothers people.
Or make some people go away.

ah good morning ^^

Stop banning yourself


Have fun sitting there entering captcha after captcha because you're so pathetic and lacking in validation you get triggered at other people's existence then my dude.

It made entire communities go away and attracted dozens of anons who joined later themselves. Best fun I ever had on any chan.

Hell yeah ya know it
Best timing too
I think I have you on steam I'll tell ya a little secret.


I'm boooored.

It's fun to me so no reason not to.

Fire away.

Stop reporting threads, I had to autosage that one just now.

Me too... I want to die

Didn't get rid of the horsefuckers.
Or maybe it did, I've no idea what happened to that thread on Holla Forums after 2013 and all it became was chickun

But if you die, who's gonna keep me company then?



Good job. Hit me up whenever alice makes a thread

Nah, this was in 2005-2008

So, perfect timing. This is gonna be double fun


I'm never home during those times anymore

Whats up?

and here I thought people got worse at dealing with stuff they don't like over the recent years.


im sad

Don't be sad.


Oh, I nearly forgot.
Now go and save pics

Gee that sucks. Also I'm not even banned
Guess you can't join the wrecking of alices already bleeding anus. Shame, shame

The circumstances changed for the worse all the time. I have a collection of old amazing tools, all useless
also every time you post that thing I only see a pair of HUGE WHITE TITS and I have the libido of a cast stone, what the fuck is that even

Why are you sad?

I can't ban people

i don't know but it won't go away

Edgy bear

Try and do stuff that gets you on better thoughts.

Manipulate the desperate Bebop into giving you mod powers or at least help you get it.

Hes not the admin.

A whole lot of it looks nsfw though..
But thanks

Does Delay Close even work anymore without getting passes? After all, aren't solved captchas only considered legit for a few minutes?

kek, I mean, least they're white

masturbating isn't doing it for me

I think only Gook m00t has that power

That is Sankaku for you. Its a mix of everything.

Rip. *Puts onto lap and snuggles.*

I have mod powers on 4/b/ but I never go there.


And 90% porn

Try here too.カガリ

Well, I'm out. Busy

Maybe he can help

I didn't use that shit in ages, is it even still around?
White is good

Tough shit.

when's baby driver getting a good rip

I'll have a look. Thank you

I don't know actually. And yeah, is best.
Have a good one

not even a little

-is snugged- you're warm

you can give it to me

Come back Jack

everything on Pixiv is in Japanese

How else would I delete shota threads?

why would you do that? those are my favorite threads



Yeah, it is pretty hot here aswell.

i'll be right back

Shotas are basically just inferior lolis.

See ya soon.

ur p hot

no homo

Fatal Frame 2 still makes me cry.

yes homo

Ban always gaying it up

coming from you

stop being gay


You're both flaming homofaggots


pray the gay away

nobody beats squiddy at being gay. nobody

I didn't deny it.

You beat me into being gay

I didn't do anything

Still kinda wanna fugg Blood chan

What if he's a fat dude

I just keep looking for an anime girl, duh

he is

Rolled 4 (1d6)1 - PkMn
2 - Fashion Dogma
3 - Tales of Besteria
4 - God Eater
5 - Atelier Sophie
6 - Fault
7 - Cyber Subtle
8 - Cyber Test
9 - Cyber Ikarous


This is, like, the thousandth time I've done this.

How are you only now realizing that I never make the dice have enough sides to roll into lewd things???

Rolled 9 (1d9)

That was a legit throw.

Now pants off for BC's black cock.


Test really wanted it to be a 1d8

Are you insane?

I'm bacc!


inb4 Test adminabuses the roll to an 8.

Welcome back, though I might head to sleep soon.

im sorry im so boring

Don't worry, you aren't boring. Say, mind telling me your steam or something like that?

no more steam i don't into steam anymore

what time is it for you

Its 10.40 pm. What do you do then?

Awaken Admin Abuse

i just don't go to threads anymore



they only post when Alice gives them permission

Thats pretty lewd :^)

Thats not what I meant. Like what do you do instead of steam?

Kek, alice is a wannabe puppet master




speak of the devil

i like sex

I don't know... time moves so fast when i'm off the internet

Wait a minute are you calling me a wannabee Alice?

Thats how I feel if I'm on vacation or something like that.



No. Im calling Alice a wannabe. And you like getting dicked? OwO

I didn't know you took vacation. Evil doesn't take vacations.
I just don't do anything when I'm away from threads and Steam


Yes I do


You still masturbate every wednesday? Or was it thursday?

Masturbation is a carnal sin and is forbidden by the laws of moe

Lemme smash

You are evil... Erio told me so!
I forgot what he said... I have bad memory

I haven't done it in months...

Its everyday bro

Can you bring him here?


Come to my house!


I summon the God of darkness

Please come here and bless us with your presence!

Virgos are such dicksluts

Be there in ten, prep the pillow.

disney channel slow

Why not?

