♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

We Pony Now Edition.

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I can get behind this.


gonna go hump the mattress till i cum and fall asleep. bye kanra.






She's my favorite.

can you get copies of volumes of the cambridge historical journal free anywhere online?


my least favorite

I hate it when I never catch the post for the new thread.

i need a specific article from volume 26, but fuck me if i can find a pdf anywhere


I hate it when I catch it but then other fucks post in it more so I post back at them in it

Darwin hates her too
Though he hates everything I love


stop loving garbage

the brain gets used to repeating certain words

buttcumber wasn't one of them

not even prostate. this is interesting.

Sure, we'll line up just right and only use one bullet.


Shh... we're only at 3059 right now, just in time for Operation Bulldog.
Then, I really will be 27 the year everything falls into place.

Pone thread uh?

scoob pls help

Hey Kanra ^^ what up?

It's time to stop



damn horsefuckers


the number of people that unfairly vex me.

W-what are you into?




What did you expect from the pone community?

green skins, thought I smelled something.

does your university not offer a free online librabry/journal database?


She's not garbage, she's adorable.

No, you can't garentee that you need to shoot me clean through the mouth.

hey you

i dont think i have access any more, and if i recall correctly its not completely free

He keeps fucking quoting this line
like some sort of aspie

this public courting between kyle and the other person is kinda gross

I'm smartish. think smartish enough to know not to take everypony seriously.

smartish to know how people indulge in inaccurate mass delusion.

but it doesn't feel good. the truth doesn't feel good today.

Go lick some feet, Kiss.
I'm getting me a man.



I mean any courting involving him is gross


tasteful crossovers with undertale

I used to go hiking and backpacking.
I like firearms and sports shooting, I try to plinking when I can.
Video games, and anime.


I don't know enough 40k to make meme references here.

We'll kiss a brick of tanerite and touch that off.

Tumblrtale didn't exist back then

Good thing we're not horsefuckers, r-right?

What fucking loser


Um, well besides google'ing it... I wouldn't be able to top of my head consider it at the minute.

We all have those feels. But its time to suck it up and rebuild. Busy?

I play a lot of games. Mostly retro things. I collect N64 shit as well. I enjoy camping if it isn't a billion degrees out.


This was cool tho.

I'm not that much of a degenerate.

That is very much not my fetish, feet are gross.

I don't know, I just find her cute.


Okay, deal.

*smooches your paw*


My dire was more important

actually I didn't even indulge in Undertale fandom.
kept my experience pure, true to Toby Fox's intent.

rebuild. restart. reset. promises of better days hereonout.

just want to do things right forever. keeping a hoof in reality isn't enough.



Ah, I never got interested in things like that as a kid, so everything more retro than an Xbox is a mystery to me.
Rip, I live in Arizona, so summertime hikes and camping are always hot.

Sweet! Now they can say we kissed and banged when we died!

idk what that means

Missouri has wonderful hiking trails. Alabama has a few I've gone on that over look the lakes.

We waited in the shadows for so long, its time we finally take our revenge to the animefags

oh well, i figured you would be my best bet in a pinch.

im just chasing up citations on wikipedias article on whigs, seeing as i cant afford the damn copy of leviathan i need in order to carry on chasing my understanding of liberalism and reading lengthy political texts on an LCD is cancer.

I am drinking so my brain isn't exactly sharp.


there are not enough of us to wage war. and what would the war we wage determine anyways? we have long since dropped "love and kindness" and "friendship and tolerance" and many perhaps with age, lost our faith in good.

Cupcake is more un-Cake than ever.
Squash was hardened by reality.
these guys used to embody irrational altruism, a perfect foil for the odd cynical individual, but no more.

we're all Gil now.

post something cuter

You have lots of humidity down there huh?

Only for you~


Well, yes and no.
When it rains it's horrible.
If it doesn't it's just horribly hot.


