Camden Kelly
Camden Kelly


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Jeremiah Ramirez
Jeremiah Ramirez

B-but that's what I think is fun in tanks...

Christopher Murphy
Christopher Murphy

They're all dead lol

Joseph Cruz
Joseph Cruz

HOLY FUG. lmao
It's like someone tried to combine Jumanji and Breakfast Club with modern twists. It actually looks kinda funny though.

We need to work on your definition of fun, Dusty.


Jason Price
Jason Price

Define it for me then

Jackson Lopez
Jackson Lopez

Looks like Sony doing the same shit they did with Ghostbusters tbh
Except they don't want to try and go muh feminizm again.

Well they didn't all die in that shithole.
One shot himself and the other hung himself when they got back home.

Jace Nguyen
Jace Nguyen

Sounds a lot like a crewed tank :thinking:

Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard

Except it's WWI and the tank has a flamethrower and you can actually fucking see.

Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins

actually seeing in a tank, ever
Doesn't look like a whole lot of a slit to look around from.

Eli Gutierrez
Eli Gutierrez

What if next lvl weebs are watching american cartoons dubbed in japanese with english subtitles?

Luis Robinson
Luis Robinson

Shit, we're taking steps backward!

Maybe? Ghostbusters looked like a hot turd just on the surface without even looking at previews, which ended up being a pretty good assumption for its actual content.
This seems like something I might actually watch on the other hand... it actually looks funny.

Ah, a classic story of the return home. I am sorry to hear.

Anthony Cook
Anthony Cook

That's a fucking landship you wiki-sourcing tard.

Owen Murphy
Owen Murphy

I'm still looking at like a one inch by six inch slit, give or take. Visibility is gonna be shite
Leaving that little door open is akin to turning out

Evan Flores
Evan Flores

Kevin Hart
Dwane The Rock Johson
Jack Black

How does this not look like a turd to you?

They were dickheads.
It's bigger than that. Get your eyes checked.

Landon Morris
Landon Morris

Yeah, though I'm still confused on why they chose to do it with a game console. Hopefully it doesn't turn out like the Journey movies because it looks like it could, especially with the Rock in it. Jack Black acting as a stuck up teenage girl sounds like a funny concept.

Joshua Bell
Joshua Bell

I mean christ Dusty
Get a ruler

Angel Thompson
Angel Thompson

I mean, I could go full autismo and try to measure it. But it's a small fucking slit, even with the flaps up. You're not having a good field of vision.

Colton Brown
Colton Brown

There are two on both sides, one in the back, and one on the front. All of which were manned and usually armed because WWI was fucking nuts.

Gabriel Phillips
Gabriel Phillips

I mean, acting aside all three of them are Hollywood shitters it's true, but Jack Black was funny in Tropic Thunder, and I mean, this time he has to play a teenage highschool girl, that's just perfect. Kevin Hart is a funny guy in general, and just in this preview alone he's already got some good lines.
The Rock, he's a good actor, you have to give him that.
Idk man, this actually looks good, but I might just be crazy. I'll watch it.

I think it's just to better represent new audiences maybe? With a new twist on things? "OOoh, what do people connect more with now? Board games are out, let's make it a video game!"

Nathaniel Gomez
Nathaniel Gomez

Each dude has his own little shithole of visibility
Then they have to yell at each other over the machinery and gunfire to piece together the big picture
A coordinated team can obviously be very effective and have an understanding of the situation around them, but a bunch of random dudes manning it and it's gonna be a shitshow
And I assume the side one has flaps like the front one, but maybe not

Tyler Fisher
Tyler Fisher

No you're fucking crazy.
There was not a single funny line.
The Rock is shit and has always been shit.
His range is shit and he's basically a fucking character actor.
Kevin Hart is mostly only funny in stand-up. On screen he's forced as fuck because he's largely not reciting his own material.
Jack Black re-enacting The Hot Chick does not sound appealing to me at all.

The main draw to the original Jumanji was that it was pretty much a horror comedy for kids. I bet you can name at least two scenes that scared the pants off you as a child. This looks like they've shifted away from all the horror elements to shift towards the action genre to draw in a larger general audience and make money because it's fucking Sony and they don't respect their acquired IPs.

Austin Ramirez
Austin Ramirez

What we really need is Battletech style augmented vision that takes video feed from cameras all around the vehicle and compresses this 360 degree vision into a 120 degree field of view.

Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson

Of course they have to fucking yell at each other but after 20 minutes max they're all going to be dead anyways.

Charles Clark
Charles Clark

What is the battletech meme and should I look into it

Tyler Roberts
Tyler Roberts


I bet you can name at least two scenes that scared the pants off you as a child.
The spiders man. The spiders. Fuck the spiders fam.

Sebastian Jones
Sebastian Jones

It's CoD/Titanfall games and no.

Hudson Gutierrez
Hudson Gutierrez

walker mechs

Chase Roberts
Chase Roberts

cute gif

Lincoln Flores
Lincoln Flores

The spiders, the bats, the mosquitoes, the child slowly turning into a monkey, the man-eating plant, the monkey child being nearly crushed to death in a car, the crocodile, the floor swallowing Robin Williams RIP, the fucking spiders

All part of what made the movie memorable and great.

Jackson Rivera
Jackson Rivera

Giant stompy robots. You wouldn't like it at all though.

Angel Clark
Angel Clark

tbh I just want to see machines with insect like legs that run like hounds and viciously eat people for no reason.

Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper

I should watch the Live Action Gyo! The Death Stench

Sebastian Baker
Sebastian Baker

Yeah, exactly.
Its my favorite franchise though.

If only Anemone could have been that cute all the time.

Maybe this will have it too. I mean, Jack Black did just get eaten by a hippo in the last bit there.

Jeremiah Cooper
Jeremiah Cooper

"Yan how could you have been frightened by fucking mosquitoes calm down"

Because the were the size of your fist and had probiscus so sharp and hardened it could pierce through a car roof and windshield and would almost instantly give a person convulsions when bitten and presumably kill them.

Think how hard it is to avoid getting bitten by a regular fucking mosquito and think about that.

Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz

Guarantee he survives.

Wyatt Phillips
Wyatt Phillips

Walker mechs tho
Like you breath on the leg funny and win

Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia


Adam Ortiz
Adam Ortiz

Or just trip it with a robe and have teddy bear people throw rocks at it.

Cooper Moore
Cooper Moore

I mean... in the first one a kid survives being turned into a monkey and shit with poisonous darts from a plant.

Nah man. Nah.
Just... nah. Suspend logic and physics for a moment.

Jacob Carter
Jacob Carter

Presumably any poison a plant launches at you with some kind of projectile when it has the means to drag you into it's digestive chamber is more paralytic than lethal. Like SPIDERS

Brayden Reed
Brayden Reed

You see Ivan, by doubling height of our center of mass, we gain the higher ground

Gabriel Butler
Gabriel Butler

Fun Facts:

Komodo Dragons are actually venomous, and the notion that their saliva is swarming with lethal bacteria is merely a myth caused by the observation of their prey who would escape and go to watering holes filled with piss and feces and just stand around with the exposed wound in them, where it would quickly become infected, fester, and die as a result.

