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this thread simply is not black enough

You would be obsessed with the (d).


more pleeeease

no this is a boat youtube.com/watch?v=3Ia54sgbxDA

This is killing my laptop lol

Are you stealing your neighbor's wifi or something

That sucks
be careful

I'm not gonna cyber you bc but if you want we can go eat somewhere tonight

No my brother is gaming atm

disconnect him from the internet

why won't you cyber me anymoree?

disconnect yourselves from life

I don't know how, I am computer retarded


grim is too busy cybering me for folders nowadays

turn the router off or something

Nice dubs,OP.

Now check these.

favela niggers gtfo

slav niggers gtfo

Try me

European niggers gtfo

but grim is my property!

my brother is one of those gamers who freak the fuck out when the internet goes off or when he loses or gets trolled by 10-years-olds

hail santania

Anyone wanna touch butts ?

anymore? nigga pls


Only if it's Keijo style.

that's why it'll be funny if you cut it out on him


I'm sorry for not hanging out with you, I'm a loner
I think if I turn on uTorrent I can fuck his shit up lol


what would you torrent tho

i have to start using thumbnails now because the internet is so slow

This was meant for you u:
I think if I turn on uTorrent I can fuck his shit up

it just sucks there are other ny posters and y'all are too worried about your online personas to chill

hey you fucking sissy

i saw


I heard Youjo Senki was pretty good, but I wanna wait for the blurays to come out for torrent

Yeah it is really pathetic... I have anxiety and I'm in therapy for it. The Xanax isn't doing anything
All I want to do is knife people


i was supposed to cap that for someone but then rin fucked it up


Woopie Goldberg is insane..

okay you start

to tough

Don't feel lonely. Instead, remember how fun it was to alienate everyone out of a potentially genuine friendship.

random quotes thread bump


Thats pretty damn gay

Sorry for slow replies. My internet is slow.

I waited a month to DL the blurays for Sora no Otoshimono

How did she mess it up?
Hamakaze is pure! Don't lewd her!

-shyly places my hand on your booty-

Turn your loneliness into solitude

by posting what i was gonna cap
what will i lewd then tho ;;

I wonder how boat girls got so popular


Fucking stop

Don't even worry about it. The only people who feel lonely are the ones who are thirsty for attention

there's too many waifus
same thing with toehoe



Waifus, huh... well that makes sense.
Is Hamakaze your waifu now?

You know it's true. You have histrionic personality disorder


wats that?

i don't have my waifu's folder with me

Sod off

It's when people want all the attention because they can't stand being alone. They're very shallow and only want to associate with the popular crowd.

Who is your waifuuuuu?



i wanna know popular people!
they are popular, people like them!

I think you should seek therapy because being alone will cause you a lot of emotional and mental discomfort



Sod off

Oh man she's fat, what's wrong with you

Me and Grim

here's one taken from a different date!

yea... its uncomfortable being me ;~;


In all honesty just disappointed.

a-ah please seek help.

I had his taste in my mouth for hours after i left his home

the fuck is histronic

i think it's this first result on google:


"A mental health condition that affects the way a person thinks, perceives, and relates to others."

These are not my genders.

it means you make up shit for sympathy

there's only:



no inbetweens.

the scene where she tells sayaka to break that guy's arms and legs is what made me fall in love
but i can't find it

i'm black and white tho

Yes, it's so hard to live of the government.

i am a shit programmer

That's not made up, tho?


My GitHub is public and my programming genius does not need boasting to back itself up!

Goodnight everyone!

Thats about as much as I expected from you actually

Mami is my least favorite

*I cum out of my butt*

I'd rather have it all low.

that's kewl ^_^

oh oaky

I have no idea what you do and I'm barely computer literate.

you're only avoidant antisocial afraid



Probably gets better when I move to [less socially isolated place].

Programmy things.

where's that? ._.

Near school

tell me moar kewl stuff!

Good morning

I played DiRT 4 and it was very nice but I need a proper race set up because I'm uncomfy as hell.


but he did it

Why do you keep re-good morninging?

How's it compare to Dirt Rally?
I remember really liking that, but only really liking the proper rally mode at all.

That make you gay

Because that is what you're supposed to say when you wake up

It makes me even gayer, I think.
It's pure, unrefined autism in any case

have you no shame

i have dirt 3 !!!

Now I have nothing to do.

Kill me or send help.

kill yourself


I said "kill me" i'm not doing it myself.


I have plenty of shame.
I'm not you.

You've failed at keeping me interested in keeping you interested.

Cars are much less slidey but the force feedback feels great out of the box. Gameplay's very VERY polished and the MP aspect has improved too. There's a proper place to test your cars, there are more co-drivers available etc.

