No autism allowed

No autism allowed.

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wait no



My face pussies



i wish i could sleep

Why not just KY

Someone chese these,pls


who you




stay rekt scrub


Imagine, being called a scrub by Jack?

lucky bastard

You must be bored out of your mind, my dude

And why do you think that ?

You made empty posts here and joined the discord. Also that seems to be the case most of the time recently.

I just got out of bed.

get off my tip

shit turbo

My perception of time isn't good at the moment it seems

is ur iq too low

is ur iq too low


No, you're all wrong, and know that I'm right.
I'm going to throw a bitch fit and sit around posting about how you should all admit that you're all wrong and I'm right for the next two weeks.



speaking of stututus I watched e1 of steins gate late last night
nani the fuck



now excuse me while i not post for the remainder of the autism ban





Get out you spaz.

Where is my filter ya lyin' cur

I'll filter u bby


Wish I was dead.

you're dead

That can be arranged.

Thank fucking god.

Silence suits ya niggers
Most wise

who wronged you

Me. I am fucking BC on the downlow

ur mom


No one but Bebop would be jealous of this.



It is moderately funny how he only showed up again when the autistic 30 year old dude started posting with his name again.

we are all autism

Yeah but he's like Sci and Socks tier.

Well. You do have a point.

Its funny how scum at this level even dare to think setting up tiers
It would be fine irony
But it ain't
Its a sad charade.

jack pls



Its funny because its you of all people being a hippo crate

Respond to this post and you will recieve the comphyest of sleeps

Shut up Jack


I could do with some comfy sleep tbh honest

You can't explain neither of the two can ya

I do not care enough to do either.
I am here to meme and shitpost friend.


But its fuckin' dead

For the past many years of my life
Very rarely maybe once or t wice a year or sometimes not even that year I'll have dreams about a place I used to live

Usually, I'll go and visit that place and try to find my old friends
But the past few times I've had these deams, all my freidns are gone

Theyre's usually some continuity between these dreams, as the past few times I went and visited in my dreams, I met new people living in my friends house who I've never met beforoe, but that carried over into the next dream, and I'd see them again

Hey Jack I see you're trolling Holla Forums again. I had to ban you for 3 days lol

We are all dead... Dead inside... Can you not see?

B-blood-chan OwO

I'm not reading all that

pet me

Its one day and 9 hours ya primitive shitter


WHen you gettin on that laptop and spamming that dick, gurl?

Don't worry, you are too.

this is some kind of record right


At least he wasn't trying to [BLANK] his own [BLEEP] like Steve Bannon.

"i'm gonna go play mechs with some fag"

But who could that be ?


It couldnt possibly be specc... or squash... OR even... squiddy aas wild card

The Mooch may be the only person Trump's appointed who's accomplished what he promised. He said he was going to "eliminate everyone on the comms team " and start over, and he kinda did. Good for him.

Guess what? You're off the comms team. How 'bout that?


I mean it's not like I was trying to hide who
The only people who'd know who he even is would also know that's who I'd be talking about because that's like half his personality



Sab. Did steve bannon try to fold himself over and suck his own cock in public?

I Don't remember if that really happened.

I got Nezi into Ronnie.

You liberal degenerates would be the first to die in the shithole you wanna create.
Shame it will never come pass.

I've stolen your boyfriend for a bit. I'll return him in good condition. Maybe.

Please. Do not leak. Ive not seen.
new folder new me

Well.. I mean that is good... But... enzi? I mean, good stuff.

Is it me who's wrong?

No it must be everybody else!

