Lewdka thread

lewdka thread

inb4 grim streams another shit movie

I guess the board name is kinda clever.

That's not true, but I know arguing won't do me any good. And I thought we were having such a nice time.

have you seen you?





It has a shitload of posts so I guess that's the only reason it's always on the banner when posting.

So...what do I do about whatever it is that gives the impression that I'm teasing or being a bitch?


you're not white


10/10 HU

A little


get banned LOL

filth -_-

Subways are overrated

A little~

subways are amazing
just ask luka



Luka only says subway, cause if they didn't, it would be nsfw


that flew over my head i am sorry

Didn't Luka always delete/spoiler any post that feature a dick regardless of whether it was hetero or gay porn and only allow lesbian porn to be posted unspoilered?

No. It's still me. I just took my tripcode off because I feel foolish. But that's a foolish thing to say, so I can't win for losing.

Given what I'm led to believe about Egypt from films and TV, I'm going to imagine they're all posting from dimly lit basements below lowbrow cafes.



Dicks. He's saying Luka would say dicks.

thank you tsuchi

who is still you?

Subway sandwiches are used in place of dicks to make porn """"""look"""""" sfw. I'm saying they like dick


With fezzes?



shh, still love you

I forgot they did that


at least you're okay sometimes.

Not the way you're treating me.

i am ok sometimes aren't i

you're not that bad at best

It happens

Don't let your inner demons tell you so

Sabrina. What're you drinking tonight?

Most have fezzes. One has a trucker hat with the logo of an 80's glam rock band and wears jeans. He never goes above ground.


look what I had saved


i was talking to luka grim

are like her protector


Better give her that sub right away!


luka to TP

hell, i'll take it

I never knew Egyptians could have anything in common with doomsday preppers.

I'm going to chalk this all up to drunkenness, then. Bibulous blustering.

you took that image from me

luka's just using you to try to one up hu



you poor poor lost soul...

hu is a girl btw luka

She's obviously really hungry, can't let her starve

Not lost. Luka needs love too

not lewds.

You weren't supposed to tell anyone

loli gonna have some cookies


luka is nicer to people if they are female
because luka is yuri puri

i have been really trying


No lewds then. Have a smiling cute awoo

Not the only thing she wants

I guess I'm just gonna have to deal with more attention from Luka now

that one too

There are two types of Egyptians: Corrupt military police and underground hacker rebels tweeting their way to freedom.

There are absolutely no other types.



where the fuck is loko, I want a loko.


probably like he realized that he wouldn't get the gains

that is good


grim wasn't lenko your bff

Is true, Luka is a good girl

sorry for all the past things btw

watch grim construct some involved story about how lenko was not actually his bff

what else can you do.

they are all in the past.

grim has become a tier one liar

i'm glad but i still feel bad kinda

cook and clean

Why didn't you go for the opportunity to make that post like a little rhyme?


based fool?

Where do you see him at? Because I hate that fucking guy.

eh you're alright man

good to see you bro

At least you acknowledging it.

do you play anything fun?


Who's that sexy ho

oh fore sure

i know all the bad things i did


she has had plastic surgery since

don't get too excited


If you seek Amy?

Depends who you ask. Only really ever play Runescape. If I grow bored of that, it's either American/European Truck Simulator or Civilization. Not really fun if you prefer first-person titles~
What do you play? I think I've seen you mentioning Overwatch

it's really nice that we can hug now

i feel good about this

*hugs back*

he was around the other day

I play stuff like:
Stardew Valley
Borderlands 2
Civ V
League of Legends
Slime Rancher
Sims 4


based luka plays a lot of shit
the question is

is she gold in leegu

oh yeah i don't get that shit

face construction with bitches who are already beautiful

Some of the pics you post just reminds me of him

That's quite a few games published by 2K there

of who?


yes you are fat we get it thanks



oh.. 2K
must be making good stuff then :)

oh yeah he's around

he does the whole

"i can't seem to finish my game

please still pretend i am a girl" think

he's p based though tbh

amy grew on me

Looks like it

He's been around forever now too.
We're all truly here forever


i guess

he's on the mod shortlist forsure

you have at least 34 images of me?

lol kinda creeped out here grimu


oh man that is rare

a rare phil


like grim you actually have AT LEAST 38 images of me?

like how deep are we talking here

I have like 3

see how he bullies me still?

more like you capped our tinies lol


hey hey hey hey

oh did you just realize?

good job tp it only took you 10 mins!

why tho

some conspiracy bro
youll figure it out

no but really bro


i didn't do shit to you


oh ok neru

is this some weird revenge?

like what did i do?

