10% less gay thread. Now with 100% more cute cat girls

10% less gay thread. Now with 100% more cute cat girls.

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he's vulnerable and therefore cute in your eyes

but in a wide range perspective he's p much garbage

I mean unless you're talking about physically, which you can't really prove without posting a cap or something

what are you doing here bhai
how did you even come across this place

how is that shit still alive?
thing was ultimate fotm


it was a fun game at the core before they fucked it up
I'm a cult follower now I guess

into the trash it goes



I would never take advantage of someone whos vulnerable.

There is so much dangerous shit at my work I could easily kill myself there.


so are you horny or

how dthey fuck it up?
I never got to play but I saw people play


yeah and the earth is flat

Why do all of the furry webcomics you post full of nothing but horrible life choices?
Or is that furries in a nutshell?


no im just showing off my new folder though it has been awhile...

Thanks Ui.

like hello
like hello
like hello (how ya doin there?)hello
uh like hello
like hello (uh)

Like hello my name is jayden and I'm a young fellow
I like to keep it mellow
I like to make friends and make trends
attend the
young school dances
young romances girl
this is your chance it's a long shot
cupid tried to hit your bow but it's the wrong shot
because I'm tryinna rock the mic and no I won't stop
I'MMA keep rapping bout this love until the song stops cause

were just young and numb and dumb and lung capacity fung from me in the last city um

no dedicated servers
matchmaking issues
balancing issues (there was one character who made pvp multiplayer fucking unplayable for about a week)

I can only imagine will smith speaking through the avatar

I love flat things

will smith?
goddamnit I was looking at bards pic of jaden when I typed that

I meant eddie murphy

flat is TRASH


thanks goggles back for being goggles uwu hai

yes, hello my sister. How be you? I love your poetry... it makes me happy.

Flat boy chest



fuck humidity real talk

flat girl chest UwU



put a bra on already


central ac costs too much to put on an old house

i'm good at it at least.

even women hate bras...
clearly being flat is better.

at picking off weak targets

sure sure

I agree

low hanging fruit

thanks, now eat this with me...

lame as fuck


Not hungry.

Whatever you say my man

holy shit its a poodle

just bored as fuck
what have you been upto

that is the weirdest poodle i've ever seen.
also why'd it attack the camera?


Been drinking in voice chat with people.

Just let me know when you are and we can try again later~

k ay



Hey user... I got you a present, guess what's inside...


He probably just has jars of them from all of the botched surgeries from the trap house.

Hopefully your death certificate.

better be dick

You ruined my surprise



I hope it ruins your night

snappers are fucking wild dude

why is alcohol so expensive

because it kills you

even one fuckin drink?

like wtf

why isn't netori more popular

I need poems about cats or catgirls..


it's literally reverse netorare

women are more normalized than men

they dont like to share at all, too

Only a small amount of death.

I'll start.

Nudge nudge nudge,
Nudge nudge nudge nudge nudge,
Your glass just shattered on the floor.

Why is cuckholding even a thing?

pretty sure I've dreamt about fucking other guy's women many times before

where there is a winner, there must be a loser

but someone who WANTS TO LOSE??

yeah no that's weird as fuck

but you don't look a gift horse in the mouth

you just fuck his girlfriend instead

His new sweater doesn't smell of me
I could pee on that
he's gone and left his laptop open
I could pee on that
His new boyfriend just pushed my head away
I could pee on him
he's ignoring me ignoring him
I could pee everywhere
now he has me on his lap
I could pee on this
I could pee on this


piss is an alright fetish as long as it isn't actually practiced or 3D.

Have I killed the thread yet?


thank goodness. This ride can finally end.

x is a good fetish as long as it doesn't actually exist

nani the fuck ui

it is only acceptable in 2D

Thankfully, people obsessed with cartoon fetishes won't reproduce.

so literally waterworks

I'm pretty sure i've already had children without even knowing it..

I've had pregnancy scares and I used to not use a condom a lot.

or do things marked by piss smell like flowers in 2d world

Yeah, and traps aren't gay.

I miss Manaka.

in 2D it's cute and I can prove it if you really need me to.

Why are you stating the obvious?

I'm good

want me to summon him?

You think you can?


let me cast some spells

Alright, I'll sit back and watch.


It was a statement as incredulous as yours.


I just assume it'll be TANUK TANUK.




okay I lol'd.


no reply from the other side

sorry ecchi

It's alright, we're actually speaking right now.
I was just wondering how effective your magic was.

