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And who doesn't want to be the little spoon?

I wanna be the big spoon.

how hetero

Take it bareback

What if you were both the big and little spoon?

Use all the available surface area.

i am shit, but give it a stab

cant i be both?

At the same time?


Stop talking about spoons.


But that would require more people!


so i have this function

void derp(bool *state, string word) {
*state = true;


a whole 3 people in total

why wouldnt you want it in another function?

Two is enough, three and more are too many

automatic deferred execution based on some parameters



yeah, far too many people

Basically the problem is that the function requiring the string runs in a loop. Getting the info for the string is very expensive and drops framerate quite quickly when the loop has about 30 items. Now I just want to do this expensive thing only for the visible item.

Ugh, extra function it is, kinda clutters the lib tho

nah tbh

fuck clutter concerns, isolate functionality


ugh, feels bad to hack shit in like this

the original function still tries to draw the shit

Yeah, one is best

i have no idea what youve got going on there, so i cant help much

nah tbh

Okay, two then. Yourself and someone else

just kill me now


lmao youtube.com/watch?v=b49OQQCmudI

So many lewd pictures

we need to go lewder tbh


Nah, need to be less lewd

I think your boyfriend bedded shortly after you went

I only slept for like 5 hours though.

Right, go back to bed. his bed

When are we going to make it bannable to not spoiler your porn?

Mod abuse general


I'll sleep more in the middle of the day or something.

Presumably when I am toppled and tyranny reigns once more.

Long live the king.

i disagree

morning ban

I bet you'll go back to bed the moment your boyfriend wakes up


Lizard butt.

That sounds like an amazing idea to me.


dont pretend you dont like it

nah, demonboy butt

that better have a fucking paragraph of explanation to accompany that

What a meanie~

Well... I don't dislike it

Looks the same to me.

He deserves to be treated poorly.

His fetish is to be treated poorly. I see you find him to be a very good boy to reward him with such treatment

i should hope not

thats because youre gay

My guitar arrived!

It finds the function GetModelInfo in memory.

It's all good

I always just assume hes being a slut and a bad boy.

You're not wrong.

I did look like a lizard though

You wouldn't be wrong in assuming that

I know.

I don't really care though.

you still love him after all

Yet if you ask anyone I've been with before they will tell you i'm extremely possessive and jealous.

mebbe is tru

It is

do some weeaboo shit on it

why is this a thing?


you did?

I even walk on all 4s


This explains why desert was into you


I wish I was born another race.

Not really what I meant.

more gay femboy pussy


you dont like having your arse slapped?

Does nothing for me.

Low IQ kink

how about your balls?

ur a kink

60 years old

how about if I slap your balls faggot ?

am I a pretty kink? o//o

i doubt mine would jiggle as nicely as yours

a bit

You would be wrong.

are yours not plump enough?

yeah sure


so you have small balls?

estrogen does that


But I refuse.

but ive already seen your dick

isn't it everything you've ever dreamed of and more? :3

I'm not really in the mood to take a picture of my nuts right now.

you dont even have nuts

I showed you my dick

please respond

that it is

And what if I don't ?



*points and laughs*

How do i revitalize my libido? I rarely feel horny and i only fap cuz I'm bored now



fix your name

prostate massages

Whats wrong with it

Sounds like a lot of sorry



I good I'll keep it that way


well shit, i actually got the job

congrats qt!

Is hats to tylw while fapping



you're killing me

ill be the greatest store assistant there ever was

legit kekd

thanks ikt

youre cute when youre embarrassed

What job

I'm mocking you.


I'm immune to flattery.

More it helps me fap

Sounds scary you might have to deal with people

Remember kids
The only good degenerate is a dead degenerate.

So why are you still alive?



but my dick isnt immune to your rosy cheeks

oh well




Lots of dick in this thread

does that scare you ?


Takes more than meat to scare me

Be the change you wish to see and post flat chest


or post flattened balls


Poor dude

ignore gay pictures

could be worse tbh

Reminds me of the gif of a dude cutting off a rat's balls


Stop teste mutilation




isnt that its dick?

