thanks, one sec, makin' a new thred~

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Delete this thread.






oh okay.

when will you say something left?


*pets bunny*


Even if its ironic this post is to dangerous to let live.


stranger danger!!

Every 3rd thing I say is a left.


but you said everything you say is right

how can you say things left

if everything is right?

would you fuck this?

yes or no
I need to know

Anime isn't real so no.


3 rights make a left


looks like an angry frog with cat eyes

not even a little cute


get this shit away from me

you hate everything I love

Doesn't sound like my problem.

Maybe you should like better things.

3 right wing presidents has led to your left wing president.



thats how it works

when one side is offece everyone realizes how awful they are and then turns back to the other side

it never ends

The cycle of life and death continues we will live they will die!.

All depends. Maybe some will have a request, we'll see


3 world wars

leads to what?


somekinda wolrd peace? or apocolypse?

Both of those would count as left.

you can't win

give up


I want to boardgame

hmm... three lefts

make the world Right?

Evangelion: "gods all right in his heaven all's good with the world"

me too


A humorous post

oops i forgot to write you reply >_<
give me example requests!

win what?


i do not like chess but i've nothing else to do



its true

If you kill everyone who disagrees with you

you're right

may need to hit refresh tab once or twice it does glitchc occasionly

why isn't the world dead around you,
are there really that many Yes men type personalities around you?

If no one knew your name was Luka.

and I killed you

and told everyone your name was Frank

your name would be Frank

Could be an application that makes shopping easier, which could be used by people who go shopping

He really is quite wise~

may need to refresh agian

Bard you're very bad at this
I hope you're stoned out of your mind or something

no one knows frank.

as Squiddy would say:"To be frank!" tbh tbf


make the app!!

make it simple, and fast

haha yeah I had some edibles and did some dabbers tonight

It's okay it's still fun

That will be difficult without a smartphone

Frank is the dead guy on the floor

aka u

lmao xD

GG dusty chan thank you for playing tonight :3

Who doesn't own a smartphone?

might've been more interesting if you forced the queen trade off the bishop/knight fork
trying to play safe while you're fairly behind is really hard in my experience

I don't own a phone


y-yeah that didn't play out exactly how i was hoping it would

make phone do thing



You made a couple of moves that made me wtf
Like making a great fork between my bishop and knight, then when I defended my bishop and conceded my knight deciding to move a pawn

Good argument

I win

I guess you're just better seen and not heard.

Just sit in the back and look pretty next time.

make phone not suck?
Would need a complete overhaul

How and/or why?

I thought Denmark was supposed to have a high standard of living.

Who needs a phone when you don't have friends or anyone who cares when you die ?

Smartphones doesn't increase your quality of life. I've never texted anyone on one without getting pissed. Fuck those things

early on you had a grand push with your queen as well

"I can't hit buttons with my fingers"

Whats the hard part again ?

I live in a small town so anything I need I can just bike to go get

I have all my friends on facebook if I need to go interact with them I just send them a messagge

Yeah I think you castled a bit early so I could just kind of run around and terrorize

Ban is so sassy~

That, seriously. Still can't type a single word without making a typo or two after having one for a few years.

Fuck off guys, like seriously
Being mad telling me that the emoji movie isnt great and stuff
I saw it and i loved it, period
If you hate me for like a movie that you havent watch and you think is shit then fine i dont care, unfriend and block buttong are on my profile
Being fucking pussies over a movie geez, watch the movie and then talk, dont just go around taking facts by the peoplw who havent even seen it

admitedly that's a bad habit of mine I found out how to do that a few years ago and really pretty heavy on it

Good way to get dominated huh .//.

Get a phone with large buttons for old people.


Who needs friends when you're already dead?


But what about when you're out and need something?

Being dead makes me feel so alive.


will u over haul?


Found out how to castle?
It's a pretty expected that you'll castle, or at least try to, at some point in the game. But you generally aren't developing any pieces with that move, unless the rook will be opened. So you have to be able to sacrifice a turn, or open the rook with the castle.