What does that song even mean?

Aww, what a cutie

isnt it

he probably knew what was comin

Now you have Azusa dancing clumsily as a cat girl to Tunak Tunak Tu ingrained in your head.

Tunak Tunak Tu...Tunak Tunak Tu...Tunak Tunak Tu...

no I dont

FUCK LOVAKENJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Show me your osu profile

Getting 60% so you could smith tier 1 was a fucking pain, especially before the quest was a thing.

smithing the armor isnt worth unless t4-5

I thought you were in England now.

and im not waiting 16hours for juniper charcoal

I quit playing a long time ago tho.
I was 22k at one point.

also I mostly played unranked maps and have waaaay more playtime then it says

It awards you favour

Didn't either. Mined sulphur until 60% favour, then did shayzien supply armour from there

yeah I can only smith t3
and I only have 64 mining


sulfur it is

Tier 3 requires higher level of favour though.
kek, go visit mlm

lol I can powermine iron just fine thank you very much

but like
I need 264 or so more sulfur
then ill deliver minecart scrolls to get from 80-100 mad quick

I was in Ireland and I came back.

It's alright, I just wanted to see your top play and beat it. sober

Just motherlode mine... You'll want the gem bag and mining set anyway. also its easier afk fast xp

Why would you ever go back?

I remember mining for hours every single day into the wee hours of the morning

99 mining wasn't worth it

xp saved from the outfit is not worth the time it takes to get it

I ranked number 9 on AU - Infinite of Nuclear Fusion GL

damn son

mlm is more money~

Alrighty, if you wish

Iron power-mining is still faster. Mlm is just more afk

Because Ireland is a bigger shithole than slovakia believe it or not.
Also I have a lot of things to do here.

the xp from motherlode is decent and afkable.. do it in a pvp world because u risk nothing anyway. The gem bag is worth it for slayer.

I thought Ireland was nothing but incomprehensible accents and shitty indie music.

Fuck you ban

what slayer monster drops 20000x gems

yeah I guess

I need to set a fucking monetary value to my time

Oh well, shame I'm only seeing it now.
I would've made the week bet with you instead of subtle or Emma.

It's 70% Poland and 29% drunk depressed Irishmen and their ungodly disgusting wives and 1% other foreigners.

abyssal demons and others drop dragonstones often, and the other gems add up.

Also fuck you

really now
aren't dstones rare drop table only

Every single Gorak kill drops a gem. Well, not really, but maybe 9/10 does.

Damn, just play it a little more casually~

but bitches love them skill capes

that's why I have 99 fishing, mining and thieving

ui I survived.


I could have fucking done minecarts at 60 favor im at 73


the assfucking?



I play smart-casual

oh... they removed it from the drop table in osrs.
fuck me.

either way motherlode is not much slower xp and afkable.
gem bag coal bag im sure they have decent uses somehow

the 108 degree weather.

Sounds like effort

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! MOTHERLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice jobbu

I was indoors a wine factory in 52 degree weather all day lucky me.
I'm glad you survived because I care about your well being tho

what're you, fucking gay?

Is Poland even worse than Slovakia?

im 3 quests from quest cape at 96 combat.

my ultimate goal is diary/music cape.

I just sat mostly naked in my room and distracted myself with my computer. I made pork on rice for dinner it was good. Hot tea helps I think, I have been drinking a lot of it.
How do you like the wine factory?

good shit
I'm gonna unlock lunars v soon



you have a special sticker on your forehead that says ironman so its ok



HD is aids.

By a fuckton.




Easy laid back work and long breaks of just sitting staring at my phone so not bad.

so you masturbated all day?

FL is aids.

hidden is easy mode


I did not, I haven't done that in a couple of weeks now.

That beatmap is cancer.


Good evening Ban, how are you doing?

it's not bad with all the mods

I'm tired and might pass out soon.

what about you ?

I just slept for 6 hours on my floor because of the heat.

well lunatic was shit.

normal. with all the mods

But that's too easy.

Not as tired as I want to be, enjoying some nice hot tea though - Peppermint. Glad I have tomorrow off, but not looking forwards to working again on Friday.

but I bet you can't beat my highscore. I got perfect and only reason I didnt get #1 is because of the spinners

Are you gonna do anything fun for your day off ?

Or just relax at home ?

Sounds greats. 8 years ahead of the trend.

I only work 3-4 days a week so I have a lot of days off. I plan to relax though yeah. It's going to be super hot again tomorrow so I will try to live through it the best I can.

