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1st :^)

Gassy ghosts!


-hides under the tea cart with his stuffed rabbit-

ur a slut

Oh jeez, that sounds like a damn pain. Is it all worked out now?
You do have internet now, so at least something is, but what about bank account?

Something would be weird if most were

i missed you

You fucking cybered Blood-chan, end this facade

That BC cock

I see.


They gave my money back provisionally until the investigation is over

I was charged $6000 for a car rental that was supposed to be $1500 on a card that wasn't mine

no u

Post logs for Science.

-reaches out and gives you a plate of home made baklava-

youtube suggestions are weird

I started in the late 70s and have ended up at smashmouth

I left a message, letting him know you've been asking for him

oh Jeez, auch.. I hope it all works out for you

thank you!


well if it doesn't, I will be in an even deeper hole

new phone + 100mb internet isn't cheap



Kyle like who the fuck even makes your memes lmao that looks like shit you should have hit me up

Is this a new folder?

I-I do...master...

Yes. He is currently my favorite. Wolf and Asgore are after.

I'm sure it will. Banks do tend to help you out. They're not interested in other people siphoning someone else's money out of their claws either.


One of these doggos is actually me guess which one it is or we aren't friends anymore.

What kind of faggot doesn't respond to Yan ?

I'll give you a hint

I enjoy this folder

It just takes a long ass time!

The one on bottom 'cause you're a total sub.


I won't take it.

-nibbles a piece under the tea cart and slides the plate out what he's done-

I was talking to Kyle not you.


Can't imagine it's the easiest thing to do either

I was correct.


Wow you got it right even with fundamentally flawed reasoning, you win a prize.

I'll just go ahead and kill myself.

What is the prize?

I mean, the art style is a little unique, but I enjoy it

especially when the company is 16 fucking hours ahead of you!
peaches youtube.com/watch?v=wvAnQqVJ3XQ

does sonata provide any more
sensual services ;))

I don't like girls because girls like dick and thats gay as fuck

yeah, doesn't exactly make things less complicated

You get to buy me wasabi peas off my Amazon Wishlist


0.o -is art?-

excellent taste my dude

Fuck I need to move all my new memes off my phone to my desktop


of course sonatas are art, what else would they be?

yeah well, you like lewd

I like to consume them until there is not a single living organic cell of anything inside my nostrils.

Hurry up with that.

Talking to you without memes as pillow is hard.

-is elated to see someone knows he's not a car!-

I can neither confirm nor deny this accusation.


Wait, thought was a painting of a car


v.v -goes back under the tea cart-

you haven't eaten enough wasabi peas until it feels like you've dipped your sinuses in a vat of acid

come on sonata what do i gotta do to get a teamouse handjob around here
what did blood chan have to do

What about lesbeans

Can neither confirm nor deny!!!

how else would the cart move if not car?

_gives sonata a hug- there there

holy shit

can you do that ?

Is because it's so

v.v -goes away-

Pretended to kill a few dogs and didn't eat bread for a few years.

No, wait


Not allowed!

Beautiful Bones

why not!

We simply don't know.


Wow rood goodbye forever
Never helping you find waifu vidya gaems ever again or succing yoru dick


They go pretty good with some dried seaweed and rice/bean snacks too
The spicier the better

Got ya

You don't actually mean any of that.

You'll come back.

Good show

I'm in a corner here!

no ur a thot

You asked for it

You don't even know what you're saying.

I'll forgive you.

Not directly!


Youre an edgy shit, why not kill yourself?

uh huh

Look who's talking.

I love you too.

Hu can i convince you to give me your momiji folder

I never lied!

I'm secretly not gay.

+1 (you)


Do you think its the same user who tried to stir shit betw squash and I

you sucking dick is just a meme?


Here you go

Is true, if you had, you would be denying it

could be, possibly


It's that Nevada guy that was just bragging about causing drama between Blood-chan and Sonata and has been whacking his dick off for like a week trying to get a face pic of Blood-chan from you.

If he was also that user he changed his IP between those two things but I wouldn't put it past him.

ye xD

would be

it's ok, because wolves!

i appreciate u


Nevada guy?
the fuck

y-you too

Wolves are nice

You're welcome


Edgelord #25


wolves are best

I call being the dad.

how do you find the identity of these people



Did the count get so high that you had to start over at 1?

I guess I'll be the mom who uses her spouse as a cumdump then.

Knives are edgy!

They say it.

You've never done the genocide route, have you?

Chara isn't Frisk, the player character. They're a different human. They have a knife that they keep in their room and look for knives whenever you enter a kitchen.

are you from america though ?

I want to unload the contents of my balls into BC asshole.

