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tfw no grim daddy

Hell, Gilligan brought up a great point that you've done way worse shit to me repeatedly and I still tried to be your friend. So for once I'm going to stay my ground and not go back to that shit.

It's FaceBook all over again.

Hu wanna be lesbian lovers?

new threads are good too

I'm not a grill though


lewd AND cute?


i am literally the best.

This pic is both

I remember when spec still deigned to show me his mech-pressence.

that must hurt

Cool! I'm glad we agree!


How is that not still true?

Maybe? I wouldn't know. Not an expert on boobs

who is hu and who is spectre

Spec is my new boy friend.

who is guero

I don't know, who are they?



Hello, darling!

literally you but with less robots and ancap memes

Are we playing robots right now?


oldfag user

I asked first

Hey babe. How you doin'?

You laugh you lose

They're pretty chill ponies too

wanna smash?


But why?

Both oldfags






I'm doing pretty well. Getting ready to go to my first day of my new second job.

ur the grill

We can if you want.

Cool. I've been posting user here for a little while, but I know enough people here to slap on a name.

-politely sits on your lap- i want a thinkpad. which one should i get?

i'm very bad at the game, did they ever put megaman in it?

really? so happy now

That's a good joke, that one!

what's your budget

what do you plan to use it for

He's like the thread younger brother who you bully but he takes it in strides.


I prefer'd Samus.

Oh sweet! Where you work now?

Fox is best Nintendo waifu.

Local pizza place. It was hiring and I figure it would be better than more factory work.

I hated the game but,
Best Nintendowaifu.

I do need to grind the event

She was so underwhelming in Smash.
I was honestly upset because I wanted to play her so bad.

my nigga


the results are consistent on multiple trys

I don't plan on spending all that money though...

Who? I don't really play that game. I like Marvel VS Capcom

You'll get paid minimum wage at the least, right?

There's pizza places here that a lot of college students try to work then realize they only pay like $4 an hour and rely on tips which never equal out, especially on weekdays.

I haven't played the latest Smash but that doesn't really surprise me.
I just liked her look and personality for the usually annoying Nintendo females.

the only chill pony is squid
and test if he counts

you're alright in my book for posting momiji but i may have to bully you a little for being a pony fag

i shitposted in this community for like 3 years before putting a name on

Lol faggot

7.25 for now. I can do shit to get more at least.

She had a sad story in Mario Galaxy though. My whole drive to progress was her story book.

A ponyfag who hasn't watched that show since the beginning of season 2, 5 years ago

I'm not really a gamer, I find them boring

Hey hopefully that means free pizza too.
Factory work was shitty? I worked at a huge warehouse once, I wonder if it's any similar.
Good luck! And I hope it's enjoyable, or at least not terrible!

Aight, gimme a minute or two, and I'll get on.

3.7k what the shit

get a T470


That's not a bad thing then. Just felt like giving that insight.

Yeah, her story is depressing and I dunno, it actually made me like her instead of most characters with a shit past who just come off as whiny.


So how are you doing today, darling?

Fug, I literally just remembered that I have an RPG session starting at some point in the next like, hour, I dunno when. But we could play a bit.

Well with both jobs I'll be working a lot I hope so the discrepancy will be ok.

Her story was well constructed. I liked the fact it wasn't just flashbacks. I might invest in a Wii again and some games. I had a lot of fun with the console.

Better now that your back in my arms baby.
Need to shop in a bit, but today was laid back and nice, and my weekend starts now.

Shit, guess we better get on this then.

Yeah, but getting underpaid for a job even if it's still income isn't really worth it when you can work another entry level job and get paid more for the same amount of work.

I honestly hated the Wii and 90% of what I played on it but the 10% that I liked was fucking amazing.

G-goodness...I could really go for being held by a big fellow.

Shopping for anything in particular?

I fucking love this software


What is this "business laptop"? I want a hacking laptop

I like Megaman, he's the best

What does that even meme?


tfw no spellcheck

did you go to a military highschool?