I hate people so much.


Yeah, I remembered incorrectly

Same. Might be a disease carrier, but come on now..

Welcome to my world

When Kissshot ignores you

Why even live ?

rip mouse dick


They are disturbing.

Yes, hello.


Look what my friend gave me the other day.. UwU


Keep your eyes pure.

I want a vap version.
That's pretty cool.


I'm gonna put it on a bracelet that I make here soon.

How eisen be? Anything interesting in life or same ol'?

im seeing roger waters tomorrow and buying tickets for death grips in october

and im planning on seeing elementary school friends i havent seen or heard from in years at the end of the week

so i guess stuff's going well

Re:1 when

A good plan.
Can I come hang out in your AC tomorrow? It's supposed to be 108

Don't worry I'm here now

Thank God

-pulls you onto my lap and doesn't let go-

Nice... I saw Roger waters do the wall like two years ago.. It was amazing and he still sounds amazing.

But I already have a grill coming over to "get out of the sun."

I feel like I've heard this before.

that's a great lookin shirt

i tried not to look at any current tour photos but the visuals were spoiled for me anyway. they're really impressive.

shame he's not doing pre-show autographs anymore.

Good, more people more fun

maybe if you can help me figure out how to make a bunch of money before I have to go to Oregon eclipse on the 15th. Im broke and need funds for a week long woodstock like event. I expect to spend hundreds, but atm Im jsut being a lazy shit not working.

Maybe I'll just be a wook and leech off other people while they're high.

It worked last weekend and I was given free nitrous and cocaine.

Time to post a few funny videos, enjoy.


Get a job and earn money.


jobs are nice

Is this my only choice? I could probably go work on a few of my buddies pot farms but i'd get paid in weed.

fuck I dont wanna work :(
but ur right. I should jsut go get a temp job right now for the next few weeks untill the 15th, but even if I do ill have a waiting week fuckkk


i dont want to work






I have a job and work...


I am a very productive member of society. Even when I'm not working a normal job I still have my house paid off and I run a volunteer organization in my state.

I'll be back.. I'm gonna go get a job I guess... Even tho I wont get paid till the 18th... fuck


That sounds fucking gay
They are pretty much useless hippies.

Right, and what are you doing with your life?

jack pls

Got hired in a multinational company which has a pretty strict habit of not hiring anyone unless they did at least three years of season there
I got hired in half year
Already grew to the level of my bosses
Outdid pretty much everyone there too
Happens pretty much anywhere I go.

Who would do something like that? Go on the internet and tell lies?

People are predictable as fuck
Easy to use. Get the fuck outta this shithole and learn kiddos
Once you play their pride they are in your pocket and they don't even know it
Fuckin' clueless bastards
Yall could do that instead of sucking each other off

I don't work because I have the option not to... My house is paid off and I used to make top of the line dental equipment. CNC and welding.
I Run a chapter for a volunteer organization that is a nationwide organization and also ships worldwide life saving shit. We have medically trained staff of all kinds on our team from CNA's to red-cross and we go to events and festivals and save peoples lives.

Now you can fuck off you conceited fuck

I'm gonna go get a part time job now so i can just have extra spending money.

See, this is why we can't have nice things. Red cross and the other gits pampering the incompetent and the useless. Thanks to you twats the agressive homeless shitters can terrorize people wasted as hell
Gypsy scum has something to eat. Fucking stop supporting those who don't deserve to live. You are ruining the functioning part of society by catering to rabid leeches

We aren't offering a socialistic ideal.. We are just giving straight up education to make better the situatio nthat is already at hand due to The war on drugs and other bullshit government happenings.

I guess thats somewhat okay. Just don't feed those who can't feed themselves. The only use of those morons is being a fertilizer six feet under.

man I just got back from the dentist and my mouth got beat the fuck up

I don't work for food banks and shit... I test drugs, I work in a lab, I give my psychopharmacology education to people, and I push a smart attitude towards drug use and harm reduction practices in general.

Did they give you pain killers

I got 3 root canals and they didn't give me shit

you should call and ask them for some. say that ur in a ton of pain sis.