That doesn't really happen much
I don't really underrstand what you mean exactly

It's like

If I need something I ll go do it
then come back home lol

If white is right what color is left ?

I'm thinking magenta.


I'm thinking turqoise

Thats right.

This is exactly what I wanted.

Yeah It;s the most useful trick I have ever learned I think : 3 but it takes forever to get ready that's true

also a shame you can't do it after being checked


Thomas de Mahy, marquis de favras

no idea what that means

sounds good though

get fucked

I'll play you if you're still up for another


Not even gonna open that.

Look up en passant
It's memes and I have no idea why it exists

I would like to another time but unfortunately I've developed an incurable hunger

Yes It's destined that I make a journey i'm afraid

Its because you're on the weed again right ?

thats soooo cooool

Me, a cute and innocent toaster

I see. Until another time then


takin a nap


I'll miss you :(

What are you into ?

Getting a phone with actual buttons, not touchshit. Sometime

gey hpws upi?

Nah, can't. Too much work and there's no demand for it

Aww, nap well

Stone age tech.

Technology is meant to progress and be more easily accessible. This feels like one hell of a step backwards

Technology isn't the problem here. You are.

Pretty much, seeing I'm likely one of the very few that absolutely despise touch

anything with a catchy melody. any genre.
I love songs I can sing to, anything that gets stuck in my head.

lately been on pop punk/rock/emo


how about you?

momiji titties~





The original Escape The Fate was my favorite band



listening to this first one, her voice sounds like a guy's, and I couldn't tell if it was a guy or girl at first until the closeup shots


good sound though

not a fan of the second, female vocalists are iffy for me

doesn't really work there for me

third one is good

She switched voices with Kellin Quinn at birth.

I feel like she only has a few good songs though.


if only all job applications went this smooth

youre down nearly 10kg? nice
you are actually moving about too, right?

...not really

I'm quitting smoking drinking and overeating all at once excersize is like 200% motivation I donut have.

If you liked the last one then listen to a band called "Falling In Reverse"

same singer


Good job.

i would laugh but it's more sad than funny

I listened to this song by them, everything after the first minute was very good.

can't stand the glam in general and the obnoxious way he sings in the beginning :x


i wish the first minute didn't exist lol

he still does that overemphasizing throughout the rest of the verses but it seems especially bad in the beginning, particularly the intro

Ronnie Radke is life




I hope i'm converting you.

okay, raised by wolves is sick so far, this is going on my playlist

well done

also, is he wearing a bullet proof vest over a shirt? lmao

epitaph records has a lot of good artists

help I can't sleep as long as I want to

fap to anime boys and try again

Hu stop trying to get me to fap to you

I think it was right after he got out of prison or something.

They probably tried to play on that a little.


This is from the new album

I think they have Sleeping With Sirens too which is an okay band.

The singer is a guy that sounds like a girl though so I don't know if you would like them.

I'm not anime

Your animus
close enough

Can't blame you there.
Not a boy though

When people like the same type of music as me I automatically like them more than other people.

if you dont move, you will lose muscle as well as fat, and youll reach a point at which it becomes extremely hard to lose weight and not make yourself ill

isnt it fucking just

to the girl ive loved for four years. to the girl that hates me because some jerk decided to spread rumors. to the girl who tears out bits of my soul every day

yeah I've heard them before. same thing as I said earlier, high pitched/female voices just don't work well with heavy rock for me

shame too as they have a good sound instrumentally/compositionally

epitaph has one of my favorite bands, Ghost Inside

I don't like music this heavy normally but these guys make it work
too bad they only had one good album, released a mediocre one, and then went silent


To my friend who I try to care about when he doesn't care about me. When I'm thinking of him...hes probably not thinking of me. Maybe I'm not enough. Not as pretty as other girls, not as smart, not as important, not as nice, not as perfect. I guess I'm not enough for him at all. :/ I wish I was. My hair is a little too wavy and I have a little too much acne. My ears are a little too small and I'm a little annoying. But my love for him will never be "a little".