Boy Dusty you sure would fucking hate Armored Core.
The Komodo's venom rapidly decreases blood pressure, expedites blood loss, and sends a victim into shock, rendering it too weak to fight.

Jason Reyes
Jason Reyes

what kind of bait is this
it's not tasty if I don't know what flavor it is

Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts

Yeah well maybe this new one is just supposed to be fun and funny! Not remember this in your dreams tonight boost your arachnophobia.

Dusty, this horse has been beaten to death and back again in every Battletech thread ever.
We get it.
They're not feasible.
That doesn't make them NOT fun!

Kayden Edwards
Kayden Edwards

Then they should call it something else
Like Tropic Thunder 2 Electric Boogaloo

Gavin Lee
Gavin Lee

I would totally watch another Tropic Thunder.
Maybe that's why I like the idea of this so much. hmm...

Isaiah Baker
Isaiah Baker

she is cute

Jackson Perez
Jackson Perez

Goodnight, maybe?

She was kind of a cunt tho.

Ryder Parker
Ryder Parker


Three threads while I was asleep.
Maybe this place isn't dying after all.

James Morales
James Morales

Its dead community

Elijah Smith
Elijah Smith

we really should move to /b/

Benjamin Roberts
Benjamin Roberts


Cooper Phillips
Cooper Phillips

they messed her up ;~;
it not her fault...

Isaiah Flores
Isaiah Flores


Zachary Kelly
Zachary Kelly

Tru. She's not even technically human anymore... or alive.

Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis

i miss her

Evan Stewart
Evan Stewart

The new movie comes out this September.

Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams


Henry Ward
Henry Ward

I just watched the Pokken Tournament DX invitational tourney from E3.

The one dude in the Grand Finals completely turned his back on the screen, like.

Julian Torres
Julian Torres

Yep, there's three new movies coming out.

Dominic Sanchez
Dominic Sanchez

no drawing today, only dark souls

Juan Morales
Juan Morales

at least she's the only one smiling

Hudson Baker
Hudson Baker

post build

Isaac Barnes
Isaac Barnes

Evil smile!

William Sullivan
William Sullivan


Elijah Nguyen
Elijah Nguyen


James Butler
James Butler

Luka, no.

Gavin Miller
Gavin Miller


Cooper Morgan
Cooper Morgan

Is it bad if Ganbare Goemon music can induce a nostalgia so powerful in me that it makes me start to cry?

Benjamin Young
Benjamin Young


Liam Jackson
Liam Jackson


Leo Ramirez
Leo Ramirez

cheatengine is a wonderful thing

Andrew Reed
Andrew Reed

Good afternoon diggies~

Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes

afternono wellams

Christian Reyes
Christian Reyes


its so slowwww

Jackson Cook
Jackson Cook


Adam Gomez
Adam Gomez


Bentley Peterson
Bentley Peterson


Brandon Perez
Brandon Perez

p much tbh

up to much?

Isaiah Adams
Isaiah Adams

Tbh tbf idk idgaf

Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris

Need jap gf

James Allen
James Allen

Well now I understand why people want i7's and beefy GPUs for video editing holy shit even aligning two clips on eachother is tiresome

Angel Clark
Angel Clark


Nicholas Kelly
Nicholas Kelly


Angel Gutierrez
Angel Gutierrez

i'm super tired and I read Donald Trump's face lifting bleeding tweet and it made me stare at the screen for five minutes wondering what's real and what isn't

Help me

John Long
John Long


Oliver James
Oliver James

Just about none of it was true at all. The place this was supposed to happen at was full of facelift people.

He has to go overseas to take care of business now even though officials across the world are confused about how to take it.

He hates and fears women and likes to talk about "blood" all the time when women come up.

Chase Cruz
Chase Cruz

haha that good old fella

Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson

Even Dick Spencer isn't retarded enough to continue supporting that landwhale clown.

Caleb Thomas
Caleb Thomas

yeah okay Mika

Seriously though, the mental image of a woman turning up to a party and bleeding from her face and trying to spend time with donald trump wrinkles my fucking mind. it's like a fever dream. or an Adult Swim pitch.

Eli Myers
Eli Myers

Just punch harder.

Jose Young
Jose Young

women that are powerful or with a strong personality that disagree with him to be specific.

Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans

She wasn't trying to spend time with him. He called and wanted Joe and Mika to. He was upset mika didn't want to. She wasn't bleeding from anything just as the rest of women that he attacks don't bleed from anything.

Brody Bailey
Brody Bailey

well i think they bleed from somewhere

Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson


Jordan Torres
Jordan Torres


Noah James
Noah James

That's not true, I hate every gender

All two of them

Julian Bell
Julian Bell

nay this poste be a period joke

Noah Ross
Noah Ross

Obviously but who even bothers with other people's menses, especially someone that wants to be taken seriously. It's like bring up the fact that people shit...

Shit running out their ears and eyes and nose and mouth.

Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher

Ioco I actually like you btw.

Isaiah Jenkins
Isaiah Jenkins

I think I have a fever.

Brandon Price
Brandon Price

remaining time: 1h
nani the fuck

Levi Gray
Levi Gray

liking loco

Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis

I'mma climb into bed. Tuck me in.

Dominic Carter
Dominic Carter

/cucks Ioco in bed

Gabriel Wright
Gabriel Wright

hahahaha you fool this is how I get off.

David Collins
David Collins

yall niggas need jesus

Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell


Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan

implying this was not my goal all along

Jaxson Allen
Jaxson Allen

God abandoned this place.

Juan Martin
Juan Martin


Justin Hernandez
Justin Hernandez

There is no god

Ayden Torres
Ayden Torres

I should've chosen moar coarz for this process.

Jason Long
Jason Long

what's going on

Angel Ross
Angel Ross

hey das me
except im not a qt

Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark

I think hotdogs are pretty cute

Brayden Bell
Brayden Bell

im a hotdog?

Leo Russell
Leo Russell

poorly educated masses

most people never learning how to be critical

without those fragile faculties of reason, critical thinking and general carefulness in learning having been taught to us earlier in our lives, we fall victim to our unreason, our fears and tribalism time and again

those people who never how to question themselves, or the world around them, still want answers

but they cannot tell a good answer from a bad answer, or a right from a wrong one... and when those higher functions are compromised, as they have been in times of diminished purpose and increase strife,

our most hardwired emotions play a larger role in deciding the answers to those complex questions

imo anyways.

Isaac Bell
Isaac Bell

it's muslims

Ian Perez
Ian Perez

wow very profound words

Elijah Brooks
Elijah Brooks

I am thinking of converting to Islam

Kayden Diaz
Kayden Diaz


Brody Bennett
Brody Bennett


Ethan Diaz
Ethan Diaz

he is british

Matthew Butler
Matthew Butler

Religion of peace

Brandon James
Brandon James

It's the only way to get a British girl.