if anything grim

keeping you around at all

is a blessing to you

stop being so triggered
are you that ashamed of yourself

honestly not gonna lie

the fact that grim has more than 34 caps of me is a bit disconcerting

only 15 more would make an avatar...

of me


grim's allegiances lie in which female will fuck him for the right amount of money or goat trading between families

That's pretty cool actually


One of my old friends came to visit, the first friend i made in this town when i moved back here actually.
he's been hitting me up over the past few weeks alot before this so that's really awesome because we kinda stopped hanging out
He used to live down the street from me and we'd hang out and burn and play music and laugh at dumb shit all the time

well that motherfucker just came to visit and kicked it with me til 2:30am in the morning and we chattted and had a good time and all that, i actually didnt have any bud so he shared some of his with me which is fucking amazing
my old jr high buddy and first best friend is moving to iowa city tomorrow

I know it's no different not hanging out with him in the same town as not hanging out with him in a different town but fuck man
Just the way he went out of his way to come see me makes me respect the fuck out of him
He's going to go live up in iowa city with a prolific guitarist 2 3 years our senior who is a pretty cool dude who we all used to kick it with
I'm glad for him too because he's the most ambitious dude I know, he was working 3 jobs for likr half a year saving up for this shit man

but because of some of the absolute bullshit most of the other peoplle in what I would have called my circle
the people I surrounded myself with

like he was one of the only true friends I've ever had in my whole
Still, it's amazing to have connection with him through the internet,I really wish that shit was around when I was a kid.

(It's kinda funny, I actually introduced him and got him into alice chat because he was my best friend at the time and Alice chat was my life instead of threads at that time )

sorry if my english is not good
I am from Iowa

am I the same age as grim?

What is with all the Phil?

A true diamond.

i havent checked

where did you go?

Shower, laundry and breakfast


Your friend. A true friend.

yeah I''m gonna miss him
but I hope he goes on to better things than he could here

oh right i almost forgot to put my pizza in the oven

Really, really should. Can't starve

I hope you get around to doing some better things some time.

I have to go for now. Farewell.

its potato and bacon

goodbye buddy

Sounds yummi.
It's funny how there's almost nothing that doesn't work as a pizza topping

So long as it's not hummus

Pizza magical~ ♥
it is all foods triangle!
except pineapple, disgusting

extra pepperoni + pineapple and jalapenos

Ban hummus.

And here I thought I was the only one that thought throwing pineapple on pizza would literally ruin the whole thing

I will ban that and make pineapple mandatory if you vote me

You had me at pineapple.

luka has impeccable taste


peperoni only

it ruins it all!

i like fancy pizza with special white cheeses and chickns and spinachs are spices and bacon bits and yummy other stuff!



When he has become... whatever it is I am voting him to become, I will stand above everyone and ridicule the pineapple detractors.

My trust and vote are yours, my dear.

pls dont do that people make me uncomfortable

Usually I just throw ham, beef and bacon into the homemade tomato-sauce, and some creamy cheese topping usually used for regular bread, in order to make the sauce creamy and more tasty. Then use various seasonings to make it taste incredible, before it's spread over the pizza dough and topped with cheese, and pepperoni

ban pineapple


Give me a few years and we'll see

It's too difficult to give up! ;-;
(Not that I actually had it on pizza in a long while)

What is it?


For what position am I giving you my vote?

YOU EVER have a sick 3 way with two very special pokemons? ;) if you ever think about adding a 4th pokemon l-let me know

NO RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is allowed to read that except for the person i LINKED IT TO! this is directed at EVERYBODY!

You said not to read it, I read it anyways.


i want some! :D

I know such vast pleasure could end me, but I am open to the prospect.

is dat ur cooking? you look pro

yes well unlike all of these AMATEURE sluts I actually have EXPERIENCE in cyber orgies

I have nothing to lose anymore
I am a broken man

the directions said 10 minutes

Good, it's awful~

Looks yummi!
And far more appetizing than what I cook. Can't really see much other than the cheese

wuts dat fuzzy green stuffs

i bet yours tastes great though~
i see you are using flat bread too!


sounds fancy and expensive does it taste like dorito cool ranch

I think so, and have yet to receive a complaint from anyone else who I've cooked for.
Yep, flat bread is best~

it taste good

what else did you make?

Luka blazes

:O luka has the devil's lettuce

Lasagna is another common dish, both because it's rather easy to make and also because there's a lot of it.
Sometimes I'll cook something a little more Danish like frikadeller, which is a type of meatballs, and tarteletter.
If I got the time, I'd cook some pasta and a thick white sauce with chopped onions and carrots in it, then fry some chicken seasoned with salt and citrus pepper, and let it finish cooking in the white sauce, inside the oven. Is quite filling too, and tasty

post cuties plz~

mfw luka

its not lettuce

frikadeller looks incredible! i've never seen it or heard of it before!!
i want a mega tarteletter to exist ;~;


Aren't those called bread bowls?
I would think so..