I wonder if he'll pop up.


We are sluts...

Man I miss RadioDisney

There hasn't been any good gore online

You must pray with me

I didn't say what she said I said

Good and evil are a matter of opinion anyway

But I'm sleeepy. I think I'm gonna get some rest.

Who even are you?

Get some sleep, hun

Tuck me in please.

Thats a good girl, open wide

Too sleepy for ur shit games


There's plenty more porn that is as good as gore

pulls you into my lap and covers you with my wings



Don't post my Kurumi

I feel warm and safe here.

It was to highlight my point.
And you should know I post who I want.

Don't worry about the missiles, they are on standby

that lewd doesn't turn me on

i only like 3DPD gore

I won't then. Goodnight.



just put earplugs and you won't hear the hum, nini


Yes, wetness;)

Oh that was Erio...

Come back Erio


You want to make me wet?

nah i just have to multitask

Don't be stupid now BC

With semen

what are you doing now?

Post shota, I like shota

warm semen?

How come no one else posts Ikaros? She is beautiful!

talking to someone i want to bone while watching cooking shows

How long have you known her?

why do you assume it's a girl

because a boner goes into pussy, right?


boners go wherever they can

straight from the source? Why do you suddenly like me anyway?

where does your bone go?


anywhere it likes


Do you have the AIDS?


thats not to say it goes places often

Only claiming whats mine
Dat bussy

don't post that

why not stick to one girl?

is that how boys claim what's theirs?

Its sociology n shit

im more gay than straight


but that's lewd and their are better ways to claim a girl

Why are you gay?

because i like dick

You suddenly shy? Kawaiii

you're making me upset

oh look we have something in common
now we can be friends again


thank god


yeah i have anxiety, but people mistake it for me being overly shy


Now I return to being your Tulpa/b/ro

I always wanted to see your HDD. How do you keep such a thing a secret?

❤️ We know each other so well though baby, no need then be nervous


what month was I born?


Nevada-Tan the Alicefag

Good you can have me now

All ive ever wanted.


Goodnight everyone! Yes I sleep early.

i'm not really worth anything, though...


Good night love.
one mans trash is anothers cockslut

Games would be funner if they didn't randomly crash


I agree, I want my crashes to be pre-planned.

Nothing is ironic about this game.



What a faggotry game
Jerry seinfeld must be cumming

Life would be funner if it randomly crashed

it does.


i should have bought more beer

Ni ni

nini scooberu

That's called drugs.

Don't look so down.

That meth head would know all about drugs

See you in five minutes since you're always lurking or user posting.

It's slow today

Everyone just sits in the secret club discord

There's no one in there.
Also only like four people from there even post here.


I want him to feel left out

Discord is lame

I don't see how its any worse than our old vent server.

its just like better in every way.

but why post when you can just discord?

and it is closed off to anyone who isn't invited

I do both at the same time pretty often.

Sometimes it gets extra stupid and I have a conversation with someone in the thread and in voice at the same time.

I'm not on discord, but I am here.

Why post when you can write cursive letters and send them via snail mail?

KissShot is the only reason I come to the threads.




dead thread revival with azubutt


Hey ui



Where have you been hiding?

I went to work in a wine factory. got me out of my house and out of the 106 degree weather. i also basically Just did absolutely nothing all day at work and got paid. hbu







I just finished catching up with Fault, and my soul hurts now.


Lamenting over my life's time line.

What Fault is that?

that was too easy... why'd you give up so fast?

ur silly. Just be happy pls.


I try to but it's hards these days.


Just remember that people in third world countries with like absolutely nothing are usually pretty happy.

Is there something more recent than Milestone 2: Side Above?

Nuu I was just thinking of something else and you confused me

Your next line is "*huffs*" toiyu !

They don't know any better.

What did you think I was talking about?

Do NOT steal my images.

Just try to be happy k? I'll try to resonate some of my globbyness to you~ UGUUgugugGUguUGugUGUgu uwuWUWUwUwUwuwuw



Uhh.. hentai. That's why I was confused.



Hey looks, it's working.


sauce please Darwin




Incidentally both games have a "This is not that type of game" achievement for trying to be a pervo.

*installs anti-cheat on your computer*

This is not information I possess. Only a profligate would know.

Are you also dying from the weather?


but I want fluff butt

nah, it's 106 here but ive been working in 50 degree AC and I have AC in my living room and my bedroom.

i wanna buy stuff at the grocery store too


Are you a furry?

Some people make it seem like air conditioner is nonexistent over there.



I just have more money/privilege then most people. Oregon is expensive asf to live for most commoners.

wrong image

Oh no, just not updating REEEE

help I've got the jump jet brawler medium bug now

the FUCK you want

Hey nigga, you brought me up first.

The what now?


Hello night friends



Wow. I get called in for a full shift and you guys are still on the same thread.