I know I had to take a special pre highschool SAT to be considered for one of those cream of the crop highschools in my city

It's just a job and I can't be picky righ tnow.
Maybe once I'm back on my feet I can try something else.

It was a lot of shovel ware.
The sports games and resort one were a blast though.

stop being a nigger, bc.



Just food stuffs.

I swear to god Squid.

Nope, I went to three different high schools, all just state run public schools.

Get some whipped cream and we can have a party~

That's kind of the thing: you can be a little picky with a job, even entry level. I'm not saying apply for manager but don't just put yourself in a draining job that pays awful when you can be in a shitty job that you do nothing with but still get paid the same wage. That's the only type of picky I'm talking about here that's just more realistic.

Irrelevant if you got an SSD~

I don't have enough money to wait to find something was the issue.

I had to act fast or I was fucked.

I did forget you lived somewhere rural just now.

I think they include it jic I decide to install a large HDD or something

Cherries too?

It's part of their complete software suite after all.
What I like the most about Thinkpads however, is the amount of features supported in hardware, not software

Yeah. Shit's limited.

W-what are you going to do with them?
I'll admit though. I always wanted to try that kind of thing.

I kind of expect someone to 'sperg out about getting an early 00s ThinkPad like it's /g/.


qt isnt here


That dude has a little too much of the 'tism.

I actually laughed


I thought you had to have money to be royalty of any sort.


The Direct TV remote though.

The perfect topping! Pick em up and share with a kiss.
Of course. Who hasn't?

A k-kiss?!?!?



Just memes~

wat meme ._. ?


The "Ancient Egyptians weren't white" meme

Niggers didn't build the pyramids.

they arent white?

Yes they did, with their own physical strength

They are, but some would get mad at that picture

if they aren't black or white ????

are they grey??? :thonking:

good troll

They weren't white, just like they weren't black.

They were fucking middle-eastern, it's not hard.


s o f t


Who the hell actually cares anyway?

They were secretly animu characters

Show me your puckered asshole, HU

they are aliens

ancient aliens


Yesterday you wanted the dick, now you want the butt? What will it be tomorrow?

And then they migrated when they realised their mistake

i'm skeptickal of u~

Yo tits.

look how witty i am scoots!

Should be~

I can do that. Pic related

I forget what I was lemme check


slythern is edgy Reee~


colors of the badger!



you are fair~

are you hard working?



Luka have you taken every personality test on the fucking internet?

WOO SWISH! magics




oh kewl you got a thunder bird!
cute dolphin♥

lol test pegs me as being a loyal puppy~ :3


Peggy Doggy




is this from pixiv

I reckon I could pack these 12 inches in that ass babe

Danbooru, from a few days ago

I forgot I was boiling water for pasta but now it's too late to cook it.


okay i'm sorry, i'm a retard when it comes to computers...

Well I like X more
He's cool af
Why do you like Shamas?

Yeah, too licentious. Far too much of it is

Because That ass, and the concealed dick






Night night

Anyhow I'm off to work.
Give hugs or head pats.





is her booty really all that and a bag of chips?

Hey test

Don't go...

Hero Hila

-gives you one watermelon seed-

this is worth more than a hug


Defo, its outta this world


post the video, luka.


I identify as num lock tgabnj you

wiat so test is a girl?


this makes me feel good about myself

He's the prettiest princess.


youre sincere?!


me irl

Well i'm not gonna tell someone i'm sorry if I don't mean it.

I just won't say sorry.


ayo test lemme smash



soo merciless



lol u all watch youtubes on normal speed

i watch youtubes on a whole nother dimension!
the 2x speed sanic fast videos level
all the time

i watch twice as many videos as you do in half the time!



this is your fb


I'm literally him though.


Would you motorboat it?

