This song again

this song again

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apparently amphetamines can also make you fucking tired for some weird reason

oh hi

all I've accomplished is a tummy ache

I like 80s Moogs Radio Hour in chat.


guess i'm giving up again
it doesn't matter
had me feeling like a ghost
and that's what I hate the most
try and hear me, then I'm done
cause I might just say this once
seen this play out in my dream
it's you I hate the most
maybe, there's no guarantee

need to listen to happier music


Come on now.. What's the matter?

When luka a babooka

bah.... nobody cares.

they'd rather just talk behind my back, and all they can think about is berating me when i'm not around.

how i feel in general.

If I didn't care, I wouldn't be asking..
People can be real assholes and most can't speak their mind when you're around, cause they're all pussies.

-gives heals-

Sorry you feel that way, hope it works out or that you feel better soon. Luka a good.

Yeah... i have no issues with you, it's just too bad some people can be so disappointing.

Thanks scoots, i'm glad at least you're one of the good ones.

You are nice and do no one else no harm
You are a positive pillar of the community.

For what it's worth, this doesn't seem to be the case too much from what I've seen.

Don't know what to say.. Try not to take everything people say to heart, if those people don't really care about you. Easier said than done, I know, but there's no reason to care about a person's opinion if all they're being is an asshole

i'm trying.

i've seen too much to be blissfully ignorant, i guess that's why it weighs more heavily on me.

some people make it so difficult though. twofaced and all.
at least i try to be accepting of people, however it can be difficult.

Can't really be calling others two faced when you pretend to be a retard all the time

It really can be.
Just remember some people do care

Says the two faced spic cunt hiimself.

🙄 body was to short or empty

anyways, i'm done talking about how i feel, before more filth come crawling out again to spew trash.

what time is it for you there?

Okay ♥

Is almost 3pm now though it doesn't really feel it. Been dark outside and raining all day

i'm super jealous, it's going to be 30c+ all this week here.

what have you been up to today, besides nothing. :)

Believe what you will, I'm just telling you that the people we have mutual interactions with really genuinely aren't duplicitous.


I'd happily trade, it's too damn cold here, and wet.

Not really much other than the usual runescaping. Also had to "fix" a driver issue that popped up, but else just nothing.
Other than being a tad upset, has your day been treating you alright otherwise?

or did you sleep well, in case you just woke up..

Er, towards you anyway.
That statement might not be quite true. At all.

A good morning to you


sup with you

what i see, is what i see. when i see it.

i can understand you not understanding my perspective. So don't worry about it.

but i love that kind of weather.
driver issue? like what? nvidia or something?
my day's kinda meh, just been listening to the same few songs.

i slept okay, but the day just feels not okay.


pretty much just
Really not doing much. Slept well?

And I like the heat, so lets trade~
There seems to be an update recently that caused my screens to display nothing but static. The displays displayed nothing but pure red, green or blue pixels, so had to downgrade.
Meh days sucks ;-;
Listening to the same few songs can be quite comfy though.
Aww... I hope it'll feel better soon, and you as well

I can't wait until the weather is cooler so I can sleep without this fan.

Luka I bully everyone

I strive to be an open book, tbh.

Please just take all this damn cold ;_;

couldve slept longer

Kyle get in call


Did someone bully Luka or something last night?

I made the joke that I couldn't post my uninstall webm at her or it's bullying, but anything more than that and I'm clueless.

Alright then. I'm just telling you what I've seen.

All I meant was I hadn't seen people talk about you behind your back.

You are so mean.

No I don't think so

back from my jog, i tired, its too hot


bad drivers do sound inconvenient. your cables brand new too?

Post boobs.

Gotta go work since you can't stay in bed and sleep longer? Or just not tired but wish you could have?




Happens when you use a driver that gets updated every day. It's just not been this bad before.
Cables aren't really new, but it's purely a software problem. All hardware works as intended

go back

im a neet till next month
and yeah the latter

Interesting. I'm going to go play LoL or FF14.

i cannot because you are not my master

back where?

It is no problem.

Just send Cirno my way.

Have fun.

I am Kanra though.

My iq is almost as big as my dick.

So fucking massive.

lol, that's why i just manually update to stable builds.

kanra does have a big cock, but he is not my master anymore... I miss him

Who is it this time ?

Theseius, what's your favourite song?

no one yet, i'm thinking about going back to kanra

Going back to studies then, or did you land a job?

If only I could

I'm currently running stable too, but unstable is literally 50% faster during so many workloads right now. Stable doesn't have all the latest performance improvements and extensions, some which improves performance alone by 40% in all games that makes use of it.

dont die luka

Okay then post boobs while you wait

That poptart cat song

i don't have just one.
but there are a few that come close, such as: Omega System - Shinji Hosoe


i cannot i only listen to my master

Doesn't someone being your master literally depend on them wanting to be your master?


I see. I'll give it a listen once this song ends.

This is Luka's favorite song

I can tell who your master should be based on the shape of your boobs.

Its 5d analysis that you wouldn't even begin to understand.

Excited for it?

I will trust her input on the matter.

hopefully it gets to stable soon.

i'll be fine.

it's all mostly non-vocal lower toned type of music i generally like.
deeper sounds.
oh yeah and retro sounding stuff too.

terrified i wont be stable in time


what's your favorite song?



Maybe in October it will. But I'll be upgrading to unstable much sooner than that

I'm sure you'll be doing fine once college starts up. Still about a month left

If you need help with any school shit do ask in the discord

What is it anyways?

i miss my kanra
he used to let me sit on his lap while he petted me

Go find him

Radeonsi. The open-source graphics driver for AMD cards being developed primarily by AMD, as well as volunteers and quite a few people hired to do so by Valve

Yeah he'd sit me in his lap and pet me too

he is in nowhere canada

if you're trying to make me jealous it's working


oh ok relief

Make a tulpa

what is a tulpa


sounds pretty nice
i wonder how it could've broke for you? did you try to do something weird and different?


