I had to close down everything, I had to close down my mind~

I had to close down everything, I had to close down my mind~
Too many things to cover me, too much can make me blind~
I've seen so much in so many places, so many heartaches, so many faces~
So many dirty things, you couldn't even believe~

I would stand in line for this~
It's always good in life for this~

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Simply the gayest thread.

Do clocks stop if they close down everything?


A clock may stop but time will always pass.

not if cold enough


The clocks of Hu's dustuny

Dusty is mine now?

well yeah, everyone has a dustyny


I am not allowing this.

don't got much of a say!

i am the winner of scrabble


Why not?

Only because you had two turns and everyone else had one before we decided to stop.

I won with my first turn only




Is not!

Luka is good too


no lewds







Did you make Squiddy bend over yet?

Much pet




and sleepy

Lots of pet


No one will ever pet your head in real life.


But you just got here!

Nah, too much



I like to keep it vague.


*pat ur hed*

You failed

or did I ?


yea... u_u



Oh absolutely


me too

He has crippling anxiety and can't function as a normal human.

I blame him



Is true. He is, after all, Australian


Beyond disgusting.

Australians are always awful but they always wanna be my friend for some reason.

I'm the lord of prison people island.

Which is kinda like being the birb lord.



I'm guessing you don't have anyone to play mechs with right now.


Must be a terrible feel!

Not more than anything else is.

Zzzz... ♥


I got done playing mechs a good while ago, now it's midnight but fuck sleep.

I just assumed you played it every chance you got.


Desu ne

Night night cutie. Rest well

Spec's lying

Are you 100% on that ?

Don't believe his lies.

I am.

I'll ask one more time.

Squeeze it nigga.

nigga, wat?

I refuse.

Back when I was taught it was still squeezing, not pulling.
Limp wristed gun shy faggots that flinch are the problem, not the technique.

Pussy. This is a perfectly good opportunity to throw your life away.

But you told me some time ago you're meant to pull, not to squeeze, senpai

Its okay because I don't have one to throw away.

So sayeth the modern school.



You're better than any school though

Aren't you the anarchy retard ?

Or was that Squid ?

Pull the trigger

To. The.Fucking. gulag


Squid is one of the biggest statists I know.

Anarchy simply means without rulers, it does not mean without rules.

Spec identifies himself as an anarcho-communist

"An-Com" is a contradiction in terms.

Rules that aren't enforced aren't rules.


No it's not, it's merely redundant.
Communism is already inherently anarchic.

Doesn't sound like anyone is gonna be reliably stopping people.

And you indeed are one big contradiction.


My forty five does the stoppin'

Even wikipedia has a more objective definition of anarchy

Never leave your house then.

It's not a joke.
It's just anarchy where everyone magically gets along and is real nice.

Almost as ludicrous as those people that believe in anarchy where everyone magically follows an autistic samurai code.

But there's fun things outside!

You leave my samurai code alone! You dare violate it, and ur gettin' one in the dick, bub!

Like the sun and dirt.

America should go to bed

That guy makes some really nifty videos.

You might kick me in the dick, but you can't kick my whole state in the dick.

He only can't cause it doesn't have any



fucking ban
fucking spec

been watching his shit for years now
his humanities stuff can be a tad preachy but most of his stuff is good, his history stuff and whatnot

Together we have no weakness

Together we are dickless

Koume is mine in this divorce.

Delete that


I'm not going to sleep any time soon.

Fuck you.

We're getting divorced now?


I should sleep but I feel like not doing that instead because FUCK good ideas

oh my god

not you

Get a bad idea and do that instead.

I can't believe you're divorcing me

This is all your idea now.

I mean you told me to do a bad idea.

It's all just a ploy to win your Koumu folder over in the settlement tbh. You wouldn't give it to the other fag, so it must go to me.

I would delete it before handing it over.

How am I supposed to post half-naked sexualized anime girls now?

Most of my pictures aren't sexualized though.

Same for me with Teto but that's all fags like you go on about.

Teto is just always sexualized even when she isn't.


Kink shame me daddy.

Euthanize people who say "daddy" unironically.


I need a new avatar

This but unironically

This but unironically

Euthanize me daddy.


Pick an avatar that goes with one of mine so we can blank post at each other for hours on end.

can I help you ?

what happens ?

That is so fucking stupid I can't even

I don't think I'm ready for that level of unadulterated autism

What would it even be?

I really have no idea.

You're gonna have to be creative I guess.

Thats asking a lot though.

prostate cancer

Yeah it fucking will.
Ban is an edgelord from a shit manga, Koumu is a fucking idolmaster and screw making another avatar from something so generic, I already have Teto for that. I don't even fucking know what Nefu is from.

What else do you even post?

This but unironically

Did I just reply to three of your posts at once
I need to kill myself
Where did everyone else go, why are you the only person alive to talk to

Make a folder of one of the other lolis so I can finally understand what yuri feels like.

