Your're all autisms

Your're all autisms

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sand :D

Oh shit I'm feeling it.

ikt especially, apparantly


Well stop


I hate sand.

Which camwhore is Blood-chan this week?

Of course. Not much else I care for.

Guess I'll take that as a compliment

Hi cute face

Grim isn't responding

That really is me, though...

What about your mom and dad?

Activate it.

Yeah? Which one?

black hair
brown eyes

I moved out ASAP and as for other relatives most of them already kicked the bucket
Guess that weight is literally dead

Do you plan on giving our son a better life than you had?

jack, where do you get your conservatarded memes?

are you my mas- i mean my kanra?

Stop talking horseshite

Mostly my personalized fagbook feed

figured. and facebook's algorithms make it so that there's an increased chance of having further similar content at the beginning of your feed.

have you ever heard of BINGO?

our son will be the apple of your eye


Why isn't there more support in Slavic countries for exiling and/or holocausting the gypsies

These people steal food from other peoples' garbage

They're human racoons except they're not cute at all

They're ugly, fat and brown


Not always that simple. If I rage too much at faggot articles which the mainstream media tends to promote 24/7, asked or not, fagbook starts to suggest me faggot sites. Pain in the ass.
Bingo as in the game people with half foot in the grave tend to play?

If you ever happen to wander in my close vicinity I'll keep you like pic related.

So I suggest that you do not.

I have a lot of piercings too

-brings you home for cuddles-


Take a picture ???

Fucking hell this,
My country is trying to integrate them for a long fucking time. Not a chance. I ran a business which they frequnted for half a decade I know them like the back of my hand.
Fuck scum all of them. Literal animals.

You can't really expect this to work

He was my childhood

Of what?

blood chan that was a nice picture, thanks :)

so who are your hottest facebook sources?

are you worried you're being brainwashed?

when is the last time you checked you weren't just passively being brainwashed by consuming, I'll bet, outrageous stories about social and ethnic groups, verging on apocolyptic?

how would you fill up a conservative facebook's BINGO card, so that every couple dozen posts, you'd probably win?

* orbits *


I don't expect anything I do to work, no.


The crowd just keeps getting better

Where I lay my head is home

They're like the one poop stain on the area I'm in

only for you

Now he became a shitty sellout.

The alt right is too creative and intellectual to make a sure fire bingo card like that.

Just don't show any fear when you encounter them. Just like animals they attack if they sense fear or hesitation.
Hell, you are better off just punching the fucker as soon as it gets in arms reach. Shame they usually hunt in packs. Bringing attention to yourself with loud noises can scare them off sometimes

you can lay it on my warm vagina

Ugh. Anyway our son will be a good person and have a wonderful childhood

this thread is like visual anthrax


what the fuck is a Grime

best pony, god I miss 2011

Proof it.

I thought it was a cute nickname...


sure, but creative and intelligent can still be deeply stupid, misinformed and shallow.

conspiracy theorists and their theories can be vastly creative and intelligent, so maybe it's a bad compass.

you know how they write off criticism of their theories? attacking the media. attacking scientists. attacking the elite. in fact, by being a media, scientists or elite to these people is enough to disregard them as sources.

are you curious whether your ideas are overblown, underblown, misrepresented or centered around a really warped perspective? when is the last time you checked the expiry date on your red pill perscription?

They haven't really been a problem for us that way

The only thing was one time on a train one drunk gypsy guy said "hey girl" when she was on her way to the bathroom; at least that's what she told me

They got off at the same stop as us but there wasn't any more problem after that; maybe because they saw I was with her

But anyway they're just icky to look at and they smell

I don't really care about them that much but it's fun to act mad on the internet

That's scandalous




You don't have the balls !
Chara's porn is good, too !!!

I don't know what that means but I'm clean, don't worry

You didn't write anything

You didn't write anything


Fuck having a family, fuck having a relationship and fuck having fucks

I don't actually believe most of it myself, I laugh at alex jones just as much as the next libtard but I hate nothing more in this life and never did than liberals. Whatever draws their tears, I worship. Maybe I hate Alice more but thats it.

