Spam 2 electric boogaloo

Easton Bennett
Easton Bennett

spam 2 electric boogaloo

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Jace Diaz
Jace Diaz

Existence is torment

Chase Evans
Chase Evans

oh the capcha appeared

Jeremiah King
Jeremiah King

how kill is it

Landon Baker
Landon Baker


Logan Walker
Logan Walker


all my bois at ax rn

wish I was there

Blake Jones
Blake Jones


Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez

Time to liven shit up

Xavier King
Xavier King

Next season when?

Ayden Sanchez
Ayden Sanchez


Samuel Wilson
Samuel Wilson

They're still working on the live action film for Part 4
you think that's nice?
You ain't seen nothing yet

Ian Brooks
Ian Brooks

live action
Please no.
I need the anime.

Luis Murphy
Luis Murphy

holy fuck
fangirls man

Robert Carter
Robert Carter

drunker than I should be

Juan Turner
Juan Turner

Aren't we all?

Jeremiah Perry
Jeremiah Perry

on beer 7

Jayden Bennett
Jayden Bennett

But that isn't even too much.
Currently on my 2nd bottle of bacardi carta blanca.

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson

like I said

drunker than I should be

I haven;t really drank in a few months

Wyatt Hernandez
Wyatt Hernandez

That's still not too much.

Anthony Carter
Anthony Carter

You don't even know what i'm drinking.

Joseph Peterson
Joseph Peterson

'Fraid so
Yeah they're the greatest

Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez

Ban lets be honest
It's probably just Hard Lemonade

Jace Morales
Jace Morales

You said beer, beer isn't heavy.

It might seem alright on the trailer, but as a movie, ehh..

Jaxon Bennett
Jaxon Bennett

You never gave me the porn I wanted.
you're right

I don't have any rum on me though

Ian Ramirez
Ian Ramirez

imgaine that post with this pictuer

Jordan Perez
Jordan Perez

RIP, you could have had.

Jack Brown
Jack Brown

forgot to type words

Elijah Thomas
Elijah Thomas

Happens to us all.

Leo Davis
Leo Davis

It will probably succ
I was looking for it and then my best friend came over with weed.

Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes

how am i supposed to fap ?

you're worthless

Juan James
Juan James

Orgasm Denial

Oliver Rivera
Oliver Rivera

Most likely, but we've just got to keep our hopes up and habeeb in it that they will deliver as they made that small commercial for it.

Sebastian Perez
Sebastian Perez


Levi Lee
Levi Lee

No, it'll be worthless.
The CGI already looks bad and so do the costumes, make-up, and hair.
ur a faget

Caleb Hall
Caleb Hall

I meant the anime.
The movie is whatever, but once they release the anime, it might be something good.

Oliver Ortiz
Oliver Ortiz

I do enjoy a nice dick.

Chase Flores
Chase Flores

Yeah I think they might be purposefully putting off part 5 because no one knows how King Crimson works.
Wow that's GAY

Matthew Russell
Matthew Russell

I don't give a fuck

David Phillips
David Phillips

"look at this d00d."

Julian Sanders
Julian Sanders

All the nice dicks in the world won't make you feel less like the shit they're packing inside you
Nobody can fucking explain it

Logan Diaz
Logan Diaz

I'm pretty much unpacked.

Jordan Perry
Jordan Perry


Nolan Green
Nolan Green

ate food

not really that drunk anymore

good fucking luck getting into my pants

Juan Brooks
Juan Brooks

Cummies give me power.

Hudson Adams
Hudson Adams

I always laugh at that video.

Henry Rodriguez
Henry Rodriguez

implying you even have any pants on and aren't just staring at the screen mouth breathing with your dick in your hand looking at porn in a another tab

You must be pretty powerless then
Yeah it's p gud

Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson

100% not doing that.

Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart

The lying only makes it all the more pathetic.

David Williams
David Williams

Get outta here moogs
no furries allowed

Justin Clark
Justin Clark

Still, hopefully they'll get on with the next season soon.

Aiden Hughes
Aiden Hughes

I have no need to lie.

Jeremiah Moore
Jeremiah Moore

Needs and wants are different things.

