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Too early to drink

1:21 am, perfectime







cute~ ♥



I kept drinking so I forgot what I know

But 9:24am is not


If you want to get drunk, drinking less won't really do

*hugs sleepily*

That is why you come visit here
Or I head over there, one of the guys I got to know a bit over the past week was danish


and I'll blow your house down

I'm accidentally wearing my mom's shorts.

Luka is!

aww, cute. Should get some sleep~

Was he, or did his grandparents just migrate from here?


how the fuck do you mix those up



you pics are too! i want moar


Someone put them in my clothes drawer and I just grabbed the first thing on top.

was danish going to the imperial college london


nah I'm not scary
I'd help you rebuild your house

Boob president is pretty qt.


Lies, you just stopped!

True, just need to drink faster!


Good girl. Night night, sleep well

Huh.. Sounds odd

Same amount but faster? Maybe that'll do too


It's true!
I found two dollars in the pocket so it was worth it.

Come on man.

Just need to do it!

That's very odd.

Gonna drink most of this Sunday?

Not really, like half of it.

But if you woke up at 3, doesn't that mean that almost half of your Sunday has already passed?

Gotta earn a living.

It was unexpected. When I went to sit down I noticed how little of me they cover and put 2 and 2 together.

Perhaps, but I don't mind!

That's, uhh.. quite.. lewd.

They are like this short maybe a bit longer.
It's not lewd in any way.

You'll continue drinking past it then too?

It is lewd!

Perhaps, I don't know!

In what way?
I do not see how ill fitted clothing is lewd.

Well, you should see by eye if it fits!

I mean, is one of the best places in europs for space stuff

other than franceland, apparenly

What is a shot of kisses?

Don't get too drunk~
Is Monday tomorrow after all

Oh? Could be, I really don't know

Imperial college london is pretty prestigious no matter what you do

It was dark, and I was in a hurry.

iron-blooded hot-blooded cold-blooded

it was three dollars, not two.

How can you be hot and cold blooded at the same time?!

How can she be 8 and 600 at the same time?
Don't worry about it, just love it.

I'll try not to!

Bah, you would at least feel it!

Sounds like it

Good, work while hungover sucks


rip me

ok nini time

It felt tight, but I figured they were just old shorts or something.

I'll rip your ASS

I want to kill myself before I turn 40

I can't believe moog is ded

True, but I'll try to avoid it with counter measures!


Why are you even still up, moog?


Bah, you just enjoy being lewd!
Sleep well dear.

No, you!


no u


no lies

All lies.

you sound like things

that are cute

and stuff

I do love it, that;s why I asked!


These are lies however

The boobies are lies?!

Your statements. But yes, those too

nooooo, don let the boobies be lies!

They are. She's pretty flat

Holos are perfect

Flat is best

too big no good

Too big is never good

Hu's are good, though!


Absolutely not

It is!

absolutely yes!

Is not

I just had something really embarassing written out.

good thing I didn't post it.

You're learning



it was about judy hopps.

Why is everyone from Holla Forums& friends showing up here now?

Don't fuck the bunny


cause why not?



and because I was curious if there was a catalyst or it just happened

this is my best judy hopps

It's dead, Jim

good, anime is cuter


it was literally going to be partly about judy. in a bigger piece about motif.

That's not an actual photograph of you moderating the board?


Post anyway

here's a picture of me every day

yes. disney characters hold a soft spot in our hearts. it was going to be about the problem of misrepresntation of character.


eve is my actual disney waifu anyway

That's pretty gray

snake lady is my westworld waifu

that's messed up. you'd do that to wall-e?


did you get all the symbolism with piano rolls?

thats a tough one

no it was too clever for me

if you were in that universe, you'd be a human.

and let's face it. some part of us envies them.

did you notice the camera angles?

cupcake in a cup sounds pretty good


i forgot this judy

did you finish it yet?

did you see the one in the car?

the season? ye

what are you referring to


endless search for meaning, discovery that to be human is to be a machine. that free will was always illusory. that our brains are the gods.

didju get that


*sprays everything under load*

i do not remember a car

the one where judy hopps is in the car.

two topics ago


ground control to major george.

*major moogs

its like 6 am lemme alone




I'm worried about the way she holds all these carrots

what did he mean by this

She knows how to handle carrots

he means "please photoshop more period blood onto my waifu"

what do you mean squiddy?



I mean you're gay

Oh, carry on then

youre gay


*boost comes on*
*hits vtec*
*applies extra NOS*
*clutch evaporates*
*piston punches through*

where are the proofs?

you said my asshole is cute like guero did

No I just photoshopped it into a youtube video


look at this nerd his asshole isn't even cute

cute assholes D:

the cutest assholes are pink

'Cute asshole'
I've only heard that before about a person.

life would be better if we had tails

It would make porn with tails less interesting

It would make porn without tails interesting

it would be like omitting genitals like the super healthy space in ngnl

Ninetails :o

So the Audi A4 from 2003 won't start and makes a single click when I turn the key into the starting position. Just one click, and then a bunch of beeps after. The starter engine won't even turn.


