Zyklon-B time

Zyklon-B time.

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Who is we
I dont have medical economy knowledge so idk

first for bebop

How adorable




Welcome back Grim

Grim, you reckon we should set up a new board?

what for

I took a nap cuz my eyes were hurting
I forgot to eat so I ended up hella low blood sugar

we should go back to Holla Forums tbh

Scoots is just a raging faggot. Ignore him.


pls remember to eat too..
You did get some now then, didn't you?

To troll Ui to death

not too keen on tht

yes im eating a sammich rn
oven roasted chicken w/the works

hey now let him say what he needs to say


How would this troll me in the slightest? I hardly come to this shithole anymore.

Considering the majority of treatment is just fairly cheap HRT pills, antidepressants that are already given out like candy to vets, and therapist visits that are covered for any other mental health issue, costs for the majority isn't really a concern. SRS is pursued by a minority of trans so total costs for that would overall be a nonfactor for the entire VA's budget.

I think that would be the anal prolapse that kills it.
What up grim?

That sounds pretty yummi

Scoots just wants to be in control. Like he thinks he could ban me without me sending anthrax to his house.

this place is slowly dying tho

Oh hey, Grim.

Thanks for the insight

yeah it seems the higher ups don't want to change anything up to make room for trans people

from a strategic standpoint they only bring more problems

I'm not too fond of deli stuff but I will eat it once in a while if I dont have time to cook

what are you upto

hehe xd

it was actually pretty fucking dead for a good 1-2 months though

people like hu have really brought it back

yeah, but like, do we want it to happen again?



It really doesn't, though.
It's similar to the past segregation of troops in the military. There's no functional reason for it. It was just politicizing the military.

it must be the lack of pasty, it inspires disdain in all


The only reason was because of that trans shitter who leaked the shit and trump mad as hell brownman let em go early as a middle finger to the establishment

I'll usually always find the time to cook myself. I like to both cook food and eat it far too much.
Least it's filling~

Aww, please. This place seemed far more alive when I first laid my eyes on it, than the place I came from has been for a year or two. It was doing just fine, I dindu nuthin

oh, and still just killing dragons :3

people that are transitioning are viewed as havign mental conditions/health problems. It is viewed as a mental condition. Why would they let mentally unstable people serve in the military?

I just finished eating its hard to reply to everything

gonna go finish some things up at work then go out with the bois later tn


look at it this way
even with the meds being dispensed
what do trans people offer compared to normal people
nothing better
only more issues
I'm not saying everyone of them has a problem
just that as a whole
theres more problems with that group compared to normal people

(C) 2017 ikt

Ooh, an Ui.


Being a lazy goof because ive a couple days off work, thank christ.
Watching YT and thinking "this is top lazy".

Gonna crack some cold ones open famborghini?

Henlo kiss-shoto

yes ty



I love to cook dont get me wrong
but these days im so busy I tend to cook a week in advance so that limits what im able to make

How are you doing? Enjoying the way too hot weather?

hello hello what is grim up to

Would you help? :o

Sitting in my room with the air conditioning on so i'm gucchi.

I has question for you

sippin on some mango green tea, about to dip and do some irl responsible adult shit

see above
if I have time I might be able to
are you having code issues
I honestly havent coded in so long so idk

Nah, is alright. Good ranged exp.
Only need 200 more bones to reach level 70 prayer.
Microwaves can help a bit there. They work alright to re-heat properly cooked dishes. Of course it won't be as good as when the meal was just cooked, but it'll do.
Things like lasagna is great, plus there's plenty of food for the next few days.
also doesn't take too long
and broken hearts not allowed

Aw shit yeah man!
man I should grab some beers

osrs? username?

But mental health issues are rampant within the military as a whole and what it should be categorized with: other mental health issues. Those receive constant medication and therapy as needed and no one bats an eye at it.

We wouldn't have a military if only peak mental health applicants were allowed in.

Ask away. I'll be house sitting starting later today in a house that has air conditioning so I will be okay.

I love mango and tea. That sucks, I hate adult things.
I do not have work until friday so I am in good shape.