Hey, they're great, just ask Harry


i miss Tim hortons bread bowls


That was my point

Those really look so absolutely amazing..
Looks like one incredible good luck

Oh. Pingu posting threw me off

huh? why did you tell me good luck?

is Mr.Lewds here ur bf? :O
u both got the same flag!

Cause I fucked up and by luck, I meant lunch :3.
Nah, he isn't. Just same flag


eww, watermarks


yeah canadains love it!

I'm not sure that counts as a watermark.

Bard pls


I imagine so, they look delicious

Shouldn't be there regardless

You can't write messages on the things you draw?

None of this


No, that's illegal


show me your dannemarke


m-my what now?

i dunno what denmark is like

No hugging ANYONE

fuk u

dont go there


ikt is jealous

its denmark


It's quite flat, surrounded by water, and has quite a lot of green. This is how it looks outside my window

You'd like that


its complete darkness and 3am outside my window!

We do not talk about denmark.

It's never complete dark here during the summer ;-;
Sun barely sets before it rises again

wow! Why is Colgate so upset today?

You wish I'd like that

Nice proxy.

nether regions nether land is lewd! >_<

do you love fall/winter like i do?

Actually no

Proxy is effort, no need for one


I'm afraid not. I even freeze during the summer here. I prefer warmth, and both fall and winter are too dark, cold and windy for my taste. No insects though, which is a plus

So silly


b-but the cold protects...


The cold is killing me. July is supposed to be summer, yet it's barely 15C, it's raining and I've not seen the Sun in a few days. Winter is only alright because of December

This is why you don't goto Denmark.

just wear warm

heat destroys

unless you like going a week or two without the Sun ever showing itself on the sky.

Maybe, but 35+ is more easily tolerable than -5C, especially with strong winds coming from Siberia, which is the case during winter here. I just want to be able to wear shorts again and drop my long-sleeved shirt

Shut up Ikt!

im the opposite
anything over 20 is absolutely unbearable to live in


Pat these

this tbh

I'm odd when it comes to temperature~
It only starts becoming comfy around mid 20's

ur in australia tho...

eww... icky
ur gunna wear out fast


naaah, just wouldn't wear anything~


austraalia is backwards!

Maybe a little, but clothes aren't really comfy


wear comfy clothes

Go back to bed Ban

Still doesn't beat no clothes



I was just asleep for a very long time.

it looks cuter


So? Go back to sleep

I guess it can

Good morning friends

what should we do now?

You too should go back to bed, and take Ban with you

Keep posting :3

Isn't gonna happen.


i cannot because i'm going for a jog in a few minutes, any plans for today?

LUKA GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, and take BC with you

Posting is nice

Those are important too.
Nah, none. Just sit at my desk all day and post here, really. A good way of spending ones Saturday.
Other than jogging, do you got any?

lewds is a horny little slut

'Little'? I'm like a foot taller than you!



Not doing it.

Other than jogging I will be on standby all day taking care of my father cuz he sick.
Ummm do you have a desk job? Is it easy?


Omg kitty!

Aww, cute


Going for a jog, bbl


i wonder what i should buy...

I think you're the slut

Hey cutie. Enjoy your run.

Aww.. Hope he'll get well soon, he's lucky to have his daughter with him who'll treat him well.
Nah, no job. Just vacation, and I like being at the desk.

ta ta

Oh? Looking for anything specific?


Wasn't going to anyways.

Good. The more posters, the better

i dunno really
too many choices

Could save your money for something else you really want then

i don't know what i want

Ikke dig. Ikt. Ved intet om hvor slutty du er

What about a few headpats?

Ah, godt nok. Ikke så meget. De som siger noget andet, shitposter bare

Der er intet galt i at være en liderlig satan, man skal bare holde det lidt classy


Og måske lidt i det private~



30 cm is p long huh

Det er forskelligt hvor åbne folk er om det. Har altid været meget åben. Har oplevet nogle blive lidt forargede, men de fleste åbner selv lidt op hvis man er troværdig.

yeah, nah

Om ikke andet kan man altid være åben omkring det efter noget alkohol. Kan altid bare skyde skylden på det


buy one of those fancy new age flash lights of the flesh

Much better

Feku model rite

i have a dik tho

If only there was a hole which men could fuck other men in



they probably feel nice to rub up on







this is in my house.

shouldnt have upset god

I can't tell what those are.


you can't see in the picture but that's about forty wasps i swept into a pile

a lot of them are still wiggling.

