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I kneel to my two queens

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>>174423404But they survive the Long Night just fine so they were irrelevant.

>greencel tourist doesn't know bump kimit is at 310More proof greenoids are just redditors

>>174423417Blackcel fake news/slanders>>174423431Yet you are helping to bump a greenchad general edition

>>174423444>Retarded greenfaggot doesn't know about sagingYou're embarrassing yourself sweetie

>Viserys might have only reigned a year, but he ruled for fifteen, while Daeron warred and Baelor prayed.

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Have you finally come to ruthlessly ravish me, husband? Perhaps you plan to seize me, throw me to the floor, tear the clothes and the armor from me and slam your enormous dragon inside me with unrelenting force over and over?

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>>174423427But the Targs are done. if their line survived, Aemond III "The Winterbane" would had lead the united forces of Westeros to BTFO the ice zombies

>>174423312Won't blame you, she's hot.

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>>174423453poor chap, his wife's house ruined, evil son and useless nephews.


>>174423453Based. Only thing he did wrong was not get rid of Aegon IV and let Aemon/Naerys get together.

>>174423452Your saging will not stop my thread, fake oldfag. Dosent matter if you pit it in all the fields.

>>174423464>when I heard the bad news that she will be replaced by another actressHope she gets atleast one ep more.

>>174423461Targs had the chance to do this, there were a bunch of them running around and they destroyed themselves as Targs do. Ice zombies still got btfo so it didn't matter.


so at what season/event in GoT do the books end?

>>174423460Sweet talking me? That's new

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>>174423464She's hot beause she have a mostly white facial structure.

>>174423522S4 mostly but some plot points are stretched till S6.S7 onwards is all fanfiction and it shows.

>>174423550Literally nothing there is a "white facial structure" and this has become the most obvious cope

>>174423460I think this needs the 'Viserys they're fuckiiiiiiiiiiiing' version.

>>174423550You know you can just say "she's hot". You don't have to try to keep up your "cred" for the anonymous racists.

>>174423460In another universe her description of a brutal remorseless fucking melted Daemon's cold heart and he consummated the marriage right there on the grass and stones, breaking only one of her bones and not an essential one.

Ate a banan today. Suddenly thought about monke. Thought about monke’s smiling face. Got really sad. I miss her, lads.

How many lines did Matt Smith have in the last episode? Surely not more than 20 overall. Was it a budget episode and they couldn't pay him to do more lines in this one? The guy didn't say a single word as he killed his wife.


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>>174423618she isnt even gone yet. or will episode 6 start right after the time skip? unlikely imo, we'll get another scene or two, right?

>>174423636muh queen

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>>174423464Daily reminder this qt3.14 will also be taken by the time skip

>>174423652Still of stage 1?

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It's out

>>174423482No but I can call you the retarded newfaggot you are. I guess r/freefolk is more up your speed

>that Lannister joke about women not getting ready in time my entire family watching it broke out laughing, why were the Targs so could about it? it's so tiresome how they push muh powerful (read disrespectful & cold) woman nonstop.

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>>174423699I can assume you i have been there for more time than you did, arrogant electoral tourist.

Daemon=4chan Aemond=redditEz

>>174423724>electionfags is his only previous instance of mass newfaggot exodusKeep telling on yourself

>>174423715Dunno in leftist puritan burgerland, but in my country this stereotype is universally accepted as a truth, by femoids included.

>>174423715Maybe your family are just a bunch of sexist chuds.

>>174423715It was a pretty good joke

my oc donut steel character>Maegor 'Shadowdrake' Blackfyre>born to Shaera Seastar in Asshai through a forbidden ritual, father is a demon conjured up in Bittersteel's image>was experimented on as a child and given supernatural strength and reflexes, but needs to regularly drink certain potions otherwise the toxicity in his organism will kill him>the experiments were meant to prepare him for travels into Old Valyria>identifies as more demon than man

Is this the most blessed or most cursed timeline?

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>>174423731Darkstar = twitter

>>174423731>Daemons is loved by Reddit>Aemond is considered an edgy incel by Reddit???

>>174423699>>174423724You both suck. Stfu

>>174423749yeah but there was a difference between Tyrion delivering jokes with lukewarm responses and this, it was clearly "ugh this heckin mannerino really just did a heckin woman-hate?!"

What do you guys think of Aegon?

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>>174423739I dont care if you came with the election, gamergate, stormfront being shut down or whatever. You are still an arrogant newfag pretending to be a cool oldfag

This thread was made after 300 anyways lul, the bump limit was reached.


>>174423786His only mistake was not giving more love to the femdom sister.

No wonder we have Dance of the Dragons. We can't even agree upon the new thread rules.

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When is pic related getting a tv adaptation?

