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Because they were invented by engineers, I mean, isn't it their job to make everyone's life hell?

niggas never get my name right it's spelled slick but the l is silent

god dammit i hate the world

How comes?

i mean, i don't particularly know what to draw

i just want to be able to do the things i see

surely repitition works.

draw a robot that is trained to fuck your mouth

i messed up and linked luka in my other post

How's Tak, have you reached nirvana yet?

just, how did they manage to be awesome at different scales? the medium detail I posted, and also the low detail like this. it just feelsgood to view.

This is why everyone should be conventional scientists!!

I don wanna be hooman

I live in it
all the time now



That happens, not something to cry over though.

Practice and a whole lot of books on the subject I assume.

Eh, I prefer to be an engineer just for the entitlement to do things my way.
And annoy other people.

What changed?

that's right talk dirty to it

like, how?

is it a legit strategy to just, trace over someone elses work enough times, til you get a sense of their strategy?

i cry every time it happens


I like my physical sciences

actually making a difference and moving humanity forward to futures which could possibly be beneficial.

I changed my diet!



Ask Moogs, he knows a whole lot more.

You shouldn't!

I'm not too fond of those, I just prefer CNC and electricity stuff.

To what kind?

I eat more
and smoke a lot

can't help it
i'm a crybaby

biting seems a good way to learn.

do it enough times, you probably get a sense of what they do where to create what.

if they've ever livestreamed, that's more info to work with.

re balance!

Well then, I mean, sometimes eating more can be a lot more healthy as it makes you less tired.
Not sure about smoking though..

Well, as long as it isn't bothering anyone else!


but it is good when you can actually touch the samples!

I do so too, I mean, CNC is all about handling things which the machinery will transform into something else.
Not to mention electronics are all about making devices that then gain "life" when turned on.

enough to piss off broly


i am indirectly. it case this was all stupid and wrong, i could just say i was thinking out loud.

both of those things make me very happy

Lies, you're not bothering me with it.

Well, it's all fine, I mean he did answer it after all albeit quite shortly.

I forgot what I was going to say to you, but there was something
you are good

I am quite drunk and just got back from a meteorite conference
CNC is awesome and we need people that do that stuff, but apparently my niche is H isotopes and understanding interplanetary materials, which will be nice once we get there.

Have you considered changing smoking to something a tad healthier though?

was that was that was?


i have to cry harder then

thats okay

did you get your money back

it's fine
how're you?

still working on it
my phone is also almost literally exploding

Maximum IQ posting.

jeez dude

was that what that was?

Oh, well then.
I'm only one bottle of rum in.
I will try to get a engineer's diploma in CNC in a bit as long as they have the entry exams, but currently I have a contract coming up for 1 year of CNC work.
Not too much space stuff here, minus like Aalto university's satellite etc.

Yup, it was all that.
Are you okay?

Nope, just be yourself.

Well, I kind of screwed up by napping from 9 pm to 3 am, so kind of drinking before going to bed again, so I can revert the system.

but that's boring

how does that work?

America should go to bed

make me

nice meme

yes. i've been on a roll. programming. climbing ow ranks. how hard could it be to train to draw?

Are you sure?

Thinking of the alternatives, duh.

Isn't it like 6 am there in DK?

my battery is puffed up and everything, and NOBODY sells HTC betteries apparently

good thing my desktop can actually pull up the website for the hotspot next to my apartment

but I spent the last week rubbing shoulders with nasa people, so good stuff

I have had 2 beers and a decent amount of whiskey, but I am an extreme lightweight. I can at least make my posts look decent, but that takes a lot of deleting.

I do really like CNC, I will throw things at you if I need a special slide made for my spectrometer sometime~

where is here?

i'm not

/cuts your internet

6:36 yeah. Just woke up

what's the alternative to drinking yourself to sleep?

/cuts my wrist

Hu, I am posting something at you because you are supposed to be on my other screen

Maybe you should sleep a bit, no?
As many people that I've known that have been into that, well, they've been in it for many years since their teenagers years, so quite a lot akin to playing instruments.

Well then, I just drink quite a bit every time I do.
Well, it's just all industrial stuff really.
Finland, duh.

Then consider the alternatives.

On a weekend?
That should be outlawed, nobody should wake up before 10 am on a weekend.

Sleep meds?

this sounds like a fire hazard no?

like what

pls no

Sounds like you need to rearrange your screens

I'm quite a structured person. Went to bed before 10pm too

oh I love those too
would recommend

Talking about other things than crying about them..?

That's pretty dumb, I always go to bed at like 12 am or 1 am.

