Pictures came and broke your heart

Pictures came and broke your heart
So put all the blame on VCR

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I did



! but today no

I'm cumming, squirtle

Going to bed early.

I'm not sorry.

Tight sleeps!


Good night

good job other you

You fucking should be holy shit who DOES that



gotcha bitch







yeah i bet~

Great now it's just THESE TWO faggots




















Hungry :(

Eat snacks ;c

Eat a DICK

I would have to get out of bed for that


Like I haven't tried

test's dick

aw :c

eat a bullet


*opens mouth* πŸ‘„

Do not bully the sinni, you ass posting manipulator

N-no one's bullying me? ty tho



Posting here is being bullied


If you were talking to Moogs he wasn't saying eat a bullet to Sinni

I will take a bullet tho, pls end me rightly.

Test, why are you so defensive? Who did you bully this time.

help i made my laptop screen go siddeways



Disgusting. I am getting the feeling that the moderation and administration of this image board is a gang of bullies.




Test told me to eat a dick and then moogs told me to eat a bullet.

It hurt

I miss when Rainbow Swag was a bland, skunk ass sniffing computer poster.
Why did they become the *new* Desu?

share some im about to fap

Test had swag πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£


who bookmarks porn?

eat a dick-shaped bullet

How can we possibly have faith in those in positions of power, if they oppress a poor mite like you with impunity.
Where are the checks and balances?
When did this become /aneki/?


I need smaller ones first

I already removed


Man, remember when we had an infestation of dutch posters? That shit was OUT of control.

take smaller dicks to build up an immunity to larger dicks


any memorable ones?

Years ago he had been the first person he was on a Sunday and was very happy to have the time of being the first time ever before and I would love it when he had the first one to go and I was just like that he is the first time





What the fuck am I reading

This is what bullying does to people. Poor Sinni. Poor Ban. Poor Squiddy's asshole. Bullying isn't harmless fun. It is systemic oppression.

This but nothing, just this



Nobody has been bullying my asshole here.

They've been too busy bullying my SOUL


I'll bully your asshole >V

I said Saudi king was the only person I was and he had no inkling and he was not all that good kitty was a little more a little less to do you than you are the first person I had and you have a lot to say to me that you would love it

have you ever gotten your asshole bullied by a bully

Squiddy. I saw the logs. There has been SOME heavy duty bullying of that calamari shitter.

What did they mean by this?

...So, then I said to himm... A SAUDI'dude... Shit was lit...

Exactly what you think it means ;v


Cheers, thanks bro.

Sounds litty

delet this

Delete this is my city

no broblem, brosky.

I am sorry, I do not follow... Do you mean to say that you, not someone else... but yourself in person... had engaged and performed and decided to participate in the expressed and deliberate and calculated pounding, smashing, hammering, obliteratory act and action of bullying aka torturing and/or extermination of someones sphincterhole?

This but unironically.


Good to know SOMEONE here's got my back

its everyday bro with that disney channel flow


Beverly Hills Cop... I loved that movie, and its setting city... Detroit, Illinois...


The world would be shitty if we didn't stay litty

Hot post logs

Cali boi


White boy swag

You already know 😎😎😎

he quit dude

Nope. He got dropped. Sorry if you are a Jake Paulers. Scum.

I close my eyes and seize it
I clench my fists and beat it
I light my torch and burn it
I am the beast I worship
I close my eyes and seize it
I clench my fists and beat it
I light my torch and burn it
I am the beast I worship

Detroit illinois is a place but it's like ???


leave my boy alone

He lives like 30 minutes away.

Should I go join team 10 ?

I'm gonna dab on you all after I cum

no daddy no dabbies

Dab on the haters bro.


why not both at the same time

Do I detect... Some... DABBY issues


What do I look like? Left-handed?


You know my collor stays popin

Well, I guess 6 times isn't enough in one day...
Sinni, you are a bully...
Let us form a Bully brigade

Have you ever attended the famous californian holiday of Mommy Makeout Day?

no bully ;c

No but I heard it's slammin bro


Like when you fuggin them daughters on daughter make out day


Every day bro


Damn, I wish I could rape people on social media and get paid for it.




