The blue bird is three troll faces

the blue bird is three troll faces

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dumb fuck


I meant a plant nursery, goober. You could work with pretty plants all day!

Pearl would be Kim Bassinger. Greg would be Dan Aykroyd. Steven would be Alyson Hannigan. It'd be awful.

I'mma have to get on that so we can talk about it!

wow goggles is a bully



its not bully if im in a state of ;uncrntrollable mind

i would if i could...

tiny tomato plants that i could eat... and slice into food.

lul edgy kitty






i've been up since 10pm

You should sleep.



what will you do nyow?

yeah nah m8


Sit around and do nothing.

If you do we can be nerds. That would be neato burrito. The dirtiest of nerds.
This reminds me, I have to find a book I was part way through reading.


*hugs tightly*

i'm doing the exact same! ^_^


Sounds exciting.

Hes avctually stealing my pictues. andrew you're such a faggot

i want cold chikn rice too!

Post more of them Luka.


Its not very hard to come by.

And you're one to talk

This girl

I'm fine though

I didn't know this movie existed until now.

i couldn't find any! ;~;

i'll google her!


what's cvcall

New avatar !



coc. you're so funny

Goggles is just a baby retard because of Luka.


one more +o but it works without

Luka is honestly the queen.


Baby's first beer.

do you actually not know who i am.

SAcootaloo is a fucking brit

Orchids and tulips too. Just for prettiness. :D

I honestly don't know what to make of any of this anymore. Trump's lead attorney and press secretary have both resigned as well, so maybe something's shaking loose?

What was the book called?

It's pretty bad, but in a fun, 80's goofiness kinda way.

No but speaking honestly you are just a Darwin fuckboy who comes in and tries and fails to shittalk x poster. literally pathetic and boring.

voice call on discord :)

awww... she's just OC by some artist called riuichi


Cuuuuuuuute !

You're really pulling this off.

perhapse. perhaps you are right coco.


Um. Might have been. 1Q84... Maybe....

*watches Goggles get roasted*


Coco ive toguht about my life in the minute of posting
i should go to bed and really really think over my life choices. thankyou for tyhe sage.

squiddy tip the man.

lkook at me i'm so drunk .// tireed.

Try not to die in your sleep.

Crowns are pretty!

flowers make happy feelings~

i'm pulling something?


goood one

i have to confess. I am of sound body and mind.

like the fall of the berlin wall.


I know you aren't.

The new avatar.



He isn't leaving because he NEEDS attention

Trump is a loose cannon and just about always has been. The closer mueller gets, the more of a chance trump will do something.

Trump Jr & Manafort are scheduled to testify before the senate judiciary committee on wednesday. The Chair threatened to subpoena them if they don't come.

News is out Trump and Kushner's bank, Deutsche Bank is going to get subpeona's from Mueller.

News is Manafort is being investigated for money laundering (Ukraine got fucked by two russian oligarchs concerning selling billions of dollars in oil and gas and Manafort was doing business with one of them).

News is out that the staff at the white house has gotten a letter from mueller telling them to preserve documents and communications concerning Trump & Veselnitskaya's meeting June '16.

It's stale news that Kushner lied on his security clearance form and Ivanka is going to be in some deep shit too because the questions on the form included family members. He added 100+ extra people on his foreign national meetings/visits/communications part of the security clearance.

Etc, etc, etc.

C-can I have attention?



it's just ddrawings from one artist

see they even drew your cute squid girl:

C-can I have attention?

emily give attentions

This Squid is disturbing.

C-can I have attention?

fuck of wish


fuck of wish

if i intentionally act like a retard i'll be invulnerable.


Give lunch pls

yeah come voice

yeah come voice

yeah come voice

yeah come voice

I just wanna state this for the public records.

I will never be friends with Clockwork again and I hate them.

Nothing will change my mind.

Remember I said this.

Just pretending. can you actually love me uguu




Can i come voice?

All of us just left voice after being in it for like 8 hours.

But then you'll find out I'm actually a boy

Goggles, you are a mentally disabled cused up cumduumpster, please proceed to fuck off


Goggles' shittalking is inspiring.

oh shit hes here

Netter not be laughing at me.

Oh, I fake filter him

Oh no goggles, your ex boyfriend is here

I am laughing with you.


Oh, right.

guys shit im about to break into emotional melancholy

Hopefully they just leave forever.