So, this time I took a trip back to my old neighborhood in omaha, a nice large sprawling neighborhood very unlike the other one I livedin in texas

This led to a rather large and open and admitedly real feeling dream

It started out visiting my old home, and I was wearing the clothes I had on in real life, no shirt and some long flannel pajama pants but it was super hot outside so no big deal

There were some people in the yard next to me playing soccer, two blonde younger people maybe a girl about 16 or so and a guy who seemed around the same age, maybe a bit older or so
and they kicked the soccer ball towards me but I noticed and did like a dive to catch it and then i kicked it back towards then and decided to go over and talk to them a little

I told them my story that I used to live here and asked if they'd join me in walking around looking for some of myold friends

so we make a party and me and the loli get kinda flirty and then we walked to the other side of the neighborhood to go see here where my old friends jeremy and Cole used to live but it turned out that was just the people I met up with's house and so we decided to go and hang out in there for a while
Well, we end up loitering around for a while and then the girl split patths with us so it was just me and the guy and so we were campedup in his house and it was getting late so we decided to smoke a little bit and then he starts gettingkind of flirty and some lewd stuff happened but it didnt really go very far because some weird stuff started to happen outside I think like the cops started prowling around or whatever and so we got dressed and stuff and went to look out the windows from behind the kinda see throughish opaque shades and some old lady was walking very close to the house and she was trying to glance in and it looked like she didn't see me, but after a few seconds of getting closer to the window then she seemed really happy and told me she was the mom of one of my old friends and I thought that was great so I decided to go outside and go find my other friend who lived up the hill and closer to my houe

I decided to take the back way around using peoples backyards because I didnt want the cops to come stop me

When me and that guy had gotten dressed, my clothes changed, and now I was in some jeans and I had a black, coat thing

well, I get up to where the house of my friend should be, and for some reason, I noticed someone looking out there window and I thought maybe they were looking at me, but I also thought I was just bein paranoiod, s o I remaained still in the bushes I was in

Then I noticed the barrel of a gun waving around out the window so I slowly startd backing up and I got tangled up in the bushes

so after a few seconds the person comes outside and is digging in the bushes tryinig to find me and they start the entire fucking bush on fire

So I had to crawl out the other way and took off running back to my new friends I had just made house

and then more lewds and then I woke up

All in all the dream felt like It spanned across an entire day, it went from light to dark and felt like it took the course ofa bout 10 hours

There was just alot of unimportant conversation and sitting around that were omitted too and more journeying with the girl and guy but it didnt really lead to anything so we turned back

You can't break him more than he already is.

I know but I can't not show someone it whos asking for new music.

I can't hide it


Bard. Woah. Really.

True. God bless you. Hugh Mungus and Papa bless.

Well, I can see why he was fired. Language like that just isn't on for someone working in the White House.


with the attached image*


That's like
The biggest textwall I've ever seen here my dude

ty ty ty


Yeah I said it wa like a 10 hour dream

I've been posting my vivid dreams for years but it's rare that I have them because how much I smoke

It's difficult to post anything from that laptop while my whole family is online.

When I see you again I'm going to ban you.


cute img

Some one e-moosh me some cigs too.

I am always happy when the cancer is spread.

Ah, it's true.

How do you expect me to fill your boyhole with hot jizz if you dont send me the goodies?


I'm impressed simply because I am to lazy to make folders.

Moochy last 11 days, and what a surreal time it was. He sold his hedge fund to take the job, and his wife left him. Guy's had a tough not-quite-two-weeks, but I find it difficult to feel sorry for him.


Not if I ban you first

This is why you hacked me and stole my primo material?

I miss being able to squirt hot jizz.


post boobs btw

You need to start turning people too.

poor boy

go play with your robots.

Sounds like high time to squirt hot blood

god i wish that were me

It's not hacking when your password is password.

Me too.

I do, occasionally, turn the odd person, sort of. I miht be more active though.


he rose fast and fell hard like his Italian mobster forbears before him.

What goodies?

This is true.

You're going to use Bebop again? He won't ban me, he loves me and I have him wrapped around my little finger

what a fucking terrible thread

you all should consider killing yourselves
I think I'll leave

Thine genitalia. It really makes me thing. And tear up a little.

Don't kidnap a loli on your way out!


This but ironically.

