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time for more

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Conductor, I want off this wild ride.

I am feeling a crave for something tasty
I can resist anything but temptation

i ask for them several times



I've harbored a deep, complicated hatred of you since long ago.
And in this time I saw my perfect moment to strike.
Rue this day.

I went out and bought it for reasons as soon as I woke up.
Now I will go to bed, nini.

try auto fellatio

what does it look like?


I rued the roughly 20 seconds it lasted.

Like this. The suction cup is good so I will stick it to my desk and bat it around like a cat toy, as that is what it was used for in my dream.



that's pretty hot



hi you

how are you?


nm on the phone with my friend, you?

Hot? How so?

i'm sleepy cause i just woke up
how are you doin

so if I'm following this correctly

you all are so apathetic about me

yet still aroused by me

'know' i'm wrong

but too lazy to check if my posts are wrong.

you all think I'm crazy, delusional, autistic,

while saying outrageous, violent shit yourselves,

all the while demanding to be let off some imaginary ride in your heads.

and nothing I could even say could convince you I'm totally sane, aware of your posts and sentiments, and that YOU are in fact as amusingly insane as you think I am.

Who the fuck are you?


don't make me explain


do you still discord


I mean, he is Asian. How can I not be?

This is terrible logic

As if how others acted influenced what others thought of how you are acting

God I'm so aroused by Kanra

to be fair i did request for asshole pics

but to say i am aroused is a little arrogant

I will tape my eyes into slants for you.

Sort of.

i mean i am currently aroused but


Well, no, it is because they do not wear shoes.


If you were following at all you would have shut the fuck up days ago.

Neither do I usually.

I do not see how a desk toy can be hot.

I can't add any more people, it has been forbidden by my lovers.


but if we're going to be honest here i think we are all genuinely enjoying this ride. consider that a character flaw of all of us. we should know better. but we're addicted to it. somehow this has to end

no one else believes it's just a desktoy

He has a lot more stamina for this than the rest of you do. He'll keep going until he's blue in the face.

Bitch I'm flawless.

i actually rather like Kisss shots new stylish desk toy

Very post modernist

holy shit. aroused is an appropriate word choice.

you all think it's funny to misinterpret me, but that has literally landed us where we are now.

doesn't that just sound like an excuse?

because it sounds like a bs excuse.

bs because my posts were right,

and bs because your response was not remotely equal.



They are very controlling.

Yet it still is.

watching doesnt take much energy tbh! :3


I never mentioned a ride wtf are you talking about

Also at the risk of being the exception to one of your blanket statements again, I'm not enjoying this ride.


with that in mind this is my ultimatum. if you give me the asshole pics i will ban anyone that disagrees with you for at least 20 minutes

He is not allowed.

well you are missing out



My vagina is not built to take such things anyway.

That's what people told me when shitting on sci was popular, too

but it has to have a nice message on it like this one

oh my god if we could get those 2 in a room together...

just woke up?
poor sleepy baby

Cooki, you?

I did follow. but I did not.

this is how Mao's Cultural Revolution happened. people whipped each other into a frenzy so blinding, that the youth were turning on their elders, branding them with irons, stealing and destroying their posessions all to reign in some better future. You are damned right it is a character flaw, the same one that causes riots and protests and sports events to get out of hand, and damn right it's addictive. No conditioning required. You are animals.

alright. good.

sorry. I thought you were crazy.

Remember Dani? I think that'd be a better fit. It's essentially the same thing happening

that one looks too big to me too

cute. whodat


shush shush no read this post

i miss him

I'm n-not a baby!

He had no problem adding Kyle, though. ;3

playin some r00nscape

on a 1mo vacation started todayy ayyy

I do not know exactly how big it is
7 inches?
the point is not to use it so it does not matter, I got that one because I liked the color.

I had something private and special to ask him, I have since removed him.

you have to be subtle when you try to incite things.

yes you are, just a lil ol' thing~

I just got Terraria, it's hella fun


pink? aren't most dildos that color anyway?

Or you can just scream at it until it screams back in self defense

Are you some kind of masochist

takes so much energy

you don't know that!


You manage, though

me personally?

Are they?
It's not quite a pink ti's more a magenta. The other one was black though, and I do not like black.

Is he really comparing him being made fun on the internet to genocide?

you'll get them when we're friends.

nope. were you masochising me?

would this hurt you?

if so, why would you do it to me?

You especially.


I can guess, and my guess is.. that you're smol and cranky. pat

nice to meet you!


They are simply inferior.

nuh uh i bet i'm bigger than you!

its lit


everyone is bigger than me, I'm 5'3"

thy are the same


We talked before somewhat


ha! i win

wats that


A goodnight hug, I must retire.

aww ok
bye bye

i always associate this picture with squid


just reminds me of you

That's pretty fair.

