Guess i got what i deserved

guess i got what i deserved

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dude dont compare kanra to ui

thats too low

Like cosmic dust I was born a star
Isn't it interesting, isn't it great?


Tak I'm sad

It's your turn to do the beard

Trying to but darksouls is making me want to break something.

Wow, wanting me to slut for you. I ain't no slut.

Very little, not enough even. What about you?

I don't have one.

Wow. Doesn't sound like they'll stay in business much longer

I have become immune to sad
I will dispense my wisdom
from my might wisdom tooth

Autism was and remains heavily stigmatized
My parents didn't want me to "grow up with that label"

What is your wisdom?

If your ball is too big for your mouth, it's not your ball.

Hence 'tonight'!

I can't keep up with Ban

That is a good wisdom.

I told Squiddy to hit himself and the absolute madman did it.

guess what time i masturbated last night

Also I've got a few apples but they won't last through the weekend...

654 strokes



no but really, here's the wisdom I have for you
even though it seems like the end tomorrow I’ll still be here and so will you. I’m not going to leave you or abandon you. I love you.

no homo

maybe next time i can set a speed record

Go for 200.


Maybe in voice

The slut just does what his master wishes


I was shocked. WOW

I was fairly informed you were, don't lie
Switched from gardening to data entry, sitting in an office and looking after a puppy
Sorry if I removed you, complications happened at the time and I'm not on much anymore

How disappointing. Don't keep me waiting though

Probably not. It's one of those shops that you hardly notice until you actually look through the window
A similar bric-a-brac store in town closed for what I assume is the same reason, was generally cluttered both upstairs and down and not really advertised strongly

If you find the right crowd it won't be so much, although it is still a problem at least where I live.
Information for parents about ASD I believe is lacking. While I was just very lucky to have a supportive family that cared about me very much, I fear it won't go great for everyone
How do they see you now in that aspect?

oi m8

I can't do it.


They're so completely clueless that it's a detriment to my health and sanity
That's why I'm poor and hungry rather than accepting help from them, I can't stand to be around them at all and they think they love me so much that everything's just gonna be perfect

You're the only slut here, sloot
There's worse fates
at least you're inside

tfw no more moshy

now what are you going to do?
I think you should get high and eat some delicious food.

Definitely sarcasm

That, and most people just buy their stuff on the internet now

actually...that's what I've been doing..........

haha you're my kinda dude
but you knew that already

Sorry I missed this one

dark souls is real easy if you follow this one guideline


You also get your stuff then right away

Buy me food

god.. why even.

It's a game that likes to poke you and you want to hit your monitor.


cheating is a legitimate strategy always

It's not true that I shouldn't be lewd? Wow.
Rain is best, especially if yo need to be online.

Why not just
tell them you don't?

Then there are those certain things you need delivered in discreet packaging. glad I have choice

If I could then I would, maybe
I'm not in a practical position right now to do so though

It's not like you're harming the community by doing so, unlike aimbots and farming mods for FPS/MMOs/etc

*hugs tight*

Maybe when you're in multiplayer but when you're cheating at single player, you're just wasting game time.

To be honest I'd rather cheat at multiplayer than single player.

What sort of things would you even want delivered in discreet packaging? Are you afraid your family will find out that your next CPU isn't from Intel?

Goggles cheats at multiplayer games confirmed.

Guess I'll just pick up coke and become a skeleton

It was confirmed ever since my call of duty days.

I wish I could, things were going well until that day


Don't blame me if you get VACuum'd 6 months on~

Let's just say sex toys and fetish stuff

That stuff is horrible, don't even start ;-;

eat your teeth


I wouldn't ever cheat on vac servers, though. that shows on my permanent record.

Why spend 40 bux on a cheat program when you could save for a proper gaming mouse?

am eating a watermelon and watching boogie on youtube : (

Eat my teeth.

I did coke once and went to work the next day
I looked like a raccoon

m-may I?


everyone laff

But why's that mean you can't talk to anyone else?
poor mosh

Why asdf?

smile bard
because 150 days until christmas


Aww, poor Bard





You know what's funny, you would rather cyber someone than play video games.


not the least bit thicc

Chunchunmaru or Excalibur???