Hi kiss

Ban is like
Crying right now
About how bad he want to throw your skeleton body onto a bed and fuck you hard

woah fucking lewd

Who is Hu exactly?

I will never microwave a complex meal I have personally made
but some simple chicken or ground beef idm to zap

heart will repair itself either tonight or tomorrow morning

yeeeee boi

I'm pretty sure our soldiers get psychological evaluations constantly throughout training and deployment

I'm just talking about the incoming - the fresh meat
statistically it's more problematic for the trans groups

I want to think of this from an objective point of view honestly
I might email some people who know army doctors tbh

fuck yeahhhh

mangos are sweet
like you

Considering there's "pony" right after it, I'm gonna guess a pony.

thats a deep question

Ok. Let me try again.
Are they worth talking to?

So I started a new poly relationship with this cat girl... on the side I have also picked up another cat girl. The main relationship is sexual and the secondary one is just cuddles and snooozoos. If I was to go after this wolf girl that cosplays momiji would I be a full blown furry? I already started talking to her, but idk if I want to go full furry.

Why does Blood-chan normally post?


No he isn't

Some old ponyfag

Perfectly reasonable, but even that tastes better than a lot of what you can get from various places. It's also cheaper, and faster.
But why so broken heart now? ;_;

if shes just cosplay its like anthro or someshit

in the end youre sticking your dick into a human so



I made this numpad with my bare hands and loaded an Arduino sketch (C++) and it werks but I want to add custom layout/layers too, though idk a good approach.

My thought would be to treat the num lock key as special and only send it on the upstroke, not the downstroke like normal. While it's down if any hotkey for layout is pressed, like Num-Lock + 1, it switches to layout 1, etc etc for other layouts.

Problem is the code and the way electronics (diodes) work and how it's wired up so I can't hack my shit in there.

Eh I'll just sit here and dob that I didn't add some dedicated Fn key

hi banny

you already went full furry

Yes, and trans are no different.

Again, people joining the military aren't the "best of the best", it's basically all they can manage to get to agree to enlist and still be physically and mentally fit enough to do their job. The standards for enlistment have gotten progressively lower.

They're not statistically more problematic than any other mental health group that is allowed in the military and that's kind of the point: they're being singled out when it's no different than other mental health issues that are allowed unconditionally.

The objective view point is that it's a mental health issue and should be treated as one in accordance to how others are managed.

is anthro acceptable. she also is pretty wild and untamed tho.

Aw man, NY must be light for beer parties



why stop now I guess...

I've already done the deed

entertainment probably



when I go to parents im gonna make some badass tandoori chicken or some amazing ribs

issue with numlock is its system reserved so you would need to do some ahk level shit for that.
yeap, just like you said, you're on the right path my boy

that is up to you and only you to decide

I mean
I can buy fucking pitchers dude its no issue
but I prefer to have a nice looking girl pour me a beer than crack one open on my own sometimes!

Damn, ive been trying to get ahold of him forever

I mean maybe not crying


Aiite it's that time for me to head out
y'all enjoy yourselves and keep your chins up
be back later tn

I'd have to do more research on this to continue tbh

ui is a cuck


Goddamn real life responsibilities ;-;

That sounds pretty good actually.
Do you enjoy visiting your parents?

Only begging like some subby slut?

who the fk


Nah the keypad just sends keycodes so I can change when it sends that. It's one of those tiny Arduino clones that can act as HID. Kinda bummed out I can't do fancy C++ as that'd rape both storage and memory, so now there's the good old C way.


Have a good day, will probably see you tomorrow, since I'll be going to bed in like an hour

And by Ban, you mean yourself, right?

yeah tbh

collect them all

Is hu the new thread slut tbh?

Kiss please

Aww, you poor thing

You wish

I need to find myself a pokemon nerd...

Ive already a hareem of boipucci, tbf


I got this print from an artist in a mall in seattle yesterday, it's pretty cool.

Sounds like too many already

kiss please


Nope, im ungodly aWESOME

I'll be in seattle saturday for an event im helping organize/throw.

Eww, Seattle

Is that so?

Being a rave promoter/organizer I'm required to be at events in portland and seattle.