I thought Goggles was the resident bogan.

but why though

what do you mean why

That's giving him too much credit

daggs bruh



why is that picture me

I need you to kill me.

"I'm an expert on frozen semen" - Nezumi

Im backu


welcome back

But Squiddy is an expert on all kinds of semen

thanks, hehe :3

What? Stop being gay.

What? Stop being gay.

why do you keep saying that wtf

What? Stop being gay.

I said it twice

okay first off I'm not gay ....


second of all, it's not gay when it's a feminine penis?

H-hi i've been waiting for your attention all day

Sure, bard.





I'd fuck !Huponyda2Y tbh

same, btw

Nah, you'd just like to fuck Momiji

jk you're a slut


he's literally a hungry danish skeleton that gets triggered by traps and anime

nuh uh...i'm the most loyalist

gay as fuck

This the first time I've seen you state facts, wow.


you'd suck like any old dick



But weren't you sucking darwin's dick?

I'd an awoo

Yo got me fucked up if its a fat neckbeard


I never knew Danish folk were so retarded

Poor loodz

Yeah, I'm sure you would.

What's 2hu?

what's up soto-kun

they are a small boy

go nuts dude

n-no I haven't done lewd stuff with anybody in a long time .//.
I just like the attention!


I gotta ninis tho cause I work at 4:30am

ilu Ban

Sleep well

Now I'm fairly certain that's not true.

Just give him the attention he so craves, one inch at a time

eh? You really think so?
W-why do you think that >//


He doesn't like it, he thinks he has to fit in by posting anime shit.

Probably just picked that character because it wears Trump hats and shit.

Thank god we get a good pony who posts anime to blend in with the others i instead of forcing horse cock down our throats like the other loser ponies from the old threads

Alright Hu, I'll give you the attention.
Bend over.

I have my reasons



well actually it's true sadly though ;~:

Since when is bard complaining about cock being forced down his throat.


I have a sore throat Thanaks

But that's very wrong

I never liked it when people posted anime in ponythreads either. It's the only reason I won't be doing the same thing here

You're too much of a slut for that

Thank you!

Even in my time in ponythreads i would also post ponies :3

You're a good person Bard

Thank you I feel good

I didn't post ponies in the pony threads.

Wild fucking dude coming through.

What is your ....problem........sonny..

You should

Terrible person, bad Test!

tfw you get accepted for who you are

most of these faggots post 3dpd or furry shit anyway
no one is autistic enough to complain about what you post here

A good feel

Complain out loud about it anyway.


if they are too afraid to say it out loud then they are not worth your time

And yet, sometimes it's better when people shut their mouth than spew bullshit

/r/ a picture of

specters avatar

Ban's avatar

squiddys avatar

test's avatar

Open wide, gurl

Which one ?


who is your most mainest avata

I'm thinking using nefel
also what is spectre sans avatar



Say "Ah"

Use whatever

I just had my teeth checked, no need for another one


Don't worry, I handled it for you

My masterpiece is finishied


kill me

Oh my fucking god.


Don't bully

don't be stubborn




nah. we're letting them recover.




yes she is the very meaning of perfection

A small cutie

She does look pretty cute

here's a picture i took with my buddy ninjah before we became mortal enemies

Wow I'm not on here?
What the fug


Huh... in that pic she's 4'9", they're actually keeping it kind of consistent.

Ninja way

You're not even a side character, you're an extra.

do not bully

i was gonna add you but there wasn't enough people in the everybody loveshupony cast

go back to ponychan

please teach me all about guns, senpai


Actually, I got it wrong, she's 4'4" in that pic. They're keeping it VERY consistent.
Momiji height confirmed.

Time for work, later

Goodbye forever.

I'm hungry and out of food again

is okay, he hates me anyway~

Site's dead though. Current admin thought it would be a good idea to run # do-release-upgrade on the server without a backup, and expected nothing bad would have happened.
He then uninstalled ffmpeg, because "lol, wat's that?" Weeks later, some webms still can't be posted and no one knows why

Tiny little awoo

Perfect height for head pats.
And other things.

but....but that's not the name of the show......

that's stupid

me if i was a furry

I'm like the only person here other than Spec he knows, he's my fukken ex

Why test instead of me

...why would you post this.
I'm not sure if I should save this or not. Why have you done this?

i would pet you so hard omg


I only put test in because I had a good chara pic :3

offhand i didnt know who your avatar was.....

s-still though your ex? o//o


What other things?

Is why he doesn't fit

It really is. He then started to fixing the webm suppport on the live version, not a local offline one.
He's only the technical administrator, because he's part of the inner-circle, not because he knows anything

Thank you for not judging my fursona!



who is it?