Squiddy always ruining fun

did you just make that one drop on sweat on her ass red?

Three-way cybering is too good to pass up.

I think I would have like, cucked him to death if I'd left to go play board games with you and dust

He did

Fucking disgusting.

why would anyone think of that ?

At least you have some sanity left in your soul

Are they gummy sugary ones?

It's only going to further complicate your mental state
Then again I can't stop you...

It's complicated, something that I have to sort out on my own.
I'll try to talk more if I can.

cause god damned teto that's why

I know right? Don't have feelings for someone when they insist you're just friends

ban couldn't not see it as shit because he's disgusting

Do those exist ?

they should
I'd eat the shit out of some gummy teeth.

Can't even fucking make brown right.

Nah, it's the Golem pilot.

Fucked up people.


i cant stand the internet pajeets somebody kill them all

I'm kidding, I'd much rather ruin my body with legal drugs
Speaking of, I can't sleep and all my everything hurts

They are honestly disgust.

Squiddy wants to eat sweaty shitty assholes confirmed.

ur the golem pilot


squiddy is gross....

God I wish.

Alright. I'm here if you want to talk about it.

Stop wanting the tetodick

lmao masochist




i've been framed

I dun know if you get Haribo over where you live, but in some of their assortment packs they do the gummy teeth ones
quite a taste

And in spite of me being a pussy in some ways I'm not afraid of generic shitters who spout the same old ad-hominem, so it's not all that bad really :3

I remember when Salvia was legal here
fun times

no u

You memed yourself, kiddo.
Can't even do shit right.

Thats pretty weird and I never would of guess.

I don't

Not all insults are ad hominem.

I'll keep in mind

You mean I wasn't the only one who knew she had a penis?

Banned over there?

Well Britain decided to outlaw every single illegal high a while back.
Then everyone just started taking Ecstasy again. Didn't do anyone any good.

i still like u : (

It was a joke


Sorry if I couldn't understand. I thought you weren't one for jokes either

You're up early


already back

actually I'm up still~


I still like you squiddy!!

Go to bed and take Grim with you~

I tell the most jokes


yeah daddy arthur
hey grim


Post pls go through.

You have to try some of these new games out, really fun stuff. Maybe tomorrow or whatever.

My soul is dark etc. :3c

You both need sleep

they looked like my kind of autism

i d'on wanna..... : (

But you'll be able to keep each other warm

no grim will steal my warmth with his parasitic evil coldness

You sure? He seems like a good guy to me, just like yourself


bro he was right here bro

no grim will steal my warmth with his parasitic evil coldness



soz was on phone didnt see ur reply

Yeah I came to my parents real late so I got up early to hug them and shit, havent seen them in a while.



You don't need to know my bed habits.
I sure as hell ain't fuckin cold.

Have you seen how heated I get when I argue w/people?

Put 2 and 2 together

Niggas be like hes cold and parasitic.
Just wow.

You can sleep in my bed~

actually triggered

Nah, nah.

Aww, how cute.
But that pic is WAAY LEWD!

don't do it bard it's a trap



too slow~

Bard when I first showed up you had this like filter that made everything look super wavey and retarded

I need an example of it

fuck your shit I was dying

This is strange ybwybye

That's the content aware image distortion

here's how i did it but it dont work no more

aiite bye(?)

How can I be a trap if everyone knows I have a penis?

You could just buy all your bones, I had to deal with assholes using the dwarven cannon at the blue dragons. All I wanted was 1000 bones

I have become a beautiful butterfly

oh oh?
tell me more

u cray


Even got my second Dragon Spear from them too. Not everything is terrible, but going 65 → 70 prayer took a good 3 days

#Ironman dedication

It was worse getting 80 crafting. Spent 2 weeks just blowing orbs. Takes fucking forever getting the materials to craft 14k of those

Bard's memory isn't that good
You could fool him


Yeah I bet you loved blowing that pipe

it was slammin
I came out of the cocoon and I was ready to party
although I am always ready to party, you know?

