In case the RCMP raids this place tomorrow after Kanra shoots up a school...

In case the RCMP raids this place tomorrow after Kanra shoots up a school, we didn't force him to do it and told him to seek help for coming to terms with his inadequacies.

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You Focus on the Trivial, and lose sight of what is most important, Change is impossible in this fog of ignorance. How can we Evolve when Regulation is all we know?

what then, praytell, is most important?

Even the strongest of opponents always have a weakness.

Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions.

The ones who aren't able to acknowledge their own selves are bound to fail.


absolutely brutal.

who could have forseen this

They're using emoji to advertise shit here. For some reason it annoys me greatly.

do you have any cause to think I'm not entirely aware at this very moment?




b r u h

Every human being relies on and is bounded by his knowledge and experience to live. This is what we call “reality”. However, knowledge and experience are ambiguous, thus reality can become illusion. Is it not possible to think that, all human beings are living in their assumptions?

( ban )

( canary )
i can get a sixtuple kill in the practice range with his arrow!

but like, what? you mean my social obliviousness.

yes, but some assumptions are better than others.

billions of humans have died believing shallow or incorrect things. and I'll be one of them.

It fucking hurts

i can double-tap (see kill) any baby dva or tracer in just over a second.



wifflez, this is all fine.

its much simpler than it looks.

"its much simpler than it looks."

that describes you so well.

can someone explain this to me


It looks pretty simple already
The pain comes watching in general

as nice as you are between your meannesses, I feel to know you is to not forget.

If you didn't act like a shithead i wouldn't be mean.

you know what else is painful? you saying that. maybe you knew this. yet you still did it.

thank you for your compassionate shaming.

here's the crazy thing tho:

im pretty sure several people were being magnitudes worse than me.

I kinda wanna request a drawing
is that ok


go for it.

aiite ill pm you the deets

it's always everyone else with you.


The laugh at the end was the worst part.

well i'm going to bed. send me that stuff grim.

kanra, please continue to be an obnoxious prick that punishes anyone that makes an effort with him. it's healthy for you to remind us that there are morons in the world, and that life is full of disappointing people.


this must be fake

Would I be a good friend if I don't tell you when you're doing something stupid

dva takes more than a second to eject

loco, you've managed into the wrong perspective here. artists should know better.


loco he's out to get you

Hes not out to get him

Hes already won

i just got here what did he do now



So are you gonna let him ?


Nah. He seems ok IRL at least.
Doesn't really say much.

He probably doesn't say much because you know he sucks toes.

Did you or him say anything about it ?

he give squash promotion


No not really.


he gonna suck his toes

So its just really awkward ?

I don't think he remembers me.


he does lol

I hope he doesn't.



i wanna play


Luka can you buy me some time on FFXIV ?


I'll get you a month of FF time if you vocaroo you saying I'm a good boy, Luka.

She should probably take off her arm things.

Whatever the fuck those things are called.

Look, don't point out how retarded detached sleeves are.


Did you see my conversation with Kanra ?

did I look smart ?

I did react to your post about it in your discord.
I wasn't paying much attention to it as it happened

I didn't notice your tiny little emoji.

That's why I mentioned it here, to you, just now.

Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions. Everyone lives within their own subjective interpretation.

I wonder if Kanra even realized

the thiccness not for sale dont ever talk to it again


I wish he was as possessive with me as he is others.

m-maybe I could be possessive of you....


"I was only pretending to be vapid"

j-j-just a j-joke

He was literally quoting Naruto at you, you fucking retard.

not again



Also bard is gay

uncalled for,

are fake news

haha, good one

oh, mugen. why do you do this.

its mommy make out day

You were taking someone quoting edgy Naruto as serious banter.

let's play a quick game for a really quick kiss.

they didn't

not upset that you did it. but i'm very disappointed you're saying nothing about it now.

how did you know it was Naruto?

who r u talking to


you. monsieur moderator.

You were looking kind of dumb with your finger and your thumb in the shape of an L on your forehead.

what i do

End this meme.

I'm not even sure that was a meme nice.
Just like, a regular sarcastic nice.


8ch is broke. there are threads I wanted that were 404'd. maybe 8ch just does that from time to time.

She's posting lathe videos again.


Both are the same in my eyes.

It's all Liveleak.
She's like Bebop with a vagina.

could you check on it pls?