It's not

Like suckin' dick.

np, good choice Bard.

Like, six fucking years ago when I was literally 16.

tbh I don't genuinely care it's just a fun meme

tfw never as important as test

actually that's really cute and wholesome

Ples halp I'm poor and useless

Someone called "Zeke", or "SweetieBot". Apparently he's So cute and smart, if you ask one of the previous admins who he cybers with in private

Toothy blowjob?


look for change outside

we used to also have a corrupt slut admin here tooo :/

Ahh yes.

lol what the fuck

I made a huge pot of chicken soup a couple days ago but it's all gone
I have bread and peanut butter and mac and cheese and pretty much all of it was stolen

Consider rice.

Consider it considered

why don't you just get a job

At least this place seems to have recovered. This thread is quite active

That's pretty cute

Yeah, the previous admin didn't want any of these shitters to touch the server, which they really wanted to since "lol, he never does anything", and "b-but he doesn't corporate!", so eventually they forced him to step down. Nothing happened for a few weeks until Zeke fucked everything up with "an update", that should only take 15min. but took several hours. This was 2 weeks ago and shit still doesn't work.
But at least they have had staff-changes twice during those two weeks, so yay

no one i care about goes there anymore anyways

not even...me? ;~:

Quite a few people who did go there, has now migrated to here, leaving the sinking ship.

You post on ponychan?

Happy Friday, sluts

i...I could......

I feel misrepresented.

If you be so a pure princess then you must prove your royalty

ur pretty cute, faggot

I have a job I'm still poor

who stole your food

You're a slut

It's pretty dead. There's only really one active thread, and sometimes, it gets 10 replies during the time this thread receives more than a hundred.

That's just your opinion, bro

Mommy and daddy qq

Oh God I can't find my hymen.

Drinks tonight?

Wow I so would join you if it wasn't 5 in the morning.

look at this slut, coming to a slut place

that's sad....how many people post there?

we only have like...20 people here...

I stole the bread, the mac and cheese, and the onion and cucumber I put in the soup. the noodles and chicken were given to me and I bought the peanut butter and other vegetables

Squiddy and Ban are both always up for drinking. They do it fairly often

In the most active thread? Maybe 4 at a time. It was just 4 right now, but one is at work, and the other went to bed. So 3.

You said your food was stolen

I stole it from other people

that's ridiculous.

at any given time we usually have about that many people in a thread.....

what is there excuse!!

I have no issue with this

Saw an iBook G4 for £60 at a used shop, not sure if I trust, considering they also resell motherboards with bent pins in the CPU slot and broken PCIe connectors

Try going deeper

I couldn't catch enough of your Teto posts for a while, sorry ;-;
What's new with ya?


some of you guys are alright
don't come to animus tomorrow

How far you have fallen.

The site being dead, quite a few people who posted there has migrated here because the people here are more talkative and much nicer.

I'm not surprised

I thought you meant stolen FROM you

We drunk heavily yesterday for an extended period of time
I doubt we are gonna go drinking again today


Do you really believe that yourself?

No they aren't.

There is no deeper.

are you telling me that you , squiddy, moshy and spec are all that's left of the pony community

These are the end times

did we ever figure out which edgy school shooter said that?

They are.
and you most of all, daddy test
good things come in small packages

i fell when i was seven there was never any saving me
food is food and bread is incredibly easy to steal


Nah, I'm fairly sure we all pretty much left that thread, and only rarely posts there now still. The remaining people are mostly people who don't even post ponies.
Though there are a few people outside that particular thread I believe, who do post ponies. And just like the old time, they all hate the most active thread~
I guess there's still the /trash/ thread on 4chan, but I know nothing about that at all

Hey moshy mosh.

Is that when you got diagnosed with the spergism?

Damn that's lewd.

Kanra That one guy in Oregon.

i'm kinda sad now
thinking back on it it was a really fun ride

i wanna go again but i know thats just wisftul thinking
tbh i grew up here so its harder to see it die like this ;~:

Same feel tbh.
I know I was glad to see this place being as active as it is, and still be as open to newcomers as those threads were many years ago.
So thank you, really




I'm pretty sure I was four or five when they first suspected I had aspergers but I didn't get a formal diagnosis until a few years ago






Hey, I'll even give you a reacharound because you're such a sweet kid.

are sure kanra didn't move to oregon


touching myself to the Wendy's girl should make me feel a lot worse than it does.

Even he said like this MSI Z97 GAMING 5 was brand new, yet it looked somewhat used to me
Doesn't look like they get many customers either, not sure about them

Get a bigger dildo then

I don't think I'm the only one, bardy

Hey Goggles! Being a good boy I hope?

How come it took so long? I think it's something that should be screened ASAP in case people can help