William Brooks
William Brooks

honestly the problem with the world today is that all the retards learned how to use the internet

if it had been more esoteric none of this would have happened

Oliver Diaz
Oliver Diaz

Also, the local Imam is getting awfully suspicious that I didn't show up to Eid

Jaxon Nelson
Jaxon Nelson

Yeah, you'd have been done for

Gabriel Price
Gabriel Price

Go to bed Ioco

Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen

i'm playing videogames though

Lucas Bailey
Lucas Bailey

I agree with whoever doesn't agree with Loco.

Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia

My argument was watertight

Jayden Mitchell
Jayden Mitchell

So you think i should go to bed

Nicholas Richardson
Nicholas Richardson

Wait, shit... that's what you were talking about?

I take it back stay with me.

Juan Sullivan
Juan Sullivan


Yan says you said i never sent you pictures of my butt. why do you perpetrate this shameful lie?

Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez

you ask yourself

"how did people throughout history constantly make obviously bad choices? what makes us different?"

the answer is knowledge

and we're in an age where each of us is capable of crafting our own education and ideas in isolation, and we're always driven first to what we percieve guarantees our 'survival'

you see it everywhere; people driven by fear and anger, informed by bits of information they don't know the scope or scale of

made worse by sources that don't wish to tell you the scope or scale, often motivated by financial gain

or the currency of having more to your side

some people decide to get smarter. some people double down on those primal emotions and let their gut inform their understanding of reality.

how do you tell someone that has a kernel of truth about something that could threaten their existential existence, that the situation is more complicated and they need to be intellectually careful?

someone let me know.

Jason Carter
Jason Carter

I mean to be fair you could tell me you're a time traveler and provide evidence to support the claim and I still wouldn't remember sooo I don't understand why you are surprised.

Parker Taylor
Parker Taylor

It was a good butt. I'm hurt that you forgot about my ass so quickly.

Henry Thomas
Henry Thomas

The saddest part about my infrequent returns here is that that I usually leave if Loco isn't around.

Hudson Powell
Hudson Powell

not even acknowledged

Fucking cold.

Cooper Fisher
Cooper Fisher

I mean you and I have declared our hatred of each other so many times that I don't know who started the fight that made me delete everything I had of or about you. Probably yours if we're being realistic though.

Hey. Learn any new tricks yet?

Tyler Bailey
Tyler Bailey

Between you and kanra it's like a harem anime

Nathan Gray
Nathan Gray

Get fucked amy

Brandon Murphy
Brandon Murphy

I didn't have an adequate reply and I thought our mutual neutral feelings meant we were beyond [attention] styled exchanges.

Isaac James
Isaac James

The difference being Kanra is an edgy hormonal pseudo-intellectual and I'm that clingy ex you can't seem to shake off.

Robert Reyes
Robert Reyes

An even worse response. But i see how it is now. Au revoir.

Elijah Fisher
Elijah Fisher

Yeah it probably was me. I could send you some new pics but it doesn't really have the taboo that made it hot when I used to send out nudey wudeys. Also I'd have to take some.

Joshua Ward
Joshua Ward


Luke Bell
Luke Bell

Hear that Kanra? get your homones together.

John Evans
John Evans

I always thought the reason it was hot was because I'm only pretending to be bisexual and you had a confused hate-boner for me.

Jonathan Carter
Jonathan Carter

google marxism he said
what a mad man

Ayden Jones
Ayden Jones


Jackson Young
Jackson Young

only pretending

Well I found this i.imgur.com/6T17Vay.jpg but I guess you shouldn't click it then huh

Isaac Ross
Isaac Ross

Should've seen that coming. What's up in the land of pup?

Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez

Your words darling; not mine.

Nathan Hughes
Nathan Hughes

becoming an muslim commie

The dream

Jeremiah Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor

You are fucking with my exhibitionism fetish in a way that doesn't tickle my goddamn subby fetish


Nathaniel Bailey
Nathaniel Bailey

There are so many things wrong with ScooT even pretending to like Muslims for comedic effect that the irony is overwhelming.

Caleb Lopez
Caleb Lopez

Always tired but I play PS4 a lot.

Jackson Johnson
Jackson Johnson

You want to express your submissiveness by forcing yourself on a straight man? Do you not see how this fails in every way?

I've been playing my Vita a whole bunch, personally. Probably why I've been absent even after saying I'd be back...

Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis

I mean, i did like you, so.

William Cruz
William Cruz

he's been a palestinian sleeper agent the whole time

Christian Russell
Christian Russell

You're gay for loco, dear. everyone is.

Brody Cruz
Brody Cruz


Jackson Flores
Jackson Flores

I'm only straight in your queer fantasy, puddin'~

Isaac Perry
Isaac Perry



Are you roleplaying as a straight guy because you think it's hot?

Ian Young
Ian Young


this avatar woulda suit you better than me

Charles Myers
Charles Myers

You fucking retard...

I'm making fun of the fact you have repeatedly stated that I'm a straight guy pretending to be a faggot for attention/affection/whatever reason you think it is that week.

Sebastian Reyes
Sebastian Reyes

no fidgit spinner

Joseph Bailey
Joseph Bailey

Glorious Islamic Republic's soldier of Allah

Juan Harris
Juan Harris

That character looks way too lively to be used by me.

Blake Williams
Blake Williams


You probably are though

But can my erection tell the difference?

Julian Harris
Julian Harris

that was last year

Cameron Campbell
Cameron Campbell

If mine can't I very much doubt yours can.

Kayden Kelly
Kayden Kelly

Cocks are blind, as they say.

Jacob Watson
Jacob Watson

If only amy had actually become a tranny scum, then allah wouldn't be so displeased

Christian Nelson
Christian Nelson

How many levels of irony are you on?

Justin Ramirez
Justin Ramirez

And besides you're the only guy here I've ever made any attempt at attaching myself to. Not much of one I'll admit but if I was in it for the attention wouldn't I exhibit more blatant and indiscriminate faggotry?

Jack Hernandez
Jack Hernandez

Yams Yo

Michael Perry
Michael Perry

Ra-ra-rasputin at this point

Levi Reyes
Levi Reyes

Also don't tell Loco because they'll think it's fucking gay and pathetic but I actually haven't given up on him.

Carson Hill
Carson Hill

But what about

Elma (pre-trans)
All the other ones I forget probably Colbert and Moogs a while right


Josiah Collins
Josiah Collins

when others film themselves in srs business racing gear and shoes and stuff and there's me in my shorts and flip-flops

John Thomas
John Thomas

I mean, sucky how they're willing to give up on some other people though.

Adrian Carter
Adrian Carter

Yan. How's life?

I wouldn't call flirting on-and-off an attempt at getting attached, babe. Besides I said from here so the only person you named who would count doesn't even count.

Leo Peterson
Leo Peterson


James Morris
James Morris

Luka, fluka babooka

Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas

Wait shit I didn't keep my pronouns straight in my totally inconspicuous post about... someone.