Right oh


How can you say you love her if you won't even drink her period blood?

2 real

its ok ill keep it a secret

thats too bad

yes do you stil want inv

what ?


You say it with a mouth full of cum instead.


go for it.

everyone hates me though, fyi.

is it true period blood taste more metallic than normal or something

hmmm.... maybe

It's more congealed, so i'd imagine so. also yes.

Stayed up long enough to get drunk and sober up.

It was

Where are we going?

Which one, Emma?

You'll just laugh at my accent.


Sure, that works I guess.

BLood has iron in it which makes it taste metalic.


you're fine

we have voiced before ecchi



thats why i said more im not retarded

so there's nothing wrong with your accent LOL


i think i sleep?

That's a big ol' book, Scooter! I bought Murakami's 'Men without Women' a few weeks ago, but I ain't gotten to it yet.

I wish I had the patience for gardening. I need more flowers in my life.

What a goofball.

So, if I may ask, what do you believe happened? Because I'm more confused about all this by the day.

But why can we not keep her?


He said, "they."

Echo is always welcome in my voice chat.

That's a Squash thing, not a me thing!


You should

They piss all over everything.

Should we endeavour to get a grip of it this weekend?
Atleast make a start and we can look like nerds and chat about them.


why don't you try? ^_^



Trevor was using it.

She cannot even piss standing up.

Yes, but you called him Emma for doing it!

I know you're Wish.

bye then

Is something wrong with him ?

Goggles, you are a fucking mess.

No, it was additional information.

Well, she is Canadian.


Honestly, it's a big question mark with everyone. I like to stay open about it but also not be surprised if something bad came of it all.

It's complicated because everything is being looked at. I would not be surprised if eventually, given a proper investigation that Kushner was sending specific info to the russians about precinct by precinct data for them to use in their interference. EVEN IF it wasn't kushner, someone was doing it.

Everywhere you look, people that are around Trump in the highest positions have some connection with Russia, beyond what anyone would expect.

The Russian government is basically like the mafia and if you watch a lot of movies about them, you'll see how it runs. They launder money a lot over there and turn small time people in to agents/spies.

Believe me, this is all complicated and there is a lot to know of what IS known and a lot to learn but it's a shitshow.

i just yelled at you to stop

No actually I have no idea

I hear those savages eat snow. Disgusting



bebop leave

david hasselhoff's coat, though.

I would too if we had snow.


Additional infomation?

What the HECK?

We do have snow though in some parts of Cali.

Have you really never seen it ?


Goggles anus is red raw

What the heck Goggles

You people are too damn fast!


Or you're slow

I was working on a little something. When I looked back on the thread, it had like 100 new replies, jesus

faster daddy

Do not worry. I have not told him where you live.

I do not go there often. The usual cold is too much for me.



Have you seen the Eromanga sensei fidget spinner?

Happens sometimes.

Cold weather is best weather though.

You never get hot and sweaty


Your flag gave it away. I moonlight as a private detective.

I avoid that by never leaving the house during the day and turning on the air conditioner.


Still too fast

no, show me

I have no idea what you're talking about.

i was just pretending to be retarded.


Came to America to see me?

I see you know whats good .

I would say you must be bored but that actually sounds nice.

I see you also know whats good .

I can't stop putting a space before my periods and question marks .

Are you autistic?

It's most effective before exclamation marks !

this is the only acceptable time to do it

Good chance of it

I also do this

what about question marks ?

I just spent 5 minutes looking through my likes on twitter but I can't find it anymore.

Life is hard.


Nice .

maybe google it idk

Are you autistic?

But I've already got my self diagnosis.

wow rude.

Well what more could you need?

Nothing . This is why I don't need google !

I tried but all I found was a different one on a sketchy chinese site


oh well its alright
how's your friday going my dear

But without snow you can't have maple taffy ???
And maple taffy is literally the best thing ever ???


My neck hurts and I wanna die

Had lunch?

too much laptop on the bed or what?


Just shitposting xd

oh ahaha xd

Yes sir :3

I think it's just the way I slept to be honest.

Subtle, buy me a switch.

Subtle, but me manga.


the whole ice compress heat pack thing helps ease the soreness faster but yeah

was your head hangin off the bed?

Subtle, buy me a shitpost

Prefer talking to people outside of thread any day

I like you but I'm not made of money :c

But what manga do you want?


But that's cold and awful.

My head wasn't on my pillows or anything because I was having trouble falling asleep.