They don't look like wasps to me. Not yellow enough and their butts are too small


god fucking damn it 30cm is too long D:

wait this isn't 30 cm fuck

Brushing? Going to bed?



its a dick

just a bit tired
but not sleepy.

Posting from bed can be good too. You'd be in the right place too when you do get sleepy

im also looking at cute cosplay items on amazon

You're gonna see ads everywhere now.
buy these 60% off hotpants

i don't see ads



*hides behind you shyly*

Don't be shy


silly kitty

Luka x Hu


Is someone jelly?

meow meow

I shib it



Couldn't contain myself.



Such a shame. Better luck next time

Don't think I'll be able to recover.


poor guy

That's a lot of hearts.
Also pretty hair

long pretty hair is my number 1 favortie thing ever

Especially when it 's red too


Guess that's just me then

Do you own any cats?

It wasn't very enjoyable, I think I need more spinach..

He'll never get better, he's stubborn and wants to die......


what are you up to?


i told him to stop smoking and this was his response "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHUT THE FUCK UP, I DON'T CARE, I DON'T CARE"
now he's crying like a baby talking about how he doesn't want to die

can i be your cat? i require lots of cuddles and i want to sleep on your tits

I'm here while sinking more time into Runescape.
Found any cute cosplay items you consider buying?

Sounds like he's having a very rough time

Go and fucking do something at least on saturday
Holy shit you niggers


nah... amazon was too hard to navigate thru generic trash.


Yeah.. That does sound like Amazon

What the fuck are you doing here anyway
horsefuckerchan sucks this much?

Only far-left liberals left there. I grew sick of it

Its hard to feel sorry for him because he did it to himself. My mom quit and she's cancer free.

What? Saturday is a day for rest.

-gets between your tits and sleeps-




why even live


Gee that sucks. A mighty good reason to leave. Same applies to half of the posters here too tho
And faggots.
And degenerates.

I came back to see how you were doing

ur a degen

Very well then, you can go now.

Except that's not true.
You left it because it's dead.
The only people left are definitely right-wing. Like half the fucking posts in any given day are Babs and Rita. Half of the remainder is either you, Pony3 and like, Nom or someone blankposting at each other. That's pretty far from "only far left liberals".

It's almost like they shitposted the board to death or something.

Remember like a week ago when you begged to be banned because you didn't want to be here but ban evaded in like 3 hours flat?

You might actually want to check the place out sometime if you want something to laugh at.
Maybe, but from what I've seen so far, people here tend to shh more often than not when it comes to politics.

I guess so.. Smoking is bad for your health after all. Still, sucks

Both is true.
I'm laughing so hard. Woops, I took the bait

wait a minute audi makes these things
probably some mercedes and bmw stations with maaaaaaad power too

but muh jdm

What are you buying me for my birthday?

If you smoke don't have kids because you'll put them through hell taking care of you

Woah, so overrun with communists.
Hell, that's above average for them too, I'd wager.

Your bans are fuckin' pathetic, just like you and this sorry cesspit. Thats what that means.

I'd rather not, reading mainstream media is almost the same.

colon cancer.

I just came here to call you all faggots.
Have a shit day ya miserable pathetic incompetent morons.

why is jack here
does he have no friends

Nobody cared about keeping you banned, yet you were pathetic enough to need to evade your own god damn ban.

Do you really need to ask that question?

One just arrived and I was just shitting time away until then
So, I"m out for now

They're spewing pretty much the shame shit all the time too, so you're right.

oh.. rip. Have a good day

I wanted a kiss...

kiss me

How are you today?

Greetings, Ikarous.
I was just about to depart to prepare for the day, actually.

Imagine ls swapped miata



-mounts on your lap-
no u stay

Good afternoon.

I'm alive.

What are your plans for today ?

i go

It is kind of urgent, so I'm afraid I cannot, sorry.

I'll return in a bit before I have to depart.


Just DnD.
I get to help people learn 5e enough to make characters today, and maybe start the campaign book I wanted to try doing.

good morning


-holds you down- noooooooooo

Do you play in real life or on the computer ?

I saw that tabletop simulator had unforgotten realms stuff which reminded me of you.

Be seeing you after my shower, sorry.

Mostly in real life.

URealms is neat, and I wish I has TTS to maybe play it with someone, honestly.

Be back in a bit.

Oh hey Blood-chan. I haven't seen you here for ages.

New thead.

New thead.

talk to you later then.

-follows you with my camera-