Michael Collins
Michael Collins

I got cummies just the other day when I was drunk off my ass

Nolan Stewart
Nolan Stewart

Get a 30-something year-old to cum on a print out of your legs hundreds of miles away isn't really "getting cummies"

Christopher Morgan
Christopher Morgan

I fucking wish that would happen.

Xavier Hill
Xavier Hill

Hey Ban see this plate of meat

Andrew Jenkins
Andrew Jenkins

I did it

Jeremiah Stewart
Jeremiah Stewart

Well look at it now

Jaxson Long
Jaxson Long

its meat

Elijah Butler
Elijah Butler

"i shoved the sonichu medallion up my ass"

At least we know why hes a girl now

Logan Hughes
Logan Hughes

Have you ever tried explaining this person to normies?
It's a nightmare.

That's what years of SEGA will do to a human being

Samuel White
Samuel White

I only need 1.

Tyler Price
Tyler Price

Just got to habeeb.

Only 4 hours?
You can do better.

David Hall
David Hall

I only bullied lovingly.

Carson Brown
Carson Brown

I slept on the plane

Cameron Collins
Cameron Collins

Yet you won't send me trap porn.

Adam James
Adam James

Sleep more.

Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor

Cupcake really let himself go.

Owen Garcia
Owen Garcia

don't insult my retarded looking friend

hes only got a few years left


Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez

No bully Cuppers.

Jonathan Gray
Jonathan Gray

Hes got an okay personality but he totally looks like Chris-chan.

Nolan Long
Nolan Long

No bully him.

Chase Ortiz
Chase Ortiz

two levels of verification

Justin Gomez
Justin Gomez

I think I'm dying

Jaxon Rogers
Jaxon Rogers

God, I wish that were me.

Landon Wright
Landon Wright

100% never

Asher White
Asher White

Just keep trying! You'll get it eventually.

Isaac Butler
Isaac Butler

give up

read a book

Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers


Gavin Adams
Gavin Adams

cuz it's morning

Asher Flores
Asher Flores

its my afternoon

Carson Bell
Carson Bell

sun is overrated anyways

Noah Wood
Noah Wood

How's Bebop?

Ryder Perez
Ryder Perez

doesn't the sun make it harder to sleep tho?

John Miller
John Miller

i turn away from the window. problem solved

Josiah Garcia
Josiah Garcia

He's doing good! Has a better diet and schedule(though it's still not planned out too far ahead)

It doesn't for me, though I've fallen asleep in lots of weird places

Cooper Anderson
Cooper Anderson

Oh, why a diet?
Ehh, still awake beyond my bed time and drinking.

Jace Bailey
Jace Bailey

how long have you been nocturnal?

i took this to mean you sleep around

Landon Watson
Landon Watson

with men

Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell

Are you StarOcean on osu?

Chase Barnes
Chase Barnes

few days

Matthew Morales
Matthew Morales

I was eating too much stuff that wasn't the best for me and not enough of other things, still needs to be tinkered but it's way better.
Staying up all day?

Oh, yeah no lol. I just meant I've fallen asleep on the beach more than once and in the water

No, Bebop79pls no bully

Nathaniel Harris
Nathaniel Harris

and when were you nocturnal before that?

be a lot cooler if you did

Isaiah Diaz
Isaiah Diaz

off an on every other week. this is an ongoing cycle.

Dylan Rodriguez
Dylan Rodriguez

This person hasn't been on in 9months and is from China? also I only knew about osu! for like 4years

My current goals aren't to be cool :|

Jayden Fisher
Jayden Fisher

Oh, how comes?
I don't know, I just have troubles falling asleep and drinking doesn't help me.

Eli Russell
Eli Russell

There's nothing to bully

This person, actually

For some reason I have them added thinking they were you

Luis Torres
Luis Torres

that's what I was driving at~

happens when time loses its daily context

setting goals to be cool

Jonathan Walker
Jonathan Walker

eh i enjoy the darkness and quiet

allows me to masturbate and work on my art

John Adams
John Adams

Was mainly just always going with whatever my parents were having and based things I was making myself off of what they had made, got the bright idea to test new things out and look into it more. 15yr old me was onto something when I told my parents we should eat healthier all the time
Kinda sounds like yes lol. I can't handle alcohol too well and never remember things early on

I guess I judge myself too much in this game..
Russian Federation
If only.