Mitsuboshi Colors


Wait, you aren't?

oh yeah you need that pillow support?
I feel you

its cold but its soothing!
dont forget to put something around the icepack so you dont get freezer burn

I dunno, sometimes when I'm having trouble falling asleep I will just stop using the pillows and lay directly on the mattress because autism or something.
I don't know if it's better or worse for sleeping at all.

I hate the cold ;;

get a heavy blanket theyre great for autism


makes me feel like im being embraced

I can't slel when warm
cool is cool


Okay, as long as I'm sending it to the right place

You already saw ^^

are the pillows too hot?

yeah same tbh but im willing to go through a little iciness for feelin better

hi hi

weighted or just heavy cloth?

greetings hello

hi grim how u


But it's hot and summer

You're not goshuujin-sama tho

I like warm but not hot

123 Fake Street

No no, if they're too warm I just flip them over.

98 Fake Street

awful. absolutely awful.
I hope you are faring better than me.

I don't have an ac so I often find myself waking up drenched x_x


heavy cloth i havent tried weighted but that probably works too

but you just said u hate cold
idk during summers i usually just pass out on top of bed and wake up with a cold

That's like 5 houses away

I wouldn't even be able to fall asleep.

There's an in between for hot and cold.

Well then it's a hard request to fulfil :3


Did you think that I'd say no?

What does that make me then?

I like warm and cool nights ^w^

wuts a website to download weeb music when i cant find it on nico

Whoa cya Spicer


so sensitive



Apparently youtube :^)

Ehh? Nande?

youtube is a bunch of shitty covers/nightcore:

all of my voice chat friends went away

Because you're poor

AcFun? Bilibili?

YouTube had the full song of
on it

Glad Loco isnt in my discord

Thanks to FF..

Not so bad I can't buy a £10 manga though :3

well i cant argue with that youtube is clearly the superior

sorry im in a another one now cuz ppl were waiting for me

Just ikt ;;

You're a shitty nightcore.

Why did you start then?


What did you want to be?

HAHA oh wow

Something super cool!

I am craving dairy queen

You can guess the answer to that
I wasn't serious, I'm not hurting for money rn

You are super cool!

Are you rich yet?

Literally the next Zuckerberg

owo thanks

can i have your spare keycaps

I've had just one mk for 4+ years now so I don't have any spare, and they're just black so I don't think they're pretty enough :3

dq would be nice. I dont have a car to get some tho

Post bank account



You'll hack me


But I thought you were rich.


ikt pretends to have a keycap fetish just to collect all the crusty keycaps covered in subtle's sweat and dead skin

Maybe that's because I don't spend money needlessly?


Ew no that was Rin's.

that's where you're wrong kiddo


*hacks you*

You're neat.

How much did you see?

You mean Neru's?


All the noodz you send to Rin


Thank you, you too.

I'd post my edit but

Must be your imagination :3

You thank too you

You have really gross fetishes

I want to put Neru's key caps in my mouth and roll them around with my tongue.


Ehh? I think they're kinda tame compared to others

Like.. this one

You should post them.

me too thanks

You people are gross


What are you, gay?

idk the only thing worse than scat is snuff

owo what's thanks

I miss Neru.

Okay. Forgive me.


Do you have the one Darwin did that was like "What's your type?" -> key caps -> "N-nothing"?

I ordered a thing.



Hmmn? :3

Oh? What'cha order?

Sshhh... I told you that in confidence..

A controller for my thingpad! should be here monday, but I had to choose between wait a month or pay 3x more :c

Come voice and games

Yeah, you were pretty confident when you proclaimed your love of it.

A controller? Like a console controller?

Is that why Subtle doesn't talk to me anymore?

Because I sent him sexy videos and I wasn't being abused and murdered in them?

I mean.

Who sends sexy videos?

That doesn't sound like me at all!

*blanks you*



Like a chip thing

Sagiri lap vs Rem lap

Just don't tell anyone else, okay?

rem trash sagiri can sit on my lap if u know what i mean

Like this?

I already told everyone



Keyboard board

Not my parents

I already told everyone I know*

Calling Subtle's parents rn, tbh.

That's a pcb! I have this arduino pro micro clone.

Yeah, but that pcb thingie has lights on it that don't match the other lights
So I covered them up with electrical tape

Did you tell them I like cuddles? Or is that too graphic?

