New bread for the people

New bread for the people.

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Everything will be alright.

i have nowhere to go xD

home best anyway



-follows you with my camera-
Oh I deleted my Youmu folder, I think it was yours too.
Its just too big for my computer...

Haii~ I've been on /trash/ and I bothered you a lot.

I did not sleep enough and now I need to drive across town to fill in at a different store.
I just want to not work mornings but I seem to get them a lot recently.

Huh, really? I've been lurking most of the time though. When was that exactly?

Rip. I know about the hurdle with lack of sleep. I'm tired aswell.



He has grown mad


I'm not a robot I don't remember. But I'm someone else there now.

i just wanna play dirt but i just wanna finish this but i also want anime

He is a scientist too~

Go ahead and finish "this" first

you seem bored

still got 9 episodes of varying lengths to go


Mind telling me who or is that a secret?

Really now?

Wanna cyber?

Its a secret, but its really easy to figure out :x

Did you tell them you don't want to work mornings ?

I only cyber with boys.

finish it then while watching those episodes

Yeah, a mad comp-scientist


Get rid of IDs

They're slowing my computer down

Ugh... really?

it are these episodes!

arent you a boy

But I'm bad at guessing games! I think I might never find out.

I get it.
I don't get it.

No I'm a man

Then I'll just keep getting closer and closer to you hehehe...

No, but usually I don't work mornings. Just for whatever reasdon these past two weeks I've worked mostly mornings.

oh, okay. Then the choice is easy

nah, do

thats good too


-slowly unzips your pants with my teeth-

Wh-why would you do that?

I'm lost now.

That was what I thought you meant by this.

Did you remember to leave breadcrumbs so you can find your way back?

i find it amusing

wait no

this is nissan stagea build

wat fap if bored of lolis

You should request not to do mornings if you don't want to.

It is more money though.

Of course! I'm not that lost!


Work time
bye ;; I'll miss some of you

I already have two days requested off so I can't push that any farther.




I doth return.

I don't think so, this one's pretty small, and I wasn't the one who built it, mostly.

I lost my original one, but I usually don't share my folders.

-looks up at you- whyy

fap to gore, i never get bored of that

-moves closer-

Who are you ._.,


god i wish i had a car like that

or gramps


Do you miss your original?
And how big is it?

Go to Sankaku and let yourself be inspired.

But I am feeling drowsy.

*Just stares as you move closer* What are you doing?

words hurt

well good luck then.

see you later


Kind of. I miss all my original folders.

1, 370 items



I can't is foggy

Share some of your gore

Looking for doujinshi

Then you got something to save up for!

Oh? Been eating and drinking enough?

What about looking for some /ss/?

Yes, but I've been having a bad sleep.


they don't sell em here and i don't want to get a boring german car

Dad is feeling sick, brb

Wuts dat

Is too steamy in here

I'm feeling sick.
I got a fever, and the only prescription is anime pussy.

Nightmares? Or some other reason?

Seriously..? I thought you could order some, and then it would get imported and transported to the nearest Nissan salesman.

in your room?

look in the mirror for a weeb pussy

Straight Shota.

I have sleep apnea.

Nope the washroom

wc34 stageas are old

i could go import but expensive af and probably gonna die with upkeep

so idk i'll just grab whatever has 4 wheels and sorta drives

a pussy?
how dare you
a freak yes but not a pussy

moog x she

Only if it comes with femdom

ur pucci

with your phone?

fight me irl
come at me scrublord I'm ripped
like a phonebook

It usually comes with femdom. Here ya go.

Yup my daily routine fap in showers 4-6

i hacku


you have a problem


Oh.. I can't even begin to imagine how terrible that is. Fairly sure I'm studying together with someone who has the same thing, and he barely sleeps at night, and often falls asleep during lectures.
I'm sorry

right, of course..
Well, at least four wheels and an engine will bring you somewhere

I will never understand

yeah but i also want to do mad skids

and go fast

I spending most is thc times talking to degeneratesc liked you anyways

I think I fapped to that one before but thanks for the abyssals suggestion

some people find surrendering to be fun

Im lazy and i can't make decisions for myself half the time. It carries over to sexuals too

Thankfully I am under treatment so its not as bad as it used to be.

Basically this, or arousing if you will.

You're welcome. How about something like this?

ths hurts my feeling

Guess it's something you learn
Took me a while before I learnt to enjoy dominating another.


maybe ill hold on to i for a bit i guess.....

I suppose? Either you like it or you don't.

Good, I hope it'll get even better.
Sleep is necessary after all

Welcome back. Just as I'm about to leave for the kitchen..

whatever tickles your pickle, my good dude

K i only got 10% left for fapping brb

Looks good enough for me. Not really my style but i guess I'll try something new

Its okay you have a big dick

wait no

It is indeed. And it'll get way better once I've lost weight which I am in progress of. By the way, do you think I could borrow your Courtney?

