Im sad she got cancelled

She was fun whenever she showed up in Mando and shes kinda cute and thicc

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Poor Gina I love her

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>>174422036/pol/lack suddenly love feminist quota slot actress

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>>174422121>I hate feminism and love jews!okay

She's hot and based

>>174421967Lets RASSLE!

>>174421967Imagine being a public figure and thinking you can’t be held accountable for public statements.

>>174422036>imagine being a public figure and not sucking woke cock for pressShe basedShe cute

>>174422625It's not her fault the authoritarian establishment is attacking people for having mainstream opinions

>>174422076God I wish that were me

>>174422720Her opinions were not mainstream.

She used to be so much hotter

>>174422756But they were. More so than Pedo Pascal calling for the beheading of anyone that opposed biden or whatever

>>174422832You’re mixing up the world you wish existed with the one that does.

>>174422832>UR MIXIN UP LE WORLD YOU WISH EXISTEDLol no. She got fired for not following the woke agenda

>>174422875You seem to think California and Hollywood is the world.

>>174422938Yeah so she’s retarded for working for a woke corporation and thinking she could be anti-woke. She was warned about it too. No sympathy for a rich retard

>>174423020She's already been in 2 daily wire + films so I think she's doing fine. She is also going to be in the upcoming Ben Shapiro biopic as Abigail Shapiro

>>174422756Yes they were. You're in a bubble if you think they're not. Literally millions of people agree with her.

>Be Disney>Finally get a strong female character that fans actually like>Actress posts something not even offensive on social media>Fire her>Other actresses post themselves acting like sex crazed whores all over social media>Make them leads in your projects and never bring up how they act on social mediaI just don't get it

>>174423156>I just don't get itAnd that's why you lost.

>>174422938>s-she worked at a woke company tho… Lol great cope

>>174421967What did she even say?

>>174423156It's because they support them being sex crazed whores. It's not complicated. They're actively working towards the degradation of society.

she is retarded conservative playing anoying character in stupid show

>>174422981>>174423145DEMOCRAT = NAZI is not mainstream, no matter how much you wish it was.

>>174423262It is though lol even leftyfags have to pretend to be right wing/centrist to have anyone give a shit about their opinions nowadays

>>174423262It's pretty typical boomer republican shit, aka mainstream

>>174423278migafaggs have gone completely mental. no one is mor abhored then GOP conservative

>>174421967> Get politics out of Hollywood, says the Chud.> Actress brings her politics into things."No, no, it's OK when right wingers do it!"

>>174423278The left you think is real only really exists on the internet. It has like 4 seats in Congress and one in the Senate.

>>174421967imagine having a foot in the door to the most lucrative gig in all the world, 7 billion people and you've arrived at the final step of reaching the top 5%, and are loved and envied by all, having a life of luxury and a-list parties for the rest of your days available to you...then you fuck it all up because you're a fucking dumbass.she was so good at the role too?!seriously what the fucki genuinely don't understand people like that.stay in school kids, you can't fix dumbass, but you can prevent it.

>>174423330and the right you support has zero seats. GJ

>>174423301>miga>huhuhuh look I said I hate israel too lmao now go to drag queen story time pls

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>>174423262What in the fuck are you talking about?

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>>174423336republitards can't stop themselves from shoving their retarded opinions in your face 24/7

>>174423328This. Hypocrisy is not a virtue.


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>>174423336Not everyone is as much of a spineless fag like you? Not like you even make a fraction of what she makes on those shitty right wing movies now.

>>174421967>cancelledShe has two movies coming out this year.Look up the minimum wage for a union actor.

>>174423328I only hate when they whine about right wingers, being based about liberals is, well, based

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>>174423421Literally kill yourself tranny

>>174423330And they have more power over your fabled irl centrist left that literally does nothing

>>174422765Of course, weight is a big deal to a pro fighter.

>>174423363go huff paint migafagg. trannies will be conservative value in 2 years. You already have lady maga and bruce jenner.

>>174423432Those daily wire films budget under 3mil so she’s probably working for scale and net points. Not good.

>>174422625Imagine being a public figure and thinking you can’t be held accountable for public statements like "stop dehumanizing people"

>>174423480Except elect 99% of congress and the current president lmao.

>>174423494>israel huhuhuhuh yeah I hate white people still huhuhuh

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>>174421967imagine throwing away your career to appeal to incels

>>174423210something that leftists will pretend was offensive, or even wrong.

>>17442352399% of dem Congress.

>>174423328>uh everything is political, Chud. >no not like that!

>>174423363The American jew is a truly vile creature.

>>174423523Wut? The president is basically a puppet and almost all the dems in lower levels are YAAASS KWEEN psychos

>>174422036I mean she was stupid. Keep politics out of sports, movies, and television. Faggot.

>>174423210She compared being an American conservative in modern times to being a Jew in Nazi Germany. Definitely a little deranged.

>>174423531i am not a leftist retard. What did conservatives ever do for white people?

>>174423503$15,000 per day.How much do you make?

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>>174423578>Unless it’s left wing, then you can say whatever lol schizo

>>174423565> I’m wrong so I’m just going to make shit up that I can’t prove but I know is right because reasonsI’m sorry numedia was allowed to do this to you, user. It was cruel and unfair.

>>174423523Biden bends over and spreads his asshole to the far left

>>174423599You're an idiot. I wrote NO POLITICS. No leftwing. No rightwing. No politics. You're there to play a sport of act. I don't care about your politics. Don't post on social media, don't interact with the public, just do your job and entertain.

>>174423622what did he do that was left wing? trump was just as leftist with his nigger release plans and letting them pillage the country

>>174423610Wrong about what? I said you’re controlled by lefty twitter retards, and it’s 100% true.

>>174423581I didn’t say anything about leftists. I implied you were jewish lol

>>174423673i am not jewish either. i am white and support whites. thats why i cant stand migatards

>>174423627calm down schizo

>>174423710And support lefty fags. That’s why you randomly brought it up, methinks.

>>174423581Oppose mass migration of beans which is literally leading us to extinction?

>>174423622You’re insane so I’m just gonna go to bed. It’s gonna be wild when someone finally wakes you up.


>>174423781Keeping living in your dream world

>>174423736nah i just dont have illusions about republican party. throw away your chains white man. repoublicans would sell you out for a single niggervote

>>174423771no they dont lol. trump didnt do shit against immigration. he also increased H1Bs

>>174423781You're saying it's not true?

>>174423814>ESLlol not white

>>174423627lefty schizo

>>174423856cope and seethe migafagg. one day trump will stabb you in the back just like he did jan 6th people

>>174423717>>174423875NO. POLITICS. Politics have rotted this country to the core. You wannabe armchair politic faggots need to fuck off.

>>174421967Reminder all nu wars is faggot shit

>>174423586why is this so creepy

>>174423909seething leftoid

>>174423945because your brain fucked up


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>>174423906One day you’ll get beheaded by your fellow ESLs

>>174424012you cant even defend them. like every conservatard.

>>174424088You can’t even speak english, like every ESL

>>174423262WARNINGreading his posts can lower your IQ