Told you, they work better for sleeping.

it's all your fault

yeah, the brit who is sleeping on my couch managed to just pregame while I got myself wasted

I wanna finland eventually
metsoc should finland sometime
but moscow next year

I don wanna
each chan has its own screen and that is how it should be

It is, but it de-puffs when I let every bit of the energy dissipate from the battery

Mm I'm hungry

I just had a coffee. a small one. less than a teaspoon per day. like big ladies that earn their chocolate. gonna be productive on this tiny tspoon. but not with drawing. i have no intention to draw. but if and when i decide to, i will.

but what makes a teenager any better at anything? what makes some kids just, automatically better at drawing? not like im not. i use pens daily. just a matter of putting lines together, right? i can put lines together.

but have you ever tried them for fun

Too late!
Earlier than many others here however

But you're still posting, so your internet still works. I dindu nothin!

Sounds like quite a comfy setup

it is
especially because easy
and I can... I forgot what I was going to say because distracted by Nomposts

Oh, well then.
I'm just a bit buzzed from one bottle of rum, my goal is just to get a tad further so I can sleep comfily.
I don't think there's really too much to do here in any city, a bit plain and boring old city-scape.
Be wary in Moscow though, they trick people a whole lot from my experiences there.

Get some food then, silly.

Well, if you do, you're going to have to do it often, kind of like going to gym, you just need to keep on doing it.
I think it makes you a lot better if you pick it up at a young age and spend years on it, rather than picking it up as an adult and then realize that you have no time to do it as you're too busy with work and so on forth.

Nope, I'm not really into that at all.

It's the best time though!
Like going to sleep late and waking up late, at least that is my scheme for weekends.

its also better to pick things up at a young age because neuroplasticity drops off in males at around 21.

by the time you're 30, your music tastes are more or less permanent.

but where is heeeere!
cities are nice because I can actually walk to places!
and stuffand things

youre going to like injure yourself

Perhaps, but at least in terms of playing games you fall off the e-sports grid at 25 due to reflexes.
Oh, didn't know that, I mostly don't care as any kind of music goes for me as long as it isn't something as extremist as speedcore which is just kind of like noise genre.

I told you, Finland duh, or do you mean the city?
In case it's the old capital Turku, but there's nothing here..
Well, there are a lot of different areas here, but like nothing too much for youngsters to do other than visit different bars/night clubs.

well now i'm dying for no reason ;;

i had ribs and stuff

It's time for bed

hehe, to each their own. Never really liked changing my schedule just because of vacation or weekends

please no ;_;

I am not charging it anymore

it is dead for the count, I will have to get a battery from amazon or something

as I said before, I get drunk quite easily and have had a few.
visiting bars with your uni friends isn't a bad option!

Nu, keep posting cute doggos

Well, get some more if you're hungry..?

Eh, it doesn't really affect me too much as long as I have a certain schedule to follow on normal weekdays.

You're really lightweight then!
Well, true, but I wish there was more types of activities here, although there is mini-golf and pool places in a few bars here.

yeah im sure someone somewhere sells it

I meant you should bed

watching tyler1 stream gow is perfect

Pushing your schedule by an hour or two shouldn't affect you much either.


no that's what i just ate like 10 mins ago silly

someone somewhere should sell gasseous ghouls

But there are Hu's here

I am very much so!
you literally have fjords in your country!
I would kill to see fjords!

the thiccness is not for sale

I don't know why I've watched so many videos from that guy and the poseidon fellow.

Well, I mean, I wake up absolutely 10 or 15 mins before my wake up on weekdays if I have something to do, no matter what.

But you said you're hungry!

Well, actually, there isn't any fjords here..
There is one that's translated as fjord due to the lack of a better word, but it's actually just a river..
Norway has fjords!
I think they're the only nordic country to have any to be honest.

yeah then i ate

What about for rent?

Are you still hungry then, or..?

ice is a little autistic but he's a great entertainer who trolls to people with good hearts

tyler1 is on the other side of the spectrum lmao
he's a clown

They may not be oceanic fjords, but you had significant glaciation, so you have to have something significant that is analogous!

not for food


this is why you should do all your hard thinking early.


Nope, no Hu here

That's good, can't be late.


only pets can resurrect me

What about for I-but-drinks-and-food?

I see a Hu right there!
and it is posting cute doggos somehow!

where to

uh... blackjacks?

Wolfgirl can't be a pet?

Anime goes on animus, makes sense

Noticed that, I still feel like he's pulling off an act though.
Yeah, he's quite a jock if nothing else, but they sometimes play CSGO together and it's max luls.

Not really, we just have odd-big rocks on random fields and very small mountains up the north and ridges throughout the country, but no fjords at all.