Alrighty then. Here's the sequel

Courtney folder*

Niceu. Thanks.

Not a problem. It's rather small, but she's not really popular, which is likely why.
Shame though, since she's a cutie

Are you sure you're looking in the right places then?

who courtnei

I doubt I am. Only tried Danbooru.
I'm gonna go cook, catch you later

See ya.

Some pokemon chick.


su much denmark here

Best country

We're only two at the moment though, unless Lewds is lurking.


when do we delet the danes?



Lewds hu and chrub

Test never would

Remember when this place used to not be gay :^)


You love us Test, don't you?

Prove it. Ban me for exactly 100 years.


I tried to do that once, there seems to be a cap at 90 years.

how do you stop your chair from sliding around when you wanna play with pedals? :(


What a disappointment


glue and tape


Not permanently


Remove wheels

or put like a shirt in or under them

What are you screaming at?

Am I doing this right?

That's because you're Desu tier homo



god i hate this chair

Do not bother responding to me, as I must make my departure now.


I'm not being treated with the infinite respect, worship, and fear I deserve.

You apologize now.

Well you sit on it all day so its probably not a huge fan of you too.

no wait

no wait

I'd really like to an all but.. no.

Its not gay if the balls don't touch.

Now where's the third one. Let's get all of you in on this for a group photo.

Thanks Luka.


And I'm wearing a skirt so even if they did touch it wouldn't be gay.

He's away preparing food.

You can leave now that I got my (you)

He just left to make some food.

Post pics tbh

skirts are magic

it's all about the (You)'s


i had to finish fast cuz my phone was gonna die. now im unsatisfied :(

what anime are you watching this season?

oh thanks i couldnt find it on ex tho so just used a book with abyssals

I'm not giving you any.


new game
a ho girl

dunno what else
havents tarted aho girl yet

kinda binging on mcm rn

not giving (You) any

Aho Girl is like 7 min per ep, you could watch all 4 that are out right now in the time it takes to watch a single ep of anything else.

but double unicorn build and then double unicorn vs super gramps :(

I don't know whatchu sayin' son, but I ain't like it.

ima watch those two as well. i also plan on watching kakegurui cuz it kinda has a death parade vibe and Tia does the OP

whats mcm?

I appreciate all the (You)'s you give me and me



i dont liek u >:(

choo choo?

No one does.


now they're putting liquids inside

Welcome back lewdie-kun.

Same tbh.

shes not even a locomotive yet!


My headset finally completely died. I blame you.

Like broken or just ran out of power ?

Like broken broken. I had just fully charged it.
The damn thing is literally being held together by three different kinds of duct tape anyway.

I forgot to his post on this post


haha fuck you

How am I supposed to get you to carry me through the hell that is faction play now?


Might of been time to get a new one anyways.

I kicked the usb on mine when I was drunk and it broke into like 6 pieces.

I went to target drunk for a new one

is that a typo my dear


I want to die



Mmm yes, mango chutney

Mmmmmmm, yes

Guess ur fucked kiddo.
I'll figure something out. Now I gotta decide between a Logitech G933 or an Astro A50.

Yeah, it was time. But I was holding off 'cause I ain't got a lot of spending cash.

You will

i'll just use a phoenix down

what's up

Or you could just type like Luka.

You could just tell me my voice is annoying, you ain't gotta drop hints.

Doesn't your deep voice make the extremely gay kids cream themselves ?

Kinda bored, grinding shitty videogames because of it.
What about you?

tbh headphones plus desk mic is usually better than a headset

watching my brother play salt and sanctuary
he sucks at it lol

But it never works on you. ;-;

Fuck that noise. I realize the quality might be better, but what do I care when it's just used to talk to fags on the internet. Headset-mic combo is good enough.

I don't even know what i like anymore.

Probs won't stay that long :3

I've been meaning to get that, is it even any good?

Because you can buy a cheap $5 desk mic and get better headphones to listen to shit with.

Archives confirmed for Asexual.


it's 2d darksouls
I need a new avatar these old ones are getting boring

I guess? But the headset combo has worked out infinitely better for me anyway.

Can't sleep
Lots of pain

ur 2D
same tbqfwqhqhfh

Yeah but that's because you're gay
Help I've played 7 games today and only won 1

who needed sleep anyway

Group photo?


Noodle is better


Faction play?
Also, are you really gonna buy a Hero on sale?

Well then what is it for right now?


I like people

Oh fuck, I HATE people.

I hate people more/


I dunno, maybe, why



Was okay




Maybe. Maybe...

Hmm. Alright, I'll get on. Let me figure out some kind of working audio.
And idk, just wondering. It's a good time to get one, yet at the same time will you get a lot of use out of it? They're good for making money, that's about it.




pocket pussy

I just finished because I played 7 games in a row and lost almost all of them.