They can become a real pain in the ass when they overpopulate an area. Not-so-organized crime heaven.
Fuck yeah it is

not at all

I am in a helllish world of pain and there is no pleasure here

I told you to call in some pain medication sis...


Fuck revisionists, Venezuela strong


STOP BEING LEWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I have a pact of exclusivity

I don't want this

You are raping me

Yeah there are gypsy ghettos like with niggers in the US


Sure there is. You just need to be patient!

sure, alex jones is obvious shit most of the time.

but how about his son, Paul Joseph Watson?

maybe I'm underestimating you, and by default assume you're just a lazy memelord, with limited intellectual curiousity, flitting from one outrage to the next, but that's just the stereotype of Jack, and it may not be true.

do you make yourself react equally and with as much memory and outrage towards events of convservative retardation, if they are an analog for a liberal retardation? so if a liberal says something about silencing speech, you get upset, and you make yourself get upset at conservatives doing the same.

or are you, like Paul Joseph Watson, and emotional hypocrite, and when conservatives act retarded, your first response is "well liberals do it too!"?

my dentist is a big scary soviet bloc guy who never gives me medicine

idk any people who sell painkillers anymore so it's just ibuprofens tonight for me
also lol weade

root canals on my top 3 teeth
I just woke up and all the pain shots they gave me is worn off now....

test I need you to lick it better

The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven

Alternatively, smoke more weed

Blood chan
Suck my dick bb

Ugh the boredom is killing me.

I'm sorry.


Thank God


god isn't real.


Figure that out all on your own, did you

♪I seen this scootaloo's 9 smokin'
I seen the same scooter with a 9 die with his eyes open
And simply what this means is
He didn't know every scoot has his day until he seen his♫

sounds pretty fun

I look like Jesus so they say
but Mr Jesus is very far away

Now you're the only one here who can tell me if it's true

That you love me
and I love me


RIP Scoot.
He died as he lived.
An absolute mess.

Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the devil and the government is lying about 9/11

You can do that and still brush your teeth.

I already reacted with rage to plenty of retarded conservative decisions, and actually greeted some from the opposition.
But I like the stereotype about me and kinda worked hard for it so lets go with the WELL LIBERALS DO IT TOO one
Global warming is FAKE, MORE JOBS!!!!!!!!!

At least you see some niggers in high school and universities
I never ever saw one gypsy in either of those. My left neighbour is a high school. My front neighbour is the cities university.

for the past year I've been getting better about it but
the damae has been done from when I was younger....

what about you I suppose your mouth is perfect......

probably not. most of what i'd have to say on the subject, were I to care about it, would be that there's no need for god in explaining reality, and that our brains posses all the traits we attribute to God.

whats ur fave genre of musics?

I've never had a cavity or anything like that.

The only thing I've had done is get my wisdom teeth removed.

why not just gas minorities for profit

Yeah it's weird how gypsies as a people seem to be so uniformly shit

There are probably some exceptions, but they seem to be hard to find

Well, that half gypsy feminazi troll on /x/ at least didn't seem like a human raccoon



Dentists always tell me I brush my teeth too hard since my gums get a bit swollen

But I've always really had really healthy teeth, so maybe I'm onto something

The secret to good teeth: BRUSH!!!! HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it might be years til you begin to hate yourself for being drawn by the least from one outrage to the next, rebuking liberals and progressives, hours upon days of being upset and for what, the further capacity to be upset?

not telling you to stop being conservative. just be more curious by an order of magitude next time you read a facebook story. mine is endless liberal stuff, but I make myself pause and chew on a few of the stories by doing more research, reading comments, and looking at other sources.

how bad do you think The New York Times is, as a resource?


Do not fuck the bunny

fuk the bun

uhhh I listen to alot of stuff I like and have alot of songs i like to listen to repeatedly,

but for the sake of an entire genre I'd have to say I like "Folk" Music

what about you?

inb4 "classical"

pull the trigger piglet

y-yeah that figures....

how often do you brush?