Totally, but can't help it to be born dumb, I mean, I want to learn to play a guitar still, but I feel like that boat has sailed already..

Never been late, just a tad too early always.

not you

nuh, anime goes on allchans

but nordic and stuf

for thieving

I need to see that


Always better to be early than being even just a little bit too late.

w-wow, mean


Oh. I've not even done The Feud yet, lol, and I'm 73 thieving

vocaroo yourself reading the OP of this

Always because Hu's

It isn't really too Nordic here, kind of like same as the Baltic countries really.
It's kind of a cesspool, but somewhat funny.

You should conduct the nearest booru for your needs!

True, although that time is off your free-time from the total of the time you have in your life if you think about it.

pet me already

craft brewery that makes good rubins that I went to today!

image plz

ok forget it

fuck you image

don care, will anyway

ive never had a rubin

vocaroo yourself drinking too much and getting sad, eventually breaking down and crying

It's what I make all my foreign friends get, unless they don't like sourkrout

yeah, nah. Never. Never voice


Is true, but getting there just on time, can be quite stressful

I didn't think pets did the petting

I can sense the danish accent

I need to hear it

don care
just Hu's
Why are Hu's even here?
I dont expect to see Hu's here
this is weird

Well, it's a dumb-country, the only good thing here is the social security and whatsoever, otherwise the weather is quite depressing and there's not too much to do..

Ah, not really for me, unless like car breaks down or whatsoever other mechanical failure.

I think the Danish accent is a lot weaker than like Swedish or Norwegian one.

I'm off that hand sanitizer yo

I am the pet

Lewds or Cherub can satisfy you there

It's all a nightmare, time to wake up

That's another good thing with being there early. If you do show up late one day, your employer won't really become upset.


but Fintimes

and roadtrip of all the nordic countries

sanaku complex is has more than any other booru
but i don't jerk off to my avatars so i prolly won't

drunk so don care


maybe just learn to play a song.

I like your image


True, but I'm never late to be honest, also I try to stay pretty positive at work.

Well, there's not really anything outstanding here to be honest, it's like Germany-lite..

True, and same, but nothing else..?

That's under progress, I mean, everyone always learns to play something like smoke in the water as their first song.

its darwins

yeah darwin drew that

Cats shouldn't drink!


Kitties can be so cute

That too is always a plus

he does draw

drinking nasty ass vodka
my brother tried mixing it with crystal light and it tasted worse

they are the cutest beings in the animal kingdom

germany is cool n stuff
has machis

I like that image tho

too bad, drank with someone else!

Well, my new job was very happy with it, despite having like very fluid hours that change by many hours depending on when I can make it.

Oh, why are you doing that?
I'm just drinking some bacardi white rum with coke.

darwin has good taste.

there are 6 year olds in china playing masterpieces.

are you suggesting he drew that or is this like trivia time

I don't know, it's quite a similar boring European country, although they have chiliwürsts and döner kebabs in many places.

Well, they were forced to play those as kids, too bad nobody forced us to learn anything like that.

trivia time

it's the only thing we got

Especially if they're cuddly attention whores

In person? A friend?

I'm sure they wish they had more employees like you~

are you calling me an attention whore?

okay, can you explain the child chessmasters that beat veterans?

When you're talking about cats, that's the finest possible compliment. Who wants a cat that doesn't like attention?

Don't you have any other mixers..?

Ehh, well, there's like not too many people working on my area, but like they're all as nutters if not a whole lot more nutters than me as they call each other out with those Arnold yells out as they don't know how to operate something.
It's pretty funny.

Same as previously, they were forced by their rich parents into that stuff.

let me sleep on your couch

Yus, someone I met three days ago

i saw the emoji movie btw

Wouldn't you rather prefer a bed?

heh, sounds like your workplace got a bit of humour too. Makes it much less of a chore

Wow, and already drinking together too? Are they still at your place?

I hate when they run
i just wanna pet them ;~;

I told him to put lemon juice in it and it took all the nasty taste away

especially if there is someone else in it!

Well, of course!
No, they went out for a little while, that;s why I am posting here~

It kind of is, like a smaller part of a bigger concern in sense of industrial stuff.
The hours are pretty tiring still, but oh well, they just go by when doing a certain task.

Citrus stuff is always best for mixing to be honest.