Hey man I don't know! I'm trying to lay low and focus studying still

Ryder Evans
Ryder Evans

Oh, I can never really gain any weight at well, so it's whatever with me what I eat.
I feel like I should get some sleep soon though..

Jaxson Foster
Jaxson Foster

iktf. consistent, uninterrupted, predictable silence.

is that possible to get during the day?

whatchu studying?

Julian Wood
Julian Wood

not reliably

James Jenkins
James Jenkins

Saaaame. Very slowly been working at it but I for the most part feel I'm stuck with what I got and have room to go with it.
Well yeah, it's probably like 12pm there or something! sleep is much needed!

The stock market still. I've read more books this year than I have in middleschool/highschool. Also just as keen to learn it as I was with Japanese

Jeremiah Morris
Jeremiah Morris

I uhm. my brain fell apart when I was finishing that first thing. pls ignore

Liam Hall
Liam Hall

Only like 2 pm.

Josiah Russell
Josiah Russell

add friend
mutual already

Cooper Wilson
Cooper Wilson


Colton Martinez
Colton Martinez

you should find a way to mark the difference between the days

mazel tov. you were learning Japanese?

Adam Russell
Adam Russell


Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes


Ayden Jackson
Ayden Jackson

i have an appointment with my new the rapist on the 10th

Justin Young
Justin Young

I've been caughtI added you like 4-5months ago iirc

That's still pretty late into the day though if you didn't get any sleeps

I took a year of it in high school but didn't follow through the next year when I learned the family trip to Japan was canceled. Long story short we couldn't afford it anymore ;-;
EVERYONE(6 other people lol) except for me and a friend I brought in was learning it so they didn't have to read subtitles when watching anime

Carter Ward
Carter Ward

i'm dying. kind of them to let you know in advance

maybe you're actually legit smarter than them

Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

isnt it.

im hoping for adderall

Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson


That is a possibility that I had never thought of, could be. I feel like none of them put too much effort into it though. One girl who lives on my street even tried to watch some hentai with me after class to 'study' and I turned her down(I had no fucking clue it was a hentai or what hentai even was, also thought watching anime a ton was p degenerate/you weren't grown up)I still think this

Dylan Gomez
Dylan Gomez

you ever been on something like that?

have you never met people dumber than you before? also that sounds like a bs middle school story

Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez

its not gay if youre just fine with boys right? its only gay when you actually go after them?

Tyler Gonzalez
Tyler Gonzalez

no but ive always had focusing problems and i want to be a machine

John James
John James

Still ur bakas

Luke Gray
Luke Gray

Plenty, the high school I went to was a private one you had to be invited to because of high grades. I never felt as if I was too much smarter than anyone else there and liked it, it felt competitive as fuck, some were just better at different things.
100% true story, she still lives down the street from me. also she punched my sister when I was like 11 and still kinda don't like her for that.

i want to be a machine
Trust me when I say you don't.

Kayden Rogers
Kayden Rogers

is captcha every post cuz of that spammer

Josiah Edwards
Josiah Edwards


Colton Nelson
Colton Nelson

yeah it'll removed when test gets up prolly

Michael Ramirez
Michael Ramirez

pills aint skills. but they sure do help. there's a right way to do it tho.

well if you're surrounded by smart people, you'd have a different reference. then there are the people you know are smarter than you and are doing something with it. screw em. if your story was true, then I feel bad for you.

Dominic Evans
Dominic Evans

I can only think of one other person I know irl who is doing something better than me and that's working for the state. Everyone else is bitching and moaning about living in the middle of nowhere having to work for call centers or help maintain(make sure green light is green!) Facebook/Apple/Google servers(a shit load of them are here because cheap land and power companies basically begged them with insane deals)

I know I'm wasting 'potential' by not doing real college anymore but why should I go off and make the world better that way when I won't be as happy?

Why feel bad for me? To be honest I'm fairly happen with how things are turning out.

Lincoln Jones
Lincoln Jones

do tell

Oliver Parker
Oliver Parker

stay up super late
sleep through the alarm
late for work

Fuck you kanra you aren't worth this

Zachary Perez
Zachary Perez

But falling asleep is too hard.