I never used him
I don't think I could
You kinda have potential just lack the brain power or focus to make use of it
Fucking hell you are cheap, a bloody shame too. I'm honestly disappointed Tovarish.


once every few months is enough.

Can't even see nipples



maybe you should slit your wrist while you're at it

You're just upset you can't listen to our sweet voices as we complain about our teams incessantly.

Gotta say, not a problem i'm having.


How do you even live my dude?

Postin' your coordinates. :3

I think the idea was that he'd come of a no-nonsense Brooklyn tough guy. Instead, he came off as an unhinged frat boy with no class or dignity.


I think you just put more thought into it than trump did.

Slowly infect the masses.

Imma have to ask you to refrain from that, otherwise I might actually snackbar.
what up?

food and water

British "police" "men" were shown literally begging a mudslime nigger while he pushed, punched and dragged them around ground.
The kind of cuck you tiny island dweller inbreeding faggots represent is the worst of europe.
Really, stay where you are and just die in that cesspit.

This is another one even
Holy fuck kill yourselves

I suggest subsisting solely off alcohol

thanks for the latest crosspost from Holla Forums, my dude

don't you have potholes to squat in

If you needed proof that there is no god.

Bep, how was your trip?

I should be working, but I'm taking a break to chew ice and post your exact geological coordinates so everyone can trash your place.

No balls
No backbone
But hey
At least ya cracka ain't a racist nigga

Alternative facts in alternative news :ok_hand:

that is a good segway... do i need to move to aberdeen?

I didn't sleep. I'm staying up now waiting for my Mam to come in. I was reading a Spanish edition of a Betrand Russell book but I kept falling asleep. So now I'm posting and watching a really bad romcom.

It's beautiful here. Like Spain's Washington. I'll take some pictures tomorrow.


I'm glad you made it in one piece, even if it's a sleepy piece. Try to have as much fun as you can!

Not gay enough

being gay is pretty much my personality at this point

N- Yes! Yes... Damn... You caught me out...


That's going to be my name from now on.
What do you think I should do?

I'm 15 I'm not old enough to post them

oh my god

my bad

ITS enough to drive a man to crazy.

This romain is so boring. Help.

its okay -hug-
you can see them when i'm 18

why do you want my penis inside you?

No, im not gay

Be more rational and make fuckin' use of it.
Don't be dime a dozen

Yay! We can go to Kurt Cobain's childhood house.

Romain lettuce? Um...get some 'maters and a nice Italian dressing?

counting calories is ez

Romcom. It's a movie genre.

In the town that doesn't want to recognize him? Perfect. I could go for a cobain right now.


what were these lewds

Gay and edgy*
That's like saying Spec's ONLY robots. He also has his guns.

I'm proud of fish. Keep it up.

You want to go inside me? Even better.

You've been getting GETS all day lol
How do I into being more rational?

Yes, roughly penetrate and cream, like an eclair

same thing

what if our balls touch? wouldn't that make us gay?

being gay makes you edgy?

Maybe, but isn't that half the fun? the risk? I'm a gamblin' man.

hold your balls so that they don't slap against mine like they do in porn

quit posting pics of my dead dog


Being edgy makes you gay.

You think I have the multitasking for that? pass me some duct tape, ho

put your balls above your dick and take a pic please

what the fuck does that even mean?

fine i'll just reach down and hold them for you

I only suck dicks ironically


do it

Fantastic, i'm going to make your colon resemble 9/11

literally wat

I'm ultraslut status, fucked so many people I lost count

I'll ironically dip my dick in chocolate for you next time.

so you want sprinkles or what ?

but are you THICC enough for that?

Uhuh sure you have, newfriend


Stay around in these muddy waters some more and you'll never know

I'm out anyway
Get ya sad clowns another time


speaking of thicc

Oh yeah
Fuck you

don't leave me...


I'm sorry?

I'm leaving with Jack I can't be around you virgins anymore

Jack wait up!

sinni put your balls above your dick and take a pic

literally who the fuck even are you

I'm on it.


I failed.