Downside is that the default tune is said to be very beginner-friendly with more tendency to understeer than oversteer, which some people did not like. Not sure about the sim-ness of the game as I haven't read a review from a proper rally driver yet, but it's got decent/good reviews with respect to the older DiRT Rally from some amateur drivers who confirmed that rally cars really do grip better than DR presented them to, and were actually hard to chuck into a corner drifting.

But fuck, I love the force feedback and the fucking EVO 6 is there.

Best game ever, just need a proper racing setup...

Yay! It's also nice, though less simmy.

huh? I don understand why i should be ashamed you were looking up gay porn.....

I can't think of shit to do when its not sexual.

Mostly because I actually don't like anything /edge

Huh, neat.
Honestly I'm a turbo-casual, but frantically trying at something I barely know how to do and is complex as hell and then failing horribly is just fun to me. I think the simminess was why it drew me in a bit though. Shame there's no easy way to try it without dropping the full price.

I'm just saying you have no shame.

Stop trying to imply I should be doing sexual shit with you, faggot.

okay daddy

sims 4?

Buy CD keys :p I got D4 for $35 or so.


well MAYBE if I DID SOMETHING that made me ASHAMED like YOU

wher 2 get cd keys? ._.

I used g2play.net/category/35656/dirt-4-steam-cd-key/

Get a job and pay for them.

Yeah damn straight.

I mean you could fix that if you really wanted to.


leave the puppy alone

Hmm, maybe.
I might pick it up when it goes down a bit or on sale or something. I guess at the end of the day I liked it for the Rally stuff which has little reason to not play singleplayer, I guess. Considering it's all just time trials and all.

Fuck Bard and let me watch.

I'm not going to say that.
Again, I'm pretty sure that'd just make me you.

That'd be gay. Do I look gay to you?

Bard is a girl.

Now we're back to were we started.....I can do this sall day you know///

Girls are gay.

Until I give in and tell you how to publicly humiliate yourself?

I used g2play.net/category/35656/dirt-4-steam-cd-key/

What's this hentai yo


Frankly I'm just too innocent and pure

I'm literally too sweet for this world

I don't remember the name.

How is he a puppy? Because he's just begging?

that feel

ikt is an adorable house puppy
leave him alone!!!!!!

I too have that image saved somewhere.

Considering what you literally just asked me to do, that's blatantly false.

I saw it the first time ikto

That was to Luka, not ikt.

W-what was the question again?

Stop playing cat and mouse with a beautiful and free falcon like me

oh wtf i though that was ikt

One of my caps

I don't know who that is more offensive to, to be tbh.


not my fault I just woke up

Then either someone saved it and posted it on 4chan months ago or someone else capped the same panel. I'd go check the file but it's not on this laptop.

I've posted it on 4chan soo


You don't post on Holla Forums though, do you?

look at these and be happy


Not normally but I have.





no i need more



whats in it for me ?

His Vietdong.


imma go watch one thing and then slep nini babes

I got ptsd from Ikt's massive cock

am i the only one unimpressed by ikt's dick



black guys pls be nice


what's even kept you here so long brah





Oh my god what the fuck
oh my god is all up
Sometimes we do it for the kids
other times we gotta do it for us

Somebody always wanna tell you you ain't doin enough
but if you listen to everybody you'll be lookin all crazy and fucked up




ily bard don't be mad at me ;;




lol really?

I get all my memes on fuckbook

now you've gone and broke my poor little heart

pic related it's us :3

why am i a bunny dog?

sup negro


Good on ya cunt
Now piss off


Now gimme dat rap.

Maybe gon see a movie. You?


dealing with cops and shit
it aint fun

Oh I can tell this'll be good...

Not if you're the one they want usually.


what kind of music do you like? .//.

They don't want me they want some guy peddling drugs around here

its weird cuz its neighborhood known to be safe

Thanks babe.
How about another?

All kinds, just whatever sounds good at the time.
But I'm partial to prog. and post rock.
What about Bard?

Well not no more.
Fight crime, shoot back.


Over the past few years I've went ahead and collected things that pique my interest from other peopl in threads like these and catalogued them onto youtube in different genre playlists

I have some tastes in alot of different stuff, including a little bit of Post rock such as World's End Girlfriend or Talk Talk

my main genre that I listen to almost daily would have to be Modern intrumental Hip Hop stuff
Not like oldschool hip hop but like
Massive trap hi hats and huge bass hits and stuff
Long drawn out fat synth notes and a big 808 underneath it all

I used to be involved in production of some music myself, and play a few instruments, so when I listen to a song it's fun to tune into different elements of it
Listening to a different part in a song can totally change the experience

nobody cares


BadFox's board is nothing but trannies. Go there to rant instead of here.