I thought he was peeing on him

No, suffer with me

You would.

every moment

I like to play with floss


Kami mashita


Scoob, I'm pretty sure it's against the law to yahgoogalize yourself.


wow that's actually kind of f

I have a bad habit of chewing toothpicks I developed at work that is kind of a less efficient thing like that

you into the flavored stuff or the boring regular string :/

What are they gonna do? Kill me? That'd be a godsend.

nice folk music. not sure if anyone can write folk music these days that captures a folksy spirit, now that we tend to know professional musicians, even the poorest ones, must write to vye for our attentions.

me? classic rock 4 lyf. just pleasant ear sounds. noticed i enjoy a lot of alt rock. or old metal. the musics where you can take apart the singer, and the instruments. music that's fun to parse. get really deep into that stuff. beep boop.

I kinda wanted to leave before but watching the furfag and test suffer makes the stay worthwhile

Some of them work or live a relatively normal life, I have two gypsy "friends"
But all of them are "players". They will choose the shortest route at others expense without even realizing it.
Just stay clear of that scum, lad

I like how that sounds. Its going in my résumé. I pretty much have Forbes, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, NYT, Washington Post, hungarian mainstream media, even huffpost and kotaku.
Look in only one direction and you'll never find the golden middle way. Mainstream media is credible, its just utterly disgusting how they weave their personal opinion and petty manipulaton into their articles.

I'm sorry but I don't feel like having a conversation about the flavor of my floss.

Mint is the worst flavor ever invented.

* symbolizes *

Are you also done with ching chong land?

I think of them as like a dumb version of jews

Fuck people, though

I recently learned that mint plants are invasive like weeds and they grow and spread really easily

So just toss some mint root into the yard of someone you hate

im not suffering cuz of you

okay. so it sounds you got a pretty fair view about the msm. at least you're open to the idea that they are capable of writing truth. some people buy into the propaganda against media wholesale, and refuse well funded media altogether, in favour of facebook and the Paul Joseph Watsons of the world.

just, hope your goal is still to be objective, if it ever was.
our brains aren't wired for objectivity. and media of all kinds, if they want to make money, take advantage of that by adding what they think we want the emotional comment on a situation to be.

alice tho. will you ever be good enough to destroy her?
what does that even look like? her, quitting?

My favorite form of ice cream.

Mint wasn't even invented

What did Luka mean by this?

Doesn't mint keep bugs away though? Wouldn't I simultaneously be doing them a favor?

eyup. gonna miss the cheap food tho.

Don't be such a drama llama. You'll probably just get a warning and have to check in with the sheriff once every few months. Geez.

You're just as horrible as mint, so it makes sense.

Not now Dusty.

I guess it depends on how much there's a bug problem compared to how much they don't want their yard to get destroyed

I kind of got tired of it

I'm glad to be back to western food

the real questions are who decided to eat random fucking plants to find out which ones are edible

Rip in pips
We'll bury you with your weeb paraphernalia

So iblook like that???? Tome to valjean this shit

Pray for me.

Pretty sure the "mint flavour" which doesn't even fucking taste like mint is invented.

like wat


Well fuck it, now I have to go.

My goal is to be destructive. As for alice, I don't have to be strong she is getting weaker by the day. Don't have to hammer in the final nail in the coffin if life does it for me. Gonna take a visit to canada and piss on her grave tho

You seem to be a pretty okay chap. And you post goats. Erio?
Anyway, I'm out.

Why not just set it on fire?

Kangz n sheeit.

I do, every night.


It's just waiting for you to invent it.

There might be a fake one, but most artificial flavors are molecules that interface with your taste buds exactly the same as the real taste, so are indistinguishable. Mint stuff I've tasted definitely tastes like mint plant to me at least.

What does he normally say ?

Well, eastern European food right now (I'm in Slavistan; this flag is because of VPN)

It feels really familiar though because my grandma always cooked this kind of food


I thought you knew

That's also an option, but you're more likely to get in trouble for arson than for accidentally dropping some mint root

Mint is the worst flavor

you're the worst flavor

that's... not exactly evil, as it is depressing. that even our greatest, autistic, obsessive efforts will become dust someday. leave it to Alice to overcome this existential hurdle tho.


what foods are really better than the variety you had in your city?

It doesn't work like that!

Hey man, big reward has big risk.