The value decreases if they are American.

well that makes it easy

I've never played the game or even watched a playthrough or personally interacted with the fanbase.
Everyone I know who liked that game has moved on anyways.
You are an edgeboy test, my point remains.

I'm actually from Germany.

I am an edgy boy, but all your other points were wrong.

How true is this ?

Fuck LoL of retards.

Test is edgy because he laughed for 30 min before helping me not die from alcohol poisoning.


this sounds an awful lot like a you problem squash

I always thought the player character was unnamed and Chara was short for Character.

Es ist sehr wahr.

Where are my wasabi peas btw

I kinda wanna kill myself

Lemme hear your voice

Eins, zwei, drei, fier, funf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn.

can i have your corpse
ive always wanted a human skeleton

do a backflip


We're aiming to make diamond 5 at least.

I am poor.

The player character's name is revealed at the end of the Pacifist route. The name you put in at the beginning of the game is the first human's, Chara's. And if you put in Chara it says "the true name".

So they're Frisk and Chara.

Undeniable proof.




play ivern

you're cute george


Don't own.

I used to listen to this band a lot


am I German now ?

yes sir

Giving it Oobles


i'd date you if you were a girl but looked exactly the same
like a cute lesbian but not gay

buy him you fucking hasbeen

fine by me she'll just bleach it and give it to me

Buying Rakkan first.

im afraid i may have gone too far in some places but i cant really talk about it

You hab monies for Rakkan but you can't get me the wasabi peas you owe me?

I'm not sure how to respond to this.

I want her to make my dead body into art.

Ok George.

Why? All I said was "Don't kill yourself" and something else.


this is extremely vague and spooky, moogen

your body is already art babygurl ;)

i was george lucas this whole time

im sorry

please elaborate in pms?????? question mark

I don't speak your dirty language.

I just like the way it sounds.

Must be pretty abstract

i cant and i may be like overreacting anyway im unsure yet

what is she holding in her hands


Probably tissues that were used to wipe up cum that were in the trash.

yeah, it's a pollock for sure

why did you mention it then you dork


i am desperate to find some form of comfort you fuck

Didn't play the first one.

okay well if you feel like talking about it just pm me on discord you stupid nigger

Oh it was pretty okay.
I'm not actually German I just lived there for two years on a military base that no longer exists in Darmstadt, Hessen.


whyd you leave the call

I'm reading a porn comic and watching a letsplay, lol

prob start the call back up when oob gets home

I can never tell if you're lying to my face or not.

whens that


I'm pretty good at it because I always do it.


idk nigga
she said 2:45

okay sorry

you and sinni are killing me with all this apologizing

sorry about that

I think I knew that already

Who's this, Spoilers?

oh my god

Sorry, Daddy.

I bet Moogs is the kind of faggot who apologizes when other people bump into him on the street.

Just block him Guero.

no doubt

I would say 80 % of your images are boner inducing

good shit

Hey, Yang, I heard there was something you could use a hand with.

Well, I wouldn't say you're wrong.

I'd say the same thing back but sadly no, animu Mallow is a no go on that.

Incredibly adorable though.

There's a vibrating hand for that now.

im gonna smack you

When someone bumps into me I say" Watch where you're walking homie" and then start a nigga moment

mallow is for petting

thats how you get knocked the fuck out

I'm actually very nice and honest though. Sometimes I'll make something completely true seem like an obvious lie, or mix one lie with something else that's true. It's fun to see how people react.

wow tough guy

I wouldn't know.

Yes, Daddy, please.
Smack me repetitively, and gently, on the top of my head.

No you don't you're using correct grammar. get out.


No one is brave enough.

Just ask Kyle what a sweetheart I am

lies detected

mfw who the fuck is Yang


I'm not too keen on giving cutesie names to sexual acts but I support your right to do so and would defend said right on the battlegrounds.

Oh I know.

Hey cute butt~

dem hips

holy moly I saved the fuck outta that for later


Help I can't sleep


hit your head against the wall untill you feel tired

try killing yourself

how's it going?



jerk it, then sleep

woah woah woah
not heavy petting

head patting petting bruh


Yumeko an god tier

k e k


Okay I'll bite.

I am going to keep posting things at you until I have to leave

But phyiscal exertion tends not to help me sleep much.
Keeps me up more than anything.

But I need to sleep now so I'll wake up later, faggot

I already tried that you faggots

Good, just about to head out though. You?

I should bug you more often!

There will be head at least.

That much I can confirm, my man.


not a fan of donut assholes but yeah

lucky me

Do it again



That'd take effort and I don't have the material to get said effort.

I just can't trust you anymore.

You've broken my trust.