Don't! They're already asleep

No, I only told them you like pooping on people

Is that a Poker 2 or 3?

That light is to indicate your current layer, baka!

Poker 3

But I don't use any of the layers.
I swapped the Fn key with the Windows key and apparently that only works on a layer that's not the default but I don't want that gross light on always.



owow what a waste ;_;

smol keyboard for smol hands tho

Why would I want to have different keybindings per layer???

Now everyone is gonna think I'm some kind of pervert

Don't you use a custom layer? I have one where the keys are mapped nice

But you are though.

I have to use Layer 2 because if you stay on Default the Fn and WinKey don't switch.

The only keybinding I want to do if Shift+Esc to ~ but that doesn't even work

Not to -that- extent..




Golly I'm glad I got an Anne Pro :^)

wait i cant edit my shift layer

I just wanted a keyboard with that gap between the keys and the board instead of being set into the board

how do you mean?

Like look from the side and see the switch tops?

Yeah, like with most keyboards, the case thingy goes up to cover the bottoms of the keys.


There are a bazillion custom cases for the pok3r though

But that nice aluminium case tho



But why would I want those

You can see the bottoms

Can I see your bottoms



i spent $30 in subs. i think i have a fatty problem

im about to spend 20 on chipotle dude

they have a bogo thing going on

oh shit dude get that

there's a jersey mike's by work and there's none by me so i wanted to be sufficiently stocked


Nice bottoms

Luka would be jealous

i should have taken a pic of both giant subs laid out lookin all yuri and shit

Yours is nice too.





they're like 12 something each. the major rip off is the chips and drink

but like i wanted a lemonade

and am i to say no to miss vickies jalepeno?

donno about all that

whoa a mexican actually in mexico


Or you could get something substantial for that $30 :^)

it's going to be so worth it tomorrow when i remember i have over a full sub left

the oils they put on is the best hangover remedy


Miss Vickies Kettle Cooked Jalapeno chips are fucking delicious

not this fucking shit again

So what is this place exactly?

W-What's that supposed to mean?

Please stop that.

Also, am I in the right thread? 8ch is confusing as fuck.

yeah i know dude

also jimmy chips jalepeno are bomb too

seems like all we have are illegals weebs here

I know how much you love loli rape so I went ahead and posted it

Never had the jimmy kind
Sounds like some white people shit we dont have out here

you don't have jimmy johns?

there are like thousands here

yo post more fuked doujisn

They're not even filling though

Yeah, this is the right one.

We pretend to be girls and make yuri together here.

what really fucking rattles me is the accurate height portrayal

like she legit looks like a 9y/o
AND I TAUGHT 9y/os for a living man

im triggered

would never let anything happen to my kids

you have jersey mike's?

you know what, you're kinda right

you have to eat a lot to want to stop gorging

i read this as gyro

yeah dude I devour the 9y/os/gyros

Oh, kek. Good thing I don't plan on going to the US any time soon.

I can do that, I think. Is it cool if I use Yosano as an avatar? Or is she already taken?


I approve of this avatar mexicanfriend

Nah, never heard of them.

Ohhhh, that one sub place
Yeah man that place is aight, they have one at the mall and I went with my lil brother and they had called my name and said my order was ready and I grabbed my shit and sat down and we ate and it wasnt even our order, we were eating someone elses shit then they call us again and apologize for mixing them up so they let us eat the other people food and then we still got our order

I ate 2 subs like the fat piece of shit I am
Fuck yeah lol

I kinda want to but Im supposed to be getting ready to go to the brewery with the boys

Serves her right for letting strangers in her house

Kids don't learn man
Sometimes you just need to rape them, ya know?

I see you're a man of refined taste.

Now all I need is a nickname.

well one of those things at least

i meant in threads


lol nice

i would have probably noticed that it wasn't mine

a lot of them have drive-thrus and they're crazy fast so it's a staple for sure when i don't want to make any effort

hav fun ill just take this for now

yo tp

whaddup lil neko

whats the first letter of your last name

she got coerced nigga

he's obviously someone old you idiot because his filenames

I think I'm the only one here who would have read that manga.


don't call me that
I'm bored as hell and i have a headache plus i had to touch a dead cat today ;;


I-I know. I've been here for less than ten minutes and I've already made things awkward. That's a record.

Hmm? I have two, A and C.

I'm still reading it, and I'm really liking it so far tbh.