Was sure better than standing at the fishing colony for several days clicking nets to collect seaweed. I didn't get any experience at all for many days

Brad Ilu come back

Yeah but I mean to be fair
Am I wrong?


my memory is fine
maybe not perfect but its fine nonethless

Just need to use up these hides, then find out how many orbs I gotta blow

who hasn't done a little sucking the glass dick

Y-you... you're not answering me...
You don't... not want to sleep with me do you?
Th-that's not it, right?

i dont really like sluts

save it for tan leather spell

Look I'm just trying to get you into bed with a trap
Don't question it

Love thyself Bard.

I have a very love hate relationship with myself actually




I'm not a real slut I just play one on TV
I haven't even cuddled anyone since like May

I prefer saving my natures for high-alch..

its good mage xp


I haven't since I was about 5

grim pls respond

Requires a whole lot of running though. But I guess it's a good reason to train runecrafting also

I wish there was a dark theme for my computer so it wasn't so fucking bright when I wake up.

bard pls don't hate me because of a joke

killin the crows with your sick dance moves?

That's okay, I love you.

I thought we used to have a thing...

yeah man
have you ever thought about how could you could possibly be at doing illegal shit?

like what if you were actually really good at cooking meth and you just don't know it



i dunno


Ironically tho.

You were so nice to me when I was new...

but why talk about something like that in public? ;)

I have been in your shoes
you're a shitter but I'm sorry for your loss

nobody cares about what we have to say

it's beautiful really
how underground Holla Forums is


If you don't cover your back you can get fucked before you can say "traps aren't gay".

Don't fuck with that shit breh.

woah bro are we on the deep web


I was thinking about something less illegal
people must have to stumble into what they're good at because like

how do the world's best pole vaulters even fucking find out they are good at pole vaulting you know? like you can ask that about anything

no but we are delisted from google so no normies are going to stumble in on us

Sup, tard?

By sucking at it and then doing it a lot until they're good at it.

Some discover it by accident.
Some are suggested, due to individuals noting key qualities in them
Others just say fuck it and go on with it on their own lmao

wow rude

fuck off test
go be right somewhere else

I wonder what my talent is

You like the abuse.



woah that was way autistically longer than I thought it would be

Nah you're bound to have an affinity for something productive. Keep exploring bro, I'm sure you'll find it.

Squid you wanna fucking go mate, I'll throw down

I wish test would throw me down~

You know it


squid is a bottom


Yeah dude, haven't you heard about his thigh highs?

everyone knows that already

Yeah and you're not gay, right?

That was YEARS ago

i dont care about hearing let me see it

despite fapping to traps once in a while I can confirm I have no sexual attraction for males


If you know they have a dick then it's fucking gay.

Squid can't be a bottom.....n-no.....

Sad but true.

Sure, Feku, why would you want dick.

I'm being FRAMED again

thank god I was worried theere for a while.....

i mean if a guy goes out of their way to look feminine wouldnt it be rude not to appreciate it?

You can accuse me for lolis and ill gladly accept that but I am NOT gay!!

you better start talking before I come over there and eat your ass

Why though?


Yeah, it's not gay if you're wearing a skirt after all.

did I say something?

to clarify i dont fap to irl traps those are not my cup of tea. just the cute anime ones

I can threaten you with Homoeroticism because you're afraid of your gayness

yes, same

Your clearly implied you wanted me to be a top for some reason.

yeah but like you still want to get dicked at the end of the day

lol sure gay boy

Grim give me $10 or I'll suck your dick.

i'm sorry I don't know what you're talking about

I've been over that shit while you were gone lmao

there is a difference between what you're talking about and plain boundaries friens

see >>1802963


oh, I forgot I've been gone a long time
quite a while

Grim, if you talk to me like that on the street nigga you gonna get yo dick sucked.

I'm not gay but if you keep talking trash like that i'm gonna suck that dick.

did you want me to do a drawing or what

that wasn't me

Yes. You fell asleep and so did I. But you're here now. So I will message you.

i get nauseous when i try butt stuff and I don't think i'd be comfortable with getting dicked

at the very least its not gay its bisexual



oh boy, the whole it's not gay, it's bisexual charade.