No, you!

Cameron Kelly
Cameron Kelly

I know a quick way that usually helps with that but it requires a lil bit of stamina and coordination

Caleb Martin
Caleb Martin

you still have to choose to make yourself a machine and value your time. but yea, we should talk about this some other time. en private.

do whatever the hell you want. gaming stocks sounds pretty worthwhile, and pretty damn cool, but so is saving money working for a big company. if it's really just maintainence, how intense are their lives that it prevents doing other things? neuroplasticity drops off after 22.


Noah Adams
Noah Adams


Jason Ortiz
Jason Ortiz

It's terribly stressful but full of hype. G'night

Christopher Turner
Christopher Turner

The fuck is this verification shit?

Austin Diaz
Austin Diaz

This is bot discrimination.

Josiah Robinson
Josiah Robinson

Yeah I got the idea from that.

Samuel Brooks
Samuel Brooks

why are you looking at the same things as me

Jaxson Gomez
Jaxson Gomez

The robot was simply not following the laws we set in place for them.

Owen Carter
Owen Carter

I'm you.

David Roberts
David Roberts

thats not a good thing

Tyler Miller
Tyler Miller

I'm a roriNEET.

Jaxon Myers
Jaxon Myers


Adam Reyes
Adam Reyes

what the heck is a fidget spinner

Eli Powell
Eli Powell


eh doesnt even competetively fidget spin

Wyatt Allen
Wyatt Allen

tfw chinese roommate admitted that she has a crush on me in her goodbye letter.

James Gomez
James Gomez

Holy shit. My eyes feel so dry.

Ethan Taylor
Ethan Taylor

rub spit in them

Jacob Nguyen
Jacob Nguyen

That's nasty.

Wyatt Perry
Wyatt Perry

Quick fuck her while u can

Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller

She already left, that's the problem

Cooper Kelly
Cooper Kelly

Want to hang in call 'till people wake up?

Colton Long
Colton Long

I'm about to kill your boyfriend Sif.

Landon Powell
Landon Powell

ha cucked

Alexander Kelly
Alexander Kelly


Kayden Thomas
Kayden Thomas


Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell

You both suck.

Nicholas Clark
Nicholas Clark

Oh well, though.

Luis Walker
Luis Walker

I'm trying to with limited success.

Colton Cruz
Colton Cruz

[autistic bandicoot screeching]

Easton Green
Easton Green

you should let me write it.

I'm a writer now.

Owen Perez
Owen Perez

That doesn't sound like I thing you'd be doing.

Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris

Yes it's hard to juggle it with the lying on the sofa feeling sad for hours and the masturbation to be honest.

Cameron Sanders
Cameron Sanders

what's your perfume the stench of death?


Mason Butler
Mason Butler

more like the stench of dick

Logan Smith
Logan Smith

It sounds like somebody needs a hobby that doesn't involve self-loathing and/or Rosie Palms.

Lucas Jenkins
Lucas Jenkins

productive hobbies are for nerds
real men play excessive amounts of videogames to the point where they develop a dependance on them and are unable to contemplate life without them

Evan Edwards
Evan Edwards

I draw

But I woke up late and my schedule is off so I'm being lazy and reading comic books.

happens a lot.

Gavin Baker
Gavin Baker

I should be making mediocre vidyagames but here I am shitposting instead.

John Sanders
John Sanders

Well I'm out of comics so I'm going to get my day started. Buhbye.

Gabriel Nelson
Gabriel Nelson

Why game when u have depressing meme?

Grayson Richardson
Grayson Richardson

Good morning everyone!!

Eli Cruz
Eli Cruz

let's make every imaginable parameter user-configurable!

Why is my settings file getting so bloated?

Benjamin Gray
Benjamin Gray

I didn't mean to kill the thread qq

Kayden Sanders
Kayden Sanders

It's ok it wasn't your fault

Camden Gomez
Camden Gomez

i want a sugar glider

Jordan Butler
Jordan Butler


Noah Sanders
Noah Sanders

hiya I just wanted to check up on the animus. Not sure if skandi, miles and spooky are still around though.