Jaxon Ramirez
Jaxon Ramirez

in the superhero world

irl she's an underachieving young adult with few to no friends

Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen

its too warm today ;~;

Sebastian Mitchell
Sebastian Mitchell

Also trannies are disgusting attention whores, allah is patient to accept them as hallal

Ian Perez
Ian Perez

But how hot is it?

Landon Turner
Landon Turner

So are you okay with sharing me with Kanra Sabs and Tokai? We have a good poly thing going atm.

Joseph Cox
Joseph Cox

ScooT I am puzzled. Why do you, and unironic communist, post pro-Stalin rhetoric even ironically? He was like the least communist dude to have ever pretended to hold those ideals.

Brayden Morris
Brayden Morris


Gavin Gonzalez
Gavin Gonzalez



hopefully it's cloudy on canada day tomorrow...

Kayden Cook
Kayden Cook

I am confused. Are they not a superhero?

Seeing as how one sees you as a mini-Yams, one sees you as a mini-me and the other is Dutch I hardly feel like it'd be fair to push them out.

Grayson Foster
Grayson Foster

Nothing mini about me bae

Parker Hernandez
Parker Hernandez

It usually is. Learn to embrace the mediocrity everything around you and then you'll find it a lot easier to take pleasure in the little things.

Samuel Richardson
Samuel Richardson

Isn't Loco x Tokai literally just delusion?

Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith

The mediocrity I can take.

But I am a struggler, and I struggle on in all it's futility.

Nathan Martinez
Nathan Martinez

You are basically a less arrogant and less learned Kanra and/or a less emo and less try-hard version of me.

Also this

Hunter Morgan
Hunter Morgan

Stalin wasn't wrong, infact he was as Communist as anyone. Infact more so.
When presented with medals and titles of "hero" he protested harshly and rejected such platitudes. He tendered his resignation no less than 3 times, all rejected.
Western writers will lie and tell you he was a tyrant. But he wasn't
He was merely enforcing leninist doctrine in the face of adversity.
turned a totally agrarian society into a industrial powerhouse in 10 years
singlehandedly smashed Fascism
empowered women and homesexuals on equal grounds to males and heterosexuals
created 0 unemployment and a life expectancy that wouldnt be touched by the west until tje 1970s

Tsk, uneducated bougie

Cameron Bell
Cameron Bell


Calm your fucking jealousy

Mason Wood
Mason Wood

That is literally boiling
Get a fan!!!!!

Dominic Cox
Dominic Cox

less learned

okay you and I know this is bullshit but please don't do this. He is going to fucking latch onto this and I will never hear the end of it.

Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers

Isnt rin just salty from being dumped

Austin Jackson
Austin Jackson

...It's only like 77 degrees.

Fucking Hell you pussies

Jeremiah Walker
Jeremiah Walker

You can't just take it - you need to embrace it. You need to understand that a base level of "meh" is the best most people can get.

Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright

But you are a failure
A college dropout who begs and draws furry porn for dimes

Joseph Sanders
Joseph Sanders

It's 26 C here and I'm not even bothered

Jayden Kelly
Jayden Kelly

in the bedroom none of us even get a chance

Loco is too busy being full with himself

Noah Barnes
Noah Barnes

my new fan is only blowing the already warm air on me

i just want fall/winter back ;~;

Aiden Diaz
Aiden Diaz


Josiah Mitchell
Josiah Mitchell

I'm not at a 'meh', Amy.

I am at a "Oh God what am I going to do"

Jaxon Morales
Jaxon Morales

they accidentally into the super hero world, where they instantly start acting like a sociopath, blowing things up and killing people

Josiah Robinson
Josiah Robinson




James Cox
James Cox

Where is your degree? I mean, atleast you tried, failure

Adam Bennett
Adam Bennett

I know for a fact Kanra doesn't hold my opinion in any kind of regard and I'm certain he knows you don't either. It'll be fine.

Eli Ward
Eli Ward

I never enrolled in college

Carson Miller
Carson Miller

Because you aren't smart enough

Jace Moore
Jace Moore

He'll respect your opinion if your opinion means he can make himself feel better about himself and convince himself hisself is smarter than myself. Please.

Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross

less arrogant than me
i'm confident because i'm verifiably smart

Jayden Thomas
Jayden Thomas

Same dish; different flavour.

I won't deny that I would probably react similarly given literally any power.

Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez

well, there he goes

Lincoln Flores
Lincoln Flores

hungry but no food at the house

r i p

Ian Collins
Ian Collins

m o t h p u s s y

This is why we are the best of friends

Gavin Roberts
Gavin Roberts


Zachary Fisher
Zachary Fisher

Funny, gow loco attempts parity with kanra, but really they arent even close. Its sad. Cringeworthy infact. But seeing the effort of loco to try and swindle their way through is just too good.
I always loved watching a train crash

Blake Richardson
Blake Richardson

I very much doubt that. And you appear to be confusing "learned" for "intelligent".

Sebastian Reyes
Sebastian Reyes


Ryan Gutierrez
Ryan Gutierrez



Jason Walker
Jason Walker

train crash
trash can

Blake Perry
Blake Perry

Being an internet smartypants, wow Hahahajajahahahahahahahahahjajajajajajajajajjaja

Christian Nelson
Christian Nelson

If there were less lewd cells and more with a bit of emotional range she'd easily be my favourite folder to post from.

Xavier Flores
Xavier Flores

pls. I've known and studied Amy for years.

you're not a stranger, and strangers I don't hold in much regard because they're easily tricked and mislead, but for anyone to have a moderately positive opinion about me after having been exposed to me for some extended period of time, is both a relief and better than some nobody's appraisal.

at least I did something right somewhere.

unless I'm being used as a tool to hit Loco with.

which I'm also okay with.

Jaxon Morris
Jaxon Morris

We need a third issue.

And an anime.

Jordan Butler
Jordan Butler

A couple nights ago he was talking about how he doesn't have to read books because Wikipedia synthesizes them better. He said something like "Loco, I remember you reading Dostoyevsky, and I tried to read him, but I got bored and stopped, so I'm better than you." I'm not joking.

Are these things that learned men say? I don't think so.

Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen

But loco IS a tool.
Kanra, you really didn't take stock the other night.

Grayson Hernandez
Grayson Hernandez

you should check it out. it's pretty fun. just torrent it.

Parker Hernandez
Parker Hernandez


Austin Rodriguez
Austin Rodriguez

Human. After all. How utterly disgusting.

Justin Parker
Justin Parker

I very much doubt you can recall enough of our encounters to even jokingly say you've "studied" me. I'm not interesting enough and nobody I've been involved with has been crazy enough to form more than a basic opinion and maybe save a few amusing/damning screencaps.

The only exception to this rule abandoned our little community before even I did.

Austin Brown
Austin Brown

That was a chance for you to explain why the heck is means anything to you!

I was making the argument that any literary insight about human nature is far inferior to any scientific method that looks at human nature, and the best methods came out after all the 'great' philosophers had gone away!

Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan

He's sensitive and has the body of a 15-year-old.

Zachary Russell
Zachary Russell

I mean he raises a valid point: reading is really boring. Like super boring.