Nef is from Hunter x Hunter and the thing they are shipped with isn't even worth making a folder of.

Isn't it great ?

Lurking, watching you two getting it on

Archives gets all of them on



leaving is for lameos




is there a can't get off banner
'cus there needs to be


Are you fucking kidding me
I just spilt shit all over my fucking keyboard
That's the second time in this month I've done it, out of three times ever

Kill me

What do you mean "the other lolis".
Fucking hunter x hunter


some idol or something

Its a good anime

I read the manga too but its kinda annoying to read.

Stop spitting water all over your stuff like a child.

Why are you taking a shit at your keyboard?

Why? There's plenty of conversation in Ban

The only spare keyboard we have is a fucking weird ass chiclet keyboard with absolutely zero fucking travel and 200% mush. This is fucking painful to type on

Isn't Koumu like the only one of those that's a loli?
Other than like the neet one?

Most manga are annoying to read. You weeb.

Worse, it was fucking goulash. k i l l m e

Because somebody decided it was a good idea to eat hungarian food

Because I say so you little fuck

Archives + juves

This one with the smug face.

No you don't understand. Hunter x Hunter is always coming in and out of hiatus. Literally unreadable.

Is it broken or just dirty ?

Aww, you poor thing.
Should consider washing it.

Don't blame the food for your inability to close your mouth while you eat~

What is juves ?

I keep thinking he is invading here before I look at your name

I WOULD like to tell people to just fucking google it.

Who consumes media AS it comes out though?

No clue, unplugged it. Leaving it upside down on some paper towels.

It's a membrane keyboard, it's not worth it.
I SHOULD clean out my mechanical one I spilt shit on like two weeks ago and have been putting off cleaning because properly cleaning out keyboards like that is such a fucking pain, though.


I don't remember who that is.

Fucking google what ?

I read the one piece manga the day it comes out or the day after.

Sounds disgusting

Yeah, but the longer you wait, the worse a pain it'll become


See, you're not smug enough when you're having an argument with someone for no reason.

This will make everything better.

I haven't needed to be




Edgy squid picture

Blond lesbian

someone save me from this job

fake an injury and I'll pick you up from work
later we'll go cruise in the Land Shark. Just got some fat new hydraulics put on that sumbitch

just try not to skullfuck me again though

these dream sequences are getting out of hand
who the fuck do you think you are 'Alan Ball'
what kind of fucking surname is that even

hello night thread friends

Pass the revolver.




hellooo raggy i hope your having a nice night

goodnight hu pony h chan :(

I'm not going~
You doing alright?

i can just like, tell them to fuck off tho

morning bard


Thank god

i accidentally messed up my sleep schedule and just woke up about an hour ago

I was hoping to sleeep all night to wake up when my guitar comes in in about 10 hours or so but after laying in bed for about that whole hour i decided i was going to eat my ice cream i picked up at walmart earlier

alo I'm happy because I got to see my best friend earlier and had a really cool vivid dream earlier
how are you doing tonight?

Beg for sweet release.

Good morning qt didn't exxpect to see you out today!

hi I clicked this and ggot about a minute in and my youutb e glitched

gimme a bit : (

Please, daddy.

w-wow, very messed up. It's like the middle of the night!

That's pretty sweet, mmmh, ice-cream for breakfast~
Probably not the most filling breakfast you could get, but at least it's something. Gonna be exciting to finally play your new guitar too, once it arrives.

Sounds like You've been having a great time.
Am alright, just finished lunch, now back to posting

Going to bed

Night night, rest well

shits gay yo, i had to be up for an interview at 9

nini ban

thank you it's nice to see you this lunchtime
so what kind of plans do YOU have today?

nini ban have sweet drams

where are you trying to get on at?

how're you?

tired but not sleepy enough to get to sleep

i am thinking maybe MAYBE no promises
but I'm thinking I maybe make a trip for some breakfast pizza later uwu

what are you up to today?

a forozen food shop

Vacation, so it'll continue to be like this for the next month.
Other than playing games and be here, I got none at all, which is nice. More time here is

well that sounds ffucking amazing

i hope you get the job :3
also the free tasty benefits it comes with

i was going to say

WOW a whole month of vacation?

but then I remembere you''re a student

Going to miss you when you go back ;~;

playing bayonetta and getting high
you know, like a piece of shit

this game's fucking hard, man.


for thewii?

its probably shit but at least its a guaranteed 7 hours a week minimum on a much easier job


show me more of your heterochromatic yuis

damn you're going at two jobs now?

Got two actually, one has passed.
Yeah, most "only" get 2-3 weeks off, unless you work in public institutions, then you get a month or more too.

Aww, please. Weekends are still a thing

oh, i meant frozen food btw

ayo sup

no, im on one currently but if i get this frozen food store job ill quit my current 0 hour piece of shit

no no no
fucking horrifying

okay let me change to my old folder :3

i've got a lame fast food job so personally I would be able to maybe get about
a week break
but then again it's not like I need much more , It's only fast food

super easy but...I'm kind of lasy i suppose and it pays...