Same here!

and please do!

do again

and there's nothing you can do to stop it!

Do not lewd the Ruby, plz.

aw shit

I would never lie to you ♥

old but gold

huh, damn. I don't know then

You already have

im gonna lewd the rin

I dont have much time, tho


I will. Get some tail! Get it? Cause you're posting Horo and butts.


I did no such thing.

That is forbidden.

Tbh, I want that kind of lover.

Best tail!

where are you going

just try and stop me!!!!!!!!!

here....you'll need this....

Literally when have I ever?


I would kill for a taco salad.

Don't most?

Also this.

Yes urs is.

back to bed

Every time you open your mouth.

Why is bard so salty at the minute?


there's a severe thunderstorm and flood warning here but i'm too lazy to get up and turn off my a/c so rip

wow dont bully rin pls
also gimme kiss bart :3


I'll call the mounties on you.

The art of that one weirds me out a bit.

I messed up my sleep schedule and somehow ended up sleeping til around 4 a.m last night
so then I went back to bed and slept allll night but woke up every hour o r so because i was worried i'd miss work but still i slept alll night like that

and now I am just worn out all over and tired

I also had another big long vivvid dream tonight

y-you go back to sleep....

bro seriously just do it

nobody wants a dead guero

I have to go on campus and get some things straightened out

I would be working, but accidentally burned out a furnace

Come and see!


what of?

That sounds like a fucking pain. Will you be alright?

Soon going to. Getting pretty tired

welcome to life. Hope it gets bettter.

sorry about that

Everything at once.


yeah i mean of course it's fine it's just incovenient
Lucky I got up an hour earlier than normal so I have plenty of time to wake up before work

You don't have to be a dick about it

Ye their style is a little odd but still a great idea. Switching Ruby's.

That's the plan!

For now though I am out! Take care the bunch of you.

Yeah, only a furnace made out of platinum wire that heats a tube up to 1200 C
at least I wasn't the one who did it, though

I wasn't?

i'll pay em off with a timmies and a handful of toonies

guero wants a dead guero

Ban pls, I don't use my mouth to type.

That might fix the jealousy.

what do you do with such a thing

Working while tired isn't really easy though.
Heh, good. Got time for a coffee too~

pls no

I read that in a snarky blatantly sarcastic voice but I guess text doesnn't convey subtelties very well

You sent me a vocaroo

Fuck I need to move my folders over to this laptop so I have more images to blankpost than just half of two avatar folders. Why must moving folders be such a pain?

My only bae is myself.

send help

You pas a gas through glassy carbon inside it and create H2 and CO2 out of what is basically water.

I don't really have reason to be mean to you.

Get a NAS. No need to move anything then

They want you to kill yourself over it.

so do I

Sounds like it costs more than it's worth.

I really should just actually buy a fucking flash drive.

"They" being the jewish overlords designing all computers?
The ones who make them too smart for black people?

Tomboys are just bros you can have sex with without having to say "no homo tho lmao"


Frick, who told you about that?

Fucking faggot

Why you always gotta make it about race ?

That's also an option

Constant bombardment of racialist ideas from my peers

You should get some better friends then.

I had a super ccrazy dream

In real life I like to sleep with a fuzzy plush blanket againt my skin for feel annd warmth and then a comforter on top for warm
and it feels AWESOME

but I kept waking up throughout the dream and so this kind of played into it because when i was in irl I was just kinda half awake and still kinda asleep

in my dream I was at some kind of big fancy hotel thing with what I knew as my class, a WHOLE bunch of people around the same age as me, wee were on likke a field trip or something to like a hotel or opera house or big fancy establishment thing

we had some dinners there and I think we watched like a show or omething I can't really remember, but moast of the dream took place on a GIANT airplane

with sections divided and divided
so i remember I got on the airplance an dended up in the middle section with no a;pt pf people I knew so I went to the back section instead near the tail and then had a seat in the empty back row next to for some reason my brother on the row on the right

Then some guy with a suit who looked about 24 and tired came and sat by me and we talked about bs for a while
Then I noticed out the window we were close to the round and thought we were about to land but then we crashed kind of

The plane like hit the ground and bounced off a bunch and we were still going super fast but llike it remained upright, it just kept going on the ground, almot hitting cares and bouncing off of those underpass things on the highway

we were on the highway for some reason

and eventually hen the plane stopp bed bouncing
The pilot decided to just drive it on the highway to our destination because we werent THAT far away

so I went up tp the front of the plane to see what was up with the pilot and talked t him a little and found out were were going to drive the rest of the way there so I went back to my buddies and then eventually we made it to our destination