Oliver Bell
Oliver Bell

He has a sensitive body and is a 15-year-old.

Jaxson Brooks
Jaxson Brooks

I cant wait for any to quit for another 2 months before rinsing and repeating this escapade.
Reruns are so tiresome

Jordan Morris
Jordan Morris


Noah Ward
Noah Ward

Amy to quit*

Wyatt Campbell
Wyatt Campbell


Blake Cook
Blake Cook

More than a few. No doubt you've changed. But you're right, I haven't looked at or reconciled any of my notes on anyone here in ages. Odds are you're a little wiser, and little more sober.

And my notes from then were written during a time when I myself was an idiot. No mas.

Aiden Evans
Aiden Evans

Stop this or I'll be forced to express more disinterest

James Lewis
James Lewis

I don't think I ever made a big stink about "this is my last post ever u guize". I also don't think I come around frequently enough to say I'm an active participant any more.

Luis Davis
Luis Davis

Sometimes I get turned on by my shirt chaffing my nipples. They're sensitive in boys going through puberty I hear.

Jackson Rodriguez
Jackson Rodriguez

We both know how it goes.

Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers

brb staring into the sun until this image is erased from my mind

Liam Hall
Liam Hall

I was had a post all planned out to send to you but all I can remember about it was that it was super fucking gay and probably just to make you feel awkward by cementing the LocoxYams ship everybody almost certainly has ready to set sail. So, like, if you could reply in a vaguely disinterested manner that should bring us nicely to wherever I wanted to steer this conversation.

Hunter Anderson
Hunter Anderson

get to parents
first thing cops are swarming the street

feels good to be home

Evan Roberts
Evan Roberts

I'm going to make an ass out of you, and potentially myself, by assuming you never stopped to consider just how wrong the 'wisdom' of 'great writers' pales in comparison to a single, solitary scientific explanation about some natural phenomena.

Especially now that we know thought, memory and emotions all play by the same rules that determines the wind, gravity, and thermodynamics.

How long did humanity revere Aristotle, a man whose writings about the world we know to be embarassingly wrong on any number of things?

Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller

After Isis Ian aka grim

Angel Collins
Angel Collins

I don't want love.

Logan Anderson
Logan Anderson

my mom doesnt like it when I have a beard because I look distinctly arabic and she doesnt want me to be profiled by cops

tru story

Xavier Rivera
Xavier Rivera

Poor loco
Whats the matter
Cant think and write so good?

Aiden Brown
Aiden Brown

I don't think you can call ignoring the more questionable impulses "wisdom". I mean it seems more like survival instinct.

Jace Reed
Jace Reed

Well, she isn't wrong in trumps America

Carson Moore
Carson Moore

when kanra surpasses loco and becomes Amy's "intelligentsia cock"

Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas

Well we both know that isn't true - from what I've heard you've been getting plenty from a mutual friend of ours.

Ian Lopez
Ian Lopez

come back for a day, maybe two
say "I'll be more active from now on"
totes mean it by the way
don't turn up for months
come back for a day

Christopher Brooks
Christopher Brooks

'Survival instinct' is too vague.

You should practice seeing a version of yourself a few steps ahead. Fear is a good deterrent, but balance and caution yield better results, and better experiences for the long term. You internally decide what bad or scary or anxious feels like, not the actions in the external world.

Jacob Flores
Jacob Flores

If anybody's fucking Ioco/Yams/Kanra, it's me

Charles Watson
Charles Watson

it would be half true in 02 or 03

but not modern day

Asher James
Asher James

again, I'm assuming people who are neurotic end up trying to protect themselves, and sometimes they can overdo it. I'm not talking out my ass, but it's a little more flimsy than other stuff I say.

Mason Rogers
Mason Rogers

I disagree. My adoration for Loco has little to do with how smart I believe him to be.

Anthony Brooks
Anthony Brooks

Exactly. The natural order.

Luke Cooper
Luke Cooper

Oh, no. If there was no immediate risk to my health and freedom I would "relapse" without a moment's hesitation.

Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen

I like loco when he isnt snobby
which only happens moderately

Jace Barnes
Jace Barnes

You mean it shouldn't be true, brother

Sure, sure... i mean it must bebthe personal-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAJAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Chase Rogers
Chase Rogers

It happens?

Eli Cooper
Eli Cooper

Let's be real here: the only way I'm ever going to get fucked is figuratively.

Brandon Bailey
Brandon Bailey


Camden Moore
Camden Moore

I worded that horribly
he is snobby
only sometimes


Ethan Reyes
Ethan Reyes

He can be quite sweet and affectionate under the right conditions.

Oliver Baker
Oliver Baker

As long as you have a good, fact based sense of what causes a 'relapse'. To me, it's the daily effort to keep from sliding, cuz the slide is long and slow, and I always end up at the bottom before realizing I let myself get there.

It's a good fear.

James Hughes
James Hughes



Samuel Rodriguez
Samuel Rodriguez

could also be a reply to now that I think about it.

Parker Howard
Parker Howard

I, for one, love our current overloards~

Angel Jenkins
Angel Jenkins

You have a very charming smile.
Grow your hair out.

Benjamin Diaz
Benjamin Diaz

It only happens sometimes?

Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee


Ian Harris
Ian Harris


Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones

Mechanistic explanations of reality make up a very small section of philosophy. Say 10%, which is being generous.

Of that 10%, 99.9% of the theories expressed have value. They're important especially in relation to more modern philosophical theories, because they are links in the chain. They're important historically outside of philosophy, and they're important as mental exercises or insights into the psychology of the time, or the individual. Or, they can have aesthetic value.

Any "great" texts, whether they're religious, philosophical, literary or scientific, have value that's atemporal, for the above reasons. "Muh neurons" doesn't make the sermon on the mount less meaningful, and it doesn't make the theory of Forms less insightful. "Muh modern politics" doesn't make the Kingdom of God less meaningful, and it doesn't make Plato's Republic less insightful. I think you're just looking for excuses to watch TED talks rather than reading, because reading is hard, and TED talks are easy.

Lucas Hill
Lucas Hill

Look alike this bullshit

Brayden Stewart
Brayden Stewart


Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price

good girl

Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark


at parent for july4 weekend
gonna have a bbq hopefully

Owen Adams
Owen Adams

We're just friends or so she tells me.

Isaac Price
Isaac Price

It was stressful trying to keep my "experiments" separate from my real life and when I didn't my immediate freedom would be restricted with threats of prolonged restriction looming. In the end it wasn't worth risking perpetual boredom just to keep up undeniably unhealthy habits.

Levi Jones
Levi Jones

You the captain?

Hunter Murphy
Hunter Murphy

hell yeah boi

David Gomez
David Gomez

gay trannies from outer space

Luke Evans
Luke Evans

draw a cute pic pls ♥

Evan Gonzalez
Evan Gonzalez

Good times
Hope you and the fam have a great one
Buy a few thousand gunpowder rockets too

Carson Bell
Carson Bell

I'm going to assume that your comments on this have been mostly honest and express genuine... err... well I don't know the word but I am actually a little sorry to hear that. I mean even I managed to get her to go full sperglord.