I probably could but I can't HD for shit.
I never play it.
Get perfect on colossal Guren no Yumia or another Highscore

a cold shower in the middle of the day might help you survive.

dude...lizardmen and shayzian conflict is fucking brutal

music is really well done tho

Gonna go get in bed

Goodnight, I'm tired

I only like hot showers.



Don't think I've been where you are right now. They patched that in after I got done getting favour.
But yeah, I like quite a few tracks on Zeah




hell ye
im off

Sleep well Grim, have sweet dreams


Nevermind figured it out.

I can play MKX well enough to have a 3:1 win/loss ratio in online player matches but when I pick up any other fighting game I just can't even

what gives?


me 2


Is Pigs Shiro or Cooki?





Did he use the same name at some point or am I just misremembering?

did you know I own like 20 cockroaches?

i think it was like sheeps or something

Did you know I own like 11000 images depicting pornography?



an hero
it's the only choice left

I just put one of my roaches on m tongue omg

y this






looks like she needs a napkin

i don't believe in memes

go back to bed then

I believe in Megumins


yeah, does

Almost as much as your folder needs more images!

Why? A hundred is not enough for you?

well yeah, I have ~265 in my hugs/kisses/pets folder

this is so reeeable

That's 100 more than I got in total

I bet you have way more in your other folders!

About 20k

See my point!


don wanna


wiggly tail

good morning


Very early morning indeed.. Good morning

very wiggly


Black people are scary

What are you doing up at a time like this?

She's pretty cute

It's almost noon. Been awake for quite a while now.

morning berd

Danish time is so weird
It's 4 a.m here actually
that's not so late for you as i thought it was
Anyways good morning whatt are you up to today?

Top of the morning Squoddy what time is it for you?

ikt people are scary

It's like, 7:40pm, and I only woke up at 2 in the afternoon

k i l l m e

Should still be sleeping!
Guess not, thought it was earlier than 4 for you too.
Just runescape now, had to spent too long downgrading my graphics driver after a new bug appeared in the bleeding-edge version I was running. Happens sometimes, but it hasn't been this bad before.
Slept alright?

that's not bad at all buddy
that's that NEET schedule right there my man

ur a neet

unforutunately haven't slept yet
going to bed in maybe an hour or so
I was lucky enough to have my buddy come hang out most of the night

So why did you have to downgrade to fix a bug instead of upgrading?

it's cold again welp

n-no I'm not....I have a job I just....choose to live this way.....

my favorite sick cunt

Jesus Christ, go to bed!!

Cause there isn't really any upgrade. I run it off a PPA that gets updated twice or more a week, and compiles the latest code from the git master branch.
Only way you can go much newer than that, would be for you to compile the whole thing yourself, and I'm a little too lazy for that

neetbard when

hey bardo

well I guess that sounds worse than It is h-haha I normally go to bed about 5 or 6 a.m myself and I got a whole lot of sleep last night so I'm good

so is your thing a hardware or software issue? I cant really understand anything in that i apologsie...

when I'm dead ;~;

Seems like you go to bed about the same time I wake up, wow.
Hope you had a good time with your buddy during your night.

Software. Just a bug that meant my screens was nothing but static. Downgrading fixed it.

Got it

Got it

it was fun we smoked and munched out and laughed and listened to music

We were going to watch Resoivoir dogs but the internet was out for a few hours so we ended up playing oblivion
It was fun and he kicked it super late which is nice becaues i like the company :3

That's a pretty lame bug
What do you do in runescape?

I see grims and colberts talking about skill grinding all the time and i hear everyone online talk about it but to be onest I never really played it.....


not...without a FIGHT!

2 guns > 1 gun

I remember one time we was coming down to The Street to play from uptown and Bird had this white bitch in the back of the taxi with us. He had done already shot up a lot of heroin and now the motherfucker’s eating chicken— his favorite food — and drinking whiskey and telling the bitch to get down and suck his dick. Now, I wasn’t used to that kind of shit back then— I was hardly even drinking, I think I had just started smoking— and I definitely wasn’t into drugs yet because I was only nineteen years old and hadn’t seen no shit like that before. Anyway, Bird noticed that I was getting kind of uptight with the woman sucking all over his dick and everything, and him sucking on her pussy. So he asked if something was wrong with me, and if his doing this was bothering me. When I told him that I felt uncomfortable with them doing what they were doing in front of me, with her licking and slapping her tongue like a dog all over his dick and him making all that moaning noise in between taking bites of chicken, I told him, “Yeah, it’s bothering me.” So you know what that motherfucker said? He told me that if it was bothering me, then I should turn my head and not pay attention I couldn’t believe that shit, that he actually said that to me. The cab was real small and we all three were in the backseat, so where was I supposed to turn m head? What I did was to stick my head outside the taxi window, but I could still hear them motherfuckers getting down and in between, Bird smacking his lips all over that fried chicken. Like I said, he was something, all right.

haha, double-posting. Been a while

That does sound pretty damn comfy.