Yes, we are strong and unwavering and cruel... But all revolutions need such leaders in their caste. Look at Cuba.
We must mould the new utopia and the rest will fall into place.


i wanna pet it!


sacrifice me

Ah that sucks. Rain here is a God sent relieve from just dry heat.
You live in a city, or more rural?

Why do you hate me now? We shared such great moments.


Like when you shoved a sword up my ass ?

I'm up in the hills on a farm.

Ugh every time I look at you I think of the Patriots.
Erm do you have a Pinkie Pie folder, love?

Get on your knees and open your mouth.

don't tease the crazy pseudointellect, scewts.


Yeah, that was a good one.

Oh shit really! I used to live on somewhat farm too. We had horses, alpacas, and huntin' dogs.
Literally raised in a barn.
Whatchu got?

its 890 images bigly

DONT you tease me on utopian socialism.


thought I smelled something

Probably the cum on your upper lip.

I remember when ban still played drunk videogames with me
now he just spits on my face

too big.

Very unlikely.

30 quail, ~15 chickens, had 3 ducks but mine died the other day, 3 horses, but one is elsewhere for now and we sold the 4th the other day, 5 dogs, 4 cats, and 3 finches now that one hatched.

Yeah, it should have dried by now.

h-how did you get it so big...? can i touch it?

They always say that :(
I will end up like Trotsky in Mexico.
Be my ice pick ;3

O-oh, its always b-ben like that... nnnnnn if you want.

I'm dry as fuck boy.

are you fucking kidding me

is that your favorite eevee

wait i have to go to the bathroom first

I have over 6000 pictures of them.

-slowly runs her fingertips on your massive folder- does that feel good?
do you think i can have it?

hurry up i want to sacrifice you

Sounds pretty fowl. Rip duck, I did see you mention that not too long ago. Horses are expensive to keep now, least here they're really bad, so bad people have just been letting 'em go. How's it for you?

You're only wet when Squiddy comes around now.

too. big.

and then you taunt me
and claim you were trying the whole time

Th-this is... we're in public a-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

thats true tbh

beg and I will


It's enjoyable to be surrounded by so many animals.
The chickens are one of my favorites. They are very friendly.

No, baby. Not a chester!!!!!!!

memes asside what videogames would we EVENB play

-leans down and slowly drags my wet tongue along the shaft while looking at you and resting my lips on the tip- may i have it, please..?

I have no fucking idea

pick one and we'll play it
otherwise you're out of luck fuckboy

in the end, it doesn't really matter.

I remember saying "beg":

i'm not picking game at all

umbreon is mine


I'm already playing a game and having a blast.
Your loss.

I am having a flashback.... m-maybe OwO

Kanra... I think you are neato burrito... lets suicide pact

I'll just take the loss then.

Yeah? I miss it sometimes, and then at the same time don't.
Ever eaten one of your own chickens or quail or are they more for something else/pets?


oh my

-kills you-
no i'm kidding, i love you

Hopefully you and squash can find the same thing.


life is all there is. wanna make it work. sooner rather than later. to be better tomorrow than I was yesterday. man stuff yknow?


All because I wouldn't beg you
What a fag

I'm not big on poultry really.
My room mates eat them on occasion though. They allow me to keep the ones I gain affinity for as pets. I have a rooster that is claimed as mine.

take flight, ex pet. and never let them catch you.

Its an easy fix.

See now I decided I've finished that game and I'm still drunk enough that I'd do it and play it off as a joke but I know you don't actually have a game to play

Pick a game you idiot.

My heart is only for you...

No I have to go listen to the Alice in Chains song.



I refuse to pick something because I actually have nothing.


wanna make me your life hunnybunny boo boo?


Why are you such a shitbag?


I know that feel. I also can't remember them for shit, I have to write down names and crap.

did you see some of the stuff they were saying to me last night?

that they were saying to each other about me?

not sure if I enjoy being the one sane person.

So just pick a game at random and then beg me to play it with you.

its not hard

grow a pair

I can't read this

Ah. I have never heard this.