Hey man, whatever helps you sleep at night

I'm gonna piss on you

I'm pretty sure it was.
Time to own up, bard.

It'd probably be easier for you if someone else was there to do the stuff to your butt tbh.


You shit heads want to call?

oh yeah?
fuckin hold your breath until you die then

(wasn't me)

this is getting too hot


I believe in your bard.
You can tell the truth.

Yes massa

Someone got rope?

are you offering?

i left....the stove on....

I'm in a call with ban and he's veeeeery eager to hear your voice~

can I have those nudes?

It made you delirious.

You wanna hang?
Bring your throat
I got stools and a rope
I'm a slang pope
Haranguing the land with a man's flow

I'm glad you understand..
Yes actually

I mean I kindly decline!

Ban has heard my voice.

It made you tell the truth when you normally wouldn't.

Too late.

yes so I think we can both conclude that none of this was

fek u - Today at 6:15 AM


So I was right?
You do want me to be a top for some reason?
Good to know.

It took so little.

Thanks loco

you da bes

I have concluded that any attempts at Diplomacy with Squiddy will fail

So you like em cold and lifeless?

Well at least you can't kill me when you see the dick now.



Buy him his maid outfit.

yo this is fire

More like... dickplomacy, lmao.

what took so little

imma work out then ill be able to fight you

You say that about touhou amv bullshit so like how can I trust you anymore?


Pound me into dust daddy.

Brotha Lynch Hung is fuckin the shit nigga

Isn't that that weird horrorcore dude

yeaaaah man I thought youd like this

skeet skeet


you dont have to fucking click it you fucker

What are you trying to obtain from this diplomacy?




I have no ulterior motives...


i needed up crying over wall-e lol


Remember, ban doesn't just desperately want to be dicked deep down. Not at all.

You're a mess, George.

please stop this humiliation I can't take anymore...

aright stop real talk

yeah he spits some spook shi

Too late



I was bored

I think I was like 13 when I first heard about his music and I got legit scared and didn't look him up again.
I have since listened to Death Grips and Three Six Mafia so I should probably revisit this guy

Wow, lewd.
I think you're just humiliating yourself now.

what do you think of bone thugs


I've never been legit spooked by music before

nigga shittalking my toho


I like to put myself in situations like this

idk why

Oh, yeah, why could that *possibly* be the case.

Very interesting concept
But their subject matter is very one-dimensional and they don't have a lot of different ways they express it
I'm cool to listen to like, 3 of their songs at a time though.


Catholic upbringing
Though I mostly shed that when I started listening to odd future and became an eggy bb for a little while.

what do you mean how that movie is too pure for this world

I'll take your word for it.

I had no idea you were raised catholic


It was lame

I bet
I went to this sunday school class with my cousin once

never again man


You know there are still agencies that send Christian missionaries around the world?
You don't see fucking Buddhists or Hindus doing that shit
Which is a good thing in regards to their integrity but I kinda wish I did.

To be honest I cried at Yui from Sword Art so I can't judge.



*they did

church was the best thing ever growing up. though i admit i was forced into it, at first.

Only all the time


For sure dude
Mormons and Jehovas witnesses are still a thing
I've dealt with em

what do you kinda wish you did?
go to sunday schoo?

The pipe organ is the best thing about churches.

Well maybe not hindus because they like to stay near their stinky river

Well, I personally don't. Maybe my area isn't desirable.



No I meant I wish that Buddhist "missionaries" came around I'd like to dabble some of that.

good talk


It was always some old bitch that smelled like corn and had no rhythm or soul.

oh yeah

theyre like
passive religions I guess so you'd have to seek them and their disciples or somethin

you ever hear of this guy the dalai lama

if you could have any animal as a pet, and it would be nice to you, what would it be?

*peeks around the corner and intently stares at ==you==

yeah it was good

I've always dreamed of going up to the mountains

Never heard of him.