Good thing good single-player games still exists~
Should have had a sleep-over :3

Yeah is, but shit happens. If you run stuff directly off master, this shit can happen.
Right now, just making glass, then gonna craft some glass orbs to reach a higher level crafting for a clue scroll.

Yeah, well.. They're nerds.
Skill grinding is almost all the game is about.
Really? Thought everyone had played it at some point. The game is hardly new

I've had some friends talk about it too but admitedly when it was popular I was busy with other stuff and just never got around to it since then..

does it have any sort of playerbbased economy anymore at all or are there no peopel anymore?

my old favorite mmo is all dead and dying now and it makes me sad


Game still have an economy and I do think quite a few play it, probably averaging about 40k+ every day. Not too many compared to other MMOs I don't think, but still enough that you'll always run into people.

Which one is that?

You weren't supposed to read that,,

My favorite MMo was Guild Wars! THhe original One!

You were actually the girl, no?

Originals are always the best it seems.
Twice as many people play osrs than the new runescape, and of all the people I know who plays WoW, all plays on Vanilla WoW private servers

idk if I want a BIG NIGGA

so what's so difference between osrc and the new runescape?

I thought everyone here were size queens.

Everything in the new one has been made significantly easier, and it's become pay to win through micro-transactions. Most people don't really want this

I am a delicate and sensitive flower

my buddy who was viiting earlier and I had a conversation for a while about how P2W features are ruining gaming

That's a real shame to hear
even on guild wars 2 it's a big issue

Or were until you gave it up

It's quite smart actually. Too many people got more money than sense.

Yeah, seems to be how it is in general, everything becoming easier and easier, making it less fun

ur a fgt

bullying me....

yeah, it's definately good for business...not so fun for multiplayer play.....

still if i made a game that was supposed to bring in money i would do it too...

That's not even bullying


Is true, it isn't.
Most would, don't think too many people like to work for free

no need to be so tsun guys

But it's fun to bully

i thought that wasn't bullying?

Don't like it?

fyi this isn't me



i think you both are cool enough to be my friends and I like your attention

Good, cause that won't change anytime soon



Squiddy come share this moment

have you been eating too much ass


Squiddy too busy with videogames

oh fekkers i have something to talk to you about

this is still a good moment but now it is less magical

oh what is it honored degenerate

Dammit, why must he ruin everything



Pretty much

Found a pic of my buddy Squidlord

Truth be told, I'm quite proud of my house blend. To attain my flavor and fragrance, I use five different types of coffee beans.

yess...I have never had true islander coffee before
Thank you miss fekkers

You shut your mouth

this is racism
I'm not a gf





std::vector MemoryAccess::GetTexturesFromTxd(Hash txdHash) { std::vector vecTextures; if (g_fwTxdStore && g_fwTxdStore != 7) { uint64_t txds = *(uint64_t*)(g_fwTxdStore + 0x70); if (txds) { uint16_t size = *(uint16_t*)(g_fwTxdStore + 0x82); for (uint16_t i = 0; i < size - 1; i++) { Hash hash = *(Hash*)(txds + i * 8); if (hash != txdHash) continue; uint16_t index = *(uint16_t*)(txds + i * 8 + 4); if (index == -1) continue; uint64_t pgDictionaryCollection = *(uint64_t*)(g_fwTxdStore + 0x38); if (pgDictionaryCollection) { rage::pgDictionary* dictionary = *(rage::pgDictionary**)(pgDictionaryCollection + index * g_dataSize); if (dictionary) { rage::grcTexture** textures = dictionary->textures; if (textures) { uint16_t count = dictionary->textureCount; for (uint16_t j = 0; j < count; j++) { if (textures[j] == nullptr) continue; vecTextures.push_back(textures[j]); } } } } } } } return vecTextures;}


night night hu chan
hopefully catch you tomorrow I am going to get in my nightly zs


Sweet dreams Bard ♥


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pvp is baby cat

pvp lol

cattttttttttt is baby cat is pvp cat