πŸ’― real fam

I heard you were talking shit like I wouldn't hear.

And then my family asks me why I dont leave my room.

I was talkin shit? I'd never

Where the fuck is ikt

Dat ass a felony, and I dindu nuffin











it is Wednesday my dude






Baka sinni

How can the AE86 be 31 years old already fuck

I don't think I want to work another 15 hour shift Friday.

"oh man I'm gonna have 80 hour work weeks this is going to be great"
"oh hey working constantly is fucking shit"

Who could have seen this coming?

Jesus Christ

America is awake.

America is this thread

Well I haven't been paid yet so I'm going to bitch.




now that girl is on fiyahhhh

Go on.

what i do

missed my reply

Why did Erin fucking leave this place and come to the pony Holla Forumsread community?

How do we make it leave?

Erin, for whatever reason, decided to come to our community pretending to be an oldfag while not really recognizing or knowing anyone who wasn't admin of something, decided to create some retarded useless garbage discord bots in fucking PHP and then got drunk pretty much every day and blogged about waking up covered in puke and shit.

Later started to throw a full blown tantrum in the community over how they're being undervalued and that because they know how to write garbage scripts that use shitty 4rd party chatbot APIs, that they are apparently worth 20 times more than anyone.

How the fuck did you people tolerate it?

Then occasionally it posts peoples of its arms after it cut itself, trying to guilt trip you for not giving them the ability to kick others that said something rude to them.

Please take it back, it's not wanted :D

Sounds like a faggot, kick it in the dick

I was just playing guys..

y-you just don't know silly p-pretend drama when you see it

I didn't really break up with my equally batshit insane boyfriend of 3 years over fucking discord chatbots lol! joks on you!


your admin is mike

erin is an upgrade

just make them admin

The 8/4chan cuck ponies, not the horsefucker-chan ones.

Fuck you people for giving us princess hufflepuff or whatever the fuck its name was

just give it admin here again and take it the fuck back

also who the fuck is mike
admin is scriptkitty

same thing


That doesn't make it better.

It took us too long to bully Erin out.
Please don't give her back to us.

Just gonna bully them again if it happens



better than the autistic lowlife cesspool that spawned erin if you ask me :^)

Not that it's very likely they'll come back, but just in case they do

You can keep her.

They are just so loud.

erin was a malevolent entity long before this place existed my dude

Kind of wish a good number of people from threads/dioscord were half as decent as erin tbh.

So you're as delusional as them

lmao xd



I like Test.


More bullying is necessary.
Welcome back from your temporary ban btw

there was another discord created where pretty much everyone moved to so now only some retarded french girl and lora still use the old one because no one invited them

I feel like this place is responsible in that it fueled its lust for power, which inevitably had it looking for more, and because this place and the pony thread were somewhat remotely tied, they jumped the bridge from here to there, spreading like an infection.


Test give me pats also admin.

George lifted my ban and told me to post so I'm here for a while. Might sleep though.

AmΓ©lie a cunt.

*pats* faggot


Erin was admin on a bunch of shit before this board too, lol
i don't know what's stopping you from not being a pissbaby and just blocking them on everything to not have to see it

huh, explains why it's been little less than a week.
Feeling any better?
Sleep can be good too


hi sinni!!!!!!!!!!


No self-control.


Hi Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My room mate is giving me a back rub when he gets home so I'm excited for it.

George's fault. Not mine.

tbh we don't block it because it's funnier watching it throw tantrums.

I'm not actually complaining, just poking fun at it.

we all left it alone with its boyfriend nick (who it broke up with later) in the old discord pony server and started using another one and the isolation has been driving it insane. it keeps saying it's' leaving forever then just re-joins in a few minutes every fucking time lmao

That's basically what they did here when they gave up admin. They ran off to another circlejerk board on this site for like a week and then came back.

Make fun of old people in diapers.
That's what made them leave here the first time.