I heard the ending part to a country song that I kind of liked but idk if it's a song in real life

later on i don''t really remember anything else becauase it's all unwinding but I met up with the suit guys parents and then we went to their farm or something
And they showed me the beginning of this song and It had a verse that said that the suit guy was destiiend to become ike a guitar builder or something weird like that and then I startettd crying and the song finished and the story ends

I wish I had the ability to slam out walls like bard can

Oob did
she told me about the mounties corrupted ways and now you're gonna get LEWDED

hiding that

its all that stoner herb

And I said "Ban, Ich liebe dich. Tote dich nicht." in German, meaning "Ban I love you. Don't kill yourself."
No lies there~

Fuck. I need to start figuring out how I'm going to do this years cookie shit for Christmas.
I don't have anyones address anymore to ship them.

i mean I might be inclined to agree with you

But I've heard from a few sourrces that weed isnt really good for promoting dreams

it's kind of weird I'v been dreaming vividly alot recently

yeah, same

I don't speak German so it could of said anything !

I only know edgy stuff like

Klopf klopf, lass mich rein lass mich dein Geheimnis sein

I should but instead I just wind up talking to fags like you.

bard how do you make posts this big

Have you tried not doing drugs before you attempt sleep?


I have dreams and then

Or you could google it.

Feel free to trade me in for something better.

i generall y dont dream

That's just called being dead on the inside.

that's a shame I hoe you have some nice dreams soon

dreaming is the bestest

This is beyond me.

damn son you fast

Where do I make the exchange

Wake yourself up mid sleep more.

I'm shy, uguu~


i sleep and i wake

das no comfeh

The BoyStore or Bois R Us

I'm not talking to ban
He's too shy to reply anyway

how much do you sleep?

but that's what it takes to remember your dreams


from like 4 am to 10 am

i also don't generally remember my dreams
ever since i started my new psych meds i have one or two a month but before that there were sometimes entire years where I just close my eyes and then it's morning

I bet it was because of my bad puns.

bee mouth

you should sleep more ikt myon

Dreaming is the best

Thats lame that it happens so not often

next time you have one when you wake up you should write it out for someone :3

Don't worry, you can take my word for it. ♥

I never remember my dreams.
Except for the once in a blue moon I do.

when i do dream it's usually incredibly morbid stuff but ye if i dream i'll write it down and tell u about it :3



i should but i have no self control

on weekdays when theres schoo/lwork i sleep form like 12 to 6am

I trust you completely.


Many fans call Youmu "Myon", but this is partly canon since this term originates from something she has said when she asked Yuyuko Saigyouji why she is present at such a "myon" place in the Perfect Cherry Blossom extra back story. "Myon-na" is a portmanteau of "hyon-na" (unexpected) and "myou-na" (strange). Western fans more commonly use "Myon" to refer to her phantom half.


i am quite aware tsuchi

ikt you're a madman

why you like not sleeping so much


i like sleeping
i also like being awake past bedtime

i hate getting up early but as long as I wkae up before alarm the "morning" is ok

fuck that feel is too real

agreed there
it's always nice to wake up earlier than you need to wake up but also it's nice to stay up a llate and sleep for a long time...


ye though checking the time and falling back to sleep and waking up waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late sucks


tfw beloved by all

Rolled 2 (1d4)1 - SCBW replays
2 - SCII replays
3 - GE2RB
4 - Pkmn Pt
5 - Suck a fat one with the boys (IT'S NOT GAY)

Teach waifu or doctor waifu?


Rolled 3 (1d4)Screw you, dice.

most ppl go for teach

he moaned atleast THIS loud


Even I routinely have dreams, Guero.


Rolled 4 (1d6)1 code
2 mcm
3 tlr
4 mia
5 tn3
6 trdr
7 faps


Just settle for hearing him scream when he feels something of yours touch his leg.

Rolled 4 (1d6)roll for post-ep1



There's easier ways to commit suicide.


u shud smile more


tbh we are all p3 protag

I thought it was a requirement to be depressed to be an artist.


bard do you actually play elite dangerous


yeah the post above is actually my edgy Horizons avatar

Still kinda new so I'm trucking in an ASP-Ex
on the federation grind
admitedly I don't like to stray more than 200 LY or so from where I started out in LHS 3447/Erevate so I was kinda predestined to side with the feds but it's no big deal
I also scored a Dolphin Liner but chose to ditch it in favor of getting a large business cabin in my ASP for the money grind

What's your ship and grind?

i believe its the type 7 i haven't been on in a long

i use this for trading


long time*


everybody hide


henlo you stinky dork
go eat a nerd ugly




Hey thanks!

is good too if you ever get back to playing
the playerbase is what truly makes it when I first ran into another playeringame I almostshit myself...