I was brought here because of Sleeping With Sirens (though I'd heard this song before then and not realized what it was). As much as I love SwS, I've got to say that I like this version better. In my opinion, the song sounds better with the almost rock element to it.

hu a little boy

This song really speaks to me because there are some people who I wish knew the real me but I'm afraid of them judging me... That's why I use social media but never show my self... It my one way of being accepted...

I'm getting a kettle ball set to go with my dumbbells, I've only used the dumbbells once though and I've had em for like a week

u are

I can't say I like the singers voice in this one.

I'm not sure why but it just doesn't sit well with me.

What are you even going on about ?

Hah, loser

I myself wanted to be happy but I seem to feel like every time I'm happy bad things happen, and let's be honest every time we make someone happy we usually hurt others, and this is why I let my friend cover my image and now I'm covered with the shadow of my friend. he's very popular now and I'm left behind all silent. So for those who's tellingg me to happy, I'm going to turn your offer down.( still in high school days.)

bard are you okay

You drank like five beers in an hour and fell asleep, you can't laugh at me

At least I got some sleep, so I totally can.

you also want some cardio, if youre not doing any running you should also start doing planks or something


I wasn't alive here...but it brings happy tears to my eyes knowing that once upon a time my Mum was happy. Before she accidentally had me. Before she met my awful Dad. Before she got bipolar and depression. It was somewhere in between when she was 20 and 30 years old. They were the best years of her life. She used to live in Nottingham, with my now auntie (she married my uncle but back then she was just my mums bestie) they shared a flat together. Mum said she wishes she could take it back to back then. She was bouncing on the bed to this song one day with my auntie and they broke the bed but they both just laid on the floor laughing. My Mum always tells me how that was one of her best moments of her best years. I cry when I know she was happy once. I'm dug deep into a hole of problems at the moment, and so is my Mum. We pray for a better life together one day soon. I know, sometime soon, that day will come. I really want my Mum to move back into that flat. Back into Nottingham. Back to where she was happy.

I got some sleep too, and considering I wasn't inebriated it was probably more relevant sleep than you.

I just wanted to wake up later because the cycle of >fall asleep mid morning >wake up when family gets home is hitler and hard to break out of

yeah it's not for everyone.

I was surprised when I liked their band when I didn't listen to anything with screaming when someone showed me it


i wanna drink with test o/////o

Test never drinks


hehe that's not true I remem ber the last time I ggot drunk with test~

Maybe you'll like this one ?


Not everyone likes this band


Hey it was perfectly restful

Sounds like you need something to do with your day you dirty NEET

What are these lies you are spreading

smug wendy used to be a meme.

then it wasnt a meme.

now it has resurfaced.

wendys possibly altering advertising algorithms. food is worth billions of dollars.

facebook are the masters of advertising. they make you live the advertisement. and it tricks you into thinking its something you should care about, because your feed is filled with stuff you care about. its videos are mini Skinner boxes.

the advertisements are perfectly timed. powered by billions in people, dollars and bytes. measuring anyone that engages with the video. always are the peak moment of action, when your attention is up. computers can measure that. i'd measure the mouse movement to see who tries to click it off, or who moves on. the faster they try to click it off, the more engaged they probably were before the video swapped to commercial.

they've additionally added a little countdown-to-advertisement thing. easing your subconcious self into oncoming advertisement in 3 2 1

-something about cars-

or maybe it's all been a coincidence.

many youtubers are open about how they can track user engagement. youtube has its own illuminati governing the most marketable voices. but the masses are the judges, deeming who deserves money. ever wonder what kids get as advertisements? hundreds of thousands of captivated kids, filtered by income region. thats a stock tip.


Who topped who?

Society and technology studies are interesting. The theory used is often a bit too abstract though

was worth a shot.

you're livin it, babe.


Wow I can't believe test and bard got drunk and fucked

Even small amounts of alcohol prevent you from entering REM sleep.

You're not wrong.