I can't sarcastically say nice anymore?

Don't they post here ?

Won't they see this ?

ill be sure too get in contact with some important people while i flip this coin here

call it

Only post ironically with a tilde.

I hope they do.



I was about to say "Nice~" but there's a combination of that being too gay and giving you too much shit.

Fuck you.

But you didn't reply with a "nice" at all.

Still a win.

We did it reddit!

This one hasn't been used enough to actually get on my nerves.

You should try using it a few more times a day.

Also are you still playing your autistic game ?

I only started posting here after it was done.

join my thing

I was watching a video, but fine.

Is it Kanra that keeps using my images?

upside down faggots
let's colonize mars or some shit









That's a pretty cute cat

Does anybody else remember this edgy song from the past?

ur a cat





wolf girls go meow too, don't be so wolfphobic


Hu confirmed for Luka


You wish


but was I wrong tho


This is becoming unhealthy.

I just woke up, gotta finally do chores today other than just feeding the animals so that when the fam gets home the house isn't the pig sty I've been making it.




We know


new meme?

burning the roof of my mouth. that with the burn of carbonated soda is proving to be a nice mix


did you notice how you guys become so irrational, everything you accused me of, you did yourselves, and worse?


My dog is just licking the carpet for some reason.

Outside of the soda how are you managing to do that?

No, I did not.

ps i'm test's dog

I didn't know Test fucked his pets


if only some dog would lick my carpet



test x bard confirmed?

I love Carpenter Brut.

ur dog might puke

pretty interesting. had to hunt down the missing thread.

tldr, everything you accused me of, you did yourselves, and worse. from IQ, to acting like an idiot, or being a blowhard. you all did worse. with a hint of cruelty here and there.

my only sin is obliviousness.

Kanra. Stop it.

NO! only my MASTER is good enough for ME!

why does everyone dislike me

We... did IQ?

I don't think anybody does.

We wuz IQ and shit.

And who is that?

Is this memeing at Kanra or a genuine question? Because you don't seem disliked at all, and it doesn't have enough sting to be a jab at him.

i said i was literally right

and you all lost your shit

even tho i was literally right

not sure if you're being two-faced.

yes. that vague. I said IQ, you guys lost your minds.

a dozen posts later, none of you knew why I even mentioned IQ.

there was a frenzy... and everyone thought i was seriously invoking IQ to make a point.

... but I never did.

he's pretending to be kanra

i-isn't it obvious?

y-you really don't know...?

bard it's okay, they just couldn't visualize it
their iq was too low

dusty believes in souls.

That's some pretty high-dimensional stuff to be transforming.

Is that supposed to be like an insult or...?
What? Literally what.
Insider, pls.


you guys~

dustys on suicide watch


clearly some of you did the IQ tests

and saw that a couple of the questions were about transforming 3D and 2D objects

please remember how tsuchi/loco/squiddy called that bs

they called a few things bs that were literally not bs


You weren't "vaguely" saying IQ, the post itself was literally nothing but saying that his IQ was 'low' because he couldn't transform objects like you.

But this isn't why people are exploding over this. People were exploding over it because it was small, easily digestible, and clearly fucking retarded. Normally, everything you say is so full of ancillary bullshit that it's hard to mock easily; not because you're wrong, but because there's too much fluff. You pad every single fucking thing you say with so much pointless bullshit that nobody can be bothered dissecting your argument post, sifting through the literal chaff you throw in there to sound smart.
The visualizing IQ shit was a rare glimpse into one of your posts without all the pointless bullshit. Something that all the people who wanted to could point at and easily laugh at without the normal effort required in interacting with you and your shit.

Also it was just plain memeworthy breh.




No, going to have to tell me.

w-well.....i don't know if he wants me to tell >////////

It's just everyone, we know.

George I can feel him typing again.

Wow that is not true! what the heck squiddy!

No ! my master is super cool not like lame everybody...

brace yourselves

i'm braced

I have Invisalign.

Alright... I'm coming in

You are letting this happen.

Wow sure wish MY parents were RICH



at first, the joke was that I was so brilliant, threats of kinetic murder were vivid to me.

grim said he wanted to experience it first hand. that he wanted to "see someone's head snap back violently when they get thrown against the ground or the wall"

in a one-two motion, I similtaneously called him messed up, and his poor imgination meant he had to be hands on to experience the motion. his weak ass imagination means he has to flail people to get an impression of what flailed people act like.

somehow, my calling him stupid in terms of IQ, specifically in regards to the imagining the transformation of 3D objects, was more triggering than his initial threat.

then a bunch of you began misrepresented my carefully worded insult,
said a bunch of literally incorrect, stuff
and somehow I became the worst.