Yes! Thank you Luka, I knew I could count on you.

You're evidently not familiar enough with the flavour of mint, then.

Because mint flavoured shit, like mint ice-cream, tastes abso-fucking-lutely nothing like mint.

Wasn't sure. Can't pop my inflated ego with a mistake so I wanted to be 120% sure

That cunt is dying from what I heard. Literally.
Suffering plenty right now as we speak too. Man that flutters the heart. Gonna go to bed with a smile on my face thinking about her anguish
Bye now

I'm sure he only has good things to say anyways.

About you? I'm not so sure... But I'll try to save you anyway!

I always do the right thing.



Right for who?




It's untrue what you're saying


What an odd way to spell extremely hot.

Me I guess

Keep goin.

Are you sure?

mint flavor does taste like mint though...

I was just trying to impress ban but i failed

No not really.

Only one thing left to do.




it's a tough group ;;


Well that's proof enough that it's not then.

Thank you.

You just can't satisfy people these days.

My bad

I'm sorry or something

In what way ?

Mint flavored shit tastes like the mint plants I've chewed on

If you don't think or feel it's right, why do it?


Fix your taste buds my man


He's a taste for calamari

Too manly for me.


Why am I B on your list ?


tfw you will never be the squid girl

Hmm, this should be like a complement, but oh well.

delet squids

Its the truth my dude.


why this
why uziel

Why is this a video of PewDiePie reacting to a DemolitionD video

just quit buying cheapo knockoff mint flavored shit


which one?
did you see the date on it too?

because it is a video of PewDiePie reacting to a DemolitionD video


But why does it exist and why did you watch it

It's an older one.

You're still a B honestly

to get above a B you gotta be pretty legit with me personally

honestly feels like I run into a wall with you a lot in terms of friendships and all that related shit but its understandable

so yeah thats why

Gimme ni ni

sour's on my recommended :L

nae nae

Post the list so I can see whos better than me.



Pewdie's too mature for video games now so instead he watches the videos of a grown ass man that reviews anime for a living.


lemme find it


cant find the graphic but this is the most updated one

why you posting this

someone asked for

update it


If I were to update i'd have to make a new graphic and thats way more effort than the number of posters deserve

it's been 7months


Its been 7 months

thats a note pad not a graphics

ill update the text one

He needs to feel important.

I bring shame to my family.

this is a graphic

I like to make them in graphics

but archives is insistent so


C- in my heart

it is an old list I feel generally neutral towards you

I don't care about how you feel about me, through.

Post the picture of Ikarous, please.

you never reply to me or talk about me

suddenly a list with your name in it

don't lie

it doesn't exist anymore

top plus plus tier posters:

t r a s h
everybody else

Just make another list and write a program to make it pretty with random animeme pics or something and export it to svg so you can make a 100000x100000 png

Grim, why do you feel the need to unironically put your opinions in a list though

The highest IQs need lists.

it creates activity
most importantly more lists which is what I like to see

normal people can't visually transform ratings so I have to do it for them







lol this pic is from 2012

what is your character?

I don't think I'll ever make another one more complicated than this one:

I guess there's always a chance I will some day when I'm really high

Narcissistic huh ?

very nice


Huh? Whatchu mean?



It's a work of art

Also, I'm having trouble finding an anime girl that I'd want to post consistently

Last two avatars are outdated so don't bring them up

I am the beast I worship

slap on a name

maybe a draggo meido?

i dunno

they look interesting.

why am I a cumslut

U look interesting.
Magane is this one.


What about the other stuff ?

it looks like a boy

because you constantly eat dicks

Easier there, Chad Bennington.

it changes from year to year
but mostly the similar stats stay in the high range.

But it's Death Grips

Yeah, some kind of bestial anime girl is sounding good

NOT A MAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will destroy you



title is taken


Yeah, you're not the first to say that.

u being gay?
lmao xd

There can only be one emo princess.
Have a Highlander fight over who can be it.

I'll cut his wrists and absorb his power.

tell me moar

b-b-b-b-b-but... s-s-squidy-kun......


Cut his life into pieces.