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>>174423630the cutest pyromaniac in all the lands


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Thing I noticed on a rewatch: when Alicent comes in everyone stands up including Viserys and Rhaenyra... but not Daemon who just sits there smugly giving zero fucks.

>>174423753For me? It's Daemond "Duskstar" Nightdragon>Bastard son of Aemond, born in the night the Duel above the God's eye happened>Dragonblood, dragon rider, dragon dreamer, green seer AND warg abilities>All white hairs aside a single piece of black ones>Married with lady Agony Banefort, but also have an Asshai shadowbinder as lover>Dual wielding the valyrian swords named "Anguish" and "Sorrow">Eventually will tame an undead dragon know as Necrofyre>Darkstar read about his adventures on a forgotten tome and decides to LARP as him

>>174423404Why did he killed her bros, such a shame she was a qt

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>>174423473>suspected of poisoningHe was probably planning to get rid of him but his shitfaced son acted first

>>174423857Based Daemon

>>174423794You're still a newfaggot. Bump limit is at 310. At least you backlinked.

Post rare monke right Now!!!!!

Some people think it's cool but I don't like how they gave Velaryons dreadlocks, somehow I dislike it more than being blacks. They look like a mop with silver hair.

could Rhaella handle being married to Bonifer Hasty? it'd be a huge step down in quality of living but she would also have a much less abusive husband

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>>174423857With her legs spread he went from 2nd in line to the throne to the 5th.

Okay who is peake and what does he do?


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>>174423877Cutest character for a day.

>>174423678ive been in stage 4 ever since the brothel scene in season 4

So is there any possible chance that N+A=J is true ? I heard preston talking about it, not a book reader so I dont really know. Other people who read them told me that jon being a targaryen is kind of very obvious in the books.

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>>174423877Kind of a plot hole to be honest. Daemon loves nothing more than cute tomboys, he would never pass a chance to hit on this one.

>>174423404How did they find two good, well known actors who also just happen to have electric sibling-like chemistry?youtu.be/MKEZ49EvncM

>>174423922he connects Targaryen heads with boulders

>>174423922Killed the king and got away with it

Why don't Corlys and Viserys simply bond over their hobby?

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>>174423958>And they told how afterward Ned had carried Ser Arthur’s sword back to the beautiful young sister who awaited him in a castle called Starfall on the shores of the Summer Sea. The Lady Ashara Dayne, tall and fair, with haunting violet eyes. It had taken her a fortnight to marshal her courage, but finally, in bed one night, Catelyn had asked her husband the truth of it, asked him to his face.Straight from one of the first chapters. I don't know how that's any less obvious than R+L. Seems like a bait for midwits like Preston.

>>174423969Daemon is a teenage brat (yes at 30+) so being forced to marry her means he dun want it.

>>174423753my oc donut steel character>Hak Lung (black dragon)>pic related is how he looks>yitish emperor who fucked valyrian woman used magical ritual to make dragon child>dragon child is Hak Lung, raised in living hell to make him tough>forced to gaze upon the worst horrors of this world and the next in order to mentally strengthen him>turns out he likes the worst horrors of this world>escapes cause he's 2 cool for those prisons>can turn into dragon (black dragon) (with spikes on his back) (with barbs on his spikes)>super strong, super tough, regenerates really fast>can turn into a giant serpentine dragon or human dragon hybrid>breathes molten metal at his enemies >goal is to wipe out all Dothraki and Ironborn because a Dothraki killed his pet rabbit and an Ironborn raider spilled his tea

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>>174423918>2nd in line to the throne to the 5thA trip to the wildfire factory will fix that right up.

>>174423958R+L=J has some problems. Mostly Ned's actions in GoT don't make much sense if it was true. He only starts worrying about his promise to Lyanna after the assassination order is sent out for Daenerys. From Ned's perspective, Jon's relative safety hasn't changed since he sent him to the wall. Why would he start caring then?

house of the dragon is a decent enough show, fun to watch, but fuck me its doesnt hold up to the best of got

>>174423958there's definitely something suspicious going on between Ned and the Daynes in the books so anything is possible desu

>>174424042if Viserys forbade him from marrying Rhea, I'm pretty sure Daemon would elope with her and fuck her brains out every day till she's pregnant

>>174423564You don’t even know what white facial structure is

>>174423969They did not click. It was even there in their scene, never seen two characters less sexually attracted. If it ain’t there, it ain’t there. She also probably mocked his performance anxiety.Most importantly, though, Daemon just has no taste for grimy backwater jobbers, aka Westerosi women.

>>174424042The show also outright tells us that Daemon and Rhaenyra are very alike, being reckless, irresponsible and "hopelessly contrarian". So yeah, if he has to do it, he dun want it and will act out.

>>174424091Absolutely. He's male Rhaenyra but worse.