I'd play mechs with you right now but archives would hate me forever

Also he was campaigning for you to be added but it's a secret club

Oh THAT'S all
I can't believe I'm so selfish and cowardly, not doing this

its okay
just slowly make everyone sane

You're missing your shot at this point.

Bummer dude.

Oh, huh.

Bullshit, you're a horrible liar, and he already hates you.

Fucking rip.

I'm gonna go play RPGs now.

while avoiding burnout. they don't make it easy on me. what does the end game look like?

yeah I feel real bad

God damn it
I was going to meme him and tell him to play it with us

Even though he shouldn't and the game is awful

Have fun

What a shame

Gomen. My music isn't really expansive.

A kilo of coke, a litre of scotch and a couple of tight traps. thats the end game.


maximized degenercy is being woke?

w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-wait no, ban-senpai, play videogames w-w-w-w-w-with me

Yes, because being totally numb and sensually overloaded is the SHIT

This but you already missed your chance.

at least to be ironic

you've reminded me of things I'd forgotten today.

you're right about ecstacy, but life is brief.

there are people I don't want to end up like and that means making the right choices.

Well, thats good. And I hope its all positive.
Remember, equal levels pleasure and equal levels KNOWLEDGE

[H E C K]


not all pleasure is equal.

being better than everyone here is something earned. they should be glad to know I think about them.

Baby, we'll get to that soon. Until then.




Official Holla Forums pony threads are back ? !

Did Luka beg for money in the pony threads as well?


4chan.org/trash/ is where they post, other than ponychan.net (merged with mlpchan)

bc pla





kanra wana fuqq

God gimme dat dick




yeah same

Don't want to talk?

yeah sup

Just playing FF. Georgie said he'd get me the DLC if I hit 50 botany.

thats nice of him

im cummin

Yeah. Sup with you?

playing kerbal and listening to shitty music

Do you want to call or would you rather not?

the latter

Alright. Any plans for the night?

im unlikely to stay interested in kerbal or anything so i have no idea


Maybe once I have more money now that I have a second job we can get something together.

dont worry bout it









my head keeps swooshing what gives



like suddenly i feel like im on a swing set for a millisecond


maybe this is a prelude to a fucking stroke and i wont have to overcome my fear of oblivion to finally welcome it




I have no idea what that would be caused by
it is alarming

1month vacation

just waiting for death

Why is everyone so depressed?

iunno it's been a few days of this so if im dying then i need to hurry up already


Don't die until i get some of that ass.

Hey, I'm fine.

Give me your strength.

I'll take questions that have no real satisfying answers for $1000, alex


You just have to care about nothing in any meaningful way.

But I want to care about some things.
Mostly it's just a few people I cherish, but still.

You do you booboo


don't give up til you've gotten super fat at least once


I wish.

do your meds have any interaction effects with the hash oil?

maybe you got a bad oil refill?


what drugs do you do?


Is that Marin?

I wish I could be cool enough to not care about things.

Good one


It is.

iunno im not really on my meds so


That game broke my heart.

I did say I wish.


i'm the coolest

A true pipe dream.

Same. It's still the best in the series imo.

i dont have a reason

maybe because they can suck

I think it's pretty high on my list.

I'm too lazy to go find one so just like

Imagine I found a really good reaction image to reply with here, that perfectly implied everything I feel in response to this despite not knowing that myself

And then attached it to this post instead of this one

that movie suckeddddddddd



im da bes


I'm imagining it, good post dude.


I'm going to bed.
Good night hugs?


Good night.

you're supposed to be consistent with your meds, so that your moods become more predictable, and that allows you to do the things existing mood disorders usually inhibit you from doing. be consistent. be smart. make notes.

life is good. goes great with cocaine.

nini *hug*



You do coke?