Nolan Morales
Nolan Morales

thanks bubba
ill see what I can do

Luis Anderson
Luis Anderson

I'm gonna go for a reeaal quick shower. I can't promise that I'll get back to any replies I have waiting when I return but I'll make some sort of an effort.

Also sweet dreams to anyone who leaves before I'm back and if Loco goes to bed tell him he's a faggot.

Cool be right back then. ♥

Levi Cooper
Levi Cooper

See you next month

Christopher James
Christopher James

We had a thing for a long while, but I ended it because I couldn't handle the distance. That was a few months ago, and she apparently prefers it this way. I think I do to.

I know you're going for a shower but I need to clarify for any stalkers that I cucked myself on this one.

Camden Gomez
Camden Gomez

Joining amy in the shower brb

Carson Reed
Carson Reed

Please let it be a gas chamber
2 for 1

Jaxson King
Jaxson King

I don't love Ioco I just like him he's just okayco.

Jason Collins
Jason Collins


Jack Williams
Jack Williams

Isn't Ioco's middle name... like... feminine-esque?

Josiah Wright
Josiah Wright

Its Gael
ive seen their paypal

Chase Robinson
Chase Robinson

Oh that's not as bad as I thought it was.
I thought it was Maria or Shirley or Cora or something.

Joseph Evans
Joseph Evans

I'm gonna do the thing where I green text your individual points, so let me know if I'm doing that unfairly.

Mechanistic explanations of reality make up a very small section of philosophy.
And I don't fault anyone born into the time before many of the great scientific instruments or methods were created, but consider Descartes or Aristotle, or any philosopher that tried to develop an intuition and understanding about how the God(s) shaped the world. They all wrote attempts explaining the mechanics of reality, during a time where God and Nature were widely considered to be baseline 'causes' that could be understood through observation, analysis, experimentation, and noticing patterns.

The lofty explanations for why God must exist were seen as a backbone for other explanations confidently to draw upon, because how else could everything feel so real, and experiences be so vivid? They never considered the chemistry and tissue that goes on in their heads.

They're important especially in relation to more modern philosophical theories, because they are links in the chain.
If being part of a canon is an achievement, then any number of stupid ideas can make the same claim of importance. But I agree wholeheartedly when you say they have value in looking into the zeitgeists and understandings of populations at the time. They have historical value. But if you try to trace back why ideas became widespread, it's a little less to do with how great the ideas were, and more with how people and the intellectual elite felt about them at the time.

"Muh neurons" doesn't make the sermon on the mount less meaningful
It does. Words given by the son of God become far less valuable when there's no evidence of eternal life or fear of eternal damnation when you ignore them.
doesn't make the theory of Forms less insightful
It absolutely does. That's Plato, right? Trying to deduce the meaning and origins of abstract concepts, as if there was some more concrete version of the abstract concept far above our heads, that we draw upon? That's well constructed nonsense, that there's no inherent value in believing it, certainly none towards explaining how reality actually works.
it doesn't make Plato's Republic less insightful.
Given what we know today, we would absolutely rewrite large chunks of Socrates' ideas on how to create a society, and many of his explanations for how to adorn society hinged on things we know don't quite line up with studies into human nature.

I don't watch TED talks. I avoid them. They're shallow for the most part. I've read Carl Sagan and Steven Pinker. The wisdom and science backed ideas from those men alone, I'd take over many writings.
For the most part though, I think philosophers got their shit together around the 1800s. Confronted with a world determined by science, they looked to answer questions about existence itself, and those ideas can stand safely apart from explanations about natural phenomena, like thought and emotion.

Daniel Myers
Daniel Myers


Jaxson Long
Jaxson Long

my middle name is Mildred

Mason Fisher
Mason Fisher

i was too busying writing a text wall to say this was accidentally arousing

Chase Wood
Chase Wood

i noticed

Xavier Moore
Xavier Moore

is that real

Cooper Long
Cooper Long

It's okay Ioco.
My middle name is Nicholas.

Benjamin Long
Benjamin Long

How tremendously mundane. I must admit to a slight elevation in mood hearing this, though.

Robert Reed
Robert Reed

Fuck experiments. You should have gone through enough pain by now, and if you've been watching yourself carefully, know how to avoid that pain. I tried experimenting with my own habit and life and whatever last year, in a desperarate struggle to create some goddam cohesion between myself, my thoughts, and my actions.

Now I have it and I have no idea where the fuck it came from. Seems to be the 'daily, not-overly-taxing efforts towards my mental and physical health, and others'.

Jordan Jackson
Jordan Jackson

You are all terrifically subpar

Jaxson Garcia
Jaxson Garcia


Landon Walker
Landon Walker

Words given by the son of God become far less valuable when there's no evidence of eternal life or fear of eternal damnation when you ignore them.

Okay, it's less valuable. It's still infinitely valuable.

Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez

A combination of stubbornness, genuine mental disorder, and a lack of any real identity make learning from mistakes nearly impossible.

Chase Howard
Chase Howard

Pogo used to be my drug when I used to take drugs. Now it makes me a little nauseus gomen.
The way I think, value has to be relative to something. But I'm assuming you mean valuable in interpersonal interactions?

Can you not think of a dozen improvments you'd make to any number of the the wisdomisms imparted by Jesus?

Jackson Carter
Jackson Carter


Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson

Fucking Hell even when I'm not depressed I am really super emo. Wow. I can't imagine how I sound to anyone who isn't an edgy cunt.

Ian Sanders
Ian Sanders

Makes me glad I've never done hard drugs.
Hell, I hardly even drink now.

Lincoln Foster
Lincoln Foster

You don't need identity. And mental orders can be managed. Learning from mistakes means understanding those mistakes objectively. I doubt I'd know myself today if I didn't keep a dry, autistically detailed journal to wake up to years later.

Austin Moore
Austin Moore

No, Kanra. I don't think I'm better than Jesus.

Blake Parker
Blake Parker

The first thing I saw when I turned on my computer was semen.

Nathaniel Morgan
Nathaniel Morgan

psylocibin isn't a hard drug
but it did make an already confusing time harder to grasp onto with both hands

Jeremiah Turner
Jeremiah Turner

Now you know how i gelt listening to you droll on about your loco problems

Elijah Collins
Elijah Collins


Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper

How have you been doing in regards to being happy lately?

Jose Morris
Jose Morris

That would require that I know what the mistake was and that the mistake was mine to begin with. I'd also need to be able to remember the mistake, remember why it was a mistake, and remember to apply lessons learned when my mind has already moved on to making a new mistake. I don't think you understand just how much trouble I have with even something as simple as counting.

Evan Phillips
Evan Phillips

Do you have to be 'better' than someone to conceive of improvments to their ideas?

There must be more to what you're saying. You're clearly above appeals to authority.

Did it surprise you a little that I could confidently comment the Plato's Theory of Forms?