I know I'm sorry...
I get intimidated by anything complicated >_<
But I really want to get into computer stuff without having to go to school for it. I mean everything can be found online.
I want to get into hacking, for fun not for crime, help




pew pew

Test, has there been any newcomers in the past year?


hehe xd

I'm gonna be in the city tonight
do you wanna meet up


hell yeah


smells like hotdogs and depression

thats a lot of cake for one person

it's yummy

*sips kool aid jug*


mainline sugar

I would love to but my dad had Chemo yesterday so I'm going to his house to care for him. Any plans tonight in the big city?

What about me?

what's that mean?

Become thick

roleplaying is fun tsutsu

He already is with his diet.

Fucking kill yourself.

Fucking kill yourself.



tabletops are the objective best form of entertainment
if you can't see this, it's because your ability to convert spoken words into mental imagery in the realm of imagination is lacking

did i do it right

who ray

Keep eating the cake

I was thinking about taking you to Ippudo or Totto but... if you can't go you can't go...

all gonhe now

Better get another slice.



what will you do today?



autistic screaming

luka if you were ever projecting a sort of naive innocence, those tests sorta say otherwise~



i guess i'll try better.


And's pictures are so hot.

that pic is cute

guess what i am

a fag

i forgot who used to post them in threads back on Holla Forums

i got there folder from them, probably not nefel
frecklez maybe?







Oh I thought that was a you

it's a me

And cuter than all the girls


only by design

Its a drawing

they are all by design

i wonder if people will apologize and stop making fun of me, now that they realize they were wrong I was was right, or that they misrepresented me, even when I gave them the appropriate and relevant details every step of the way so that they shouldn't have.

i wonder.

oh for fuck's sake

lmao is that kanra and is he for real

You are a goddamned faggot, you fail at life and you'll rot and die alone.

come to think of it isn't Luka aneki's admin? well played.

fuck can't save any of you now


Kanra, shut the fuck up. Idiot baka.

You're already standing at the bottom of a deep hole.

No reason to keep digging.

you think this is bad? you should see the people that misrepresented me, even when I gave them the appropriate and relevant details every step of the way so that they shouldn't have.

it's zany how people keep projecting their fears at me as insults.



My iq and GPA are both higher.

You should listen to me.

i have the best iq

design yourself.

what do you want me to hear?

Its my lifes goal to rot and die alone
I hate society and every status symbol it has so I just win enough to live life my way
None of them are fairs lad, both are goals.

Kanra, can I watch SPY KIDS 3D now?


This is sad.

Let this die


Kanra forgets he's an adult.

jack. you sound like too many people I know. maybe you need hop off the anger train.

is your angst and anger sustained by the media you consume?

you should try maining hanzo.

i'll consider it. what is your basis?

will he grow old and regret ever being so cringy past chuunibyou age or will it be this way forever

Its fueled by broken bloody bodies and dreams, betrayal and people being shit around me when I tried my nicest back then to be honest.
The scar those things left is Jack. And it lasts forever. Now I'm out, there are alicefags on Holla Forums to rage at.

if this is true this is terrible you need to stop.

maybe ask Alice to deprogram you.

she owes you that at least.

How well would you say your social skills are ?


like cut your losses now or cut your losses when you're forty

you fucking pathetic, sad, creep.

hanzo is kewl
he shoot bow and arrow and it scatter everywhere!

hey its acceptable if they're a cute 14 year old

Shes bleeding from doing coke

Kind of wonder when Kanra is gonna shoot up a school.


Message from Kanra in steam.

remember those videos Elliot Rodgers made where he explained that he was great, and it was everyone else's fault for not admitting it and admiring him?

in my silly little brain, you guys are literally worser.

and your only excuse is that yall were bein 'ironic'


bang bang

You can just kinda tell something wrong with him by looking him.

our excuse is that you act like a fucking autist and we make fun of you for it

your iq is high enough for it to force you to visualise death threats on anime messageboards, but you can't see that.


ouchh fgt.