I'd give you a hug but I'm not sure you'd want one from me. you may take this post as an equivilent meaningful action, optionally redeemable for one hugs.

hell no. overstimulation is probably hell. i barely enjoy caffeine, after keeping strict notes about my producivity on it, realizing my caffinated time spans were often scattered, erratic or empty. I'm a one stim man these days.

Did you know that you taking notes actually changes the effect of everything you're taking notes on? Because you're hyper-aware of everything, it becomes super psychosomatic

You don't even know. That being said, what qualifies as 'overstimulation' tends to vary depending on the person.

Thanks man, I worked real hard on it

but that's how brilliant I am

you see

I took meticulous notes on just my life last year, almost every day, my neurotic stresses into words, and never looked back or reflected. just focused on keeping them as consistent and easily read as possible. didn't review them for almost a year.

time passed, a variety of experiences of every state chronicled detailedwise, gave me a good picture of my cycles. and the words of my thoughts during different phases of those cycles (low blood sugar, waking up, medication).

only quite recently, have I used those notes to inform my actions, to as stable and productive for as long as possible. and I'm both surprised and not surprised that careful awareness and self-care works.



the point at which cocaine feels bad to be on.

Cocaine isn't necessarily the deciding factor. Ingested drugs aren't even necessarily the deciding factor. Life itself, and the corresponding signals and chemicals your body produces based on life experiences, can be overstimulating. Look up sensory overload sometime. It's hell.

i did try to act early on. and failed. then poor actions were took, made with the full awareness of my own shit. living in an unpredictable environment where dark thoughts would come from every direction.

at least I have notes on what me at my worst looks like. and the steps it takes to get there. fuck drinking alone. fuck repeated mistakes.

i agree with this and like the way you talk about life as experienced as an organism

who are you

I'm just a simple robot that joined aneki back in '15 and come around occasionally.

did you watch that video about Optimistic Nihilism yet?

No, but I'm watching it now.



the best way to look at life, no matter what else you believe.


Standard "life has no inherent meaning aside from the meaning you give it" message. Comforting for some, surely.


kurzgesagt videos suck unless its about space then its remotely okay


start taking notes and being consistent so you know what changes work and what ones don't.

if you have no other life worries, now may be the best time to do it.

not everyone has thought these things.

looks interesting might take my evening

forgive his speech impediment

I had no idea Elmer Fudd had an interest in futurism.


Seems pretty straightforward to me. Not that I find it comforting, myself, but the concept is relatively simple and a rather easy conclusion at which to arrive.

why the ignore

easy once you have a wealth of knowledge and thousands of generations of dead human experience to draw upon.

i have nothing to say other than okay

as though ill actually do any of that

I havent seen it personally but it looks hilarious

nice to watch drunk

I preach this stuff generally. sorry if it sounds 'at' you. I mean to address it 'to' you. for reasons.

like that you're a neet and now may be the best time to get smart about figuring out how you tick, before circumstance forces it. specifically the objective notetaking because moods annoyingly change daily, but cycles remain consistent less broken. notes can track cycles.

psychoanalyze me daddy


of course, you don't know if I constitute proof of this work. I think I do. objectively. but you don't have to trust me. try to imagine current you having a reliable record of what sets you into different states, and how they look. imagine what current you could do with such a record. and that it's in your power to aide future you.

send me your diary


and no.

For some reason I found myself looking this up again:


Can't recall why, but it's an interesting concept.

Being a neet makes me closer to happy/content than being anything even remotely approaching normal ever did. I like living in my miniature universe, my box world, closed off from all the unnecessary clutter of the outside world. It's the closest to home I've ever found.

Good evening~
One month's vacation, huh? Sounds pretty sweet

someone play boardgame with me
or hots for that sweet party xp

that seems crazy. if I use stuff to inform my life, it's not experimental philosophy or science.

and yea, neethood is great. but it's shallow. richer distractions can be earned by tending patiently to seeds of knowledge and such.

what is boardgame

played via ttsimulator


The two aren't mutually exclusive.

anything that hinges on humanity having developed differently, or some facet of reality being overcome in the future, as a general rule, is worth ignoring.

doubly so if the project's creator makes buckets of money sustaining the idea of the project.