Named files is kind of a poor indicator for when someone's an old-fag pretending to be knew.

Half of our active posters don't use named files, and some had named files before joining.

What're your top 5 manga you've read?

how to stop wow cravings

This is why I don't like Christmas.

favorite anime of all time?

maybe theyre from a diff board

touching dead cats is the worst

i like wrapped a towel around mine

take some aspirin. i felt one coming on earlier and assaulted it with a double dose of tylenol

lol fresh starts are


eh you're forming complete sentences so you're already less awkward than the regulars

it is a good indicator of an imagewhore avatarfag though

way to copy my q

by playing ffxiv

It's that one lesbian Mexican dude.

brb big brother

Kind of my point.
Maybe they're from another site entirely.

Are you talking about me? I made a folder for this character because I'm from a different community with avatarfags.
I'm glad I found this place, though. Things were getting kind of intense over there.

Don't kill me for my shit taste, but probably:
1. All of Junji Ito's work tbh
3. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
4. Tokyo Ghoul
5. Citrus

Katanagatari is definitely up there.

Wish you're not even murrican


What community was that?


wasnt yours manga

ye and u were right

are you from /tf/ LOL

okay your nickname is going to be Kasa

I never get along well with mexicans

I'm going to kms if someone recognizes me but I'm from /trash/'s Hunger Games threads on...the other site. With the clover.
And nice, I like it. I hope I'm doing this right.

hi umbrella

I should really read some of those. Pick one for me? :3

Pretty good taste tbh.

Oh, right.

Yeah but still.

Are those the threads that Irisu used to very rarely take part in a few months ago?

Why would it matter if someone recognised you though~?

/hg/ wow

well you're in a better place now

good im glad you like it

but still your butt


butt butt

I need three more people.

Well, technically that's a lie, I made a team on my own but I kind of rather enjoy using people I know as my squad.

I know what I'm making ikt, so I just need two more people.


The Enigma of Amigara Fault is a must-read.
Gyo and Tomie are two of his most popular works, but I didn't like them that much, honestly.
Long Dream and Tomio - Red Turtleneck are really good too.

I don't know who that is, so, probably not.

Because I said I would quit avatarfagging/RPing in general...and I got into some dumb drama with a specific avafag. Not that it matters now though.

I'll miss the RP and the games but yeah, you guys seems a lot more chill than most people over there.

It's BC.

I'm not sure if I'm thinking the right board, but I used to post "Irisu" at the start of threads, when I remembered, to try to get in.
There was one I was kind of having fun with, that I remember.

butt slapp butt
I dont have the webm anymore but I found the yt video woo

that's just a shittier wow though

fuck rp

dont tell me you did erp bro

The worst part about this folder is that I'm eventually going to have to remove the background from all of these.

And all of the future ones, since it's really only 1/5 done.

grim let's do erp

Boom, added all of them to my list.

Oneshots are nice, I'll probably read one in bed tonight.
Until I get creeped out and forget to sleep :^)

Fresh and clean


Oh, I just checked the archives and you're there. I still don't remember seeing you in those threads though...then again I have a terrible memory.
Did you post as any other avas?

I'm too insecure about my writing to do something like that. I'd just embarrass myself completely.

It'll be worth it, I promise.

go back to canadia

You said you would quit, huh..

I-I'm only human. What else am I supposed to do?
Go outside and be a productive human being? Psh yeah right.

Oh I don't doubt it, especially since he seems to have a ton of works with a lot of success.

Oh woops, I forgot I turned that on.

get me a nephren folder and we'll talk

do yo have the bag of juices image saves


You don't have to go outside to be productive :3


why did you even need to?

but i just wanna play vidya ;;

we have had our fair share share of drama here
in fact you missed some just a couple of days ago with me and another poster

wow lame as fuck

capping is so tedious tho

I forgot to ask earlier, what's your favorite manga? I could use some recommendations as well.

Thaaat's debatable.

I don't mean to pry,'ve piqued my interest. How bad was it?


it honestly is

guy who I thought was my best friend fucked me over $5 worth of runescape gold
it was a joke that was taken way too far
he tried some INSANE SHIT THIS AFTERNOON which I dont think it is a good time to talk about

but we'll see what happens later tn

Nope, just Irisu.

I wasn't really anyone worth remembering.

When was this? I must have missed it too.

$5 worth of Runescape gold

Shit, 5 whole dollars.