Adrian White
Adrian White

dark souls keeps crashing and i dont know why

Cameron Watson
Cameron Watson

Probably all those cheats.

Ayden Jenkins
Ayden Jenkins

Right, they're all over at /lewd/, silly me. Cya.

Gabriel Jones
Gabriel Jones

Nobody goes to lewd. It's deader than here.

Mason Lopez
Mason Lopez

Skandi will be but I doubt anyone else

William Taylor
William Taylor

Subtle I missed you

Lucas Allen
Lucas Allen

It was only a week..

Noah Bell
Noah Bell

Loco I missed you

Oliver Sanders
Oliver Sanders

it felt so much longer I almost died.

Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams

Riiiiiight ^^
Keep up the good art on your tumblr anyways

Nathaniel Murphy
Nathaniel Murphy

i gave up art. now i make youtube videos.

Dominic Sanders
Dominic Sanders

What's a good game to emulate on gba that works well with kb/m that's not pokemon?

Luis Murphy
Luis Murphy

What kind o.o

Chase Roberts
Chase Roberts

Friends of Mineral Town

Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry

hey its that one farmville game. Nice!

Aiden Murphy
Aiden Murphy

Moderately sexy facecam letsplays.

Josiah Wood
Josiah Wood

yeah that's the one

Eli Lee
Eli Lee

Wait was loco actually doing art or is that some inside joke I'm unfamiliar with

William Morales
William Morales

Landon Ortiz
Landon Ortiz

Oh my, that's actually pretty great.

Matthew Myers
Matthew Myers

It's full of butts and poses.

Kayden Green
Kayden Green

I like butts

Logan Russell
Logan Russell


Lucas Hernandez
Lucas Hernandez

Ioco I'm leaving because that is the cutest post I've ever seen you make.

Dominic Anderson
Dominic Anderson

I don't see a problem

Grayson Hernandez
Grayson Hernandez

And I can't handle it

Aiden Adams
Aiden Adams

okay bye forever

Justin Richardson
Justin Richardson

I ejaculated faster than I anticipated and have dealt with my feelings appropriately.

Christian Myers
Christian Myers

I am butt.

Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed

Sup bitches?

Luis Collins
Luis Collins


Jack Perry
Jack Perry


Nicholas Bailey
Nicholas Bailey

when you're looking up porn of a character and see a picture you drew

god damnit

Carson Martin
Carson Martin

isnt that something you should be proud of

Cooper Miller
Cooper Miller

my shitty drawings are a boner killer

Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen

Double Captcha yay

Joseph Green
Joseph Green

Just as you promised, no one is there except Skandi. He told me there were only ~5 active users there these days.

(。>﹏<。 )

Jayden Richardson
Jayden Richardson

Oh god it's you

James Evans
James Evans

Who is that?

Zachary Rodriguez
Zachary Rodriguez

Your shitty personality is the real boner killer

Kayden Ortiz
Kayden Ortiz

Loco was lurking just to be abused.

Oliver Scott
Oliver Scott

i was lurking because i hoped subtle might notice me.

Robert Morris
Robert Morris

Neglect is also a kind of abuse

Jordan King
Jordan King

Don't I know it

Ryder Richardson
Ryder Richardson

Just be friends with me Ioco.
You might even like it.

Tyler Cox
Tyler Cox

You won't.

Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez

You're so possessive Kyle

Carter Flores
Carter Flores

Subtle will never notice u

Jackson Stewart
Jackson Stewart

we are friends.

Charles Sanders
Charles Sanders

I own you.

James Russell
James Russell

we are friends

Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz

You can own me if you pay my rent

Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson

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Landon Brown

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Jordan Martin

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Bentley Hall

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Mason Reyes

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Matthew Powell

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Zachary Green

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Benjamin Smith

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Ethan Peterson

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Adrian Stewart

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Parker Taylor

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Michael Collins


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Leo Wright

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Kayden Sanders

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Blake Taylor

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Ethan Wright

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Blake Mitchell

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Evan Watson
Evan Watson

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Connor Perez
Connor Perez

weird things..!

Dominic James
Dominic James

weird things!

Dominic Flores
Dominic Flores



Ryder Walker
Ryder Walker