I am kidding dear, nice to see you!
Gen you eine



ill try to

no please wait

we can't go on with out you

Whats poppin baby girl, you crossed animals lately?


I haven't! I need to get back to it qq. What have you been up to recently?

You're so not into my fireplace


How do you not know me? This user
says my name every time he enters a thread.

I came back just for you

Do we have any other perpetually 15 year old girl surgeons to replace him?

someone save me I am tired and duunut want to sleep

Working... between friday and sunday I spent 45 mins at home, so, im working. Also mmmmmmmmight need to update my CV. but eh.
Get back to? what? arent you a free person?


Thank god.

No but I hope we find one soon.

oh you're THAT faggot who went on about namefagging for like 6 hours straight


i l-like it when you tease my scrotum

when does fish post her fissured hairy boypussy

"you can do whatever you want but if you don't do what I say you're gonna be punished forever"


ive seen it

it was delicious

Go for a walk.


i want to tug it with my fingertips

That wasn't me, I think a Jew said that for shits and giggles

You know how daddy likes it

scoot no

Its too late, i'm already balls deep in this cunny.

So the cutting off the tip of your dick thing was just a prank ?


Said the one wanting balls pics from a whale

Goodnight everyone


cya in a few minute bloodchan

sssssssh baby. , or else no cummies.


The "anonymous" person that will start asking if anyone has seen him totally isn't him. He said it isn't him and he wouldn't lie, would he?

no wait

has anyone seen bloodchan??????????????

They're cyber sucking my dick

He's as his day job as head surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital.

videogames were a mistake


Squids were a mistake

what the FUCK are you being so smug about you little SHIT

This but semi-ironically


i'm gonna go take a nap

joining the voice chat actually made me tired

lol look at this introvert what a nerd


it had like 10 people in it

but no one was talking

it put me to sleep


So that's what it's like when "i'm" not there.


only semi-ironically


who's she?


Some elf girl from that Restaurant anime.
Who is she?

oh that interesting looking anime

that girl is a shotgun, a human mossberg gun lady

It's eh.

What. Luka, these are just words you're tossing out.

Just use iqdb.

this girl is an AR-15

That's not as fun as asking Luka though.

I'll take your word for it...

in this pic she's holding herself~

i identify as a paintball gun

She's tiny compared to herself.

bloodchan you missed it
I went to Ippudo with someone and it was fucking lit

we coulda been merry on peach soju




why not
small chance of normalizing them with social exposure

She's SMOL!

Right outa the 90's.

which one of her though :)

Could even electroshock therapy make him normal?

The one with the legs!

could electroshock therapy make anyone normal in the first place?


I don't think it could fix his lobotomy.

Small Luka confirmed.

pew pew

Why Luka...

what a shame

have you been upto anything neat this summer tsuchi

Who the fuck is this new guy?

He smells

shit thats a nice one


what are you talking about?


This one.
But it's okay, because there's a FiveseveN, and she's also perfect.

The guy whos named after my ISP

Summer is a time to do nothing and just get drunk with friends at pools.

Some gay horsefucker.

nigga you expect me to know what your ISP is?

I did that one weekend during the grind

not sure what to do on my month off tho


It's shit btw

Aeris 2.0?

I think he's supposed to be a pony version of Bebop.

basically this

i havent seen them all yet

I still have no idea what that means but everyone makes it sound particularly bad.

Bebop had a fascination with guns
moreover he's creepy in several ways
probably the gun thing

Well... fuck.

Guy who would always talk about the military as though he was totally a Navy SEAL while posting pics of a shitty/cheap tactiCOOL AR-15 while making comments about how he's gonna single-handedly take down ISIS because he cries during Rambo movies.

So like SteveAn, with a gun?
I suddenly want to see this.

Oh and he leads his tribe because he somehow saved them millions of dollars and turned $20 into $100,000 during the election on the stock market by following advice on 4chan.



I figured. But just so I can see how far the similarities go, what tribe specifically?

No idea.


New thread