Would I lie to you hunnybunny?

Seattle is nice, though the traffic isn't.
Glad I'm back home so I can be a degenerate and sit at my computer for 16 hours a day.


Yeah.. I suppose you would be

Absolutely. One day you'll advocate for peace, and the very next one, you'll bomb our harbour

m sorrty

i can't even right boiw

Damn, you know me far too well.
Y'all know I am an agent of chaos.

Been drinking too much?

Can't fool a man twice

tfw you left seattle before I could be there to meet you.
Come with me and come to a psytrance festival south of seattle for day 1 and 3 and island stomp 2 rave in seattle for day 2. I can get you free entry/vip, and here is example of the music at island stomp.

no i'm sober

That is alright, I forgive you.
That picture is lovely.

But I hate raves, trance music, and real people.

Now he's saying I want you to suck my dick
tell him it's wrong


:( ok

I already knew this, but figured i'd try.

Are you into bellies or something ?

Yeah, totally!

Knowing you, it's probably right, fag


shut up whore
I'll fuck your face


Knew it! What a fucking faggot

its ture and you cna't prove me wrong



Hu has huge boners for like

fuck his eyeballs

I can't believe I have to put my trip on

You're absolutely right!

Just bend over for Archives already, Jesus

brb stealing your tripcode

I retract my statement. You did do well

When did I fool you baby?

fuck tripfags

wait no


Just back then

Finally you see thing my way.

Did I do it right? testing

uh.. yeah, totally!

They're alright if they are small and cute, that picture is just sweet is all.

You do not spend enough time courting my favor to convince me to do such things.


I can't believe ikt is an uatisms

I can change baby, I didnt mean to hurt you.

but I have free drugs

I mean candy

Nowi is my waifu btw ]

we can asswend neond

Drugs are for degenerates, which I am not.

Is okay

Did you fuck her yet?

I meant candy!

her ?

who are we talking about yet ?

Did you fuck yourself I think he means.

I do not trust your candy.

I do not know what that means.


It'll be okay now girl, ssssssssh, just smile

This Nowi character


I didn't

you know

me too

i'm happy we have this in common so we cna bond

don't you ducking dare insult nowi

shes better than you'll ever ever you'll ever be


So she's just shit, and not terrible?
So much love for your waifu, wow..


fuxk you cunt

You'd like that, slutbag

*pet pet*


leave ban alone! I MEAN ITTT


Now, who is a good hu?

You run raves and collect cat girls, it will be one of those drugs from hentai that makes me into a slave.

this but unironically

ironically though

not this one holy SHIT

It is rude to bully

cool kids use alpha software


Yes :3

Thats right, YOU are a good hu

Are any of these things bad things?

I am the harem leader, not the subject.

why must you hurt yourself for crappy bleeding edge shit go arch or gentoo if you must be a rolling release hipsteridoo

Make love and not drugs
'nuff said


But it's not, it's sweet and works just fine

moshy has advanced to wanting people to fuck him while sober

Because that's hu
he's hipstero primo

I'm surprised he was bashing the distribution, and not this


Where it makes sense baka

Like there's no discernible reason to use unstable pacakges over testing?


You only noticed this just now?

One moment

How silly

There can be. Fixed hits Unstable before they hit Testing, and Sid has always been running more stable and have saved me more time than "stable" distributions like *buntu. And whenever Unstable breaks, Testing tends to too soon enough.
I see no reason why you'd pick Testing over Sid

Unstable broke shit and I never had to fix stuff for testing, so idek you do you

Frivolity is something we all need.


Last thing that broke for me on Unstable was Shutter, and it got fixed in less than a week. It then broke on my laptop running Testing shortly after, and half a year later, it's still not fixed. I'll keep using Sid on this, thank you very much~

Isn't that what the threads are for?

Who are these new people and why are they so loud!



You are the loudest of them all.


And baby Im the master


This is a pony board now.

Congratulations on your cyber security startup. It's nice to see a board branching out.


every os discussion

everyone knows windows > other shit


I sold one of those on sunday.

people who don't dual boot OS/360 with 9front can fuck right off

I had to pull a few similar items off shelves at Amazon.
Where u sell this shid?



is it good?