I'm never gonna buy a crappy German car.

get that one haas car

So that's why it goes faster than our 1.6 NA SOHC Peugeot.

I want a Honda Civic Type R for my birthday daddy

I like horror movie endings where the protagonist becomes a/the killer

Gonna find yourself a sugar daddy?

Do you have a Type R I can have?

Don't got any money either. Need to look elsewhere







but flat chests are delicious

Big titties.



moar tiddies pls

like this?

less titties more chests

itty bitty anime tiddies


why did momiji suddenly get flat

Cause she is, most just get it wrong

gayer than aids

flat is better anyway


So long they're still girls

the penis makes it better though


do da homie
do da homie

Wow, she really is flat.


Plebeian tastes.

nothing good about dick

he's maximum pleb


I was under the impression that she had a modest bust, but wasn't small, but no.

Looking at manga artwork she's flat as a board.

And it isn't as if her shirt is super loose to excuse it either.



but wasn't *flat

She's pretty sweet

Absolutely not

throw them tiddies in my face

Love for ALL sizes

Why not bury your face in them yourself? Doubt she would complain


it won't be as hot if she doesn't force them on me

You want slut wolf to top you?
Wow, now that's what I call being submissive

you must not know me

It seems not

I'm having guests over in 2 hours
Tell me to go make my place look presentable

Gør nu rent!

you will learn

Who wants to be a bidoof?

I don't super dislike her, but she isn't my favourite.

With time comes knowledge, and I've only been here for about a week now

Any slave slut.
Sounds like below average

i posted there before here

But where is there?


I don't recall seeing you. I'm terrible.
never went outside the Holla Forums&Friends cyclic thread

I thought that was Neko's thread, too

💀 I want to die


Maybe. I'm still terrible for not remembering

God I wish I wasn't a bidoof

I can't find my most recent binary sort results.

My plan for the end game is 6 bidoofs, so you have 5 more chances.

neither did i
i was the one always posting animu and stuff

Squiddy is the perfect HM slave

Sort again to create a new most recently sorted list

But that's what half the people did and still do


That is quite a while ago now.. I don't know, was probably too busy being a faggot

anyone else want to punch kanra

I want to punch kanra

in the mouth
with my penis

Don't feel particularly compelled to

i only liked posting when certain posters were around

Really can't blame you there

the rest were creeplords like swiper or just terrible people

Wasn't swiper a literal pedo too?
Yeah, it's still true today for quite a few that remains. Oh well, it's nicer here anyway

yeah he's banned on ponychan for trying to cyber and get nudes from a 14 year old boy

I find it funny that Manga Reisen and Geemu Reisen are never in the top 5 together.

Serves him right

every post he made, made me sick to my stomach

I don't even know any of those names

I never read any of them, I just saw people talking him down and hated him, so didn't really bother to


Why did you tell me to resort 2hus if you don't even know 2hus?


He might have posted during times I didn't as well.

I never did, just said she was flat, and I only knew that cause someone told me

he was the most disgusting poster i ever met

To make you ask questions.


Good thing he's now banned

I thought we were talking about sluts who could be bidoofs, and you kept a list of those ;-;

No, sex is icky.

And naming pokemon is purely voluntary so it depends on if anyone wants to be this female bidoof, otherwise I'll name it myself.

now if only the shitters here could get banned


Squiddy fits perfectly for a female Bidoof.
And nah, isn't. It's a good way to show you love someone else

I've not seen too many shitters here to be honest.

sex is sticky

oh man just wait

Girls are icky.

That's why I prefer daddies like Hu.

oh i didnt know you liked it like that

Sticky, but not icky

Waiting I will be then


Or fek.

I feel so honoured.

Girls are lovely.

quick rundown on this place please

it's like waiting for a guy to take a dump on you
just move out the way before it's too late

Especially the red-heads. unf

Unless you're into scat

are you into scat

Not at all

Top of the page

then move out the way

i can't make sence of that


Just like a cat, I'm far too curious

Holla Forums - Autism General

Holla Forums
You must be this autistic to post.

Mostly socially awkward people conversing about everything. Anime is rarely the topic but almost everybody is a huge weeb

We are all socially active well-adjusted invidivuals.

You don't understand the avatarfag part, the circlejerk part, or it being full of autism?

there's only room for one cat in this thread

except for the dutchfags

We stand in a circle and jerk eachother off, it's all very homoerotic.

Sounds like you came to the right place

I guess you're actively competing with Luka for that title then, kitty?