I spend that much on coffee every day.

i've lost any reason to anyway other than when i get bored of the ones i got but i don't care enough to make much more lately

Oh, that thing with Ian.

Pls make up

this 400 calories every six hours plan is working pretty well

it wasn't the amount that was the issue

it was what he did with it

It was with squash. Ian has my money, he just doesn't want to give it to me.

did you get in a fight?

wow no spoilers

how much weed does that get?

elrics keeps crashing like a motherfucker and sausans is too hard for me to solo and i have no friends, what do?

Very tempted to make an account and have him send it to me.

Oh, that sucks. I hope you guys are able to sort things out peacefully.

How did you find /hg/ anyway?

I niid two more party members.

not enough

No I'm mostly drama-free


Ian probably would send it to you
but I think he has spent it by now

I'm gonna shower I need to get my burritos before chipotle closes

what ahppen

Drama me

He is so financially irresponsible, that boy.

sometimes i think about deleting them all
so many of them are unfinished anyway

Remember back when your boy-toy decided he hates you because you like me?

I forgave him for that.


Don't rub me!

Drama me!

Uhhh, what anime was it from?

Darwin was harassing me.

Mmn, if I had to list my top 5 I would go with
- Mitsuboshi Colors
- Yuzumori-san
- Sangatsu no Lion
- Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
- Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

As you can see, a lot of SoL.


I meant the other one.
The one no one liked because of his obsessiveness.

I was naaaht.

That could describe anyone here, really.

what did he do

I haven't read Yuzumori-chan since you last time linked me.

Oh, you mean Jackson.

You know.

You have a point.

Yeah, him.

cody still has a HUGE advantage

Is it true he was doing some questionable shit with underage girls?

disregard that wrong thread

M A S T E R ' S S T I N K Y
T A E K W O N D O F E E T ! ! ! ! ! !


Were too.

Peed on my dog.

They were so cute together.

Not when we talked.

Master's ogre feet. >///


What the heck?

That's another hour with a ladyboy in India for him.
Don't judge.

Sorry, Subtle, I couldn't resist.

Except for the whole apparently borderline rape thing.

This isn't a reliable answer

did you beat his ass?

Subtle was asking for it with all those lolis he posts.

Don't mention it
*reads further in the thread*

Grim's runescape drama is enough for one day

Hmm...can't say I've read any of them. SoL is good though, tyvm.

I better get going. Maybe I'll drop by tomorrow. See you guys around, feel free to visit HG any time, just don't tell them I sent you there.

Nani sore?


beat my ass

I would never

But Wish posts lolis, and I occasionally post lolis, and he apparently hates Canadians.

I'm sorry master please forgive me please don't hate me I'm sorry I'm sroryu I'm sorry I'm sorry

Am I a bad person if I'm enjoying teasing subtle about this?

No I beat his dick.

No problem. Take care :3

Good evening.

I do not even like dogs.

What is this you are doing, then?

He also loathed trannies.

That's not how this goes


Sayonara bye

P-Posting my osu achievements!


sup dude

what's this with runescape gold drama with grimchan

don't be a fucking jew

He probably likes it.


You pee on things you like?


Very impressive. Emma never showed me a 100%.


I took it way too far and said shit I regret.
At this point any retaliation on his part is justified.
I got mad. I should probably look into therapy.

Which is funny because he told me I didn't receive that hate because I don't act like the other ones.
But then he later decided he hates me for being a filthy disgusting tranny anyway.

Yes. That is how I mark my property.

You don't?

Good, it would make me look really bad in comparison

Subtle's love turns everyone into raving, contradicting lunatics.

yeah maybe

i found the little time it went that it helped

grimchan can be a bit of a fuccboi tho

i went*

How are you?

You have no problem making her look bad?

I like you. You're different from all the other shitposters.

I don't know if he wants to bother with any attempt at reconciliation I might make, but I really don't blame him if he doesn't.

wow fuck ririha

I hate you, Darwin, shitposters are the worst.


I pee on bushes like a good little girl.

What do you prefer? Rin and his washing machine or Desu and the fact he literally wouldn't stop sucking your dick?

Master is at it again.

prolly gonna leave soon
I had a long day tho
i tried to talk to you earlier but my phone wouldn't let me post
how are you doin


Don't say that people might believe it

I didn't say that!
Anything she posted would be better than anything I could do

I'm okay, have work in two hours.
Just made some pasta dough, it's in the fridge resting I"ll roll it out soon.

shut up dude

assuming you're not trolling, this is like your 10th fight

and i don't even know the specifics of your thing, but i guarantee grim has done way creepier shit

This is the first time I've threatened black mail.