Imagine if everyone had said the same thing about space flight, or flight in general, or the automobile, or electricity, or computers, or machinery, or agriculture, or wireless technology, or the written word.

Overcoming facets of reality is what we do as a species. It's what makes us who we are. It's why we don't still live in caves grunting and hunting wild animals and smashing rocks together.

hot tonight

another general rule? distrust anyone that invokes space flight, flight, cars etc. as one of the top reasons to invest money in their project. that say your imagination and hopes, and personal feels, determine the outcome of their project. those insane people that decry neighsayers for not having enough faith or belief.

see hover boards
see solar roadways

hover boards aren't hover boards, they're segues without handlebars
solar roadways are inherently flawed

real hoverboards have been a thing since air-cushion hover technology became a thing, and solar road-roofs would be infinitely better than solar roadways

point being, those projects had massive campaigns about stirring the human imagination, and continued to bullshit and mislead and outright lie since their livings depended on it.

just as the "angry cultural critic" genre of Youtube is comprised of people who have quit their day jobs, and now whose lives depend on the emotional manipulation of their audience. viewcount translates into money. the more visceral the subject of the video (threat, danger, mockery, tribalism, outrage) the more money is made.

Point being, all those things are a load of horseshit playing off of the human condition and tarnishing actual solid ideas by bastardising or demonising them, solely for the sake of profit. That's not progress, and that's not overcoming facets of reality.

"humans are greedy, therefore they are human."

every social media site, every product, every design from cereal boxes to government is based on the manipulation of the human condition. since we cannot always know intent, the least we can do is check if the facts line up.

which is why everyone should have a solid background in algebra.


Not gonna argue the social media site angle but

Interestingly enough these all are space related products and projects. One could argue that Skylab and Mir were politically driven but the fact remains that they served important scientific purposes.

i jizzed and will now accept my usual round of applause thank you



hes so proud LOLLLL

are you proud of me


sounds vague. they all sound vague. there are logical reasons that set truth apart from fiction, and realistic from intentionally misleading from luck based.

your initial point was
and my only point was to apply logic, and if you're lazy, to notice a couple traits of of scams.


i came to this one


its funny cuz i dont have a dad



You said, and I quote, "anything that hinges on humanity having developed differently, or some facet of reality being overcome in the future, as a general rule, is worth ignoring." That's what my initial point was in response to, because it's a generalisation that doesn't always apply.

Okay, here's something a little less ambiguous. Skylab and Mir were proofs of concept. Without them, the ISS wouldn't exist. We wouldn't have gained the medical, GMO, or human physiological/psychological information that we have from low-G experiments, just to name a few. Velcro was explicitly developed for low-G environments, and only later adapted for general human consumption. Orion, while never implemented (due to aforementioned demonisation), was a plan to use nuclear bomb ignition - something that before had only been used for warfare or testing for warfare purposes - to propel a spacecraft at a fraction of the speed of light for interstellar journey purposes. SETI exists to search for signs of extraterrestrial intelligent life. The voyager and pioneer probes partly exist to act as a welcome mat and history book for aliens, and partly to explore deep space (by which I mean the outer edges of the solar system, and at this point even the heliopause and interstellar space beyond). All of these things are objectively, scientifically significant endeavors.

Yeah, there are a lot of scams out there, but like I said, they're invariably the result of someone taking a concept that in and of itself is not wrong or bad, and twisting and malforming it into something it should never have been and was never meant to be, all for the sake of power or money.

today I posted rather obliviously.

opted not to glean insight from last night.

reconsidering that now. nite for now.

hopeless imagination probably doesn't need to be the first step in great discoveries, even if it has been.


You actually engaged in a seven discussion but now you're running away because you're on the wrong side


what at way to go



Watch out for your pussy. Your pet kitty seriously do plot to kill you

helloyou big fat fish dog!