How did you try?

maybe he answered one correctly and didn't know.

and I'm not the one that posted online IQ tests.

some of the people that did were the ones mocking me the night previous for invoking IQ, and here they were, invoking IQ.

A cursory glance through what you said showed that you completely missed my point. I'm not going to reply to this.


holy shit

The only person who genuinely thought a three minute internet quiz could measure intelligence in any meaningful fashion was Grim, and that was just his irrational fears that Squash might be smarter than him.


Bard will let anyone be his master.

In private.
What else is there?

That's just how your life set up man. Aren't they rich tho

Fuck him in private to divert his attention.

mean... :(

your point is... "you felt I was incorrect and full of shit"

and you find me so tedious and grating, you'll just assume whatever you want about the content of my posts

and then attack me for what you imagined my posts to contain.

that. is. boggling.

Nothing wrong with that

so was I.

but you guys weren't when you tried and failed to correct me.

so you spent more time making a fuss over the mere idea of an IQ test

than testing the IQ test to see what it was



This won't do anything.

What are you even saying anymore you fucking lunatic?

what a night

My point was "that is so retarded it's laughable". I tried to explain to you that the majority of people here dislike you and this was merely an easy way for them to manifest this dislike.

You then ignored everything I said while simultaneously complaining about me ignoring you. I had multiple fucking people say to me "did he even respond to anything you just said".

tl;dr your obstinence has turned you into a joke, fucking stop

How are you so certain?

i'm saying you guys are gaslighting yourselves about me

soon, you won't even need to read my posts

my entire being will have become a product of your imagination.

You have all my sympathy.

I'm not going to talk about this.

You mean you'll literally become a meme?
Already true.

I an NOT everybody's PET!!!!!!!!!

Do it, though.


I'll do it if you fuck Kissy in private at the same time.

what's retarded? the raving lunatics reacting to me, or the me, making astute and accurate points.

and if I follow, you are calling me obstient to your frenzied illogical groupthink

i am quite aware of your frenzied illogical groupthink.

poor moogs thinks I'm worth driving towards suicide.


Take me now.

Deal. Get him out of here.

Squid became the groupthink he fought so hard to escape.

You either die a hero...






probably the me

It is done. You and he leave now too.


Wow four birds no stones, lucky day.


what I miss tonight my friend

actually Im' stoned

jfc that pic

just... why would you say what you did?

i shouldn't have to compell you or be nice to you to take them back.

i'd hope you'd know it was wrong to dehumanize me.

yea, none of you noticed each other doing worse.

yeesh what specifically

Nothing that deserved to exist.

Definitely you

What are you, fucking gay?

Hah, what are you, fucking gay?


I want you to know that this post fucking killed me.

I do bad things and get away with them all the time because when i do bad things, I pretend they didnt happen instead of talkingabout them persistantly thread after thread for days on end



Why do you want me gone so bad, hot chocolate?


telling people to look down on me.

why would you tell people to do that to me?


because. you didnt give me the boy pussy pics

what bad thing did I do

Thank God.

Hey there, I will not be long I have work in 7 hours and it is from 7:30 to 5:30 so 10 hours.

I don't.
This is just a goof.
Darwin poked me, I poked him.

God alive.

ugh work is so gay!!


idk ..?

You said
"yea, none of you noticed each other doing worse."

which implied I was doing something bad

Oh good, I could not stand the thought of being hated by you.

Yes, it is.
I dreamed of dildos last night, it was weird.

his brain is so amazing it produces its own hallucinogen

I'm sure.

i just woke up but i can't remember what i dreamed about


no but really. the way you addressed it. worded it. reaffirmed it later.

you were trying to get people to shun me, and to stop mocking altogether.

you labeled me a "pariah" and for what?

i only noted cruelty. but you can't be cruel to pariahs. pariahs aren't human.

Oh, I actually took it seriously if there was the slight chance of getting rid of him, but then the Spectre theme song started playing, making me mad, and I lost the impetus. Why would you try to trick me like this?

every day I wake up and the nightmare continues