Then go to the grocery store?

hellooo how are you tonight?


Tracer Bullet.

im in love


what ahppened to your name

Who gives a shit.

you seem like kind of an asshole
It's no surprise you're spending your thursday night here

very guud.

Just doing some naloxone/narcan training to save some lives ;) hbu?

Relative Minor scale practice tonight
so boring I was hoping my friend would hit me up tonight but its no big deal
always tomorrow

so why are you getting into opiate receptor antagonists?


I'm an asshole every day of the week, not just Thursdays.

Downloading some music for tomorrows long shift.
Probably going to bed in an hour or so.


anything to share tonight/?

Yeah. But I get paid for one of my jobs tomorrow.
Other job pays out Tuesday.

We have baby chicks in the store now.

It's my job to have knowledge on psychopharmacology and illicit drugs, even the ones i don't like at all like heroin. I need to be prepared for everything at all times. You never know with the line of work I do.

That's cute you work in a pet store?

A farm supply store.


living in iowa i would have thought I'd have at least been in one of those before but I guess I cant find a memory that fits that description

What do you think of it compared to the other fucking tens going on hundreds of other jobs you've had?

Well it's one of the only non factory jobs I've had.
I like it though. It's much more relaxed and I get to pet the dogs that come in. I'm learning a lot about the stuff we sell as well.

Tractor Supply?

Nah. Some generic local store.

Tractor Supply always had baby chicks around this time of year. That smell of corn based feed for them.

we have a tire and mechanical store here that the store people have a cute big dog who walks around in the store

how big is your town your livin in right now?

I mean, most farm stores get them in the mid summer. Orchlens got them too around now.

Who are you exactly?

I don't live in town. No idea how big the other towns are.

Yo u enjoy being outside the town?

I've never actually lived not in a town or city but my grandparents live Wayyy out in the boonies of west Nebraska so when I'd go and visit them it was super lonesome

me if I was a furry irl

It's inconvenient but I like the distance from people.

do you have a puppy doggo to keep you company? :3

I was about to head to bed.

We have 5 doggos.

Ah. Good night then.

Wow I bet it's actually really good to be away from the town/city if you have a fucking herd like that!

How big are they?

I'm going to get a divorce. She has been fucking some guy from work (who is also married) for about 8 months now, apparently three times a week.
Today I went to his house and informed his wife of this, it was the least I could do.
Yes, I am getting a divorce. Yes, this is real. Yes, this is going to be hard. Yes, I will always have my kids. Please do not message me regarding this, I have nothing to say to you or anyone else about it. I don't need "someone to talk to" and if I did it wouldn't be you. So please don't bother.
Back in April, she fucked him. She told me. She also told me that it was a one time thing and since then we've been working on our marriage. Know how I've been depressed? Yeah, that's the reason. Well, that was a lie because apparently she's been fucking him. She even fucked him in my bed while I was in the hospital. Can you believe that shit?
Well, today is the start of the rest of my life.
Thanks everyone. Hopefully your day is better

2 are rather large. I'll take pics sometime.



Dogs are the best family someone could ask for


bork bork am pet dog.

Interesting read.

I want to get a German Shep eventually.

Hey sweetheart, how's you tonight?

That's really sweet
make sure to consider adpting at the pound

What got you into liking german shephards? :3

I remember when I was a little little boy in texas my dad would read me books at night and then one year he read me
Where the red fern grows

And after that I got my first doggo that year for christmas and it was a loveley red bone coon hound and since then I really like redbone dogs

Not bad. Went into work on my day off for a full shift. Getting paid tomorrow, but I have another 15 hour shift so we'll see if I do ok.

How you doing?

I plan to. That or I'll get a pup and train it.
And they are just a cool dog in general.

where is my master tonight....

Yikes, lots of hours. Get extra dosh for it though?

Had pizza, now I'm tired.


But my bed has no you in it!

Honestly I would kill to snuggle up to someone and just fall asleep next to them.
Or have them fall asleep first so I can listen to them snore. Snoring is such a comforting sound.

that sounds just great

I miss those kinds of nights.


tfw no hu chan

tfw no ban san

tfw no darwin sama

tfw no Sama dono


How's it going?

Hu will be here Soon™.



HARK the herald Spectre sings

Soon we can move from play flirting to real flirting.


that's pretty impressive, doesn't that take you a lot?

I got some crown royal apple whiskey a few weeks ago and it is real weird, so I am trying to get rid of it


good I was afraid you had dissapeared...


It is like fireball with green apple jolly ranchers instead of redhots

Have to drink it out of existence.



I did, but you summoned me back.


i guess I don't really know my powers yet.....didn't really think I could do that tbh haha.......

what other powers are in this thing? :3

Was cheap, though!

I still need to find that scotch you recommended


Little while longer...

Night.'re here for that's just about as good

But money, so probably not for a while









I've been playing them and enjoying them