You just drink like, a single beer and don't get drunk, so it doesn't count.

it doesn't matter I'm versatile

he forced me to crosdress

That's where i developed my sick fetish

bet they did nuthin

this song's pretty good

is that a kid on the drums? oh my god lmfao

I see

Yeah it's taken me years but now I speak out against it
to protect other young and innocent girls from this sick predator

is being shit a meme?

I own some edgy shoes for that band.

I can't tell if the drummer is a guy or a girl.

Sorry I don't drink enough to start making screeching noises and reeeing like some people.

the alchemist is potent.

You should fix this.

oh ok it's a girl apparently


Nah I'm just gonna go watch some tv

We're all girls.

master of his domain

Some still gets seduced by his tricks


I have a whole folder of cute animu girls

it makes me feel warm and fuzzy

you should do push ups instead.

I'll forgive her looks then.

I meant generally, not specifically right now.

Also who the fuck watches TV what year is it

test I still love you ;~;


I refuse to believe ANYONE on this board would have cute animu girls saved on their computer
That is fucking disgusting

rejections a phobia that drives people to cam

better cam up then

don't have to anymore~



everyone ignore him until he breaks down and cams

go away kanra nobody likes you

You are disgusting but we try to keep it polite.


read: we're too scared to love you

You WANT that?

wow I'm gonna kill myself what the FUCK

'read' is very American.

Stream it at least.

He is kinda cute looking I guess.

won't be greedy tonight. got attns from intended targets.



oh my god

he wants my attention

that's MY attention give it BACK you LEAF LEECH

Sorry my internet is shit I can't stream.




Insider confirmed for caming for you in the past



I can still count the people from this thread that have on one hand.

Unless i'm forgetting something


I wonder what it feels likee to be that cute...

We all are, hence the intersting part.

You confirmed for camming for insider then

Webcam broke.

Bard already is that cute

"of course"


H-haha thanks
i'm going to bed goodnight!!


No need to be jealous.

Its not your fault you missed out.

Better luck next time champ.



Oh nooooo, how will I ever find something to jack off to now.
What a shame

wait im still here

I'm sure you can find someone will to type *sucks dick* at you.


nah, you're off to bed

We get it Bard

You're a slut


Too late, already gonna suicide


I hope its slow and painful.

haha that's my shtick!

okay hu senpainiini for real!

What's up?


Rest well and dream sweetly

Simply an epic troll xD

What have I done to deserve such hate and scorn?

me 2

Ugly pictures and something about a boneless fish


I'm sorry not all my pictures are cute anime girls
This is truly the greatest of mistakes


You can post the ugly ones just not when i'm around.

you have to keep yourself looking pretty when i'm near by



I'll stop posting ugly pictures if you stop posting edgy ones

Nothing I post is edgy.

Nothing I post is ugly

Imagine getting head pats.


It has downs

downs is beautiful, excus u

Its not though.

I feel bad for the parents.

God I wish I had downs


Its the current year

we live in a world where men can be women and any race or nationality they want.

You can be trans-downs if you want

You know
I'll pass


I can't believe the thread just died like that




I blame the Squid



excuse me you can't just go being lewd at people

Thread died after your post

make me

this is illegal



dick > ass > tits

Ass > Pussy > Tits > Thighs > Midriff > Everything else on a woman > Dick

lmao fag




Echo !






*grants attention*

I unironically enjoy the Wakfu mmo


I unironically enjoy eurobeat.

The mid to late 80's and early 90's were the cultural peak of humanity.

Then we were born and everything went down the shitter


Every time

My body says 'sleep', my mind says 'why-even'.

Fuck your mind and sleep anyway

Fap yourself to sleep

Sleep is for shitters

I'll mind fuck myself.

that's kind of like fapping, right?


Just lay on bed and fap to some AE86 drifting videos.

Somewhat, if it makes you feel good

Time to go to bed then

Bonus points for real 90's Japanese VHS-quality footage.

lol i remember when i used to sleep

such a weakling i was


say no!


no drifts

Love the smell of dying avatarfag shitholes after work



I always knew you guys are behind but being this stupid is something else




My IQ was not high enough to visualize.



Dead threads does smell quite good

liek u xD

oh my

helo is new thred