>>174423715>why were the Targs so could about it?because a powerful vassal is making a joke at the expense of the king's chosen heir who's claim is already starting to be challenged?

>>174424077Shit lmao, that explains his fiery opposition to having her assassinated. Never fully considered that.

>>174424077>>174424081okay but jon having different ancestry in the books would be really weird

Fuck tagrshits

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>>174424078It hasn’t even begun to ascend any sort of slope. It’s been prologue flatland.

>>174423925Forgot to mention Necrofyre it's made of bones from BOTH Vhagar and Caraxes. Just like Daemond's tormented soul is the union of the souls of Daemon and Aemond

>>174424113viserys should just reverse psychology his daughter and brother>father, Jason Lannister tried to propose to me->YOU ARE FORBIDDEN FROM MARRYING JASON LANNISTER, RHAENYRA>brother, Lady Rhea Royce has spoken->SPEAK NO MORE OF LADY RHEA, YOU MUST NOT EVER MARRY HER

>>174424077R+L=DN+A=Jsimple as



>>174424151HELL YEAH

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>>174423715Aegon's sisters were badass dragonriders who were vital to the conquest. It's a very dumb thing to say to a Targ.

>>174424078First half of the season it's litterally a fucklong prologue.

>>174423630Man I fuckn hate these funny man shows.

>>174423753>Criston of House Charlton, known as ‘Ser Hedgehog,’ and later as ‘The Mother-raper’>Son of a minor rural house in the Riverlands, vassal of the Freys>Father is Robert of House Charlton, a fading, aging nobleman fallen from grace, with several past wives>Mother is Barbara of House Westerbrook, a manic personality who scandalously had several husbands before Lord Robert; overprotective and overbearing in the extreme>Ser Criston is born with a disease of the mind, what the maesters call ‘the moon-eyed dropsy’>He becomes obsessed with the hedgehog sigil seen in the stained glass windows of his local sept and begins to identify as it. He crafts a crude hedghog sigil out of clay and wears it prominently around his neck like some kind of deranged amulet.>Family fortunes diminish as Lord Robert ages and dies, leaving Criston alone with his increasingly frail and unstable mother>Criston sinks into madness, tormented by the local smallfolk, who mock and troll him relentlessly; meanwhile Criston causes various public disturbances, such as hurling pepper juice in the face of the proprietor of a local gaming den. He also becomes known for talking in a strange, high-pitched voice and insisting to be called “milady” despite his balding pate. >His mind is further broken by a small cabal of hedge wizards, who convince him he is a messianic figure come to bring the Faithful to the Hedgehog Paradise.>Eventually Criston is found guilty of raping his own mother while dressed in her gowns>He is arrested and thrown in the black cells beneath the Twins, where he now identifies as the Hedgehog Messiah and writes feverishly of the imminent Apocalypse.>His fate remains to be seen.

>>174424158It was Alysanne who married Daemon to Rhea. But yeah, it wouldn't be very honorable, but it's clearly the right thing to do.

>>174424050>>174423861>>174423753imagine a tabletop roleplaying campaign with those 3

>>174424141Bothers me that Viserys is after IV

>>174423630Snivelling little creep


>>174424141Around Targs, never relax

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>>174423958who tf is N+A

>>174424212You would get sued to oblivion because the fat fuck hates fanfictions based on his intellectual properties


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N+A=R(amsay)Roose can't have biological kids because he's a vampire

>>174424171What the fuck.

>>174424136it's possible Dabid and Deebie didn't give a fuck and it was just pure fanfiction when they started phoning it in after season 4.It's also possible GRRM himself wanted the show to be different. The tale of how Dan and David got GRRM to sign off on the show was sitting down to dinner with him and being asked who Jon Snow's mother is. Now you could say it was GRRM "testing" them to see if they actually read the book and were paying attention to subtext, but R+L=J was so widely known and discussed even before the show that dummies who just looked up a quick synopsis (D&D) would be MORE likely to say "Lyanna" than the "wrong" answer, "Wylla" who is only very briefly mentioned like twice in the entire series (Wylla was also from Starfall incidentally) so it's a strange "test" question to ask.

>>174424158Instead he gets what they're like but yells at them for being into each other. Then they finally elope together and he's all surprised pikachu about it. Oh, Viserys...

So is lemongate confirmed or denied?

>>174424282>Larys single handely destroyed years of Preston's schizo theories with ONE LINEBased?

>>174424282I've heard schizos deny this but it felt very pointed

>>174424262Good, good


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>>174424268it's established in Dany's first chapter that her early memories are misleading through lemongate and getting other details wrong, and Ned only thinks of his 'broken' promise to Lyanna once assassins have been sent after Dany, Jon is safe at the wall at that pointHouse Dayne likes Ned because he took in Jon and lied about his parentage to protect Ashara's honor, they truly loved each other

>>174424247Ned and Ashara (Dayne). Ned killed her brother at the Tower of Joy. Ned also had a crush on her before getting married.