Humans are the pets, not the other way around.

my kitty loves me
until i don't let her out, but she forgets within a minute or so

hi bard, how's it going?

It's true. Cats unironically do choose their owner, not the other way around.

Do be careful


That's what I like about them.


I couldn't sleep well so I'm back.

welcome back.

I might pass out again, but howdy.


give me ur discord

How's it going?


Ah. Also I might fall asleep mid post

what the fuck is this service

I have ruined my sleep schedule so I have not been awake long enough for vidya.

That sucks, sorry to hear.
Welcome back for now



This Old Dog#2806

sounds about right

I might let myself pass out.


To be fair it's normal sleeping hours right now.
I'm not just passing out suddenly at 3 pm.

Should. You do need your sleep after all.
Good luck~

What you done did?

Post leg.

I'm so pretty though.

how come hu doesnt have discord

how come kissy never talks to me on discord

its my left calf
it occasionally hurts like a bitch

post nipples
with timestamp

Got no ketchup.

All cuddled up in bed and posting from your phone?

I would've said "cause I'm on Linux", but apparently that's a supported platform, so that excuse doesn't work.

But why? Did you hurt yourself sometime ago?

Use chunky blue cheese.

Or ranch.

No. I remember it starting after I slept in a weird position a year or two ago.

Curled up on my bed, but I use my bed as a desk seat so I'm posting on my PC.

I will save them next time I buy a salad.


I know you have a bottle in the fridge.


I'm excited somebody offered me a new guitar to trade!!!!!!!!

Going to attempt sleep again.
Night George and Kiss.

Auch, sounds weird a single night of sleep could have caused it.. If it does get any worse, you might want to see a doctor about it.

Good, if you do fall asleep suddenly, you'll at least sleep somewhere proper~


Night night, good luck, and have sweet dreams

my head hurts

my leg hurts

I think I might go tell my doc as soon I get my next checkup

its regular every few nights or so it happens


what did you do ?

I slept wrong a couple of years ago and now it just randomly aches.


I used (steal) but all I got were these....

Doesn't sound like something you get from sleeping wrong.

That's when It first started happening. Maybe I'm just not /fit/ or something, or a pulled nerve


are you feeling better today bard

Good idea. Every few nights most certainly doesn't sound good at all. I hope they find the cause quickly, and it's something that's easily fixable

You drank too much again, didn't you?

Doesn't sound good.

Seems that way.

now im worried

im gonna make a docs appt asap now @_@

nah, I just really needed a break. was here all day with people that hate me.

astraeus's points were fair, but he didn't disagree with me. he was vehemently agreeing with me. and vice versa. he is well versed in space projects, or humanwide projects. this is honestly interesting. ok-

okay, so I see where I went wrong. He was making a rebuttal. I was distracted. I read the middle part of his paragraph, not the rest; but he asserted it as a point in the first. go men.

but I can defend my point.



get it looked at

Blame Squiddy

Need to be in good health. Now is a good a time as any too

sci must have been participating in other communities.

no way he did that just for us.

bet there was a girl involved.

I will.

He also passed out before I did.

what a bitch


its my prime years rn

so what's up

I think Travis Bickle did that.

you'll get waaay more grils that way

he craved negative attention. you can tell by the black makeup.

Drank a bunch and did stupid stuff.

Nothing exciting.

hes not the only one

you guys pretend to break the rules

while he breaks all of them

bet he had money troubles.


I don't understand why anybody would do this

having short hair is so extremely uncomfortable to me
in more ways that one

Tommy Wiseau scared me off having long hair.

this is BULLSHIT

I did not hit her

what makes a man shave the hair from their face and head, and don black makeup?

he shed himself of vanity.

i hit her

what kinda stuff?

I'm so vane
I probably think this song is about me

you're so gay and you don't even like boys


He really is a bitch, isn't he?

Your body will patch itself up, just needs a little bit of help