Well, this is kinda new to me. Oganization name?


poor Bard

actually now that you mention it i feel a little better :3


hehe, that's good~

hair drills

were you bullshitting me oi


We ship the most drug testing kits worldwide and work with sites like erowid and ecstacydata to upload new drug info/lab test results.

what are you still doing awake?

Is test still around?

Can you provide sex?

It's 8pm. Still about 2 hours until bedtime

test? can we talk for a little? i promise to be open and honest, i've changed a lot since i was away

I hope you have sweet dreams tonight when you fall asleep

I think I'll take this oppurtunity to go ahead and hit the hay myself

show us ur dick

This ain't bad. Gonna be a tough fight but yeah I could get behind this
Screw avatarfags but good luck on this one

o-oh. I guess I'll see you sometime we're both awake then.
You too, rest well and dream sweetly

Thanks man.. The state I live in Just decriminalized hard drugs and brought it down from a felony to am misdemeanor. So it's a start.. We just have to keep up the good work.

Sleep tight bois


not me

ui and hu

i mean bort


Bye bye.. I'm gonna go get a job rn

ok ill leave if ur so disappointed by me existing

ur not disappointing

I'm not sleeping yet. Just said night to Bard

you're leaving? goodnight





he's cute


Jack, I wasn't here for the answer, but why would you ask to be banned so you could actually be constructive with your time, and then immediately turn around and evade it?

I thought that was my grandma for a second

No self control

I had a bad feeling about drunk shitposting that night
So I wanted a proper ban
I did drunk shitpost anyway. Test needs to learn how to ban properly
tl,dr this

Its a decent slavic grandma who makes only kompot and palinka

I think more regions should take inspiration, as this could reduce addiction and the incentive of the black market
I'm wary of the risks though, especially with types like cocaine and heroin..

Doesn't that say more about you than the admin-staff of the board?

now you're just making stuff up

oh you

i thought you were leaving

I thought you were too. Goodnight BC

Wait where are you going?

I'm going to name this watermelon "Rin" and pet her until i'm satisfied

Where you are going. Your bed


Are you going to make a hole in it and stick your girly penis in?

after i leave her in the fridge for a while

wait, what?

But cold shrinks.


Its a long story, but now I have walk a few miles every night to sleep somewhere else

I'm really big, I don't shrink

To lie and make stuff up you have to care about others opinion. Every living being who knows me can testify that I don't.

There are no brakes on the booze train.
I'm a slav this is my curse.

Found a cute boyfriend?



Welp. I got a temporary job Workin inside a winery bottling wine for a few weeks untill Oregon eclipse festival. When I walked into the temp agency my phone randomly started blasting shitty dubstep music too so that was fuckin emberassing lmfao o well.

It will be nice because they keep it at like 45 degrees inside the winery and it's gonna be 111 degrees here soon

Good job Ui

And a good morning to you too

ffs let me fall asleep undisturbed you fucking homo


hey look its your bedtime

I want to cum inside Feku's tight little asian boipussy

I want to cum inside Feku's tight little asian boipussy

I want to unread thatx2

Can someone post that picture of Blood-chan? I need it for reasons...

The one of her spreading her amply damp nether regions?

Works for me, though I was looking for a face pic

I don't have either of those pictures, I lied.

Excruciate all faggots

But who could this be ?


It's nevada-tan


What is Fekku like actually

im actually straight irl

He's a chinese living in Hawaii


Being gay on the internet is alright though

I'm straight irl, but I'm a leaning dyke in my delusional straight of mind.

Wish pls...


You an I are the super straightest here

No but like idk

Fek post fek


I am though.


That's Rin

-touch slippery slimy tail fin-


Do you care about me?

I wish...
All the boys that like me are ugly, except for Jack. Jack is cute.

No user!

Nah, I don't care about anyone. People are nothing but dead weight

ur nothing but dead weight

Do you care about yourself at least?

Can I see that picture of you?

I don't have any of my pictures anymore but Grim has it, just summon him
I'm just an ugly trap with brown eyes