A kanra that will never leave



Not super sure at the moment.

yep, that's just my tastes.

I updated it. I'm using a version that gets compiled often, and directly from the master branch, which means it's really not gone through much testing at all

bc has been my tulpa for years. i act out everything she says im really fucking insane

Wait, I thought Blood was my tulpa.

If Blood is my tulpa. And Blood is your tulpa. Then who's driving the plane?


so it's not 40% better for everyone? just only for the one person that tested it? >_>

It is for the people who use the unstable version compiled by the few people that does, and by the people who does the compiling themselves. I'm just too lazy to do the latter, so I'm getting it from archive/ubuntu/mesa

haha poorfags

seeing an anime girl crying is truly painful for my kokoro

how do i make that?
i forgot who you are... are you koume?

make sure it's not a weeaboo song

i'm sorry for making you insane

Why do you post Chara? Frisk is where its at

you didn't do it the way they did it? so yours broke? :(


Because I'm edgy as hell


you are a symptom not a cause you retarded figment of my imagination

no D:


Think about it really hard until it doesn't go away.

my tulpa wont stop screaming

ill ban you

When I met Chara she was happy and nice....

What is JFy?

I thought we were friends...

I'm bad at thinking... also i'm high on xanax right meow

I think this guy may be on to something
LLVM did just get upgraded from 5 to 6, and major upgrades can break things.
His display looks just as broken as mine did, except his is black and white

"Just for you"

that was before you got your girl juices in my weed resin

Are you a tranny ?


you kids and your internet slang...


No i like my body


With or without a penis ?


maybe they will fix it


Oh I'm female, but sometimes I wish I was born male if that counts

I now have 4000 MtG cards WHAT NIGGA



I have the same problem.

Me irl

Oh absolutely. Usually doesn't take longer than a few days max




wanna trade bodies?
i have warn you... i have a few mental problems

teach me to into whites that white

Nothing will change then.

if you want to quiet the voices for a while just draw, they get bored and go away

i'm happy i don't have that hassle.
what else do you do?

No.. the voices keep my safe.

its like listening to a 24hr subliminal on max volume, it doesn't stop

It's my own fault for using pre-alpha software~
I really don't do anything.. Just posting Momiji at you

I love the way it feels.

you're going to get sleep deprived if you don't stop it

I don't sleep

Oh, its my love blood chan... h-heh

It's soooo close

Why not?

Hi! please call me Whore from now on

woah, whore-chan

gay vampire


is it night time for you now?

wassup baby girl?

what kinds of things do you like?

Uh.. Computers, and cooking.. Is about all.
Still listening to music?


I have to for a while -hug-






Tell me more? *pet*




No but its dark in my room.












what the fuck is that and why does it look familiar(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

it's PEEP and the big wide world(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


thanks based guero(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)




You're all spamming and you're all banned





eh... i'm about to pass out.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Refresh the page.




Poor Theseius wasn't even doing anything.

Goodnight Luka, hope you'll sleep well.
I'm gonna go cook soon seeing I'm getting hungry
Wow, this is bullying

Rip Luka

hardy har har

1 second ban

time to put you down

Has Test finally lost it?

Good night.


I'll ban your second

I've gone mad with power.

Plunged Skyrim into chaos.

Beelieve it

/tucks in

Can I be next?(Next)

There you go, refresh



I can't believe Test would use a power like the Admin to ban his king and try to usurp his throne.

Now the puppet master is gonna put me down and restore the peace

good morning threadfolk

You were already here why are you saying good morning

So when is Alice made a mod again?

Hopefully I'll be dead when that happens.

I was saying good morning to the THREADFOLK
I only made one other post and it didn't say good morning so fuck you

Can I be mod?

Can I be mod?

can I be mod?

YOU BETRAYED US TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No FUCK YOU you don't get to enter, be here for a while, and then make an entrance post



Can I be a mod?

Same, tbh.


Good. Gimme gimme.


Yeah totally


My account is NtLqrIhjk.



girls cant kiss girls

Oh right, sorry. Better?


You're not making sense.


Whats even worse
It would be probably the highlight of your lives.

Nah, the highlight of my life is each time I visit the morgue.

You should consider staying the next time.

where's my daddy


But they only accept people who are dead.


hey babe

ur dead inside


I'm sure you can figure something out about that.

Don't post pictures of me, Jack.
That's uncool.

Thats a different story.


implying I want to put*

Inb4 ban.

Yeah, my bad.

There is more

I don't believe you have more.
Probably just that one.

Everyone has that one.


Mom! Dad! I love you!

I'm going to not just because you want me to.


Is this the equivalent of schoolyard bullying where the boys pick on the girls they like?

Why do I keep giving (You)'s to someone who throws out stale shitposting?

rin x test fanfic when

No this is just abuse

I should write my thread fictions again this weekend.


Domestic abuse?

you two are cute together :3



Good fuckin' question
Makes people accuse me of hunting (You)'s when I just wanna be left alone and be as toxic as possible
I guess its because avatarfags are devoid of reason.

moogs is a dumb cunt(hey grim)

ban me bby

I would believe you're shitposting to get a certain reaction out of some people for the keks.

ban me bby

Thats a favorable extra but being an asshole plain and simple is enough for me
I think I'll go and bully the other bunch of faggots at Holla Forums


What's this about bans?

Good luck.

Wow, moogs can't even ban people for 20 hours.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I'm so lost.


you made me do this

Someone ate my Fruity Pebbles and I had to yell at a few people

-grabs your hand and brings you into the light- you have nothing to worry about


New thread.

New thread.