Sounds like you need to go to better churches


It would be Loco

damn you really fucked that one up

I've gone up to the mountains on some religious pilgrimage with my family and it was an experience

I distinctly remember the power going out, and the sky was just peppered with stunning stars as far as the eye could see

coming from New York City where the light pollution chokes out starlight, it was breathtaking.

Prolly so.
I don't want to go to church though

lewd af

**ponychan thread has gotten 3 replies the past 3 hours.
344 posts at time of writing here**
Told you it was dead~

Why not? It can be nice


ayo Holla Forums is where is at

How tho. I'd feed him and house him and pet him once in a while

nothing lewd about that

Internet is too fucked to play FF14 it seems.
Guess I'll play SNES. Not sure what game though.

are you implying you wouldn't try dicking him

sorry i should have gone to bed a while ago
stuck up for another hour : (

I've never seen the big dipper :(

Christianity isn't really the kind of spiritual experience I want in my life.

Batman Returns

castlevania 4



go sleep bard

Ive heard the best way to see starlight is just go out to sea for about a mile

curvature of the earth and what not helping quash the light pollution

I have Sparkster, Sim City, Metroid, Sunset Riders, Froger, Stunt Racer and Tetris.

I miss my birb



Dead as fuck

The atmosphere is still great


1000% dick?

definitely Frogger



okay so its about 9 a.m

at 10 a.m I can get into my work to get my check and cash it at the bank
then i willl come home to sleep so i can go to work at 4

yeah but who's trying to get lost at sea in the middle of the night?
Fuck no nigga

It depends on what kind of church.
Catholic churches, I personally find stifling.


I don't want to work for 10 hours, someone hold me ;;







im gonna go get some eggmcmuffin soon


you have your own boat to get lost at sea with?

guero would jizz for this thats his waifu

she is underage tho
I can't imagine the smell either


*hugs you warmly and nicely*

he needs a better waifu

Can I have your Vape folder


I am refreshed.
Off to work I go


I have several boats, you fuck
Don't test me

pick me up some of that secret potent aphrodisiac you spike your victims with

just hire a good navigator and itll be gucci


Have fun

i don't think you understand spirituality if you think the specific religion is very important.

Guess I'll go kill myself

I don't want to see stars that bad

Some are incredibly pretty inside, but I've only ever attended a mass in protestant ones.
And I guess mass is only the right term for the catholic ones. English is difficult

oh that was a really shitty image to post

should have been smug wendy


my spirit animal


go fuck yourself

whos cock


According to Wikipedia "Some Protestants employ terms such as Divine Service or service of worship, rather than the word Mass"

mine most nights

I haven't turned Isla on in years and there's so much shit everywhere that needs to be cleaned up now.

I feel kind of bad.


I see..

like I'm trying to be your friend lloyd

and you're this passive aggressive shit because i'm mean to kanra or he has a crush on me?

ok. whatever.

post yfw you realize The debate about when Pyongyang would theoretically be able to hit the U.S. mainland with a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile has shifted from “if” to “when.”

There were like seventy two posts and I expected some GOOD shit

You fucking failed me animus

the fuck is isla?


here i am

When do you suggest we turn all of Asia to glass?

yeah you're shit alright

East asia?


You opened kind of dickish, from my perspective. Sorry if I misinterpreted. Also Griffin has nothing to do with this. I endorse him courting you, anyway.

GOOD shit though


South too.

You also even said you should have used Smug Wendy with your post
So what am I supposed to think


don't ever change

Loco never flirts with me.


because I didn't want the condescending comic panel because it seemed rude


or it was autistic

My laptop. =w=

How many years?

I just call mine MT-V3-571G

Wait no it's just MT-Laptop now since I did the ohter one away.

Let's start over
Hi I'm lloyd. What are your thoughts on spiritualism?

how gay

I'm mildly offended by the amount of penis growth ads I have been seeing today

nini guys gonna ready up for bed

someone else make a thread origin&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8



I named her Isla after watching Plamemo because I was using her to run chat bots and stuff.

I mean.
Better than some people here.

Sleep well