There is always a breaking point in a friendship.


Mm I hope it turns out good
i gotta go now bye bye


oh shit check this shit out

i heard this on the radio and was all like

are memes mainstream

Stay woke little nigga

damn man like what got you so hot though?

i find that i lash out the most when i have inner things

but look at how grim literally ddos'd nimf and still is allowed to post

and nimf even talks to him still

i'm sure you can come back from a little blackmail

White people can be "woke", you cultural appropriator.

I thought this was a comfy SoL thing not a thriller-horror



I guess I just took the opportunity to take my issues out on Grim.

I will.

what about my dreadlocks though ?

As an SO, neither

Yeah, but fuck ririha

not gonna lie

there are way worse punching bags

but honestly, grim is the type of person who understands that desire

because he's done it so many times

Here I was hoping Subtle would be my sugar daddy.

i miss real nefel ;;

Understanding does not equate to justified action.
I over stepped something trivial and made it personal.

Go say hi to him then.

Wow. Don't steal from black people and their rich history and contributions to America. They wuz kingz and shit.

You have to pick one.


ay yo hol up, you tellin me hat we wuz EGYPSHONZ 'N SHIET?

oh for sure man you fucked up


he will forgive you


he is you

i wish man

would so love to visit my bro joe and make a trip outta it

I just want it to happen soon if it does.
I just want to make it up to him.

I thought he still posted. Do it.

in hindsight i should have spoilered the "is"

An evil black scientist named Yakub thousands of years ago made the evil white men and all achievements of human history has been by black people only to be stolen by whites.

if i had any avenue to contact him i would tell him to stop being a prissy bitch and kiss and make up

wait where?

I just want Yuzumori and Mimika to fuck


He blocked me.
I don't think he would reply to text.

i was watching this high as balls earlier

it was killing me

White devils.


find him

man so wait, you like threatened his irl rep?

that is so below the belt lol

It's not popular enough.

Just move on.

When are we going to pay our reparations to those poor, innocent black people?

Yeah. I'm a shit person.

i would have figured he would be here if he were active

Yeah, but how many people has Grim done that to?

It's kind of karma at this point.

I'm thinking something along the lines of never.

you have shit to sort out

you really really want to be good

read the thread dingus

i literally just said that

I dunno

Draw it :3c

Sleep though.

Just ship them back to Africa.

but actually i said it in a way like

oh he'll understand cause he's crazy af too

you said it in a he fucking deserves it way

But I'm not good is the issue.


When was the last time you met a black person that believed that deserved reparations? Or that their ancestors were royalty?

Fuck this model cunt tbh.

The nerd is okay, but fuck the model.


so get this ban

it's my older brother's birthday this weekend

and his movie pick was despicable me 3

when like...
baby driver
planet of the apes
that one with the indian guy

are out

like what even

there should be all sorts of low-budget councelours in your area

just do a little google

it really helps to talk about your shit

not even homo

oh man we're getting pissed on by god roun herr

One told me they "invented education" the other week

this was online though so I don't know if it counts

Does he just enjoy gay minion porn or what ?

Seeking therapy would be a better catharsis than fighting with people here.

i don't even know man

i only saw like part of the second one i think

and like pharrel

i don't know what my brother's issue is but it is his birthday and we must respect and celebrate


i donno you can still fight with people on the internet

but dude like don't threaten their irl

that is such a no no lol

He probably looks at minion porn.

I see.

keep it jack level

I don't want to fight anymore.
It's just instinct at this point.

you know what?

i'm going to bring this up

is minion porn a thing?

do they have conventions

cause this fucker is all about conventions

Last time I took the train downtown.