Honestly if I could I would be on a CRT and Win98 right now.


Hello Ui

Porn shop.

Cyberskin is better
Pipedream's molds seem to be hit and miss too, since I've seen some that look nothing like the box picture.

Honestly if I could I would be using XMB everywhere right now.


I just like how it looks and the simplicity.
Archaic OS and shit get my dick hard.


Is Barudo-kun here? How is he doing? Is he okay?

Can I buy a horse shaped one or would I go to jail

a e s t h e t h i c c 

Are you doing well my dear?

horse shaped what?

I'm autistic
how do I talk to people I don't already know


Doing pretty well.
I start my second job tomorrow.

Walk up and fondle them.

he's ded right now
he's been here recently
he's been generally okay but not so okay recently

I mean, it's not illegal. Bad dragon sells them. We don't though.

Oh nice, will that make you slightly less poor?

I've talked to him. he's ok.


Shit store.

I hope so.

why is she embracing a bomb

My manager is freaked out by bad dragon and think's they're weird.

BC is here
Prepare for AIDs

Is he aware he manages a shop that specializes in contraptions for sexual stimulation?

I heard a managerial position opening.

I guess he draws the line at ovipositors and horse dongs.

Also, hi blood-chan~

You need to take a stand against this discrimination.

I feel so bad I know he doesn't like me but I want to make things right for his sake.

Ui Senpaii~ You still with lord Satan?

broke my mic and got a new one

Break it again, no one wants to hear your fuckboi voice.










We had a falling out.

-drools AIDS into your mouth-


Don't insult him. He's a fuccgirl.

sing to me.

if we do not start carrying ovipositors I will file an immediate complaint.

Silly blood chan, I already had AIDs

nani the fuck

Tell them to stock up on Xenomorph tails too.

Go get 'em champ!

Fuck, guess I'm a shitlord.

And those one fox dildos.

Are the majority of the people that walk into the store relatively normal people or are they really creepy?


fuck off


I can't really sing

Also, this Re:Creator show is garbage but I'm still watching.

It's a giant dumpster fire but funny in how bad it is at least.


Sing a tribute to Linkin Park.

Don't be mad.

Its pacing is really slow, that's its biggest problem.

That was the worst post I've ever made.

Since the last post, yeah.

Its whole premise is awful and the characters are awful cliches with no redeeming features.

But it's still amusing to watch.

Heh do you really want me to kill you? Just be honest.

Damn I wanted to be your first AIDS partner...

I'm not mad

just upset


It depends on what they are there for. The people that go to the arcade are creepy and gross, the ones that are there to just buy toys and stuff are pretty normal.

I am tone deaf too.

I want one

I am sorry to disappoint you.

Just tell them you're a pregnant woman and need to pee in their hats.

i'm just moneon tone !!!!!

I thought the premise was kinda cool though.
Anime characters get transported into real life, in an anime. It's lame meta, but it's funny.
The reason for them being so is lame, Hime's motivation is retarded. Sota is lame as shit, it's true.
And... okay, and like every other character that isn't a creation is shitty, with shitty personalities flatter than the animation there in but...

...alright fuck, idk why I'm watching it either, but I can't look away.


You're tall and I bet you don't have nipples

isn't today the day that Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort were supposed to have their public hearings?

what day is it in canada

nah, I have a good life. Satan didn't live up to his promises and I found I could do better without him in my life. I am very content.

hump day.


It's a dumpster fire that I keep watching as well for just how bad it is.

Watch a show called The Rolling Girls.
It's an even bigger dumpster fire that's ever more stupid and I still cannot articulate a reason why I watched it but I was compelled to.

Yeah, and?

Ban tells me you are my ideal kind of man.

who are you humping?

you should grow new ones

I don't think dogs post on the internet.

hahaha, dogs posting on the internet. that's ridiculous.

not gonna conspiracy theory

but I bet Trump planned this announcement in advance in order to distract from his son's hearing about the Russian thing that kept building up, regarding the documents he released last week.