It's 2017's answer to the 1940's Gone with the Wind.
It's a cinematic masterpiece, beam it up to the fucking aliens. Show them the apex of human potential.

i can't wait for the fidget spinner movie and lets not forget the dabbing movie

That's what I mean. The kitty that doesn't run, but stays and starts nuzzling your hand while purring, is the best kitty

Ah, I guess if you're leaving suddenly, they came back. Hope you're having fun

That's good. Going to work and actually having something to do, is best. Else, it'll feel like fucking forever before you're off

you may be inclined to think that, but maybe you haven't done any research into intelligence. since we don't want to trigger anyone here, i'll just mention that prodigies exist, and kids who learn to read and write early, often go on to do many difficult things earlier than others.

you cannot teach chess by rote. you cannot drill every single variation of every move, and get some kid to memorize it. when interviewed, these kids just have the right move 'pop into their heads'. nope. prodigies remind us that life is unfair, and even the things we care about most, that we give up so much to be good at, is just a product of our limited genetic expression.

some kids are just born better than others. just as some are able to grow taller, or some are burdened from the beginning.

i wish ida known that sooner
but it did its job
I can barely type

yes, very!~

veryu much so, especially with cute doggos~


Perhaps, although sometimes I feel like just browsing tinder for the heck of it.

I'm aware of that, but prodigies don't really get on their way without it being showed to them beforehand, I mean, I'm pretty great at few things, but there's no glory in those paths, just wish somebody would have told me to pick up something else to practice as a kid though other than wasting years on things that I'm not good at.

I mean, it is kind of a general rule of thumb.

Wow, admitting it like that!

My kitty would only do that for me
she would run from everyone else

Aww.. Good

That's another way to spend time for sure~

Aww.. Was definitely your kitty, and yours alone then

i'm a smoker not a drinker

you were implying it!

Hu's are good

but it doesn't matter if the kid was shown a piano or a chessboard. within years, anyone would have realized that kid is smarter than others, and it wouldn't be long til he was put alongside peers and compared. and it's not like they even have to nurture that intelligence straight away. socioeconomic factors really don't play a role as much as we'd like to think.

proper nutrition and normal levels of exercise and stimulation, and those who are better will become known. i'm not tall. other kids became taller than me. we are all just genetic fleshbags.

start now. or don't ever. time is ticking, and life will get harder.

Perhaps, so how's you?

Ah, I've never smoked anything at all, not even tried.
Always been more of a drinker.

Nope, you!

she would come and sit down with me whenever i was sad too
man i miss that cat

Perhaps, but I always feel like being a prodigy is more about being a savant thus being only good in certain things and horrible at others.
Probably, just need to pick it all up once I get the time, which sounds pretty pretentious.

You did first!!


Am alright, still just waking up.
Been having a good day?

I know how you feel... Had a similar cat too. Was a very great cat

I feel more in control when i smoke tho

Nope, you!

Ah, well then.
Well, I napped from 9 pm to 3 am, and well, I've been awake ever since, so I decided to make the time fly a bit by drinking.

My general point of drinking is losing control fully, but that is way too rare, I may be a bit too good at this..
I wish I wasn't.

sucks when yoi have to get rid of pets ;~;

i blacked out only once
it was so embarassing

Now you're just playing hard to get!


Oh? What are you drinking?

It does.. Did she get too ill?


sure, prodigies might have the 180 IQs. or very low IQs, but really good at a single thing. savantism. they're too rare and unpredictable to make much sense of. like the kids that remember anything they read. those are fringe cases.

but for normally intelligent kids, born to intelligent parents? maybe they're not a prodigy, but they are just as genetically disposed to easier comprehension of problems and ideas than kids born to less intelligent parents.

we can take solace in the fact that the smarter the child, the more likely they are to suffer mental illness or commit suicide.

we moved to an apartment so i couldn't keep her

Except I'm not playing

..... Fuck ;_;

you want to .///.

Figure if speech!

I've done that like 3 times, puked many more times, but I generally just reach that warm feeling too often and it doesn't go further than that..

Well, you said it!

A bit of white rum, just been a bit tired.

I have a pretty exceptional memory, but I'm not really too good at most things, yet I feel like I might have lost at the genetic lottery due to both sides of family having alzheimer's and dementia.
Otherwise I'm quite adept, but that's just the problem for the older me.

That's lewd!
no, just really sucks you couldn't keep her

You're a figure if speech

Sounds fascinating. Never really had much other than wine and aquavit

I am less drunk now and forgot what I said

memory is overrated.

Impossible, Huponies are a figure of speech!

i drink until i feel it
i don't like blacking out it's too scary

Oh, you don't drink too much?
How old are you, if you don't mind answering?

Ah, I'm trying to pick up my pace, but still generally just buzzed.