So after you finish uni where are you trying to go carreer wise? I remember you were in comp sci stuff so probably into PROGRAMING huh?

they just arent giving you hours?
worst kind of job right there
doesnt come with any other benefits like insuranceo r that bullshit?



wii u?


not much, just bullying in dark souls because some plebs think they can cheese invaders at fog doors, so i enable noclip and other such mad haxx

fucking nope, i get work if im called in, and only if, which means i get work like 1 say a week usually
its also hard fucking work, shits hot af on the factory floor and im doing a lot of bending over with shit to put stuff from the conveyor onto shelves in racks


HOLY shit for the longest time tbh

i just woke up holy shit im so neet

the second one is

ps fuck you nintendo

o-oh, that sucks.. I guess a week is still something, but meh.
I guess it depends on where you work and if people don't yell at you every minute to do this and that, else more than a week would quickly be needed.

Hehe, an easy job can be nice~

I'm not really sure what to do after bachelour. Maybe find a job and go for a cand.
Just have to go look for a job, but too damn lazy

She's a cutie

This is my otp

ur otp

id record this shit but AMD killed my ability to do that in the last driver update


life is hard
it would have been nice to be born into a richfamily

uh no
pic related

OBS doesn't work?

you guys make me think of each other

id praise you but that would be out of character

It can be.
And nah, far too many people who were that, turns out to be assholes.
Besides, I'm sure earning your own money feels nice

I ship it


haha ty my mans

dont use it, i just want high quality video recording
also cheating on twitch is b&


life is just an rpg

im a bard irl

yo are we fuckin or what

OBS is quite high-quality.
Else, you can use the CPU for x264 encoding, which is even higher quality.

i need to be able to get a consistent 60 on dark souls and and record at the same time

haha rekt should be an nvidrone


Xbox DVR


maybe when their drivers arent even worse

Isn't dark souls locked at 30 unless you enable a hack which fucks up weapons durability?
Try OBS then, or downgrade maybe.
or buy a beefier CPU with moar coars

Win+G in-game to record without perf loss.

brb eat

dark souls 3, and the first has DSfix which can increase the frame rate to 60

i have a xeon e5-1650, but it wont be enough to have minimal perf loss

ctrl+shift+v with ~1-10% perf loss on AMD, when the drivers arent utterly fucked

yo is she retarded whats with that eye gap

vocaloid fanart recolour

it was originally Luka megurine

But doesn't that make your weapons break more often? I wouldn't know since I've never played it..
Would try downgrading temporarily after they fix the regressions introduced by the latest supposedly massive update

its not a problem in 1

yeah, im gonna try the newer driver before the old one, it may be something to do with a bug in their new "clean install" feature

Me on the left

Maybe. Maybe others have the same issue and has reported it

new driver looks decent


Bard is a cutie

If it works as expected

wow the tesla model 3 sucks

wow modern cars suck


so ur saying luka is retarded

yes exactly




also hug for fekkers






Looks like a little bit of fighting

no that's darkness

no fight pls

anime lewds from work

Nah, that's jugs

Your post looked like a bit of fighting ;-;

Keions are one of the best things to have happened to humankind as a while.

im not a yui and why BRAZZERS??


h-help me


Tiny Honda huge turbo

no fighting allowed

e*h > fakku


Was assuming you were posting lewds while at work

Fakku is terrible
Only one tag searches, wtf are they thinking


nice bakaretsu

initial d is always better, but the shirtless fat nip is giving them a run for their money

ur bakuretsu

is a wrestler/comedian apparently

but the silly jap ver is better imo

fakku went jew and is basically crunchyroll

is "im looking for a better job" a good excuse to skive off work?

something something seven seas

it lacks the itensity of the animu version


The cheesiness makes up for it.

imagine being a massive weeb

Must be a bad feel



Oh Bard, you're so silly

Imagine, being a revisionist?

post hupony memes


b-but you got all of them


Actually, Squiddy did once upon a time



what happened to squiddys hupony memes

bullies not allowed

but it's true


I can only remember one, and I saved it. Not sure if he still keeps it around himself. Probably not


Hupony? more like... LIEpony

that'sa verry innocent and adorable meme

Nah, no lies.

Bard is adorable and innocent

Thank you! It's true

I'd like to thank the Academy

Wouldn't lie

I think I will try to nap again goodnight hu chan : )

That's a dude.

Sweet dreams Bard

Dudes make the best girls.

Sweet shota trap dreams!



Girls make the best girls

girls are trash

Not you


so are boys

i beg to differ

dudes are trash too.
But there are some exceptions

fuk where do you find more shit like youtube.com/watch?v=89F5fpvwPr0


women cant have muscular arses and backs though

Take it back.



Thank God

Or a dick


that too

ayo programming prodigies help