And ban asked me to play something actually fucking fun with him.

Hands in your pockets

The grind begins again

The grind is real

Woodcut is best grind


Wow. Well rip then, this was a useless endeavor.

Would rather chop wood than clicking nets for weed, that's for sure

found it


PunOko 7

Rin where did you go?

probably trying to think of something pretentious to say for an entry post

Ahh my dick is red as red as the sunset sky .

post it

hamakaze is so beautiful i wish artists would stop lewding her lol

post it

I like how her bangs cover one of her eyes
i always thought that was hot af

she's too pure for emo side bangs

why does she have them then

because she's emo?! D:


my fave

that's very lewd....

does anybody else remember that movie where chuck norris is partnered with a police dog and terrorists blow shit up and it was released like a week before an actual bombing and people hated it

and it's fucking terrible

lewd is the best way to go baby

I can't believe I ruined everything for spec

-throws a blanket on her and tells her she doesn't have to do that to herself for attention-

Yep, I hope you choke on Archives' dick.

it's only for my attention




Dark souls has angered me enough. Time for bed.




Nini bae




you should treat her better!

I can't treat her anyway because she's a cartoon


no she's not, she is real

I wish I had friends so I could text them to come fuck me.

Are you?

why text friends when life and depression is already fucking you over


Show me your bangs

because life doesn't like to tie me up in front of a mirror and force me to lick my own cum off it


you weren't really on yesterday


I wish I had friends so I had a reason to think I wasn't a fucking freak

I wanted to die so I didn't get out of bed.

were you sick?



uhm... this is the best i could find.....

my lovebird bites me, what do?


surprised you havent pulled its head off



well it's my mom's not really mines, it if was mine i could have stomped it out by now

you will not lewd my ikaros!

I won't i promise

tell her to put on her bra!


i'll just switch it



Don't touch it

You're not Ikt

yeah i'm way better




dont tell me lazy

Ooooh pretty and shiny!

I bought a 30cm usb extension cable but they sent me a 2m cable and it's 2long


I have a 1m for charging my phone


All he does is spam shitty memes and post about how cute his waifu is

Wrap it around your dick

That's all you do though


Filet de coq

wanna buy this extension cable

it's not big enough

ur a shitty meme >:(

are those caps more transparent towards where the legends normally are?

The cable?

You've done it 28 times so far this thread.


I haven't even posted kyouko today tho

It's just cause that's where the LEDis



It's past noon Bard.

omg stop talking about your waifu

we get it

stop getting me pls

how much with shipping

i shouldn't be up this early my schedule is ruined :/

I forgot to sleep early and passed out at 5 myself

i wonder how they would look on mine

Wow ok

In that case go back to bed.

Send me it


send caps

it's not ok

the caps were fullsize so I still have a bunch of extra ones




you that?

Ooh, what are you gonna do with those? i also had a bunch of caps left

good deal

Of course! I accidentally did it last night and ended up sleeping 12 hours.

Oh I can put them on my other things

you're using too much sleep
save some for the rest of us
it's not like that shit grows on trees

Come share the sleep with me~

Oooh gateron clear game pad.

I was stunned when I realized spec is an actual fag

thought he was too masculine to be gay


everyone from the pony threads are gay as fuck
except for me of course

okay goodnight!!!!

I feel like I've let you down or something.

Sleep well...


nah I still feel the same way about you, was just surprised

I was one of the last people to see him in real life before he became a fag.

sorry fam but it's true

god i wish that were me

That's good, I guess.



to something black, black is master race

i like when he bites me though, but i wish he would stop

Did you just sleep twice?



I only have 3 avatars on my laptop you'll have to give me one to cap


Oh this place is slow as fuck. at least it's not *dead* though. bye!


i used lavender body gel and now I smell like a massage parlour.

Why the heck are :smirk: and :thinking: in my phone's dictionary???

Do I really type them that much?

thiyow thiyow

you must be some kind of normie


If he's a normie, then we're all mid 30's, middle class with wives and kids in suburbia levels of normal.

sorry tsuchi but you're just not funny
stop trying

That wasn't a joke. Nothing about that was intended to be funny.


No post Hamakaze!

Hey qt



The heck application uses those ones?


Woah, Ikarous, please.
That should be reserved for life partners.


you ever just see really clearly all the ways in which you're fucked as a person and start crying

But I like you and in my culture i kiss people i like

you're so bossy and cant make up you mind

oh no

This was literally years ago

oh no

hama-chan is beautiful!

Of course.

In my culture, kisses are how you petition for marriage, and express such a life-long bond.



she is a goddess

Your culture is out of date.

ohhh noo...

You don't remember the xat and those two always being spammed?

Make a thread

Lazy Danish shitter.


I was too busy spamming (d), I think it was.