Well, I enjoy remembering everything I've said and what everyone else has said, despite being annoyed by other people when they try to haggle themselves out of something that they've said themselves.
But I generally know the feel of that obsolete know-it-all, I remember all kinds of dumb facts but nothing really useful, yet it astonishes people that I remember/know such dumb things.

nuh uh

I don't. I'm not part of the Danish drinking culture at all, lol. Usually only a glass of wine with a good meal, but that's it.

I got pretty far and let myself come down

now vidya is a possibility

That is what happens when post boobies!

you should try jeapordy or wheel of fortune. in the limited number of people i've played trivia games on the xbox with, or watched these shows with, i'm probably the best.

i can name all the nations of the world in 1993.

parents were too cheap
it especially sucks since i can afford her now

wow, lewd

I'm so sorry..

time to do stuff. not boring stuff neither. like legit fun.

Ah, would have thought so.
Oh, I thought you'd be a lot younger than me, but you're quite older!

Well then, that is kind of a plan too.

I played some trivial pursuit whilst drinking with friends during the midsummer fest here and they asked me many times how could I know all medical question answer, outside of that field and music I was helpless though.

Have a good one Kanra.

You are the one being lewd!

could probably drink more!

that's quite interesting.


i don't live witch them anymore either
i want my fucking cat back qq

I'm anything but normal.

No lewds here

Might try visiting an animal shelter. Maybe they got one who's just as cuddly

I bet Hu has all lewds there

Well, I'm trying to!

I think it was due to my grandparents trying to get me to become a real doctor and bought me a lot of books about human physiology and general medical science books, which I read quite often.
Enjoy yourself!

Well, you do seem quite normal to me at least!
But you might be!

there is no cat tat can replace her

How old is Standard Deviation?

Never heard that one before.
I turned 22 just a while ago.

is is sciency
when is birthday?

I only got 100 pics. Nowhere near all lewds

Seem so, but are not~
Anti-social and don't drink. That's no ordinary Dane

It's true, but you can find one who's just as good in other ways. Just remember to let the cat choose you, not the other way around~

Oh, well then.
June 13th, sometimes Friday.

Well, that's not too bad!
I mean, quite many people in the nordic countries are quite antisocial.
I can be social, but I generally don't try to as long as I don't know anyone from the group, but if there is someone I know, I try to impress them and go for it, it's pretty easy all in all.
I just drink if friends drink, or if I'm really bored and feel alone.

But there are lewds!

am exactly a month older!

oh my
do yu think i chose you?

Oh, well then!
I thought you would be older than me too.

But you drink every day!

I only really try and talk to people because I'd rather have some people around me I can talk to and who wants to talk to me, than none at all.
Yeah, only really "drink" if friends do it too, but only in moderation. Really dislike getting drunk

Yeah, there are. Just a few, but all cute

w-woah. I'm no kitty though

Only when I have days off!
So either when I feel alone or friends drink, which is everyday I have off.

Oh, well, I'm always up for a chat.
Well then, I generally aim to pass out or get to that horrible point of not waking up without a hangover.


I am, like a baby in this place

That's good
matches the person posting them!

Guess you could say..
She's fast as fucc boiiii.

nigga i'm the cat

Lies, you're older than me.

Yeah, that makes you even more a baby!
Like Archives!
And Neko!


No bully!

That was actually a great OP, also this one.

And we're chatting right now too~
Wow, far, far too much alcohol

Absolutely not!

Right, too confusing.
Find a shelter~

yup, perfect match!

Not bully if facts!

Wow, I don't think I have watched Naruto since I was 15 or 16..

Well, you can always talk to me if you feel alone!
Do you have Steam or Discord you're willing to share?
Maybe a bit, but it's all right, it's just for me to unwind!

It's all bullying!

i wouldn't makle it

nigga cat

Is least bullying

nuh uh!

Aww, how sweet. Not really feeling alone though, but thank you~
Waking up hungover still sucks though >_>

Find a shelter anyway :3

But it is still!

Ah, but if you do, just remember you can talk to me, I don't mind any kind of chat at all!
Kind of, but I try to deflect it with certain things!

I'll remember, thank you. You too.
Oh? Like with water and food?

I'll try to talk to you somewhat often then!
Drinking some vitamin waters and eating a lot, then taking a shower and painkillers!
It helps quite a lot as long as you do them early on!

the black cat is at it again

Sounds healthier and easier to just drink a little less~


Too bad, let me Hu

But Standard Deviations!

Not a clue. Try asking Siri or a similar tool, they may point you to a few

L-let you what?

Well, it does help quite a lot!

I don't know!

I DUN Wanna talk to robots

Let me Huponys

I know!

But I guess that would defeat the purpose

Is no talking, just a demand

No, too lewd

He's bad luck tho.