Trump's announcement today would have lined up perfectly with the hearing, not unreasonable given that he has been strategic about creating headlines and taking up media focus before.

Yeah... I really don't know. But I keep watching too, and I was actually really disappointed there was no ep last week.
Still, it has probably the best re-cap ep I've ever seen.

I'll add it to the list

Are you into 6'5" slightly overweight men with limited hobbies?

I'll get right on that.

He is actually



I don't even know why half of the characters in this show are in the show.
They don't do anything other than exist.

i've been humping for hours straight... b-but there's nobody here

what have I been humpi- oh no.

I have gained a new toy~!

post em

for Squash

there's no shame in grinding yourself against the mattress or a pillow. it's the best way to masturbate.

Oh Lord...

RIP trannyscum

Specc x Squash OTP

I was hoping some of them would get explanations on that too, and then they introduced Hikayu and I was just like... whut.

How far in are you?


could sworn... it's been said that reaching climax with one's imagination alone is a sign of genius.

liberal shitter gtfo

I've already seen them anyways

Now that we are past that little intro let's see that tummy.

no i orgasm by stimulating my cock.

I think Episode 8 or 9?

i hear that's the best way to do it

No the best way to do it is to have someone else stimulate my cock. Or better yet to have someone else stimulate my prostate. Like a woman.

That's the best way to do it.

Pfff... I'm actually curious as to what pictures of me you still have.

But then all these fags would think I'm gay or something.

Ah, alright. You at one of the slowest points in it then. Where it really feels like fucking nothing is going on but useless dialogue.

Dogs are people too... don't discriminate

women don't have prostates

no, kanra. I want a woman to stimulate my prostate.

Would you do it for...Mech Warrior Online?

That would be a total zero



with what

I've been thinking cucumbers lately.

How flattering. Even willing to tempt me with one of the few hobbies I do have!
Or Squiddy/Archives told you to say it. Either way...
So what is it you like?

Oh thank Christ.

i'm settting you up with a cute boy

fucking take it

most prostate toys look like they're angled or something. don't think fat cucumbers are the way to go for prostate simulation. think cucumbers are better left in salads with ranch.

Khajiit is keen of many things.
All depends on what you have for Khajiit, traveler.

Boy, its practically a gay orgy in this cunting place.

Goes in the salad after it's been in my butt. Duh. You think I would waste food?

it's all about angles yea. You can hit someones prostate pretty easily when you have them lay down on their back in missionary position and you put a pillow under their butt. You angle your dick upward in their ass towards their stomach and bam you can now make them cum with their prostate.



there are children in Africa who walk four miles every day just for one half a buttcumber.


I'm thinking on it...

Meh. Not a game I wanna play.

god i wish i was that

Become his best friend

fat hairy men
that's what he likes

I know from experience... I'm not gay or anything tho

Boy I wish I was cute

But to be fair I actually do like bears who are larger than I am. They are comforting to be around.

He'd hate me once he got to know me!

God I wish that weren't me.

Ah, well... Archives is right, I do fit that bill I suppose.

fat hairy people are the absolute worst.


Just try and win him over or something


And bills are made to be paid~!
I take payments in jpg. png. or avi. formats.
Though you can also make payments at my front desk IRL. A few cuddles will bring you up to date.

I know, I'm horrible. But at least it's warm in the winter.

But then I can't win you over baby, why you gotta make me choose?

Pfff. Well at least it's not taxes.


One day you're ironic hitting on me is gonna turn your into a faggot


just like we're """"""""""""""""ironically"""""""""""""""" in a relationship

Now how old are you? I'm particularly fond of men who are a tad older than I am.


go lose weight and shave
that or commit suicide, it's the only good options.

I have impeccable taste.

Hey there sweetheart, how are you?



just got home
was cleaning at work all day
how bout you

I'm off today so I have just been sipping tea and playing games with my day.
Didn't sleep much, but that gives me more day to do things with.

Y-yeah, I was just p-pretending.
I didn't actually like you, stupid.

Twenty five

Mhmm. Gonna fine out what the barrel of my M4 tastes like.


can we meet up first
I need you to shoot me first.

Young enough to have shared interests, but old enough be my older comfort.