My donut >Rogan Snow>The Bastard Wolf of Winterfell>likes to hunt >master of hand to hand combat>executes criminals by decapitating them with his roundhouse kicks>secretly working to uncover the maester conspiracy >tries to use milk of the poppy recreationally but he always just ends up passing out

>>174424345Larys debunked the lemongate in the last episode


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>>174424251>still haven't finished writing Winds and yet threw a tantrum when someone write a fanficI hate this fat fuck gurm so much it's unreal>>174423958Preston is a moron, don't know why some of you faggots are a fan of this guy.

>>174424368it was just a nod, it wasn't confirmed or denied like the maester conspiracy

>>174423958>“The internet affects all this to a degree it was never affected before,” Martin tells EW when asked about fan reaction to the final season. “Like Jon Snow’s parentage. There were early hints about [who Snow’s parents were] in the books, but only one reader in 100 put it together. And before the internet that was fine — for 99 readers out of 100 when Jon Snow’s parentage gets revealed it would be, ‘Oh, that’s a great twist!’ But in the age of the internet, even if only one person in 100 figures it out then that one person posts it online and the other 99 people read it and go, ‘Oh, that makes sense.’ Suddenly the twist you’re building towards is out there.”>ew.com/tv/2019/07/15/george-rr-martin-game-thrones-fan-reactions/That's Martin confirming R+L=J

A lot of people got filtered by this guy's bullshit so I'll explain.The sudden invocation of honor to Rhaenyra only after asking her to help him break his vows again (far more seriously this time) was just an angry emotional response to being rejected. "I BROKE MY VOWS FOR YOU" he says hoping to make her feel bad. But if he was seriously concerned with the dishonor himself it wouldn't be conditional on whether or not he gets the particular dishonorable thing he wants.Confessing to Alicent but not to his Lord Commander was not an honorbound act either. He wants Rhaenyra to face negative consequences and is willing to accept them for himself to accomplish that but is clearly relieved when it seems like he might not. He doesn't then implore Alicent to punish him and he doesn't go to his Lord Commander. The Queen is not the one to exonerate him but he's willing to let her.We see his anger brewing throughout the entire feast as he stares at Rhaenyra. He's seeing how unencumbered she is by their fight, that he was never that important to her. She's having a great night and without him she'll just find another paramour. Joffrey sets himself up as an outlet for that anger by seemingly rubbing his situation in his face, and the trigger is when Rhaenyra starts incest dancing with Daemon. All emotion and jealousy and aggrievement as a spurned lover, not Dornish Ned Stark in an internal war with himself over the breaking of his vowstl;dr Criston doesn't give a shit about honor he was just cuntstruck

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what the ell is lemongateexplain yourselves theoryfags

>>174424143rare milly saved

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>>174424368lemongate is like the only fan theory explicitly confirmed true by GRRM


>>174424421Lemons don't grow in Braavos

>>174424382I bet he hadn't even thought about that until he got the email. The long delay of the book is probably because fan theories ruined all his future plans.

>>174424416not reading all that shit, still gonna bash your skull, faggot

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Finished the first book of ASoIF and it was pretty great honestly, even though i kinda know what happens because of vague memories of GoT, it's still written really well that the moments still hit. Favorite characters in no order would be:>Tyrion>Ned>Daenerys>Jon

>>174424244don't compare Charles to targshiteshe, with many more complications and a dire situation, had a better reign than all targshites combined

>>174424416>Confessing to Alicentshe asked him about if he knew anything directly and he thought the jig was uphe wanted to save himself the whole castration and torture part

>>174424421Daenerys thinks she grew up in Braavos as a girl but she remembers seeing lemon trees outside of the house she grew up in. The problem is Braavos is way up north where lemons are explicitly stated in the text not to grow which means she was actually either in Myr/Lys/Tyrosh or hidden in Dorne.

>>174424421Dany reminisces about her childhood at a house with a lemon tree outside.Her "official" childhood is that she grew up in Braavos.Lemon trees don't grow in Braavos.


>>174423460>I-I-I've g-got a headache... and I have to get up early for work tomorrow

>>174424354kek, that's what I imagine him as

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>>174424282worm rr martin deliberately quit writing winds just to write bullshit for the million spin off hbo shows in development that would fuck with PJ. next up sunset's gonna find him squatting all over the deeper dorne shit if you pick up what im puttin down

>>174423813He just didn't like getting pegged

>>174424345But doesnt her brother remember her being born? How much older is he than her? I dont see how they could pretend she was the daughter of the mad king, if she wasnt?