Its a thing but I don't think its very big or at least I don't want it to be big.

eh i get those urges man

i get hot so much still

i am in no way cured

but i've learned to spot my triggers and notice me getting hot

it's a good first step

In what way is it wrong for black people to believe that they deserve reparations when we have huge reservations for Native American people throughout the country?

sqish this song might help idonno

I should do that.

fuck what if my brother is leading minion groups

Does he go to deviantart ?

yeah like don't necessarily avoid people who make you mad a lot

but realize why they press your buttons

and what are your buttons

it's a lot of work frankly lol

oh that is a given

dude is a freak

back with 2 huge fuckin burritos holy shit

you and kyle should kiss and makeup


ugh account

post minion porn pls

now i'm interested

you don't need an account

all you gotta do is put an age in above 18

are you really mad or you guys trolling?

i know kyle has a thing for fake fighting

you should become a cop


Ban, what do you think?
In what way is it wrong for black people to believe that they deserve reparations when we have huge reservations for Native American people throughout the country?
Additionally, being that many black people have no real clue as to their family history and most of their ancestral last names have been lost, is it so wrong to want to believe that their ancestors were Egyptian royalty? We have men that want to be women, but we can't have lost men and women that want to endorse the image that they come from great households?

because i can spot kyle's bullshit?

he has run this same schtick minions of times

Minions on the brain dawg

Now you can have something in common with your brother.

I don't see how being transgender and saying you're an Egyptian are related.


Most people here make fun of transgendered people, too.

dude i can't figure out this website

dude i don't get it

i can't look at other images

this website is terrible

you both are douchebags for creating fake drama

nvm now i'm into it

Its not very good but you can still look at other images.

Get your shit together.

you're fake drama

mist slut

What do you think my buttons are mostly?

when is the last time i concocted a false narrative like you and squash just did

like how much private chat time this this plan even take\


literally every time you post you're bullshitting about something
like nigga what

you are only satisfied by severe degredation

or a very long, almost non-human penis deep in your butt

Grim I'm sorry.

i was giving you sincere advice


I texted you.

They're comparative. Both of these things are a transformation of the self, based on emotion. If a man feels like they were born into the wrong body, they get a sex change operation and are applauded for their bravery, or at the very least, their decisions are respected. If a displaced man chooses to hold the notion that he comes from noble or respectable family, they, by and large, are ridiculed and memed about on the internet by other people (typically white people who conveniently can access their family histories). Where is the issue in believing that you were once great when all your history is shrouded darkly? Who wants to believe their family history is all dirt?

But not all.

I never got a text after never texting you again.

Pretty much.
I kind of gave up on my life in general a year ago.

well it looks like they got back together y'all nothing to see here

hey based lloyd


I'm gonna take a hard pass on this debate.

What's good pimp.

Yeah, I think you should.


I could never stay up to an egyptian female such as yourself.

I see no point in resisting.

Black trans lol

Sorry about my earlier behavior.

fuck off

so i don't know if i filled you in yet but i bought my sister's jeep a few weeks ago

i go from a 94 volvo with blownout speakers

but like i've been going through my CD collection that i'm so glad i never trashed

cause last time i checked most of them were scratched the fuck up

CD reading tech is better

like i was driving to work rocking this

I forgive you

hi lloyd

It's also interesting how people love to gloss over 100 years of overt oppression (and the current age of more covert oppression) as if they were some trifling matter and wouldn't have an effect on people today.
Better to just make giddy about it on the internet since I don't actually understand what's happening and don't care to. But man aren't niggers stupid xd

What is it? My internet is throttling right now and I can't load youtube.

oh stp- purple

but i linked silvergun superman

Why even live?

I'm not gonna feel sorry about something I didn't do or have any control over.

I'm gonna meme on the internet about stupid shit and if that offends you than kindly don't talk to me.

hi cuck


dude weed

*tips my fedora*

ive been high like everyday ill be honest like for real it's nuts

oh wow i was not prepared for this

any weekend plans?

howd you get so much weed?

these vape cartridges last like...a month

Wow you fucking heathens does nobody know how to make a knew thread

Fucking savages

The RE4 PS4 HD remake looks pretty bad when you really look at it

Nothing I care to share.

I was about to but I didn't know what message to put in it.

What's up Grim?

I confess I don't actually know what that is
I know Eminem Superman

Eh, there's other reasons to live.
Like video games and froot loops.

I never said you had to "feel bad" about anything.
My issue doesn't lie solely with you but the fact that everyone here just seems to shit on black people unreservedly, be it for a meme or seriously, but there's nobody to say otherwise. As the only black person and the only man willing, I feel like I should say otherwise, because your and Tsuchi's comments are purely destructive if no one remembers to take it as a joke. I also hate dumb ass memes like that and if you decide to say something offensive then you shouldn't be surprised if someone calls you out on it. This ain't your safe space.

so based that based george is a stoner now



damn bro

so its hash oil?