Aww, that's very sweet of him


Iza still exists?


i hope erin doesn't kill itself over chatbots though.

sometimes they give me that vibe "this person might actually end up cutting themselves to death over fucking discord chatbots" and then probably leave notes with our user names so it looks like we bullies them to death. they've already been writing our names on their arms after they cut themselves like a fucking loon

We can fucking hope
I saw its arm today.
Looks like a fucking dog had torn into it

Who is this Spanjool?

long story short you're just here because you're a lonely faggot and want attention? lol

i feel like our quiet uwu baking has been hijacked by these damn hooligans

Are you sometimes rubbing his back as well?

Ban them tbh. Maintain the baking puwurity

How dare you speak of me this way

I wish loco would kill themselves. Seriously. They are a fucking degenerate who needs to stop beiung an absolute cunt.
Theyve no education.
No skills.
Theyve only got a gay penis.


Stop letting pony drama shitposting in here this place is already a dump as it is.

He's here because if he posted it in Disc everyone would know better than to believe him and nobody likes him there either.


Sounds like You're pretty close.. Must be nice


Most days.
I kind of just want a BF though.

Where is Spec anyhow?

He's just some whiney edgeboy faggot trying to stir up some stale shit drama no one cared about.

this show reminds me how i am very poor >V
all this baking stuff is expensive and i want to bake now but CANT AFFORD TO

do NOT

i dont really care
this board is dead as bread anyway lol

ur fault u killed it

-looks around the thread quietly and hides under his blue blanket-

You don't need all this expensive equipment to bake, just like the ingredients & hands.



Same dude

Currently at work. He might be back in 2-3 hours or a little later. He got Friday off though, so he should be here most of that as well as the weekend.

uwu hi



yeah, i really did
stole all the good posters and they're too busy in our segret club to post in this shithole

I know but my hands suck and my kitchen sucks REEE

you're stinky

Also same

Now that that someone from the same disc pops in he fucking leaves, it was probably Raptor Baptist.

you just gotta try my dude!

Sorry he polluted your shitty board already addled with mental illness and drama with his gaybaby tears. Out

-wheels in the tea cart and puts out the honey tray for everyone-

He's so cute.

Nobody cares.


No, wait

I bet he's happy to see you're back posting too



Lol just ruined a romance between two neckbeards


Aww... Gotta work during the weekend, or do you have weekends off?

go away bebop

lets not go crazy

Flour is literally the cheapest shit guero what
baking is like the most cost-efficient form of food

Good job, dude.

You gottem

No, you're being made fun of for having someone like erin reign over you for little over two years πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

I just work whatever days.

How is Hu?


Is Spain-dono another person that got bullied out?




Give me a link to these discords.

Erin, is that you? lmfao

ebin old poster memes?


Blood-chan and Sonata Blue. Maybe blood-chan will do the world a favor and kill himself like he said he would.



More Ricegnats!


But it's true!

Oh, I see.

Am alright. Slept well?

So who are you anyhow?

pics or didn't happen

this is a great thread

ooh, new one!

Not enough, but I have my own internet now!


Sonata_Blue is breaking his person again !




Idek why he made such a shitty persona to begin with.







-brings you tea!-



Thank you!


old pony poster who posted in the Holla Forums one from 2011 to 2012, then went to /mlp/ and shortly to ponychan thereafter. Only just started posting here recently after being linked the thread several times

Now? You didn't earlier?


I don't care about most people here. Let alone from other communities.

Nice spam.


Really don't blame you there. Far too many to keep track of anyway


I just moved into my apartment
and when I moved in, my bank account had no money and a hold on it because australiacunts
and my phone exploded, so I was basically SOL

There is an xfinity hotspot near my apartment, apparently, so I was using that.

I'm teasing.
Apparently there has been an influx of people coming over here from the pony thread

but it's actually the good ones, so that's not a problem


Few of them interesting.



How old are you babe?

Is it gay to want to fuck blood chan?

800, but I look like I'm 12 so you can still fuck me.



it makes you the same greasy neckbeard that you are.

have you tried cooking anything with that 5head grease oil lately?

No, I want to as well and I'm as straight as it gets


You're cute!

12 is too old, tbh.