God damn it Test, you forgot the part about playing soggy biscuit.

luka has never been a cat
didn't start meowing til i talked to them

Wow, a wizard literally turning people into kitties

I knew this existed but every time it gets wiped from my memory and I look it up again and am once again just a bit grossed out.

i dont like it

Better than sounding, tbh.


sometimes i sound my peepee with a qtip after fapping to make sure none of my cummies end up dripping on my undies

Damn them all!

Get a loli.

s'why i have to make sure i stay the best

Sounds like you'll need some luck

nuh i got elite skillz

I wanna take a break from loli porn so i can drown in degeneracy later

Fap to 3dpd normie heterosex stuff!

Gotta keep them well-hidden so nobody can steal your tricks

I beat the shit out of that faggot ass rabbit last time he tried

I'd fap to kawaii asian chicks but idk how to search for them

aww, poor him

those commercials used to piss me off every time
this stupid faggot would dance around and shit with the cereal instead of just eating it

moral of the commercial: eating cereal makes you a gay faggot

the cereal sucked anyways
i loved the yogurt tho

mixing cereal with yogurt can make a pretty decent breakfast actually


Does sound odd at first, but if you can pour milk over cereal, you can do it with yogurt too. All you'll get is just crunchy yogurt.
Is pretty good actually

no i tried that before and it was disgusting

Try less-sugary cereal

it was honey bunches of oats

Cornflakes with yogurt works amazingly well.
Not Kelloggs, fuck that shit

but they're grrrrrreat!

I'm not a big fan of sugar


not a fan of being unhealthy?


You made me fap to 3dpd >:(


I don't mind being unhealthy. I hardly move a muscle all day.
But I don't really like stuff that's too sweet

sours are the best candies


you're a weird one

Nothing beats salmiak

I know, I'm being told so quite often.
But give me grease, I'll fucking consume all that shit as if my life depended on it


salty liquorice

i think we have those
i can't remember what they're called tho

They're extremely popular here so we got tons

that's my fetish

mexicans have the worst candy ever
why do they put peppers and shit on everything

It's just so fucking good

Because they ruin everything they touch

cept tacos

I never found those particularly great. There are better ways to contain your meat and salad than in taco shells


i feel cheated

Wraps are much better.
As are burgers, come at me

cumming your way

Once you've tasted these burgers, you won't regret a thing

that just gave me a boner

I cum my pants every time I bite into them too

that's a lot of cum

burgers always make me sick

I know, it kind of sucks

What part of them? These are nothing like the fastfood kind of burgers. They're better in every single way

You must be almost empty all the time

gotta let that build up, man

Nah, can't do that

i gotta go now
talk to you later

But self control and things

Have a pleasant day

I've trouble sleeping whenever I try. Just can't do

But then better dreams!

I don't dream. All it'll lead to, is a few hours of sleep, rather than the optimal 7-8 hours

naps, then!

Can't nap during work or studies. Gotta get a good night of sleep

That works too

not if doing

You have me in a corner here!

Does Cato like being cornered?

If it's by a Hu, maybe

Lewd Cato

Said lewd Hu's



no lewds

Most lewds!

None to be found

is everywhere


Impossible, I cannot lie

Do you like Trump?

And yet, you just did

More than half of the US doesn't like Trump!

I think you are just mistaken!

I like Trains

Absolutely not

See, just look at that!
Lewd Hu's, right there!

Wrong. Just a wolf girl in little clothing

For a moment I read trains.

exactly, lewd doggo!

Good, that's what it said

Least she wears clothes


Haha silly you


I ran out of mcm projects i watched them all

what is this empty feeling

god i need a drift car

Emily, since when did you post lewd?

Wouldn't the fact that he got elected mean that more than half of the US likes him?

Ban bans

Too bad~

talking about drift cars where tf noriyaro at???

No, he lost the popular vote

electoral college a shit

Go back to bed

no u!

Yeah, is. Should put some on

daddy no

And his approval ratings have only fallen since.


i never slept

i post lewd?

n-not here ddy

Where'd you go then?


cleaned my room

never heard that before

if I could sleep longer I would


Exactly, that is what happens when you keep firing your own appointees that everyone said were dumb in the beginning




I am an original genius!
and choose not to hear sarcasm

And other things too I take it. Sounds good though, a clean room can be nice, unless you can no longer find certain things afterwards

Try anyway!

Yes, should. Too lewd




lewd good

How is gasghost?

What's gotten into you?

Rip.. Hope you got better luck come evening

no, lewd bad!

Lewd very good!


I laid in bed for about an hour and 30 minutes after I got up trying to sleep more.



Hmph. Better sleep more next time you head to bed

So I can see :3
Find another show to watch, or drift in Need for Speed~
I dunno

no complaints





I'll do that

Now you are eveangelion

of course is

That is good things!


Mmmh I dunno I just feel this emptiness of not having a 400whp awd turbocharged sleeper station wagon to cruise around with

Good boy

Nope, never is. Ever

That's an option too!


Always is, always

Never seen it and probably never will.



Very likely

No it isn't.

Fine, have it your way then, slut