I didn't even threaten to kill him

I just talked about whiplash


never mind

find your own way

xD this is too much

Kanra must be trolling


Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions. Everyone lives within their own subjective interpretation.

my artistic training and high visual intelligence iq scores mean that the very word "whiplash" causes a psychosomatic response in my body. thank you for making me slip a disc, grim.


SIGH its more complicated than that

remember when I said everyone should admire me? protip never did.

what's interesting is that you'd even go there. like tsuchi.

why would you guys go there?


you live in a fantasy world.

I remember when I got bullied this much I'm jelly
Makes me wanna go on canadian proxy and parade as Insider

The words of a failure making excuses. Are you telling me to admit my limitations and give up?



sharingan level 3 create illusion!!!

ya i shoot scanning arrow too!
and then dragons eat the payload

and i win the game

using geometry arrow! ^_^

Yeah, but Kanra's school shooting is going to be motivated by his Psych 1300 called him a retard. How dare a professor not acknowledge that an autistic kid that knows nothing is right about everything.


"dump pipe"

Forgive yourself on what you aren’t able to do, if you want to know who you are, you have to look at your real self and acknowledge what you see.



This guy is literally quoting Itachi

I'm fucking done

bang it a few times

maybe the fuckwits on the internet kept pushing him idk

im sorry
who the fuck are posting their iqs?
only like... everyone but me.

if buying others' bs is unautistic, tbh, it doesn't sound appealing.

of course you'd think it'd just be a friendly lil whiplash.

your poor 3D reasoning would have wound up with me dead and you, utterly befuddled by your miscalculation about the impact of my skull, stretching every vertebrae to its limits.

It is not wise to judge others based on your own preconceptions and by their appearances

"waste gate"

have you ever been so worked up

you felt the need to defend everything

Those who can’t acknowledge their real selves are bound to fail.



all over his screen

rinnegan activate


do you do this for attention? i just.

this is just depressing.

i wish.

simpru geometry. last night after everyone trying to tear me a new one on here, I went onto overwatch to calm myself. played three straight games, two competitive, got all the offense golds in all of them. i was careful not to let it get to my head. any more ego and it'll become a superego.

you went a very long way to say something stupid and wrong



You in a nutshell.

It's just that nobody can think at that level.

No. I’m telling you to learn to forgive yourself for not being omnipotent. It’s because we can’t do everything ourselves that we have friends to fill in the gaps. They also make sure we don’t undervalue the things we can do. If you want to know who you are, look at your true self once more, and accept what you see. I failed to do this. I lied to everyone, and I spent my life deceiving myself as well. Those who cannot accept themselves will fail. Just like I once did.


there is no real self.

you overestimate your inability to trace transformations in 3D. leave the human flailing to the smart people maybe. you're going to hurt someone. and you won't even know why, knowing beforehand you shouldn't have, why you let it get that far.

did you just-

did you just "no u" me?


People Live their Lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That is how they define "Reality" . But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? They are merely vague concepts... Their "Reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to be simply living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?

Good night you savages.

Later, gay Marx.

my friends aren't as crazy as me. and the ones who are as smart as, or smarter, have consistently abused me. gave them some thrill to boot me in the stomach. the only person i can trust is myself. and my pity for thsoe who are mean to me is my way of keeping sane and compassionate. i know myself enough to know what blows they try to deal should connect, which ones are close, and which ones are very much insecurities I know they have and they think I have.

mugen did something terrible the other day. but I hope he was kidding. or at least he knew what he did was messed up on several levels. it's pity that I don't go too far with any of this, and let people turn back, if they wish.

beliefs aren't always rational. but almost everyone thinks their beliefs are rational.

it's like with magic tricks. they're usually simple and obvious once you see them, but most people just don't.

i don't think i'm tricking myself. furthermore, there's strong evidence to suggest other's here are tricking themselves, in very mean ways.



i can get a sixtuple kill in the practice range with his arrow!

nini :)