Blake Jenkins
Blake Jenkins

Or how Loco felt when I moaned about my Prof/Sabs/Elma/literally everybody problems.

Holy shit I am a selfish person.

Cooper Campbell
Cooper Campbell

squash never asks how you are feeling

Charles Walker
Charles Walker

I know this feel all to well.

Dylan Walker
Dylan Walker

Probably because I don't care.

Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson

Pretty much.

James Anderson
James Anderson

Cold. Must i sever another internet friendship tonight?

Sebastian Lee
Sebastian Lee

I got the feeling you don't understand it.

Trying to deduce the meaning and origins of abstract concepts, as if there was some more concrete version of the abstract concept far above our heads, that we draw upon?

That's nonsense.

Hunter Morris
Hunter Morris


Angel Butler
Angel Butler

honestly, spending too much time here has made days vanish the way they used to, and that bums me out.
but they seem a little less shitposty than I remember. they're slightly better that I recall. but that's only because of you guys.
irl, I'm doing very nicely. balanced. fit. mentally stable. learning and pushing myself. Wish I'd done this when I was in school.

James Martinez
James Martinez

hey scoots how you feeling?

jk I don't care nerd LOL

Jayden Cook
Jayden Cook

I-i have problem too ...

Nicholas Thomas
Nicholas Thomas

It's mostly just dead.
And I'm glad you're doing well.

Tyler Adams
Tyler Adams

*sigh* there goes another one.

Liam Parker
Liam Parker


Tyler Gomez
Tyler Gomez


Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor

Well I guess I can stop talking about masturbation on Steam now.

Nicholas Price
Nicholas Price

Okay then maybe I got the theory of forms wrong.

Something to do with some objective idea of BEAUTY that eminates from the idea of a FLOWER, and we use our tether to BEAUTY and observation of the FLOWER to get the impression of BEAUTY.

I even drew a picture to try to make sense of it back when. Not even for a philosophy class, just when I was 19 and was so taken in with the Ring of Gyges story from The Republic. Can you explain it to me, briefly?

Carson Wood
Carson Wood


Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark

hi squashie

Jose Wood
Jose Wood


Sebastian Peterson
Sebastian Peterson

Who needs friends anyway

Blake Walker
Blake Walker


Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor

s-see if I care

Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez

tfw Loco is too busy something something I forgot what I was trying to post

Jaxson Walker
Jaxson Walker


Lincoln Nguyen
Lincoln Nguyen

Daddy, its over.

Xavier Perez
Xavier Perez

Literally the worst girl in that game.

Nathaniel Johnson
Nathaniel Johnson


ur over, kiddo.

Nicholas Mitchell
Nicholas Mitchell

Not by a long shot

Carter Thompson
Carter Thompson

Yeah okay that CEO guy's daughter was also complete shit but Futaba is also an shit.

Jason Ortiz
Jason Ortiz

how are your legs doin today

you fell asleep very quickly last night, it was quite surprising

Chase Smith
Chase Smith

Do you have PUBG?

Oliver Anderson
Oliver Anderson

pfff, gay

Ayden Jenkins
Ayden Jenkins

that post does seem to imply quite a bit

Samuel Kelly
Samuel Kelly

your opinions are so bad I'm about to call the cops


I do not.

Ryan Sanders
Ryan Sanders

I have been sleeping a lot today. I'm very tired.

He is my husbando.

Xavier Harris
Xavier Harris


good good
stay hydrated and rest well

Austin Lewis
Austin Lewis

tfw yfw mfw ur done

Justin Lopez
Justin Lopez

Well who is the most shit in your opinion?

How long have you guys been doing the horizontal mambo?

Liam Rivera
Liam Rivera

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Cameron Rodriguez
Cameron Rodriguez

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Carson Bailey
Carson Bailey

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Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson

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Camden Martinez
Camden Martinez

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Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams

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Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson

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John Bell
John Bell

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Nolan Turner
Nolan Turner

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Angel Miller
Angel Miller

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Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams

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Blake Thomas
Blake Thomas

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Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz

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Brody Perry
Brody Perry

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Joshua Turner
Joshua Turner

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Samuel Phillips
Samuel Phillips

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William Myers
William Myers

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Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson

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Connor Taylor
Connor Taylor

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Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson

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Henry Hill
Henry Hill

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Brandon Brooks
Brandon Brooks

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Nolan Fisher
Nolan Fisher

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Julian Mitchell
Julian Mitchell

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Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker

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Blake Nelson
Blake Nelson

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Ethan Rogers
Ethan Rogers

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Blake Martin
Blake Martin

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Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell

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Logan Gray
Logan Gray

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Gabriel Wood
Gabriel Wood

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Christopher Nelson
Christopher Nelson

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Oliver Wilson
Oliver Wilson

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Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones

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Michael Hill
Michael Hill

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Colton Russell
Colton Russell

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Luis Campbell
Luis Campbell

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Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson

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Chase Brooks
Chase Brooks

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Josiah Cooper
Josiah Cooper

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Mason Moore
Mason Moore

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Joshua Reyes

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Jayden Stewart
Jayden Stewart

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Henry Wright
Henry Wright

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Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith

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Chase Long
Chase Long

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Jace King
Jace King

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Kevin Robinson
Kevin Robinson

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Logan Hill
Logan Hill

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Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller

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Logan Miller
Logan Miller

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Angel Butler
Angel Butler

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Asher Perez
Asher Perez

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Isaac Cooper
Isaac Cooper

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Aaron Peterson
Aaron Peterson

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Camden Watson
Camden Watson

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Nathaniel Robinson
Nathaniel Robinson

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Hudson Richardson
Hudson Richardson

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Ryder Richardson

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Jack Gomez
Jack Gomez

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Juan Turner
Juan Turner

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Luke Cook
Luke Cook

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Juan James
Juan James

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Oliver Evans
Oliver Evans

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Leo Foster
Leo Foster

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Landon Long
Landon Long

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Logan Young

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Jayden Bennett
Jayden Bennett

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Gabriel Gutierrez

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Kayden Walker
Kayden Walker

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Jayden Torres

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Colton Long
Colton Long

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Ryder Smith

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Asher Gomez

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Oliver Gomez

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Ayden Morgan

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Alexander Edwards

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Evan Jenkins

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Robert Thomas

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Brandon Martin

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Jose Flores

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Jaxon Campbell

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Justin Perez

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Nathaniel Allen

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Jordan Stewart

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Ryan Bell

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Samuel Sanchez

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Asher Bennett

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Evan Hughes

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Jeremiah Diaz

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Asher Hernandez

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Carter Thompson

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Anthony Ramirez

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Adam Reed

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Nathan Williams

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Isaiah Gutierrez
Isaiah Gutierrez

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Juan Reed
Juan Reed

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Gabriel Sanchez

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Jayden Peterson

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Leo Lopez

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Aiden Gray

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Gabriel Fisher

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Kayden Diaz

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Jonathan Hall

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Parker Jackson

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Adam Gutierrez
Adam Gutierrez