I'll kill myself if you enjoy it


Good, the weak deserve to die

i hope they're gonna fix 2sexy

i can't believe you're gonna die

Rain, rain, go away,
Because of you the pain will stay.
Slit my throat, cut out my heart,
Leave me here, tear it apart.

Poison tears stream down my face,
My heart beats at a steady pace
As I try to stand again;
Alone and standing in the rain.

I don't need you anymore...
Is what I think while tears pour.
I hate you like I hate my life;
But love is what cuts like a knife.

Love is death and death is you;
Its pain stains like a black tattoo.
Those memories come back again
And bind me in the ropes of pain.

Crimson blood streams down my head
Like a long, silk ribbon, tied by a thread,
To a platinum bullet, a hole in my skull...

...Now just a memory that's faded and dull.


Congrats, you win

This song is alright for something made by a nigro

Never had any doubts.

What more could I tell?



Test would be like a honey badger and just got the testicles.

*go for the

Go do your thing, fagget


You think Ban doesn't just dive for the crotch too?


Yeah, but your height just makes it more viable for you. He's diving to suck dick; you're diving to castrate someone using your natural advantages.

cute things


I'm just going to assume the thread died with the mental image of Test honey badgering someone's testicles.

Luka things.


Yeah I'm glad I know about this song now

Good job with that

ay gurl is there anything new with you

Please give me a progress report of the last ~6 months of your life before I go to bed

Holla Forums is being SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!



STOP IMPERSONATING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I WILL FUCKING THROW MY COMPUTER AT A WALL HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is this the new user name?

It should be tbh.

look at me I'm erio


Do u have the rare red eyes and upside down edits


im glasses lady!

who even are you?


The BEAST with many names


I believe it.

wanna league?

Don't enable him.

I am about to do other things.

name stop disappearing k


oh hi

rawr ^_^
things are peaceful.




I don't know, prob got it off of FA, it's not my filename.

Flygon was my main poogerymen in RSE for some reason. It was terrible stat distribution but awesome.

y so srs


such a cute aho girl

You said "rawr ^_^" and now I don't want to be mean, so I'm giving you a C- on this progress assessment

Good luck with your endeavor to vampirize Canada to death

-hugs tightly- :3

I expunged those Joker edits before I retired that avatar by the way

that makes me feel special

I think I astill have stocking and the cute eclair dog girl

I'm kind of looking for a new avatar, but none of the anime girls I've liked for it so far have many images

I may go in a different direction entirely


I should wake up some time before 11AM




not gonna happen

lel gateron blues at 3am


I see what you did there

tfw bardo saves ur memes

That's a girl though...


The left one.

that is a good meme

Why not both?



save some for the rest of us.....



eat a weiner luka

But I mean obviously Bard is the bf.

Have you ever been in a relationship?

nini bakaretsu



luka is my gf



Everyone needs a goal.

You're a bad influence...


im gonna KISS BARD

No, Bard.

I get that a lot.

l-later i have to go



No, Guero.

you can't stop me, faggot

Daddy gives me head pats.

*aggressive petting*


I can't believe guero is gay

You're trying to kiss a dude.

My sloppy seconds.

Kissing men is gay.

*kisses a boy*




kissu kissu

what game? just put on a vpn if you're scared of the internet police

*torrents a video game*



f... fallout 4

I know I've played it before and it's shit but I just finished playing new Vegas again and I'm on kindof a fallout kick

50% done and I'm pretty sure peerblock doesn't do shit




this week is going to be awful for me.

Why ?

it's going to be up to 30 outside
for the whole week
no clouds
no wind

just suffering.

oh my god

How are you gonna survive that ?


tbh that is basically what hell is

try 35
all day every day all week


i'll buy you it if you put your balls above your dick and take a picture

except hotter

hide inside
and not move


really though, hell isn't defined by the daytime high, it's defined by the low

When you have weeks without it going below 27 degrees at night is when you truely learn to want to fucking die

That's why I hate this country

try having it be 40-45 and humid as fuck every day

I don't even understand what the appeal of this is

it just looks like some shit with testicles for eyes

isn't australia giant spider fuckland anyway

yeah i have no idea i just saw george asking you for it and thought it was funny lol

Thats colder than it ever gets here.


you have a beach


actually is pretty cool this week


But I don't live in it.

only near it

I live in the civilized part

your temps are not in C

but you use it?


what is wrong with those people

ah, in the area the human resistance has managed to retake from the glorious spider empire?