The face you make when you were always really nice to badfox and talked to them on steam and even stood up for them while everyone else basehd them

Then they go and make a new board and don't even invite you

Sounds like a good time I hope you have a nice movie :3


maybe they forgot

where's all this gayness coming from

The face I make when I've seen them since then and they still didn't invite me

ugh i hope he doesn't come here now

its not an invite only club

just go and post there

well obviously badfox doesn't want me there

Luka, did you actually lose /aneki/?

assfox get bent

pic related
The LAST relationship I was in

Why don't ya go and do something about this faggot


It kills two birds with one stone tbh.

buttfox didnt invite me, I posted, he was thankful


it's past my bedtime

no one can tell me what to do

Jon Jones is going to fight courmier soon

I kinda wanna watch it with my friends but also i'm really lazy and dont wanna get out of bed

The martian?

I'd spank that striped ass so hard bruh

Where is the board? I know fuck-all about badfox and his merry band of sorry faggots

i'd enjoy it

more striped asses

idk who's in any of the prelims are tonight
my buddies have been talking about this fight night for the past few weeks but i cant really remember anyone else who's on the roster besides jones and courmier

Have fun. Tilt at tranny windmills.

You guys remember when boo came back after being gone for lik 3 years then left again to go post on some fag tranny board



All he did was go after underage dudes so nothing of value was lost.

remember when boo said he was the funniest poster and thought he made everyone laugh all the time.

that was the saddest thing.

don't be so tsun
everybody already know about the secret grim x loco maid fanfic

I have a feeling this will be a short run but holy fuckin' shit does it hurt

And the colored girls go


RIP Lou Reed.

How long were you guys friends before that and how close of friends would you say you were?

I like loco but not like that

its you

we hated each others tits
but after I started posting on his board we talked a little bit and became ok friends


I just feel that, knowing how long I've known BF and how we interacted Im hurt that i didnt get an invite

Actually badfox dropped offf of my radarrr without even saying goodbye for like a few months before i even heard of anything about the board

But why even care if someone has a circlejerk of three whole people?

he kinda ditched everyone.

I used to get hella mad at people for that but it seems like a common thing so I don't really care anymore.

The people there are from like /tf/ or /lewd/ or some shit, not even here.

I dont care what they do
I just don't like them because I wasn't invited

there are hardly any circumstances being ghosted is something that's even acceptable
let alone okay




No one was invited because he was/is ostracized from here for the most part.

No one from here even posts there.


aww.... to late
another group snatched me up right now.

but sure! later on


getting ghosted is to you - personally.
There's a difference between that and doing it to everyone.

The latter seems a way bigger issue that isn't solved easily at all.

how are you love

which is why im more upset that i want invited

because while literally everyone else was putting him on blast I was actually kind to him

I put my own fucking reputation on the line and stood up for him in threads and shit and kept comapny in private chats on steam and shit and then just blam


Seems like such a weird thing to be bothered by.

Pretty tired, worked morning shift again today. I have dinner with my grandparents in a few hours.
We're getting sushi at the fancy sushi place.


Oh man
Somebody got betrayed an avatarfag degenerate
Golly gee thats rabid
newsflash folks

maybe goes to show he's a cocksucker and you shouldn't care about what he thinks

You honestly think that's something weird to be upset over?

I would be extremely offended to call somebody my "good friend" and then find they dont give afuck about me


thank you loco

top 10 anime betrayals

Too deep

What about it made you think he was a good friend if you only bonded when everyone was giving him shit?

we went back way before that obviously

actually I never really even learned what he did to get everyone on his ass but it was probably dumb slut shit
and tbh Idc if someones a slut as long as they dont try to slut me

I'm late to the party and gonna leave after I make this post
Someone explain the story for me to read when I get back later
I want to know the drama

fuck off

it's gonna be a whole nother day in a few hours tho


There is no drama this is a stale shithole

I have fi ve hours of day left.
Dinner is at 9.


what time is it for you

My guitar is coming in the mail on tuesday I'm super exccited!!!!!


too slow


Thanks Tsuchi
Prime idea

You're not even bullying, just shitting your pants.

There's also:
Go shit up them, too.

As for your personal opinion you can keep it to somebody who cares

sorry but this
Jack you used to be glorious
now you're just mad all the time and smearing shit over the walls constantly

it's 10 here
catch up

it's 9 here
I'm doing better tan kiss chan :3


I will catch up in a few hours.

kissy is still my fave

I'll prolly be sleeping or drunk by then ;;


You are enjoyable in both those states.
I will be on tomorrow a lot, I do not have work.

i dokidoki every time he posts

This is the time when i will be getting out tomorrow




you guys are boring

he's rusty, is all. too much lamenting the end of days at the hands of, somehow, antifa and progressives.

Happy things

why are catchpas so annpyoying?


Because they were invented by engineers, I mean, isn't it their job to make everyone's life hell?

to prove you're human.