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Dylan Bennett

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Brandon Roberts

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Oliver Wood

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Sebastian Diaz

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Lincoln Taylor

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Bentley Martinez

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Samuel Richardson

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Dominic Gray

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Hudson Martin

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Ethan Thomas

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Gavin Bell

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John Garcia

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Parker Morris
Parker Morris

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Carson Wood
Carson Wood

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Blake Baker

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Ethan Sanders

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Xavier Cruz

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Sebastian Harris

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Carson Ortiz

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Nicholas Rodriguez
Nicholas Rodriguez

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Lincoln Morris
Lincoln Morris

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Parker Fisher
Parker Fisher

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Evan Moore

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Josiah Lee

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James Perry

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Lincoln Peterson

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Bentley Moore
Bentley Moore

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Julian Butler

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Kevin White

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Camden Long

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Juan Collins

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Gavin Clark

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Landon Green

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Dominic Hughes

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Zachary Adams

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Brody Johnson

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Jaxon Phillips

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Jeremiah Nelson
Jeremiah Nelson

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Logan Ortiz
Logan Ortiz

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Easton Bailey
Easton Bailey

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Parker Ramirez

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Ryder Scott
Ryder Scott

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Blake Rivera
Blake Rivera

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Ayden Bailey
Ayden Bailey

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Christopher Cooper

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Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner

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Cooper Rogers
Cooper Rogers

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Tyler Nelson
Tyler Nelson

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Dylan Richardson
Dylan Richardson

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Landon Moore

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Ian Turner
Ian Turner

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Charles Williams
Charles Williams

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Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith

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Cooper Parker
Cooper Parker

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Bentley Kelly
Bentley Kelly

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Jordan Parker

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Jaxson Ross

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Isaac Torres

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Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook

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Jace Bailey
Jace Bailey

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Nathaniel Perez
Nathaniel Perez

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Isaiah Allen
Isaiah Allen

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Mason Robinson
Mason Robinson

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Joshua Wilson
Joshua Wilson

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Isaiah Sullivan
Isaiah Sullivan

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Jaxon Diaz
Jaxon Diaz

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Joseph Howard

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Aaron Perez

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Samuel Fisher
Samuel Fisher

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Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith

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Carter Richardson

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Jack Roberts

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Thomas Morales

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Xavier Ward
Xavier Ward

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Mason Wood

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Jaxson Flores

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Ryder Rivera

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Dylan Wright
Dylan Wright

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Jonathan Peterson

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Chase Young
Chase Young

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Joseph Moore
Joseph Moore

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Evan Kelly
Evan Kelly

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Nicholas Russell
Nicholas Russell

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Lucas Gutierrez
Lucas Gutierrez

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Nathaniel Green
Nathaniel Green

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Blake Phillips

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Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins

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Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller

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Henry Torres

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Easton Nguyen
Easton Nguyen

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Parker Rodriguez

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Elijah Butler

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Luke Howard

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Brayden Fisher

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Bentley Morgan

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Adrian Kelly

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Jaxson Cook

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Carter Gutierrez

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Jaxon Robinson

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Justin Butler

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Liam Barnes

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Joseph Scott

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Michael Foster

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Bentley Turner

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Luke Wright

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Thomas Morgan

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Oliver Miller

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Grayson Ward

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Ryder Harris

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Noah James

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Aiden Wilson

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Camden Wood

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Christopher Taylor

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Ian Lopez

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Samuel Lewis

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Zachary Reed

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Brody Harris
Brody Harris

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Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera

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Jose Myers
Jose Myers

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Eli Rivera
Eli Rivera

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Landon Stewart
Landon Stewart

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Eli Johnson
Eli Johnson

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Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes

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Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz

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Ayden Watson
Ayden Watson

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Dylan Howard
Dylan Howard

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Jason Brown
Jason Brown

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Anthony Bell
Anthony Bell

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Landon Edwards
Landon Edwards

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Kevin Ortiz
Kevin Ortiz

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Alexander Wood
Alexander Wood

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Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly

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Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson

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Samuel Fisher
Samuel Fisher

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Dominic Nguyen
Dominic Nguyen

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Luis Anderson
Luis Anderson

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Dominic Wilson
Dominic Wilson

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Mason Hill
Mason Hill

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Dominic Martin
Dominic Martin

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Gavin Cooper
Gavin Cooper

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Cooper Garcia
Cooper Garcia

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Brody Clark
Brody Clark

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Ayden Bailey
Ayden Bailey

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Nicholas Butler
Nicholas Butler

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Luis Thompson
Luis Thompson

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Xavier Young

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Zachary Barnes
Zachary Barnes

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Benjamin Bell

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Andrew Perez

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Jason Collins

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Jackson Nguyen

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Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia

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Kayden Ortiz

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Camden Davis

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Nolan Cook

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Charles Adams

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Jackson Rodriguez

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Jordan Reyes

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Thomas Reed

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Blake Edwards
Blake Edwards

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Cooper Stewart
Cooper Stewart

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Owen Walker
Owen Walker

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Easton Cooper
Easton Cooper

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Henry Foster
Henry Foster

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Jaxon Hill
Jaxon Hill

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Blake Gonzalez
Blake Gonzalez

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Andrew Anderson

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Alexander Diaz

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Levi Hernandez

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Caleb Perry

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Dominic Butler

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Adrian Torres

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Blake Garcia

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Kevin Howard

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Adam Cox

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Dominic Jenkins

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Michael Diaz

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Cameron Harris

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Oliver Stewart

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Daniel Cooper

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Owen Mitchell

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Austin Thompson

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William Lewis

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Samuel Robinson

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Jacob Martinez

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David Brown

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Hudson Gray

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Kevin Moore

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Caleb Sanchez
Caleb Sanchez

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Dylan Williams

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Caleb White
Caleb White

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Noah Ward
Noah Ward

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John Taylor
John Taylor

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Benjamin Miller

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Logan Mitchell

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Carter Howard
Carter Howard

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Robert Young

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Jordan Morris
Jordan Morris

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John Jenkins

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Hudson Barnes
Hudson Barnes

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Nathan Thompson

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Josiah Watson

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Easton Hernandez

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Henry Nelson

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Aiden Mitchell
Aiden Mitchell

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Justin Diaz

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Christopher Hernandez

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Tyler Walker

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William Scott

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Lucas Wright

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Henry Cox

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Luis Davis

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Tyler Torres

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Evan Thomas

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Isaac Young

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Joshua Williams

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Angel Flores

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Cameron Gray

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Jose Baker

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Zachary King

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Gavin Bell

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David Wright

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Ryan Sanchez

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Adrian Davis

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Alexander Turner

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Luke Rogers

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Lincoln Wood

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Cameron Stewart

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Mason Lopez

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Jack Price

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Zachary Hall

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Matthew Jackson

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Jacob Parker

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Brayden Hill

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Hudson Parker

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Nathan Brown

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Isaac Murphy

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Dominic Clark

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Lucas Brown

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Cameron Howard

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Nathaniel Evans

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Gabriel Adams

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Angel Barnes
Angel Barnes