I know that you god damn bird brained invalid mongoloid sack of shit

I was putting it into C 4u

Its a gentle giant.

Why would I go outside if its hot ?

Last place I wanna go


Does not stop the sun.

xd my dude

Fish, have you been getting any of the rain the past week?

Tarantulas I can deal with. It's the fucking spindly ones I can't.

maybe the cold water
defeats the heat?

Trump wants to disallow transgender people from the military because someone told him that traps are gay, and if Gays are allowed in the military and Trans aren't, then Trans aren't Gay and Traps are Trans and then Traps aren't Gay, so he can fap to Traps without it being Gay.

yeah a bit but I've been asleep for all it

but are traps gay?

Tarantulas are the ones that shoot hair at you though.

much worse

Would rather take a shower.

is the question

Its not gay

you can fuck them now

hmm... maybe i should too.

w-w-wet and n-naked >~

change that to Skunt

Skunt doesn't post anymore.

excuse me what is this picture
you're appropriating my culture

Every time I step outside it's just lighting thunder and clouds around where I live, never over it. Rains on every part of the valley except right fucking here.

No, they're calm and docile and sweet.


I didnt even know that was a poster god bless

A spider is almost always near you.

She lived in your basement


stop this

God she just wouldn't stop talking.



A slutty retarded kid made a bunch of these for me.

ive been trying to be super nice to everybody and it no longer feels disgusting so im gonna mark that down as actually being gay

That's fine...
Out of sight, out of mind.

is that blushing or sunburn ?

mayakas adorable

happy, gay

it works

Until it crawls in your mouth while you're sleeping.

But also annoying.

The ones with the original face at least aren't bad

Also you say that like it narrows it down in this community.

I'm not sure being nice to people is gay. Straight people have been nicer than gay people in my experience.



I bullied him out of the threads.

All of them are so thick

lay eggs in your teeth


Spider silk enamel.

bully me out of the threads senpai

How can you even say shes not thick ?

She very clearly is

You sound ready for this.

I would quit posting.

you'd be bitter too if you were horribly OPPRESSED

If I stopped or to stop me?

Can I pick both ?

I'm straight?

That doesn't even make sense



I'm gonna go with both then.

I'll stop posting to make you stop posting.

If you stop posting i'm gonna stop posting.

Write "Ban" on your forehead and send me it.

i like slim

Big or small boobs ?

anything not huge

Now what about the butts.

big or small ?

big tiddy best tiddy

this explains why you're such a shitcunt


I'm not one of your /soc/ whores.

I don't even go on /soc/

Just be a normal whore

its wish

I'll post anyway just to spite you

what the FUCK
I can't believe you'd BETRAY me like this

i never understood the fascination with something you sit on


it overly huge fatty

Whores get paid, so pony up.

Makes sense.

Literally destroying me.

you can sit on people with it too

I'll pass

8:17 pm

my bed time


That's early for a change.
Good night.

bush bush did 9/11 bush bush did 9/11 bush bush did 9/11 bush did 9/11 bush bush did 9/11 bush bush did 9/11bush bush did 9/11

wow I actually fucking got flagged by zenimax for copyright infringement, only thing I've ever got flagged for was fucking game of thrones.


hello night friends

Evening, Bard

hello american friends

ave catto

Good evening Bard, welcome back.

hello there spectre and how are you spending this long night?



how's it going?

i mesed up my sleep schedule so I am feeling tired

my teeth are less sore no w but still sort of sore

what are you up to tonight then?

Shitty free to play games!

You still have that saved. I love that (you).



which game?

The stompy robot ones.

You get more diabolical by the second
What kind of shitty games that just s happen to be (free) are we talking about here

just asking for a friend

Time to KILL myself

Wow that game is shit, why would you play it?

oh bumper cars with lasers
and squid rides the french flag?

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

new thread

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